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Spine leaned back, lower back supported, feet raised.  No flea-mint, pennyroyal tea, raspberry leaf (really common in commercial herbal teas) or sage (including sausage), or dates or dried figs (not sure about fresh figs), or spicy foods.  No sex, and no castor oil.

And don't yell at anyone if you can avoid it.

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Sometimes I feel like I came in during a conversation and don't know what is going on!  Sigh  Such is life. 


Walked first today, so hot and humid! Another week or so and it should cool off a little, I hope!


Did laundry, paid bills online, went to drugstore for prescription, Post Office. Came home and walked the dogs for perimeter check, finished laundry, cooked a chuck steak and some bacon for a salad.

Had a huge salad for lunch/ dinner.  And actually got 7.5 hours of sleep last night.  Didn't wake up until about 5:30.  Big improvement!

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Today has been very busy. Took DH to get labs for his coumadin and yes he is off of it for 3 days and has to get labs again Friday.  Tomorrow we both have labs for thyroid and then off to rehab for DH.

Went to bank and picked up Rx's as well. Came home and got started on the bedrooms. Office is trashed right now. I moved furniture so I could get bookcases from small bedroom where I have all my canned foods stored now and put those bookcases in office. I now have 3 bookcases in office. One for books and the other 2 is for foods such as cake and brownie mixes, All the pastas, Peanut butter and jellies and some other things that I use.  Now I need to find places for all the buckets of food that I have freeze dried and put in mylar bags. I have rice, flour beans and a lot of other things all in mylar with oxygen absorbers. I found a place for 5 buckets in hall closet on floor where most of the green beans and squash was sitting. Guess I will figure it out after I clean out the linen closet. Right now that is a hot mess. Everything under the sun is in that closet. 

Things are so much better now that I can just walk into that bedroom and find what I need right off. No more moving a box of this to get to a jar of that for dinner. I was checking the buckets to make sure everything in there is still sealed tight. And they were. Found a bucket of rice, I forgot I had. had I remembered it, I wouldn't have bought another 50lbs. Though I did give my granddaughter 25lbs. of it. Was helping her to get her appt. stocked up. I was hoping to have a place to sort my spices and get them on a shelf but that didn't work out. So they are in office closet in boxes where I can get to them for now. 

It is so nice to be able to have all the food organized so I can find what I need and all by oldest dates to front. All the older dates where always on top but now they are in front and not just piled box on top of box. 

I have a lot of long term food and some of that will go under bed. I don't use that if I can help it right now.  It all has a 25 to 30 year shelf life. There was a company that went out of business about 8 years ago and DH went crazy. We have just about everything in long term from powdered milk and eggs, to veggies and ready made meals. Most is freeze dried and some is dehydrated.  We even have long term meats. So some getting moved to under bed storage and out of closets. 

I am sore and hurting tonight but can't take a muscle relaxer as I have to get up early. So guess I will just take a couple of advil before bed tonight. 

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Yesterday we sorted all the OTC's that were in storage totes and hubby carried them upstairs to a little "pantry" area.  Great place for them.  That made room in the main pantry (at the homestead) for us to put the tp and pt up on a top of the shelf that held the OTC's.  That cleared out the space on top of 2 other shelving units and we'll be putting the new jarred up green beans etc., up there.  

Today went for dental checkup (x-rays etc., ) and cleaning.  Everything okay with next appt. for cleaning in spring.  Said teeth were in good shape.  Hubby is next for his x-rays and cleaning. 

Me and Abby have our good reports, now it's his turn! LOL


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I want clean air to breathe! It’s been two weeks of unhealthy or hazardous air because of surrounding fires...ash in the air and ash on everything....:0327:

This is the sun at 4 in the afternoon....


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Mt. Rider, tell your mom not to give up hope on the Bounty single sheet. I couldn't find it for months. I was afraid they weren't going to make it anymore.


I need to make some laundry powder to take over there. I THINK the home made soap would be good to use in the front loader machines  because the home made stuff is low to no suds. But I've never had a front loading machine and don't intend on buying one.


Glad you are doing better Miki. Steroids are some nasty meds but good to have for short term use when they are needed. 


Good to hear from you Euphrasyne. I was wondering how you were doing. Sounds like baby is getting anxious to get out and see the world. I remember the 'nesting' phase too. Gotta clean, clean, clean and organize right now. Sounds like your school system is very unorganized. Gees, they have had months and months to prepare for this.  



Well, I thought I posted this. Must have forgotten to hit the reply button. Sigh. 


That's a pretty picture Dogmom  it not so pretty to breathe. :(




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9 hours ago, snapshotmiki said:

Sometimes I feel like I came in during a conversation and don't know what is going on! 


:lol:   Yeah, I know.  It takes me a while to figure some out too.  Let me take some guesses:

1)  Ambergris filling in for Jeeper's "provalone" povidone  iodine   [hey, she was close!]

2)  Ambergris [I think] giving Eurphrasyne tips on that baby not coming early cuz of benefit in having Oct baby for family leave.

3)  ....chuck eye....like crossword puzzles...I have no idea.  :grinning-smiley-044:  


Brevity.....whereas I'm all about specificity and LENGTHY posts, right?  ;)


MtRider   :whistling: 

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ANYway...Miki..... :cheer:  for long sleep now without steroids!!!  


:pray:  for Euphrasyne and family and the wee one!!!!!!  :pray:   And all the mess of school and readjustment back from dad's....  Got to be tough!  :(  



Let me make an announcement:   Some of you are having trouble thinking you did not hit 'SUBMIT REPLY' and thus are double posting.  If I am guessing right, you think this because when you go down to post, your previous post appears in the box already.  HOWEVER...this does not automatically mean you didn't post that message.  I've found it several times and in all cases: YES, I DID ALREADY POST THAT.  Maybe Annarchy knows why it's doing that now.  Didn't used to.  But no.....we are not all getting rapidly older and senile. :grinning-smiley-044:   It's not "Operator Error".  :grinning-smiley-044:    If you check back, I believe you will find your posts are indeed, already posted. 


MtRider ....been meaning to bring that up.  Anyone find a case where you really DIDN'T post?  :pc_coffee:

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21 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Mt. Rider, tell your mom not to give up hope on the Bounty single sheet. I couldn't find it for months.

I will!!!    :buttercup:   If I can remember when we talk.  Knew there was something I wanted to tell her!  


Today was  ....um, interesting.  We decided to take the swamp cooler out of the window entirely.  With the tiny A/C unit, we weren't using the OLD thing and never hooked it up this summer.  We've left it in the window during winter by wrapping it in plastic.  But sun has shattered the plastic and it's flying all over.  So he began...and I started cleaning window sill from inside before he moved it. 


"HE moved it" ....right?   Wrong.  As with all things, one side would have slid out fine.  The other side was stuck with 'frozen' bolts and lots of stuff.  I put in my good solid shoes and went out to help.  It's very large...not so heavy but awkward.  Just a small "squirrel cage" motor in there.  Took the 3 sides off with the absorbing mats....so just the box. 


14 tools later decided to take fencing out of the way ....manage to take out 4 staples....and it finally was loose.  LOL
But I was walking backwards uphill carrying one side so DH could get his side and himself out from behind fence.  I couldn't get L foot high enough to step up/out of a hole [thank you Koa].  Backwards!  :grinning-smiley-044:    Ended up sitting abruptly smack down with the whole thing in my lap.  DH looked so horrified, I thot he was hurt...of course he thot I was.  Nope, both fine.  Just had to pick a million or so stickers out of my sox and shoe laces.  Finally got the thing into the nearby goat house. It's now a storage area. 
THANKFULLY, my foot is no worse for wear.  I was TRYING to keep it from any maneuvers.  Took shower/wash hair immediately too.  So it got a workout.  Seems fine.  Arch still in place.  :amen: 
MtRider  :offtobed: 
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Ambergris is definitely telling me what to do to keep that baby in  XD  Thanks for the advice!  I am avoiding everything but a small bit of the spicy food and minimal yelling.  


Oiiiiyyyy.....I had forgotten how much teenagers eat.  DD12 grew again over the summer and she is 5'6 now.  She eats more than my husband.  I am really glad I stocked the pantry and that they are only moderately picky.    I've brought the kids into food tetris and made them help me make the menu this week based only on things we have here.  I told them that this weekend we would sit down and make up a list of 30 meals they could cook  using foods we keep here (they can cook, DD12 very well and DD17 moderately well) after I have the baby.   Instead of making a bunch of premade freezer junk, I'm just going to let them cook for a month after baby comes.  They seem excited about this and I usually let them cook at least once a week anyway with minimal supervision.


The school is saying if the kids go back, there will be no temperature checks, but parents must log in daily online and fill out a health questionnaire in ParentVue before the kids go to school.  I was seriously stressing about the timing of this with a new baby, but I finally decided....  :sassing: DD17 gets my password and she can do it for herself and her sister if needed.  


DD17 is pushing me to let me see her girlfriend (who has a congenital heart defect and just had surgery for a new battery a month ago) before we go into serious baby lockdown.  I'm not sure if I should or not, but I feel bad because she hasn't been able to visit with her since the schools shut down at the beginning of the year.  The girl has been under strict quarantine at her house for medical reasons so I'm leaning towards 1 in person visit, but I am a little concerned b/c my kid hasn't been as quarantined as her dad said she was.  

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14 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

Finally got the thing into the nearby goat house. It's now a storage area. 


Good idea!  I think I'll do something with our goat shed which has just stood empty since our goats left.


Walked this morning (still hot and humid, 94 today), ran to local grocery for sales and last two items for dog food which I will make tomorrow evening and PC on Friday.


Made more phone calls to VA for DH then called usps to order shipping supplies. Picked and froze figs--they are really slowing down now, only 2 ripe today.


I think I may call it a day after I cook my cauliflower/ broccoli medley for dinner--it will have chicken strips and leftover steak strips and cheese.

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Housework day...couldn't hang laundry with the rain etc., so got a couple loads washed and hung out today.  Then "the other stuff".

Hubby is my champion!  He got the homestead's bathroom textured today so now comes the primer paint and then the satin coat!  Woohoo!

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Seems everyone has been busy.  I am beat. DH had his first day of Rehab. He is worn out. They worked his arms and legs for one hour straight. He is not used to that anymore. It has been months and he hasn't done much walking either. So this rehab I think is the best thing for him to get his strength and energy back. Though I have to sit in the car for that hour and wait till he is done. So I just carry my kindle with me and read for that hour. 

Seems I get one room done and clean and then when starting on the office, I have piled up the living room, foyer and the small bedroom that I just cleaned. I have piles of paperwork to sort through and file. This is a first for that to get out of hand but with DH back and forth in hospital, it all just got piled up and nothing filed away. So I must get that done because it is a lot of tax stuff for next year's taxes.  Yeah, our taxes are complicated. Go figure. But i am also going to have a nice big trash can sitting there to start ditching stuff. I have way to much crap.  I have soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. that was sitting under the desk. That is my back up stuff. Need to find a new home for it somewhere else. So lots of planning and organizing to get done. 


Office is empty and now I can move some things around, I do have that one wall with the book cases and that side is done. But I am moving the printer over to that side and off of the desk. Then I can move my big apple screen so we can watch movies on it better. it's in a bad location to be able to use right now. Then I can bring the other computer screen that I have set up for grandson when he comes over in the office. I want to get that out of living room as he doesn't come over as much now that he is working. 3ed shift is a killer job. Sleep from 3 am to noon and then up and getting ready for work by 4. DH many years ago had a job like that. It only lasted about a year and he went to work for the gas co. Though that was a lot of overtime it did pay for this house. Sewing machine is going to stay in dinning room this time. I'm not letting DH talk me into moving it back into office where I have no where to put it so I can use it. I still have a lot of material for baby blankets, etc. and I want to get all that material used up. So hoping to start sewing some this winter again.


WE2 love that picture of your baby. He is a cutie. 


Euphrasyne,  Seems you have your hands full. Baby needs to hold on till after the 2ed. I know it will make things much easier. And now with the girls back home after a couple of months, you will be even busier.  Hang in there. It will all work out in the end. Just have faith that baby will wait another month. And the girls will hopefully get back into a routine that works for everyone. This school issue is one big mess. And now I hear they are hijacking school computers and locking them up but not trying to get money, just saying they will fix it for a fee. Don't think I would be turning a computer over to someone like that. 

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Sheesh, are we having a plastic shortage too? I was online pricing small-ish plastic totes for my medicine closet shelf. I don't remember them ever being that expensive. I may change my mind and go with open plastic bins instead. I kind of wanted ones with a lid. A little smaller than a shoe box only taller. Will keep looking...



Finally found some. 6 for $26.00. With a latching lid and handle. 


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As usual, walked first, fed dogs, Went to Kroger for local sales, went to bank, H&R block to ask a question, Dollar Tree for cauliflower rice and thrift shops.


Came home and printed up a collection of thoughts for a friend for her Birthday and washed the comforter I got at thrift shop (twice in hot water) and then dried on high heat. Ate a big salad for lunch and I'm done for now, I think.

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Got a lot done this week....Monday I mopped floors, for me that is kinda heavy work, but I am proud to have done it anyway.  Lots of breaks, and wringing with sweat by the time I got done, but I  DID IT!  hOORAY!  Our AC (central) keeps freezing up - like  in 15 min flat - so we put the window ACs back in - better than nothing in our 90-100 degree weather.  Afternoon sun bakes us badly.  


Tues was pension day so groceries and bills were the order of the day.  Whew...some good meat sales so we topped up our freezers with pork (boneless roasts, sirloins, steaks) and beef (ribeye steaks).  We were going to buy the whole ribye primal cut but Mary noticed they had lots of fat we would have to trim - we would lose about 25% of our outlay - so we went with the pre cut and trimmed which were $1 a pound more, but trimmed very close.   Had some for dinner...MMMMM.   Gave 8 to our friends who are having financial difficulties.  (We buy them groceries now and again).  The husband was touched by those beautiful steaks....we told them, if they were going to do Keto diet they might aw well have some steaks on hand for when they needed something to feel spoiled.  No sense wasting a good sale, LOL.


Wednesday Mary took the new truck in to have the running boards installed.  I was carring around a fold step stool just to get inside te truck now I can put it back in the pantry where  it belongs.  I cant reach those higher shelves anymore without it.  I stayed behind, baked bread and made a macaroni-chicken salad for dinner on Thursday, since the weather showed no sign of cooling down anytime soon.  Packed up and subdivided all those larger meat packs we bought into meal size units, then lugged 6 plastic bags full out to the freezers (they are in the carport.  BTW, the lock hasps I put on them worked perfectly - I just used construction glue no hole drilling (and maybe hit a cooling line) required!  We can lock them down when we are going to be away from home.    


Today I mopped the front living room area, after sweeping, and moving the furniture to get every corner.  It took quite a while (but then again I am slow..)but was worth it when Mary came in from working in the yard in the 95 degree heat because I sat her down in a recliner next to the window air conditioner, and servedl her cold chicken-pasta salad and freshly made coffee.  Tonight when we let the dogs in from the back yard we saw one of the litter of three kittens that had been outside with their Mom, and he looked pretty miserable.  He had got inside the fence to stand by the door and ask to be let in so we brought all three in.  Lots of kitty kisses and purring and they hit the watering station immediately.  Maybe we will keep them in until the weather cools down as they were suffering pretty badly.  They nad only been outside 1 week, so they took to being inside where it is coooler right off.  The older cats know how to cope with the heat ,but the littles, not so much.  And we finaly figured out how to get out central AC to work without freezing up almost immediately....use the whole house vent switch to clear out the excess condensation and therefore keep the AC from freezing up.  We cant believe how nice it is to be really cool again.   Altogether it was a tiring but productive day.



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22 hours ago, Ambergris said:

Six-hour blackout just ended.  Refrigerator is struggling to start.  Have not inventoried other items adequately.  Waiting for daylight.


Wait.....wha...?   Are you posting in the wrong thread?  Shouldn't this be over in the Rolling Blackout HYPOTHETICAL stories?  


I give up.  I'm not doing WW again......


MtRider ....hope your fridge/freezer stuff is ok.  :(  Are you all ok?  

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6 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:


Wait.....wha...?   Are you posting in the wrong thread?  Shouldn't this be over in the Rolling Blackout HYPOTHETICAL stories?  


I give up.  I'm not doing WW again......


MtRider ....hope your fridge/freezer stuff is ok.  :(  Are you all ok?  

Not the wrong thread.  Yes, we are okay.  We were looking at new fridges, but this one suddenly kicked into gear and is holding temp again.  The deep freezers didn't loose temp.  The AC and the fridge in the workshop both took a kick to the teeth, but they have no surge suppressor at all (my laziness coming back to bite me).

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