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Yesterday, I moved and organized some eBay totes, made jello and then went out and fertilized the rose garden before it rained.


Today it is cooler! Put dirt and potting soil in lick tubs to plant lettuce and garlic in. Will plant Sat. or Sunday. Just made Ginger Spice Banana Bread.


Tomorrow, local grocery and hardware store, come home and plant, then clean bathrooms.


Still walking and doing video every day. Haven't gained but about 5 pounds back, so I call it a win!

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COLD last night!  Put on my long bottoms and a t-shirt.  

Hubby worked more at the homestead and then again for his customer.  God has really blessed us with this customer.  He needs hubby's strength (and can afford it) and we can use the extra income.  Sort of funny, hubby mentioned that "it will be simpler and less expensive for me to do this work on this side if it wasn't full of stuff".  Customer said, "OK, I'll move...no I won't...you'll move it!"  So ... that's the way it is.  We keep tabs on them because they are extremely high risk during this time, and if we needed to, we have pantry items we can help them with if necessary.  We stocked them with tp and endust last time.  They say they have what they need for the time being.

I put a chicken in the electric pressure cooker and let it slow cook all day.  Tonight was a "hobo" dinner...shredded chicken, Basmati Rice and pork and beans, topped with shredded cheese...nuked it.  Lazy me!  

Rest of the day I just did wifey stuff but it was a "low thyroid" day I guess.  Because I learned that orange juice and grapefruit juice don't go well with thyroid meds, I started taking the thyroid stuff at night before I go to bed (on an empty tummy) because I drink orange juice every morning with breakfast.  

Listened to a pastor's FB message a bit ago...hubby's parent's home church.  His 2nd cousin in TX did an online communion but we didn't stay with it.  The dog's barking in the background were just too much to take.  He was doing it outside his parent's home...and they live in the country...but still needed social distancing etc.

Sunday we're going to load up in Miss B and drive to a state park (that's open for hiking etc.) and take a nice walk/hike and commune with our Lord in the midst of His beautiful trees, skies and air. 

Not being church goer's this shelter in hasn't bothered us at all. We do miss fellow shipping with our friends and family though.

It's got to be awful though for people who are alone and in apartments etc...

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Today I:reading: Bible, :dishes:,:dusting:And got DH off his duff and put him to work. Was to cold to work outside and way to windy. It was like a gale going through. Need to get the green house out of garage and in yard. Will have to tie it down. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. The guys will be here at 7 am in morning to take the stumps from the bushes out. Then I can get that cleaned up and ready to expand garden. 

Sunday we are going to have a drive up Easter service. We all stay in our cars for it. I am ready to get back to church even if it is a stay in car service. Easter just not the same with this virus ruling the roost. 

Granddaughter2 got an apartment to be closer to the hospital she works at. She also goes to college in that area though right now college is on computer from home now. So we are getting things together for her that she will need to set up housekeeping. Mom said one more to go. NO, she's stuck with him awhile. 18 years old and now no job. Things will be different for him in this world we live in these days.  He will get there. It will just take longer.  My daughter wants to downsize but now is not the time to sell house. 

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It’s been pretty here, mid 60’s at night, 80’s during the day.


Went to Walgreens & WM to get Mom’s prescription, makeup and a few items on our lists.  There were more people wearing PPEs this time.  Kinda annoyed that one person asked, “...are you really worried about the flu?...”. IDK, maybe they think they are invincible.


The fava beans have sprouted. :happy0203:  Transplanted the volunteer tomatillos and beets. Considering what to plant in the last 3’x3’ section.  Replanted the butternut squash because none of the first seeds sprouted.  A few heads of cabbage are huge.

Our gardener came over and trimmed the evergreen trees next to the house.  I am hoping it’s enough to please the insurance company.  Next, we will be saving for a new roof.  :sigh:  They said they’d give us a little time to replace it.  

DH opened a delivery box, immediately asked me to get the Lysol.... the first thing we saw was a black box with white lettering....”Made In China”.  :008Laughing:


Doing daily chores, keeping MIL comfortable.  Made her shrimp scampi last night. Lent.  Then, DH & I went for a ride in the desert.  I needed a bit of time away.  

The desert is in bloom...




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I was planning a store run yesterday morning, but instead had the lawn mower fixed. That lead to outdoor projects and my knee was hurting worse last night due to over-use. So then I was going to go shopping early this morning, to try to avoid the crowds. BUT DH suggested that we just rely on preps for awhile, let my leg heal up (we really need ONE fully ambulatory person), and maybe I can shop next week or the week after, to avoid the Easter crowds and the extra health risk that shopping today would likely bring. It isn’t like we will starve if I don’t shop. We just won’t have salad greens. Sounds like a plan to me!

So, I am having some quality time in my recliner with my bum leg elevated and an ice pack on my knee. I am sipping coffee, reading and for the most part ignoring the bad/troubling news. Think I needed some relaxation time. Thanks, DH!

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@Annarchy, Spring is my favorite time in the Desert!  It's so pretty!


@Cowgirl, sure hope you mend up soon!



This morning had to go to local grocery and then back home, sanitize and went for walk.


Came home and started double batch of split pea soup using ham bone that was just cooked a couple days ago. The soup should keep us going awhile and I'll freeze some.


Will set up DH's meds for the next 2 weeks. Fella that mows was here today, always does a great job!


I think I'll mess around in garden, but not plant for a few days because of severe weather tomorrow and then cold-ish for a couple of days. After that, I think I'm good to go!


And Happy Easter to all ya'll!

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Worked at the homestead most of the morning.  My seedlings endured the frost just fine in the little green house.  I "tightened" it up a bit more though since it's supposed to get cold again tonight.  

Out of that one chicken from the electric pressure cooker...we have meal #1 Hobo Casserole, meal #1 (today) chicken noodle soup.  We still probably have 3 more meals or more.  I squeeze a chicken until it thinks it's a big as a turkey! :laughkick:

Son is holding his own, but I know he's pretty scared right now.  He's become very "clingy" to momma...and he's 53 years old.

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Tonight we went through Steak N Shake and splurged!  They also were having "free fries" the past several days, so we got two extra orders of fries with our meal.  We're FULL!  But it was certainly an EZ on the cook night and a "get out of the house" afternoon.


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1 minute ago, The WE2's said:

Worked at the homestead most of the morning


While hubby worked on the water lines, I sorted some of things we had only dated and set in the kitchen, and put them away in the pantry or some...boxed and ready to go upstairs for storage there.  

We've got potatoes sticking their little heads up in the raised beds.  PTL!  When they get about an inch or so, we'll cover them with compost until the compost reaches the top of the blocks.  Will add more blocks if we need to.

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The last couple days I have found it hard to get motivated to DO anything, so I am proud of what I finally did accomplish, against my recaltricant spirit.  On Friday we put the slip covers on the old recliners that we had moved to the living room so we would have seating there in case we wanted to watch TV #2.  I was pleased with the results, they look very nice.  Moved things around.  Mary wanted the TV console out of the master bath where it has been stashed since my surgery (back in January) so she could tile the living room floor (which also looks very nice, BTW.)  I basically did it to please her, she wanted her bathroom back!


Then I tried to make sourdough bread again - epic fail.  I had so much sourdough it overflowed the bowl while proofing (messy oven) and I could not seem to add enough flour to make it firm enough to make loaves.  Heck, it was not even firm enough to KNEAD.  So I finally poured it into loaf pans like batter bread when I got tired of beating it, and it rose fast.  It took forever to bake and get brown, and when it did it tasted OK but the crust was so thick and crispy it crunched as I ate it.  Hard on my less than perfect teeth, too.  So I set it aside for crumbs.....it should make crumbs that rival Panko for crispiness!


Next day I woke up still grumpy from the sourdough failure..  Could not figure out what I did wrong (I think I finally did figure it out though but it took all day).  So I set up to make my regular bread - 3 loaves and a pan of rolls for those who insist on eating some fresh from the oven (most everybody I know, including me!)  But I was crabby as all get out.  I was clutzy - dropping things, spilling things; I could not focus well, and NOTHING went like it should have not even the simplest tasks!  Every other word out of my mouth was cussing (I have struggled with that for years) and Mary finally left to go work on the boat to get away from me.  Heck, I wanted to get away from me!    So I did the only thing I could think of....kitchen prayers....."Lord, I don;t know what has gotten into me, I am cussing up a storm and it does not even register until it leaves my lips that I am offending you with every breath.  HELP!  I can't do this alone!  I trust you to handle this because I am epic-ly failing.  Thank you."


After I got the bread set to rising I went to make crumbs from the sourdough bread (made LOVELY crumbs, BTW).  Then the blender started making odd noises.  Uh Oh, I thought, I broke it!  That figures!  With trepidation I picked up the blender container from the base, and crumbs showered me, the stool, the floor, the astonished kitten at my feet, and I just sat there.  No cussing.  Then laughter, loud and long to the point of tears.  And I thanked God for breaking the cuss cycle, and admitted to Him that THAT particular disaster was something I would never have thought of in a millon years.  The base had come unscrewed - the blender was fine - and as I cleaned things up I had to admit, that was certainly a creative  way to get my attention and snap me out of the crabbies.  Funny, too, if you thought about it!  What else could I do but laugh?  


The new batch of bread turned out fine, Mary came home and had hot rolls as an appetizer, and I made a hamburger & pasta hot dish for dinner.  And my attitude was much better, my mood lighter, and I could again crack wise instead of cranky.  Who says God has no sense of humor?  He certainly elbow nudged me and winked....

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This morning we went to Church for a stay in your cars service.  Music was so good.  Pastor gave a wonderful Easter Message.  We just got home and I am getting ready to fix us some lunch. 

We should be hearing from the kids and grandkids in about an hour or so.  Just wish they could all be here with us to celebrate Easter like we always do. But it is just not going to be possible this year.  We might be planning a special get together for an Easter dinner when this mess is over. We will celebrate Easter and all missed birthdays all in one swoop. It will be fun. 

Hope everyone's day is going well. 



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Cowgirl,  Hoping your knee will get better soon. Just don't overdo it. Give it time to heal. 


Kappydale, I know how it is to get motivated.  I have lots of those days.  I just push myself to get things done. Seems once I get going on something, I do ok. 


Ann, I love those pictures.  Spring has sprung for sure.  it has been cool here the last couple of days. But starts warming up as the day goes on and then in evening it cools down again. Nice sunny day today. So going to go for a walk around the neighborhood in just a little while. 

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 as us old skool catholiics, eastern and asian orthodox, eastern catholic, and anglicans would say:   CHRISTUS RESURREXIT!  RESURREXIT VERE!  Christ has risen!  Truly he is Risen!

 In the midst of all our turmoil, a beacon of hope shines again and beckons us to follow!

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On 4/11/2020 at 8:24 PM, The WE2's said:

He's become very "clingy" to momma...and he's 53 years old.


Now he's mad at momma again...I hate PTSD! Never know which way he's going to go...implode or explode!

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Celebrated Easter with a nice 2 mile walk through one of our favorite State Parks...took lots and lots of pics!  The field of Bluebells were magnificent!  Stopped along the side of the rolling creek/stream and just listening to the gurgle was so nice.  The birds were in full swing...seemed they were praising the Lord too!  The wild blackberries were just greening up, the wild roses were also just greening up, and the wild grape vines were hanging "dead to the world".  

Then worked this afternoon at the homestead.  Hubby donned his overalls and into the crawl space he crawled...and filled his little wagon with broken glass, shards of rock and concrete pieces, musty insulation...we're betting at one time probably 50 years or so? ago someone homeless was staying in there...judging from the age of the debri.  He rolled his little wagon to the opening and I stood on the first rung of the ladder with a 5 gallon bucket, and emptied his wagon (:24:) and then I lowered the buckets to the floor.  Got 5 buckets full...but there's a lot more! The further back he got the less room he had...and I am NOT volunteering!  

Then came home, cleaned up and I fixed meal #3 from my pressure cooked chicken...I guess I'm calling it a layered green bean casserole.  First layer was shredded potatoes, 2nd layer was shredded chicken, 3rd layer was sliced mushrooms, 4th layer was mushroom soup, 5th layer was dried onions and 6th and last layer was shredded taco flavored cheese.  Baked at 400 for 20 minutes then added the cheese, and baked just long enough for the cheese to melt.  Pretty good eating!

It started raining about the time we quit at the homestead and the temp has dropped big time and the wind is roaring!

My plant starts are doing just fine in their little green house and the potatoes seem to be ok also.  Tonight it's supposed to be 29...so...???

Glad I left the wool blanket on the bed between the gel mattress and our sheet, didn't put away my long johns nor take the fleece blankets off the bed! :frozen:


Easter Hike at Knob Noster State Park1.jpg

Easter Hike at Knob Noster State Park2.jpg

Easter Hike at Knob Noster State Park3.jpg

Easter Hike at Knob Noster State Park4.jpg

Easter Hike at Knob Noster State Park5.jpg

Easter Hike at Knob Noster State Park6.jpg

Easter Hike at Knob Noster State Park7.jpg

Easter Hike at Knob Noster State Park8.jpg

Easter Hike at Knob Noster State Park9.jpg

Easter Hike at Knob Noster State Park10.jpg

Easter Hike at Knob Noster State Park11.jpg

Easter Hike at Knob Noster State Park12.jpg

Easter Hike at Knob Noster State Park13.jpg

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today we basically sat around waiting for storms.  we battened down the hatches, fed the animals early and I made scalloped potatoes & ham for dinner.  Today I missed most of all going tp church and I felt for the first time my weakness in the face of covid, especially when I heard about the police arresting a person at walmart who not only was out without a face mask, knowing he had covid virus but was going around coughing in people's faces.  I am surprised someone didn't beat him up before the cops came.  But I am feeling vulnerable - between my afib, my aortic anuerism, my hear murmur, high blood pressure, etc I definitely wear my mask everywhere.  I am considering cancelling physical therapy until Georgia stops increasing in covid cases, especially in the face of those who simply will NOT take precautions, at all.  I still tire so easily after surgery I am sure that is another risk factor on top of the heart stuff.  

There are times I could get scared if I was the panicky type....lets just say my concern level is rising, LOL.  I already do not shop - poor Mary is willingly doing it, but I feel bad for her.  I hate being a burden and I feel like one.  Now you know why I bake her homemade bread and try so hard to cook what she likes as often as possible.  


Tonight we are watching the storm coverage on the weather channel.  We know the areas where the tornadoes are hitting, and we know people in those areas.  a couple of friends are hosting at a campground - tornadoes coming their way in 10 min.  They may be gathering up all the happy campers to go to the shower/utility building which is the only brick building in the area (no tornado shelter at their park).  May their guardian angels watch over them.  These storms should screw up my sleep tonight. Oh well...all we can do is prep and hope for the best!  Get out yer best hatpins, ladies, its gonna get a mite breezy!!!!            




                                                                                               I need a loony tunes fix!                                                        




























I don't 

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Lovely pics We2. Miss B is looking spiffy too. I was lazy today.


It's starting to rain and the wind is gusting up. Supposed to get storms later tonight. I'm not in the mood for storms. Going to bed early, for me, and try to sleep through it.

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Its 3:30 AM and we just came out of our tornado room.....one went over us but did not touch down until it was past.  Funny what you grab....I grabbed a cup & the full thermos of coffee, a water bottle from the fridge, and the $2000 check from our tax return (I was thinking that the state revenue dept would be hard to convince that a tornado got the refund check so they needed to print another....who knows how long THAT would take).  Did not grab my glasses (go figure).  Dogs were amazingly well behaved in our cramped shelter area - no bickering - 

Now i am watching TV to unwind enough to sleep.  I got in early tonight, and was sleeping nicely, then the weather alerts woke me up.  Cant complain, they worked as designed.   So did our 'tornado room"... a huge walk in closet with no outside walls in the master bathroom.  One of the reasons we picked this floor plan  was the large closet - Big enough to hold a couple of recliners....or cots....or a small office desk with filing cabinets.....big enough to hold us and a passel of critters - and the big pantry.  No more excitement, please   :offtobed: 


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17 hours ago, kappydell said:

Who says God has no sense of humor?  He certainly elbow nudged me and winked....


I've experienced that too, Kappy.  Certainly He does.  Glad you and Mary and menagerie are fine after near miss with storms.  :o  :amen:  


Too late to chat tonite.  I am SO SORE from wrestling with oven parts yesterday!  OW!


Pray for my folks...my dad might have to go to ER tomorrow.  Too much swelling/fluid retention in legs/feet.  Toe nails turning black.  We can't be near them, DH has just been to store.  Aaargh!  Helpless, we are.  But HE isn't.  :pray:  


Mtrider :offtobed:   ....and my fingers cannot seem to find the keys!!

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So far today, I've gone for walk, washed rugs and towels both, swept house and dusted. Still need to bake a little chicken for dog treats, fold towel load and do short exercise video. 


Neighbor brought me a bunch of loquats so I am making a loquat upside down cake to share.

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18 hours ago, kappydell said:

weather alerts


Know what you mean Kappy...sometimes they seem like a pain in the kazoo, but absolutely necessary.  We have ours set for about a 100 mile radius which seems overkill, but we want to know where it's at, where it's heading and which counties are being alerted.  We have three..one here, one at the homestead and one that rides in our camper...whichever one we're in.

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18 hours ago, kappydell said:

'tornado room


The basement at the homestead may not be the fanciest but it's there and we would go if it's daytime.  Probably hit the bathroom tub if we had to stay here...yes...motorcycle helmet ready! :cheer:

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Tonight as we watched 'the voice" our neighbor called.  "go look up in the sky".....there are bright lights in formation.  they look like satellites, but there are 12 of them, which is a little much.  Military maneuvers?  12 of them is very biblical.... maybe one of the heavenly signs reminding us to look up?  Do the three days of darkness loom up on us?  Im inclined to think military formation headed somewhere from north carolina marine base.  We shall see....or we shall never know.....but it IS odd.


Picked lettuce today - romaine, curly black seeded simpson, buttercrunch, and red something-or-other.  Munch and crunch time!






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17 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

might have to go to ER


That's so hard to not fear...hubby's cousin's husband had to be rushed to ER (In Texas) with what they thought might be a heart attack.  Tent out front.  She was only able to get him in (with masks) and then had to leave.  They are a lovely Christian family but she's beside herself with him being there were he could get exposed to the "mess" out there. Got word he's doing great with one stent, but may need a pacemaker.  If so, she wants him moved to a heart specialty hospital. 

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