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I wanted to let you all know that DH pasted away early Sunday morning. He passing was quick and he was very much at peace. He knew the Lord and I know he is with him now singing and dancing with his p

Test results are in.  No COVID!

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

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Baby chicks that is great news.  


I have been busy trying to get things cleaned up around here today.  My middle granddaughter called today and said she has a couple of days off and is coming to help me clean house.  Her fiancee is coming Sat. with her to help me move some furniture so I can clean under it.  The couch in den is so heavy. 

DH had a better day today. Makes it easier for me to get things done when he feels better.  When he is having a bad day, he can't get around as easy. I just wish his swelling in the stomach would go down. There are times when he looks like he is having twins. That is not good with cong. heart failure. We really have to keep a close eye on his weight. 

Got more of the stuff put away that I have been going through. Then went to Harris Teeter to pick up RX's and did a little shopping. Not much though.  Went to the dollar tree as well. Slim pickings there. But did get some of the aluminum pans though. So I should have enough to last awhile as I don't use them often. But with holidays coming up, I will need them.


Tomorrow will be really busy.  Taken DH for his pacemaker check, then to see the heart doctor that is in charge of the pacemaker replacement if it is needed at the time. That will be set up based on the battery life and I think that is getting close. At least that is a same day procedure and he can go home after. Then he has enough time for some lunch and then off to rehab.. My whole day will be shot. Might be able to get a few things done after dinner tomorrow. 

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Our aussie, Jack has been undergoing some "respect" training this last week, and it is starting to make a difference in his behavior.  Basically he is not allowed to get away with ANYTHING, EVER.  We monitor and correct misbehavior at once, calmly and inexorably.  Surprisingly, the dog we were wondering about over whether his fits of anger were seizures or not, is changing. His outbursts (temper tantrums?) are fewer and more controlled by a calm but firm "no" and he shuts down the histrionics. The chihuahua we were told had been a bait dog tends to instigate things with Jack, staring at him, making "Snarly faces" and trying to act pushy & dominant.  (I had no idea a dog could have "short man syndrome", LOL.)  So we are dealing with that too, setting new boundaries for our entire pack-family.  Respect for others is the order of the day.  Wow what a difference it has made.  I guess it is true....strong willed dogs need the stricter structure.  Whatever it is, it seems to be working so far.  :hapydancsmil:


Tomorrow is social security payday so I have to rearrange the freezer tomorrow morning.  There is a good sale on t-bone steaks, pork tenderloins, amd ground chuck and I have to make room so we can keep the freezers topped up in case of post election issues.  

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:balloons:      Yay.....we made it!  :balloons:    My mom loved her day 'out'.  Picked up carry-out.  Dropped off my dad's portion...he doesn't go out to eat.  We ate at the park with chilly weather but no rain there.  I'll take chilly weather any day over the need to apply huge icy gel packs to stay alive.  Watched kids...school had just let out.  Watched a man throw a spongy ring for his black lab....over and over and over.  :lol:   Dog was having a wonderful time.  Younger kids on razor scooters.  Teens doing what teens do:  talking with each other.  All was calm and happy.  .....but I've decided to always unobtrusively carry things for our protection now.  :shrug: 


She and I went to thrift store while DH picked up his med 'scripts next door.  They are not allowing folks to try on clothes....changing rooms locked.  :(   My mom wanted to try on a couple pairs of jeans.  :sigh:   She'll just have to try to order a pair.  Came home thru a bit of rain...not at our house.  Unloaded and I soon fell asleep.  TIRED!   No idea how long I slept but I will soon be asleep again!  Nice day!  :amen:


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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And your foot didn't bother you?  Great!  Used to be, thrift stores were so cheap, you could guess at a size, and it didn't matter much if you guessed wrong.  You could just bring it back and swap it out and the two or three dollars' difference usually wasn't worth worrying about.  There were times in my life when I didn't have that two or three dollars.  Now, they don't swap, and even if they did, the getting back is the hard part.  I'm gad you had your day, and it sounds just lovely.

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Kappy, glad Jack and the 'little big man' are learning their manners. Makes for a more safe and pleasant den. Too bad more human leaders don't take the time to teach their pack manners and civil obedience, 


Mt. Rider, so nice you and your mom had such a wonderful day together enjoying the outside, Glad your dad approved and hopefully, he enjoyed his day too. 

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3 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Too bad more human leaders don't take the time to teach their pack manners and civil obedience, 


Oreo is starting to learn some discipline!  We go for walks around the block and he is doing much better at heeling!

Glad you had a good day with your mom, Mt. Rider!

I am praying for you, Littlesister!  Life is difficult, sometimes!

Wonder how Euphraysne is doing?


I slept in this morning so no walk. Did a new video instead. I slept 9 and a half hours. That has to be a record! Fed dogs and walked them.


Made water bath full of Chicken vegetable soup to pressure can from all gifted chicken and vegetables. Have 14 quarts going and one quart in the fridge!
Should do some eBay photos today. We will see. And Church tonight.

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Mt. Rider, glad you and your mom had a good time and your foot didn't give you any trouble.

Kappy,  You are doing great with getting your brood to behave.  You should have them trained to do what you want in no time.  

Miki,  You also have training lessons to do.  I remember those days well when we had our dogs and cats.  Our cats learned the hard way about not getting up on counters and tables. Didn't take but one time of picking themselves up on the other end of the kitchen floor, but it worked. They never climbed up on the counters and table again.  


DH had a rough day today.  We went for the pacemaker check and saw the doctor after that and he did well. But he did get up this morning and said that left knee was acting up a bit.  He decided he wanted to go get a haircut after we got back before going for his rehab. There was steps to climb and he got all the way to the top and down he slid. The girl who is also a friend of ours helped me get him in a chair. Then we just set him in his walker and she cut his hair and then she helped me get him into the car to go home. I called and cancelled the rehab. He will not get stronger if I have to keep cancelling it. But I wasn't going to chance getting him back out again.  I am going to call the orthopedic doctor tomorrow to see when i can get an appt. This is getting bad as I never know when his knee will buckle and he is going down. There is no warning when it happens and it makes for a bad fall risk. Our friend is coming to the house to cut his hair next time it needs cutting. 


Granddaughter and her boyfriend is coming Sat. to help me do some heavy cleaning around here. I need to find a new place for our bed frame other than sitting in the living room.  Parts are under the couches and I can't clean under them like that. So got to find a home for the bed. I don't think we will be using that bed for a long, long while. 


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I hope you get an appt. for your DH soon at the ortho, Littlesister!  The falls must be so stressful physically as well as mentally on you!


I woke up at 3 AM this morning.  Pay back for getting good sleep the night before.  

So, when it gets light, I will walk, feed dogs, and walk them. Not much on my list today. Making taco seasoning mix, taking eBay photos and maybe weeding in garden if the rain is done. Otherwise just puttering around.

Have a good day folks!

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We have a baby girl.  Last Friday my blood pressure spiked way high at the OB appointment and they could not get it down.  It hit 213/99 so they did a C and we had the baby that night.  I finally got out of the hospital Monday night and came home.  Baby is doing well but I have to stay on bp meds for awhile.   Several things going on but long story short, I will need to supplement breast feeding with formula.  :/  I don't currently have a stock on it so that is my next project.  


The hospital stay was worse than I'd imagined and I am determined to have as few medical visits as possible until the crazy blows over.  The idiot doctor on call when I got released gave me an RX for motrin which I cannot take and all my charts were marked with NSAID allergy.  Even the nurse was confused as to why he prescribed it.   I did have to wear a mask DURING my C section and while nurses were in my room.  They threatened to tie my arms to the table if I moved at all even before I said anything at all about my mask.  I was having a problem with breastfeeding and asked to talk to the lactation while I was there.  She did not know why the baby was leaving bloody ridges in my nipples and they just said supplement and 'we will not be able to release her to you if you do not supplement.'  It was absolutely traumatizing and I do not want to leave my house for love nor money in the foreseeable future.    They also did not give me any 'new baby package' at the hospital like with my other kids.  No formula samples, coupons, diaper bags, etc.    I came home with about 10 diapers out of  pack they used while I was there and that was it.  I have the best insurance you can get.  


The moral of the story is:  Covid existing makes medical care about a hundred years backwards--don't get sick with ANYTHING requiring any medical care.


On a brighter note, my baby River is awesome.  7lb 15oz.  20 inches.  I'm back down to about a pound and a half above where I got pregnant, so baby weight is gone.  I can breathe mostly ok in masks now that I'm not pregnant, so it really was just her pushing on my lungs that made the masks so awful.  



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Congratulations, euphrasyne.   She is so cute.  What a blessing.  Now for healing from your C-section and just enjoying the new baby.  I know your other children are thrilled about her. And will be a huge help to you.  And yes, new ways to prep. Hope you can find cloth diapers on the cheap. Just in case, they would be a great thing to have handy. 


I know how bad that hospital has gotten now.  When DH was in there it was horrible.  A nurse or PA even came in right after he got up to his room when he was admitted the second time and wanted to know why he was back in the hospital as there was no hope for him and nothing they could do. Well, he is still with me. Would love to see her face right now if she could see how far he has come since getting out of the hospital. 


The care from both hospitals and doctors has gotten really bad. Unless something is done to turn it around again like it was years ago when doctors and nurses cared for the patients like they used to, we are all going to be in trouble.  I couldn't believe the difference from when DH was in hospital back in 1999 and now.  They used to change the sheets daily, bath you daily, empty the trash and clean the bathrooms and rooms.  Both times when he was in there they did none of that. I had to bath DH while he was in hospital. I would have changed the sheets but they wouldn't give me any sheets. Not even clean towels. So had to hang the towel I used for him to dry. Not very safe from a sick person's point of view. Wouldn't even get him out of bed.  One of my members of our Church was in there in ER, and they did get her into a chair after she screamed that her back was killing her laying in the bed all day. Later she told them she needed to go to bathroom and they said that is why we have a pad under you. So she pooped in the chair. When they finally came to get her up and take her to room from ER, They got her to the room and did get mad when they saw that they didn't clean her up or nothing. So they had to bathe her. At least she got cleaned up. 


If either DH or I need to be admitted for anything now we will go to Norfolk General. They were much more caring while DH was there for the overnight stays from the 2 surgeries he had. My granddaughter also said that Riverview where she works is much better than Obici hospital or Maryview. Guess it is getting to a point we either have to go out further to get proper care or put up with the crap from these hospitals.  


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47 minutes ago, euphrasyne said:

I was having a problem with breastfeeding and asked to talk to the lactation while I was there.  She did not know why the baby was leaving bloody ridges in my nipples and they just said supplement and 'we will not be able to release her to you if you do not supplement.'  It was absolutely traumatizing

How absolutely horrible! The use of threats and intimidation is not the America I grew up in, and I hope it is not the America I want to die in. :(


OTOH, congratulations on such a fine healthy baby! I hope you are able to resolve the nursing problem. Have your DH pick you up some "Bag Balm" for those sore nipples.

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Oh My!  What a beautiful baby girl. :cloud9:   I've been wondering how you were doing.Thanks for sharing her picture with us. You are so blessed. I'll bet hubby and kids are over the moon too. Nothing better than rocking and snuggling a baby. And rubbing their little back. And kissing toes. And when they wrap their whole hand around one of your fingers. And... :sigh:


Sorry you had a rough time at that hospital though.Thank goodness that is all behind you and you can sit back and enjoy little River now. All is well.

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:balloons:   Happy Birthday to River!!  :balloons:  


So glad to hear you and baby are now home and safe.  Sorry to hear such horrid, mean behavior by medical power-grabbers.  :tapfoot: 


MtRider  ...what a lil' cutie!!!!  :)  

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We've been worried about you.

A friend of mine is saying that caring for Covid patients is taking up all of his hospital's hours and dollars, even though only twenty-something percent of the intensive care beds are occupied by Covid patients right now.  Two of his co-workers committed suicide (or what they are pretty sure was suicide) when the unit was packed, and several retired as soon as the pressure started easing up.  The compassion fatigue is just everywhere.  I was so hoping this was not going to affect you and the baby.



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I'm in Day 2 after the outing with my mom.   :0327:   I'm FLATTENED!   It's nearly 7 pm and feeling just a bit better than I did all day.  This will pass.  Sure wastes a lot of time tho.  


Belated update on Colorado aspen leaves.  Nope, that 20* nite did not kill the trees.  On ours, the leaves are turning golden and then falling as normal.  :)  It's SO pretty when the sun is behind them and they GLOW!  So glad they didn't all die...leaves sure did look grey during the freeze. 


MtRider  :pc_coffee:  Time for 'olelo Hawai'i ....

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E, Congratulations!   She's adorable!


I wouldn't have made it through the first 48 hours of breastfeeding without this stuff:


After a couple of months, I didn't need it everyday, but did have to use it again when DD started teething (teething baby's saliva is more acidic).   We bought it at WM.   Most stores carried it.




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What a beautiful little girl. Congratulations!! 


Once medical facilities are out of the urban areas in Wisconsin, many of them are planning on filing bankruptcy. They don't have covid patients, and can't restart the daily services which are the money makers. Our healthcare is a total disaster!  Just don't get sick or injured around here.   :gaah:  We had 3 covid deaths in March in our county and TEN suicides last month. The cost is NOT WORTH the fear that's permeated our state.  :yar:


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River is so cute.  I am still waiting for great grandchildren.  Youngest grandchild is almost 19 years old. It's been a long time since I held a baby. I miss it. But one day the great grandkids will come along. 3ed granddaughter is getting married on March 18th.


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I was able to get up and about for a while today....talking about fatigue issues this week, not my foot.  Foot is doing quite well!  :amen:  


Anyway, I was out on porch watching....cuz DH was using chain saw to cut down a very dead small tree.  Tall but diameter about 4"?  Mebbe  6"?   So he's cutting off the lower branches.  It's on a hill, obviously....  EVERYTHING is on a steep incline here!  Then he makes a notch on the Fall-This-Way side.  I have to admit....I didn't notice either.  We're not experienced with this Lumber Jack profession. 


He begins to make the real cut all the way thru on the opposite side of the notch.  Except the notch is NOT ON THE DOWNHILL SIDE OF THE TREE.  :behindsofa:  


So he's almost thru and the tree slowly falls....downhill, of course!  Gravity!  DH was clear of that but the chainsaw got bound in the pinch.  He let go and the chainsaw flew thru the air with the force of the tree butt end flipping up.......  Chainsaw sailed right.  past.  DH!!! 


Past him.  Didn't touch him.  :0327:   Shuts off bar motion when he let go.  Shut off whole machine when it hit the ground...and the tree landed on it.  I saw it happen and I'm still not sure how it got to the ground before the tree did.  They flew together.  :o   Built fairly tough....started up again once we got it out from under the tree.  




Can we stop being Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket and Jeremiah Johnson and Pa Ingalls ????  Cuz we're too old for this!  I know he only bought it in case we get stuck up here in WINTER in a Post-Hooey situation.  [think that could happen within the next 12 months????]   He's thinking FIREWOOD!  


I'm thinking:  BUY SOME!  


MtRider  ....I'll be Ma Ingalls:  All's well that ends well.  :pray:  :amen:  :pray:  

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I had planned a big shopping trip yesterday. About 45 min. from my house is an area of highway that has every store that I would shop at and then some. Barnes and Noble, Joann Fabric, Home Depot, Michael's, Wal-Mart, Giant Eagle, Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Sam's Club etc. All clustered in one area. It's a beautiful thing. 


I did go but my stamina wore out half way through my spree. I was getting hot, weak and nauseous and knew I'd had enough. At least I'm recognizing the signs now and not trying to fight through it... as much. Plus my back and neck were on fire. Sigh. 


The only store down there that I don't have locally is Barnes and Noble so I hit it first. They have a lot of nice educational toys and tons of children's books. New to me are the Pete The Cat early readers. Anyway, I picked up a couple of toys and some books. I might put them back for Christmas. They have their carts stored away because of Covid :shrug:. But they brought one up because I had my arms full, kids stuff is upstairs, the cashier is down stairs and I'm too old for that nonsense. And I asked for one. If they hadn't I would have had to walk out. They were nice about it. But then I had to take the elevator back down. All alone. Shudder.


Went to Joann Fabrics and got some quilting thread and a couple of quilting tools. Namely rotary blades. The thread supply was very thin. I would have bought a couple more spools if they had had it. Regular thread was pretty empty too. 


Over to Michael's for more tee shirts. They have some pretty fall colors out. I live in their tee's and at $3.?? a shirt I'm pretty well stocked up now.  Probably overstocked but when I ruin one it's no huge loss. 


Then to Dollar Tree. They had a lot of name brand cleaners but the bottle size was very small so I passed on that. Someone said their brand of stain cleaner called Awesome was very good. So I picked up two bottles of that. One thing I noticed was all of the bottles of Awesome were filled at different levels. I got the really full to the top ones. I also picked up some foil pans. Not exactly sure what I'll use them for but there they are. Probably turkey breast baking for the bigger ones.


I had just enough in me to run in to Giant Eagle next door. It's about three times bigger than the one I shop at here at home. I was fading fast so I didn't have a chance to nose around but what I did see surprised me because it was pretty well stocked up. Maybe because it's a bigger store or maybe because it was Friday. They had an end cap full of 70% alcohol. I couldn't remember if that was strong enough so I didn't get any. I just got some refrigerator stuff for the week ahead. Lots of coke now but no vanilla. It's a start though. They had Jell-O and all except for one flavor was sugar free. The sugar free has a bitter after taste to me so I passed on that too. I have plenty of aluminum foil but none of the heavy duty stuff for open fire cooking. Now I have four big boxes of that to store away. Someone (Sutton's Daze ???) said toilet paper was was getting low again. I checked and she was right. There was very little on the shelf. So, I grabbed a pack. 


By then I could barely hobble to the car so I headed for home. My back and neck were in so much pain. I wanted to stop in Olive Garden and get a to-go for my supper but didn't think I could make it. I just now thought, I should have because they offer curb side service now. Darn. I really wanted to go to Wal-Mart but I can do that locally. Same with Sam's Club. I didn't get to Hobby Lobby but I didn't need anything there. I was just going to look around. 


I guess it was a pretty successful trip after all. I'll hit Wal-Mart soon. I have a long list of non-food items I need. I'm looking for some of those long handled hot dog fork things you hold over a fire to roast a hot dog on. Or marshmallows. I know Lehman's have them. Road Trip! 


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