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Had the closing on my old house today.  Deposited the check.  Which means I started the two-week countdown before that piece of imaginary money turns into real money, which is paper with imaginary value that I can exchange for things of real value (like peace of mind).

Now to find where I put my list of lists of ways to spend the unhatched chicks...

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Ambergris, that is great. I know you are doing the happy dance.  6 ft. poles, yep that should have driven them in with you standing on a ladder to do it.  Or stilts. :lol:


DH having another bad evening. So called my friend that works at hospital.  She said they did things all wrong and now we are going to try to get him direct admitted through heart doctor tomorrow.  She will then be getting the ball rolling so we can get him the help he needs. There has been basicly no follow up from these doctors or they will be 3 months out. He can't wait that long so a complaint will be going in to head of hospital.  I am not playing anymore.  My horns are now coming out. This hospital did not follow hospital rules and regulations.  Maybe I will be owning the hospital if they mess up this time.  Yeah right, like that's going to happen.  But she is getting the head hospitalist and going up the ladder sort of speak.  This time they will figure it out and she said I will be staying in room with him this time. 

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Rained most of the afternoon so I stayed here with Abby-girl and hubby worked, first at the homestead then the afternoon for his customer. 

I may have not mentioned it before...who knows...but yesterday hubby took a pretty good nick out of one of his fingers while working.  Came home for a bit and we washed it really good, then daubed it good with Neosporin, then a band aid and then pink tape (which is pretty much water proof) and then a finger splint to keep him from hitting it while he worked.  What important thing did we learn?  Gotta get some more finger splints!!!  We keep several rolls of the pink tape but I'll be getting more.  It's a lot more expensive that any other tapes but boy does it do a good job.  I got tuned into it when my last husband had a colostomy and we often had to seal around the edges of the flange to keep it nice and tight against his tummy.  It's also made out of some sort of "foam" so is very skin friendly.

Dishes are done, laundry is folded and put away, made yogurt this afternoon and it's in the thermos and will be ready for the frig in the morning.  We miss our morning yogurt with our granola.  Much better than milk and much healthier for our bodies.

My cousin called today to see how brother was doing and we ended up just having a good cry...together.  She's always been my "sister" and closer to me than my real sister.  We're the same age.  Her husband was admitted to the hospital last Tuesday with pneumonia (in Kansas...wish they didn't live so far away!) and of course...they wouldn't allow her in (they've been married for over 50 years and raised 8 kids!) so she was a mess.  They tested him right off the bat for the virus and of course he was negative.  So they got the pneumonia taken care of and he had some heart palpatations so (I'm not sure if he has a pace maker or not?) they were going to "shock" him today.  Well, while we were talking she got a call from him (on his phone) so she called me back and said they had done it first thing this morning...(didn't even call her or let him call her) and he was in tune and should be home by this afternoon.  She was so tickled and so again, we did some praising and crying!  

We talked about this mess and how that we were more concerned about being a "trace contact" than anything...and having a yellow caution tape strung up around our house.  We can mask up and wash up all we want but that fella that passes us in the grocery store aisle is a carrier...guess what! Social distancing and clean hands and clean faces are what we do.  May have mentioned it before but if somebody that has a mask on and totally ignores the six foot thing...we turn our backs to them or...head another direction if we have time.

Supposed to rain again in the wee hours so the garden tubs etc., should get plenty of watering ... and not flood because they have the drainage holes.  I'll check tomorrow...if I go with hubby.


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WE2 I am so glad your husband got much better care at hosp. where he was though it was hard on your cousin to not be able to be there with him.  And they don't call you either. 


They didn't even do the test on my DH when he went in but did it when he went back to ER as the doctors did nothing the first time for him after being in there 5 days. And I couldn't be in there with him then either.  This time we are getting someone involved and having him direct admitted as he has now had the corvid test which was neg. and the hosp. was suppose to call us back with a room number for him to be admitted after the test and they never did bother to call back. 


Glad your DH didn't need stitches.  That pink tape is great. I have some in both pink and blue. I also have the steri strips as well as a suture kit. Yes I have removed them and put a couple in back in the day.  On patients, not DH yet. Hope that never happens.


I am thinking that as they reopen things.  Within 2 weeks people will let their guard down.  So I am thinking we will have to be extra careful.  I am so grateful that we have a family member that owns the market. He will bring us anything we need. Be it eggs, meat, milk or  whatever. And the fresh produce will be coming in soon now, I hope.  I am not going to be able to get this garden going so will depend on getting stuff to can from the market. I can get anything I want by the bushel. Still haven't been able to get the garden ready and if I don't do it soon we will loose what plants I have started in the seed cups. 


WE2. so glad your cousin's DH was able to come home. Now he can rest up and heal. 

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Wiconsin Supreme Couurt ruled today that the govenor overstepped his authority on lock-down for more than 60 days. Slapped his hand pretty hard as well as the fluzzie who's head of DHS. We're free once again. Our whole 10-county area didn't even have to flatten the curve. There wasn't a curve.  Now we'll see how people do with social distancing. We will be careful because I visit my mom regularly and they are all old in the retirement center.

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Wow, just wow.  I’m shocked with the way people, who need real help, are being treated.  It’s a shame, in so many ways.


Got the oil change, no charge.  Sam’s Club didn’t have any roasts.  All hamburger and steaks.  Got two 5.5 lb. packages of hamburger, a brisket, and two packages of lamb chops, usually expensive, but, this time, under $5/lb.  Went to WM for the rest of Mom’s list, on the way back.  Stopped at Harbor Freight, no gloves, still, we are ok on gloves at home.  Vacuum sealed a couple 1/4 lbs of burger for Mom, and cheese into small one serving packages. Then, let MIL drive her car, to make sure it was running right,  to Walgreens for her prescription & came home.  She got upset because they gave her the generic thyroid med.  I let her go back by herself, just to make sure she could do it by herself.  She was rather pleased.  She also, changed her bed sheets, and I showed her an easy way to put them on her bed & the pillow cases.  So, ... she’s not going to need the maids to come any time soon. They come from Mex. and she is not going to chance getting the crud from them.  I’m relieved.  Big sigh of relief.


Tomorrow, I am heading home........  guess what?  I will get to sleep in my own bed, for the first time in 2 months!  :amen:



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I got up early and got to the grocery store about a half hour after they opened. I got nearly all the things on my list. I think I got everything except the little bitty cans of baked beans. They had the regular size cans though. I passed because I have some yet. 


The shelves were pretty full except for canned veggies and most bathroom cleaners. Both sink and toilet bowl cleaners. Frozen veggie aisle was normal. I guess the toilet paper crisis is over. There was plenty of that. Really everything was pretty well supplied. There looked like there was plenty of meat. I didn't get a good look because I was starting to get sick. Fast. Sigh. 


I hate wearing a mask. I got too hot and the smell was getting to me. Breath or mask? Hard to say. Next time I'll pop a mint to see if it helps. I had to hurry up and finish shopping. I was complaining to the cashier. She said the same thing happens with her. Yesterday she had to take a break and got sick. Later in the day she had a panic attack and hyperventilated. Poor thing. She has no choice but to wear one. My glasses kept fogging up too.


I got out of the store and it was pouring down rain. It felt so good. I didn't even hurry. I got home just in time to get sick. Ugh. I haven't even got all of the cold stuff carried in from the car. Nauseous, vomiting and chills again just like a few months ago. So much for my big adventure out. First time I've been out shopping in about six weeks. Prices were HIGH.


I wanted to check out more prices etc. but was fading fast. I didn't get to the med aisle to scope it out. 


I found out what that smell was in the Jeep. A cucumber had fallen out of the bag and off of the back seat and was on the floor between that floor hump and my plastic emergency car box. Six weeks ago. It was ripe alright. I had to look at it closely to recognize it. It looked like a big flat aloe vera leaf. 


I'm eating a Nauzene and putting a cold wet rag over my eyes and hopefully take a short nap. Don't let me forget to bring the rest of the groceries in. 


I guess the excitement was too much for me.    :rolleyes:


Forgot to mention but the other day I got a telemarket phone call. The caller ID said Harry Wolfe. :24:

I should have answered that one. And howled at him

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23 hours ago, Littlesister said:

WE2 I am so glad your husband got much better care at hosp. where he was though it was hard on your cousin to not be able to be there with him. 


It was not my husband...it was my cousin's husband.

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I'm feeling better. Still a little nauseous most likely because I ate. I did get some sleep. I also got the cold groceries put away. The rest of them are still in the car. They can just spend the night out there. Tomorrow is another day...

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Awww.....Jeepers!  What a rotten way to end your DAY OUT!   Well, back to the sequestered isolation for you...at least for a bit.  I hope this isn't what you had so long the last time.  :pray:  you'll feel better quickly.  DON'T FORGET THE REST OF THE GROCERIES....at least those that shouldn't stay out in the Jeep.  :shopping:


Take care tomorrow, Annarchy.  What out for those Recently Released drivers hot-rodding down the highways.  :pray:  for safe trip home.


Been hearing about your home state/gov, Homesteader.  Hmmmm.....  Like CO, there is great difference in COVID from the populated areas and us rural folks.  While I would never have voted for our governor, I've said before than I think he's been doing COVID things pretty well.  At least he got DH out of the restaurant before he caught anything more than the WHATEVER we had in January.  And he's being cautious but allowing Denver to stay locked down [mayor's good choice] but other counties and cities to "customize" their situations.  I believe that's really the way to go cuz some counties haven't had a single case.....  Hope folks are careful now.  :pray:  for you mom and her residence!!


LittleSister....good grief!  Your experience is horrifying.  Double that for those that don't have your medical background.  Yikes.  :pray: for you DH and for the docs and nurses and EVERYONE to have good solid reasoning in your DH's case.  Give them all Your wisdom, God.


WE2.....ouch!  Sounds like a nasty ooops!  Good thing y'all are prepared with knowledge and stuff to fix it.  :pray:  that it doesn't have any infection or other bother.


Ambergris....I think you're the only one with Goooood News.  You managed to sell in the midst of COVID?  :amen:    Will pray that your imaginary money turns into real money with no problems and all your wonderful "chicks" can hatch as planned!  :lol: 


It's RAINING a bit here.  Comes down ...then quits...then comes down as gropel...then rain again.  :shrug:  Every bit helps.  :happy0203:  


MtRider  ...pray I get a GOOD energy day so I can put stuff back where it belongs!  Hmph!  :wave: 

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RE:  glasses fogging up.  Shaving cream?  :thumbs:  Yeah, we used hand sanitizer wipes on the inside of windshield for same fogging up reason on Maui. 


ALSO, if you have masks with a bendy metal nose piece, DH says getting that on tight to nose will help.  He says masks do overheat him too in the store.  He doesn't use gloves but carries some Clorox wipes in a baggie....to wipe the cart and his hands when he reaches the car door.  Then again after he gets stuff inside car.  Gloves would just add to the overheating.


But he's used to working with lab equipment, etc.  :shrug: 


'Nother COOLING tip:  If you carry the alcohol wipes.....and you're overheating, use them on your arms and back of neck.  Evaporation of alcohol will cool skin fast.  Don't get into eyes, etc of course! 


MtRider  ....a lot of cloth masks don't have the nose piece..  :ph34r:

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The cashier at the store today said she was wearing a cloth mask when she got so sick yesterday. She said they were even hotter than the disposable ones. :shrug:


I had the nose pinch thing up as high as I could get it without going in my eyes. Then had my glasses setting on top of the mask. I was still a hot foggy mess. To top it off I was wearing my winter jacket. I was a red hot momma this morning. Not in an attractive way either. 

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Yeah, DD2 gave us some colorful cloth masks but DH said immediately that they're hotter and harder to breath thru.....at least his was.  Would depend on the material.  It's one reason I wear the N95 with exhale valve.....BUT....that does not protect anyone from my exhalations.  Instead, I would have a thickly folded cloth bandana to cover the exhale valve if I had to cough. 


Hee Hee.....I'm envisioning a tiny surgical mask poofed out but covering only over the exhale valve on an N95 mask.....  :lol: 




I wonder....if you bring the nose piece down further below your glasses?  If that would work instead of higher.  Cuz higher means some of the cloth section of the mask is also withing your glasses range.....if that's clearly worded enough.  :rolleyes: 


MtRider  :shrug: 

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I'm having a lot of trouble breathing through the mask and my doctor told me not to wear it unless I had a specific reason to--like I got sick.  It was making my overall health worse and not really protecting me from anyone else.  

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Good Morning,


Home safely, traffic was mostly lighter than normal.  Saw a lot more people wearing some type of masks, even if they weren’t covering their noses.  

DH took me out in the desert, to “get away”, just in time for a phone call and have to come back home.  Lol, Murphy’s Law.  

Oh my!  You should have seen Storm, he was all over me when I walked through the gate.  :wub:  I missed my Velcro tail, :happy0203:

DH picked another ripe Roma tomato, we will be needing to can them shortly, if they keep producing like they are.  :amen:


Today, I will be unpacking & doing laundry.  Just little things, because I am beat down from everything that needed to be done for Mom.  

Keeping everyone in my prayers.  

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I agree Euphrasyne. I think these masks are giving people a false sense of security. Better than nothing I suppose. Some places won't let you in if you don't wear one. Or people look at you like you are Typhoid Mary out to get them if you don't have one on. I've yet to have a hot flash while wearing one. That will be fun. 


My nose is only about an inch long so there isn't much wiggle room to adjust the mask. LOL.  I'm saving my N95 masks for...well, I'm not sure what for. Maybe for when I have to have direct contact with some one like doctor or medical people or tax preparer. Sigh. I need to get those things done soon. 


I didn't go out shopping today. For some reason my clock messed up and I thought it was earlier than it was. I thought maybe the battery died but it's keeping time just fine...on the minutes. The hour stopped working though. Odd. I'll change the battery just to make sure before I pitch it. 


Glad you are home safe and sound Annarchy. Bet you are too. And sleeping in your own bed! Probably mentally exhausted as much as anything, huh? You are so good to Mom. :hug3:



Okay, I just measured my nose. It's one and a half inches long from the bridge to the tip. From under my eye to the tip of my nose is one and a quarter inches minus a line or two on the ruler. Maybe I'm short faced. 


So, how many of you are measuring your nose now? Go ahead. You know you want to.  :008Laughing:


FYI a ruler is easier to work with than a yard stick. Unless you have special nasal issues. Not judging. We are all beautiful in our own way. 

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LOL  2 1/8th"


More sinus issues then???  I definitely have room to slide the metal piece below the edge of my glasses.  DD2 was wearing the cloth ones upside-down and thot it was bad fit cuz of Asian face/nose. 


MtRider  :lol: 

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:icon19:  not measuring mine.  :happy0203:


Today, is finishing the laundry and hickory smoking a brisket.  



Didn’t do too much yesterday.  Crashed early and slept in. 


The sun is shining, the mockingbird is on the electric pole, singing away.  And it’s 91° in the shade.  

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Walked and video this morning.
Hard boiled eggs, made us salads for today and tomorrow, cut up watermelon, did one load of laundry, cleaned dryer exhaust outside.
Put a bale of hay over most of the back garden. Need more. Feeling done in as I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.

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Since when did children's shoes become so expensive! Dang.


First of all I am not a label snob at all. Jeans and shorts come from Wal-Mart and tee shirts come from Michael's craft store. Just saying. I do wear Nike shoes because they don't hurt my feet. They are low cut around the ankle bone. 


G-son had a growth spurt. I got his summer 'wardrobe' a couple of weeks ago from Amazon for the free shipping. Easy Peasy. 


Today I went to order him some shoes. I wanted Nike because I know they fit him plus that's what his grandpa sends him and I know they fit him well. 


I pay around $54.00 for mine at Famous Footwear. They have been that price for many many years. Plain Nike tennis shoes. They last me well over 3-4 years because I only wear shoes outside. 


The cheapest ones for him I could find were $65.00. They were plain black with the 'swish'.  For toddler size. That he will out grow by next year. I passed on those. They weren't the Air Jordan's either. Those were $130.00 to $160.00. I'll keep looking. Sigh. 


I did get two pair of Crocs so he can wear them camping and playing in the water etc. A clog and a sandal. They cost nearly as much as adult Crocs. I probably could have bought generic Crocs locally but then I'd have to pay for shipping. 


BTW I have both Crocs and generic crocs and I can't tell the difference.


Okay, I'm done complaining. I was just shocked at the prices. 

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