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You and Mary sure accomplish a lot despite arthritis!  


Doing video this morning as I don't want to leave the house for long today.


It is fig day! Will make triple recipe of orange fig jam(6#) and then 5# of figs will be canned in a light syrup.

Will walk dogs early as it is supposed to be 95 today.

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Test results are in.  No COVID!

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

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Kappydell that is the one I just bought from that company. Thank you. for the picture. I haven't put on bed yet. They also sent me a free trial one to check out. I am thinking I will order from them again as they have a  lot of good things that I could use. Now all I need is one body size band-aid to wrap DH in when he scrapes that thin skin. Though he is off the blood thinners he still bleeds a lot even though it is just a scratch. So far one on elbow, hand and leg. I am thinking bubble wrap. :laughkick:

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Went shopping. Spent way too much but I did get a lot of stuff. Would have made a good haul video if I did those.


First I stopped in Lowes. Lowes, Wal-Mart and Home Depot share the same parking lot. I need some peg board cut to fit a couple of drawers for dishes. I was stunned when I walked by the lumber. So many empty shelves. Those shelves are so big and when they are empty you really notice it. They didn't have any peg board left. They usually have plenty of full and half sheets. I needed a couple of other things like a light bulb changer and ceiling fan Swiffer thing (I have cathedral ceilings at the other house) but I know my waning energy level, so I went on over to Wal-Mart. I can get them online if I have to.


Went to Wal-Mart for some back to school/office supplies during the tax free weekend. I got there early and got the first parking spot by the door. I waddled my bad self, feeling smug about my good luck, only to find those doors locked. Of course. That's why I got the good spot. I drove over to where the normal people park.


The place was sort of empty but it was early. I got most of my grocery shopping done while there. They had the little cans of baked beans. They had 11 cans and I got them all. They have plenty of the regular size cans but I've been wanting the small single serving ones. I couldn't find the 4 pack of peas but they had a few single cans. I'm stocking up on canned veggies to make a huge pot of veggie soup this winter to can. They didn't have any of the sour blueberry or watermelon Jell-O I like, and no strawberry/banana yogurt. No sandwich size pepperoni but the pizza size was available. And still no seasoned brussel sprouts! I got everything I needed but not everything I wanted. So, I'm not complaining...yet.


They had some off brand paper towels. They had about 6 packs of Bounty but it was the kind where you tear off the size you want. Too complicated for me. I want the one size fits all. They did have some Viva and something else, but not much. Toilet paper was sparse. They had 4 packs of Northern left and I got one. They had more of the Angel Soft (I think it's called). They had some Clorex wipes but were limit one. They had laundry soap but the dish wash soap was pretty hit or miss. They finally had some of the Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner. No bleach. The only thing that was limited was the Clorex wipes.


They had tons of masks. $14.00 for 25 and lots of children's masks too. That surprised me. I got four boxes each. Now I won't have to order them. Glad about that because the boxes were usually crushed up. No Witch Hazel, Alcohol or Peroxide. The vitamin shelves were looking rather thin too. Now they have them behind Plexiglas shields. At first I thought they were locked. They weren't but when you opened them a bell dinged and a woman said if you need help ask a pharmacist. Not sure what the purpose of that is except to draw attention to you. Or maybe they are getting ready to lock them up like they do baby formula. Don't know. Still no Zinc. They had lots and lots of Suave hand sanitizer and another brand too. No limit.


Got all of the tax free items I was looking for. Got an Exacto electric pencil sharpener but it was taxed because it was $25.00. I got tons of crayons, some water color paint, chalk and construction paper for You-Know-Who. Also a caddy for crayons, scissors and glue sticks etc. I'm going to reserve a shelf in a closet for art/office supplies. Oh, and some computer paper and ink.


They had some canning jars and lids. Especially regular mouth. I was sinking fast so I really didn't notice how many or the price. The shelf looked like it had been ransacked.


By the time I got back out to the car I was exhausted. It was all I could do to unload the cart. I thought about going to Office Max to see if they had one of those butt wiggling manual pencil sharpeners but I remembered my back window is still broken in the down position and the car was loaded down. That would have been too tempting for some people.


I picked up two light fixtures for the halls at the other house and a medium size fan that you could hang on a wall if you wanted to. Jeep is still loaded down and at my pace it will probably take until tomorrow to get it unloaded. Cold stuff is put up so whatever.


Dang, I forgot to look for socks and undies. I can't go back because car is loaded and back window won't go up.



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That sure is a big haul, Jeepers!  Our Walmart was closed for a few days last week because at least 40 employees tested positive for Covid.  Should be open now, but I have no reason to go and plenty to stay away!


Did video this morning and then started another roast in the slow cooker. Went to Church.


This afternoon, I set up saw horses and plywood to cure potatoes (plywood is buried, of course), next will weed eat one section of back garden. That should be about it, I need some rest!

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I appreciate your shopping report, Jeepers.   With DH doing all our shopping, it's sometimes difficult to get a bunch of information out of him with how the stores are.


Him: "I got what I could on the list."  And he's on to focusing on something else.

Me:  "But I want to know all about it."  :pout:

So I come here.  :gathering:     



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Had sort of a down day today.  DH had a rough night. Issues with breathing. He was stuffed up with sinus issues again. It had been a while since he got that bad. Had to use inhalers and it still took a while. So I was up and down all night with him.  Had to give him an extra fluid pill as well because of his stomach being so swollen it cut off his ability to breath easier. He is doing much better today though. But neither of us got much sleep last night. 


I am going to have to get out and do some serious shopping as well. TV in our bedroom has decided to retaliate. We hardly ever use it. But with DH being sick, he has been watching TV in bed as we can put the head of bed up as well as the foot of bed for his swelling and he is more comfortable. So today it has decided you only get sound and no picture. have to cut it off every 2 or 3 hours to let it cool down. So looks like a trip to Best Buy. Dryer needs repair as well. just needs new rollers for drum to turn. So going to try to work that in before DH's surgery on the 18th. And also I am still dealing with the car issue. Don't know how we will get that fixed as the company doesn't seem to want to do the work.  I will never buy another Hyundai again. I love the car but this is crazy that they are being sued because they won't work on them. Not even a recall which this should be one of those and they didn't recall it. I swear if I have to buy another car it will be a jeep, ford or chevy. I am over this mess. 


Jeepers, I love the shopping report.  Wondering if the reason for the lack of wood in the home depot and Lowe's is because of the hurricanes.  I won't go into a Walmart anymore. It has been several months since I have been there. Can't get any help and now they don't want to enforce wearing a mask so I have heard. They claim they don't want to invite trouble as people have been getting into fights over wearing or not wearing a mask.  I can order on line if I need something from there. 


Was looking at what I have left in freezer earlier today and I still have a lot of frozen veggies, beef and chicken and a ham. DH cannot eat the ham, so going to see if daughter or granddaughter wants it. We love ham but way to much salt for DH to eat. Not sure what I will do yet where that is concerned. I was thinking about canning it for the kids but I have heard that canned ham is not that good. So not sure yet. 

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Canned ham is fine for soup or deviled ham salad.  It makes a great ham biscuit around christmas time.  Its also good to add to beans.  

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6 minutes ago, euphrasyne said:

Canned ham is fine for soup or deviled ham salad.  It makes a great ham biscuit around christmas time.  Its also good to add to beans.  

Thanks, that is a good idea. Though my daughter does the medical billing for Smithfield foods and gets a ham every year. So might just do part of it for beans and ham and then can the rest for deviled ham salad. Didn't think about that one. 

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7 hours ago, euphrasyne said:

Canned ham is fine for soup or deviled ham salad.  It makes a great ham biscuit around christmas time.  Its also good to add to beans.  

  You might look into the ham flavored bouillon powder as well.  It has a nice flavor and really punches up the flavor of a pot of beans.  Orrington Farms is the brand;  I got mine at Walmart and I notice it is still available in some places....like on their web site.  Im getting another 6 jars to replace those I gave to a prepping friend.  


The shopping reports are helpful, they encourage me to get up early for the granny shopping hours (right at store opening'  0530 at my favorite store (yikes) but worth it.  I was really angry when the media started playing all those clips of folks saying "there will be food shortages".  nothing creates a food shortage like making people fear a food shortage.  Talk about a slef-fulfilling prophecy!


Today we struggled with air conditioning.  This is the 2nd year in a row with AC issues - and our unit is only 2 years old!  Today we got with a paralegal friend and are looking into a civil suit against the mobile home contractors that botched our homes' sale and installation so badly that it is coming apart at the center seam (it is a double wide).  The AC was the last straw.  Our friend thinks we have recourse to force them to make things right plus pay us for the horrors they put us through whle trying to move down here while juggling chemotherapy and various other catastrophes they created with constant delays and changes.  Plus when we checked our financials it looks like they took us for a considerable sum of money as well.  It costs nothing to try I guess.  Meanwhile, we set up our window AC units yet again that we got last year when the AC died in July.  Of course, it HAS to be at least 95 degrees and 100% humidity when it cuts out, dontcha know?  


Stormy here tonight.  I was out feeding the outside kitties when it hit with a lot of loud  thunder and a sluicing rain so bad it scared the cats.  I had just called them into the car port for dinner (I knew the rain was coming, and they woud be sheltered that way) when it hit.  So I sat with them for a while and petted (and talked) to them (yes they are spoiled) until things eased up a bit.  It was an impressive storm.

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Kappy,  that Orrington Farms would be great buy with 920 mg. of sodium, I have to find a very low or no sodium solution for ham.  They did have some low sodium things I will look into later but I didn't see one for ham.

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Hope you get some rest today Littlesister!  Also hope that you can sue the pants off the company that has caused you all so much grief, Kappy!


Walked first this morning, fed dogs and took them for a stroll outside fence on leash. They love that so much! Went to Kroger for local sales, Dollar Tree for frozen fruit and a thrift store.


Home and have second load of laundry started. Still have to cut okra and pick figs and put it all away.

I did not sleep well at all last night-a little over 4 hours- so I don't think I will do much else today.

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Walked this morning. Very tired. 4.5 hours sleep two nights in a row. Hopefully will do better tonight!


Hard boiled some eggs, made rice for the dogs and will clean the bathrooms next.


Dug up some sweet potatoes and a few potatoes this morning and have them curing. Had to get that done since it is supposed to rain the rest of the week


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HUD Dispute Resolution Program in the State of Georgia

Georgia’s state fire marshal contracts with the federal HUD dispute resolution for any issues that consumers may have with their mobile home after the warranty has expired or if they are unable to resolve their problem with a dealer or manufacturer during the warranty period.

Be sure to include the following if you are considering filing a complaint:

  • The retailer, manufacturer, installer, HUD, or the State Administrative Agency was notified of alleged defect(s) within one year after the date the home was first installed.
  • The home was not reinstalled.

You can submit your request the following ways:

  • Online
  • Email: info@huddrp.net
  • Phone: 571-882-2928
  • Fax: 888-819-5191
  • Mail (preferably certified)

ATTN: Manufactured Home Dispute Resolution Program
1676 International Drive
Suite 501
McLean, Virginia, 22102

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Jarred up 24 pints of green beans yesterday, so washed and labeled them this morning for the winter pantry. Then did :dusting::dishes: and sweeping and vacuuming. Fixing three meals a day keeps the dishwasher (me) pretty busy! Had some thunder going on a bit ago, so our girl has found another hidy hole besides "pappa's" side of the bed...the bathroom floor! LOL  I guess she can't hear it quite as much there?  Glad it's over with.

Will try to do some laundry in the morning so I can get it hung on the lines early enough to dry.  

The garden tubs are toast except the canteloupe's and tomatoes.  May go ahead and pull the green 'maters and just make a quick salsa out of them with the red ones I've got in the frig.

Hubby said mechanic thought he might get the old engine pulled from the truck today...then...in goes the replacement.  He told hubby he thought that there were still a lot of very useable parts on the old engine so that will save us a lot of dollars!  Also didn't find any other repairs he thought were needed.  Once the transplant is in, hubby will ask him about working on the gas tank/fuel gauge.  It's sporadic and you can't always tell how much gas you've got...but didn't want to send mechanic on over-load or cause him to try and hurry.


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I actually got 8 hours and fifteen minutes sleep! About the amount I got in the previous 2 nights combined. Don't know why. Walked first, fed dogs and then took them for their little -outside the fence- walk.

Washed rugs, dusted house and swept floors. Cut okra and picked figs and put away. Hard to believe that I am already done for the day except regular chores! Now what? LOL

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I'm finally getting the Jeep window fixed today. It's a national chain (I think) RadAir, but it's within about 3 miles from me. He said he could fix it for $250.00 and the window would never work again or $400.00 guaranteed working. I opted for a working car window.  :rolleyes:  I knew they would have to install a new motor. And something about a broken cable. Either way the door panel has to come off. Said it would take a couple of hours. I said I'd have to stay there because I didn't have a ride. Get this, he lent me a loner car for free and said don't worry about the gas. Granted, I live close by, but still. It was nice. I recognized him. He "fixed" my interior lights once when they wouldn't go off, for free. "Someone" couldn't figure out how to turn the switch. Salvation Army Santa had to turn off my hazard lights two Christmas' ago. I've only had that car 12 years. Sigh. 


So here is a lesson to late for the learning. You know how when they replace a new four lane road and one of the lanes is higher than the other until they can get the other side laid to even them out? Uneven pavement. I was at a stoplight getting ready to cross those two lanes and BANG. My front wheels hit the raised part and I thought the tires were going to explode. I wasn't going fast because I was stopped at a light prior to hitting it. Plus it was night time. Scared the stuffing out of me. It's a wonder I didn't do more damage that a fallen (and it can't get up :girlneener:) window.


I hate to pay that much but what can ya do. I love the Jeep and plan to keep it as long as it it still runs. Having that broken window was a real pain. If I bought anything I had to come straight home in fear someone would take something out of it. I couldn't go any place if it rained either. Nope, I want a working window even if it is only a back one.


I'm just chillaxin' till they call. I got halfway home and had to go back because they had my house key on the car's key ring and the garage door opener was in the console. It's a Mercury. Seems strange to drive a car after the Jeep Liberty. I kept reaching for the gear shift on the floor instead of the column.

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Got the Jeep back. All is well. They even gave me a "Thank You" bag of Famous Amos cookies.

Guess who will be getting a good review on their website? The cookies sealed the deal. 

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Jeepers, that jeep is worth every penny to fix that window. They are good ones.  I have a friend that just had work done on their Jeep. It is over 20 years old. They have no intention of getting rid of it.  I have been thinking about if I have to buy another car it will be a Jeep.


Picked up car a little while ago.  it is now all fixed. Big difference in how it drives now. They should have fixed it last year after I kept telling them about the issue. They didn't like the idea I came in with a 26 page report on the problem and all the codes to go with it. They just didn't want to fix it and that is what the class action law suit is about. 


Got the bathrooms scrubbed down and some other things as well.  This house really needs a good airing out and the rugs cleaned, but will have to wait for cooler weather. I have a to do list going for this fall.  Just hope I will be able to get it all done. And I need to get the bed frame out of the living room but don't think I can put it back up now as DH still has problems getting in and out of bed. The rails are wide and he can't climb over them. Thinking I could just put the head board up behind the head of bed and secure it somehow and the other parts maybe in shed. Will have to think on how I will do that. 


Need to go through freezer some more to see what else I can find to can. I know I have chicken and beef and there is still the ham I need to get done as well. It is just so hot in that garage right now, I don't want to be out there that long to look through it. Though I did find more hamburger in there when I dug through for something else. Right now it is all unorganized again from digging to bottom of it. I want to get that out and also Harris Teeter has 93% hamburger on sale for 3.99. I am going tomorrow to buy some if it looks good, and add that to what I have to can. I will have to work on it fast as next week will  be a very busy week with doctors and surgery on Tuesday with an overnight hospital stay. I will be glad when it is over. Friday he has to have labs and another Corvid test done. 


Daughter gave me a 50.00 gift card for my birthday.  Thinking of checking for canning lids and jars with it. Not sure if that is what I want to do yet. Never bought any from Amazon and don't know if they have any or not. Will have to check later. 


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I plan on keeping the Jeep. I liked it even more after I drove a regular car. I'm used to giving a little hop to get in and when I get out, I'm sort of already standing up by the time my butt leaves the seat. I like riding up higher than a car and the roomy cargo area. A year after I got it they stopped making the boxy Liberty. Too bad because I'd buy another one of those in a heart beat. I don't know how the newer models preform so I can't recommend them one way or another. Mine was 3 years old when I got it and it's paid for. In the 12 years I've had it I've had a set of tires, a couple of batteries and 2-3 brake jobs. I'm tough on brakes. I get two oil changes a year...spring and fall. 


The place I went to is sort of small. They had a sign on the door saying a mask was mandatory. On the counter they had a box of masks, Lysol spray, Clorex wipes and hand sanitizer for the customers. I had to sign the receipt and some paper work and she wiped off the pen before she gave it to me and again after she took it back. I had to give them my drivers license and proof of insurance cards for the rental car. She wiped them off before she gave them back to me and she wiped down my credit card when she handed it back too. I told her I didn't lock the car when I parked it and she said it was okay because they would spray it down and bring it in. This was a pretty small place but they really took germ protocol seriously. 


On the way home I stopped at the little corner drugstore for a salad. Oddly  enough, they have the best salads around made fresh daily. I took notice of a few things. All of their paper towels and TP was off brand. Nothing I recognized. And the shelves had a lot of bare spaces.


Their grocery area is small but pretty well stocked. Lots of pop in a bottle but not much in the cans. Most was Pepsi. I noticed at Wal-Mart, grocery store, and now the drugstore, there was some canned Pepsi but hardly any Coke.


Wal-Mart had about three cases of quart canning jars and about six cases of pints and both kinds of lids. The drugstore where I got most of my lids this spring had five cases of pint jars and some lids.  All of the jars I've seen are Ball jars and regular mourh. No half gallon jars and no half pint jars and hardly any quarts. I know some people are having a hard time finding lids but we still have them here. Not a lot but enough...so far. And I didn't see any of the boxes with the lids and bands togather. 


I haven't been to Sam's Club all year. At least I don't think so. I wouldn't mind going to have a look see and get a bale of TP. I'd like two of them if there is no limit. One for Ohio and one for Indiana. I'm an equal opportunity pee-er. I pee in both states.  Which reminds me, is there danger of damage to a septic system if it goes dry? Mine hasn't gotten much use and it was cleaned out before I bought the place. :unsure:

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Glad you got the window fixed....one less thing to take into consideration when going out into this big, bad world right now!  :thumbs:  


Praying for Little Sister/her dh for the surgery on Tues and their stay at hospital.  :pray: 


And for Euphrasyne and baby...... :pray:  


And for the WE2s truck engine replacement...that all goes well and it runs and runs for a loooong time after this!  :pray: 


Miki....My sleeping has been  'off' too.  Even with my half-pill.  Glad you got a good night....and many more!  I'm SO worn out by this hobbling around with Left Foot trouble....I could fall asleep standing up.  <_<  YET when I lay down and close eyes, it doesn't happen.  I even got to sleep for a short time and woke up again!  Hmph!  I think I'm just more sore/achy than usual.  With MS I always have some muscle spasms...not too bad tho....low grade.  But I think the oddities of not putting any, or not full weight, on one foot is giving me too much ache to sleep well?  So at 3:30AM I took Tylenol and then slept to 11AM.  :shrug: 


And I'm still ready to fall asleep all day long.  Today was so bad, it felt like the Dreaded Fall MS Fatigue Thing:behindsofa:    Not yet!!!!!  It's AUGUST!  Well, it did improve just enough for me to shower AND wash hair/dry hair.  :faint3: <-----Afterwards.    But got it done!  :happy0203:  


MtRider  ...the little luxuries of life...  :shrug:  

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DH had a medical appointment yesterday and took the day off so we did the shopping.  I managed to get more diapers and two cases of wipes to add to the stash along with some All free and clear laundry detergent which I prefer for baby clothes.    BJs (like a sams or costco) was mostly stocked with a few shortages on certain brands.  Target was seriously out of a lot of things.  


They have voted and passed a new Federal FMLA bill.  As of October 1st, Federal FMLA is 12 weeks PAID.   But only if the baby is born or placed on or after October 1st.  I am due Sept 30th with my C scheduled for the 23rd.   UNGH.   I'm going to talk to my doctor about the risk of waiting until at least Oct 1st.  We are trying to avoid uterine rupture.  Babies come when they feel like it and there is nothing I can do about that, but I can move my scheduled C and try to sit on my rear and be calm.  If he could get 12 weeks paid FMLA, we could afford for him to take the rest of the year off.  The kids aren't in school either and that means our risk for the baby for covid, flu, rsv, and all the other nastiness drops to almost nothing.  I need a cork.  Praying for 10-1-20 12:01AM

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Hope you can get re-scheduled euphrasyne!  That would be a big help if you can wait, that is!


And 6 1/2 hours sleep last night.  About normal for me (if I have a normal).


I have a '98 Jeep Cherokee that I will keep til it dies!  I love it and yes, I do like sitting a little higher.  Only vehicle I have liked more is a Chevy Astro Van.  Had 2 of them and ran them forever!  My jeep is almost old enough for an antique tag.


I went to doctor this morning for the trigger thumb and my sciatic nerve in right hip. Got oral steroids to treat both and if they do't work on thumb, then a shot. Stopped at Walmart next door and then to drugstore and home.


Not doing much today beyond taking eBay photos. It's a rest day!!!

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euphrasyne, hoping and praying that you can get date moved and all works out like you need it to. 


Miki praying the steroids work for you.  I know how the hands can be. Mine have been hurting for days because of the weather. Old Aurther just won't leave my joints alone.


Went to Harris Teeter earlier today. they had scallops super cheap on sale for 16.00 for 2 lbs. An $18.00 savings on price. So I grabbed 2 bags. We don't have them often because of price but I like to make scallop scallopini. with them.  

Also got 15 lbs of 93% hamburger for $3.99 a lb. That is a great price. Had to get them to bring it out from the back so it was very fresh. Going to can it as soon as we get back from DH's lab appt. in early morning. Then will stop to get gas come home and start the canning.  I am going to get a bushel of peaches from Market next week after Dh is home from hosp. on Wed.  I can get those canned on Thursday. Harris Teeter also has 10 lbs of carrots for  $4.99 I think it was. If I decide to get those. I will have to do it before Tuesday night for the sale price. I will think about that one. 

No canning jars so getting ready to check Amazon and if Target does mail order I will use that gift card for jars as well. I really need some more pint jars.

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