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I'm still not sure where anything is in the kitchen. :imoksmiley:  I've had to move everything several times, the last being when the new countertops came. DH had to drill holes in the lower cabinet tops to reach the butterfly hinges that hold the various countertop sections together. It was a great idea from our carpenter friend.


DH installed the sink while I was gone taking care of Mom. He was really proud that we now have two functional double-bowl sinks in the kitchen. He wanted to remove the older counter/sink today, but I suggested that we install the dishwasher first. I can't have my hands in water, so the dishwasher is far more important to me.  :hapydancsmil:


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1 hour ago, Cowgirl said:

I freaking HATE our crappy for-profit insurance system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me too!


Made Lentil/Quinoa taco meat yesterday for burritos.  Used my own homemade taco seasoning so no msg.  Combined 3 recipes plus added what I thought I should so I can't really show a link.


Dropped off DH's car for oil change--we buy the stuff--and went to thrift store and now back home.  Supposed to clean baths today-- we will see.

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46 minutes ago, Mt_Rider said:

I like the color of that marble, Homesteader.  Looking so neat and clean....sooooon!  :cheer:  


MtRider   .....pray I have energy while taking my mom out to eat; FIRST time since before Christmas week.  :imoksmiley: 


The countertop is a high resolution laminate. They're pretty awesome these days. Marble or quartz wouldn't work in this country neighborhood. We would never recoup our investment.  :gaah:


Enjoy your time with your mom. I just got back home from taking my mom to have some teeth pulled and her retainer enlarged. Felt sorry for her because they refit the retainers within 24 hours after surgery. Was tough on her but we ate soft foods together for several days.   :hug3:

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Lovely pictures We2. What a nice looking family you have.  Thanks for sharing them! Prayers for your dear brother. 


My goodness but that kitchen is beautiful! It looks like it could be in a magazine. It will be worth the wait and mess you have gone through getting it. 


My computer is ready for pickup. I have to make an appointment to get it. I'll probably go Monday. I'm really not in hurry to get it. I'm not in the mood to mess with it to be honest. 


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17 hours ago, The WE2's said:


I don't think Vitamin D is a water soluble vitamin?  I have some OTC that I take when I'm not out and about during the winter ... guess I need to keep track of you girls's information!


I though Vitamin D, Vitamin E and something else (flax seed oil?  fish oil?)  you are supposed to take with a fat.  

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Homesteader, good thinking on the countertop. Yep, you have to take into consideration of the neighborhood comps.


My kitchen will need new countertops too. I really like granite and was headed in that direction but in researching, I read where they can stain so bad. Not so great for a messy canner. I know me. First week I had them I'd have a mustard stain on them. I'm going for low maintenance. Yours really are lovely.

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18 hours ago, The WE2's said:


Hubby has to take RX for gout.  Has kept it under control very successfully.  BUT...we also know that a daily dose of baking soda brings it to it's knees.  The only problem is that baking soda also elevates blood pressure.  We found that out.  But it does work!  In a pinch we know how to deal with it, just can't take it every day.

Also...Littlesister...am I correct that you were in the nursing field?

Yes, I retired from nursing about 6 years ago now. Worked 40 years ago for the heart surgeons and later for OB, GYN, then moved on to internal medicine where I retired. 

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Homesteader. your kitchen looks great.  Love that counter top.  We redid our kitchen about 21 years ago now. We put in corian countertops when we did ours.  We also had the double sinks put in. You will love them. 


WE2   Really nice picture of your family.  I would frame it. Praying your brother gets through the cancer and gets better. I know it is hard on the family. But prayer prevails in everything. 


Today I did a bit of cleaning and then went to lidil's to buy those raised bed planters they had for 29.95. I got there and they were gone. So missed out on that one. But did get a cold frame green house. It's not real big but will do for what I want. Something tells me I should have bought 2 of them.  They only had 4 of those left. Things like that go fast. And I wasn't fast enough. Said they won't going to get anymore in. I am hoping they do.  Got DH cooking dinner tonight. He needs to keep busy some what and not sleeping all the time. He did really good for a while and now back to falling asleep watching tv. Got to keep him moving a bit more to keep his muscles and joints from locking up on him. Going to buy him a rollator walker with the seat on it. His balance is better when he holds on to a cart in the stores, so that might be the ticket to get him walking around the block again. Get his legs stronger. 


I forgot to tell you guys, we only got a dusting of snow. temps today is 38. so snow has just about all melted. Other places got more snow than we did here. So the weather man messed it up again. I am beginning to think they can't predict the weather forcast any more. 

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I would prefer a rollator over a regular walker if I get to that state too. They have brakes plus you can have a seat when you need it. And as you said, nice for balancing too. 


My knees that the doctor said were fine, are giving me trouble again. Especially the left one. They make it really difficult to go up stairs. Even the one coming into the house. Probably a lot has to do with the weather. Guess I'll find out in a couple of months. 

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:pray: for everyone.


Went shopping.  (It’s so nice & convenient to have stores so close to the house.) Got my glasses fixed, new lenses, nice & clear & my sunglasses in the correct prescription, free, since they messed up the first time, in May.  She said the lenses were defective because the crack running up the bifocal was also coming down from the top.  :rolleyes:  Went to Goodwill and got 4 pair of Levi jeans for $3. each and a couple of sweaters & long sleeve shirts for $2. each.  One still had a mfg. tag on it.  I use them doing yard work & had badly worn out most of mine. I don’t mind my knees showing, but, when my panties start showing, that’s not good.  Lol.  Then, took MIL to get groceries.  We got a salad from the deli in the store for dinner.  Came home & took it easy the rest of the day.


Tomorrow, I hope to get to Sam’s for beef.  The prices, here in TX, are almost $3/lb. cheaper than in AZ.  

Brrrr... this morning, 38* with brisk winds, 28-35 mph.  It did warm up to 50*, however, they are forecasting rain tomorrow afternoon, and 35+ mph winds on Sunday when I head home.  DH said it was extremely windy in AZ and 100% chance of rain tomorrow.  Kinda hoping the weather system moves out quickly so I don’t have to drive in it.  

I will also work on Mom’s ToDo list and do a little yard work in her flower beds, tomorrow morning.


Time to get some sleep.  I’m tired and sore all over, from what?  I have no idea...  :offtobed: 

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7 hours ago, Jeepers said:

low maintenance


We put a lovely bathroom sink (it came with the cabinetry) in the Roost's bathroom...and it has to be treated with a sealer first off and then re-done every 3 or 4 months.  Won't put granite nor marble on anything!

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Got our checks for delivering flowers.  NICE...we slammed almost all of it on our Menards bill...we use them mostly for the bathroom project.  We'll also be delivering for them for Mothers' Day.  My mom's been gone for several years now, but I still miss her.  She had COPD and allergies very bad so flowers she could not be around...at towards the last not even outside without a mask. So...we always bought her some artificial ones with candy etc., in a vase.  I'll take some to her grave site...as usual.

Hubby resumed work at the homestead after we paid Menards and I pittled around here until supper time.  Made a chicken pot pie from the pantry using tortillas...Living Traditions (Youtuber) showed how.  I used cream of chicken soup instead of making my own rue...but boy was it tasty!  

Logged all our current stuff onto my "to do" calendar that sits by this PC and paid an online bill.  We'll be going to brother's lake property to help unload their things tomorrow...about noon or so.  It'll be hard work but they really need the help.  Lots of friends are showing up to get them loaded and we'll meet them when they get there.  We'll take Miss B again so our girl will be with us...we don't know how long we'll be gone so we don't leave her when we don't know when we'll be home.  We seldom leave her for more than a couple of hours...momma has separation anxiety! :)

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10 hours ago, Homesteader said:

The countertop is a high resolution laminate. They're pretty awesome these days. Marble or quartz wouldn't work in this country neighborhood. We would never recoup our investment


Homesteader.....wow, it looks like marble.  I usually hate the colors folks chose for their marble.  Too busy if I have to work on it.  How is the care/maintenance supposed to be with that stuff?  Does it have any 'give' if you clunk something brittle down on it?    I'd want durable more than anything.  I've lived with a slightly "olive" green stick-on type counters for the past 2 decades.  I guess I don't "see" it much anymore but I did think 'ugly' when we moved in.  I like our log cabin but it IS DARK.  Your kitchen will be worth the windows and work it took. 


Glad to spend time with my mom.  My dad was 'in rare form' about something that we're not even sure happened.  :buttercup:   I just kinda hustled us out the door.  But then he is still calling out admonitions from  the door as we're leaving.  Sooooo, she was SO glad to talk to normal folks.  We ate at the local ribs and burger place that's been there for 40 yrs.  Then we drove to grocery.  DH and my mom went in.....she had a few things they don't carry at their usual grocery.  DH just filled in some vacancies in our cupboards.  I stayed in the nice sun-warmed car and nearly went to sleep in the back seat.   I was pretty worn out with just that much activity.  :sigh:    Drove my mom home and the garage door opener wouldn't work.  :gaah:  I had to climb over the inches of ice on their steps.....cuz roof design isn't good for the constant melt/freeze of CO.  So they go out thru the garage.  Got to door without breaking any bones.....and my dad didn't hear bell or knocking.  So got her keys and let myself in......then he hears me.  "Why didn't you knock?  You have to come thru the garage!!!"  "I did...and rang door bell and knocked on backdoor  and....."  :buttercup:   He was all upset ....so I handed him his food and he disappeared into the kitchen. [we always bring him food or candy!]   I couldn't live with that 23/7.   I let my mom in thru the garage to avoid the ice....then she let me out when we had her groceries inside and up stairs.  Everything is made to be way more trauma and drama with my dad these days.  :pray:   He needs peace.  :(


Then my mom and I talked on the phone for an hour later this evening.... :lol:   


MtRider  .....I'm soooo gonna be :0327:     the next couple days!

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Mt. Rider, I'm glad you got to spend some time with your mom today. I'm sure she really appreciated it too. It's sad about your dad. Dementia is tough on everyone. 


We2, I remember when your mom was sick and passed away. It was sweet of you to take artificial flowers to her. 


I know granite and marble can be difficult to maintain. I'm going to look into quartz. I don't have very much counter space so nothing is going to break the bank too much. There are a lot of very nice man-made products on the market now. 

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Mt. Rider,  I know it is a great time when you can spend time with your mother. Though you do get tired. I know you both enjoy the times together.  Now time to rest up for the next trip with her. It is nice that your DH can come along and help with the store trips so you can stay in car and rest a bit. 


Jeepers quartz is very good and durable. Will last forever. I love it and if I do decide down the line to replace mine after maybe 30 years as my kitchen was done about 21 years ago now. I am going to get the quartz countertops. They look like marble and even granite but they have NO maintance to deal with.  

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16 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

Homesteader.....wow, it looks like marble.  I usually hate the colors folks chose for their marble.  Too busy if I have to work on it.  How is the care/maintenance supposed to be with that stuff?  Does it have any 'give' if you clunk something brittle down on it?    I'd want durable more than anything.  I've lived with a slightly "olive" green stick-on type counters for the past 2 decades.  I guess I don't "see" it much anymore but I did think 'ugly' when we moved in.  I like our log cabin but it IS DARK.  Your kitchen will be worth the windows and work it took. 


I'm not sure about the durability yet.   :thumbs:  All the different stone countertops have their own problems. Since there was only two of us, we chose the lighter countertop. We didn't have 6 other guys available to carry the countertop into the kitchen with us.  :24:  We also didn't have to reinforce the lower cabinets for the heavier stone tops.  :cheer:


I hate dark kitchens, especially since I spend most of my time in one. I also hate dark countertops because I can't see the dirt and crumbs.   :gaah:  Must be my military OCD.:hapydancsmil:


With the four new windows and door, I can see about 10 acres of our property. I can't ask for more. My DH is awesome and a saint for spending the last year rebuilding the lower level after the flood.   :darlenedance:

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:sigh:   I DID have an accomplishment today.   I forced myself to go walk on road with dog and DH.  We drove down in car, of course.  It would take me "a week" to try to get back up THAT hill.  I didn't enjoy the walk at all.  So many cars and so much mud, snow-melt, yuk.  If the cars would just go away.....this is really rural and WHERE are they all coming from?  Scrambles my brain to scramble out of their way every few minutes.  Usually it's just me and dog with one or two cars.  I barely made it to my one/tenth mile marker and back again.  Had to sit on seat-cane a couple times....while waiting for yet another car to get outta our way.  :(  


Then I added more loose dirt [from under the porch] to barricade the snow-melt water from coming in the basement door.  Built up our causeway a bit higher and extended it another foot.  ICE ENCROACHMENT.....and it's only February....  :yar:  


THEN I introduced DH to THE BIG PROBLEM ICICLE.  It's about two feet wide at the top where it's attached to the totally full-of-ice gutter.  WAY up two stories.  It's length is growing...around 8-10 feet by now.  It's in the one spot where I cannot reach out a window or wack it down from the ground.  That's why it grows out of control ....dangerous.  BUT.....there's more.   When it decides to let loose some sunny, drippy day.....it's directly above the propane connection to the house.  And yes, I DO think that connection would break if it let loose before it shrinks considerably.  The cast-metal pipe is not secured to the cement wall of the basement.  So it wags.  Will that strike a spark? 


We tried the biggest plywood we have.  We tried a metal horse water tank.  Neither are big enough to cover the whole propane assembly things under the icicle.  We can't even get to some things...since without the livestock this year, we haven't cleared any snow.  Can't.  TOO much snow and things are welded to the ground with the ice.  We got nothin'.  So.....I called our property manager.  Haven't talked to her in ....over a year?  She wasn't seeing where there was a problem that needed attending.  Suggested I try to knock it down by throwing a baseball at it.  [she wasn't quite serious]   Told her we're trying to AVOID it crashing into the propane stuff....and besides, after years of playing softball, I now "throw like a girl"...  :pout:     Anyway, she'll talk to her dh and see what he says.  He might "get it" about the propane risk.  This is property stuff, not our stuff! 


Not a very satisfying day.  :yar:  More snow for the next 3 days while DH is working.....AGAIN!   We've been stuck in this exact pattern for 4 weeks now.  :gaah:  

MtRider   .....have I mentioned that I hate snow....ice....snow-melt....sub-zero cold  :frozen:  and 40-50* daytime B)   .....  :groooansmileyf:

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:cheer:  The BIG BAD ICICLE is still up there.  But the gas line and apparatus is now covered.  B & J came over today.......right after we got another 3" of HEAVY SNOW in two hours.  :buttercup: 


Ya shoulda seen B trying to get his big truck up our steep, curvy driveway.  I came out while he was trying to get out of the side snowdrift.  He hollered out the window "...it spun out right at the top." 

"Yeah, always happens", I said.

He tried again and same result.  "How do you guys do it?"  

;)    "Well.... ya gotta really rip it up here and do not slack back AT ALL until back wheels are over that ledge!"  

He backed again.....trying NOT to go over the cliff side but there are high snow drifts there to buffer this year.  It's a 70' drop....but the driveway surface cants quite a bit towards the UP hill side of the driveway.....helps to not go over the edge.  :blink: 


Well, he ROARED IT up that 3rd time....but he's a great driver and knew I didn't mean lose control.  He topped and put it in park. 

I hollered "Yee hah!  That's the way we do it!"  :shrug: 


B & J are just shaking their heads.  Told them we'd had it plowed just before all this came down this morning.  They couldn't believe we got all that when no one else had this much.  That's what it's been doing all of Feb.  Told them usually, I'd be throwing tons of dirt/gravel out on that incline right there where you lost it in the spin.  There is some in layers underneath but it just WON'T QUIT SNOWING!  And I haven't been able to keep up with anything - being sick for 5 weeks!  


So THEN....I lead them over the causeway....and tried to sweep quick so they knew where the sheer ice from melt water is located.  Then they saw the Big Problem Icicle.  WHOA! B says.  Yeah, I answer.  J commented on how it's going to be hard to describe WHY the owners are getting a bill for this.  I told her " Take picture cuz I had the same trouble describing it to you yesterday!"  She did - before and after.


B rigged up two sheets of corrugated aluminum.  It is going to be one HELLATIOUS CRASH when that thing eventually lets loose.  But the upper sheet is the first impact.  It's braced on the log abutments [sticking out of log cabins] so it's strong.  A second long sheet under that one will ensure the pieces keep sliding down and out away from the gas works. 


They'd figured for not using a hammer ...while working under that heavy mess.  Drill, screws and metal strapping.  At one point, B told J and I to move away in case what he did made it let loose.  Gladly, we did.  That's easily big enough to kill a couple folks if it fell. 


So....one more jury-rigged bit of oddity on this old place.  But....if we don't have a big propane ignition - KA-BLOOEY FIREBALL.....I certainly don't mind odd.  Just one more bit of ODD around this place.  I'd say I'm breathing easier now. 


Called S to come plow again cuz B tore up a mess with his 3 attempts.  :shrug: 


Next place we live is going to be pancake-FLAT!  No water erosion flooding...no icy slides backwards toward drop-off cliff!  Too old for this wild west stuff! 


MtRider  ...yeeee hah!  :buttercup: 

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:laughkick:  OOTO, you have no idea!!!   I actually started recording things in Magic Marker ON the cement garage wall.  Like Depth of well.  Dates of septic empty.  Etc.  There are SO many things you have to keep up.  The small berm in front of garage door....during spring and summer downpours.  So much I really can't remember until I go into action ----  to prevent this or that catastrophe.  I think B/J got a very good look at the winter driveway issue.  They made changes when we called them out for the summer flood that nearly came in the back door.....and actually squirted thru the seam between cement basement and logs of cabin.  The owners are totally oblivious due to having B/J handle things all this time.  And DH and I, of course, handle a lot too.  Good thing my truck is still down below.  Kinda takes a knack to pop that driveway at full speed and NOT hit a vehicle up there. 


'Tis why I always tell the UPS drivers....if you don't think you should try it - DON'T!  Honk and leave it in the van and I'll come get it.  They don't need to risk their job for this driveway. 


MtRider   :rolleyes: 

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Went to church this morning and DH was able to go. He did well but was tired when we got home. Fixed some lunch and then cooked the chicken for tonight that I was hoping to cook last night. So we had that for dinner this evening. I went back to church tonight and helped to move all the food that came in for our food drive to the pantries. We met our goal of 1000 items by 1107 and still things are coming in.:sSig_thankyou: Church for coming through to feed the hungry.  Came home and checked on DH who was in chair asleep. Fixed me a cup of coffee and now in office on :pc_coffee:.  I think that single cup coffee pot is spoiling me. Just grab a cup of joe any time of day now. But still make a full pot for both of us in morning. 


Tomorrow is going to be a big work day for me, so don't know if I will be able to get to computer or not. Laundry day, need to give kitchen and bathrooms a good cleaning and not the usual pick it up cleaning.  Need to get DH out of house so I can use bleach. So sending him to market to spend some time with his cousin. Got some things I really need to go through. Medicines, vits. and a bunch of other things. Got to get them better organized so I can find what I need. 

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