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We will get something from Sally, hopefully just rain and a breeze!  We are 100 miles north of New Orleans and in the cone.  I haven't been on here since last Thursday.  Busy.


Friday, we went to an Estate Sale a few blocks away. Got almost 3 cases of mason jars for $6. Some new with lids! Went up and helped set up at Church for a few hours. Having a meal after a funeral on Saturday which I could not attend as I was helping another friend all day.

Went back to the estate sale early Saturday morning for a couple more items - figurines for DH's Christmas, then off to help friend.

This morning, did video, Church, walked dogs, weeded garden, set up DH's meds for 2 weeks and finally getting back here! Yay!
Tomorrow I have regular check up with my doc at 8 AM. Not sure what I'll do next.

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Crutches....I can commisserate with MrCG.  :(   I'm still off and on.  These past days have been strenuous with so much going on.  B and J came yesterday to replace toilet that won't shut off the waterflow....and is filling the septic quickly.  They're in their mid 70's and still doing some repair/maintenance for her rentals.  And replaced the kitchen sink faucet that had a slow drip. 


DH and I got up early to clear everything out of the way.  [tiny cabin]  DH also sanitized the Mouse Zone under the kitchen sink...since B would have to spend time under there.  EEeuuu.  I ceded that territory to the varmints years ago and rarely even open the doors.  We actually have a good time with them....[B/J  - not the varmints].  Everyone has a sense of humor...even dry wit when things invariably go strange or wrong in this old cabin.  They forgot several things they usually bring and we could supply them.  The odd one was a product called Blaster.


B had introduced DH to this penetrating fluid for stuck nut-on-bolt years ago when they were here for some project.  B saw DH struggling with a lug nut on old van.  He came over and gave it a spray of Blaster and the thing loosened immediately.  So yesterday, the toilet project was done without too much "variation off the expectations".  Then B crawled under the sink and all we saw was his feet and hand reaching for various tools....for a long time.  :unsure:    It was not going well...one side comes off as planned.  The other side stuck..as usual!  A half hour job was running into it's second hour by now.  And he'd put in the previous faucet.  I'd told B that it sure stinks when you can't even blame the previous guy who installed what you're trying to take out....cuz his name is B too!  :happy0203:  B does keep his humor.


He'd tried loosening the nut with what he had.  I was offering B the variety of products we have.  About then DH came out to see what was the problem.  "Oh," he says.  "you want Blaster?  I bought some after you showed it to me years ago."   [yes, this is an endorsement of that product. ]  B crawled back under and gave it a spray....and began laughing.  He was able to unscrew the nut with his fingers!  


So now we have a new-fangled toilet ....read the manual.  :rolleyes:  Actually, I like the recent reversal to designs that actually flush!!!  But this thing closes the lid by itself if you give it a flick to start.  V E R Y  S L O W L Y !   [don't try to force it closed faster or it breaks!...says J who's had tenants who have done that! ]  Next step is mebbe Thursday.  The backhoe guy who will replace the cast iron outtake pipe that's corroded shut.  THEN we'll be fully back to normal.....and do several loads of clothes to catch up!  :clothesline:


Called my nephew who will be here Mon/Tues and is inheriting our small, old horse trailer.  It will cost him 4 new tires for a [safe]  trip back home.  The septic will still be fragile so they'll stay at a motel.  I also talked for couple hours to his sister who lives in Oregon.  Checking to see if they were near any of the wildfires.  No, all a good distance away.  I was glad to hear she had an EVAC plan tho:  All vital paperwork is in her "purse".  Grab kids "memory boxes" and kids and EVAC!  All else can be replaced, she says.  That will certainly work!  [me, I want to pack up the house in a U-haul!]  Had a delightful talk as we're just getting to know this woman who we last saw as a small child. Divorce separates more than just the un-married couple.  It takes out the other family members too.  :( 


Today, DH and I are :0327:  My foot hurts all the way up the ankle.  I was on it too much getting stuff ready for B/J.  Got back on crutches even before they left.  J's suggestion was Arnica.   [ I noted Mr.WE2's use of it too. ]  Until J said it helped the foot she mangled bad enough to have surgery/pins/plates, I didn't even think of it.  She said the gel works for her but cream doesn't.  I get some relief from cream, which we have.  But I'll have DH get the get the gel when he goes into town again.  Feels like time for another application!  Ow.  And I put elastic shoe laces in that shoe.  That helps give more room on the instep which is most sore.


Fully no-use of foot today.  RESTING...both of us.  Then nephew/wife/8 yr old.  Then more septic restore.  Then.....  No, don't look too far ahead...  :hidingsmile:


MtRider  ....might have a lead of horse riding too.  NEED that! 

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Just saw the new tropical storms this morning.  We're down to "S" then.  I know they are readying the Greek alphabet for the next names...  baaad year!


Ambergris...aw!  What does one do with a blue tarp over the house and the NEXT one comes???  Move to Nevada?  Sheeesh!  :pray:   Looking at all the tracings of current storms in Atlantic/Gulf....looks like a bunch of fireflies/lighting bugs on a summer nite.  So many...


Miki....and you stay safe too!  Hopefully the velocity will be out before it affects your location.  :pray:  

Good score on the canning jars...LIDS.    Some years ago, I just missed being the recipient of someone's grandma's stash....LARGE stash in basement of jars.  {gasp} They thru them out cuz didn't know anyone who WANTED them!  :0327:  If they kept them til this year, what an inheritance!  They could have traded them for gold!  lol


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Made a WM trip to pick up a new waterpik-type machine. Those things work so good.  Friends dentist told her to toss the floss and buy a waterpik.  We have the one we were using but figured we'd better invest in a new one while the getting is good!  Tossed the laundry in the homestead's dryer to dry while we went to WM.

Hubby worked at the garage cutting some wood for son's project (:tapfoot:) this afternoon...but I did good...I kept my mouth shut!  He said he needed to get the plywood out of his way.   

I did another load of laundry and will hang it out tomorrow...it's supposed to be nice.

He bought some lumber at Menards for his garage wall/divider and said the lumber was out of this world!  I suggested that perhaps we should take a trip to Amish/Mennonite country to one of their lumber mills and see what they're charging.  May get a good bargain for #2 grade wood.  Never hurts to shop around!

Tomorrow we need to stop by vet's and pick up heartworm med for our girl.  Only need one month this time and then we'll buy 3 months of it as well as the OTC flea/tick and we'll be set for until the first of the year.  Depending on what happens we may have to stock up a lot of both come January :( 

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Tropical storms, tornado's and wild fires. Sheesh. Everyone stay alert and safe. Plan now. I know I'm preaching to the choir here. It's still worrisome though.  :pray:


Way to go on the canning jar haul Miki. Awesome find.


We2, I noticed about the wood situation a couple of months ago when I was looking for a little bit of peg board. Prices were outrageous. That is if you can even find what you need. It took me two months and three different places (Lowes, Home Depot and Menards) before I found the half piece I needed. At least they cut it for free. Shopping around is a good idea. 


Putting Blaster on my ever expanding list.  :sSig_thankyou:

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The kids are now banned from touching my cast iron skillet.  The one started cooking on high :fryingpan: , which I’ve told them to never do, and the other decided to clean it with a Brillo pad. :fryingpan:


So...I’m not using it either until I have the time to re-season it again.  Arrrrrrrgh. 

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At least you can rehab cast iron.  After all, what does Mom know, when the internet says otherwise, LOL


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:amen:  My foot feels MUCH MUCH better today.  Haven't even used Arnica on it....tho DH is getting more while in town today.  Still almost zero-weight bearing today.  Just slight touch down for balance with crutches.  :amen:   I just can't overuse it as much as the day of new toilet and sink faucet.  :rolleyes:  


I will be SOOOO GLAD to have this week's events done.  Wish nephew's visit wasn't this week...arriving tonite/leaving tomorrow [maybe].  Then the final backhoe and septic repair starting tomorrow morning. 

DH has doc appt on Friday. 

My mom's Bday on Sat. 

DH works this Sunday

By Monday, I think :faint3: 


We HAVE to do something for my mom's Bday.  But I guess since my folks are gadding about the small town all the time anyway, we might as well go get some take-out and sit at a sunny park.  Maybe shop at Goodwill?  It's what we'd do w/o COVID.  But as I said, she's been out multiple times a wk since about July.  :shrug:   Not sure how long she can be gone tho...but we can bring my dad some take-out too...  :sigh:   2020 has too many complications!  


MtRider  :pray: 

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You have a lot going on this week, Mt. Rider!  Makes me tired reading it!  The hurricane will go to the East of us so we should just get some rain and a breeze.


Went to doc appt. at 8 am, stopped at Kroger for sodas for DH and came home.

Finally strained the fire cider and added honey.

Company showed up and it has been pretty much chaos since. Oreo isn't happy having a dog around that is much! bigger than him. Made a huge salad and I'm done!



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I'm a good ways to the east of the mess.   


I have apparently lost another hen this afternoon.  I heard her distress call while I was working, so I sent my son out to see about her, but the rooster sang out while he was putting on his shoes, so he went to the rooster (both were in tall grass).  The rooster was fine, and by then the hen was quiet.


I plan to keep my half a flock in the fortified pen for the day tomorrow.  

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Been really busy this past week. Still going through things and sorting it all out. Took DH to rehab today and being in the middle of the afternoon keeps me from getting a  lot done.  It is at 1:30 three days a week and we are only on the 3ed week of a 10 to 12 week program of this. He needs to do this but it sure is slowing me down from getting things I really need to do done. I don't get to do as much early morning as I am still having to help DH to get his shower and get dressed, etc. He is doing better getting his shower on his own now but he still cannot bend down to get his pants on. So I have to get his feet into the pants and then he can handle it from there. So that is an improvement but still a long way to go. I keep praying he will be off that walker, but his balance still says no way. 


Everyone stay safe from this hurricane.  We are going to get rain I think from this one and there are 4 more storms out there as well. This has really been a year of troubled times.  Fires, hurricanes, Coronavirus and what ever else is thrown at us.  :pray:  that next year will be a much better year. At this point, prayer is all we can do. 


Mt. Rider,  Praying your foot gets better soon.  Ii thought it was healing up and you were doing better and I get on here to see you are on crutches again. 

CG praying also for your DH to get better with his foot as well.  This is no time to be having all these issues. 


I have been working outside now that the weather is a bit cooler. Today was nice. We have a good breeze.  I set in car with windows down, reading a book while waiting for DH to come out from his rehab. They won't let anyone come in with him. Only the ones that are having rehab. They are only taking in 5 at a time. 


I now have all my food organized and I can now find what I need. No more food under the beds. That was getting a bit hard to pull stuff out when I needed it. So the shelving units have worked out great. 

Still have to go through the meds.  Getting things together for that and making out a plan for them.  Just hope the plan works out good. Sometimes I will start something and then have to go to plan B. :tapfoot:  But it is what it is.  


If tomorrow is as nice as it has been today, I am going to get DH outside for a while.  My washer and dryer is in the garage and I can open the big door and let him sit in a chair for some fresh air.  Going to get him walking around yard a bit as well.  He needs to get moving now. Not just sitting in front of a TV all day. That is starting to get old.  He needs to get his strength back and it won't happen sitting in a chair and having rehab 1 hour a day for 3 days. So it is now crack down time.  I've been through it before, so nothing new.  He is not an exercise person. So just needs that push. 


I am trying to get back into my Bible reading as I used to have a set time I would read for about an hour each night. But since DH got sick it has been read when I can.  I don't get to read my other books much at all. So those I am reading for that hour in parking lot at rehab.. I am going to try to set up an early morning time before DH get's up to do my Bible reading now that he can do more things on his own.  

Need to be getting things together for the raised garden beds next spring as well.  Will need to get with SIL as I will need his truck to bring the wood home for that or else just order them on line and have them deliver the premade ones. I haven't priced the wood here yet, so don't know which way will be the cheapest yet. I also need to make a run to tractor supply but not sure how I will do that as it will take an hour to get there. Can't leave DH by himself that long. So will need a babysitter.  Might need to check grandson's work hours. Maybe I can get him to stay with him for 3 or 4 hours. Or just don't give him his fluid pill and take him with me. Then he can take the fluid pill when he gets home. that is how we do his rehab now. But the pay for doing that is that he is up all night running to the bathroom.  And of course, I don't get much sleep as I wake up to make sure he gets there without falling. Being a caregiver is not the easiest job to do. But we manage. 



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I make popcorn to do a heavy re-season.  The only way I do popcorn is the cast iron pan and glass lid anyway. 


LilSister...keep praying cuz foot is a looong story.  It was doing good...no crutches.  But we've had a whole redo of septic system - including new [not leaking] toilet and kit sink faucet.  Tiny house.  Long-legged repair guy.  Lots of stuff to clear the way for B and J to work....then put it all back.  That's pretty much what set it back.


Today my foot doesn't hurt.   But I'm still using crutches to calm it down again.  Very light weight-bearing.  Tomorrow is SUPER busy.  Final septic digging/replacing corroded pipe and refill.  PLEASE don't cut the phone line that goes right over that pipe!!!  :o   Bobcat knows where it is cuz I never moved the orange flags from couple years ago when B/J did erosion control to stop flooding in our back door.   Sheeesh, this place is just one odd thing after another.  But...we don't own; we don't pay....except in labor.  Theoretically, backhoe will not need anything from me except moving my truck which we did tonite.  J will be here to see what's what.


But Nephew/family will arrive sometime tomorrow.  Giving him the horse trailer and hope to see them for a while.  It's a long way to come from MN but he does scheduled jobs on the way with I.T. stuff.  One job messed him up today or they'd be here already.  So won't be much time but....one more large item out of the way.  He'll get use out of it on their farm.


Intend to spend most of tomorrow on the crutches.  Foot still touchy and can't push it to heal faster if I'm on it.  Nothing to repair inside house ...at this point.  Getting down/up 15 stairs tonite to move truck was ok...but draining.  I go backwards UP the stairs on my seat and push up with good foot.  Safe.  Still exhausting. 


MtRider  ....early morning tomorrow but....  :happy0203:  ...other than noise, early doesn't involve me directly. 

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She’s insisting that she didn’t Brillo the pan, and only used the plastic brush and no soap.  Still not sure I believe her.


Hubby’s leg is getting better every day.  He’s now using a cane and staying off it some, but he’s insistent that he needs to start getting back on it.

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I'm finding my cast iron skillet is gaining weight as the years march on. Can't hardly pick it up anymore.  :laughkick:


My SIL is a real angel and has volunteered to come and care for my mom for a few days so we can get away before winter hits. She helped as a caregiver when my mom was in the assisted-living center, and recently lost her mom to Alzheimer's. It was a horrible and ridiculous ending as she couldn't touch or hug her mom even though they both tested negative.  :gaah:


We're running around like crazy trying to get organized so SIL can find things. Sometimes I wonder if all the extra work is worth the vacation. We'll need a vacation after the vacation.  :grinning-smiley-044:  It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't harvest season around the homestead. SIL said to leave a list of harvesting, canning, and freezing projects that she can work on them. I sure do love my SIL.  :hug3:

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Wow Homesteader, your SIL is golden. You are so lucky to have her in your life. I'm sure she feels the same way about you too


I have a few errands to run today then back home to the heating pad. this cooler weather is wreaking havoc with my neck. Arthritis is bad enough but it spawns headaches then jaw aches and migraines. Gonna be a long cold fall/winter here. 

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I was awake at 3AM this morning. Stayed in bed til DH got up at 5. Started laundry, cleaned both bathrooms, started roast in slow cooker with potatoes, cream of mushroom soup and homemade onion soup mix. Then I walked, fed dogs and then walked them.

Made a 3 bean salad, toted a bale of hay to back shed and went to local grocery for a couple of items.

Doctor called and they are lowering my thyroid meds again. Yay! I started at 200 mcg and will now be at 75 mcg. 5th time they have been lowered!

And we will have company with XL dog and 2 cats for a week or so. I will be cooking. Tomorrow will be PC sweet potato day!

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Waiting for the rain to pass.  We are in no danger at all, but I always feel like I have the flu when a hurricane is passing: weak, achy, ill-tempered, and like I have a fishbowl over my head.  My mother in Pensacola has not been answering her phone since yesterday, which is not helping the ill-tempered part.

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Congrats on the med lowering Miki. That's always good news. Enjoy your company. Hope Oreo can find his happy place while he is entertaining his 'guests' too.  :icon19:


Stay safe everyone in the path of these storms and tornado's they my spawn. :pray:


Ambergris, I get that way too. I figure it has to do with the barometric pressure. Good a reason as any I suppose.

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