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Worked all day (except for lunch) at the homestead.  Hubby got If mowing done and I poured water down the watering tubes on our tubs. Still have to water the tops until the seeds come up, but it's really nice not having to water the tubs but once a week...unless it rains.  Then the sky fills them up.  We're supposed to get some rain in the wee hours, that's why hubby wanted to get the mowing done at the homestead as well as at the Roost.  I have radishes coming up in one of the tubs.  In the mini green house I have a zucchini that's up...I planted 3 (I think) seeds but really only wanted 2 plants.  The other 2 might still emerge.  The radishes in there are really looking leafy...so hoping we'll get some to roast.  I didn't plant very many in that planter. 

The city's on us with threats to "remove" this and "remove" that!  They don't understand a man that does scrap metal, nor a man that collects brush to take to a city dump THAT'S CLOSED...!

The letter threatened to put a lien on the property!  We'll do what we possibly can, and then they'll answer to our attorney if they start overstepping.  After all...aren't us Seniors supposed to stay put!

Guess they've got some employees that are roaming around the neighborhoods taking pictures of peoples property .... and not sheltering in place themselves!  :tapfoot:

Was pretty warm today, about 80...ish and sunny, but did have a nice breeze.

Had some comfort food for supper.  Nice boneless pork chops, fries and asparagus spears.  Oh...we do have a few spears in our wild thing garden.  They'll need to go to seed again, but one was almost a foot tall and big around as my little finger.  I've already got plans for a new spot for them, in a raised-type bed along the fence line between the garden and Abby-girl's yard.

If it's not raining tomorrow we'll probably try to get the area where we want the pole beans, broadforked and the woven ground cover down and stapled.  Then put up the fencing and burn the holes on both sides of the fence, to put in the seeds.  That will give us two nice rows of beans.

Still have to get the tubs put together for the Okra that we want to plant in tubs on the south side, just south of the potato patches.

All the transplants are doing good, but the Comfrey looks sad around the edges.  But the mother plant looked terrible for a long time before she took root and still didn't really go great guns until the next year.



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Walked this morning and then re-planted lettuce in a lick tub but in a different spot. Last time it got too much sun, I think. Also re-planted kale in another tub.


Made dog food this evening to slow cook overnight and will pressure can it tomorrow in quarts.

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We2, ugh, I hate when the city notices me. I got 'the letter' a couple of years ago. It seemed my curb appeal wasn't too appealing after all. Overgrown shrub area in front of the house. I suppose I could have claimed it was a wildlife sanctuary for the rare; green colored, white bellied, leaf hopping, sap sucking, aphid but I let it go. City's loss. I was going to apply for a big government grant and put this little town on the map.  Usually when the city notices you it's because a neighbor complained. 

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Grateful to hear your DH is home, Littlesister. :pray:


Our town sent letters out, threatening fines for not mowing  & poisoning the weeds.  Yeah, right, like they do anything about their empty lots.  :angry:  Our gardener came & sprayed the area by the road.  I had already mowed them down, but, they were already regrowing quickly.


Got all the monthly paperwork done on Friday.  :amen:  

Went to the store and got MIL a bunch of ‘prep’ items, just so she won’t need to go out, when she gets home, on the 11th.  She wants to take care of her house.  I have 4 half gallons of milk in the freezer for her, several, tiny packages of prepared meals, a dozen bags of bean soup, 2/package of hotdogs, single servings of frozen veggies, and other foods frozen for her.  Yesterday I cut her hair, again, and, more than likely, will need to fill in her nails, before she goes back.  She has N95 masks & 9 mil nitrile gloves.  She eats more candy than I have ever seen any one eat.  I’d be in a diabetic coma, if I ate that much sugar, all the time.  Lol.  It doesn’t seem to bother her, in the least.  At 90 years old, who am I to tell her she shouldn’t.  

Mowed and edged the lawn, early yesterday, and proceeded to get heat exhaustion.  Spent the rest of the day recovering, shaking & quaking, weak as a baby.  Drank lots of fluids and stayed inside in the AC.  Seems like I do that, at least, once a year, after having my heat stroke, years ago.  :imoksmiley:


Beautiful day, today.  Warming up quickly, as usual.  Lol, we would take any amount of rain, just as long as we don’t flood.  :happy0203:



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1 hour ago, Annarchy said:

She eats more candy than I have ever seen any one eat.  I’d be in a diabetic coma, if I ate that much sugar, all the time.  Lol.  It doesn’t seem to bother her, in the least.  At 90 years old, who am I to tell her she shouldn’t. 



:laughkick: I have a mother just like yours. I'd be in a coma or having to purchase a bathroom scale that reads more than 250 pounds if I consumed sugar in the quantities that she does.  :hapydancsmil:  After watching her obesity, binge eating, depression, and sweetaholic lifestyle, I went the opposite way. Not to long ago she said, "I suppose you're proud of your health accomplishments, aren't you?"  I was speechless.  :0327:  All I could say was that I came from a generational diabetic family and I wanted to avoid all the other diseases this one brings on a body. She then fired me as her caregiver.  :grinning-smiley-044:  Three weeks later, she wants me back. Sometimes I wonder how I ever survived that childhood.  :pray:

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On 4/30/2020 at 8:02 PM, The WE2's said:


Listened to the Prez this afternoon as he spoke about "protecting seniors" etc.  Sounds like if the "squad" of investigators were to decide that a senior isn't being taken care of by their standards, they can take control and move them wherever they feel the senior would be safe.  Sounds awfully sinuous to me...? Told hubby when he got home "the worst place anybody wants to be right now is in a nursing home or senior facility"....you and your family could lose all rights really quick.


I do have to say that my mom's private retirement center is great about keeping the residents engaged. My niece stopped by on May 1 with her four girls. They gave the staff a large plant for my mom. They all ran around the building and started yelling at Grandma to open her patio door on second floor. They spent quite a bit of time talking and giggling back and forth. My niece remembers May Day and how we taught her to make baskets for neighbors, set them on the porch, ring the doorbell, and hide in the bushes to see the reaction of the neighbors. I was really surprised she remembered that. It's been almost 40 years since she was taught that.  :hug3:

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7 hours ago, Annarchy said:

Mowed and edged the lawn, early yesterday, and proceeded to get heat exhaustion.  Spent the rest of the day recovering, shaking & quaking, weak as a baby.  Drank lots of fluids and stayed inside in the AC.  Seems like I do that, at least, once a year, after having my heat stroke, years ago


Oh yikes, Annarchy.  I know that story tooooo well too. :knary:    Please do be careful and aware, my friend!  :hug3:    We've hit 80* in the sun today.....and yes, the last of that snowdrift is still quietly melting in the shade of the trees.  :buttercup: 


:pray:   O God.....protect all of our elderly seniors during this time.......and us younger seniors too.  :whistling: 


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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21 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Usually when the city notices you it's because a neighbor complained. 


We're thinking it was the woman across the street with the teenage boys that gave us so much trouble last year.  Or...it could have been because they were initiating the "Operation Clean Sweep" for the entire city and were driving the streets.  Who knows?  Hubby did a lot of "re-arranging" today as well as cutting up brush (the old blackberry canes etc., that we had just piled)  and piling it as high as his head.  He'll take it to the recycle center (he'll have to use a friends trailer) ... IF they're open.  

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9 hours ago, Annarchy said:

after having my heat stroke


I think one gets more susceptible once they've encountered any heat related encounters.  Heat exhaustion isn't quite as bad but still recurs.  Ask me how I know.

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Hubby worked at the homestead and I took care of some food preservation.  We bought a 5# tube of hamburger so I separated it out in our 1/2# portions (more or less) and was able to get 11 bags for the freezer.  Then rough cut some Amish roast beef end cuts and bagged them up...except for 2 for our supper.  Fried them and then had mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans.  Yummy!  Now I have a small Farmland ham that I pulled from the big meat freezer and thawed, I'll slice it into breakfast portions.  I can usually just cut one slice about 1/4 inch thick and then half it for us. 

Was supposed to rain today but didn't...so it was good for hubby's project of cleaning up and "rearranging" things at the homestead.  He'll need to see if the city recycle center is open so he can take his huge brush pile and deliver it to them!

It's supposed to rain (yeah?) tomorrow so hopefully that will make the potato patches happy!


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DH is asleep right now, so thought I would check in for a moment. He is not doing well this evening. B/P is low. Home health will be here tomorrow.  Rough night last night. Was up and down all night with him having to go to bathroom. Seems the fluid pills want to work at night instead of during the day.  I fear because of the swollen stomach he won't eat and drink much. We may have to go ahead and have the paracentesis done. We were holding off having the fluid drained from his stomach to see how the new meds would do. So far no change on that. This will not be a one time thing. He could have to have his stomach drained more than once. He doesn't want to do it but I am now thinking we need to as he is just suffering like he is from the swelling. Hard to breath and he gets very tired. :pray: for his kidneys to start working again like they should. 


My granddaughter and her boyfriend came over and then my daughter and SIL.  We sat outside and I took DH outside for some fresh air and to meet the new addition to the family.  Yes, wedding bells are in the making. Her boy friend is very sweet. They look like they are made for each other. And while we were outside with family, here comes my next-door neighbor. We couldn't have a nice family get together because of him. So I am moving the swing and chairs to the garage side of house and put them under the shade trees there. At least then he can't see us. I had to go get his daughter to come take him home. And DH was so tired. Told him DH was tired and needed to go back inside and the neighbor just sat there till I got his daughter to come get him. I really did think it was rude of him to come over while my family was here for the first time in 2 months. We had to keep our distance and with neighbor there is no keeping distance. We really need to think about a privacy fence. DH will not budge on that. 


I have been looking at all the things I need to get done around here. I don't think a lot of it will happen.  Still not sure we will be having a garden. Might be giving the seed pods away to my neighbor across the street.  But then he just got out of hosp. last week from cong. heart failure. I swear it must be the water as that is what DH has. 


We didn't get that rain this evening but boy was it hot later in the afternoon. I may be turning air condition on tomorrow if it is like this. DH gets cold easy, so I am trying to hold off as long as I can. But don't think it will be much longer. 


Everyone take care and stay WELL.  Still praying for everyone to get over illness and all the other issues going on with each and everyone here.  Praying that everyone's gardens will mass produce this year.  I am going to buy my produce by the bushel from DH's cousin this year as well as by my meat, He won't put a limit on us. So I can get more meat canned. 

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Still no fever, and I'm assuming that if my test showed up positive over the weekend, they would have included me in the demographic #s for new cases in our area.  Pretty well assuming I'm in the clear, but waiting for the official results first.


Still have just a catch in my breath every once in a while, but respiratory crud always hits me hard.

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:amen:    Bet that's a relief!  But you'll still have to recover from whatever the respiratory crud you did get. 



I'm still needing to 'thump' the crud loose in my bronchial area....about every 3-4 days.  It works but ....it still lingers since January, for petes sake! 


WINDY today....Springtime in the Rockies.  :buttercup:   Not inspiring to go outside and do things.  Probably will walk tho.  Did yesterday but was difficult to make half of my normal distance.  Hmph!  


MtRider  ...but it's not SNOWING.  :hapydancsmil:

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Tested positive for influenza A&B.  Covid test results not in yet.  Lungs crackling.  Fever coming and going.  So weak I can't walk to the other end of the house without stopping to rest.  Today's new addition was a cough.  Got the thirty-dollar bottle of cough syrup, but I bet it doesn't work better than pineapple juice and honey.  

The leg pain and the kidney pains from last week appear to be unrelated.  They drew a lot of blood.  I didn't get the call to rush to the emergency room for x rays, so it probably wasn't the blood clots they were afraid of

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Been trying to absorb things...and getting very little sleep.  My sis in law messaged me that she and my brother have decided no more chemo, and only pain management via morphine and another powerful drug...starts with a C...  Anyway she's "scheduling" visits so he isn't overwhelmed by too many.  I know her well enough to know that their friends will come first, then family...and family is only myself, my sister and one younger brother.  So I asked for this Monday (even though it's supposed to rain) and I'm taking a casserole.  They have a fairly large covered deck so we won't be scrunched up inside their RV.

I've laid awake for two nights trying to get my head around this, and finally last night came to the conclusion that it's better for him to go "his way" right there in their RV at the lake, with her and their two dogs, and friends and family able to come say their hello's and goodbye's...rather than get admitted to the VA hospital again and NOBODY able to come see him.  I am at peace now that they made the right decision...but it's not EZ.

Hubby's got the brush cleaned up at the homestead and ready to load on to a friends trailer to take to the recycle center.  Glad Miss B has a powerful engine and can easily pull it.  I'll go with him to help and I want to check the garden.  The rain was a regular toad strangler yesterday so everything got watered good, but still want to check on things.


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Sheeeesh, Ambergris.  When did these symptoms start?  :(   You mentioned you weren't at work....   Positive A AND B?  And awaiting COVID test.  :pray:   :pray:   :pray:   Hope you ONLY have a double-header going!  Not all three.  Got an inhaler....JIC?   After my experience last month, I'm keeping mine handy for any and all obstruction of breathing.  :o  


:sigh:  WE2.....not the news you hoped and prayed for.  But as you describe it, I also can see their point.  Will continue praying that he and you all find blessing in this....and ease his pain/discomfort.  Hard as it is......  :pray:  Your family has had so many in the past few years!  


Just no energy for me yet today.  The Visit from kin....and preparing their tent bedroom, etc was a big physical drain for me.  Take down was not as bad.  But hopefully by tomorrow....I can get me some gardening seeds set up in basement. 


DH went to store for his once-in-2-wks trip for my folks and us.  Was 22* when he left at 6:30am.  Still allowed him his two carts/two receipts.  Don't think there were any quantity limits.  Got most of our lists.   Got more meat for my mom to freeze....JIC.  Got us another ham, which freezes well too.  Dehydrating two packs of sliced mushrooms he brought home.  They add nutrient to soups/stews if we're down to only that some day. 


I did get all groceries washed...or sanitized....or set in UV sunshine.  Had to REST.  :0327:  Much later DH/Dog and I took a short-but-laborious walk.  Hmph....still not very far but did some playing ball-keep-away with dog on her mat of grass she's claimed in barnyard.  So funny, it's like she has to stay on that grass "island" with the ball.  If it scoots away, she returns it there and pretends to guard it.   But you're supposed to try to take it from her.  :lol:   A summer version of the winter packed-snow keep-away with the soda bottle.  It works better in winter conditions cuz we both chase the bottle all over the snow area.  "Grass Island" keep away makes up for only getting a half-mile walk.  :shrug: 


Off to wash hair....warming up the bathroom.  Kinda cold!

MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Yesterday morning, I walked (big surprise). Went to day old bread store, another store for chicken on sale. We got stimulus money so went to bank and deposited that. Made 3 bean salad.


Today, walked, did laundry, made buffalo chicken tenders and that's where things went downhill. I didn't make them like I did the last time. I wasn't aware I was supposed to make them the same. Oh well. I fixed as best I could for DH and they were fine the way I made them for me. Catastrophe more or less averted!


Looking forward to tomorrow! I keep wanting to transplant my little cherry tomato plants but we keep having little cold snaps and I don't want to kill them.

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Not a terribly productive day.  Day two of my new non-pt exercise regime.  Some muscle soreness, but not the bad kind.  Had to take our little chihuahua to the vet today, she is sick & not improving for 2 days and is very teensy, so we did not want to waste time.  She has gastroenteritis, was given antibiotics, no food except boiled chicken & rice.  So that is what we had for dinner, all of us, since I don't want to cook just one piece of chicken.  Good breasts too, 2 pounds each so I had plenty left over rice & chicken blend - enough for a couple days for little Bella.  

That took most of the afternoon - our vet is doing social distancing by having clients call ahead, then drive into parking lot.  The staff comes out and picks up the pet, and they go inside for their checkups or whatever.  Then back out to pick up payment & return the animal.  Not too inefficient, but more running around than the staff is used to, LOL.  

Tomight I ordered more hand sanitizer (gallon refill size) since it takes so long to get any.  Hopefully the guaranteed delivery date on the last batch we got will be kept, so we can take our doc a gallon tomorrow when it is due to show up.  She is frantic, trying to get sanitizer, masks, tests, etc.  (but she was tickled with the three bags of vegetables we took her!)  Things are spread pretty thin.  Hopefully a gallon will help her out at least a little.  We also got some 16 ounce size bottles to give to a deputy who we know quite well.  He was complaining that the stuff they were issued was made by a distilling company and donated to the dept.  The amusing part is that it smells like booze!  He was telling us everybody is looking at the deputies like they were drinking on the job, since they were practically bathing in the sanitizer after each contact, LOL.  He will be relieved to get some UNSCENTED  sanitizer. ( Not that bourbon smells all that bad, but there is a time and a place for reeking of it, after all...)


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WE2  keeping you and your family in special prayer.  I know it is a hard decision to make. 


Ambergris.  praying that you don't have this virus and that you get well soon.


Kappydell,   hope all is well with your pup now.  


DH has had a better day today. Hoping he will continue to have better days everyday.  Yesterday he had physical therapy consult and they had him do a few things to check how weak he was and his balance. Then in afternoon he had to go in to see heart doctor. He was so worn out by then, he just wanted to sleep.  Today he saw occupational nurse and she said he didn't need that. Yes he can still bath his self and do for himself. Anything else I can do for him.  Then the nurse came to draw blood and check his swelling. Much better today.  Tomorrow he goes in to see family doctor. 

I am getting so tired as I have him wake me up when he needs to go to bathroom or anything. He has been very good about doing that as he knows I am not taken any chances of his falling when he is half asleep.  He has never done well when he just gets up in the mornings. Needs to wake up a bit.  Though he hates to wake me, he is being a good patient. :)  Right now he is taken a nap and I am thinking of laying on couch for a bit. Maybe it would do me some good.  I know I have been through both a stroke and a heart attack with him and went through a lot of the same routine, but this time I think that I am so much older than the last time which was in 1999.  I'm not as fast as I used to be and just don't respond the way I once did.  Age does creep up on you. 

I have all but given up on the yard for now. More rain,  more cold weather and of all things we could get another frost again. Hopefully this will be the last of it and DH will be much better and I can get outside and work. 


Take care everyone and stay safe. 

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