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Been to the doctor for lab work this morning and then to Walmart for about 10 minutes-- in and out.  Good on meds for the next few months.  


Have to take Peanut to the beauty parlor tomorrow and then DH and I are going somewhere for lunch.  First time since last July and probably last time until this July.


Going through seeds today as they are on sale at a local store and tomorrow is senior day-- extra 10% off.

Since I did all house cleaning and laundry yesterday, I'm feeling pretty good!

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Beautiful day yesterday.  Cleaned house, semi cloudy day, around 84*.  


We took a ride out in the desert to collect manure to make tea for the garden.  Took a couple of wild flower pictures.





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Today was a quite (relatively) day.  Yesterday went to physical therapy then a quick dash into wal mart, which was remarkably empty (folks not off work yet I guess) then home.  We tilled up & raked the rest of the garden to make room for new plantings - the local garden center has early stuff already we are putting in.  Mary tilled, I raked and thinned.  My body complained as usual at 3AM waking me up with leg cramps/muscle spasms.  Took an anti spasmodic pill (methocarbamol) then back to bed.  Up today not much planned but our friends down the road (part of our preppers circe) asked for help with their inventory so we went by and helped sort & repack.  They have craft shows coming up - so they are at work making "more product' their speciality is wood carvings - signs, awards, they have a fantastic table they carved a local lake map into then filled in the carved part with iridescent blue polymer....gorgeous!  She gave me a cutting board carved on the edges, said it was wrong size to fit in the display.  Cant complain, I can always use a new cutting board and this one is solid maple.

Eating up the last of the collards (we pulled them, I saved a pile of leaves in the fridge) and the radishes I planted in Dec are ready too.  The lettuce is not full grown yet but big enough to eat the thinnings in salad and the carrots & spinach are finally coming up (much slower than expected) along with the Jersey Wakefield cabbage I direct seeded in Dec.  But there is LOTS of empty area we will start planting with transplants as they arrive.  We will be trying snap beans again and try using DE to eliminate the cutworm problem that killed them last spring.  

I wonder if DE will work for vine borers too?  The larvae do start in the dirt and climb up on the vines, so we will try it.  

I am still working hard on rehab, doing my exercises like a good girl but have fits of frustration at all the adaptations I have to make to do the simplest tasks.  My days of just doing something on a whim are behind me and it chafes a bit.  Having to plan ahead do do things I used to take for granted is testing my patience.  Mary keeps reminding me that it has only been 

7 weeks since surgery, and it helps....some.....:imoksmiley:

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4 hours ago, kappydell said:

eliminate the cutworm problem that killed them last spring. 


In midwest we put tin cans, ends removed, around bigger plants [when small] for cut worms.  But beans ....I've heard of folks putting a nail right along side/touching the stem.   Old rusty ones work.  :shrug:     [remember them when you pull up the plants at harvest]  Hang in there with the rehab/recovery stage.  Better days are coming!  :pray:  


UPS driver able to come all the way up driveway....first time since....January?  He still had chains and said one road near here is gone...washed out/under flowing water.  Ran his chains across the far corner where we still have a ton of snow...that will break it up.  :cheer:  

BUT....there is still more of MARCH and APRIL ......even slight potential for a Lalapaloooza Blizzard in May.  :frozen:   The snow doesn't last long but it has happened.  I LIKE the pics of flowers, Annarchy.  :lois:  Flowers are a ways off for us yet. 


DH worked two days and his clothes are on the line.  Monday's uniform got UV sunshine today. :clothesline:   They'll get laundry tomorrow.  Handled his shoes with the sanitizing wipes.  The whole crew he works with is doing gloves and hand washing now.  Nice to know....if you eat at restaurants.  CO is up to 17 at last count tonite.  I think they're getting the tests faster.  Mebbe....   There sure were a lot of CO residents who volunteered to go overseas and be couriers for microbes...  <_<  


:balloons:  Dog and I have begun walking again!  :balloons:   :amen:   Yesterday and today.  The catch has been that my truck is still down below in barnyard.....because of tooo much snow up here.  So we walk down the big hill.....take a little further walk on road....and try to save adequate energy to make it BACK UP THE BIG HILL......and up 15 steps.   :imoksmiley:  This is a risk I don't usually want to take but.....it's been NINE WEEKS since I got sick and haven't walked.  Whoa!  I've done other physical things like slinging snow and wet gravel/grit.  So I have regain most of my stamina.  But I LIKE our time of walking!  And it's been nice days so.....  


OH.....the Big Dangerous Icicle has been melting like crazy and today I heard a minor crash as the last of it hit the metal guards --- JUST as B planned.  :thumbs: 


MtRider  ....trying to get back to normal before .....all normal topples again?  :unsure: 

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I'm going through a program with a LOT of green smoothies (yay, veggies!).  I'm a very texture-oriented person, and my blender kept leaving threads of celery and greens in my smoothie, which means I was having to spit stuff out while I'm drinking and drink a lot slower to get around it.


Ordered a Nutribullet Rx for $80 (Amazon Warehouse - used, but that just means somebody ordered it, looked at the package, and sent it back, in this case).  I used it for the first time this morning, and this thing just purees the crap out of everything and it's beautiful.


Working on getting healthier...

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:hapydancsmil:It rained last night, starting around 7:30 on.  Off and on sprinkles then raining well. Absolutely beautiful and so very refreshing. It’s dawn and the birds are happily singing everywhere.  Even a cactus wren is joyfully singing.  Rain!  I don’t have to water the yard and gardens, and, I put some manure in a 5 gallon bucket out to soak the rain up.  Rain!  Real rain! :hapydancsmil:

The pups do not like wet toes.  Storm, really?  The one who loves playing in the hose and sprinkler?  He gets so excited, he has made my hose a soaker... yup, bit holes in it.  New 75 ft. hose is on my shopping list.  :grinning-smiley-044:

The new row of beets is sprouting and so are several volunteer tomatillos.  The camomile is so prolific this year, I gave a plastic grocery bag full to one neighbor and am adding a bit of fresh peppermint to my tea, with a touch of honey. :yum3:  With this years harvest, we should have enough for years to come. :amen:


Kappydell, keep up with your PT.  I am anticipating hearing you are back to normal activities. They are unable to fix my back, sadly, because the discs herniated into my spinal column.  :buttercup:  My brother has rods in his neck & back and claims he is doing more than before surgery and feeling much better.  :pray:


Glad you are up and walking your pup again, Mt_Rider, and that icicle didn’t harm anything.

Green veggies.....  nomnomnom... :bouquet:


Made thin crust, mushroom, pepperoni, black olive, pizza the other day,  his had jalapeños, mine had extra cheese.


Then, made lasagna roll ups yesterday in a cast iron pan. I only had 4 noodles, but they filled the pan to the brim!  Added home made garlic toast and we had a feast.  Only 2 rolls left in the freezer, so I will be making more soon.  Tastes completely different from store bought French bread.  Nice!





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Took care of the primary voting yesterday.  Today hubby went to work for another customer...PTL!  We'll need to work Saturday and Sunday to try and catch up some on the homestead project.  We've been putting things back to protect ourselves from the c19 that's spreading so rapidly, so we've spent more dollars than we thought we would....topping off the truct's gas tank etc.  Also cancelled the insurance on the travel trailer for the time being.  We don't plan to do any towing for some time, and if we do want to go...we'll camp in Miss B.  

Hubby did say he had some of the plumbing already hooked up in the bathroom at the homestead...yippee!  

The weather was beautiful today...about 60 and sunny.  It will change tomorrow...rain in the forecast...but hubby's working inside.  Me and my Abby-girl will have to just hang out again...but hubby did take her for a nice walk when he got home.  She's had her nightly treat and is curled up in her bed.  

I did go to Noreen's Kitchen earlier to brush up on making homemade instant puddings.  Made up a pint of the vanilla, so tonight we had vanilla pudding with some coconut and pecan bits for dessert.  Still have a pint jar to make 2 or 3 more servings. Supper was just plain old comfort food!  Yesterday I made up a container of homemade personal wipes.  Buying "baby wipes" is getting very expensive, so I wanted to get some made up.  I had all the ingredients, and will have for another batch.  Wanna see?


89539582_924614504735592_4457915142574702592_o Home Made Vanilla Pudding.jpg

87568847_923482598182116_7078435566454308864_o Personal Wipe ingredients.jpg

88169075_923482484848794_4402609746352275456_o Personal Wipes soaking.jpg

89601294_923482558182120_1608331442645893120_o Personal Wipes ready to snap shut.jpg

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Making your own baby wipes is a great idea.  Will have to try that.  Are you using paper towels or toilet paper. Picture looks like toilet paper. How much of each ingredient are you using?   And how did you make up your pudding?  Looks good.

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Good idea on the wipes We2. I think most of us have spent money we didn't plan on recently. I know I have too. But at least most of the stuff I bought was food and I'll use it up sooner or later so it's not really a waste. I figure I just spent next month's money this month. 

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Jeepers that is mostly what we bought was food, our vits. we take daily and of course our RX's. We filled in the low or we were out of spots on our food preps.  So we are now in good shape.


Took DH to his Allergy doctor this morning. He gave him an RX for Amoxicillin and steroid incase he needed it for his cronic sinus infections.

I then bought him home had him clean up and wash up good. Then I went to fill the RX's as his doctor said not to wait. Get them now and just hold on to them. Still have to go back to get one that needed to be transferred. His nasal spray that he got still has 11 refills on it. So getting 3 months on that as well.


While in the store I shopped around as they had vitamins buy one get one free. So picked up some more elderberry pills. B12, D3 and different ones like that as they did say because of our vitamins are even coming from China there is a shortage. So figured while waiting on RX's, I would do a bit of shopping while I was in there. They had a good sale going and it was senior day. So 5% off total purchase.  Bought some chicken legs as I can them and when we want a protein snack, I open a jar put barbecue sauce on them and put in oven to heat up. The chicken is already cooked. So a fast snack with no sugar barbecue for diabetics. 


So now I am just sitting here :pc_coffee: taken a break before getting into trouble. Or doing something constructive like cleaning house but rather be outside.  Beautiful day and warm again. Thought it was going to be cold again.  I think spring has sprung. Loving it. 

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Going through the closet in office. Need better shelving in there. So took everything out to work on that. 


Talked with my next door neighbor. She has been stocking over several years now as well on the advice of both myself and my neighbor across street from me.  We have all 3 been stocking for some time now and it is now paying off.  Next door neighbor is very nervous over this as her DH is not in good health either. She said he get's mad when she comes in with a lot of stuff so since he sleeps a lot. She waits till then and brings it into the room she is storing it in. She's worried about all these new neighbors we don't know and they don't seem to bother with us older folks. I just told her that if we are forced to stay in homes, not to answer door and to set up a code or have family members call if they are heading our way. My thinking is those that did not prepare and ones with children are going to go radical on people to get food to feed their family. Told her not to give any food to anyone she does not know as they then would know she has food in house and could come back to rob you.  Caution must be in place. I for one do not want to see anyone go without. We are thinking about if it comes to being forced into staying home sick or not.  That some neighbors could get together and use the precautions of course to do something like a soup kitchen.  We could set up on one of our driveways for people that are not that prepared. We do have a couple of other neighbors that later the 3 neighbors will have a meeting about it with the other 2 neighbors that we can trust. Something we will get back together on at a later time as this virus progresses.  I am thinking more of the empty doctors office across from our main entrance. That parking lot would be a great setup for a neighborhood soup kitchen.. Right now it is just talk about doing it as we don't want to get this virus. We would not survive it with diabetics and DH's heart issues. Lot's to think about.

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22 hours ago, Littlesister said:

Making your own


I think I could probably make some sanitizing wipes very easily just using high proof alcohol, witch hazel and some Vitamin E oil...of which I have plenty.

I use a good quality paper towel.  Viva is the very best...if you have it.  Once the roll is cut in half it really soaks up the liquids and then when you squish it, it does look somewhat like tp...but it's not.  That's why you need a quality paper towel.

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WE2,  I have all those, Vit. E, alcohol and the witch hazel. I will have to try it.   I was looking for some aloe gel this morning, but stores didn't have it. Haven't checked on line yet. It was funny though. I went to pantry prime just to see what all they had and they were out of toilet paper, towels etc.  what is it with toilet paper. Don't these people know they need to eat also. Lots of food but no toilet paper in stores.

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On the sanitary wipes (baby wipes) I use distilled water 4 cups, 2 Tablespoons of liquid coconut oil (or melt some in your water), 2 Tablespoons of Aloe gel, 1 teaspoon of liquid baby shampoo, about a Tablespoon of the Vit. E gel...but less if you're using the liquid?...and then I added a few drops of lavender essential oil. You'll need a pretty deep container, a long one if you're using both rolls of paper towel.  If only using one, then you'll need to cut the ingredients in half.  Hope this helps ya!

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Just spoke with a friend of mine who just got home yesterday from having some neck surgery.  She's doing fine but still a bit groggy from pain meds.  So glad she got this taken care of now before anything in our state goes really haywire!  She said another friend of ours who lives in a senior housing complex is on lock down.  No body can come in...not sure if they can leave but she lives across the road from a WM super center so she can walk.  She's in the early stages of Alzheimer's so driving is no longer something she's supposed to do because she sometimes gets lost. 

Communicated with my sister-in-law (who's married to my brother who is going through chemo for inoperable state 4 lung cancer and also throat cancer)...she's not very well prepared but she's a control freak so I can't talk to her...her usual response is "I got this under control" .  She said she wasn't feeling well today so was staying in bed.  When I asked "Feeling overwhelmed"...her response of course was "No...just exhausted". She rejects anything I suggest or say...so...it's just gotta be left alone.  

I'm still concerned about my prodigal son.  He's diabetic along with PTSD and lives in an subsidized housing complex...so he's very much at risk.  With his aid coming in to clean etc., and take him for shopping and doctor visits, I'm wondering if and when they'll lock that complex down and he'll have to remain inside his small one bedroom apartment...?   But...we're astranged and not speaking, so I just pray.  

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I have learned that sometimes prayer is the only thing you can do for someone. When they don't want to do like they should, prayer is the only intervention.   We do what we can and then sometimes just have to back off and pray. 


Checking out the U-Tube on the pudding. Going to give that I try. Seems really easy to do.


Got all the food off the bottom shelf in closet and now have food all over my office.  DH is going to work on that shelf tomorrow when we come back from Dentist.  Then I can get everything dated and put back in with oldest to the front like it needed to be. It was stacked in boxes because that shelf kept bending on the end and everything would fall over. 

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Sitting here on :pc_coffee: waiting to take DH to dentist to have his crown put back on tooth. I would do it as I do have the stuff here for that but my fingers would not hold on to the crown and last thing I need is for me to drop it and it go down his throat into a lung. He does get choked easy and food goes down into lung instead of where it should sometimes. Thus his sinus infections do not come from the sinus but come up from the lung into the sinuses.  So I am not taken the chance of dropping the crown while trying to place it back over his tooth. Heart doctor told him to hold off on the speech therapy for muscle strength because of this virus. He said he doesn't want him to take the chance of being where a lot of other people will be.  He has to go to the YMCA for that. They have Sentara phys. therapy there. 

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  • Was at Kroger at 7 am this morning for sales-- cheese, eggs and cabbage.  A good many people there for that early.  Mostly, I saw carts full of cases of little bags of chips that must have been on sale.  Not what I would be buying.  Came home and went for my walk--back home, got on computer, next will do short exercise video and then go prune the roses that I have put off for a week and a half.  Not sure what else will happen.  
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Just talked with my daughter. She went to Food Lion and they were sold out of meat. Not much in fruit either. Shelves didn't have much in choices of what to buy.  cleaning supplies all empty. No paper products, nothing. The panic buying has begun and she is a bit late getting her head out of the sand. Guess better late than never. She's going out tomorrow to try to buy more food.  I was laughing as she said she's going to sell TP on E-Bay and make a small fortune.  She was joking of course. But she said it was funny the first thing to go was TP and not food. My SIL had his teeth pulled this morning and false teeth now. So she had to go buy him soft foods to eat.  I told her baby food was still on shelves.  Yum baby food. Yuk.  Gotta do what you gotta do.

My grandson has been bringing his friends into house at home, pulling out the meat, grilling it up to feed his friends and then throwing it in trash. His daddy is about to kill him.  Told my daughter to take him to the stores and give him a wake up call. And to explain the need to keep his hands washed and use hand sanitizer. He need to understand about this pandemic.  He is 18 years old and wants to do his thing. Time for that wake up call.:scratchhead:

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Well today, our state declared a state of emergency (like so many others) and the Prez declared a national emergency.  So peeps...guess it's time to take a serious look at what "may" be coming next...curfews...national guards...?  Remember the holocaust? It snuck up on the people very quietly and very quickly.  But, we all know there's nothing we can do but "prep" and pray.  

Hubby's being very careful on the work site of his customer.  The wife is staying upstairs and the hubby is in the family room watching his tv, quite some distance from where hubby is working and doing some drywall work.  Tomorrow we'll work on the homestead project...but...will go fill up some "cheap" jugs of gas to put back.  The price is VERY low right now and we've got a few dollars left from his last pay...so this is probably a very good time to get them filled back up.  Wish we didn't feel like we "had" to but we do.

Sis in law posted on FB that she was taking my brother to the VA hospital for a CT scan to see if the chemo was working...???  Anyway, she says they were stopping everyone at the door and checking them, and that she had a mask for my brother.  Haven't heard anything since.  I'll just have to wait to see if she "volunteers" anything on FB.

I have been checking on several of my friends to make sure they're aware of what's going on in our state.

My youngest brother and his wife both work in the metro area.  He's with a LARGE insurance corporation and she's with a large hospital.  Wonder how long before they have to take some serious steps since the state is now in a state of emergency?  They live in a remote area...that's good.  They both have the capacity to work from home....that's good.  Do they know how to garden?  Probably not.  Do they have a pantry?  A small one...and she's not much of a cook. 

My sister and her husband?  Both have serious underlying health conditions but they're out and about just as usual.  They are heavily involved with the local Moose and eat there most of the time.  They live in a remote area and she "should" have some stuff set back.  They gave up gardening, but they know how and have the equipment to do so.

Our friend in the far south of our state is becoming more and more attuned to what's happening.

My other friend is putting food etc., back as much as she can.  Her son works at WM nights, her other son is a government official and her daughter is a hairdresser.  Not sure any of them have anything set back.

Really wish people would have relinquished the world's hold on their lives and spent some of their "entertainment" dollars on food.

Saw where one of our local urgent care providers is accepting donations for baby food, baby wipes, baby formula, baby otc's etc...expecting an influx of parents with little ones who can't find these things in the stores and couldn't buy them if they could find them. Sad...




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