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Got DH off to TX this morning. MIL needed milk, cereal, corn tortillas, meat & her bean soup, in addition, I tossed a couple packages of ham & a couple of cinnamon rolls in the ice chest for her.  She said her stores were empty too.  Our little market had everything she needed.  They said, they are having to drive from store to store to replenish their shelves.  No flour anywhere.  


DH’s friend visited last night, he got some extra seeds, a camomile, tomatillo plants and some peppermint, from the garden and, a carton of eggs.  The hens are laying regularly now, :amen:  He promised to share his harvest, after he got a jar of green chili enchilada sauce and salsa.  Also promised to bring my jars back.  He’s a good kid.  He brought me another pair of pruning sheers and sharpened mine. :D

The phone rang constantly yesterday, customers wanting supplies.  Almost sold out by 4 pm.  People coming from north Phoenix and Tucson, saying all the stores were sold out.  Thank God, DH ordered last week.  As of yesterday afternoon, most of our vendors were sold out too.  We got in our latest order this morning.  I asked the UPS man if I needed to sign, as usual, he said, “...they were notified this morning, not to hand the terminal to the customers, instead, eye to eye contact, and enter the code “ corona19” into the machine & the customers last name. “. 

Paid the bills, and noticed our town is fining us, this week, for not cutting the weeds.  I started mowing.... and it started to rain.  :gaah:  Lightening, thunder and a heavy rain.  Switched the laundry and covered the washer and dryer, before it got too heavy. :amen:


Gunny is moping around, missing his daddy.  Storm is crashed out within line of sight, as usual.  I move... and I have a Velcro dog at my side.  Sheesh!  

Getting ready to vacuum seal some bulk sandwich meats DH likes, into smaller packages and freeze them.  Probably focus on doing little thing around the house.... because it’s RAINING!  PTL!  

Lol, I looked up, out the kitchen window, towards the area I feed the birds... there are a bunch of them waiting for the 4pm feeding.  :008Laughing:Some are hiding under the wheelbarrow from the rain..... waiting.. others are sitting in the tree looking down at the area.  :008Laughing:I guess I can feed them 10 minutes early.  



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Test results are in.  No COVID!

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

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MiGardener is a small start-up vegetable company in Michigan. Everything is .99. He has a good channel on YouTube. I don't learn much, but I'm old enough to be his mother and certainly more versed in the soil  :grinning-smiley-044:


His email today stated that they are shutting down their phone system and emails. They're so overwhelmed with purchases, they need to get the orders into the mail. His website says:  ALERT: Due to the lock-down, orders can be placed but will not be filled until work can resume. Phones service will be offline as well.


Thankfully, I placed my order in January and am planting the seeds in the trays already.    :hapydancsmil:

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Today I did house cleaning, Mopped floors in bathrooms and got them cleaned up and mopped kitchen floor. Trying to get the food I pulled out of closets to go through to send food to granddaughter put all back in closet again. Having to watch that older dates are still in front to be used first. I feel like I just cleaned out all those closets and got everything like I needed and here we go again. The things we do for our grandkids. 


DH needed help again. I am going to wrap him in bubble wrap to keep him from scratching. Something is making him breakout and itch and now he just scratched his hand. I think it is the blood thinners doing it. So he is taken care of. I am going to take stock out in Johnson and Johnson Bandaids.   I am loaded down with every size you can think of.   


So don't forget about your first aid kits. 

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On 3/17/2020 at 7:59 PM, snapshotmiki said:

Miight stop on my walk and buy some sweet potato starts! 


None available yet.  Got potatoes cut--sometimes I take a 5 minute job and drag it out for a week.  Don't know why.  Planted the sprouted onion and will hang curtain panels in shed windows tomorrow-- along with making elderberry juice.

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Fished out a pound of hamburger and made a hug pot of hamburger stew...and jarred up 4 quarts.  It will be nice to have a ready meal when we're working at the homestead on the weekends, and need an EZ on cook meal.  

Hubby's still working at his customer's home.  Will probably be there another week or so, then he'll work on the gents "toy collection" buildings.  

We took Abby-girl and made a trip to the homestead when hubby got home and got the rain barrels hooked up and ready to go.  Let Abby-girl run in the garden area (which she normally isn't allowed in...it's fenced off from her yard) while we took care of that and roamed around the garden area discussing where we're planting this or that.  We have plenty of containers but will need to go to our local city recycle yard for compost.  We can get a truck load for 10$ if you're in the city limits...which we are.  That will fill a lot of containers!  Been saving my orange juice bottles to use (like Leon's) in the bottom them, and we had several rolls of weed mat.  Won't invest in the heavy duty stuff yet.  Need to get really serious about creating "hoops" to go over our containers to prevent those white butterflies from laying their devilish eggs!  Will also help if we know there's a storm coming we can cover the crops up. 

I've got some organic russets that I'll be laying out tomorrow to wither and start some sprouts so I'll know where to cut...and plant when they're ready.  I don't want to plant in a row this time.  Too hard to keep them covered when they start sticking their pretty little green leaves out!  Seriously thinking about using a couple of big plastic trash cans that I can cut drainage holes in...never know what this gardener might come up with!  

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Laid out another pound of hamburger.  Tomorrow I plan to jar up some chili.  I'll go into the kitchen shortly and get some beans started soaking.  Won't do the no soak method because I'll be having the meat etc., and don't want a bunch of tough beans.  Still jarring up quarts of water to keep the canner full when I put my food in it.


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7 hours ago, Homesteader said:

His email today stated that they are shutting down


:sSig_thankyou:  Thanks, Homesteader.   I had not thot that seed companies would have been hit yet.  PROBABLY because we're getting a stupid blizzard thru CO tomorrow!  :frozen:   No one around HERE is thinking of gardening yet!!!!   So I just put garden seeds on my priority list.  Go down to see if the feed store has some yet.  DH is NOT enthusiastic about any garden but I'd already thot that we'd better put up the greenhouse up here by the house.  Same location that Circus Tent was sitting.  Within a 20x20 dog kennel to keep the dear deer out!  And in containers to keep the voles and pasture varmints out.  And under clear plastic to keep the frost and hail out.  And......  :scratchhead:  what other impediments do we have?  :sigh:  Even if it's some hardy collards and other greens!  Soon won't be things at the store......maybe?  Who really knows but on the chance....I'm wanting to set up my shop lights and the table for starters.  


:happy0203:   THAT'S a nice cheerful thot!  :lois:  


Jeepers with your Jeep....thanks for the reminder to start vehicles if we're staying home mostly.  I've had to do that with my old truck.  Yes, it started.  I JUST  moved it back up near the house and ......we'll see about this blizzard tomorrow.  :buttercup:  I am SO over snow/ice/meltwater/sleet...  Maybe it will miss us?


"Sprouted onion" ....Miki, you just reminded me that I told DH to bring back lots of onions from store last time.  This is not the time of year for good keepers tho.  So I do have to get busy and slice/dice them....then put them into the dehydrator.  Going to smell like stew in here for a day or two.  Note on the mirror or I'll forget and then I'll have sprouted onions!  Thanks! 


MtRider ....I think my brain went on vacation when I was sick.....and it got put under quarantine cuz it hasn't come home yet.  :sassing: 

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Somewhere OOTO and I were talking about canning jar lids. I figured I'd go down to Lehman's to pick up another sleeve of wide mouths. I looked on their site and they are sold out of both wide mouth and regular. They are expensive to buy in bulk but still cheaper than by the box. 


While I was at a drug store yesterday (Discount Drug Mart) I saw that they had a lot of wide mouth lids. I just happened to walk by them. Today I have some paper to recycle at the bins in their parking lot so I'm going to run in and get a few boxes. It's only a couple of blocks from me. Hope they have some regular mouth lids for my half pint jars. I have some but never enough. 


I have a bad feeling about canning supplies this year if this virus lingers around. I hope some of the younger folks remember this lesson about keeping stocked up, if even just a little bit. 

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Already walked this morning and talked to someone (outside) at local hardware store about sweet potato starts. Now, they have my number and should call me and if not, I will stop and look tomorrow.

Today, am making elderberry juice concentrate-- just add water and sweetener. Already have syrup and don't really want the sugar. Also making s/f pudding and hanging the curtains in shed. Short day for me!


Told DH to start his jeep today as it hasn't been started in over a week now.  Thanks, Jeepers!

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Today I went to bank and pulled out most of our savings. No issues with that and no questions asked. We are able to pull up to 10,000 without them being nosy.  I will put it back if we don't end up having to use it.  Then went to Market to pay them for the UPS they sent out for me the other day.  Bought some chicken and talked a bit with DH's cousin.  Then went to Harris Teeter. The cashiers are worn out. Said it is worse than Thanksgiving and Christmas combined and then some.  Store was still full of empty shelves and no one was stocking this time.  They did have canning jars, so bought 2 wide mouth courts and 2 wide mouth pints. Picked up a few more can goods and came home.  Early this morning I went on line to Leman's and bought a sleeve of both wide mouth and small mouth canning lids. also got some more of the tattler lids for canning my water. the metal lids are out but said they have more on the way and I was able to go ahead and order. That way I am guaranteed to get them.   I get TP every 2 months from Amazon prime auto ship.  No TP. They sent an e mail it is delayed and they don't know when I will get it. No problem, I am covered. 

My granddaughter just texted me that she couldn't remember what I use to buy for septic tank when we had one. So got her straight on that. I am jealous, We are stuck on city sewage now. Nothing wrong with city sewage but if something happens and we loose all utilities, there is a good chance the sewage can and will back up into your house. Sinks, tubs,, everything. We are making sure we can disconnect and cap off from city if that happens. Just a precaution. Of course we won't be able to use the toilets but I am prepared for that anyway.  They don't call us preppers for nothing. 

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DH decided to try a phone or video? doc appt today.  Yeah...turned out he WAS able to hook up his computer for that.  :unsure:   Not sure how much that will cost us in Internet usage....??  But it took only a little time compared to driving IN BLIZZARD conditions for what is usual a half hour drive on highway.  One highway here is closed due to too many cars sliding off the road.  :amen:   Definitely a good choice for video doc appt.  She was pleased with his diabetic number....and that's with him ignoring any dietary precautions.  Which he told her.  :lol:  She said you're not supposed to admit that.  ;)  But he said she needs to know that the med is working even without diet change.  Changed to a different cholesterol one....that doesn't cause muscle spasms.  Hopefully that works cuz that is waaaay too high.  :pray: 


He was very pleased with this technology.  Didn't think his computer would handle it but it was fine.  Not having to go out and shovel snow that continues to POUR DOWN....clean off car/warm up car....risk driving in this MESS!  :frozen:    Nope.  This worked.  :amen:   I told him he now has an "Honorary Millennial" card to slide in next to his AARP card.  :008Laughing:


MtRider  :santa: 

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They called for DH to start his speech therapy for his swallowing. Told them heart doctor said to put that on hold for now. So he has  6 months before the RX runs out. We will see what happens between now and then.

DH wanted to walk around yard and decided he is going to do a garden. I don't want him to use tiller. It is big and heavy and he has no balance. So going to talk with SIL about doing the tilling. He did it for us before. He wants to increase the size of it by planting things all the way around house in flower beds. I had those mosquito breeding bushes cut down and we need to get the roots out now. Our yard man will be back to do that tomorrow and bring mulch as  well. 

All kids have checked in but one and he is in Army but saw on face book he is ok. He just transferred to N. Carolina from Texas. Will be jumping out of planes. Don't like that idea. But he's grown and it is what he wants to do. :pray:


Mt. Rider, glad your DH was able to do that and all was good.   We just postponed DH's therapy this afternoon. They called to set it up and I told them his heart doctor doesn't want him out of house and we will have to wait and see how things go.  


My volcano stove came today. They call it the kitchen to go camping set. It is a different one from the ones I have seen.  It has a table with legs you set it on and uses sticks, sterno cans or I forgot what the other one was.  Ordered it from the Grommet. But it is a good one. has a coffee pot for it as well. I think the 3ed option was the small canisters. It has the hook up for that as well.  But I like the idea I can just use sticks. 

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Still hanging around the house.  Did pull out another pound of hamburger yesterday to thaw in frig, and put some beans on to soak last night. This morning jarred up 6 nice tasty quarts of chili.  We'll enjoy that for sure.  Normally I make our chili from scratch when we want it, but with gardening coming up and him working, it will be nice to dump our food into a pan, heat it up, and be done with it...mostly a one pot meal.  

When we went to the homestead yesterday to hook up the rain barrels, I told hubby "look at all those tree buds laying all over the sidewalks etc.!"  Well this morning I found out I got myself a snoot full of pollen!  Drug out the netti pot and gave myself a good nostril wash!  Felt much better, but still have the "stuffy" feeling on that side of my face where I'm "clogged"! LOL I've taken a few sniffs of my oregano essential oil as well as my eucalyptus and it definitely makes things feel better.

Talked to my friend last night that's moving out of state.  Sure hate to see her go, but all her kids and grandkids are where she's moving so we all understand her moving.  We had planned a going away party for her...but not now.  She's been like a social butterfly getting all of her remaining things loaded into the moving trailer and taking an elderly friend who has vision problems to the market to help him stock up on some food...not to mention people coming to her place to help her load etc.  So the party is off...and even if it weren't...we told them all we would not be attending.  They all agreed...including her! 

Good thing we did get the rain barrels (the main 4) hooked up because it's rained enough to fill them 10x over!  Didn't get the other 3 placed, but maybe this weekend we'll do that.  They're free standing so we can move them anywhere we want them.

Watched some full time RV'ers and they're having some serious issues about finding paper products and foods that they're used to eating.  

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Went to the store, around 7:30 am. I got most everything on my list, minus pinto beans and lasagna noodles No biggie.  One item per customer for meat, paper products cleaning products and eggs & milk.  PTL they let 2 packages of veggies go.  I actually asked the regional manager if I needed to return the items in my cart.  🙁. She said no.  Got chicken, beef, hotdogs, & corned beef, butter, paper plates, and a few extra spices.  Went to the local market, got another bag of flour.  All purpose.  Yuck.  I usually only get unbleached. Meh,not a biggie.  DHtexed me saying he found my unbleached flour in TX & got 2 bags.  :amen::amen::amen:


Tomorrow, I hope to make more French bread for him, & vacuum seal it.  

An estranged neighbor came over, at the fence, calling out to me. She helps at the food bank & wanted to know if we are ok.  Talked with her for a while.  Gave her some hand sanitizer I made today.  A leaf of aloe & 91% alcohol, liquified.  I made a pint& gave her 1/2.. asking for my jar back.  :buttercup:  I will make more tomorrow.  

The aloe is growing great, with the rain we’ve had.. here’s one cutting... it made 1 1/2  cups...


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It is with heavy heart and still in shock that I report a prepper friend threw out a bunch of out-dated food and 6 dozen canning jars with it.  I nearly fainted when she told me that....I'd have happily washed them out for re-use.  She is not that into canning though, and I believe her....no REAL canner would throw out that many jars!  :banghead:

Mary does not understand the canning thing either....thinks one dozen empties are plenty to have on hand.....I have not been so frustrated since my dear husband threw out the cut-up seed potatoes because "honey, they were all black and rotten looking!"  


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We finally see the sun....late today.  LOT of snow...now becoming very heavy/sticky.  :sigh:    Hope S's rig can handle this tomorrow.  I want to run into the village to see if they have gardening seeds yet.  Saw a big announcement in the general news about seeds being wiped out ......   [ Homesteader and someone else ?? has been saying this...]


ARE GARDEN SEEDS THE NEW TP??  :runcirclsmiley2:


MtRider  ....mebbe I'll have to trade TP for seeds?  :lois:  .....after we can get out of our snow-clogged driveway.  :frozen:  

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I got some extra canning jar lids at the drugstore. I really really wanted to get my hair cut but was afraid to go. Sigh. Looks like I'll be styling a pony-tail for the next foreseeable future. Sigh. 


I got another package delivered today without it being in a packing box. That burns me up. It wasn't a prep item but a large gas can thing I've been wanting. It was raining and the box was soaking wet. Even on the porch. Luckily it's plastic and wasn't damaged. That's the second item in a row that Amazon has sent without a packing box. Maybe they are running out of boxes with all of the orders coming in. Nice for the neighborhood to gawk at though.  

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Been really busy today.  Made cabbage soup or better known as TJ miracle soup. don't know why they call it that but it is for people on diets and great for diabetics.  It has a head of cabbage, tomatoes, onions, celery, green pepper and seasonings. I do not add salt.  Had that for dinner tonight. going to can the rest of it tomorrow. Made a large pot. Fast lunches and dinners.

Filled up half of the water containers and going to fill more up tomorrow afternoon. Heading to store in morning to pick up RX's and DH wants me to look around in store and pick up a few items of whatever I can find. I used a lot of my canned tomatoes from the year before last. So he wants me to pick some up in store. hope I can find the no salt ones. 

Washed the towels and bath matts today and cleaned up garage some today as well. Pulled car out of it so I would have room to move things and when I went to put car back in garage it was green. The pollen is falling bad now.  Today it was 88* we broke the record of 84*.  Tomorrow it will be in the 40's.  The weather is crazy.  I turned off the heat yesterday, but did not turn on the air condition. Decided to tough it out in the heat. It was hot and humid but I got through it.  But will have to turn heat back on late tonight before bed. DH stays cold because of those blood thinners.  We cancelled our phys. for next week now that there are cases of the coronavirus in area.  Not chancing it with DH. It can wait a couple of months if need be. Our yard man is suppose to bring mulch next week. I hope things don't go south and we can't get it. He is a fire fighter. So not sure how his job will go with this virus. They do call on them as well when people need an ambulance. Just keeping all our fire fighters in prayer also.

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MIL is coming....  :runcirclsmiley2:


Gotta clean house. Gotta find a way to put up a bed for us, she’ll get our bed.  :runcirclsmiley2:


Gotta do so much!  :runcirclsmiley2:  



Made a couple loaves of French bread today and a couple batches of cinnamon rolls, one for the neighbor lady, & one for DH & MIL.
Now, I’m trying to figure out what to do for her.  OMG, I didn’t expect her to want to come. :imoksmiley:

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Jeepers, DH said to look at the shipping options, gift or secure in a box?  IDK, cause I don’t order much, DH does.

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Refreshed BOB's today and am always surprised at how well I put them together and how many bases got covered! First made them about 16 years ago and keep replacing meds and slingshot rubbers, clothes, snacks, stuff like that.

Tomorrow is for outside garden prep and Sunday will clean house- no Church. Then what?


MrsSurvival is probably mostly responsible for the well put together bags!

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