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Not as wiped out as yesterday....tho I did walk dog both days.  The snow.....YES, AGAIN.....let up for a bit towards dusk. So I grabbed dog and fortunately dressed warm.  :frozen:  Should have dressed WARMER!  Whoa....cold wind from north.  Brrrrr!  This snow thing....just won't quit.  I think we must be setting a record for number of days it snowed.  Not necessarily a lot of snow but inches have added up.  Now...pfffft.  It will melt.  


DH was reading some Federal guidelines about people returning to work/businesses reopening.  He's got comorbidity factors and age.....so he won't be returning to any part time work in Phase 1 or 2.  :shrug:  Oh well.....I do like the smell of cooking and baking here at the house...  :cook:  ;)  


MtRider  .....wonder about our kid's store.  They should be able to keep the number of customers down and sanitize.  :pray:  

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I've been getting a lot more headaches than usual. Maybe because I'm on the Kindle more playing games, reading and watching videos too much.  :pc_coffee:


I can't remember the last time I was at Wal-Mart or the grocery store. Maybe I'll venture out either tomorrow or Monday. 


I'm missing my Hoosier boys. 


At least son is sending videos. Last one was G-son playing his toy piano singing, "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf...tra la la la la." In his little underwear.  :yar:



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I follow a few of the preparedness groups in FB. I can't believe the mentality of newbies who are running from WM to WM trying to find veggie seeds. Michigan shut down big box store garden seed sales. Good luck on finding them on the internet. Many of the big companies like Burpee and Territorial Seeds have suspended orders for at least two weeks because of shipping backlog. Some of our Amazon purchases for repair parts are over a week overdue.  :imoksmiley:


I'm just sitting here and planting and tending to more of my saved seeds. For those I purchased, January was the perfect time to order them. Catalogs arrived in the mail and the LONG, cold days of winter were upon us.   :thumbs:


Now the shortages coming up are in different kinds of meat. The herd is probably heading back to the stores and clearing out the shelves. :0327:




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14 hours ago, The WE2's said:

Our "wonderful" governor extended the stay at home thing until May 3rd...unfortunately there's going to be a rally on his door step in a few more days.  He's scared of his shadow and trying to earn browny points in an effort to get re-elected to a post he only stepped into by default. 




Our governor just extend the stay at home until THE END OF MAY. I see protests on the horizon. No more school for children. You can't muzzle a dairy and tourist state for very long. If you take out Madison and Milwaukee, you'd think it's only a mild flu season, which killed/hospitalized more than the virus. When I talk to the libs, I think I'm listening to CNN verbatim.   :gaah:  Don't get me started!!!   :grinning-smiley-044:

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That's a very pretty picture Homesteader. So serene. I have some heirloom seeds I got about 3-4 years ago at a garden center at the end of a growing season. I also have one of those seed vault things that I bought probably around 2000. Target had seeds on sale about a month ago. They were regular seeds on one of those floor standing spinning rack things. I bought about a dozen packs. Good for eating but not for seed saving. I have plenty of seeds but I'm not so sure of their viability. Oh, and I saw some at the Dollar Tree a few weeks back. They were mostly flowers and nearly gone.


I stayed in again today. I might go out to get a salad later. I need to start the car...



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We went Amish shopping and then WM and Aldis.  Needed to replenish things here that we've used.  We stopped at the WM that was in the town we were shopping at and it was very well organized...and had tp and pt as well as some Lysol!  Limits on the tp and pt, but that was ok, the WM here in this town was out of tp.  Bought several more packages of paper napkins, using them instead of paper towels and more easily purchased.  Both WM's had an employee spraying down all the carts with a garden sprayer with some solution (soap and water...sanitizer?) Anyway...that was good to see.  We didn't have to wait at the first store but we did here at this one.  Not a long wait, only about 5 minutes...long enough for two more to exit.  Aldis was a different story!  Only he could go in, and the woman that was "wiping" down the handles of the carts (they were free...no quarter needed) was hit and miss at best.  She was trying to keep track of how many were going in, coming out and wiping down the carts.  Only needed ziplock bags there.

Did buy a boat sinking load of eggs at one of the Amish stores, so we'll be bagging and freezing them tomorrow.  Five dozen for $12+ medium sized...okay with me.  The cashiers there had mask and gloves on.

Also replenished our supply of shredded cheese...it freezes very well.  The hard cheeses just break down too badly if frozen.  

Also picked up another package of yeast, some hamburger and some chicken breast in a bulk bag.  Also a bag of oranges, just in case we run out of orange juice and can't buy any at Sav-A-Lot.  We enjoy the brand they carry.

Didn't find any acceptable dog food...only puppy food but she's got quite a bit in her galvanized trash can lined with contractor bag.  If she get's low we'll go to Tractor Supply if we have to....just very pricey for good dog food.

Looked up on the IRS site to see where we might find the status of our stimulus...said they didn't have any data.  So, went ahead a filled out the form/tax return thing for non-filers.  Guess we'll have to just wait and see.  Glad our state government isn't in charge of it...it would really be a mess!

They kept saying "if you're on social security and get a check every month, you don't have to do anything and you'll have your check by the 15th of the month"...joke!  They don't know how it is dealing with the IRS...even though they should!

Rant over...



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Pulled some of the DIY hand sanitizer wipes from my bigger container and stuck some more in the little one we keep in the vehicle.  Cheaper than using up the little bottles of hand sanitizer.

Picked up a couple of pizza's while we were shopping, so it was EZ on the cook night...pizza.  Hubby loves that stuff.  I had one piece, that's enough for me.


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Just now, The WE2's said:

They kept saying "if you're on social security and get a check every month, you don't have to do anything and you'll have your check by the 15th of the month"...


But did they say WHICH month???  :scratchhead:  :bow: :24:

(Still waiting for mine too.)

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1 minute ago, Midnightmom said:

(Still waiting for mine too.)


We accessed the "non-filers" thing on irs.gov and went ahead and filled out a very simple tax return.  Now we wait...again.

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I have had a down day today.  Allergies got me, I think.  But feeling better this evening. May have just be overly tired as I have been trying to get a lot done. I am doing a lot of things now that I didn't have to do before as DH did all the outside work. Now I am doing both. He gets upset sometimes when he sees me outside working because he is not phy. able to come out and help with much. I just keep telling him he will be helping when I start canning this summer. That would be a sit down job for him.  Snapping green beans and shelling butter beans. And other things he can do. 


I am thinking of going to the market to buy up some hamburger. I won't have to worry about a limit there as DH's cousin will fix me up with what I need. I am going to can it. I only have 3 jars left and when I checked in freezer, I have a few pounds but it takes one pound to fill a pint jar.  I want to be able to jar up at least 14 lbs.  Might get some more chicken as well.  Hoping they will have the sausage made as they were so busy for over a month they could not get it made. 


We already got our stimulus check and going to pay the real estate taxes for the whole year. The year runs from June 2020 to June 2021. So I won't have to worry about it come December. I will only have $100 left after paying the taxes. It's a bummer but won't come out of my pocket this time around. Maybe moving to a state that doesn't make you pay real estate taxes and is cheaper to live would be a nice idea. VA is getting really bad and the area we live in because of the growth. They have raised the taxes on our homes. They also are raising the gasoline tax by 10 cent. 5 cents this year and 5 cents next year. Not to mention food is rising in price now. And that is going to get worse. 

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Went to WM first thing in the morning, got almost most everything on my lIst. Didn’t have Dial antibacterial liquid soap refill. Meh, it’s ok, I was able to find bleach.  Good enough. Then, took mom to get her prescriptions, no generic,  they did good.the pharmacist talked  my ear off, cause they know me.  Lol. 

A friend came over yesterday and brought us 3 N95 masks. Awesome!   Spraying mine with 96% alcohol after each use.  His wife is loud,  and a lot of med issues, including multiple sclerosis and so much more, she was in the hospital for the crud in Jan. with heart issues.  Probably this virus, before it became an issue.  Same as us 

Mt_Rider, I’m thinking you all have had it too.  Sorry if I sound TMI, but, as I’m seeing, all the symptoms, is sure sound like a minor version of it.  We had it too and it’s a minor version and we are probably immune to it by now. Lol. 

Anyway, mom is re-considering going home.  She is liking the idea of staying here.  We are providing every single things she wants.  She is not lonely, she has everything she wants and our house is small enough, that she can grab a wall, desk, table, etc. no matter where she goes.  DH has been encouraging her to stay, sell her house and live like a queen, for a profit.   She can sell  her house for over $200’000 and live like a queen. If that happens, I will convert my office into her bedroom. It will be a challenge, but for her, it will be worth it.


Today, our neighbor across the road, yelled out to me, if I liked coliflower, yikes, she gave me 4 heads, I blanched them and made 6 vacuum sealed bags, when I brought them back to her, she gave us 4 more heads.  It made another 6 bags.  Then, I blanched 5 beets, and vacuum  sealed the beets & greens.  

Busy, busy, busy. Yikes!  Gotta love the way God takes care of us!  

:amen: & :amen:

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1 hour ago, Annarchy said:

Mt_Rider, I’m thinking you all have had it too.  


We have wondered.  It was so light compared to others.....tho it was no picnic.  We had fever-chills bad.  I didn't even think it was odd when I went into bronchitis...since I have life-long history with bronchitis.  Didn't go into the lungs tho.  :shrug:  Dunno. 


DD2 thinks GrS14 had it and she might be right.  6'2" athletic.  They stayed in WA state between Christmas and New Years.  Since we now know it started in China BEFORE Dec 31......who knows who was there from China during early Dec?  But it laid him out as long as me...at the same time as me.  That's what would be unusual for young teen.  They'd bounce back, usually.  


It would be nice if they'd get a RELIABLE antibody test.  See if some of us have some immunity.  Immunity would be more valuable than N95 masks!!!


But....I STILL am congesting in the bronchials.  Have to pound them every few days [like the folks with asthma do to clear their lungs] to keep the heavy congestion coughed out.  I'd go check in with doc again but.....her office is IN the hospital bldg.  Don't really want to go there.


Our major event today was DH got yet 2 MORE forms to fill out for CO Unemployment.  He just mailed one yesterday.  Now these arrived in today's mail.....and they want them back immediately.  So we all piled in the car for a ride to the village Post Office.  Got it mailed back before closing.  :shrug: 


MtRider   .....AND IT WASN'T SNOWING!  :happy0203:   Sure was COLD tho!

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Sewing masks today.  I’d already planned to sew some.


Hubby said he won’t wear one, so I wasn’t planning on prioritizing his.  Now one of his potential customers says that nobody without a mask can come in, so he’s asking if I can make them for him AND for the guys he works with.  Also making a bunch for up at church.

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Went grocery shopping this morning--5 different stores. 3 weeks ago eggs were 5 dozen for $4.84 at Walmart. This week $5.82. Pretty big jump in 3 weeks. No hand sanitizer anywhere. I wanted to get one for DH's car. Guess I will make one. Got home and disinfected and put everything away.
Went for my walk
Took eBay photos for 8 drafts I wrote over the last few days.
Think I'm about done for a while.


No stimulus check here either. 

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Bagged up the eggs we bought (except 2 dozen) and they're in the freezer.  We'll take them to the homestead tomorrow. 

Called our farmer friends to check on them, and they wanted us to come out...said "you're the only ones we'll let on the place"!  They had three Elderberry  bushes growing under their ancient Walnut tree so we dug out the "mother" plants and then cut all the straplings into the shoots.  Got a nice box full...probably about 30 shoots.  Hopefully they'll all root.  We're also going to dig out the two that we have in my "wild thing" garden and move them over there too.  Also dug me out a nice patch of Thyme that she donated to me from the garden.

We agreed when we went that we would not go inside the house and would keep our distances.  All of us enjoyed having friends to "jaw" with.  

She had several Redbud trees in bloom and I asked her if she'd ever eaten any of them.  They both looked a bit stunned...LOL  So, they both stripped off some and were very pleasantly surprised at how sweet they are.  I told her about how some people make jelly out of them as well as use them for cake decorations (by sugering them).  

Just walking around the farm, enjoying looking at different garden areas...her asparagus, raspberry bushes (she got one start from us) that are doing quite nicely...just enjoying the sunshine.

Took her a couple dozen of the eggs we bought as well as a quart of my home canned potatoes and one of our cardboard can organizers...we weren't using it and she had mentioned some time ago how nice it would be to have some.  Well...she only got one, but perhaps her hubby can use it for a pattern and then put it back together?

She wants to container and raised bed garden so bad, but her hubby is an old school gardener and just can't help himself...gotta till up the dirt and row it out! :rolleyes:


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I've done 2 exercise videos without a lot of enthusiasm, but they're done.


Got sheets and then comforter in the wash. Church on you tube was good and we will have Wednesday night service on you tube also, starting this week.


Going to make pickled shrimp this afternoon and maybe do some eBay.

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The weather has been absolutely beautiful here lately....70 degrees or above. I did mostly yard stuff this morning...cutting back ivy...pruning my grapevine that’s going a bit wild...putting some pepper and cucumber starts into pots. Giving my hand a rest though because my right thumb has started hurting. I’m working on a 2000 piece puzzle....will take the dog for a walk later and need to finish up parent conference forms.

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Weather turned a bit cool again but the wind has died down.  Got the greenhouse in back yard tied down incase the wind picks up again.  So now all the seed cups are in green house and sprouting.  Though the green pepper seeds were old and not coming up yet so going to start those again with the new ones.  

Going to be raining again tonight and tomorrow so can't get the flower beds cleaned out yet. 


Went to Church this morning as it was stay in the car event again but really nice. The church loaned DH a walker with wheels and he used it to try to go walking this afternoon. He did well but had to stop several times to rest as he has lost so much muscle in his shoulders that it hurt him to push the walker even though it was on wheels. It will take some time to build him up again. His legs were a bit shaky as well. So I think once I get him out and walking, his strength will start to build up again.  He made it all the way around the block on first try with a lot of stops to rest but he did it. 

Before leaving church, I went and packed up some food for a couple of people that depends on our food ministry.  Since we have not been able to get to food bank to get meat for anyone, I took some of my meat out from my freezer and took some to them. Pack of hamburger, chicken and bacon. Also some toilet paper and some other things I had around here in my pantry that DH cannot eat now.   DH told me to call his cousin and get about 14 lbs. of hamburger to can. So I will

do that in the next couple of days. 

Made a loaf of bread this afternoon and some biscuits as well to have with dinner tonight. We had breakfast for dinner. Easy meal. We do that once in awhile. 

Thinking of ordering another seed bank. I have 2 now but another one won't hurt as we are planning to use one of them that I ordered 10 years ago.  They say its good for 25 years, so will find out how they do. Seeds in store are about gone but we stocked ours early and are good on seeds for now. 

Going to be getting really busy in the next few days. Want to finish with spring cleaning as I got side tracked and never got it all done. Plus the garden. Getting ready after this rain and it dries out a bit getting it tilled up and ready to go. Also getting the flower beds cleaned out.  

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54 minutes ago, Littlesister said:

Thinking of ordering another seed bank


Might want want to watch the recent video from utuber Provident Prepper...they had some very serious issues with the germination of the seeds from their seed bank.  Bottom line...they said these seed banks should probably be replaced every 5 years.  Their germination on lots of their seeds were less than 40%...just sharing.

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Was a busy day but productive day for us.  We got the mowing done at the homestead...well...he ended up having to do most of it because one of the big wheels on my mower broke (it was a plastic rim!), but I had most of the garden area mowed.  He had mowed Abby's yard, the front easement, and the 2 lots on our east side.  Now...we only have two more properties to mow!  But...they are small yards.

Got all our Elderberry shoots pushed into the dirt along the west fence line.  We planted them a foot from the fence, and 2 feet apart.  Probably planted somewhere between 20 and 25...so we are hoping we'll have a nice stand of Elderberry bushes.  I watered them in while he was finishing the mowing.

Weather was beautiful...but we sure worked up some "dew"! :laughkick:

Then sat on the front porch and let the wonderful breeze cool us off as we drank some Propel drinks and then some water, and ate a Sweet N Salty food bar.

Dried two loads of laundry at the homestead while we were doing all of these tasks.

Came home and I fixed some spaghetti for supper with some fruit and jello for dessert.

Still wondering where our stimulus checks are.  I hope I didn't screw up by going ahead and doing the filer thing on the irs site.  

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I was thinking about ordering another seed bank too but might hold off now. There are seeds in there that I wouldn't normally plant. Son could use them though. I think I'll wait. 


The very best time to get seeds, for me, is toward the end of summer. Most everyone else has already bought theirs and the garden centers want to get rid of what they have left. Then I supplement with seeds the next spring with what I couldn't get the summer before. 


Of course that was in 'normal' years. Who knows how things will be now. On the other hand, if 'they' are restricting seed sales this year, there might be some bargains by the end of this growing season so garden centers can dump the seeds. Ya never know what to do any more. But I did get some good deals on Burpee heirloom seeds last year at the nursery. 

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