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15 hours ago, The WE2's said:


How well we know that!  Our girl seems to have found some peace...on hubby's side of the bed (not mine!?)...where she can curl up between the bed, night stand and his dresser.



last night, my 40 pound Corgi decided it was safest lying on top of me.  Too heavy.  We had rain, thunder and wind. Not too bad. More coming in a couple of hours.


I did get to walk this morning, then did short video.

Got huge Boston Butt roast in slow cooker, Cooked sweet potatoes in instant pot, have dog treat chicken in the oven and going to make a green smoothie soon.


Rugs are washed so will sweep in a bit.
Called H & R Block for appt. but they are closed today, so will call tomorrow.

English peas are up in the back garden. I fertilized both gardens yesterday before the rain. Only thing I haven't seen is watermelon sprouting.


Might do some eBay drafts later, might not.

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Yes Mt. Rider, again to much rain.  It is starting to rain here now. Thought it would be this morning.  We lost a lot of our garden last year to rain. And I fear it could happen again this year. We are trying to hold out a bit later to start planting in the ground. So in the meantime, I am buying what I can to put up.  Got celery in freezer just a bit ago. I put it off about 3 or 4 days but now it's done. Still got the onions to do.  Then I am going to be canning carrots.  After I am done with all that, DH is going to call his cousin and get 20 lbs. of hamburger.  Going to can meatballs with some of it. That would be great with spaghetti.


Poor puppy dogs.  They really don't like thunder.. Our dogs we used to have never seemed to have a problem with it. But one of our cats went nuts.  Had to wrap him in his blanket and just sit and hold him to calm him down.  Mama cat didn't care for it but she would just go under couch till it was over. But my male cat was a joke. He shook, and would get as close to you as he could. Wrapping him in blanket was only way to keep him somewhat calm. 

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Ok, this is not funny. :laughkick:My granddaughter in Washington called me. She took one dog out walking and left the other one home. Yes he is house broke. No you will regret leaving me home.  So he poops on floor while she is gone and she forgot to turn off the Rumba vac. cleaner. It started up on Schule and cleaned up the poop. Though some still on floor. She comes home to the smell of poop. And the rumba was full of it.  Now if it was me, I think I would have to pitch the rumba.  She takes it outside, takes it apart and begins to clean it. The stink was another issue.  But she got it cleaned out and put back together.:cele:She said that won't happen again. I said yep, don't leave Mr. Jealous behind next time. He knows how to get even. 

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Jeepers, I am still laughing at her.  She had to pull out the carpet cleaner and clean the carpet where the rumba had been as it was on the wheels and made a mess.  She had just cleaned that carpet and now doing it again. Poor doggie, in the cage he went. :lol:

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Packaged up all that was in dehydrator....which I accidentally left on all nite.  But it was on low for mushrooms.  All these odd containers I save....  :happy0203:  ....come in handy.  I also put paper sacks [labeled]  around any clear container with dehydrated product.  Don't want our sun to bleach them.  Most will got down in dark, cool basement for now.  They would be supplies for Phase 2 or 3...or.... 


Went on a drive for the communal PO boxes down the road.  Then went to Nat. Forest to walk dog.  On the hillside,  ...something in my L foot slid out of place.  OH FOR PETES SAKE!  Wearing loose boots without arch support.  Hobbled back to car and up our stairs.  Good thing for In-House Chiro!!!  :wub:   He clicked all over that foot with "activator" device.  Now sitting up on bed - not walking on foot for a while...let it settle!  Supper is being made tho....  :wub:   See?  How can I complain about this SIP?    {being a bit younger/healthier comes to mind but....mustn't be ungrateful}  :amen:  


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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It’s pushing summer here.  80’s the first part of the week, 95° yesterday and it’s supposed to be in the 100’s by next week.


Harvested the camomile, because it was beginning to wilt, sun dried & filled 4 gal. Ziplock bags.  One bag is being shipped to Maine.  Cut back the Greek oregano, sun drying, then, I will grind & jar it up.  Celery is on today’s list.  

The tomato plants are full of tomatoes.  Last years jalapeños are blooming.  Found a pink & white snapdragon in the back of the beet/carrot plot.  Mom was excited to see it.  

Went shopping early this morning, found most everything on my list.  Wanted to replace a coffee cup, but they didn’t have one to match my set.  No 1/2 gallon canning jars.  All the employees are now wearing nursing masks.  Took them long enough, this late in the game, I don’t know if it will help.  Who knows.  I wear PPE, because I am high risk, and, I don’t want to bring it home to mom.  Most people had one form or another on.  Surprised to see how many had their noses uncovered, and the lack of personal space.  The stockers were everywhere filling the shelves back up.  

I’ll be busy, for awhile, making small packages of prepared food, to freeze for MIL.  She wants to go home by May 15th.  Froze two half gallons of milk for her, she has 10 small frozen packages of bean soup.  I will vacuum seal hot dogs, 2 per pkg. and freeze them.  Making my list of stuff to cook, and adding to it. :scratchhead:



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I thought mom was considering staying with you two.  Changed her mind? @Annarchy


Walked this morning and short video--I do both because it gets me to between 7000 and 8000 steps before noon. I like to hit 10,000 a day and usually get to 12,000.


Already made rice to add to dog food, made salads for DH and I, and a green smoothie for me.


Will clean baths today and weed in front garden, maybe eBay.



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It's starting to shower today. I got a whole lot of big boxes broken down for the recycle bin. Also miles and miles of those air pocket things they pack with. Most of the stuff came with the canning jars I ordered. They were packed very very well. 


Later today I'm going to get the bills ready to go out. Seems like I just get them sent out and they come right back in the mail box again. Every month it's the same routine..


So I guess I'll drive by the post office and the recycle box. Sometime this week I want to run the Jeep through the carwash and hose it down. I haven't done that since Christmas. We didn't really have a winter this year so no salt or brine to speak of on it.


I think I need a nap. I'm really dragging today. 

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Yesterday...was a busy day for me.  Hubby worked at the homestead, came home for lunch, then took me and Abby-girl back to the homestead for me to work in the garden ... and work I did!  Potatoes are up in many places, so I man-handled the wire squares (2x4's in a square, and wire stapled to them) so I could put some bricks under the edges and get them raised up another few inches to let the plants grow on up a bit.  They seemed to have enjoyed God's watering!  Planted several pots of flowers.  Then planted some food in the two remaining mineral tubs.  Spaghetti Squash and Eggplant in one (I'll plant more squash later for a fall...just wanted to try and get some for this spring...who knows?) and then carrots and tomatoes in the other.  Checked on the Elderberry shoots.  Some looking pretty good, some not.  It really doesn't matter.  If we get 4 or 5 that will make a lot of berries, and when we trim them back for the winter, we'll cut more shoots.  We still have an open invite to come pick from our farmer friends' abundant supply.  They have over 100 bushes on the backside of their property.  These have not been cut back so they are actually "trees" now.  

Rained off an on a bit today so hubby wasn't able to work at the job site leveling the "toy room".  Ground just too soft.  So...he worked at the homestead.  He's got all the sheet rock on the walls but not the ceiling yet.  Got the seams mudded.  Progress!  

I stayed here with my girl, can't garden in the rain and I still need more tubs made up.  Hubby found a youtuber (Texas Prepper?) and he's using the self wicking method too.  Hubby has some of the drainage pipes at the Roost, so we'll go pick it up and get started.  I've asked him to cut the bottoms out of the red tubs so I can transplant my Comfrey.  It will be able to grown right into the real soil but be a bit more manageable.  Going to do the same with my Echinacea, Yarrow, Garlic Chives, and some others that are growing in the "wild thing" area.  Just need to clean that area out and let my ferns and Dock grow there.  It will be easier to manage come time to mow and weed.

Today I made up a quart of homemade DIY cream of chicken soup (dry)...and used a bit of it to make my chicken pot pie (using tortilla's like Living Traditions showed).  I've made it before but used commercially canned cream of chicken soup...mine is absolutely better! It was delicious!  Just ask hubby! LOL  Still have plenty to make more when I need it.  Can also turn it into cream of mushroom by adding some mushrooms to it...or dehydrated celery...or dehydrated broccoli...love having so many choices and not having to use up valuable shelf space.  Got the recipe from a lady youtuber...I've learned so much from her on making dry mixes for the pantry...Little Village Homestead is her channel.  I tried to link it here but couldn't.

Wanna see my supper?


100_1500 DIY Cream of Chicken Soup Mix.jpg

100_1501 Chicken Pot Pie.jpg

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Our hospitals around Wisconsin are laying off staff due to a dud of a Covid-19. The governor is trying to keep the state locked down until the end of May. Protests are starting to break out everywhere, and many of the county law enforcement offices are not backing him up. It's becoming more apparent that the aftermath of the destruction to our economy and lost freedoms will become hundred times more deadly than the virus ever was. Even our state authorities are starting to lower the numbers of deaths due to the virus, due to 'mistakes' in diagnosis. It the proverbial story of the guy who was killed in a car accident and tested positive with the Covid-19. He's listed as dying of C-19.  :0327:


Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying, "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."   :grinning-smiley-044:

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Sister in law messaged me on FB that she had to take my brother to the VA-ER about 7am this morning.  Was in tremendous pain that started about 3am and she wasn't able to control it with the meds they had given for him.  He was running a fever and in great abdominal pain.  When she got there, again, they would not let her go in so he grabbed the wheels of the wheelchair and refused to go in without her.  So the nurse grabbed the wheelchair and took off with him...and he was NOT a happy man!  I told her she could call me and I'd pray with her...she did.  I know a lot about what she's going through.  My first husband suffered greatly the last couple of years of his life (even though it wasn't cancer) by dementia etc.  Sometimes it's so very hard to turn things over to our Lord...and even though He loves us, He also loves the one who is ill and sometimes we have to accept (grudgingly) that our Father wants them home with Him more than we want them here with us.  That's the hardest part when you're wanting to believe in miracles.

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3 minutes ago, Homesteader said:

Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying, "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."


An absolute! Our Gov is afraid of his shadow.  He's up for election and is trying to "suck up" to those in power.  :gaah:

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DH said he read where the hospitals are pushing the false numbers up, in order to receive more funding.  :shakinghead:


Crushed the Greek oregano trimmings into 2 stuffed pint jars.  Trimmed one celery plant, it’s sun drying today.

Yesterday my vehicle said it was 102°. Only 98° in the shade on the porch.  Toasty.  We are already in an Excessive Heat Warning phase, the forecasted high for today is 98°.  Bet it gets hotter than that. Lol.  

@snapshotmiki MIL says she doesn’t want to go home, but, needs to, because she needs to take care of her house, ‘or it will die’. DH has mentioned the option of selling it & living like a queen, being waited on, hand & foot.  If she decides to, I will convert my office back into a bedroom for her.  Which is a project that will start, as soon as I get back from TX.  :sigh:


The garden is looking good, so far...


(Lt. to Rt.). Tomatoes, onions, beets-with a volunteer sun flower, garlic, a couple of tomatillos in the walkway,  potatoes in the back of the fava bean row, tomatillos-all volunteer, finally, zucchini in the back, cabbage, and butternut squash in front of the cabbage.  Oh, and the rope really does keep the dogs out.  


 Hopefully, I will be able to start seasoning/mulching/fertilizing another area to plant for next year.  Too hot to start anything else this year.

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WE2, I hope and pray your brother is doing ok.  Hopefully he is home safe and sound. It is so hard on people when they can't have a loved one with them during these trying times.  This virus has truly changed the way we live and not all for the better. 

People here depend on restruants for their meals instead of learning to cook at home. We do need to keep these places open but we also need to learn how to cook and do so many other things ourselves as well.  

Our governor is busy trying to get gun laws passed and other stuff while hiding behind this coronavirus mess. He thinks what we don't know won't hurt us.  Little does he know. We are still fighting for our rights despite the coronavirus. 


Ann, your garden is looking good.  


Yesterday, we got the tiller put together and now waiting for garden areas to dry out a bit. Hoping we won't get anymore rain for a long while.  Took DH out for a walk and here comes that neighbor that tries to get right up in your face to talk. We kept having to back away from him. That's twice now when neighbor and I were talking and then again yesterday with DH and myself. Next time I am going to have to tell him flat out to back off and keep his distance.  I need to get DH out and walking to build his strength back up and don't need people like him getting in our face to talk. And he has no mask on either.  His wife did keep her distance. 


We didn't get that big storm and high winds they were talking about.  Just a moderate rain fall to soak everything even more so we can't get into the garden area.  Going to go out this evening and get the buckets filled with garden soil so I can get those veggies going that I am doing in pots this spring. Time to get those going now.  Just have to wait a bit on the big garden.  Need to get the front flower beds going with potatoes. Both sweet and white potatoes and herbs on the other side.  Going to be a busy few days as I am going to have to do most of this myself with no help.  Though DH will be out there trying to do what he can. 


Got 11 pints of carrots canned yesterday and could only get 9 pints in the pressure canner. So put the other 2 pints in the other pressure canner and also canned 5 quarts of water as well.  I do that every time I don't have enough to fill one of the canners. With hurricane season coming up in June though it won't hit here till Aug. or Sept. If we get one around us. I will have my canned water ready just in case.  We have not lost water here in our area yet but the neighborhood next to us has as they were all on well water and a tornado came through and took out the pumping station.  Only one elderly lady was prepared for it and tried to warn other neighbors around her and they would not lesson.  My daughter lost her city water because of that storm at that time. So yes we do take precautions.  2 weeks of no water for all of them.  

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Wouldn't you know it.  More rain on the way and looking like it will be here for a few more days.  I really need to finish getting things in yard done. So much out there to do.  


Despite the tumble our greenhouse took. The plants we were able to save despite the fact they were tiny and had just started coming up are doing great. Some of them are now forming more leaves and I can start to tell what they are now. Though still we only had 3 of the green pepper plants that had come up and they are doing fine but the others are not producing. Those were old seeds, so either going to replant tomorrow after church or wait and buy plants. 


Had a couple of hotdog rolls in freezer, so it was hotdogs, baked beans and fries for dinner. Easy dinner tonight. Kitchen is now cleaned up and I am ready for tomorrow's adventure. Whatever that will be. 


DH wants to wait on getting the hamburger from his cousin till the adds come out Wed.  He has not been to a store so does not see the mess in there.  We are still dealing with no paper products, cleaning products and no meat to amount to anything. Have not been to Sam's nor BJ's yet.  I do not buy meat from Wal Mart as a meat cutter that used to work for Wal Mart and left to start working for the farmers market said don't buy you meat from there and said take my word for it, you don't want it. Seems they put die in the meat to make it look fresher and the meat from Sam's goes to Wal Mart as it starts to go out of date.  Don't quote me on that as it came from someone that used to work there.  So not sure if that was the real reason. But no I don't buy meat from Wal mart. I will stick with Farmer's market and Jeb's. Small  Local stores need to stay in business.  Also Kroger, Food lion and Harris Teeter. Though every time I go in there. There is nothing to pick from.  Just empty shelves of meat. 


Next week I am going to take inventory of my canned meats. Both store bought and what I have canned. I also have some 25 year canned chicken and hamburger and I think turkey and beef but haven't pulled any of that out yet so need to check it. I think we will start using that up soon.  Other than hamburger and chicken legs and thighs, I don't think I really need any meat for a long while. But then again I have a granddaughter that is moving into her own apartment and might be wanting to shop from my pantry.  Guess that is one of the reasons we stock.. It has bailed out the kids more times than once.  


She is a smart girl. She is buying used furniture like dressers and the coffee table she refinished is something else. She bought and old cedar chest and redid it.  She painted the sides, front and back and off white and sanded down the wood top and redid it but left it the natural wood as she did on the inside as well to bring back the cedar smell.  Looks like a Farmhouse coffee table. Beautiful. She picked up an old dresser today and I can't wait to see how that comes out when she is done. This is saving here tons of money over new furniture.  She already has a bed so good on that.  She is picking up a farm table as well next week to refinish. 

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Another busy day.  Went to Menards to pay on his biz account, and then picked up some more of the items we need to finish up our mineral tubs.  He's got the water piping cut and ready and went to the Roost property and picked up 18' of the elephant hose to use (don't need it there yet) in our tubs. Also picked up 10 more bags of compost and some peat moss as well as some ground cover.  We bought the heavy duty stuff because I also want to put some under our patio table and chairs that sit out in the garden area.  We'll staple it down and then add mulch later, but this will keep us from having to move it and mow around it.  We love to sit out there when we're taking a break from gardening.

He did manage to lock himself out of the van the second time he was a Menards (needed a tarp to cover the bed area in the van from getting dirty) so he had to call Triple A...that's so worth it for us!  Haven't had to use it a lot but it's been a life saver when we've needed it!

He's got all the sheetrock up and most of the mudding done on the walls of the bathroom.  He'll do the corners and some sanding etc., and then he'll do the ceiling area.  One of the "short" walls we're going to put up mirror tiles so there won't be much wall areas. Checked the garden area earlier and things are doing just fine.  Did pick up a couple more packets of Beets...a friend gave me a bag of hers but I figured I'd better pick up some more.  I don't want to have to break into our 5 gallon seed "bank" just to check for packages of Beets.

Wanna see what our new bathroom is going to look like?  The shower area, then the vanity area, then the toilet area.  What was a teeny; tiny little bathroom that you couldn't even open the door because the vanity was in the way, is now going to give us quite a bit more room...and NO TUB to fall in!  Aging in place is important to us.


100_1504 New Shower.jpg

100_1503 New Vanity area.jpg

100_1502 New Toilet area.jpg

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Walked this morning, then went to Dollar General for a couple of needed items and local grocery for produce.


Back home I baked one of those onions with boullion cube and butter. Boy is that good!  Had it with half a sweet potato.


Took some eBay photos and will go out and weed some later. My tomatoes have blossoms. Yay!

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Life has been chugging along as usual here.  Twice a week I go to physical therapy then am sore the next day as I recover.  Its working - I am able to do far more than I could before - so I keep telling myself "if its hurting its working" (hurting as in sore muscles waking up not like in hurting myself).  Our governor has opened up our state more than I think is wise and a nearby town is now a corona hot spot.  It is where I go for physical therapy....Mary is trying to get me to stay home and I admit I am tempted.  Working out while masked is very uncorfortable.  

Talked to my doc on a teleconference a couple days ago and she tweaked my blood pressure meds.  My blood pressure was going up slowly, daily.  I have started taking mine twice a day so she will have some data to work with.  I keep so many notes I feel like I am a nurse...to myself.  I am proud of my doc - she volunteered to give out corona tests to walk ins and requested as many as the state would send her - she ran out by noon, and is waiting on more of them to be given to her.   She worked for free, bless her. 


The garden is coming along nicely, which is a good thing, because the grocery stores are scary places to go now.  Last week a man at wal mart was running around claiming to have covid and intentionally coughing and spitting on people.  It took forever for the cops to corral him and ship him out.  They did not close down to disinfect, just let the customers present wander around as 'usual'  After that incident I certainly would not want to eat their bulk produce!  We are picking lettuce and onions now; green beans are up, we have picked two small green peppers and the tomatoes are blooming.  If the storms don't get them we may get some soon. 


We bought another freezer....We had to go with a big one, 15 cu feet, as all the small ones are all gone.  We discussed it and will give one of our small one to our friends who want one and can't get one.  They want the 5 cu foot one, which is OK with us.  The head of the meat dept at my local Krogers told me (as he got out a whole beef loin for me, because the half loins were sold out) that meat supplies were becoming a problem as the processing plants had so many sick with covid they were closing them.  He also steered me to some 5 lb packages of ground chuck that he said had been bought by a restaurant who did not have enough business to use it.  They had sold them at wholesale price to the grocery store, and they kept the wholesale price on the bulk pack....$11.50 for 5 lbs comes out to around 2.70 a lb for chuck, which is cheap for around here.  He asked if I wanted the whole beef loin, saying its pretty big.....I just grinned and assured him "I have a freezer...and a big knife..."  It made wonderful strips steaks.  Add in the chicken I got and the freezers are topped up again.   Our friends that are getting the small freezer also clued us in to a local butcher who does combination meat packages.  When the big one arrives we may order some from there as the prices average out pretty well and we are hoping that as a non national chain he will have supplies from local farmers still coming in as the big processing plants close.  


Chainsaw Mary took down the last remaining beech tree in our semi open meadow area so we can put in our apple trees.  It will become the orchard and if needed the secondary garden area.  We both hated to see the native beech nut tree go, but there was no other place we could plant.


So basically we are distancing ourselves, staying home, and tending our garden.  Hopefully this covid thing will pass soon though....our goofy governor opened up tattoo parlors, restaurants and hair salons (among other places) too early in many opinions, since our covid cases are NOT decreasing, but increasing.  We are maintaining a low profile.  Our county sheriff advised us tonight that all over the county the younger folks on 4-wheelers were going crazy driving all over the place on their absent neighbors properties (tearing them up) on the roads (illegal) and in generally driving like fools.  I videotaped one tonight driving with a small child on the back driving 'no hands' and no helmets. And when that child falls off and gets hurt all they do is moan about 'bad luck' and look for someone to sue.....my brother calls it the "traffic crash lottery".   What ever happened to common sense?

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Your garden looks so nice Annarchy. Amazing how much you can do in the desert. :thumbs:  Shhh. Don't tell Gunny and Storm they can step over the rope.  :laughkick:


Your bathroom is coming along nicely We2. I hate sanding drywall mud. BTDT many times. Oh the dust. Here, I have a tub in one bathroom and a walk in shower in the other. I love the walk in shower. But in the new house there are two tubs. I'd like to get a walk in shower out there, without losing the tub, but I don't think there is enough room there. Tub is on one end of the room and the toilet on the other end. Can't knock out the wall between because you'd be in the garage. Continued prayers for your dear brother. 


Glad the therapy is working for you Kappy! Sounds like you made the right decision just at the right time. Your doctor sounds like a keeper too. 


Littlesister, I remember what the meat cutter was talking about. It wasn't only Wal-Mart but a lot of stores were doing it. It was a few years ago. I think it was called pink slime or something like that. 


The guy finally came to mow my lawn today. It was getting pretty tall but it's really been too wet to mow. I'm glad he's taking care of it again this year. I guess son and I will take care of the Indy yard this year. 


My arms are so sore from cutting down boxes and popping and rolling up those air pocket things. I got a shopping bag full of the deflated plastic rolls. Wal-Mart and Farm Fleet (I think it was) package their canning jars very well. Not a single jar broken. That surprised me. A lot of packing material but it will be recycled. The boxes are already in the bin. 

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It's cold and rainy here today. Not a good day for being out and about. 


I told DIL to add to G-son's Amazon list for summer clothes. His old clothes were getting pretty tight and short. He really needed some clothes and the thrift shops are all closed. I was afraid, with shipping delays, that they wouldn't arrive until mid-summer. Everything should arrive by May 8th. though. A few things said sometime in July so I didn't even order them. Just the standard shorts and tee shirts. Socks and undies. I'm just glad he no longer needs diapers and formula. Those about broke poor grandma's bank! 


I will admit that I ordered some more canning jars at Amazon. When is enough, enough? I don't know. Four more cases. I think this time I'm really done. :sigh:

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Jeepers, Glad you were able to find some clothes.  I need to get DH some new clothes as well. Most of his are getting way to big on him now. He is starting to look like little orphan Annie.  His clothes are hanging off of him. I have been working on getting his muscles built back up. Now that we have the walker, he is able to walk around block. He walked around block after church today and did better than last 2 times. Hoping each day will get him stronger.  He also needs to build his upper body back up.  It has been a really rough winter trying to get him straight from his illnesses. Though I have to be careful when we go walking as I have that one neighbor that doesn't seem to understand keep you distance. He will get right up in your face to chat. 


Today has been a really nice day. No rain. It warmed up nicely but not to hot.  Went to church came home and had lunch then we went for that walk. I sat outside for a long while reading my Bible. Then I took everything off the back porch so I can power wash it tomorrow.  Just hope the weather holds up and no more rain.  We need to get the garden going. 


DH wants me to wait till Wed. to get the hamburger and chicken. He wants to see if anyone puts the 93% hamburger on sale. I am not counting on it as the prices of food has really gone up here.  Seems I am paying twice as much as before. Recession has hit as the dollar isn't going as far as it used to.  

Also got to watch Wal Mart. Twice I have ordered from them and only got half of what I ordered. Going to see what is going on as they have charged me for the amount of what I ordered without sending all of it. Cutting me short. If that keeps up I will just go to Wal mart. Though I hate that store.  

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31 minutes ago, Jeepers said:

When is enough, enough?

Don't believe there is a line anywhere on canning jars or lids for that matter!


Did 45 minutes of videos this morning and then watched Church on you tube.


Weeded in garden and then planted some extra seed potatoes that have been sitting for a few days.


Made oven dehydrated sweet potato slices for dog treats and then made Okra Cornmeal Cakes with frozen okra from last years garden.


Sat outside this afternoon with the neighbors--social distancing, of course. It was a beautiful day outside!

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I finished putting all the non-food items back in my kitchen and sorting through them.  I moved a bunch of stuff I haven't used in years to the donate pile, but DD12 & DD16 ransacked it and created 'when I move out boxes.'  Apparently they think I'm insane now.  I have 4 crockpots and a turkey roaster all in difference sizes ranging from a 1 quart vintage crockpot intended to make dip to a 22 quart turkey roaster.  I use them all though and I refuse to part with any of them.  There was another argument over who would get my brown Hull dishes when I died and I smacked them both and told them I was going to kill them before I died so they didn't have to worry about it.  


I drew up my plan on how I'm going to rearrange things to move DD16 into the downstairs bedroom(currently pantry) by turning the sunroom into the pantry and make her current room the nursery.  It should be doable if we can move the cat litter boxes and the furniture that houses them into a room other than the sunroom.  My goal is to have things moved and painted by the end of July or August at the latest.  


I started crocheting a baby dress in a 1/2T size for when the baby is bigger.  I'm going to break out my fabric stash later in the week and start sewing some baby clothes this month.  I think I still have the pattern for the pinafore dress I used to make for Ivy somewhere.  it was like a smock with a full front and back and it tied at the sides with bloomers and a hat that matched.  I made several in different fabrics and I'm really hoping I still have the pattern stashed away somewhere.  I hope I can find some interfacing for the hat.  I may have a bit stashed away, but I guess I need to check amazon.  


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