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Did a quick and brisk 30 minute walk and then met my sister at her and her husbands favorite breakfast haunt...McD's...at outside tables.  We met them there because she made both of us two custom fit masks...according to her...they're CDC approved.  She donates them to our hospital.  We won't wear them unless we "need" to go into a place that they are mandatory which are few here in our city. Did have to wash them though...she's a smoker and they really stunk!  I wonder how the hospital manages them?  LOL  But...they probably go to staff only...so they probably take them home and launder them too.  We sat a table away from them, but she "lit one up" after she finished eating and I didn't think I was going to be able to get away politely :shrug:.  Then came home with stuffed up nose and headed for the Oregano oil.  Guess cigarette smoke not only stink to me but I am now somewhat allergic to it!?  Been stuffy off and on all day so been "sniffing" off and on all day! :24:  I quite asking her to quit a long time ago...her response was "I'll die from something".  You'd think after she had that enormous back and neck surgery which put her in a hospital bed for 6 months she would have not gone back to them.  Then when my brother was recently diagnosed with inoperable throat and lung cancer...she quit.  But nope...still puffs away.  Yes none of us are getting out of this world alive as we know it, but we don't have to go gagging, coughing, and pumped full of chemo or pain killer drugs.  Just sayin'.

Hubby worked for a customer for a couple of hours after we got home, and then went to the "Roost" to continue cutting, loading and dumping more tree limbs he had cut.  The neighbor picked a gallon size baggie of her beautiful Blackberries and sent them home with us! Hubby wanted me to wash them...but I firmly said "NO!"...I always wash my produce and fruit when I get ready to eat it.  It makes them mushy and often limp, plus being a place for mold or ??? if I don't get them used asap.  Zipped up in a baggie is good...just how I do it around here.

I did some laundry and got them hung out.  Was wondering if they'd get dry (his work jeans especially) because of the high humidity and no wind, but around 2 the wind got quite breezy and the sun decided to shine...so all is well.  Folded and put away!

Also made more jello (I buy all mine from the Mennonite stores in bags and then put it in pint jars with a dessicant.  Also put a can of peaches in the frig to get cold for supper....they wazzzz goooood! LOL

Mixed up some Tums in a pint of hot water and let them dissolve, then poured it into a spray bottle to spray my tomatoes with.  Found one day before yesterday with blossom end rot, but didn't spray them today because "it supposed" to rain around midnight.


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Test results are in.  No COVID!

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

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Note to self...Mr Murphy is alive and well, and a PITA as usual.  


We are trying to assemble a 10x13 foot temp garage as a storage shed.  Not going according to plan.  Chainsaw Mary (says Hi, BTW to all you here at Mrs S) is not one for following directions, and is prone to just up and start working while she has the energy and the day is {relatiely" cool, which sometimes makes our projects more involved.  So far we assembled the framing, then discovered that the place we wanted it was not level.....so we DISassembled the framing and started again.  We tried putting it on concrete blocks, after hauliing several loads of them from an abandoned pile we spotted.  Put them in place, ahd...yep,  still needed leveling, so had to move them all over again.  Finally the directions were referred to.  Oooops, we cant even use those  blocks, as then there is no way to anchor the shed against wind without major and questionable modifications.  Oh well, now we have a nice big fire pit.  Heck, several of them.


Ok, got out the tiller and a shovel.  Till, till, till, rake, rake, dig, dig....not enough.  Repeat two more times.  One side done (only took all day, lol).  Three more to go.  Knocked off for a siesta, as it was 96 in the shade where we were working (thank goodness for that nice breeze!).   Sometime during all this M laid her hand open working by herself.  She is not as careful when working alone, and she was too impatient to get going to wait for me to finish loading the dishwasher so it could run as we worked.  Fortunately no stitches.  Slapped on some triple anti-biotic and a stretchable bandage big enough to cover.  Now she is working Michael Jackson style (one glove) to protect it.  


M is watching You Tube videos of men putting together the same kind of temp garage.  They do not follow directions either, which encourages even more variations (and do overs).  But we are still working away at it.  The directions say it will go up in one day.  BALDERDASH!  is all I can say to that one.  AND one of our cats was gone a-wandering.  Hope he comes back, he was a sweetie and I fret about my critters.  The latest kittens are at the scurrying around getting underfoot stage, he may have left for some peace and quiet, LOL.


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Keep at it, Chainsaw Mary!  When you're done, it will be done for good and all!


Hired Guy and New Housemate got our new chicken pen up this afternoon.  Then I had to remove a tick off the back of her knee because she wanted to use a match, which is a great way to get an infection.  And enhances your chances of getting all these terrible tickborne diseases.  DS2 is bringing wire for the flooring tomorrow.  Hopefully, the foxes won't tunnel in tonight.


DS1 was having adventures in telemedicine today.  I started training on my new job while the electricity was threatening to go out in a sudden thunderstorm.  Hired Guy was playing video games on my dime, on my couch.  Then, after the rain stopped and he needed to be out there working, it was "oh, by the way, we need these tools, could you drop everything and find them for me?"  So with a countdown going on my screen, I asked DS1 to go find the tools, and he went without his phone, and missed a call it takes weeks/months to get, and ... yeah, adventures in telemedicine.  The call was to schedule him for more tests tomorrow and Friday, and to set up an MRI "soon."  (My MRI from February has not yet been scheduled.)

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Another very busy day...and it was raining this morning so no walk...but made enough trips up and down the homestead stairs to make up for it!  Emptied and cleared out so much of our things that we've moved gradually over from here to there.  Didn't need to water since it did rain "a little"...but I looked things over and they'll do just fine until tomorrow when I can fill the tubs tubes.  

Hubby worked in his homestead garage all afternoon clearing and repositioning tools etc., so he can build a "wood rack" that he can put his lumber on and get it all off the floor of the garage. 

In the meantime I pressure canned 9 pints of the red potatoes and still have a lot to do.  THEN...the Russets.  I forgot to oil the gasket on my canner (I haven't used it since last fall) so it didn't hold pressure...so...had to let it cool down and changed to the other canner lid very quick and re-started the whole process.  One ring with a Tattler wouldn't tighten down... so tried another ring right quick...still wouldn't tighten down.  Took the Tattler off and put on a metal lid, ring fit and tightened down.  I'll have to take a look at what type of jar that is so I don't use Tattler's on it again!  May pitch it!  Still had to use one metal lid because I mis-counted my Tattlers and didn't want to boil water for just one.  My bad.

Needless to say...supper was Pizza!  Been on my feet nearly all day and me is tuckered out.


100_1563 Nine pints of Red potatoes 7-20.jpg

100_1565 Rest of Red Potatoes.jpg

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--Yay.....we're storming = COOLER!  :happy0203:  


--I took a dramatic fall today in living room when my bad toe smacked on something as I stepped over dog.  [injuries to that toe date back to 8th grade --TWICE.  And it's not getting better with age] For about 2 minutes on the floor, I thot this one might be an ER visit.....just cuz the toe hurt SO BAD!  But it's just sensitive and it calmed down after laying there about 5 minutes.  ....mebbe ten minute.  Tonite I'm finding more places that were affected by the somersault and mildly-crash landing.  I'll live.  :buttercup: 


--Had lots of rain the past two days all over CO.  We've gotten our share.  :amen:


--Got up this morning and 4 people in yellow safety vests were drilling holes in our power poles.....more on that in different thread.  :scratchhead:  :tinfoilhatsmile:


--DH's doc sent him for eye exam:  all good.  No retina damage from diabetes.  His vision not changed enough for different glasses yet.  All good.  :amen:   Then he dropped off a cereal that my mom can't find in stores....he got on-line.  Had to wait in car 15 min for the dramatic thunderstorm/deluge of rain to pass.  Got gas and few groceries.


--He noted that the sleep aid I use.....only ONE bottle left in store.  Take note.  I stay ahead a few bottles.  80 pills per bottle and most nights I take one half.  Still.....would not like to try to sleep without them now.  MS and sleep -- it's a problem!!  [Unisom, btw]


--I decided to water things in the very HOT greenhouse today [cuz DH had to leave for appt] by simply spraying with the water hose.  :shrug:  Much faster than individual watering of the containers.  Nothing inside that can't get wet.  Our area not prone to mold, etc.  And the LAST thing I need is to overheat.  :0327: 


--DH got home in time to walk dog so I could finally wash hair!  :)  Kept running out of energy before I'd get it done! 


--Saw little [...means they're multiplying with babies] mouse in living room late last nite.  I was going to bop it with a shoe but I was too slow.  :mad: 


-- Made an apple pie with those neat pie crust things....unroll them and stick into the pie dish.  DH brought home Granny Smith apples.  :yum3: 


MtRider  ....kinda rough day  :offtobed:   .....PS:  the dog puked tonite on carpet   :sigh: 

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Sleep gels or sleep tabs?  Sleep gels are just benadryl 50 mg.  sleep tabs are doxylamine.  Benadryl is diphenhydramine hcl; you can get it anywhere for cheap.  Stock up.

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You all are having lots of adventures (and mis adventures) lately!  Calm down!  LOL


Did long video this morning and then walked to Hardware store to get a key made. Then walked Oreo around yard and in local street for a few minutes. He is doing very well!


Washed dog blankets and rugs. Swept house. Took eBay photos. Going to straighten top drawer in dresser and wash dogs in a little bit.

I think it's about to rain so tomorrow will be an -in the garden day.

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Jarred up another 9 pints of 'taters...the rest will need to be thoroughly cleaned/scrubbed with the new veggie brush (very stiff) to get into any and all crevices, and canned as "new potatoes".  Also jarred up 2 more half gallons of granola, six half gallons of potato flakes and then put oxygen absorbers in and listened for the "ping"...LOL 

Have a 2# bag of 7 bean soup that I want to go ahead and pressure can in some quart jars.  Got some bacon scraps in the freezer, so since I've got the canner going I might as well get it done.

Did take a nice walk this morning and then hubby helped me water the tubs, then home for my canning and he went back to work on his "projects"...more drywall work in the bathroom and more work in his garage for his lumber rack.

Tomorrow is our 11th anniversary...we're gonna go driving and visit a Mennonite store that did have quite a few Ball canning jars, including some half gallons...which is what I'm after.  I have plenty of other jars, but the half gallons I only have this one last case and I use them a lot for dry storage....pasta's...saltine crackers...granola...potato flakes etc.  O2 Absorbers work great for that and I don't have to drag out the Foodsaver and it's kit...or use the hand pump.

Nice cool shower and I'm done for the day...except for my book reading time.

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1 hour ago, Jeepers said:

:balloons:  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MR. & MRS. WE2! 


Yeah....have a nice day together!  :balloons: 


I slept well last nite with Nuprin and my 1/2 pill of sleep aid.  When I got up, I was functioning physically pretty good.  :)   But cognitively.....sheeeeesh!   I could NOT get my thots together if I put them into a bucket!   Hmph!  :sassing:    'Course I probably snapped my [fragile cuz of past injuries] neck yesterday when I fell....so had DH adjust me. In-house chiro is SO great!   I lay down for a while and then.....yesss!  I can think again!  :amen:  



Wellllllll......  :buttercup:    Y'see  THEN I saw on Doppler that storms were coming.  So I got DH to hold the ladder outside the greenhouse.  Saw another tear in the plastic developing in a high stress area at the end of the center support.  I got that taped up and reinforced some other areas.  He took ladder back and I went inside greenhouse to tape a couple small splits I'd kept my eye on.  Finished and was simply walking out......and my ankle turned.  :sigh:   ......I did not go completely down.   I slapped my forearms on a spindly, metal, folding table to catch myself......it held and I got my balance.  :amen:     Whew!  I gingerly stepped on that dratted left foot [injured that badly 3 yrs ago but it's been fine].  It was a bit sore from stretching things but I must have gotten off it before I slammed too much weight on it.  Closed up greenhouse.  Got up stairs before those dark clouds overhead let loose with a wonderful amount of rain all afternoon:happy0203:    


Had to put freezer gel packs on lower back [twisted]  for a while and rest that.....but it's fine now.  Nuprin again.  Sheeeesh!  That was a close one but I seem to be ok.  DH was just shaking his head ..."I JUST adjusted you!"    :shrug: 


I'm okay tonite so ....all's well that ends well!  [Ma Ingalls] 


MtRider  .....even the collard plant-in-the-pot that I knocked over survived just fine.  :lois:  

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our prodical cat returned - i heard him calling at the door the 2nd night after he disappeared and he happily came in and headed for the waterer.  Not surprising, he had been outdoors in 100+ heat and a thunderstorm.  IDK why he tried to run out the door when he does, but the last 2 times he has ended up outside in downpours.  You think he'd learn.  He is very lovey dovey, glad to be home I think.


Lost another kitten to a recliner fatality.  I use a hassock as I am afraid of hurting our smaller critters, but CM does not, and she forgets to check before slamming the leg rest down.  Very sad, but at least it was fast (broken neck).  She is heartbroken, she liked that little one.  Another outdoor kitty is getting bigger & bigger....trying to keep an eye on her in case she needs help as it will be her first litter.  Also steeling myself for a high loss rate, first timers are not always good mothers.  Oh well, cant tell a cat what to do any more than some people.


The okra is starting up - I have been waiting with bated breath for fresh okra.  Now I have to teach CM that bigger is NOT better with okra....she brought some in that would have made good daggers, they were so large & hard!  But oh, the smaller ones....delicious!  Now the beans & tomatoes are starting to go on strike due to the high temps.  CM wants to pull, I say wait until you have a replacement ready, they may perk up when the hot spell passes. Peppers are showing calcium deficiency so we will give them antacid watering a couple times to stop that nonsense.


We are also waiting on finishing up our construction projects until the temps get below 95 degrees, and are trying to keep the air conditioning from icing up due to the high humidity.  Ahhh....summer.....I keep telling CM it is over-rated, LOL.    She says shut up and lets go swimming.  Good idea.


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Aw, sorry to hear about the kitty. That had to be so traumatic.


It's always so tense when litters are being born. We have two Danes at the Service Dog Project in the maternity room now. It gets so tense. We wait and wait and stare at the rear end while analyzing every phart. They show it all and some times one (or more) of the puppies doesn't make it. They do everything they can to save them but a stillborn won't breathe no matter what they do. At those times I walk away and bawl like a baby! Only to rush back when I hear, " She's having contractions again". 


I heard an interesting theory about that. Lady dogs are 'agreeable' for a number of days. She goes to live on Honeymoon Hill for those few days. She's looking for husband material. Fido I might drop in for a visit, then maybe Rover and even Spot. So there can be a lot of love in the air over a weeks time. Some puppies might be made on a Monday, some on Wednesday and some more on Saturday. It's all good. But when the birth date rolls around the Monday puppies want out NOW. But the Wednesday and Saturday puppies say "Hold tight behind mom! We haven't finished baking in the oven yet!" What's a mother to do. Can't stop nature. If she did, some puppies would be too big and over cooked. So, some puppies are ready, and some aren't. Nature can be cruel. 


Also, a mom's innards are built funny. Her incubator is shaped like a Y. Inside the two stick ends, resides a puppy. It's in its own sac and own umbilical cord. One puppy is born from one side and the next is born from the other side. They take turns. There can be as many as six or more puppies in each side. It can be a fight to the finish in there. 


We have learned to look for muscle tone right away. No muscle tone (a floppy puppy) and the chances are very grim. That's when I go have a bio break, grab a sweet tea and bawl my eyes out and say I'm never watching that again. At east until contractions start up again.


Someone must have digressed again. I did try to keep it PG though. 

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Had a lovely day.  Played "our song" (Anne Murray's "Can I Have This Dance") and waltzed in the living room floor.  Then...off to Mennonite country.  Found the half gallon jars so picked up four cases.  Love them for storage.  Also was able to picked up six packages of grilled chicken strips for our freezer.  I love them for quick meals...with pasta's and sauces...or just sprinkled with Sazon powder and then our favorite sides.

Heat index was 106 so it was imperative to stay in a/c ... even our Abby...we leave the van run with the a/c on full blast plus a small fan circulating the air even more.  Being a camper van it's used to being run like that.  Even on days that are not so hot, it has the Fantastic fan than we turn on high as well as the small fan, and three of the side windows cracked.  We don't figure anybody would be brave enough to stick their arm through one of the windows with her looking them in the eye! LOL  She gets quite aggressive when someone even taps on a window...even her human daddy! LOL

Supper was spaghetti...one of our favorite meals.

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Haven't had a chance to really read the post here in awhile, but looks like everyone has been busy and dealing with hot weather as well. We are going into a heat wave here. Monday is going to be maybe up to 110 heat index. Not good as I have to take DH to doctor. We are getting our physicals as they were cancelled in March. Thinking that if DH could have at least had the lab work we would have been able to prevent the issues he is now having.  Dangerous low potassium levels. This is what started it all. 

He is doing better and getting a bit stronger. Home health released him today and next week Phy. therapy will release him. He Has 4 doctor appts. and test next week. I only have one free day. I am so tired now.  


Started emptying the freezer again. Got 22 pints of succotash canned today and pulled out 2 Boston Butts to make barbeque to can tomorrow. That put a dent in freezer. :cheer:Just hope I have energy tomorrow. Will have an early start. 


Again I want to think everyone here for the prayers for DH. :grouphug:I have really missed being on here reading all the post and now I have a lot to catch up on. He will never be as active as he was due to the heart valves being in bad shape. But we will do what we can. He did make some chicken salad today. That was the first time he has gotten in kitchen to do anything. So that is a good sign.  He is to start heart rehab in a couple of weeks. After next week we are free for a week. Then the following week I will get him set up for the rehab.  Hoping it will make a big difference with his heart and his ability to be able to do things again. It has been a long and tiring 5 months. That doesn't even count the issues he was having before Christmas.


Hoping to be able to get back on here more than I have soon. Though it won't be next week. Looking like they may close things down here again and no school in the fall. this mess is getting bad.  Not sure what to think anymore. I need to get parts for grill and go to Sam's. DH wants to go with me but he will be staying in car. Not letting him go in any stores. But it is a good way to get him out of house for a bit. Want to try to go to Church Sunday even though it is outside sitting in the car. But that is ok. At least we can see our friends and have a church service to go to. 


Stay safe everyone as we are now in the second round of this mess. 


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Good to see you back, Little Sister.  :pray: for both of you!


Sad stories about little kitties and pups.  But new life happening too.  ..."shut up and let's go swimming"  :lol:  


Sounds like a nice day for the WE2s.  Congrats.


DH, dog and I went out to a mountain stream.  It was cloudy [heat-safe for me] when we left but sunny there.  I found a big rock and sat with feet dangling in cool water!  :happy0203:   Talked to tubers passing by.  They had a nice day for that.  Had to retreat to shade pretty quick tho...I haven't been out in sun much.  I'm fair-skinned and burn!  Our weather has been tooooo hot and now, thunderstorms to be out in the sun to gather some color besides pink.  I'm usually a bit browned by July.


The foot that turned on me yesterday is dropping the arch today.  Drat the thing!  Too much barefoot without the arch support, maybe?  DH adjusted it and I'm wearing the slippers/arch supports.  Hmph....I like bare feet when it's not below zero.  ;)  All other body parts involved in the past two days of fiascos, reported in fine today.  Even my brain.   :thumbs: 


MtRider  ....DH made banana bread  :yum3: 

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Little Sister  :hi:.  It's so good to see you posting. Great news about your husband. I've been thinking about you often. :hug3:



Congrats for your dear granddaughter.  :bouquet:




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Thanks Jeepers. 

So sorry to read about the kitty. I know my daughter has ferrets running around and has to be careful with those recliners as well as rockers. 


DH made the barbeque today and we just finished.  I am so glad that he is trying to do things again. It has been 4 months since he has been able to do anything for himself. So this is a huge improvement. Though he still has a long way to go. He cannot exert himself or he will loose his breath and can't do anything. I will be canning the barbeque tomorrow. Not going to try church in morning with the high temps as we will be staying in car and I don't think DH is quiet ready for that yet. At least not in the heat. Heat index might get up to 110 tomorrow as well as Monday. So will get up early and put preaching on TV while I can. At least I can hear it in the air condition. Can't wait to get Churches to start opening again. Really am missing our Sunday school class. We talk on phone but just not the same as a meet up at church. 


Next week is all doctors everyday with the physical therapist releasing DH on Wed. Then I will have the week after fully free to get things done around here. I have 2 turkey breast in freezer I want to can. Will keep a little of it for turkey sandwiches. :feedme:   


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So glad to hear that your DH is doing better, Littlesister!


Sorry about the kitten, Kappy!  It always hurts to lose one.


Been a busy couple of days. I know I walked or did video each day. Video today.


Friday, I hard boiled eggs, washed dogs and spent a good part of the day in the gardens attempting to tame the weeds.  Picked two dozen butternut squash.
Yesterday, I helped a friend most of the day and picked up the tomatoes that were in my BIL's freezer.

Today will be Church, then Walmart produce for bell peppers and ACV for making Rotel tomatoes.
Also sweet potatoes as we have company coming next weekend bringing 3 dogs. That makes 6 dogs here for the weekend! Should be interesting. Will make extra sweet potato treats, cut up extra cheese bits, buy more baby carrots and have apples ready to cut.
Thawing all tomatoes today as tomorrow will be Rotel day and doing basic chores so I don't have to be too distracted or overwhelmed.

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Thank you Miki.  DH hasn't done much today but watch TV but he is about to have a very busy week with doctors everyday but one and that is Tuesday. That will tire him out as well as me. 


Got the Barbeque canned this morning. Couldn't get our church service up on Facebook again. Last week I got it but it kept freezing up. So that just doesn't work. 

Miki are you able to have regular church service or having to stay in car. Our church has to stay in car but can get it on Facebook at times. I am going to see if I can get it later tonight. Right now I am so tired. But this morning before doing the barbeque, I read Bible and prayed for our country.  Portland has been hit hard.  This has been one of the worst years that I can remember in my lifetime. And it will get much worse come November. 

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Our church is doing every other row, then sanitizing and switching rows for the second service.  They are doing Sunday school, but very spread out.  Still doing an online service as well, pre-recorded, because they can't get the one part we need to be able to livestream.

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