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Oh my, Homesteader.  I can see why you'd say NEVER AGAIN....again.  ;)  Well hopefully God has plans for you right there in that location from now on.  It sure is going to be beautiful and practical when you're done.


Falling on stairs?  Falling down is worse.  Falling up causes skinned shins and possible to knock your chin or teeth.  Ask Me How I Know.  I've got a reputation for only falling UP stairs.  Can't remember ever falling down.  And I have done so in every possible way.  With and without carrying things in my hands.....what a mess.  With bare feet or not.  Outside cement steps or interior carpet or wood.  I've tried it all.  Don't recommend it.  :grinning-smiley-044:  OW!  But I do think falling DOWN stairs would be more dangerous.  Falling UP stairs is kinda self-arresting.  Be careful, one and all!  {Jeepers}


Kappy....I remember those iron grates in the upstairs floors from childhood too.  We didn't have them but others did in our community of older farm homes.  Of COURSE we listened to the adults downstairs.....what fun!  :engel-smilies-10-1:  I believe the old barns with the cupolas on the roof had that heat-exhaust affect too.  We need to build with these simple principles in mind.  Save on artificial heating/cooling!!


I'm resting today.  DH has to go shopping.  Then he works the next 3 days again.  :0327:  


MtRider  ....and checking my email to see how all our members are doing... :pray: 

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Jeepers, I hope you're feeling better! 


Homesteader, the drill and tools on the kitchen counters--we've been there before!   I hope everything goes smoothly. 


LittleSister,  I haven't shopped at Big Lots in a long time.  I used to find good deals there a long time ago, then ours went downhill.  I hope your DH is doing better.


Mt Rider, that's great news about your car!   Sorry about the struggles and challenges of your friends.  :pray:      



We took the Christmas tree and few decorations down last weekend.  I officially finished the last of the undecorating by getting the Christmas placemats off the table and washed.  I kept looking at them at supper every night, thinking, tomorrow, I really need to change those out...day after day. 

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Out of the ordinar:   Our Big Lots has gone down as well. That was the first time I had been there in 6 months or more. I was disapointed in them.  dought I will be going back unless I hear it has improved a lot. 


DH is still doing better with his fluid issures but still not much in the line of having any energy.  He still just sits around and watches TV all day. Need to work on that and get him moving around. Hoping going to Church tomorrow will get him moving a bit. 


Was going to get started with dehydrating and canning but I have had a down day today. Feel like I might be coming down with a cold. Though I feel a bit better tonight. 


Got red potatoes, chicken, and brussel sprouts to can and also to dehydrate the frozen veggies. So going to get that all done on Tuesday as after Church tomorrow, I am going to get everything together and put chicken from freezer in fridge to defrost. Monday morning I have to take DH to hosp. for a swallowing test. His swallowing seems to be better right now but needs to be checked out. Then his next test for the CT scan is on the 17th. Praying all will be good. 


Homesteader, I know you will be glad when your homestead is done and you guys can sit back and relax.  I am playing with the thought of moving out of what used to be country, and now a town. If anything happens be it civil war or whatnot and living in VA. we are not in the best place to be.  They say in war, they have Washington DC  a target and Norfolk is a target due to it's huge military bases.  So here we are stuck inbetween the two. Bad situation to be in.  So looking at options, and then again it may not happen. Just something to think about but not going to worry over spilt milk. What happens will happen and it would be beyond our control anyway. 



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7 hours ago, kappydell said:

cast iron grates in the floor


We still have one at the homestead, but it's close to the wall that divides the dining room and the master bedroom...and it's been re-ducted to be a cold air intake.

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Homesteader...it looks like you also have a lot going on!  Hubby isn't going to widen the stairs to the basement/cellar at this time.  Just too much else to get together.  We don't store anything down there anyway because it's a wet basement if the sump pump isn't on.  We don't even like it that the water heater and backup gas furnace (we have a heat pump) is down there. Several years ago when my mom was living there, we re-did the stairs to the second floor so they're in good shape.  We do leave the door open up there so the little bit of heat from the laundry room (which we heat with a ceramic heater on low) can gravity up there. 

Hubby is going to build two other solar window heaters up there once we're moved and things are situated a bit better.  He built one at the Roost property and it worked really great.  Had it in the kitchen window there and you could see the "flap" blowing out into the kitchen.  It had a southern exposure so it really got some nice heat.

And since we don't like open curtains or blinds in our bedroom, we may put one in there also.  It has an eastern exposure so would only get partial sun,. but any heat added is good during the winter. They're removable (with a bit of effort) so we'll be able to take them out and open the windows/screens during warm weather.

Hubby worked on making the flashing panels for the basement (sealing off the ledger where there's such a gap) while I dried laundry and just about finished inventorying the extended pantry.  Have one more shelving unit to go.  Then...the "bucket room"...:sigh: Once that's done...then it's upstairs to inventory the pie safe with all it's wonderful spices and herbs, and my essential oil shelving unit. Need to keep track my medicinals...in whatever form they are in!  Not going to even discuss the kitchen pantry here...:grinning-smiley-044:

Still enjoying our pantry food...no food fatigue here.  


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Pretty much stuck around the house.  I put some 'taters in my air fryer to make us some "chips" and then salted them with popcorn salt...oh goody!  I'm going to buy some of the dehydrated sliced potatoes and see if they'll re-constitute and then put them in the air fryer.  Would be a winner for the pantry!  It was time to make up another batch of Elderberry syrup so we raided one of the freezers at the homestead for a bag of dried Elderberries.  We paid 9.99$ for the bag, it took 2 cups (about half) of it to make 5 pints plus one 1/2 pint.  That should last us the rest of the year.  Still have 5 quarts of juice only at the homestead pantry and about 5 half pints of the syrup that I made last year.  I didn't put any vinegar in my water bath canner so I'll need to give the jars a good wash.  The two bottles are in the frig. I like to keep some already made up...just in case we didn't have any way to boil the berries down etc.  The juice can be drank with some sweetener if I can't boil it with ginger, cinnamon and sweetener.

Hubby took Abby-girl for a nice walk.  It was about 60 and sunny, but windy.  I stuck with the Elderberry making here.

Then I stuck a krazy krust pizza in the oven.  Used my big stainless steel skillet.  Just easier for me to handle getting it in and out.

Tomorrow we'll head out to pay the last of the real estate taxes, a water bill for the Roost and stop by DMV.  For some reason the tags on his big auto hauler size trailer doesn't have a current sticker on it!  So...we'll need to check and see when we were last there.  His bad...not mine.  I always tell him "go put the tags on now while you've got them in your hand"...and he has a bad habit of "sticking" them somewhere "to do".  Gonna keep my mouth shut and tag along.





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That pizza looks yum!  LOL  I JUST got the sticker on my old truck.  I wasn't putting it off.  I was waiting for a warm enough day - so the sticker doesn't crack when you try to stick it on.  :frozen:  Finally got it done this week!!  


Koa and I did our walk before it began getting colder.  I decided not to waste time and gas starting the truck JUST to carry me back up the hill.  So we walked down a ways on the road.  COLD, WINDY NASTY!  Hurried.  Then came back up the driveway with cane on one side and holding Koa's body harness with the other.  Sauntered right up!  :frozen:


So well before dark, we were in and cozy.  Baking some butternut squash in oven with sausage nestled in the seed cavity. 


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Made out an application for homestead tax exemption to take over to county tax place when I renew my vehicle registration.  Might as well I will be in the same building and I should save some on property taxes.  Dr appointment today, pre-surgical physical so I can get the go ahead for surgery.  Tomorrow i  will go on a tour of nursing homes to get a better idea which one I will go to if need be.  Several found in my area look good.  Slowly but surely lining up duckies....

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13 hours ago, Midnightmom said:





:cook: :feedme: :yum3: :D :24:

I've noticed it seems to be more used in the South & Southwest....

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i eat their bacon, they eat my toast and we both feel smug about sticking to our diet!  

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WE2, I think you are making everyone hungry.


OK, you guys will have to fight my granddaughter over that bacon.  She has a bumper sticker on her car that says fueled by bacon. And yes her mother works for Smithfield foods. Yum!  Bacon. To chicken to try to can that one. But have heard of people doing it. I have about 20 packs of bacon in freezer now. Doesn't last long with grandkids. Best diet food around. 


Midnightmom. I think someone wasn't listening in math class at school.  They can't put a square peg into a round hole. But nice try. That is so funny.


This morning I helped DH cook collards at market and then came home and canned 16 pints of red potatoes. Getting a bit run down now but still got to go in and clean up kitchen for tomorrow.  I am canning chicken tomorrow and deydrating frozen veggies. Need to get a good dent in that freezer.  It is  a huge chest freezer and is full to the brim.  Makes it hard to find things when it gets like that. Then I am going to have to figure out where to put it all. So I am thinking it will be sitting on dinning room table for a while as the sweet potatoes I canned after Thanksgiving is still sitting on floor in my office/sewing room. So got to get them moved out of here. Going to redo the closets as they need a bit of organizing again, so hoping to have more room when I am done. Want to get this all finished before early spring.  



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Today was pretty much the same for hubby...working on the homestead's bathroom/basement.  I spent the day mostly in prayer.  Did get the vacuuming done, baked a loaf of bread and baked another small spice cake (from scratch) for our dessert.  Got some really tough news about one of my little brothers.  Right lung full of "mass" and said he's had a couple of heart attacks in the past couple of years.  Nobody knew anything until he caught the flu and couldn't get over it.  He's 16 years younger than myself.  I refuse to be afraid!  I know he is and that's difficult.  Whatever path they take it's going to be a hard one for him, his wife, his children, grandchildren and us siblings.  I offer him up to our Lord...amen.  Also a dear friend is also battling lung cancer.  Another friend is sick with the flu and can't shake it.  I took her some of my home canned Elderberry syrup and some Oregano Essential Oil soaked into some cotton pads and in a baggie for her to take some inhalation therapy.  I handed her my "medicine woman" stuff across her gate!  Love her but didn't want to get too near.  Weather has been very nice, and tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer.  But...winter will come.  

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:pray: ......for WE2's brother....her dear friend with lung cancer....one with persistent flu


....for Kappy's upcoming surgery and rehab :pray: 


.....for LittleSister's Mr.  :pray: 


Well....I'm trying to figure out where all my day is going.  I keep getting to bed so late trying to finish things.  Then get up at 10am.  Yeppers....back on THAT schedule.  One thing I know, I'm reading more news cuz ....so much happening.  Between the Australian fires.   The Middle East, of course.  Other things....  I usually skim but some things I have to slow down and READ. 


Trying to keep walking dog each day too.  Today I spent extra time cuz IT'S FINALLY WARM ENOUGH TO MELT A BIT!  I was able to steal dirt/grit from one location and sling it across ICY spots.  Been waiting days to be able to do that.  Talked to trash guy....who appreciated my efforts to keep him a cleared path from road to our bin.  It's only 4-5 feet but it's a steep path.  Isn't EVERYTHING around here. 


Orthopedic surgeon appt. tomorrow.  We'll see what he says....and when....

Pray our health sharing account covers this.  There are a couple potential problems...depending on how they view this.  :pray: 


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Sending up prayers for all of our family and friends. Too many of us under the weather. Speaking of weather it has been way too mild this year. Good way to way to keep passing the germ' s around. I  can barely see what I'm typing tonight. My eyes are cloudy and I can see half of what I wrote. I'm sure it's only eye strain! But this blasted Kindle Fire changes all my words around and puts capitol letters in strange process places. And random periods everywhere. Some day I'm going to leave it as is and show it. 


Plus I have reckless restless leg symdrome. Right in the daytime. Driving me boinker. It's taken me two hours to type this note out and get it so so sort corrected. 


Ugh I can't do this anymore.


I reread this this morning after I had already corrected it last night. I think Kindle was sleep typing.  Sigh.




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Kindle again
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WE2  prayers going your way for brother and friend with cancer. :pray:


kappy, praying for your surgery and rehab to go very well..  :pray:


I have had a very busy day today. Don't think I have sat down for more than 10 minutes all day. So now trying to wind down a bit. Put up the deydrated veggies in the mylar bags  Then started canning the chicken. Got 16 pints canned. Then had to clean kitchen and get everything put away. DH had another bloody nose during night last night, so had to wash sheets and get that all cleaned up. Blood thinners are a pain, a mess and a lot of work when these things happen. 


Jeepers, this coming from web MD. as my DH has restless leg syndrom as well.   If you have low iron counts, take iron, also, folic acid, magnesium and Vit. B12.  All these will help with the symtoms. There is no cure for it. Web MD had other things you can try as well. Might be worth it to check it out. 

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