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I went out early and finished up any shopping I plan to do for at least 2 weeks. At least. I think all of my holes are plugged up and then some. I really can't think of anything else. I can stay holed up for months if need be and that's living pretty normally. 


I found the half gallon jars I wanted at the other Wal-Mart store. I got two cases of six jars. I didn't have to have them but I wanted them for dry storage. 


I got a notice for the 2020 census a few weeks ago. Then immediately forgot about it. I ran across the paper last night. It was supposed to have been done by April 1st. Last night was April 1st. I wasn't fazed by it. With all that is going on in the world right now I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be fined etc. People have other things on their mind right now. But I figured I'd go ahead and do it and get it over with online so they won't bug me about it later. Nothing to it. Very generic. Mostly verify your address and how many people in your household and if you rent or own or are buying. Your birthday and age and ethnicity. No mention of income or any money related questions. I don't know if there are different forms or not. This one was a breeze compared to the last one I had to do. So, I got my census filled out online, on time with an hour and a half to spare. :pout:


I'm feeling lousy today. I have a major headache. It started last night and is still raging. With my town so infected, every little odd twinge I have sends coronavirus thoughts running through my head. Then I remember that I get headaches all the time even when things are normal. So for the rest of the day I'm going to chillax with a heating pad (my comfort go to) and put on some Prime movies I've been wanting to binge on. 


They only places I'll go to now is to drop off boxes like Post Office or recycle bins. Or doctors for dire emergencies. At least for the next 2 weeks.


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Went with DH to put gas in his car. First time we have left the house together in a month at least.


Washed rugs, swept house and dusted house. Went on walk this morning and turned in prescription at local drugstore.


Pretty slow day. I'm starting to like them!

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6 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I'm feeling lousy today. I have a major headache. It started last night and is still raging.

Me tooooo.  Nasty migraine. Hope you feel better soon.

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Went with hubby to the homestead and while he dug out the rest of the roots etc., from where the berry bushes live (tree roots) I opened a new bag of potting soil and got out my left over Jiffy pots from last year, filled them with potting soil and got some seeds planted and put them on one of the shelves of the little green house.  Brought the radishes outside to let them take in some sunshine.  They were getting a bit "leggy" trying to reach the sun through the west side window.  The little tomato plants are about a half inch long in the window, so they'll also get transplanted into the Jiffy pots when they're a bit bigger and then outside until we have their container put where we want them to be.  

Then home for lunch and then hubby went back to work on the basement/bathroom project and I got some chores done around here.

Did rain a bit around 4 or so with a little thunder...but I left the front door storm open and went and stood there looking out with Abby-girl standing by my side.  She did pretty good.  Just wanted to let her know it wasn't something to fear.  

We had bought 4 packages of fresh ground turkey last week or so because I wanted to turn it into sausage and hamburger flavored crumbles.  Got the sausage flavor crumbles done, and man!  They taste like sausage!  Much cheaper than regular ground sausage...that give me two different ways to make breakfast sausage...this way plus the ones I make using rolled oats.

I'll defrost the other 2 pkgs later and try the hamburger flavor.  Either will be good for pizza etc.  I used one package of the sausage crumbles in our crunchy burritos for supper.  Could not tell the difference.  Yeh!

Tomorrow i'll peel and jar up some potatoes...we bought a couple bags to do that.  Didn't want to drive all the way to Amish store just for potatoes and maybe them not have them.  Don't remember seeing them the last time we were there, so it will probably be a few more months before they have them out for sale.  I'm going to just do them in quarts this time because I have so many quart jars and so little time.  I'll cut some of them in small chunks and some in fry size.


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This morning did not go well for my folks.  :(   They had a plan to drive to the pick-up zone of their grocery .....to pick up a needed 'script from pharmacy.  The plan called for my mom to call in the morning to see if that can be done...as well as WHEN they would need to be there for pick-up.  Too bad they aren't at the pharmacy in town that has a drive-thru.  :sigh:  All this COVID and Stay At Home and what he sees [but doesn't understand] on TV has my dad wound up tight.  He just exploded this morning about any and all plans.  They did go to PO and after trying for a half hour to get a dust mask on, he abandoned the idea.  Just went in and got a box full of mail.  :sigh:  :pray:  :sigh:     My mom's at her wit's end.  :(  Pray for them, please.  He WILL NOT ALLOW us to get their mail.  Our world is all about what he won't allow....and can make life impossible.  No where he can be placed for ...medicated care.  :pray:  


DH suggested another walk in the Nat. Forest ....I said let's go right now!  3pm.  I have a "weather sense" and just knew. Short trip and walk with dog.  By the time we got back, it began to snow.  Then it snowed HARD for a while.  We've got over an inch with maybe 3" by morning.  :shrug:  It just doesn't want to stop this year.


I dug out some breadmaker recipes for nut/fruit bread.  DH started one when we got back.  Not exactly quick breads...yeast.  But we'll see how it turns out in breadmaker.  I'm not sure we've EVER MADE bread in it.  We use it to mix/knead the dough.  Then either make 2 loaves in oven or it's pizza dough.  Probably why we didn't think to use if for baking:buttercup:   That's still annoying! 


MtRider  ....awaiting breadmaker results  :yum3: 

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Glad we followed our "gut" ... our Governor issued a stay at home order for all businesses like Lowe's, Menards, WM,  When we went to WM, they had roped off the entrances to only one door, and I guess were getting ready to restrict the number of people who could be in the store at one time. Withdrew some cash, paid all the bills that were due, stopped at $Tree, WM and Sav-A-Lot.  Got most of what I was after at WM...two jugs Aloe Vera Juice, several more rolls of blue towels from the automotive department, some tp and endust for some friends who are extremely high risk.  (Gave them an alcohol wipe to wipe the things down the minute they got the bag in the house).  We were VERY strict with our distancing, and people probably didn't think of it when I used one of my wipes to touch the screens on the card reader and then wiped my card down.  Also picked up two new printer cartridges, two cases of hubby's Diet Dr. Thunder, and because they were out of Zinc tablets, I just bought a couple of bottles of Zicam tablets.  They have a lot of Zinc in them. 

At $Tree we picked up several jars of mushrooms, the limit of 4 of Peroxide, the limit of 4 boxes of heavy duty dish gloves, 6 pints of Almond milk, a couple of jugs of liquid hand soap refills, and a few other items I can't remember.

At Sav-A-Lot we picked two more bags of Russet potatoes (gonna jar up them 'taters tomorrow!), a Kabaska (?) link to use with some left over cabbage strips, four cartons of orange juice, and a couple containers of cottage cheese, a bag of sweet peppers, a small package of zucchini, and four Roma tomatoes.  Just didn't want to fight the mess at Aldis.  .I love my cold plate lunches while hubby eats his sandwich and chips...LOL 

Anyway...we're in for the duration.  The gas tank is full in the van, and there's absolutely nothing I can think of that we need to get out for.  Stay safe peeps!


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I forgot to mention that our Wal-Mart was doing that with the entrances and exits too. Ours has three of them on each building and only one door was open with a guy standing there with a counter and only one exit open. There was a small line to get in but it went fast. In other times it would probably have been considered a fire safety hazard. If Wal-Mart closes down many people will be in a world of hurt. 


The last time I was doing a major haul, after I paid, I noticed a bottle of liquid spray sanitizer stuff by her register. I asked for a squirt and she said, "Sure." She gave me two spritz of it and I didn't have to touch her bottle. 


If anyone goes shopping don't take a cart from the outside. They haven't been sanitized. Wait until you get inside to grab a cart. I guess that doesn't apply at Aldis. I'm done shopping for awhile. lf I get antsy I've got more paper to recycle and I need a car wash. All no human contact. I just want to get past this two week surge they are talking about. It might be nothing or it might be something. :shrug:

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5 hours ago, The WE2's said:

because they were out of Zinc tablets, I just bought a couple of bottles of Zicam tablets.  They have a lot of Zinc in them. 


Ooooo, nice tip.  :thumbs:  


Talked to long time prepping friend in MO...comparing notes.  Talked to DD2.....she's doing fine as is her sister.  DD1 is the school teacher and continues to teach from home.  Very busy trying to rework curriculum to teach by videos and computer assignments.  Dogmom, how is that going for you?  As you suggested, she's being paid as normal cuz ....they're trying to finish to school year.  


My Grsons are "going to school" by signing in on laptops by 8am.  Older one likes not using 2 hours on bus.  Younger wasn't too fond of it...until he realized it was that or summer school.  :lol: 


I had almost finished my Hawaiian lesson  [see....I'm going to school via Internet too] when DD2 called.  By the time we hung up, I needed to call my mom...past 11pm.  By the time I finished talking to her ....and got back to hammer out the last 3 sentences from Hawaiian lesson....  <_<  it was passed midnight and they count that day as missed lesson.  :tapfoot:    That's ok, it has a way to 'buy' a skip day.  I've done the lessons daily for over a year now.  Missed only twice...once when I stayed longer at the hospital [excused absence...LOL]  And the nite DH and I went to stock up at Walmart in Feb.  Didn't get home till very late and frankly, I forgot about it!  :shrug:  


So apparently DH will try to pick up my parents' prescriptions early next week on his once-in-2-wk shopping.  Then he'll fill our list and theirs for grocery too.  :pray:   He hasn't been out for 2 wks. 


....now my dad's afraid to look at his mail that's laying on the garage floor to let any virus die.  Can't survive on paper/cardboard well. 


MtRider  ....it's 2AM  :offtobed: 

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Yeppers, our Walmart was roped off too down to one entrance.  Of course, since this is the largest one in the area folks were coming in from all over the area.  No handicapped parking nor any riding carts, so I had to schlep across the whole parking lot to get in just to pick up a script.  


Today we plan on doing flower planters.  M is insistent about flowers and from the comments the morning walkers make they enjoy seeing them, too.  So today is the day.  While we are at it I will try to get a couple of kitty litter planters done as well, and take photos of those for an article I am submitting to backwoods home magazine.  They like photos with their articles.  I see they are still printing me writing - this last issue had an article I sent them before we moved down here permanently.  


(And a big thank you to Pope Francis for making daily plenary indulgences available to those who pray for Covid victims.  I was saddened by not being able to go to Easter mass or mass for Divine Mercy feast due to the virus.  At least I can earn indulgences for my beloved dead souls....that makes me happy.  (Its a Roman Catholic thing to offer up intercessory suffering for those who have passed on, and to obtain indulgences for them to help them through purgatory.  Though to some it seems weird,   I find consolation in my trials & tribulations knowing that I can use them to help someone else.  I like to  call it the special "alchemy of grace" turning suffering & frustration into joy and victory.  For me it is just one more reason why God allows suffering.....to give me the opportunity to turn it to goodness.  Thank you to Francis for making it easier to do more of it and double up the merits of my intercessory prayers as lowly as they may be. )  



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Got some of my 'taters jarred up...7 quarts.  Boy my feet, hips, hands, back...plus..??? sure let me know how long it takes to peel, cut and prep quarts!  But I have so many quart jars that we either purchase so cheap it was criminal to not purchase them, or they were given to us.  Just makes sense to get them used up.  I'm using the metal lids .  Told hubby "I have a feeling I'll be giving some of these away before this crisis is over"...so I don't want to use my Tattler's.  

Hubby came from the homestead and said "You wouldn't believe it!  I got 20 pounds...yes...20 pounds of calcium/mineral deposits out of the water heater!"  I felt like staggering across the kitchen floor.  No wonder my mom had trouble with it running out of hot water...plus it's only a 30 gal.  But...we're not in the market for another water heater.  We're praying this one will last until we can buy an on demand.  He said it's still got more in it to get pushed out, so he'll be busy with that tomorrow while I jar up another batch of 'taters.  I still have 2 full bags and 1 partial.  Got 7 quart jars washed up today, but I'll need to wash up at least another 14.  They're used so it takes a bit more scrubbing with soapy water/bleach and scalding water.

The weather was REALLY cold yesterday and last night.  Pulled out my long johns again!  Took my radishes back inside (yes...they seem to have survived the cold...it didn't freeze) as well as the seed pods that I planted.  The window will be the radishes home for a bit longer and one container of the spinach is sprouted up.  Wonder why the other is late?  Maybe planted deeper?

I normally sprout my seeds on wet paper towels placed in plastic baggies and under a light, but this was (and is) sort of an experiment to test the viability of these seeds.  So far I am really pleased.  The tomato plants are reaching for the sun too!  I'll be thinning them out into their own little pots before too long. I may have to go ahead and put them all in the little green houses and put the plastic covers over them.  It would be warmer than in the house even.  We've turned the furnace off there, but it still stays about 50.

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On 3/28/2020 at 8:44 AM, Annarchy said:

.............got on the phone to find out what was up with the insurance cancellation notice.  REALLY!?!!!?  :gaah:  because I was a week late, this month, paying...  the first time in 10 years! The letter showed that payment, but, if I don’t make next months payment early, as of 3/31 at midnight my auto insurance will be cancelled!  The agent said he was sorry, but that is their policy.  I am so very upset.  I have a strict payment schedule, and payday is on the 1st. 


Suggestion: Liberty Mutual - I have been very happy with their coverages and their customer service. :thumbs:

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7 hours ago, Midnightmom said:


Suggestion: Liberty Mutual - I have been very happy with their coverages and their customer service. :thumbs:

I called them, they said “No!” flat out, because, ‘they don’t like our type of business’.  Go figure.  No biggie, we have great coverage, now, at a lower rate.  :amen:

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Goodness, last week was busy.  Countless phone calls.  Constant customers.  My hands got tender from putting on gloves and masks, and wiping everything down with Lysol, including the gate.  I wear them, every time I go out and wipe down everything we get.  We don’t want to take any chances.  The paper tends to curl after being wiped, we are calling it, “the Corona Curl”. :008Laughing: The Lady at the post office loved my mask cover... it’s a dust mask with a skull on it.  We chatted about taking extra caution, because of our elderly mothers.  The PO has a ‘shower curtain’ type of barrier in front of them, but I am constantly seeing people move it aside and lean in to talk.  Circle K finally installed a barrier at the counter and quit cashing out customers at all 4 counters, now, only the 2 farthest apart are being used.  People still aren’t respecting the 6’ distancing.   Really?  Sheeple without a clue, IMHO.  


Keeping the owner of the dog rescue in our prayers, in isolation and having kidney problems, doing video doctor visits.  He’s still has 20+ dogs to care for...by himself.


Made chicken pot pies, from scratch, last night.  They seemed to like them.  I have enough leftover to make 2 more for the freezer.  :amen:


I’m looking forward to resting today, but, we still have an appointment coming in.  :shakinghead:  I might just stay inside with MIL and the dogs.  A plus, Storm sounds off every time someone comes, it is encouraging to see people react to his gruff bark.  If they know we have guard dogs, it is less likely they will want to do us harm.  

DH was concerned about our TP supply, we are good for at least a month, even with 3 people using it, but, he ordered 80 rolls!  :grinning-smiley-044:   Mainly because, I said I didn’t want to deal with WM, until all this settles down. 

I’m still waiting to see some seeds sprout.  I may have to replant some.  Of 14 zucchini seeds, 2 sprouted.  IDK.  Trusting God.  :amen:


The weather has been beautiful for Mom, high 70’s to low 80’s. She sits on the porch swing in the sun and naps.  

WE2, sounds like you are really busy.  Glad your DH was able to clean out the water heater.  Our last one cost us a lot and a lot of muscles.  

kappydell, I love flowers, the camomile flowers are scattered in the yard around the spice garden, and the roses are blooming profusely, Mom loves the pink Chicago Peace, but loves the smell of the Lincoln roses.  


And Storm, looking sad for his rescuer....



Nice to hear everyone is taking the necessary precautions and handling the stress of this all.


Just a side note...  listening to the news yesterday, some high up doctor was asked about how hard the social distancing was to plan and implement, he said.. oh, it was fairly easy to plan, TPTB had designed it in 2000, but, had never had the opportunity to implement it, until now.  Where’s my tinfoil hat.... planned economic collapse.... planned population control....   :tinfoilhatsmile:   



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Good to hear how you're holding up, Annarchy.  New dog.  New resident.  LOTS of business with all new ways and means of keeping sanitized...  :0327:  While there is good in all that.....altogether, it can be exhausting.  


I do think TPTB had planned for pandemic/social distancing.  After all, we do that here with our UNreality scenarios.  We try to anticipate:  IF this THEN that!  And we see how many of those amateur attempts at forecasting troubles end up later in our newspapers.   :whistling: 


What I don't think they anticipated was the study that just came out about how MANY ASYMPTOMATIC folks would be out there running amok and spreading.   No indication to them or others that they were spreading virus.  Not at high rate...not sneezing/coughing.  But still. 


MtRider  ...my get-up-and-go.....got-up-and-went  :sigh:  .....SO much to doooooo...  :runcirclsmiley2:

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Mt. Rider, Sorry to hear about your parents having such issues. This pandemic doesn't help with people like that. 


I haven't been to Wal Mart in about 2 months.  Don't miss it either. 


WE2, I feel for you and those potatoes. I canned a batch of them 2 weeks or so ago. My hands were killing me. 


Annarchy,  Glad to see you are holding up well. It's been tough on everyone, but hoping we will all see the light at the end of the tunnel. 


DH's BP has dropped again and he is laying down right now. Usually he will feel better after a short nap and then I can get him moving around to get heart rate back up. They have already taken him off one blood pressure med and he may be having the other one cut in half. Will be talking to heart doctor about that.


Got a text from my granddaughter that moved to Washington about a month ago. Her DH works in naval hosp. He now almost sure he has coronavirus. They will have the test results tomorrow.  But he is home staying in his office.  He has a fever, cough, and shortness of breath and congestion.  So sounds like the test will come back positive. She is taking all precautions. She has been on heavy doses of Vit. C, D3 and other vits as well and so far she is symptom free. She has been cleaning and spraying the house down on daily basis.  Since she has not been able to buy blinds for the windows, she has sheets up on them. So during the day, she is taking the sheets down and letting the full sun shine into house. Don't know if she would get the full benefit of UV rays but won't hurt either. He is wearing a mask and wearing a new one each day. The Hospital thinks he may have been exposed to it Monday. he started feeling sick on Friday and today he got tested and will know for sure on Monday. 

:pray: Praying he will get through this and she will not come down with it though she has now been exposed. 

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This morning we had Church Service at home by way of face book. It was really nice.  Our pastor was at the church for it. We had music and everything, though the music was not the choir but by way of a DVD. But it was really nice. Just seemed so odd having a service sitting at home in front of a computer to watch it.

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Mt. Rider, they have been on a roller coaster for a while now.  Seems they were just getting it together and had enough food to last them for just over a month and they could build on that with the exception of being able to buy cleaning supplies. No bleach, wipes, Lysol or anything. So now with her DH sick she is going through all of the cleaning supplies she had.  I bought her a new carpet cleaner for their housewarming. She had a housewarming list on Amazon smile and I thought with the dogs and cat and she takes in rescued dogs and cats as well as trains them, she could use it . Now she is using it on a daily basis to help keep the virus germs down. She is down to just rug shampoo. She has even cleaned the couch with it. So I am sending that box of cleaning items out tomorrow morning. Just hope it will be enough to get them through this round and they can get supplies by the time they need them again. She tried on line and can't get anything. Everything is sold out on line as well. So if they want to call me a hoarder, so be it. It's helping my granddaughter out. And I never had to go to a store to empty a shelve to get it either.  As they say we are not the ones emptying the shelves. The panic buyers are doing it.

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More planters filled and placed along the garden fence.  Some folks put up Christmas tree lights, we plant flowers for those exercise walkers (we have quite a few of them) to enjoy as they stroll past.  We are out of the 1 inch pvc pipe needed for a watering tube for the wicking pots.  Looking for a substitute - an old hose, for example.  The flowers (petunias and zinnias, nothing fancy but colorful) are pretty.  Hyacinths to feed the soul - a quote from somewhere or other - came to mind.  So far Mary is resisting making wicking pots out of kitty litter pails, do not know why as they will be out of sight.  Oh well.  We also discussed getting goats which she thought would be cool until she realized I did not mean as pets, but for milk....and meat.....so no goats.


The zucchini and melon transplants died.  Too cold?  Will have to start seeds now.  Green beans are not doing very well either, but they do NOT like it cool and we have mostly days in 50s right now - OK for cool weather crops but not for the warm weather ones, like beans.  Tomorrow I go to store early for granny hours, and get a few last items for us and our neighbor.  Governor is 'suggesting'  a shut down of even food & pharmacy trips for next 2 weeks.  Sheesh.  



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Hubby helped me finish up the last 14 quarts of potatoes.  He peeled and I washed, chopped, filled jars, and got them in the pressure canner!  Love that man!

After finishing helping me, he worked pulling out even more calcium/mineral deposits from the water heater at the homestead.  He says there's still more believe it or not!  How in the world did my mom ever have enough hot water with my son living upstairs and using it also?!  I said "I bet that water heater feels like a brand new one, and is heaving a sign of relief!"  

After supper all three of us loaded up in the van and just took a drive...looked at the clouds, the skies, the green fields, the homes with all the cars in the driveways, no children outside playing, WM parking lot full, Menards parking lot full, restaurants and stores mostly closed.  Then we did the awful thing!  We stopped at BreakTime, went to their ice cream cooler at the front of the store (all the drink area is shut down) and bought us an ice cream sandwich!  The cashier was behind a shield and wiped down the counter area before and after we left. We wiped our hands etc., off when we got back in the van, and then washed our hands when we got home.  Abby-girl didn't wash her paws! LOL 

Hubby did have to make a stop at Menards but he wore a mask and wiped his hands when he got back in the van...earlier today.  He made that promise to me...especially when he learned than any blood types other than "O" are a higher risk...and I fall into that higher risk scategory. 

There's just not much sun out there these days and Vit D works a bit on the inside, but the skin starts to look translucent when it doesn't get some fresh air and sunshine of some sort.

Listened to some lovely Christian music a bit ago.  Relaxing for me.  I'll read my Bible and write in my journal later.  We are not church people so this hasn't had any effect on us ... we've worshiped here at home for many years.

Everybody stay happy and let's make our Country work again!  Just sayin...



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WE2, we had that problem with our hot water tank a few years ago. Now we drain it twice a year to keep it from happening again.

When I did my potatoes DH wasn't feeling well, so I did mine myself. Though he usually does help me with things like that. He has had some problems with his B/P dropping to low. I checked his pressure just a bit ago and it is 88 over 60 so pulled out his blood pressure med for tonight. Will check it again in morning to see if it went back up gain.  These are not good signs. He is getting weaker and has good days and bad days. We just deal with it and move on.  Lots of prayers. 

We do go to Church, but church is closed so we had a church service by way of face book. Have to say that was a first but our pastor did very well. We also read our Bibles on a daily basis. Even if you go to church, I have always believed you should still be doing Bible reading and devotions.

Would love to see this mess go away and make our country work again.  So many out of work. Here we are trying to keep the local restaurants in business by ordering take out or home delivery. Though we don't do it because of salt issues. But it does help to keep the people there working as much as possible. 

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Love the pictures Annarchy. Storm is definitely a keeper. That's why I asked about his voice a couple of months ago. I was hoping it had a deep warning sound to it. The Corona Curl. Lol. Could also be a line dance if the bars ever open back up. 


Sounds like TPTB had a lot of things in place in store for us. If you let the people 'in the know' talk long enough, things slip out.


Glad to hear mom is settling in fine. I'm sure if she hadn't come when she did, she would have been pretty lonely. And you would have been worried about her too. :hug3:


So much for my big quarantine plans. I have a prescription to pick up at the grocery store. I thought I already had them all. I'll use this excuse to resupply my fresh fruit and veg supply while I'm in there. My bananas only last about a week. Apples last around two+ weeks. 


Our grocery store went from plastic bags to bring your own and now back to plastic only, in a matter of four months. Thank goodness for Wal-Mart's free plastic bags that I store up.  


Abby Girl. You must wash those paws. Yes, all four of them. Don't make mom get the bleach after them!.  LOL


Littlesister, do you think maybe your DH needs a little salt added to his diet to help regulate his B.P. We need some salt Just thinking out loud. :hug3:

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Already walked and did short exercise video. Showered. Going to make a Butternut Squash Pie later and do one load of laundry. Do eBay photos and maybe a few more drafts later.


Had to go to store for milk, carrots apples and found one pkg. of chicken at a low enough price.  My local grocery comes close to price gouging, but I guess not quite.  Eggs- $2.99 a dozen for regular large eggs.  Glad I got 5 dozen at Walmart for $4.84 last week.  I get supporting local, but they are a bit greedy, I think!

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