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Your Walmart has material/sewing notions?  I haven't seen that in a Walmart for a decade.  Unfortunately. 


:amen:   My foot is definitely getting better.  No crutches.  :cheer:    ......well, I'm not quite ready to bounce around while cheering.  LOL  


I've been down to our greenhouse a few times.  It now has a double layer of plastic skins over it.  AND....I saw the temp last nite about 1AM.....48*    Glad the greenhouse will extend our ridiculously short season.  This is all experimental so....we'll see.  I do have lamp oil/kerosene for the Dietz Jupiter [large] lantern.  It can be used to heat a greenhouse.....  :shrug:   


Beets are looking normal.  We have lettuce!!  Spinach should be outside during summer...went to seed to quickly in warm greenhouse.  Carrots....we was 'wobbed by a 'wascally 'wabbit!  :darthduck:    There are some left [now that I got my tomato plant off of them] so we will continue the experiment of 'container carrots'.   I'm convinced that collards will survive anything!  :)   I think there is some...bok choy too.  Might throw some radish seeds into the bald spots with carrots.  


Anyone besides me like to just SIT among the plants?  I have a lawn chair down there and ...unless we're having direct sunshine...I could just sit and read there.  I've always loved going to big greenhouses/conservatories.  Como Park - Mpls MN.  Used to hang out there in college/post college years.  Smell the green!  :happy0203:    Even with our paltry effort this year....it's a garden!


MtRider ....still can't go out without N95 till the smoke settles after dark tho.  It's THICK!  :pray: 

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Went to the OB on Friday; baby is well.  Doctor confirmed that my hospital has a mask requirement in ALL circumstances on the maternity floor.  They do not currently give any form of air/gas while in labor.   Active labor, pushing, C-Section--you must wear a mask.  I can have 1 person total for the whole visit and only if they have no symptoms.  I must have a covid test regardless and I must wear a mask regardless of the outcome of that test.  Both my doctor and the enormous stack of hospital paperwork I was given say the same thing.  


I have cancelled my planned C.  I have no idea what I'm going to do, but I'm not planning a trip in knowing what I know.  I just wish everyone would stop telling me to get a midwife/waterbirth.  (I kinda want some cards to hand out that say, 'yes I've looked into it, no I do not qualify')  Seriously I'd have to find a swamp witch because anyone who actually knew my medical history would refer me to a hospital out of fear of fatality/ malpractice suit. 


DH finally had another VA appointment which they called at the last minute and said was phone call only.   This means he has not visually seen a doctor in over a year.  It was a verbal phone conference, not a video conference --again.  He is a working, partially disabled vet who has worked for the DoD for more than a quarter century and they will not give him medical care.  


I'm pretty mad that I live in a 3rd world country now where medial care isn't an option.  I do not see this situation improving over the next few years.  I think it is best to add extreme medical situations to preps for common days.  

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Praying for you, Euphrasyne!  Please keep looking for options!


Got all potatoes and sweets dug yesterday and set to cure. Neighbor gave me more apples and a gallon of muscadines.

Up at 4 am this morning. Have a crock pot full of Pumpkin Applesauce cooking that will be canned later. Will make grape juice to can with the muscadines.
And I thought I would have nothing to do today! LOL


I think my thumb is still getting better but taking longer. I will be glad to get off the prednisone so I can sleep later and start losing weight again.

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euphrasyne, I am very concerned about you and this mess with the hospitals.  Praying for all to go well for you and the baby.  This Corona Virus is turning the medical field upside down. I am a retired nurse and this stuff is beyond believable. I fear our country will not have the medical care we once had. It has been going down hill now for about 12 years or more. 


Today I did church at home and prayed for our country and lots of friends and family members.  Been praying for many on this form as well that are having problems with health.  Then I got breakfast for DH, cleaned kitchen and started moving my can goods to the shelves that I was able to use. Waiting from Wayfair for the 4 cooplers that was missing to finish putting the second shelving unit together. I have really torn this office up moving things and trying to go through everything. I really need to have a pitching out party. Way to much paper stuff. Need to go through all of that and get rid of it. I have more cook books than I know what to do with. I will never use all these books. I have certain ones that I like to use. So need to go through all that as well.  The one hall closet that I use as a pantry will soon become or at least half of it will become my pharmacy. I am going to go through all the vitamins and sort them by date and get them in that closet where I can find what I need. Right now they are in cubbies in my closet shelf and that is not working out. Not being able to get that second shelving unit up has slowed me down and I only have 2 weeks of free time without going to doctors or rehab which starts in 2 weeks for 3 days a week. That will take about 3 hours out of my day as all appts. are set up for 1:30 because DH is not a morning person and it takes time to get him moving in the mornings. But I will try to work around that. 

Got all the laundry done today. I usually wash clothes on Mondays but decided to get it out of the way today. Got other things I want to work on tomorrow. 


Mt. Rider, our Walmart's here had stopped carrying material for a long time and I had bought a lot of material for $1.00 a yard when they cleared it out.  Then a few years later they started carrying it again but the selection wasn't that great.  I want to go to JoAnn fabrics, but that is in Hampton and to far to leave DH home alone. Might wait till grandson has some time off so he can come stay with DH so I can go. He has done that for me in the past. 

Mt. Rider, It's time for some new shoes. Get some bedroom shoes with support. Glad to know your foot is doing much better now. 


Miki, Glad to hear your hip and hand is now on the mend. All this rain hasn't helped my hands. Old Auther just keeps popping up. But they are doing better now. We are going to have 5 days of no rain. So hoping to get a project finished up outside this coming week.


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Home safely, again, praise God!  Lots of trucks on the road.

Went to Sam’s in TX, no food tax, AZ has 9.7% on everything.  Got.... a brisket @ $2.38/lb., 93% lean hmb.. @ $2.39/lb, 2 round roasts @ $2.39/lb-cut into steaks-12, pepperoni, 2, 2 lb pkgs for $5. Lamb chops, most expensive at $6/lb.  $16/lb here in AZ + tax, if you can find them.  AZ price for 73% hmb. is over $6/lb. Roast, $7.50/lb.  God blessed us!  Had to use 2 ice chests to get it home. 

Storm was a trooper..  first day, 10 minutes in, he peed on moms white carpet, I caught him in mid stream, picked up his back legs, shaming him, and put him outside. Started cleaning the mess & DH called... nope, “I’ll call you back”.  Storm was exceptionally good after that.  Whined a bit when I’d leave to go shopping for mom, but, she said, he’d snuggle with her then settle down.   

By Friday, he was amazing. Borked at the mail man for walking in the yard.  Borked and growled at Walgreens for someone walking too close to the vehicle.  Loved on MIL every morning, and when ever she sat down, and slept all night, on his bed in my room.  

Today, he was impressive on our drive home, whined a bit at first, when I gassed up, but slept on his bed most of the way.  Did his duty, at gas up, and settled in for the rest of the drive.

Gunny greeted him with lots of love and they have settled in for the day/evening, after I spent the afternoon vacuum sealing most of the meat I brought home.  Tomorrow, I need to bbq the brisket, :& slice the pepperoni and salami, to vacuum seal.  DH said pepperoni is hard to find & is getting worse.  

Time to get some rest.  Long day on the road.



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:pray:  :pray:  :pray:  For Euphrasyne and baby!


:amen:  for Annarchy/Storm safe drive home.  I think it's a very good thing for you to have a traveling companion on these TX journeys!!!  :thumbs:  


:pray:  for everyone near wildfires or ....anyone breathing the smoke....soot/ash.    :sigh:   I'm going to have to message my doc.  The sinus/allergy pill I got recently has worked quite well until....the soot/ash in the air now for the past week.   And since the secondary nasal spray is not an option...  I'm clogging up again like I was before I began the sinus pill.  Voice is gravel-y and breathing rough.  My mom keeps asking "What?" when we're talking.  And I'm staying inside mostly and have N95 if I'm not.  The moon is dusky-orange tonite.....ICK! 


How are you doing with your soot/ash, Dogmom?  Any breathing problems in your area? 


We have rain in our forecast.....with lightning tho...  Praying it will be more than a few splatters.  Inches in the right areas!  New small wildfires daily but they jump on them.  Most are put out without fanfare.  :unsure:  Yet, not all of them.  Vertical terrain. 


Got mouse houses filled with poison again.  Duct taped to the floor so they don't drag them around.  Eat!  FEAST AND DIE!  :baseballbat:  STOP waking me up at 5AM!


MtRider  ....foot doing so well now!  :amen:    I'm excited!  :bounce:   ...ooh, no bouncing yet.  

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Glad you and Storm are home safe, Ann!  Littlesister, try and get a little rest in your schedule!  


Hope your breathing, voice improve soon, Mt. Rider!


Will walk in a few minutes, feed dogs and take them for walk. Already started laundry.

Next is to label and put away jars of grape juice and pumpkin applesauce.
After that to cut back roses and throw down grass seed where front garden was.

No cooking today

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Didn't get as much as I was hoping to get done today.  Took DH for his PT/INR labs and his coumadin levels were off the charts. So he was taken off the coumadin for 3 days and I had to go to hospital to pick up Vit. K for him to take. Now we have to go back Thurs. for more labs.  I will be glad when the 45 days are up and he can come off of it. then maybe our lives can get back to a more normal basis. This has been a long, hard several months. We are both tired and he is afraid to do much of anything for fear of falling or cutting himself. This is no way to live. Blood thinners are dangerous. To many side effects. 


I did get to clean up the garage some and reorganize some cleaning items out there. At least I can find things now.  The shelving units are going to work out great. Wish I had though about these a lot sooner than this. Still have to wait on those missing parts to finish putting the second one together. Once that is done and I get the rest of my canned goods on there, I will be home free.  Then I can start on all the vitamins I have been stocking to put in my make shift pantry that I am moving to the small bedroom with the rest of the canned goods. 


So much to do and so little time.  I only have 12 more windows to wash. Such fun. Office is the next big project. Hoping I can get that done without all the interuptiions. 

Didn't get to cook dinner tonight because of the trip to hospital which would have put us very late eating.  So pulled out a jar of my homemade veg. beef soup. I love having things like that made up just for days like this.  Makes life easier. 

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Air quality here is getting a little better. Several days ago it was in the hazardous range...last two days it’s been in the unhealthy range. You have to wear a mask to go out and it’s irritating to the eyes. I did see blue sky for a bit today though. 

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I woke up at 3 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. Darn steroids!

Will do my video shortly as it is raining this morning. Have to take Peanut Butter to the beauty parlor, stop at Walmart for a pick up, day old bread store and Dollar Tree.
Might cook liver, bacon and onions when I get home. Cooked and mashed some turnips yesterday to use as potatoes.
At some point I need to get outside and fertilize rose garden that I cut back yesterday, and spread grass seed where front garden was.
That should be enough for today!

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My allergies are kicking my butt this year.


Only on the phone for 45 minutes to get the internet disconnected this time.


I tried finding new shirts that fit.  But...for someone who’s hard to fit in the first place, having the fitting rooms closed means I don’t even try.  I’m not going to make 2 trips to every single store to try to find something that fits, then return it all.

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My DH forgot to tell me that our friends from Indiana were staying with us overnight ... until their truck and RV arrived in our driveway last week. Not a problem. I can entertain for one day while we continue to build our deck and harvest the garden. Our friend announced that his truck was leaking oil out the rear and he needed parts. Well ... 6 days later, we still waiting for the parts. His wife has Alzheimer and has been more than a handful to manage and keeps walking down the driveway on her way back to Indiana. My life has been turned upside down especially with caring for my mom full-time in our home.  :0327:


I feel so bad for our friends. They only wanted to stop overnight on their way to visit their daughter and family in Northern Minnesota. THEY all thought it was a great idea to have their daughter come to our house for several days before they all went back their separate ways.  :0327: The family arrived last night and I'm making a huge breakfast for everyone. I thought retirement was supposed to be easier than this.  :laughkick:

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Homesteader, I feel for you.  I found out a long time ago retirement is not easy.  I have stayed busier since I retired than when I was working.  And I was helping DH with a monster garden next door to the Farm Market that now has a 7-11 sitting on it and staying up half the night canning what we didn't sell to the market. And I only thought those days were busy days. Working a 40  plus hour work week at doctor's office then straight home to change and off to market to work in garden. Then home to get things ready to can the next night. After retirement it was gardening, canning, keeping 5 young grandchildren and housework as well.  Now the grandkids are grown with youngest almost 19 years old, but now being caregiver for my DH.  Seems it never ends.  Hope for you it slows down long enough for you to get a break. :hug3:

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I finally hit my stride and put in almost ten hours at work today.  I'm so tired, I'm just numb.  But I did it.  That many hours wasn't possible at the old job because after six hours or so, I would be making mistakes that would bring thunder down on my head.  Maybe because I'm the "new girl" or because I'm just on loan, they have someone handling a lot of the nit-picky scheduling and setting-up details that used to trip me up, and certainly they gave me more than plenty of time to find my feet.  As a result, I'm getting a lot done, and I'm finding and fixing my errors before they get off my own desk.  Such a relief.  I feel so popular, too.  They seem so grateful to have me.

If I am going to work out of the house, I'm going to have to keep getting on the computer right after seven, before all the home-schooled kids take over the airwaves, and get the part that requires internet done before four-thirty, when masses of other people start pulling out their computers. 

So tired.

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It might be a good thing that I didn't find any shirts.  I updated the budget today.  We're broker than I thought we were, at least until we get some money that should be coming in soon.  My emergency cash had to go into the bank account, and I really don't like when that happens.

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:cheer:  and :amen:  for Ambergris.  


:pray:  for TheCG and the needs of their family.  "Those Times" really stink!  We've all had them and hope not to have them again!!  And for allergies too! 


:pray:  for Homesteader Hostess......and gardener and carpenter.  Hey, can't you put some of them to work?  Treat them like family and ....  :shrug:  


Miki are you going to get rain or other effects from H. Laura?  Says tornadoes could be spawned.....  :behindsofa:   


:pray:  that Jeepers is having a great time in Indy....safe travel back home!  Have lotsa fun with you-know-who!!  :hapydancsmil:


We're getting intermittent rain all over CO today.  :amen:   That goes very nicely with the intermittent WILDFIRES that keep starting all over everywhere.  Most of them stay small....cuz everyone in 4 counties surrounding come and jump on it!!!  But....having endured one of the BIG ones long ago.....  :pray:   And the air quality improves with rain too!  :amen:  


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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:pray: for everyone.


DH asked me if he could get another generator. Ok, I trust him.  FedEx called asking if we were home, he’d be here in 15 minutes, mentioning it was 250 lbs!  Really!?!?! The semi truck showed up, but they had packed it way in the front of the trailer, he borrowed my hand truck to get it out, after moving several pallets out of the way. I expected a medium sized one not the monster we got.  DH says they are sold out of them now.  :shrug:  He says, he will get an electrician to adapt our breaker box, because he says it will power our whole house!  


Barbecued the brisket yesterday, while running loads of laundry.  Got 13 vacuum sealed packages for us and 10 for MIL.

Cleaned house, & the spa.   The dust storms we keep having is leaving a thick layer of dust on and in every thing.

The garden is toast, I’m doing all I can to save the spice garden. Yesterday, we were 110° in the shade with humidity. :knary:  Today, only 105° in the shade with humidity.  The portable AC in the living room has a drain tube, we have to empty the gallon jar a couple of times a day when it’s humid.  :rolleyes:


Time to get some sleep... long day.

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Ann, that will do the trick.  I take it is a gasoline run engine. So you need to have lots of gas cans.  That is why we got the generac. It runs on natural gas but can be set up on propane as well.  That one will keep things running for hours without a refill.  So you are good to go.  The reason I say lots of gas cans is because if you loose power for several days the gas stations unless they are on back up power cannot pump gas. So you will need the extra gas for just in case. Then what you don't use, you can put in your cars.


Got an e-mail from a company called Webstaurant.  They deliver to restraunts and such. But I have bought from them before.  They have canning jars and I was able to order the wide mouth pints.  Got 6 cases for 10.49 each.   If you buy 62 cases, they are 9.68 each.  They are a good company but the shipping charge is $30.00.  I didn't like the shipping charges. But being as Amazon is charging like $40.00 for a case of jars and other places are just as bad. I bit the bullet and paid the shipping charge. Still cheaper than the marked up 40 bucks for one case of jars.  They do have a lot of stuff. Paper products, etc. They are a wholesale company. But great products. Just don't like the shipping. 


Went to store to pick up the RX's and then to Market for fresh produce. peaches, corn, cantalope, watermelon, etc. The store has been picked clean of a lot of things.  But was able to get what I wanted.   Then off to Food Lion for bread, eggs and other fruits and veggies. All the fresh stuff.  Came home fixed lunch for DH and myself and now just resting a bit before I get to work around here. Got to get some cleaning done. Still waiting on the parts for the second shelf to come in. Now it seems that got put on hold till the 3ed before I can get those parts and that is holding up a lot of things I need to get done. :tapfoot:

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17 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

Miki are you going to get rain or other effects from H. Laura? 


We aren't getting much and that is fine.  A little rain and little wind.  If things change, I will update.


Walked first this morning, fed dogs and took for walk outside fence (perimeter check). Used the leaf blower on the front porch and driveway and then ran to local grocery for hamburger to can tomorrow into taco meat.

Still have to go to post office with one item that DH had to get a box for today.
Still need to fertilize roses that were cut back and cut up cheese for dog treats. Then calling it a day except for regular chores!

Hope everyone stays safe in these "interesting times"!

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My day started at at about 1:30 am. Darn steroids! Today is the last full day, then I start scaling back. Our platform on eBay was switched to managed payments and our first sale had to be refunded. Learning curve, but got it fixed (I think). Our rescue dog bit DH yesterday pretty good when he tried to put ear mite medicine in his ear. I will try rubbing his ears with vaseline today. If I can do that without being bitten. Really not sure what to do with him. I will be talking to a new vet in a couple of weeks and see if she has any suggestions.

Anyway, today I will do my video, clean baths, wash rugs, dust house and sweep. May be ready for bed by then. LOL

Later, I hope to get my liver, bacon and onions cooked.
I hate being wide awake and exhausted at the same time!

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