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Test results are in.  No COVID!

I wanted to let you all know that DH pasted away early Sunday morning. He passing was quick and he was very much at peace. He knew the Lord and I know he is with him now singing and dancing with his p

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

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Yesterday we cleared out a pathway (LOL) to get the electric stove out of the kitchen and onto the front porch.  Then tarped it over.  A woman is supposed to come sometime this next week to take a look at it.  If she doesn't buy it I'll just list it on FB's market place or Craigs List (maybe).  It was my Mom's and was treated very well.  It's a closed coil electric and self-cleaning so I don't intend to take a beating on it.  She'll either pay the asking amount or I'll list it.

Today we emptied one of the small chest freezers, defrosted it, washed it out and then dried it, moved it temporarily to where the stove was, then re-loaded it.  Even had room to take a few things out of the upright meat freezer and the refrigerator freezer and put in it.  

Hubby will be finishing up the bathroom pretty soon and I'll be moving things around in the livingroom so we can somewhat live with it, then call the internet service etc., to get that stuff up and running and then...we'll sleep in our travel trailer for a few nights while we get our bedroom area cleaned and a platform built for our memory foam mattress to set on.  No more box spring things!  Those are worthless.  

Then...we'll make plans to rent a storage unit to put everything from here into for the time being so we can shut it down and get it sold.

I got some very shocking news Friday.  My grandson was shot in the back at a convenience store, shattering one and damaging another vertibrae (?) L1 and L2.  Good news (with over 200 people in my prayer chain praying) is that he's off the ventilator, talking and they fitted him with a back brace so he can sit up.  His life will probably be changed forever, but who knows what these doctors can accomplish with "super glue"!  Anyway...they're trying to decide which hospital to move him to where he can get some rehab etc.  I guess he's dealing with it like most would...perhaps spending the rest of his life in a wheel chair or ???  He's only 20 so that's a long time to look to.  Prayers will be appreciated!  My daughter still refuses to communicate with me in any way.  I only heard the news from a brother and have not heard anything else from him.  She's got most of the family bullied.  I have "one" source who is faithful to keep me updated. 

I'd love to just march right up there and ask him if he wants to see his "other" grandma...but with the CV they'd run me off at the door probably. He communicated with me for a short time about a year ago when he got saved and was asking some questions that I had to be very careful about answering...he knows something is fishy with the way his mom has treated me but again, she stepped in and he stopped all communications by blocking me on FB.  So...it is what it is.  God is the only one who can cleanse a bitter and hateful heart.

They're talking about taking him to a Colorado hospital...with the CV they may find that the restrictions there may be even worse than in our state!  When my brother was dying of cancer, his wife couldn't even go in with him.  That's one reason he decided to spend the rest of his life at home with her rather than in a hospital with nurses, aides and doctors.

Hubby had one quadrant of his dental work done Thursday so that's over with.  He'll get the other one done in a couple of weeks or so.  We're eating totally out of our pantry and freezers etc., and using the dollars he's making delivering flowers weekday mornings to pay for the dental work.  Glad we set back stuff!  Pulled a nice siced fully cooked roast been from the meat freezer today, thawed it and cut a chunk off for roast beef and noodles and then cut the rest in nice sized "roast" chunks, vacuum sealed them and put them in the freezer's here.  Figure we'll get 19 more meals off that bugger!  Dessert?  We found some chocolate dipped banana slices in the freezer...they were quite tasty!

Sleep well peeps!


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5 hours ago, snapshotmiki said:

We got some wind and less than 4 inches of rain.  So all good here!


....less than FOUR INCHES, she says!  :008Laughing:  Good heavens...do you all know how very long it's been since we've had spit? 


So just late this afternoon, WE GOT SPIT!  Kinda rain-sleet-snow mix for a few minutes.  It came sideways and was actually enough to make the whole hood of my truck wet.  :bounce:   :amen:   :cele:   I AM NOT KIDDING.  We're so desperate for any moisture, we were excited that this bit of spit was accompanied by FOG rather than DUST or SMOKE!  It cleaned the air and I breathed deeply!  Cannot remember when it was safe for me to do that here.  Friday at the park in my folk's town was pretty clear.  Not our house tho.  


How about you, Annarchy?  Have you had SPIT lately?   Or Midnight....Dogmom in CA?  


I really did laugh when I read that, Miki.  :hug3:  Glad you didn't get whatever your region considers a LOT of rain.  :blink:  If we got four inches.....we'd be building an ark tho!!!  Massive flash flooding would occur.  Don't want four inches all at once. 


 ..... I think I've forgotten how it is in not-arid zones.    My little finger's skin split at the joint today, so dry.  More lotion! 


MtRider    :bev:

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HOWEVER.....previous to getting a tiny dab of moisture - AND FOG.....we had TERRIBLE WIND!!!  :twister3:   No, it wasn't a twister but SUCH BLASTS!  Definitely a MACH FIVE DAY!!  DH was at work and I went down the stairs 8 times to go fetch something back that was blowing UP the hill to our neighbor's house.  Or batten down something that was coming loose.  Or falling over.  And we stay pretty battened down but this was fierce!  Slack...then BLAST.  Slack ....BLAST! 


:sad-smiley-012:  The very first thing I did was to bring in the heater from the greenhouse.  Saw a split begin on this second skin of plastic.  The last time we had this velocity of wind mid-summer....it split the first greenhouse cover.  We put this one on.  This lasted until ....today's WIND.  From inside the house, you can hear it SNAPPING and POPPING as it blows the greenhouse plastic up like a kid's jump house and then sucks it back deflated again - SNAP!  Nothing can take that force for hours and hours and hours! 


:sigh:   Didn't surprise me to look out an hour later and yeah, it was completely split wide open again.  One half slid down the North side and other half slid down the South side ....stayed within the chain link perimeter tho.  Didn't have to chase that!  End of the Greenhouse/Container Gardening Experiment of 2020!  :(    I just moved some of the tomato plants down from the tables...so it wouldn't knock them over in a big mess.    .....and went back up the hill to fetch MORE of our "stuff" back from the neighbors again.  :sigh:    Threw a heavy log chain across the tarp that protects some of our stuff under the porch....it was trying to fly too.  Every time I heard another "unauthorized noise"  while sitting upstairs in house, I'd have to go back out and see what had come loose this time!  :0327:  


I HATE WIND!  :gaah: 


DH came home and wasn't surprised by the greenhouse demise.  After the delightful few minutes of wind-driven moisture, we went out to salvage whatever from the greenhouse.  It was 40* and dropping temperature fast.  [this WIND was certainly not Chinook! ] 


AND YES I DID BRING MY TOMATOES into the garage.  Two sprawling cherry tomato plants are up on my potting table now.  DH just picked the rest of his green tomatoes.  I had to unearth my long shop light with grow bulbs and manage up a ladder to hang it.  The hooks are still there from years ago when I started seedlings there....on top of an interior door set across two tall supports for my table.  I just draped the two plants on that and ....tested the light.  :thumbs:   OK...I'm happy.  Running the light will be far less expensive than running that little heater.  I'll only run it during the day.  I've got a LOT of green cherry tomatoes on those vines!!


And it will be COLD tonite!  :frozen:  We also picked the last of lettuce...had a salad tonite.  I covered the big pot of beets.  They're still growing but will be okay for a while yet.  Nothing will hurt the pots of collards that are setting in there.  Some carrots...tiny yet.  Container too shallow, I think.  Bunzie has been nipping at them all summer.  :rolleyes:  


I'm freezing right now under covers but ....it's been a draining day.  I keep turning the heat up but it doesn't seem to warm this drafty old cabin.  I put my down vest on!  BRRRRRRR!


MtRider  .....that was my day...  :frozen:  :amen:   :0327:  :shrug:  :offtobed:  

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WE2, I am so sorry about your grandson. That would be hard for anybody but for a young man just beginning his adult life especially. It's sad too when families are split like that. Glad to hear that Mr WE2 got some of his dental work done! I really dread dental work and always feel like a great burden has lifted off my shoulders when I get a trip over with.


I hope everyone else is doing OK this morning. I'm taking Mom's little dog to the vet for an allergy shot. DH cut his hair last night. Rusty seems really happy to get that done. :)

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A friend told us about a chiropractic clinic that charges $80/month for 4 visits, plus $10 for any additional visits.  I'm going in today to check them out.  I way overdid it cleaning this weekend.

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Oh We2, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandson. That is horrible news. Yes indeed, his life will be changed forever now. As for your daughter...every family has one of those. Sorry you've  had to deal with her bad behavior.  :hug3:


Many prayers for your grandson!  :pray:

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10 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

freezing right now under covers


Electric throw works great!


We would consider 7-10" rain a lot here.  Electric was off for a few hours.  We were and are blessed!


I'm so sorry about your grandson, WE2!  And your daughter.  I pray God heals both!


 It's laundry day. And flea meds day for the pups.
Will go for walk after I feed dogs today and probably in the future. More time after and don't feel as rushed to get back.
We will visit our company at their new home a little later today and I will put out sevin dust on the garden now that the rain is done.

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Miki, I love my heated throw too. It feels so good. I even keep an extra one stored away, still in its package, in case the one I normally use breaks down. 


Did you get the room that your guests stayed in cleaned out and deodorized? 

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2 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Miki, I love my heated throw too. It feels so good. I even keep an extra one stored away, still in its package, in case the one I normally use breaks down. 


Did you get the room that your guests stayed in cleaned out and deodorized? 


Yes, I did!  tried the peroxide on the floor.  It works!


I have a blanket and a throw.  Throw is for the living room and blanket on bed in between sheet and comforter!

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Ended up cleaning the living room before doing the bedroom.  Furniture is not pushed to one side anymore. Home health did that. I rearranged the furniture so DH can now just go through the room to dinning room and then to kitchen without me having to move anything now. So now that is all cleaned up.  

I had moved my sewing machine into the dinning room under the window but need to get it all set up. Maybe I can get that all cleaned up, floor mopped and room dusted.  But I am tired after doing two rooms of moving furniture, so might take a break tomorrow. 

Got the chicken I canned yesterday still sitting on kitchen counter. Guess I need to get it put away. Had one jar I couldn't get into the canner, so will cook that tomorrow and make some chicken salad since it was a chicken breast.  

I feel like after getting the den and living room cleaned up, I might get a handle on the house. Got so far behind and the dust was really bad. Not good for DH with asthma. I have kept up the dusting in bedroom but no where else. Never thought about someone getting sick with this pandemic and having no one to help me keep up.  Something to think about. The kids did do what they could but mostly stayed away because of the virus. With Granddaughter working in an ER at hospital, it puts her at high risk. Though she did come help me move that bed. We all wore mask, so it was good. 

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I meant to tell you that my tattler lids are on the way. But the canning jars are ordered will not be shipped till March of 2021.  That is not good news. So I am wondering if I should wait or cancel the order.  My granddaughter in CA is going to have a store ship them to me. i will be sending her the money for them. The Ball jars state on box made in USA not China. So don't understand why the shortage like this. Only thing I could think of is the lids and rings. 

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At Food Lion today, a cashier told me that they had ordered canning jars every week for over two months now and the supplier has never sent them.  He said several other items were the same, including some dairy products. he didn't say what specifically.

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 My milk supply isn't keeping up with the baby and we are having to supplement with formula more and more.  I got a free breast pump from the insurance and it came with a LOT of free freezer bags for breast milk.  I can get 3 more sets of free bags at 90 day intervals....  Since my insurance isn't exactly cheap, it isn't exactly free so I'm definitely ordering my 'free' bags.   They hold about 2 cups each and are just big enough for me to get my big canning funnel in the mouth.  You can see where this is going...  I had about 4lb of apples saved up from what the kids did not eat and didn't want to bother canning such a low amount, but needed to deal with them before they went bad.  I made an apple pie filling with small dices (plan to use them for things other than pie) then froze it in the milk bags.  I got about 5 bags worth.  I'm thinking these bags will be perfect for keeping individual servings of soups and such.  I can even see stuffing a breakfast burrito inside them.  


River is 3 weeks old.  All of the baby weight is gone and I'm about 2lb lower than when I got pregnant--great for my wardrobe, not so great for my milk supply.  Yea GI issues.  Be careful what you wish for and all that.  She is a wonderful baby and she rarely fusses, but she does prefer to sleep during the day and wake at night.  I'm working on moving her bio-clock around.   She is gaining weight now that we are using more formula and seems very happy mostly like an easier baby.  Thank goodness.  DD12 was easy but DD17 was intense enough for all the other kids combined.  


Today is a bit crazy because we found evidence of rats under the house, so the pest guy is coming out to deal with that later this morning and we close on the house refinance this afternoon.  I had to rearrange some dental appointments because of the closing.  Luckily, I made an enormous pot of red beans and rice  with cornbread and collards yesterday, so I can just reheat that for dinner tonight.  

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Sounds very positive, @euphrasyne!  Glad life is moving a little smoother for you!



DH is going to local VA clinic for lab work this morning so I am home to feed and walk dogs, then take my walk.


Today, I will be hard boiling eggs, grilling a steak, trimming some roses and thawing some meat to PC tomorrow.  I have run out of things to do.  LOL


Have a couple of calls to make as a friend passed away Sunday.

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I was typing my post when WE2 posted so I missed that entirely.  So sorry to hear of Grandson meeting with violence.  Horrible!  Praying....only God knows what He has planned for the young man.  Harsh, for one just starting adulthood.  :pray:  That he will realize he wants his other Grma in his life!


As for estrangement of daughter....so sad.  It's such a heavy burden for her to carry the bitterness - and yet they usually don't realize they are hurting themselves badly.  With that pain, they usually try to share their burden with everyone around them - a worse pandemic than COVID.  Bitterness is so very contagious; takes nothing to pass it onto others.  She and those she's "infected" need a massive healing from God.  I'll pray for an enlightenment of the enemy's lies and contamination in this. And for your pain in this too, of course....but it sounds like you are willing and she is clinging to her bitterness.  :( 

Also that your shifting/selling houses will go smoothly.  MrWE2's dental work..   You have a full plate right now! 


Sorry your friend passed, Miki.  :(    I keep a large heating pad on the edge of the bed.  LOL....I didn't even think to warm up with that, but I often do when I get the deep chills.  That WIND cuts thru everything and for us....winter cometh!  Still Fall yet tho.


TheCG...yay, chiropractic!  That sounds very inexpensive!  Good deal if he's using methods that work for you!!


LittleSister....I'm envious of your progress in reclaiming order in your house.  Glad for you but sure wish I could say the same.  My biggest frustration in daily life is the disorder ....and my fatigue levels [and dratted foot incident] that make a grande purge impossible.  Be ready to rest when your body says it's had enough tho!  It feels so good to get things cleared/organized....I think it's addicting and want to just keep going and going....  :lol: 


Euphrasyne....glad for that good report on baby River.  :)  Nice to have an 'easy' baby with all the other factors in your life.  Rodents - dontcha just hate the foul creatures?  Yuk.  Creative use for 'free' milk freezer bags!  Sorry your milk is not abundant enough to use for the original purpose but .... nothing going to waste. 


Well, it's fall.  Trying to get all the pre-WINTER things done.  Much less without the horses/ducks/goats.  DH and I can't handle all that anymore.  But I'm sad I don't have them.  Miss them all and my cat.  With COVID, I never did look up a place I can occasionally ride.  So it's been a year since I've ridden!  Can't believe that much time has passed.  Tho I am still walking, I would walk more correctly - with correct muscles doing only what they're supposed to do instead of adaptions....if I could ride occasionally.  Use up much less energy toooooo!  My version of P.T.  :sigh:   But.....COVID.   I've hesitated and dithered...  


MtRider ...hoping for several changes in house-organization and horse riding.... and breathing air quality....

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WE2, i also missed your post about your grandson.  That was so sad to hear about.  Keeping him in prayer for a full recovery. Hoping they can replace the shattered vertibrae with godiva bone. That is what they did in my neck.  Though mine was from car accident many years ago.  Praying your daughter will come to realize the only one she is hurting is herself.  I know you are hurting as well but she will be the one that misses out of your life for sure.


Miki, sorry to hear about your friend passing. 


Euphrasyne, glad things are going more smoothly for you.  Hard to believe the baby is already 3 weeks old. 


Mt. Rider, If I don't reclaim some organization in this house, I will go crazy.  Can't stand a dirty house as it is and getting much older and not able to do like I used to is starting to tell on me. So I am taking one room at a time and today I am feeling it.  I deep cleaned our bedroom and moved furniture to make it easier for both DH and myself. That dresser was heavier than I thought it was and this was the first time moving it by myself.  Usually DH would help me move it out twice a year to clean behind it. But he can't help anymore. So I moved it from one side of the room to the other and my back is feeling it now. But on the bright side I only have 2 rooms left to deep clean. That is the office and the dinning room.  Those rooms will be much easier as the office, I had started cleaning and got the windows, blinds and curtains cleaned already. But I have a bunch of things I am still going through that are just sitting on the floor. So that needs to get done. Dinning room is mostly dusting, windows, and cleaning the floor.  And now getting my sewing machine situated in there as well. So not to bad. 


Then I need to go through clothes. I hate that job but like everything else it must be done. I know I will have a lot of things to go to salvation army.



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I guess I joined the 'burn em up' club last night. First time for me. I burned up a skillet. And a spatula. I made a fried egg sandwich. I distinctly remember checking to make sure the fire was off. I went upstairs and a little later I start to smell something. A normal rational person would have gone down to check it out. But we are talking about me now. I'm thinking, humm wonder what that is. Must be the neighbor burning something. After about an hour (!) I went down to get something to drink. The skillet was smouldering hot and the rubber spatula has melted in half. Half was melting in the skillet and the other half was melting on the burner. Sigh. I don't think I can save the skillet but I'm going to try. It was my best ceramic one. I'm going to have to remelt the part hardened into the stove. I can't believe I did that. I've never burned up a pan before. And I do remember checking the fire before I left it. I guess checking and following through are two different things. My new rule is to not dish up any food until after I turn the fire off. Hope I remember that. It could have been a lot worse. I'm very grateful it wasn't. 


I have errands to run today then back home for K.P. duty.  :sigh:

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Nope.  No rain, clouds or anything here.  4”!  We’d be flooded inside the house.  Nope, don’t want that much, however, some rain would be nice.


Praying for everyone..... God knows!  :sigh:


One of my baby twin brothers, showed up on Tues.  His friend passed & he flew in.  Didn’t say anything until he showed up at the door, brat!  Lol. 
we had a good visit.  But, I’d only defrosted enough chicken for us to barbecue.   Off he went, they were taking him to dinner anyway.  He came over yesterday, while I was making beef soup, and pressure cooking chicken stock to can, used the last carrot from the garden in May.  PTL, it came out fantastic.  Got 5 pints of chicken stock, and 4 pints of beef soup, cooked yesterday, canned today.  Taking the weight off the canner now.

 Re-seeded the back yard with winter rye, and will mow the front & reseed it tomorrow, using the clippings to cover the seeds spread in the back today.  Hopefully, hopefully, God willing, I will be able to poison the gopher/mole rat/ that’s digging holes in the front lawn.  :gaah: The pups have turned the road side of the back yard into fine powdered dust.  I fenced them off from it and hope it will grow.  Set up sprinklers to help. 

Last month we found a Muscovy duck in the front yard, I caught it when it tried to get into DH’s truck bed.  Put it in with the hens.  Tried to give them all away, but he didn’t want the duck, however DH’s friend said he would take it.  DH texted him, except spell check got in the way, big time.  He asked, “If you want the duck, come & get it”. His reply was, “I’m afraid to.”  Spell check changed duck to dick.  OMGoodness!  We all laughed about that. So, no more stinky duck, and the hens are so much calmer now.  Still wish the other person would get my last 3 girls.  Costs more now to feed & care for them, than a dozen of eggs.  We don’t eat that many, sooo, it’s not financially worth keeping them.  Sigh. 

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Took a break today from housework.  Was really tired. Up with DH off and on last night with him.  He's trying to come down with his usual sinus infection as he has chronic sinus infections.  We have antibiotics from his allergist as he gives us a supply every time I take him in for his visit. Not giving them to him as of yet as he just started to snort the green stuff this evening. Some times he can fight it off on his own. So waiting to see if it gets worse. If it does, will start him on the antibiotics. In the mean time lots of Vit. C and air born for both of us.  I think he has already given it to me anyway. Mostly stuffy and tired. 


Though I didn't do much house work today, I did get the bills paid and called DH's secondary insurance about a bill I keep getting from the ER. Insurance payed it and I sent copy of the EOB with the bill back to the ER billing department just to get another bill. So when I called the insurance company and asked about it, they said it was paid and gave me a tracking number to give them. So called the billing department and gave them the tracking number and told them the insurance company said to call them to get it straight.   Now how many people would not catch that and just pay it even though the insurance company had already paid them.  That's getting paid twice for the same service.  Seems you really have to watch this stuff and stay on top of those EOB's you get in the mail.  So far we have been blessed that we have not had any bills to pay from the 4 hospital stays and 2 surgeries he has had.  Seems that Medicare so far has paid everything at 80% and his second insurance paid the rest.  :pray::sSig_thankyou::amen:

Tomorrow I am going to get back into the deep cleaning again. Was on a roll for 3 days and down today. Just couldn't get my act together today. DH is now in bed as he is not feeling well right now. So will be keeping close eye on him.:sad-smiley-012:

I did lay on couch this afternoon while he was sleeping in chair. So was able to get a short nap. That never happens during the day much. But it sure felt good to get that extra shuteye. 

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11 hours ago, Jeepers said:

My new rule is to not dish up any food until after I turn the fire off.


Goodness, Jeepers!  If I smell ANY burning.....I'M RUNNING ....  :busted:  cuz this is not our first rodeo.  :grinning-smiley-044:  I think your new rule is good.  After that last MAJOR BURN-ALL-SEASON-OFF-CAST-IRON-PAN AND I CAN'T BREATHE episode in March.....we made new rules.  


Either:  Don't leave the stove EVEN FOR ONE MINUTE until burner is off

Better:  Turn burner on before washing pan...rinse....put on hot burner...SHUT OFF BURNER IMMEDIATELY!    


And ya know what?  We've had very good luck with those rules.  So I hope your rule works.  Question:  Do you have a smoke detector in the downstairs....in/near the kitchen?   Shouldn't that have gone off?  Glad it didn't do anything major!  :hug3:  


MtRider  :campfire:    :sHa_sarcasticlol:    [MtRiders in the kitchen]

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Well you've had some excitement, Annarchy.  Visits and rodent varmints and Ugly Duck [shoulda ate it-lot of meat on those big things] and the attack of the Mindless Spell Check...lol. 



LittleSister...hope you don't catch that infection stuff from your dh.  :pray:  you both feel better.


Today turned an odd corner of unexpected.  DH discovered his wallet was not in his pack. :runcirclsmiley2:   Called the Bake-It-Yourself pizza place he'd gone to last nite on the way home.  THANKFULLY  :amen:   they had it and put it in the safe.  So since it would be a waste of time/gas to go ALL the way to town just for that, I decided to go too.  Got the wallet....all money still there!  :amen:    Then picked up malts at a fast food. ........  :shakinghead:   NOT FAST FOOD - TOOK FOREVER but finally got it.   While DH was inside, Koa and I walked around the parking lot and amused the drive-thru people who had a seriously long wait in their line.


:(   All of 2020, I've been off dairy due to this chronic bronchial and now sinus congestion.  Takes 2 hrs each morning for me to get clear breathing.....DUST/SMOKE/WHATEVER is trying to kill me this year!  So right away in January I went off dairy cuz that can be a clogging factor.  [goat milk didn't seem to do that, btw]  So :sigh:   I got a raspberry lemonade. :bev: It was good....but it's not a chocolate malt!  :grinning-smiley-044:


DH dropped me off with the malts and my drink at the folks' house.  He went off to get gas and car wash....[the aforementioned DUST!]  Had a short, nice visit with my folks.  My dad is instantly in a great mood while sucking down a malt.  [which was the whole point, actually....give my mom a happy man for a while.]  I'll see tonite when I call if it lasted longer than the malt.  She liked hers too, of course.  :)  Saw a really neat puzzle she's doing.


Pretty tired when I got home so haven't done much else but computer.  Peel/chopped taters for the roast DH put in the Instant Pot/slow cooker. 


MtRider  ....thankful for DH's wallet back....and for honest people!!!  :amen: 

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I have smoke detectors but it wasn't smoking. It was just sort of melting. The smell was from the spatula I think. The skillet held up very well especially considering how long it was on the stove. What was left of the spatula peeled right off. I'm really surprised because it is an inexpensive Wal-Mart skillet. I have two of them but I can't find them now. 


Glad your hubby got his wallet back and all intact! That is such a horrible feeling when you lose your wallet, purse, credit card, check book, bank card, keys etc. All of the above has happened to me and it's a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. I've been fortunate that nothing was ever stolen too. 

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