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On 9/13/2020 at 8:31 PM, The WE2's said:

Only need one month this time and then we'll buy 3 months


Went ahead and bought 4 months.  Already had enough of the flea and tick, so just took those dollars and put it where it was best used!

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Test results are in.  No COVID!

I wanted to let you all know that DH pasted away early Sunday morning. He passing was quick and he was very much at peace. He knew the Lord and I know he is with him now singing and dancing with his p

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

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Did get to pick up the truck this morning.  The power steering pump went out...in front of the vet's office.  Thankful that he wasn't on the road some where!  We won't talk about the 300$ drain on the chkg account!

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Ugh We2. It's always something.


I spent a good part of the evening online looking for some more 2 gal. square buckets. I really like the square shape for stacking and I can manage the 2 gallon size better as far as weight is concerned. They have a hinged lid so that will be handy. They weren't cheap but they will be my forever buckets. At my age, everything I purchase now is my forever (fill in the blank).   :grinning-smiley-044:


I had planned on going to Lehmans this week but I think I'll wait for the buckets to arrive before I go down to Amish country so I can hit up the bulk food stores. They didn't give an arrival date but they are shipping from Kentucky so that was encouraging. 


I'm really spoiled from shopping on Amazon. They give shipping dates, arrival dates and arrived emails. On one place I looked the shipping was almost as much as the buckets. Another place will only tell you how much the shipping is after they send the order out and then put it on your charge card. I'm not that desperate for a bucket.  :pout:

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10 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Hope Oreo can find his happy place while he is entertaining his 'guests' too.  :icon19:


Yesterday evening, they were chasing each other around the yard acting all tough with their tails wagging the whole time.  Until Aninja, the chihuahua came out to set them both straight.  I think they are both afraid of her!


Woke up at 5 today. Will walk soon, feed and walk dogs, then start prepping sweet potatoes to PC. Take eBay photos. That will be my day and then Church tonight at 6:30.

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On 9/14/2020 at 6:46 PM, Ambergris said:

I have apparently lost another hen this afternoon.  I heard her distress call while I was working, so I sent my son out to see about her, but the rooster sang out while he was putting on his shoes, so he went to the rooster (both were in tall grass).  The rooster was fine, and by then the hen was quiet.



For us non-chicken keepers........................

What does the cock crowing have to do with the hen dieing? Did HE do it, or did he discover her already in distress??? :shrug:

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First time in 7 months....I went to a store.  :ph34r:   LOL    It was last nite after having meal at the park with nephew and his family.  That was the nice way to do Sonic....while pulling a horse trailer with one of our two vehicles.  Then we gathered at Walmart.  Nephew had to rewire the vehicle-to-trailer electrical connection.  That is his main skill set.....tho he struggled on the pavement of Walmart parking lot.  He wasn't able to find exactly what he needed and had to improvise.  And he was battling a migraine.  And the sun dropped and it got cold.  He got enough lights working so as to reach a motel in the small town where my folks live.  A few blocks from Walmart but we did pass by two city police cars.  They were involved in a traffic stop and didn't notice a tail light still not working....{ nor brake lights .. nor turn signal  }  Hope he had a better time fixing it further this morning.  Happens to be an auto parts place right across from the motel so I hope he notices that.  Better parts; better result. 


I went straight to cards and found a nice Bday card for my mom.  And a new coloring books and different coloring pens.  She enjoys doing the mid-level of difficulty in coloring.  I was SO pleased to find some spiral notebooks that were still only 25 cents.  Thot I'd missed the School sales.  I usually pick up literally a whole box of the notebooks.  My yearly supply.  They didn't have that many left tho.  I got another pkg of .5 mechanical pencils.  I think it's cheaper to just buy the whole pencil instead of the expensive lead refills.  Besides, I couldn't find ,5 leads.  Eraser refills are ridiculous too! 


Very harsh to climb stairs when we got home.  Haul stuff up on pulley.  Not that much stuff from store but just keeping me cool enough till the sun descended means soft-side cooler and the big ice packs.  It got cool within an hour....then I'm safe.  We had a nice time, tho short after 2 days travel.  But he has 3 jobs on the way back. 


There was bad news on our septic project.  They aren't done.  Ran into more pipe to replace ...J always says projects at this place turn out odd.  But they finally DID find the telephone line.....and didn't break it.  Backhoe guy and J are back again today....came later.  I was awake already.  A lot more difficult than expected.  He's still at it, poor guy.  Glad it's not our dime!


LOL  ...for all the isolation we have up here, the past two days, it's been Grand Central Station!  Good thing I moved my truck out of the equation.  Not that much room up here.  Backhoe and his truck.  J's SUV.  Our car tucked next to stairs.  Nephew's big truck yesterday.  Today was Fed Ex and UPS.....one right after the other, needing to turn around.  Good thing backhoe guy had his truck gone for lunch.  I think we're done receiving guests and work folks now.... 


I'm trying to stay off foot.  It doesn't hurt and I aim to keep it that way!  :amen: 


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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What ever it is both my hands and neck are hurting for past couple of days.  We have rain coming Thursday and Friday. DH didn't go to rehab today and he doesn't want to go Friday because of heavy rain.  Told him we will see but he still has to go to skin doctor to have those skin cancers removed. Seems since he has been sick and the blood thinners have made his skin so thin that the cancers are just coming up all over his arms and some on legs. Got to get that under control fast. 


SIL's can be great but I don't have any. Never had brothers. just 2 sisters and one of them has pasted away back in 99 from cancer. The other sister is a lost cause. She married a clown. I hate to say that but it is a long story behind that.  I would not trust my younger sister to come here to help me out without having to lock up some things. 

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It's a rooster's instinct to make noise to distract predators.  This time he distracted the rescuer.


My mom is blacked out, with several trees down, and blocked in by those trees, but her house is still there.  She sounds confused though, and that's worrisome.  She wants to move in with my brother, but he's living in a hotel room and trying to get an apartment.  Unfortunately, people are bidding for apartments, they are so scarce since Laura, and she doesn't know if he will get a place with room for her.

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Vacuum sealed several more quarts of coffee beans.  Got one case now but several more BIG bags to do!  Washing the jars then they have to dry completely.  Had two half gallon jars that I was putting crushed crackers in (Ball, and NEW!) and they absolutely would not hold a seal.  Found out by turning them upside down on my counter, they rocked like Elvis!  No wonder!  So, I sent an email to Ball.  Will see what they have to say.  This was out of the third case, now I'm wondering about the last and fourth case...:shrug:

The florist that we have delivered for in the past, for special days, asked hubby to work part time, two hours (maybe 3) delivering for them.  After talking it over, we decided we could use the dollars so he took it.  He'll work the afternoons on our homestead project.  He mowed the yard here this afternoon after he got home from laying down part of the underlayment at the homestead's bathroom.  Only has a couple more pieces to cut and put down.  Then the vinyl (I think).

I just hung out another load of laundry and did my vacuum sealing.

Abby-girl got herself in trouble TWICE today!  First time hubby had left for work project and I went to bathroom to clean up and brush my teeth.  Came out to find the had dragged my sticky notes off my end table in the livingroom!  Second time, hubby went out to mow, I went to take clothes off lines, and came back in and again...she'd dragged them off again!  I really raised my voice at her the second time which is something I rarely do.  She knew she was being naughty because both times she was hiding in her crate (which is in the livingroom)!  It's sort of funny really.  When I wiggle my finger for her to come to me, she comes slinking to me like "I really don't want to obey that finger!" 

Last night we gave her the heart worm chewy and then put the flea and tick down her back. But...hubby's been taking her for walks when he gets home (before supper) and he didn't take her with him this morning and didn't take her for a walk this evening.  Pouty dog! 

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Yay...septic is done.  DH did two loads of laundry this evening.  So nice not to be conserving water-down-the-drain. 


Yesterday was taxing and my stamina is fragile today.  Get up and go back and rest...repeat.  My foot was pretty much okay tho.  A bit of buzzing/stinging across instep. 


I fell asleep from 730 to 830 tonite while reading on the laptop.  Woke with laptop still on my lap.  Could not get truly awake for the next hour!!  Barely awake now. 


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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Storm & I are safe in TX.  PTL!  Stopped once to get coffee, cause I was getting drowsy, he pottyed, like a good boy, then I went in to do the same, he was fantastic.  I left the keys in the ignition, and didn’t realize it until I was paying for my coffee.  Yikes! That could have been really bad, purse, baggage, personnel protection & K-9!!!  Can’t believe I did that, including leaving the vehicle unlocked!  Stupid on all levels!


Got to Lordsberg, gassed up, washed the windshield, let Storm out for a potty break, and noticed the sky looking real bad.  Turned the van on, it locks the doors for 15 minutes, until the key is inserted, went in and got a Starbucks mocha coffee.  Checked in with DH, had him check the weather...storm moving in...  


Got on I-10 & headed out, but the winds were terrible.  5-10 miles later, semi trucks were pulled over on the side of the road, and a few had been blown over into the medium.  My arms, wrists, and hands are sore from holding the van steady on the road.  Dust storms & rain.... My eyes are tired from figuring out my glasses need to be replaced.  :sigh:  There's a fraction of space between my bifocals and regular area where I can actually see clearly.  MIL & I are going to have them checked later this week.  Nice to actually see clearly, but annoying that it is such a small area in my glasses.  I was wondering why my sunglasses weren’t clear, leaving me with distorted vision for hours after wearing them.  Heavy sigh.

Time to get some sleep.  Long day on the road....

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D-Day is 2 weeks out.   DH is going on telework as of tomorrow so he can quarantine to make sure that he can be there with me.  We have 2 plans depending on if the baby comes before or after 1201am Oct 1st.   Before--2 weeks telework, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks telework.  After:  2 weeks telework, 6-12  weeks off depending on how much he needs to go back for politics/projects .  This means that today is the last day I have to finish doing anything without him underfoot for the next two or three months.  No pressure  :bounce:


My productivity has tanked lately, I just have no energy at all.  Today I need to mop, repackage some powdered milk, finish some mending, and clear out the telework area in our office.  I'm being super lazy and I ordered food from a local business called Not Just Pies.  They make a very reasonable sized dinner for 4 for a good price and you just have to pop it in the oven to reheat.  Free delivery to my house.  I ordered 2 days worth and plan to pop one in the freezer for later.  Normally I'm all about the home cooking, but I'm too old for this pregnancy and it has just sapped all the strength and motivation right out of me.  I'm going to get the kids to help me prep kabobs for tomorrow.  We should have a ton of leftovers for planned meals after that and it will make things easier next week.


I'm still freaking out over the mask at the hospital while in labor, but my doc told me that I might be able to get away with a clear face shield.  I have several at  home b/c of DD17s hearing impairment.  I was keeping them to hand out to teachers who didn't sign when she went back to school,  but that is a good option for me at the hospital.


Google translate is the best thing ever invented.  It is attached to google classroom and runs automatically if you set it.  It can run on her phone and translate entire conversations of everyone around her while she is out.   Thank you, wiretap, for allowing my child to communicate!  Closed captioning for all of life's needs is amazing.

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Glad you are safe and sound Annarchy. I hate driving like that. I lean forward with every muscle tensed up and I grip the wheel like I'm holding on for dear life. I don't even realize it until I'm stopped. I look like an old woman diving with my nose nearly touching the windshield. Oh wait... :unsure:


I also hate it when I do something like you did with the car. We all do it from time to time. Makes ya wonder about yourself, huh. Mine usually involves my purse. Awful feeling. In your case I can't imagine anyone dumb enough to mess around your vehicle with Storm looking them in the eye! Good Boy!  


This is your time Euphrasyne. Get all the rest you need while you still can. It sounds like you have a very supportive husband and kids. Let them help you. It will probably make them feel good and needed. Good thinking about a face shield. I'd take one and tell them you have breathing issues and a face shield is the best you can do. End of. Then have a big labor pain.


Yes, there are so many wonderful inventions to help people now. I'm so very happy there is one for your daughter!  :hug3:

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Annarchy. glad you got there safe and sound. Stay safe. 


WE2, you seem to stay busy.  I am to tired today to do much of anything as far as housework goes.  But I need to get some things finished and out of the way.

Went to drug store today to buy the 81 mg. aspirin.  I usually get it with coupons from BJ"s wholesale but haven't been there in a long while. I don't usually let myself run out of things we take daily. Had 3.00 coupons off on them and they were on sale. So I got 4 bottles.   Went to Food Lion to pick up some eggs and looked at the aluminium foil.  They are getting very low on that now. So I picked up two more. I use it when grilling things. I also use it to make hobo stew wrapped in foil on grill and the fire pit also. Didn't buy much, just what I really needed. eggs and creamer. But wasn't going to pass on the foil as it was very low and I noticed it was low at Harris Teeter the other day but didn't buy it then as I have to watch their prices. They were higher on it. 

Cancelled DH's rehab tomorrow as he is refusing to go in the rain we are about to get. It has been a light rain all day today but tomorrow will be bad. Though  he is still going tomorrow to the doctor for the skin cancer. That has to be addressed. He is seeing a plastic surgeon this time. I got tired of the demotologist doing nothing for him but freezing the cancers. That does nothing and I have had to change those doctors to many times as he would have one that had to be cut out and doctor just freezes it. But when I go to another one then it gets cut out and then back to freezing them instead of removing the ones that need removing. He will be having at least 3 removed this time and I am hoping they can do something about his arms. They look bad. Between the skin cancer and the bruises from the blood thinners, his arms are now looking black with white patches of cancer. 


Mt. Rider glad to see your foot is doing a bit better. Still praying it will continue to heal. 


euphresyne,  the time is getting very close.  You need to rest up before the baby comes as you will need your strength. Your family seems to want to help and I would just let them do everything they can to help you out now. Praying all goes well for you and yours.  Hope the home schooling is going good. Glad you were able to find a solution for DD 17.  I know that is hard on her not being able to hear well. 


:pray: for everyone going out.  Winter is coming with flu season and the corvid virus.  Stay safe and don't take chances with your health. 

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Life with fully working septic.......  :happy0203:   .....it's the little things, y'know!


:pray:   for Euphrasyne and family and soon to be born one.  Pray all goes well in this lead up time.  My nephew's wife [just visited] is due at end of Oct ...a month later than yours.  Also a girl.  Face shield...good idea.  Much less restrictive!   Ack...still seems like such a poor thing to require during labor!!!  But...you can always play the I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-during-labor card and keep ripping off any face mask they'd make you wear.  ;)   :pray:  


Glad you and Storm are safe with MIL, Annarchy.  And how does Storm react in vehicle with it storming outside?  Glad you have his added protection on these trips!!!  Good boy!


Little Sis....you also have to take it easy when you can.  You do so much and yes, there is so much to do.  But budget your ENERGY....folks always say budget your time.  But energy is also important.  We aren't spring chickens anymore.  Praying that you and dh will do fine during these frequent rehab trips.  And send any spare rainfall amounts out our way.  The West needs rain!  ;) 


Foot still ok.  Some walking carefully.  Some crutches to rest it.  Lot of doing stuff from sitting or chaise-lounge-bed.  DH has caught us up on laundry and even bedding.  Getting his exercise on stairs.  I'm folding clothes or putting on hangers. 


MtRider  ...need to go call my mom...  :offtobed: 





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I spent seven weeks calling every day or every other day trying to get my neurosurgeon to respond to me.  Finally gave up and made a plan to ask for a new referral to a different doctor.  Yesterday I commented about this to a lady in the building where he works.  Minutes later...

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Didn't sleep well last night. Will walk in about a half hour, then chores. Today is an outside day--82 for a high. Will trim branches around property line and weed garden, then put down hay for mulch.

On my walk, I will buy noodles to PC Chicken noodle soup tomorrow. my neighbor gave me a lot of veggies and I have some chicken patties that are ok, but not great. That will take care of room in the fridge.

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On 9/17/2020 at 2:01 AM, Annarchy said:

fraction of space between my bifocals and regular area


I know of several people who have had to have double bifocals...one for immediate reading and one for that distance between your regular vision and the arms length.

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Got many more jars of coffee beans vacuum sealed up and washed up the used quart jars we were given at an estate sale a couple of years ago.  They're really nasty so I rinse them out, put a dab of dish soap in each jar, fill them with my 140 degree tap water and let them set for an hour.  Then scrub them good inside and out and rinse them again in the hot water.  Set them on my dish dryer pad and let them set for the next day to make sure they're completely dry.  We still have a ton left that are stored in a metal closet-thing outside under the homestead's back awning.  They were given free and we just hauled them box after box into the truck, then into the metal closet, and decided it was time to use them for things like vacuum sealing and save my new jars and previously used jars for food.

Funny sound under front end of truck, took it back and mechanic took a ride with hubby and it's a bearing thing that would need the complete hub replaced.  Told hubby drive it until you can't stand the sound anymore, that will keep you from running it until it fails.  Love our old school mechanic that isn't chasing "our" dollars! :)

Then when hubby went to homestead to mow, his fairly new Troy Built self propelled mower wouldn't start.  Kept jerking the pull cord from his hand and he was afraid it might catch his hand and do bad stuff so he quit.  We have a fella in another small town (where the Roost is) that works on mowers very reasonably, so will probably load it up and take it to him.  Most of the locals put you on a waiting list for weeks!  He'll have to use my smaller self propelled mower.  We have a regular mower for this yard and another regular mower that he uses at the Roost.:)

Hate to admit it but taking on that part time job is going to really help for stuff like this! :cele:

Jeepers...hubby said if Abby starts stealing pens and pencils she's in really bad trouble! :laughkick:

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Have been going through all the stuff that you just don't know rather to keep it or ditch it. Made some progress. Just need to figure out how to get it all put where I want it. I have notebooks full of canning recipes, and other things that I want to scan to the computer when I can get time to sit down and get it done.  Then took DH to the plastic surgeon to see about getting the skin cancer removed. Turns out they are going to remove 4 of them but need to talk with heart doctor about his blood thinner. He should be coming off it around the 6th of Oct. So might wait till then to set it up. Will see what heart doctor says next week.  Came home and was tired so I just rested a bit and then got back on the mess i needed to go through. Hoping to have that finished by tomorrow.  Then I can move on to other things.  I need to put new line up on the clothes line poles. The others are so old now they are breaking. So only have two lines left and they are very thin. Don't think I can use them now.. I have the rope but have to wait for the rain to stop. It has stopped for now but might get more rain tonight and then it should be over.  Had flooding out near us in Driver and Bennett's Pasture Rd. So couldn't go to Rehab today anyway. I had already cancelled it for the other doctor appt. but turns out we couldn't have gotten to the hosp. anyway.


Ambergris, I know what you mean about these doctors. I gave up on DH's allergy doctor for now. Don't think he has opened his office yet. But then he is in his 60's and has heart problems as well.  So will be getting his family doctor to refill his inhaler. 

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