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On 8/17/2020 at 2:50 PM, Annarchy said:


Even had a Jersey with a huge udder, step on her udder slicing it almost in half, iodine solution actually healed her in a few weeks, and she was back to normal. Lol. Dang, that dates me.    :behindsofa:


OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! That must have hurt. I know it hurts MY boobies when my dog likes to cuddle up close to me when I'm lying down in bed and her paws "dig" in.   :whistling: :gdtmi:???

On another note: When I was in the pharmacy the other day I decided to check out the price and availability of betadine - the bottles were huge, there was a limit of one, and they cost close to $18. :gaah:  I'm thinking lots of people must have decided to make up some of this solution. (It's probably behind lock & key now at Walmart!) :ph34r:

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Test results are in.  No COVID!

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

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22 hours ago, The WE2's said:

We have started stocking Tonic Water for our little steam inhaler machine.  If you read the ingredients in Tonic Water...Quinine.  Who woulda think it!  We watched a homesteader that uses it for him and his family.  


I wonder how that would work in my CPAP?  I don't use the humidifier attachment because I really didn't notice any difference in the dry mouth etc in the morning with it attached, and I figured that having water "sitting" in the tube would have the potential for allowing bacteria to grow. That really shouldn't be a problem as long as there is no sugar or sweetener in the quinine, right???

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I forgot to mention that the last time I was at Wal-Mart I noticed an empty wall that holds *fat quarters. I think there were only 4-5 pieces in a wall that holds hundreds of them. I noticed the bolts of fabric was pretty slim too. I thought uh-oh, I'd better check out the quilting thread. I have some but I like to keep my thread boxes full and I have a few holes. They had 2 black and 1 white spools.  No cream which is what I use the most of. 


Then today I had errands to run and stopped in Michaels. No fat quarters at all. They had a sign up saying they didn't know when they would get any more in. I don't need any but was curious. I couldn't find any thread there at all. So, check your sewing supplies of you need any now might be the time to buy. Even if it's just a spool or two of black and white. Cream is also nice to have..


A couple of years ago I got a set of pre-wound bobbins at Amazon. There were many different colors in a case. I figured they would come in handy for sewing on buttons or fixing a hem. Cheaper than buying spools of different colors. 


Next time I'm by a JoAnn Fabrics I'll run in and see what they look like. 


* Fat quarters are pieces of material 18 X 22 used mostly in quilting. Good if you just need a small piece of material or if you want a lot of different colors and designs in a quilt without having to buy from a bolt.

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I finally joined the 21st. century cell phone division. I did a lot of research for the Indiana area and settled on Verizon. My TracPhone was $100.00 a year. Verizon is $80.00 a month. :sad-smiley-012: and I got the basic no frills plan. I really didn't have much of a choice though because TracPhone doesn't work out there. I need reliable service out there in the country-ish and being alone plus I wasn't going back over there without a working phone in case I broke down on the way. That was scary.


I will say this concerning the Verizon store and Covid. They meet you at the door and get your info there. Everyone wore a mask and black latex type gloves. Everything I touched or he touched was wiped off immediately. He had a box full of alcohol pads, like diabetics use before the needles, and used them on everything. There were Clorox wipes on the counter along with hand sanitizer for the customers. They were thorough! And super nice too. I slathered up my hands with the sanitizer and we did a fist bump. Sigh. No more hugs... I'm a hugger.  :(




Another interesting fact to me, about Verizon, is how they get you your phone. The safe is in the back room someplace with all the phones in it. After I paid etc. he said the safe is on a timer. We had to wait about 15-20 minutes for the safe to open up so they could get the phone out. Note to self, don't rob Verizon if you are in a hurry!  LOL


Everyone else probably all ready knows this stuff. I'm a little behind the times and thought it was interesting. Most places, like Wal-Mart have their valuables locked in glass cases where you can see the merch. Even jewelry stores have locked visible display cases. I guess my phone is more valuable than diamonds and gold or even guns and narcotics.  Awesome.


Maybe (here I go again) Verizon has little elves in the back room that start assembling the phone as soon as you order it. No safe back there at all. Just tiny little elves moonlighting from Santa's off season putting phones together on an as need basis. Fifteen minutes to snap a phone together and test it and box it up sounds about right. Plus I think they can do magic too if they have to. Wonder if they hang out with the Keebler elves? That would be cool to see. Maybe they all carpool with Snow Whites crew going to work singing, "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go..." They could probably get a lot of those little dudes in one van. I'm going to keep an eye out for them now that I know they are here.


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Continued My Thought.
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1 hour ago, kappydell said:

We want to start with females anyway.  Maybe some of you ladies have an idea as to what would be a good price for some pigmy goats


Kappy, we have had many goats over the years both big and small.  I haven't found pigmy's to be very productive when it comes to milking though they can be used for meat.  The best small milk goat in my estimation is the Nigerian Dwarf.  This is a true dwarf and are extremely thrifty with feed and can give an incredible amount of very rich milk for their small size.  They also can have four or five babies at a time and easily raise them all. They can be a great defense against predators. And make nice pets. They do each have different personalities but are generally fairly quiet, another plus.  One drawback is they are pricier than a pigmy especially if registered from a good milking line.  We've spent upwards of $200 for a doe but also have gotten them for a lot less from people who were ready to sell out.  By all means start with a doe.  If kept clean they have much less smell than bucks do and the only time you need a buck is to breed for a fresh milk supply.  Nigerians can milk for two years consistently before needing to be bred again.  If you can find a buck to rent/pay just for breeding you are money ahead and you don't need a buck for protection. A doe can be just as fierce to defend when needed. Can you tell I like Nigerian Dwarf goats :grinning-smiley-044:  


When you do decide to get a goat, any goat, make sure they get along with your dogs.  Some do but some are naturally protective against coyotes and include dogs in that category. Goats that are raised with dogs do great with them though and even full grown ones can learn to get along with them, usually!  If it were me I'd check the livestock laws before i buy.  Goats are usually considered livestock by ordinances no matter how friendly they are.  


I love reading what you and CSMary are doing. :grouphug:



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:lol:  Mother beat me to the topic:   :wub:  Nigie Goats!! :wub:   


My goats all gathered quickly to our dogs ...Big Dog and Koa...if they barked.  They knew their protector but then, both ARE protector breeds.  Dunno if that makes a difference.  


Very good milk...and I do believe I could drink goat milk without the sinus congestion affects that seem to happen with STORE cow milk.  And don't let anyone tell you that "goat's milk stinks and tastes like the goat smells".  If it does, the milker has a sanitation problem.  It does NOT smell like a goat.  But you'll need to get info on how to be extremely sanitary to prevent that.  ONE hair from goat's tummy can taint it....so you use a gauze cover over the milking bowl.   I used a SS bowl cuz they are short lil' things.  Only knee high.  Plus additional filter in the funnel when poured from the bowl to ....canning jars?  That's what I used.  Chill quickly for best results.  


MMMMMM, yogurt and soft herbed cheese and ....   


And because they are goats.....  even dearly beloved goats are full-on hooligans.... ;)   ...so have a milking stand and stanchion.  Definitely!


MtRider ....Mother and I could go on and on ....couldn't we?  :lol:   .....oh, and they come in allll sorts of pretty colors and patterns!

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Well, hey!  Had an enlightening day here.  It all started with DH thinking he could put a new skin of plastic over our greenhouse so we can finish the season.....by himself.  :grinning-smiley-044:  Well, in the middle of everything is our garden, of course.  He kept knocking into MY cherry tomato plants.  Remember our contest between his beefsteak and my cherry plants?  Well, I decided to brave the 15 steps and go help....and move my poor tomato plant!!!  Hmph.


I was bright enough to put on my "town" tennis shoes with good arch supports in them before trying this feet...er, feat.  It didn't take me too long to realize...wearing my sloppy, stretched-out house slippers with kinda old/flattened arch supports has been a BAD idea all these weeks.  :blink:   You know, I was able to walk all over that greenhouse without crutches - - - CAREFULLY cuz that uneven flooring/ground was where I rolled the foot in the first place!  I ended up helping him for at least an hour....skinny that next portion of plastic from the roll thru tight places and get it nearly in place.


Nearly......  :buttercup:  cuz we had a sudden weather front go thru and BLOW LIKE A HURRICANE for about 10 minutes.   Ballooned that plastic up like a jump house.  DH and I just grabbed parts of the unsecured plastic sheet and hung on!  WHERE did that come from?  :tapfoot:    


After that, our nice, shady clouds disappeared and we had SUNSHINE.  In a greenhouse! :knary:    DH was getting into hyperthermia faster than me!  So weren't able to finish.  We weighted the plastic down in several places and fled to the A/C in the house.  Hoping it does not blow away before we can return and finish battening down everywhere.  It only has to last the 2nd half of the season.  :shrug:  


 ...and my foot is okay.  :amen:    Tired but I kept those shoes on all day except when I'm in chair/bed.  We'll see how it feels tomorrow.  But kinda feel dumb not realizing old, floppity footwear wouldn't be supportive enough for an injury.  Sheeesh!  :misc-smiley-231:    


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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Good Morning everyone.


I will be heading for TX in a bit.  This time Storm is coming with me.  It will be his first road trip, since we got him.  

Time to go gas up and pack.


Hope everyone has a wonderful day.  TTYL

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I believe we paid about $60 for each of our pygmy girls and because of the breed, they were considered pets.  Not sure about Nigerians, but they sound like a good fit!

Hope you are in TX and safe about now, Ann!

Glad your foot is feeling better with support, Mt. Rider.  I have to have support most of the day in my shoes.


Was at Walmart at 7 am this morning for milk, eggs, fruit and veggies and batteries.
Then home and did my walk, fed dogs and did their out of the fence walk.
Made sweet potato treats for dogs with sweets grown in my garden. That's a first!
I just picked the rest of the elderberries off my bush and froze them. Tomorrow will be elderberry jelly.
Will run to local grocery for cukes and corn which are on sale. Will make corn cob jelly in a couple of days.


My hip is still doing well and my thumb is getting better each day.  Not there yet, but I have high hopes!

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Looked up Niegerian Dwarf Goats & Mary fell in love, but she is adamant they are pets, not meat animals.  She is ambivalent about milking, but would not mind that per se.  I explained to her that they need to be freshened for milk and have multiple births, and we would have to do SOMETHING with the surplus goats.  M is not happy with the idea of raising meat critters.  Oh well.  Hafta work on that, I guess.  She says chickens are OK, she does not see those as pets (at least so far....) I think I had better be the one that feeds & culls the livestock if we go that route.  


But darn, those dwarfs are sooooooo cute!

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2 hours ago, kappydell said:

But darn, those dwarfs are sooooooo cute!


:cloud9: they really are cute, especially when first born.  Tiny bundles of giggle inducing joy!  I never had trouble selling them so you won't have to make them meat animals.  IF you don't get attached which I admit is difficult.  

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Safely in TX. Did see a bad roll over accident in Tucson.  But all in all safe travels.  Storm did extremely well until he wanted to pee on mom’s little stuffed guy in the living room.  I caught him just as he started...he went out, while I cleaned up his mess.  :gaah:  other than that, he asked to go out the rest of the evening.  Thankfully.  Time to get some sleep.... long drive....

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Goat is delicious.  My extended family does meat animals so I have no problems raising or cooking them, but I cannot cull or clean them b/c I am a giant wuss.  


My right foot is very swollen, way more than my left which is barely swollen, so I'm  bit worried but I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and we will see if it is an actual issue.  


I'm freaking out because I just found out that my hospital requires laboring mothers to wear masks while at the hospital.  It is freaking insane and I will not wear a mask while in labor--I can barely breath in it as is.  I am very agoraphobic and I will not get into a confrontation with hospital workers over it--I will just leave and die in the parking lot.  It is a type of mental illness and I cannot just 'suck it up.' DH keeps saying 'I'll be there to calm you down.'  That just makes me determined to 1) slap him and 2) have this baby at the house no matter how high risk I am for maternal mortality.  No one accredited or certified anywhere would accept me as a home case given my health history.  Although midwife etc is covered by my insurance, they would quickly not be covered after taking me b/c I seriously do not qualify for a 'home birth'  given my health issues.  I'm a malpractice reprimand with license loss waiting to happen.  Anyone who would take me without me lying about my health issues would most likely be a complete idiot who would not be able to deal with it anyway.  I'm also seriously *upset doesn't cover it* that I suddenly live in a 3rd world country where maternal healthcare isn't a priority and I'm expected to just wing it in isolation with this child.  'Health care?  nooooo  just watch this video on what to do with your baby then use a kitchen knife in your bathtub.  Its way better than an actual doctor or hospital. '  THIS is the world we are raising our children in.   



So today I'm making sure my affairs are in order in case I die with this baby.  My age alone means the US rate is roughly 82 deaths per 100K births and I have several other factors that are more pressing than my age.  I am MUCH more likely to die of this than Covid given the mortality rates for my various risk factors.  We are women, we never prep just for ourselves and that means a big part of it is arranging things so that it works if we are no longer living.  Do not forget to prep for your possible demise.  

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Oh Honey, you are breaking my heart. Please think this through. Here is one option, talk to your doctor right now and tell him what you just told us. Tell him all of your fears and ask for a written exemption for a mask. If that doesn't work then start looking around at other hospitals in your area right now. And tell your doctor that. He won't want to lose a patient $$$.  If all else fails, go to the hospital, wear the @#$% mask and when 'push comes to shove' rip that sucker off and yell, "I can't breathe". Every one they put on you, rip it off. They may not like it but who cares. You will never see those people again anyway. You and baby will be safely in a hospital. There is a good chance that it's protocol for moms to wear a mask and they have to stick to that regulation in theory. They have to tell you that. BUT in reality, if you are already in there about to give birth and refuse to keep a mask on during labor, what are they going to do? Tell you to leave? Don't think so.


Another option might be...are you able to tolerate an oxygen mask? What if they give you a breathing mask that has air gently blowing through it. That way you will have a mask on plus getting a little extra oxygen for you and baby girl. 


Remember, that hospital is just one lousy day in your life. You will have the rest of your glorious life with a brand new adorable baby with her siblings and daddy to love. Compared to that, that hospital is just a fart in the wind. And you are smarter than a fart.      :pray:    :hug3:    :pray:




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Euphrasyne,  I'm continuing to pray for you and your baby.  :hug3:     That's the stupidest policy ever, obviously written by someone who has never been in labor, seen someone in labor nor imagined anyone in labor.  


Talk to the doc.   My midwife (was part of an OB practice) made sure I had the nurses that weren't the tyrant nurses during labor because she knew my concerns.  She had no say-so in post-delivery nurses, but at least in labor I didn't  have to deal with it.   Does your doc have pull at the hospital?   Is he willing to make accodimations for you at all?  If it's him and the nurses and I assume an anasteologist (please excuse my spelling), is he willing to let you go maskless and everyone better go along with it?  Threaten to walk.  Even this late, you can change medical providers.  Are there other hospitals in your area covered by your insurance?   


I did have a midwife in an OB practice and mostly saw her.  I did have to rotate my appointments through seeing all the OBs though.  Two of those appts, I cried in the parking lot afterward.  One was so awful that I told DH if she was the one on-call when I went into labor, I would squat in the parking garage and have the baby there instead of going in the hospital.   Severe preeclampsia changed all my plans (medical emergency) and that OB ended up breaking my water. 


Hang in there.

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DH is home from hospital and I truly hope this is the last time.  It has been a long few months.  He is on 2 weeks of restrictions and then his heart rehab can start. Though it will still be a few doctor visits to deal with along with rehab. But we will get through it.   I  really need to step back and take a deep breath and just try to relax a bit. Hoping that will happen as we have 2 weeks of free time. Before rehab starts up. Then the end of Sept. off to Norfolk for a Cat scan to make sure everything is in place. Doctor was very pleased with the clamps. They are doing their job and the mitral valve looks like it has stopped leaking all together now. His swelling is no where near what it was and mostly still in the belly area. But that is slowly getting better as well.   Again I want to thank everyone that has been praying for DH to come through all of this.  He came from a near death experience to where he is now. So much better and a real scare for me. But with the Lord's help he got through this.  Now to get his potassium to stay up where it should be. Then we will be home free and by next spring we are hoping and praying to be able to have that garden and maybe he can start cooking those collards for market again. He misses that and they are missing him as well. 


One of DH's cousin's passed away this past Sunday and there will be no funeral. He is going to be cremated. And his wife is not even putting it in paper. It will be on line through the funeral home. She is thinking about having a family get together sometime later on.  There is family out of town that may not be able to come because of the corvid virus. One in Florida which is also a cousin and his son which lives in KY.  Seems like this C virus is also keeping people from having a normal funeral as well for loved ones. My granddaughter that is engaged to be married is thinking of waiting down the line so they can have a real wedding. They might do what my older granddaughter did as because of the military housing allowance they would have had to wait 3 months. So they got married at the justice of the peace and then waited to have the wedding as planned 3 months later.  It was funny because they were married but he still lived on base and she was still living at home. That was over 5 years ago. So they didn't even live together for that 3 months.  


Jeepers, I am so glad your foot is much better.  I have been praying for a recovery so you could get things moving again.


Miki, glad to know your hip is better and hand is getting better as well.  I love when prayers are answered.  


God is good all the time and all the time God is good. :grouphug:

Kappy, you and Mary enjoy those little piglets.  And yes if you name them and play with them they are pets. Not food. 


Stay safe Ann. Praying that you have a safe trip both to and back home again. :pray:

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Hoping for a positive update from Euphrasyne after talking to doctors and hospital!


So glad your DH is home and doing better @little sister!  Praise God!


Good morning! Walked first and fed dogs. Ran to local grocery for cucumbers and dropped off some Orange Fig Jam to a friend.

Next up is to make vegetable soup and then Elderberry Jelly. That's it for my list!


My fitbit died so ordered a different brand and will see how it works.

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I must have forgotten to hit submit reply on above post.   It popped up just as I was about to type.  Must have been really tired.


Euphrasyne,  You and baby are still in my prayers.   I can't believe they would make you wear a mask during labor. That is crazy.   When DH and I was staying there with him, We only wore a mask if we ventured into the hallway.  As far as being in the room we never wore a mask. Not even when the nurses came in.  When DH went in to be set up for surgery, once he got to the room to get set up for surgery, he was allowed to take the mask off. He only had to put it back on when they where moving him to a room because he was going into elevator up to another floor. Once he was in his room and settled he was able to take the mask off.  This was at the same hospital you are going to. You should not have to wear a mask during labor and only if you are being transferred to another room.  It might be different for your DH but not for you. I would talk to the doctor about that. Sounds like someone is telling you wrong. 

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If that information is incorrect then the hospital needs to change its paperwork because I was given a big stack of preadmission paperwork and there was a whole page dedicated to telling me I had to wear a mask while there.  


All the hospitals in the area are saying that.  Here is a link to the Bon Secours one:


Labor & Delivery during COVID-19:

Will I have to wear a mask?

Yes, all our hospitals are currently practicing universal masking. That means that each person in our facility will wear a mask for the safety of our patients, visitors, providers, associates, and overall communities.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we thank you for your help keeping our communities safe.


Chesapeake Reginal has a whole video on their FB book page that clearly states 10+ times that you will be masked.  


This policy seems to be at several hospitals in the South and east.  Google it to see specific policies that have been posted at hospital websites.  They all read about like this one from Vanderbuilt: 

Prenatal, Delivery and Post-Partum Care

Masks: All patients are expected to wear masks except when alone in their room, while eating or sleeping. We know wearing a mask during labor can be difficult. If you have specific concerns, discuss them with your provider. Newborns are not masked.




No one in this universe wishes I didn't have agoraphobia more than me.  Sadly I do.  This means that there will be no confrontations of any sort with any medical providers; that really is not an option I have available to me anymore than a man with no legs can scratch his foot.  

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Euphrasyne, try not to stress too much over this. Easy to say I know. But your husband will be your voice for you. Put the mask on until you get settled in your room and then take it off and tell them you absolutely can not breathe with it on. It might trigger an asthma attack. I didn't say your asthma. Just asthma in general. :pout:



I'm planning on going to Indy tomorrow. Will stay 4-5 days. No internet over there yet. I went shopping and found some peg board and got it cut down. Now I can clean out the drawers and get the dishes put away. I also got some vent reflectors so the cold/hot air blows into the rooms and not up the curtains. If I actually had curtains. Need to put those on the list. 


I ran next door to Wal-Mart and got a couple of gallons of paint. I didn't want expensive stuff. I'm just going to paint the closets. I just got off the shelf beige semi gloss. My dream has always been to have a newly cleaned and completely painted house once in my life before I die. I have to start slow $$$$ and will begin with the closets. I forgot a tarp. 


I got one of those free standing toilet paper holders. The bathroom I use has one of those elongated toilets and the paper holder is on the wall behind it. I can barely reach it. It's a small bathroom with the sink nearly against the toilet. The other toilet is broken. Need to put that on the list too. 


I've been looking for carpet cleaners over there too. Best do it before I get too much more furniture. One company also does duct cleaning. That would be a once in a lifetime thing. The carpets are in really good shape with no stains but there were mice in there and You-Know-Who plays on the floor. The play room floor is filthy. I need a mop.


They have all the same shops over there that I have here but for some reason I think I have to buy stuff here and haul it over there. If I didn't do that, I could take stuff over that I already have here at the house.  Sigh. 

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Good morning! Going to do my video first and then make 3 bean salad for DH. The rest of the day will be digging sweet potatoes in short-ish spurts as it is getting up to 90 today. Need to get them all dug up and curing before any storms start here.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

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euphrasyne,  I still can't get over the mask during labor.  Bons Secure is different than Sentara. Sentara for all areas of hospital. you are allowed one visitor.  For Bons Secure no visitors are allowed.  I don't think bons Secure has changed that but for delivery they will allow one.  


Yesterday I started that list of things I wanted to get done before DH got sick. I took everything out of smallest bedroom and cleaned window, washed curtains and blinds. Then dusted and mopped floor. My shelving units for my can goods came in the other day and SIL came over today and put them together. So I have been moving all the food I canned to the shelves. SIL thinks I should turn that room into a pantry only room. That would work great if I can do it. 


I broke down and went to Walmart today only because I needed shelve paper. All I can say is wow! Had to go all the way down to the other end of store to get into building which I didn't know they did that. It was not the way I always went in the past but it has been 5 or 6 months since I went.  They were wiped out of a lot of things and no canning supplies. I decided to just go through store since things are cheaper than the Food Lion and Harris Teeter I usually go to. They were wiped out on can goods. But did get jello and pudding much cheaper. Also got some cleaning items though some of it they had a limit on. Even the material was wiped out. But I did get some elastic and other things I needed. Don't think I will be going back for a long, long time. They have moved everything around and I couldn't find what I needed right off. Had to hunt for everything.  People where wearing mask but they had moved some isles so close together you couldn't keep your distance as easy. 


My shoulder is hurting from moving canned foods to the small bedroom. Guess I better take some advil or something or at least use ben gay on it. I did not need that to start up, so better take it a bit easier tomorrow. 

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