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Renewed the tags for the travel trailer, paid our Lowe's bill and then made a run to one of our favorite Amish stores for some more Castile Peppermint liquid soap. Love that and the Lavender. I buy the bigger bottles so they last me awhile. I buy the Dr. Wood's brand there, it's quite a bit cheaper than the other "name brand" :-) When we got back to town we went to the Homestead and worked some more on sealing up the windows. Making headway :-) Turned the heat pump on to make sure it was working correctly, and set the thermostat at 50. Put some foil bubble wrap behind the pipes in the bathroom vanity and behind the pipes under the kitchen sink. We've had lovely weather and the nights are staying around the mid 40's but we know winter will be here. It usually arrives around the last of December or the first of January. Then came home and finished clearing my closet of the shorter sleeved tops and got them vacuum sealed up and put away. Now I can hang my long sleeved tops in the closet! Yippee! It was a wrestling match trying to get them hung with so many other tops etc. in it. I have a large metal wardrobe that I keep all my slacks hanging in so they stay there. All three of my dressers are "winterized" now too :-) Put some yogurt in the freezer so we can have some "ice cream" LOL

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Thank you.


Today, I will be unloading another truck load of wood. :amen: Finished the boarder around the garden, but I am going to wait until after Christmas to plant anything. This morning there is frost on everything.


The WE2's, you inspired me to pack away our summer clothes. The last two storms have cooled things off around here tremendously. We probably will not need our summer clothes until mid January. B)


Cracked another tooth on last nights dinner. :sigh: At least it doesn't hurt. Crispy thin crust pizza.


Time to get back to my ToDo list.


Hoping everyone has a great day.

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Got the banana chips all in pint jars :-) Three of them will be going to the guys on our Christmas list. I made up three pints of "laundry sauce" for our lady friends. I just finished using the glitter glue on the paper lunch sacks to write "Merry Christmas" in red and green, and stuck a red bow on each one. Sorted some red tissue paper for stuffing :-) The gals will be getting; a pair of hand crocheted slippers, a dish cloth, a pint of laundry sauce, a small plastic container of mint face scrub and a card. the guys will be getting some emergency candles, an LED flashlight and a pint of banana chips. Love making homemade stuff :laughkick: Waiting for the glitter glue to dry and then we'll have fun stuffing the bags!!! The Christmas party is Saturday evening so looking forward to it.

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Besides just laying around? I cut MrWE2's hair after I cut some on mine. Then we trimmed Abby-girls toenails. None of us enjoy it but it's a must. Watched several youtube's about tudor-style Christmas etc. I find it very interesting how they cooked some of their foods etc. Also found it quite funny how the lady made a "blanket" to keep her warm from paper! We both sat their and watched with the "now that's something" look :-) Also thought to myself...don't put a hot stone or brick under it! LOL

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Worked on the Homestead windows again this afternoon. Made a trip to Menards to pick up two cheapy 5-gallon lids and two plungers for our shtf "laundry" buckets :-) I have the Wonder Wash but wanted the buckets. Now...to find a decent wringer or something that will work. Made a small batch of peanut butter fudge and finished the red pancho that I want to wear for a wrap tomorrow evening at the Christmas part with our friends. I take fleece throws and crochet the neck etc.


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Bought my Christmas cards today so I'm getting ready to get them made out. A couple I have to write a note on. Ugh. I should have had them done and sent already. I have a box full of them but I can't find them so I had to go buy some more. I was sure they were in the garage. They must have moved themselves. Happens a lot around here. :whistling:

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Processed a 5 lb. pumpkin yesterday. It made 4 gallons of blanched squash and a pint of salted seeds. Made a pumpkin cheesecake pie today. It's still in the oven.


Unloaded the wood out of my truck, refilled the humming bird feeders, changed the chicken nesting box straw, caught up all the laundry and still need to clean out DH's truck. Been working on a pastel painting that is taking a lot of time because of the detail.


Let Grrr go for the ride, from the back yard into the driveway, he seemed so dejected when he realized we didn't really go anywhere. LOL I should have gotten a picture of the look on his face when I opened the door for him to get out. Priceless.


Ack, Christmas is almost here. Didn't send cards, didn't buy anything for anyone, didn't decorate, don't want to either. I have a tiny porcelain mouse with a stocking on his head, he sits on the shelf all year. I moved it from his spot on the shelf to the TV stand and told DH, "there's your decorations".


Big whoop, I still need to figure out what's for dinner.


Oven timer just went off.... gotta go.





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Made labels for our jars of honey for gifts, thawed containers of homegrown raspberries to make jam tomorrow for gifts, finished Christmas cards, and hung drywall. The drywall was NOT MY IDEA. :tapfoot: Why do these guys want to dilly dally much of the year and then want to go 800 mph with the remodel job the week before Christmas? :0327:

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LOL Homesteader. My DH is cramming in oodles of hours of continuing ed. for his tax prep business. Closing date [which he chose by ordering on that date one year ago].....Dec 26th. In the middle of everything else going on.....


I'm joining Annarchy: We've done no cards [tho I mean to slip a few out to my elderlies on my list]. No purchases [we don't do many but usually a few.] DH is making bread/rolls for my folks on Dec 24....his next day off. :cook: He's a much better baker than me and it relaxes him to cook/bake....when he's home to do it.


My Christmas decoration is a single little snow village unit that has ......{MS-word-searching}..... y'know those light things with the thread that light bounces thru and comes out the other end????? Anyway, it changes color and I do adore colored lights...any time of year. A tiny train used to go around the track but that function isn't working. Usually I also put up my tiny miniature Nativity scene....but I haven't looked for that yet in the flurrry that has been our house lately. :twister3:


New-to-me HUGE FRIDGE is hard to beat as a gift this year. 'Course I'm working awfully hard to make that happen. But I am SUPER pleased with it. I've brought up some freezer stuff from downstairs. Have to organize the fridge section but there is loads of space. I'm kinda....amazed! And since it's extra space is in different dimensions, we actually gain 2 1/2" of walk way to bedrooms/bath. Like...now you can bring your arms with you when you fit thru there.... :lol::happy0203:


I have NO clue about gift for DH. Since I haven't been anywhere since Thanksgiving.... ??? No chance to go anywhere til 24th cuz he has to drive me. Somehow it seems kinda dumb. I did remind him of a coat he has that would replace one that was getting old and worn. He'd completely forgotten about it. So now he has a new coat. Does that count? :laughkick:



I want a bathtub to soak when I feel like this. :bathbaby: Instead I have a hospital bed with great electric adjustment controls.....and a cat sitting on me for warmth. :wink (2):



And after DH came home he remembered he needs clothes washed for tomorrow.... Aiieee...I was trying to remember that in the midst of everything today....so we hurried to :clothesline: ....well, no. Not clothes line. Grateful to have washer and dryer. Load is in the dryer now. :amen:


MtRider .....tough day physically but delighted to get the fridge! :balloons::hapydancsmil::balloons:

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Congrats on the new (er) fridge! I remember when we replaced the 1960's tiny one we had. Everything in the freezer was always encased in ice blocks.


Homesteader, at least yours helps and does projects. Mine leaves it up to me to do. :shakinghead: Thanks for reminding me, I need to get his chain saw running again, that will be his Christmas present. :happy0203:

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I'm having a craptastic day. A very sick puppy who probably won't make it to worry about. Some sort of respiratory issues.


Migraine has reared it's ugly head along with an arthritic neck that OTC meds aren't helping.


One of my cousins told me they think her husband has Alzheimer's. They are doing all kinds of testing but it doesn't look good. She said he has become violent (totally not like him) and she has had the sheriff out twice in the last six months. She said it was so bad on Halloween she thought he was going to kill her. They live in the country and are pretty isolated as far as neighbors. I'm kind of concerned for her. He is a hunter but she said she has the guns and bow and arrows secured. He retired about 5 years ago from being a high school biology teacher. They are around 68-70 years old. So much for the golden years.


Ever think you lost something important like a checkbook or charge card? That horrible feeling. I was reviewing my bank accounts on line and it looked like someone hacked into my checking account. And it's Sunday and the bank is closed. I wracked my brain trying to figure out where it could have gone and who took it! After about two hours I finally figured out that I had transferred the money from my checking account into my mortgage account. Crimony.


I want a do-over day.

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:hug3: Wow, Jeepers.


I thot my day was 'going south' when I looked up and saw SNOW flying all over the place. :sigh: ....more snow..... :(


Okay, I'm TRYING to be reasonable and REST. We've been slowly pulling in all the stuff that had to get out of the way yesterday. It's on the porch. Porch has roof but this snow is flying sideways. So I rushed around to FIRST...get sox/undies off the clothesline. :clothesline: + :frozen: = Ack! Then all the rest of boots, boxes, and whatever that should not get wet. Course then my living room is stacked even HIGHER and it's even MORE difficult to return to normal....


If this snow stops, some of this is going back out there till I can get this sorted out!


Also had to throw an old sleeping bag over the big HEAVY-AIN'T-GOIN'-NOWHERE chair. It will go to storage as soon as DH and I can wake up super early..lift it into truck...take to storage...get back to go on with normal morning stuff. :0327: Today would not have been that day. :grinning-smiley-044: DH is using the really early morning hours to finish his tax classes on line. Not getting that done would cost us more than ruined chair. :gaah:



Oh well...looking at the fridge still makes me smile. :happy0203:


MtRider ...hope your day settles down, Jeep!

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Made up 9 pints of raspberry jam for Christmas gifts. I had already crushed and frozen them this summer. It's nice getting some of my freezer containers (and freezer space) back again. :hapydancsmil:


I'd like to do a few pints of strawberry jam tomorrow but am running out of time. I can always do them when we get back from Christmas with the family. :woohoo:

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Another lazy day :-) Did make a trip to Menards. they had totes on sale (with lids) for $3.99 so we picked up a few. Also had men and women's ski gloves $1.99 so we picked up a few pairs. Also stopped at WM and found fleece throws in a pretty camo patter so picked up a couple for MrWE2 and yarn to made for the neckline. Finished it about an hour ago and he's in his recliner, snug in it, and eating chips! LOL

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Having another bad day. We lost a puppy due to inflamed intestines.They did surgery today and they were turning gangrene. It was our sweet Neal who came from the Netherlands. He was only 6 months old. I feel awful.There are a lot of broken hearts out there today including mine. I know an ocean of tears have been cried too. Including mine. Tomorrow Carlene's personal dog has surgery on a sore that won't heal. She is 14. Danes usually don't live past 10-11 years old. Sigh.

Today was my wedding anniversary. I had errands to run today but my face is a blotched mess. I know I'll feel better tomorrow but today I just want to crawl in a hole...

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Neal.....the one that was on the diverted plane but got home anyway? They needed his bloodlines, didn't they?


(((Jeepers))) Hope your barrage of STUFF stops and gives you a breather.



Other than still trying to find the right coldness setting on my fridge [made scrambled eggs with slushy, half-frozen eggs this morning] , this has been okay today. Getting some rest after working on restoring living room and cooking breakfast.


MtRider ....poor lil' Neal.

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