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WE2, so sorry about your brother. :pray: going your way that he will get through this and not be so angry.  Sometimes just turning it over to the Lord is the best thing to do. Hopefully he will get past the frustration of being ill. It can be hard on him and everyone around him caring for his needs. 

Hope the new sump pump works well this time around.  Water in basements are not good. 


Mt. Rider, hope that cough gets much better real soon. 


Jeepers, my next door neighbor has been fighting throat cancer now for a year. And his was from smoking.  He is now cancer free but would not eat and his wife kept having to feed him by the stomach tube. So doctors put him on CBD the RX way.  He is now eating and they will soon be removing the feeding tube.  So I guess it does have it's purpose. Though I am still not that sure of it.


We slept in this morning. Got up around 10.  It felt good to sleep in for a bit. But it put me behind on somethings I needed to get done. But well worth the extra rest. I tend to wake up when DH gets up during the night. So my sleep is in spirts.  Got a lot of things done despite the fact I got  a late start.  We are going to use a folding table for the kitchen applances, breadmaker, electric pressure cooker that I haven't used in a long time because it got old going out to garage to get it everytime I needed it.  So the table will house my applances and I can use them right there on that table. Went through my material to make a tablecloth. So that is mesured out, Just got to do the heming on it.  I have enough left of it to make covers for the applances when not in use.  Got the sewing/office/craft room cleaned up again and then started working on my taxes.  I hate tax time. Paperwork. yuk!  With a bit of luck, maybe I will be able to get the food closets emptied and cleaned out to get everything reorganized again.  Seems January is about gone and Feb. will be here before we know it.  Time is still flying. It needs to slow down, I can't keep up these days.

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Test results are in.  No COVID!

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

I wanted to let you all know that DH pasted away early Sunday morning. He passing was quick and he was very much at peace. He knew the Lord and I know he is with him now singing and dancing with his p

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I am so tired.....so sick.  I just cannot stop coughing and it's wearing me out.  I'm done with the meds.....EXCEPT the cough syrup I can't GET TO!  Now it's weekend and DH will be working thru Tues. 


All I do is lay around and keep Halls in my mouth.  Being shut is is getting annoying!  Except I'm too tired to even care...


MtRider  ...thanks for praying..

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1 hour ago, Mt_Rider said:

I am so tired.....so sick.  I just cannot stop coughing and it's wearing me out.  I'm done with the meds.....EXCEPT the cough syrup I can't GET TO!  Now it's weekend and DH will be working thru Tues. 


All I do is lay around and keep Halls in my mouth.  Being shut is is getting annoying!  Except I'm too tired to even care...


MtRider  ...thanks for praying..

:pray: Neverending cough is so debilitating.


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Mt. Rider,  Hoping you are doing a bit better today. Prayers still going out for you to get over this mess. :pray:  It has been to long now. 


Hello Louis 1.  Nice to meet you. 


Went to church this morning and DH got really tired. Fluid started to build up while in church. So got home and gave him a fluid pill. Said he had a headache and he doesn't get headaches but B/P was good.  He's doing better tonight.  Guess we just have to take it one day at a time.  Good days and bad days.  He has his last test tomorrow and then we take car in to be repaired afterwards. Hope he does ok tomorrow. Going to be a long day for him.  So once car is dropped off, it's home and off to lay down awhile for him. Though I might feed him first. Don't want a growling tummy. 

Hoping after we get home I can get some sewing done. Got a couple pair of pants to hem and the tablecloth to make for that folding table. 

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On 1/17/2020 at 10:30 PM, Mt_Rider said:



Mullein is excellent to help relieve mucus and congestion.  It can be drank in a tea (dried of course) or crushed and put in an ash tray and burned.  Some even just use it in a pipe.  It absolutely does NOT choke you like nicotine would. We both have pipes...just in case.  Have never needed it, but we have what we need.  Gave a friend of mine some fresh mullein leaves (I grow it) and she dried it and used it.  Was very pleased with it's affects.  Just sayin...

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FINALLY!   This morning we began today checking on status of the cough syrup......AND it's still stuck in stasis.  So.....FINE!   :tapfoot:  We called up and got another doc appt.  It's been a week tomorrow.  The triage RN ran me thru some questions...make sure I wasn't turning blue with no air.  Like last week. 


Will meet with doc tomorrow in afternoon.  SHE will make sure we get action the the 'script she wanted me taking already!  Hmph! 





Not sure what else happened today from their side, but about 5pm I got a call from the doc office staff.  Friendly gal says:  "I don't know WHAT the hold-up was.....but the 'script has now been transferred to the pharmacy that HAS the product!! "   An hour later, recording from new pharmacy:  Your script is ready. 




:0327:   I am so very wiped out.  I'm coughing non-stop except when I have Halls.  MY TONGUE IS PICKLED in cherry Halls lozenges!  Sore!  My diaphragm muscles are so SORE!   My back aches a bit too.  I haven't been outside since....Thurs, Jan 9th to walk dog or ANYTHING.  Except the doc appt last week.  I'm now about to start Week 3 of this SIEGE.  Praying codeine cough syrup will act fast to knock out WHATEVER this thing is in throat.  It's never been a "sore throat" tho.  :scratchhead:  Thankfully, I haven't had other symptoms since the first couple days of fever chills.  


:amen:   Test for pertussis came back negative.  :amen:    


DH really only turned the corner on his version of this yesterday at work.  He began to feel more normal.  He's working today but his shift tomorrow is canceled.  Restaurant closed for a minor renovation.  :amen:   Which is why I don't have to wait till Wed to see doc.  How 'bout THAT provision? 


We'll stop by pharmacy BEFORE the doc tomorrow.  I'll begin taking dose!  I'm not counting anything til it's in my hand!  Wonder if she'll add anything else?  :shrug:   I just want to stop coughing and GO OUTSIDE FOR WALK WITH DOG!  Gonna be baby steps again when I finally get to walk tho.... 


MtRider   .....quite a restricted world for me this past 2 wks.  Sheeeesh! 

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Home safe.  Nice drive.


Stopped to get gas at our regular stop, their pumps weren’t working.  Got on the highway to go to the next one, and, couldn’t believe, the next car that passed me, was the driver that brought Storm to me in TX.  We rolled down our window & smiled & waved at each other.  Lol. Turned out, he has family in Phoenix and was taking a road trip!  Well, shucks, he could have brought Storm to us at home.  Meh, doesn’t matter, Storm is here.  Just a side note, the driver could use a few prayers.  Un-spoken, of course, for privacy.

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So far this morning, I've made a big slow cooker of veggie soup and made hummus. Getting ready to cook collards that I just picked and then cook some turnips. I was going to can the pineapple today, but will wait til Thursday for that (cut my finger--pineapple juice).

I think my coffee had extra caffeine today!

Just as I went out to pick collards, I heard someone banging on next door neighbor's window. Was a fellow begging for food (or money), either would be good. He even wanted my collards. Told him I was canning them for us. Wouldn't leave so I got DH to make him leave.

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Yesterday took DH for his speech barium swallow.  When they have him something to swallow it went into his rt. lung instead of to stomach. I was watching the whole thing. This explains so much of his issues. The food was going into his lung and he would get to coughing and now I know why he isn't eating like he was. It explains the mess and flim he was coughing up. the food has been staying in the lung. So we are changing how he eats. Hasn't seen doctor yet but both speech radioligist and the reg. radioligist. suggest that he have speech therapy to strenthen the muscles for swallowing.  He wants to see the doctor first before doing that.. Make sure of all the issues such as maybe have his throat stretched.  Not sure they will put him under for that.

Hopefully this will be the start of getting him turned around.  Though we still have the issues with the cong. heart failure. But if we can get these other issues under control, then maybe we can better control the cong. heart failure.  Though he is feeling a bit better past few days. Fluid is better controlled. 

Been trying to get some sewing done along with some much needed other things.  Hoping to have all this mess reorganized and finished before spring. 

Also if anyone knows what this cloudflair is that I did not put on my computer that may be connected with firefox that I don't have. I would love to know what it is. Thinking it came in on a windows update. It has changed the way my computer works and I am having a hard time fixing back the way it was. Gotta love windows 10

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Wow, Miki.  Kinda scary to have fairly aggressive beggars....  :pray:  Be careful.


Glad the tests are giving data on your Mr, Lil'Sister.  Hope it will lead to better quality of life for him.


Went to pick up the codeine stuff.  It's not like the old days.  It isn't red and isn't syrup.  Colorless/water-like.  :shrug:  I'm still coughing ....less tho..??..after using it.


Then we went to doc again.  I was so wiped out, I could hardly participate.  DH asked some questions.  Doc added an inhaler of albuterol (sp)  which I have used in '99 and '11.   I did that when I got home.  That seems to have calmed down the cough....????  :shrug:  


She says the cough will be the last symptom to leave.  Well, the bronchitis is still there.  But she checked the lungs carefully and they are clear.  They always are...thankfully.  So....we march on.  :pray: 


DH got a few groceries when we picked up the inhaler script.  He found some kim chee.  That will cure him!  It even smells good to me....and I canNOT do that hot stuff.  But it smells good.


Grson also has this virus.  Has been miserable too.  He will bounce back faster than his Grma!  :rolleyes:  


MtRider  ....very VERY tired. 

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12 minutes ago, Mt_Rider said:

Kinda scary to have fairly aggressive beggars...


If my neighbor was home, she would have called the cops before I got out the door.

I am glad that Oreo has a big deep voice!

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Hmmm...this post popped up still in the editor...so apparently it didn't get posted.  So...here it is from yesterday...if it's a duplicate...please excuse!

Needed to get out to go pay insurance bills on the Roost and this place (we have to pay it monthly for the time being), and it was snowing.  Big, wet flakes and slicker than you know what!  Almost got stranded at an intersection that has an incline...but hubby was able to maneuver the passenger side tires over onto new snow, and was able to inch our way forward until we could "get a grip" and go on.  Everybody saw our situation and patiently waited for us...even though they had the lights.  Prayed a blessing over every one of them peoples! 

Sure felt good to get home! 

We ended up with about 2 inches or so, but the city didn't plow anything.  The state did the major thoroughfares and that's what we thought would be the safest.  Well...everybody else was thinking just like us!  That made the roads extremely slick, especially at the intersections.

So...it was a hunker down day.  

I had defrosted a huge hen we bought last year, that I rescued from the meat freezer, and we had FRIED chicken!  Tasted so good!  That big hen (cost 7.46$) made us a huge amount of chicken.  We each had two pieces for supper, with mashed potatoes (cost 40 cents), gravy (cost 25 cents) and green beans (40 cents) ...and a plate full for another meal plus...and I just pulled the last batch (had it in my cast iron casserole dish with oil) from the oven.  I'll be put several pieces in baggies and into the freezer.  Then I can defrost some, put it in my air fryer to heat it up, and we'll be having friend chicken again!"

Pulled a couple of pieces of the chicken from last night (had it in my frig) and put it in my air fryer.  Just as good tonight as last night!


100_1357 instant potatoes.jpg

100_1358 turkey gravy.jpg

100_1359 green beans.jpg

100_1361 fresh bread.jpg

100_1362 comfort food.jpg

100_1364 fried chicken.jpg

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Hubby worked at homestead and I spent the day with Abby-girl.  That's about the extent of it here.  Had two girl friends call and it was so comforting to have them just "talk" about girly stuff and laugh.  Sometimes actually hearing a friends voice is good for the soul!

Bad weather supposed to move back in again so hubby may not get much done tomorrow afternoon...when it's supposed to start.

One of my friends that called, called on her way to Louisiana.  She left today to get ahead of the bad weather forecast for here.  She had stopped for the night and said she hadn't encountered any bad weather.  He daughter in law who just had a baby 2 weeks ago, came down with this "flu"?  Her son has been breast pumping milk and trying to care for her and the baby...so she's going to spend a couple of weeks there helping.  She's got her marching orders from me...to get some elderberry syrup and Echinacea for herself...even if DIL won't take it (she's nursing) she and her son can get started on it.  I also suggested she wear a mask when she's around the DIL.  

A friend online contacted me and told me she has a "quilting ministry" and wanted to send my brother a quilt.  The one she is sending has wolves on it...he loves wolves!  Only God would know that!  Anyway, he'll be able to sit in his comfy chair with this on his lap and his little puppy daschund (sp?)  weiner dog! on his lap. They only adopted this sweet little puppy a couple of months ago and they're crazy about him.  He's sure a cutie!  Their old dog is a chow mix and they get along great even though both are males.


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Glad you were safe, WE2


Mt_Rider, :pray: you get well quickly. The crud is terrible this year.  DH got two heavy doses of amoxicillin, because the Z-packs have never worked for us, they gave us both albuterol, but they cost $49.99 each!  Nope, wasn’t in the budget.  I still have one my old doc gave me, free, in his office.  No cough syrup, this new doc. “doesn’t believe in it.”  :buttercup:  

Wow, Miki, that sounded scary.  Most the beggars around here, already know to stay away from DH.  :behindsofa:.  


Littlesister, I’m grateful you are getting answers for your DH.  :pray:

We didn’t do much yesterday, just keeping an eye on the dogs.


Today, I need to go to the store, FedEx will be here around 10:00, then, company a little later.  If the last of the tax forms comes in, I’ll crank out the taxes.

I used the bottom of a cardboard egg carton, on top of the top of a styrofoam egg carton, to start some tomato and jalapeño seeds.  Yesterday 2 homestead tomato sprouts popped up.  :amen:


Many of us have been feeling the need to prep lately.  After reading about Joseph, I am feeling the same.  Interesting point, is that the gardens are growing better than they ever have.  There is always a reason.  Lol.

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Today is the first day in 2 wks that I haven't been coughing CONSTANTLY.  Still some coughing.  The inhaler does open the bronchials....I didn't even know how shallow I was breathing.  So I'd say I'm a little improved today.  Still very limited in what I do.  Put away some laundry ...DH took it down yesterday and ran thru washer/dryer.  Do a few dishes.  Nothing taxing.  Resting.  Took nap til you-know-who's big mouth went off.  :rolleyes:  


A more peaceful day. 


MtRider  :amen: 

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Mt. Rider glad to see you are doing better..  Take it easy for a few more days and get your energy back.  DH has done nothing but sit in front of TV all day. :( Need to work on some strength training exersizes. He needs to get those legs stronger or next step is wheelchair.  I have pulled muscle in shoulder blade helping him up from a sitting position. No strength to lift himself up. Or I am getting a walker for him to hold on to to pull up from chair.  

Been doing taxes most of the day but still waiting for things to come in so I can get it all done. Hate tax time. But I guess we must do it. Just hoping we don't have to pay anything. :pray:  Otherwise that has been about it for the day.  Had leftover chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight. So just a heat up and serve. Easy dinner. 

WE2 prayers are still going out for your brother and praying your DIL gets over the flu soon. Just hope the newborn doesn't come down with the flu. That would be bad. 

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Hubby finally got that stubborn joist to go in place!  Next one will hopefully go in much easier.  I put on some chicken and rice soup for lunch and made some cornbread "muffins" in my electric XTreme.  I paid about 5$ for it several years ago at a garage sale, and I just love it for making four at a time biscuits or cornbread muffins.  Don't need to fire up the big oven and four at a time is plenty for us.  Just doesn't take that long to mix up the batter.  When they're cooked on the bottom, I just give them a flip, lower the lid and unplug the appliance.  They cook the rest of the way.  A toothpick tells me if they're done all the way through.  I just keep the lid down until we're ready to eat them...they stay a bit warmer that way.  They aren't round but we absolutely could care less!  It's been raining most of the day but supposed to turn to snow later on.  Calling for a couple of inches "maybe".  We often don't get the weather they call for.  We live in a little 10 mile radius "bubble". 




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Glad everyone seems to be doing a little better!  I'm canning pineapple today and it's a rainy day.  Found a recipe for baked apples (slices) in a waffle maker and I might try that.

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