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I agree!  Glad your DH got his wallet back with contents Mt. Rider and also glad you and your home are in one piece, Jeepers!

That's a lot of stress and excitement there!


I am staying low key this week.

Fed and walked dogs, then walked myself this morning. Pressure canning about 10 pounds of pulled pork which was given to me today, made cucumber salad and that's about it!


Yesterday evening, we did have a fellow come glue a few shingles on the roof which were lost during the recent storm.

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Test results are in.  No COVID!

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

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After looking at the pan I'm tossing it. The outside of it is trashed and I found some tiny plastic particles inside that I missed. Sigh. It was a good old standby. 


Today I decided it's time to get the pantry cleaned out and rearranged. What a mess. It's pretty big. Like a closet with double folding doors. There are five shelves in there plus the floor. I got half of the floor done. :D  I'm so slow. I didn't use to be this way. What happened? Oh yeah, I got old. Part of the problem is I get so dizzy when I stand up. Passing out dizzy. Which leads to nausea. If I could stay seated I'd be fine. 


I'm going to keep after it though. It will probably take until the end of next week. I think I'm going to have to clear out the coat closet though. There is still unpacked food in the kitchen (a lot) and the Jeep is still full. This should have been done last month. 


I think I cornered the market on Campbell's soup. :rolleyes:

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Update on Grandson.  So far the doctors have said the L2 is not repairable and indicated that he will probably be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life unless they can come up with something different.  He was flown to Craig's Hospital in Denver yesterday and daughter and grand daughter went also, to learn to be his caregivers etc.  They will only allow 2 care givers, and only one per day so they have to switch off.  Thank you all for your prayers. 

Hubby is still delivering flowers in the mornings when they have enough to deliver!  But God is good...he was off one day and one of his regular customers called and needed him to do some asap work.  He makes more per hour doing that than he does delivering flowers.

The lady didn't buy the stove, so I'll make other arrangements to either get it sold or...take it to the Roost to be used by the renters...with the understanding that it's not a part of the rent, just there and if it stops working we'll dispose of it and they'll have to furnish their own.

My week has been pretty much the same...fix breakfast, wash dishes, wash a load of clothes and hang them out, fix lunch, wash dishes, housework, fix supper, wash dishes, watch some news with hubby, give Abby her "bone" (Minty) for her evening snack, check out social media, read and then to bed.

Will bring home another turkey and let it defrost in the cooler, then into the oven to roast, and then jar up another batch.  Abby loves her "quart jar" of bits etc.  Hubby puts on Nitrile gloves when he's shredding the turkey for me and then picks the little pieces, skin, organ meats etc, and we save them for her to have a few pieces as a lunch snack.  I think that will leave only one???

Weather turned off a bit chilly, so each evening I've had to close all the windows and turn off the fans.  Last night it rained for about 15 minutes...figure?  They're saying perhaps a light snow Sunday, but not expected to accumulate.  Still would like for the weather to stay relatively decent so we can take our rest and relaxation camp trip to see the fall colors, to celebrate Hubby's 70th and to have our Thanksgiving In The Woods....after the election of course.



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I'm sorry about your grandson, WE2.  I'll pray that the docs can come up with another fix that will allow him to be mobile!


Only thing on my list after my walk is to take Oreo to vet this afternoon. He will get 2 pills to sedate him first. I will let you know how this goes. Could be interesting with his fear aggression.

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4 hours ago, snapshotmiki said:

take Oreo to vet this afternoon. He will get 2 pills to sedate him first. I will let you know how this goes. Could be interesting with his fear aggression.


Well this visit went better than expected! The pills slowed him down some but did not sedate him. Slowed him down enough for the girls to throw a towel over his head to hold him because there was no putting a muzzle on him. He wasn't happy but should be good to go for 3 years on rabies! I'm resting and eating dinner. That will be all today.

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Mt. Rider, You have had a time.  First the pan and then the really scary one when your DH lost his wallet. So glad he was able to trace it back and it was there safe and sound.  That is a very bad feeling.  My granddaughter had her car broke into a couple of weeks ago and they got her wallet. Bank cards, credit cards, insurance cards and she had her social security card in there as well. She said she has always kept it in console of car. That is a big NO!. You should never carry your social security card at all.  Memorize the number, but leave the card at home in a safe.  But so glad everything was ok and no real harm done.  You don't need a fire.  And yes, turn off stove before you remove the food from burner.  Safer that way.


The plumber came out today and replaced all the leaking pipes under house. So now we have gotten rid of all the old cast iron pipe. It was all replaced with PVC pipe.  Had an 8 ft. section that had rusted and had pin holes in it along with some other areas that were leaking.  Also got a new kitchen faucet.  So no more leaks or dripping faucet.  

I am feeling better today but DH is looking pale still. He gets that way sometimes and then perks up. He just decided to take a shower so I need to lesson out for him. He does ok taking one by himself now. So that is an improvement but still needs help getting his clothes on.


My organizers came today but still waiting for another set of the boxes.  Going to go through all the vitamins and such and get them into the boxes by what they are for.  Cold meds, potassium and other vitamins and RX's along with antibiotics we have stored up for the fish.  It will be nice to be able to find what I am looking for right off the bat instead of having to dig for what I need.  

The case for the first aid kit also came today. So going to get all that organized into one case instead of all the different things they are in. Will take up less room also. 


WE2 I am so sorry to hear about your grandson.  Hoping and praying there will be something they can do to help him. They have learned so much over the years that just maybe there is something in their bag of tricks that will help him to get through this. And praying they find the person that shot him, so they can be delt with before they do this to someone else. 

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Good morning! Will walk or do video in a bit. Already washed dog blankets and have 5 quarts of sliced potatoes in the pressure canner--taters were gifted.
Still need to give one dog a bath, make hamburgers and then make up some homemade seasoned salt mix. After that, nothing!


You all have a good weekend!

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Took a day off today. Other than fix breakfast, Lunch and dinner and do dishes. That has been my day.  Was up almost every hour it seams with DH. Going to bathroom (gotta love fluid pills), wants water. It was something all night long.  So I have been really tired today and my neck is killing me today. The weather turned cold but not that cold. Guess just the change in the weather is playing on me. Going to do some reading later this evening.  DH has done nothing but sit all day and watch TV.  This is not going to help him get his strength back.  Hardheaded old goat. 

Physical therapy never called to get him set up yet. Waited all week. So Monday I will call the orthopedic doctor to find out what the hold up is. Also want to get all the first aid stuff together in that back  pack as they called it on Amazon, looks more like a huge suit case but will work great for what I am going to use it for.  As soon as I get another cold day, I am going to defrost the freezer. Hoping to have enough coolers for the food. If not, I will have to put some of it on ice long enough to get freezer defrosted. Then I can see what all is in there on the bottom of freezer that I want to get canned. I know I have another boston butt in there, so will make more barbeque to can. That turned out good so doing that again. When I went through it a couple of days ago it looks like I will be canning beef.  But will can more  veg. beef soup also. I can use up what is left of the mixed veggies that way that's still in freezer.

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Woke up at 2:30 am, gave up on going back to sleep around 3:30 am.  Got up, got some dishes around, banged around enough to annoy hubby but not enough to get him out of bed.  Got dressed about 7:30 and went into work for a few hours, left about 1:30 pm, came home, sat for a bit, then slept for 3 hours.


I still feel like I need a nap.


Oh, and my right wrist is killing me today.  Started after I worked for a few house, but didn't do anything that would kick it off.  I'm wondering if it's a delayed reaction to nightshades yesterday.

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I pulled a muscle in my upper back this week. Not sure if it was trimming roses, picking up branches from the storm or picking up the full pressure canner. Took a muscle relaxer this morning and intend to take it easier today.


Already fed the pups and made rice to add to their food for the week. Going to Church and Walmart for a few items. Should walk dogs later this afternoon. That's about it, I hope!

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Brother sent me a pic of my grandson in his "back brace" and sitting in a special type chair.  I'm so thankful he's keeping me updated.  The main thing they are trying to accomplish at this point is to do some type of surgery to keep his spin straight enough that he won't need a back brace just to sit up.  Thank you all for your prayers!

Weather turned off quite "fall/winterish" so hubby removed the window a/c and we buttoned up that window. Removed the window fan from the kitchen and buttoned up that window.  Turned the oil heater on low in the back enclosed porch and turned the furnace on!  Also changed the a/c to heat at the homestead.  We'll need to do the same at the Roost. 

Pulled my tank tops out of my drawers and vacuum sealed them up to take to the homestead and brought my thermal's from the homestead to here.  Had really thought we'd be moved by now...but...it is what it is.

Gave Abby-girl her monthly meds and dremeled her nails.  She doesn't like the Holt collar but it's a must for me to be able to handle her while hubby does the sanding.  It's just so much less stress for us humans!  If we do it every month it doesn't take too awfully long and she gets a marvelous treat afterwards! :)

Still have a turkey in the cooler...it's taking a bit longer to defrost but it will get there and I'll be canning turkey meat when it does.  Still have 2 more plus a large turkey meat breast.

Did get out Saturday and bought 2 cases of pint jars from our Amish store, but no lids.  So glad I've set back quite a few as well as quite a few Tattler's.  With that many turkey's I'll need those extra jars.  Buying new ones just saves me the pain in the yaya of trying to clean up dirty used jars (the ones that were given to me...I have A LOT of them!). 

We're also planning to move the old refrigerator that was upstairs at the homestead, down into the basement/cellar and fix it up to use as a root celler.  The basement is plenty moist but having the frig down there will protect our food even better, especially when the summer comes next year.  Hubby will drill a hole for pvc pipe and cover each end with screen to keep any creepy crawlers out.  It will be nice to be able to keep potatoes etc., for months instead of a week or two.  Plans, plans and more plans. 

Praying each of you stay healthy and warm as winter approaches.  Last I heard they said it will be cold winter for most of our country.

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Sounds like everyone has been busy.  Sending prayers for everyone in need, & for the well being of everybody.  :pray:



Saturday I pressure canned 9 pints of pumpkin.  It wasn’t a big pumpkin, had enough left over, to make puppy cookies and a pumpkin pie.  Messed up & pitched most of the seeds, THEN, DH asked if I was going to bake the seeds...  :shakinghead:


 I need to check if I can find some more jars.  Used the last of the pints and only have a dozen or so half pint jars left.  :sigh:  

Today, is house cleaning day and I am already at it, taking a short break.  Time to get back at it......



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WE2, Hoping and praying that they can fix your grandson's back. I am praying that he will one day soon be walking again. We must all keep the faith for this to happen.  With God anything is possible. 


Miki, hope your back is doing better now.


CG, hoping your wrist is doing better also.


I made appt. with dentist for Wed.  Don't know how I will pull this off letting DH stay home long enough by himself. But I need to go. I have told them about a tooth that had been bothering me off and on for a long while and they said they couldn't find anything. Well they better find the problem now because it has been hurting for 2 days now. I'm thinking that there is a crack in the cap on that tooth. That has happened before but was a different dentist that doesn't take my insurance now. 


Went to the Dollar General this morning and found some great deals. So did a bit of shopping and then home to check on DH. He seems to do well when I go to the store, but i am usually only gone no more than an hour.  This time the appt. for dentist is at 7:30 am and I have no idea how long it will take. He is not out of bed then but can get up and go to den as he can't get himself back in bed if he gets up to go to bathroom. So he will just have to go to den and sit till I get back.  I am thinking he will be ok for this appt. as long as he walks slow and hangs on to the walker.


Going to get back into the deep cleaning tomorrow. I want to get that freezer defrosted but the garage is to hot and I only have 3 coolers to put the food in.  The rest has to go into buckets with ice on top to keep it cold till I get freezer cleaned out.  Looking for a better way to organize it as well. Huge chest freezers are not that easy to organize.

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27 minutes ago, Littlesister said:

Miki, hope your back is doing better now.

Thank you!  Seems to be good this morning but hurt so much last night!  Took pain pills and muscle relaxers.  I am hoping tonight will be easier!


Walked first this morning, fed and walked dogs, walked up to library to see if they had any books by Mary Oliver. Nope, but they will request some.
I have one bill to pay today, have to cut up cheese for dog treats and search for turmeric in my spice cabinets. Easy day!


I hope your dentist appointment goes well and quickly Wednesday @Littlesister!

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I'm just so frustrated. I've been trying to figure out my Verizon bill for a month now. I can't figure out how to pay the bill. I've been to their store twice, had on line assistance twice, and just got off of a live call with them. I put in my credit card number over the phone and said the payment was accepted but they didn't ask for an expiration date nor the security code. So I don't think it went through. This has been ongoing for over 3 weeks now. The payment is over due. I don't care. I've only had this phone for two months. 


The problem is I can't register it. Girl on the phone said it is registered. Online says it isn't. They want a password. I do not have a password and there is no place to set one up. All I want to do is to set up an auto payment plan. They can't do it for security reasons. I have to do it. But I can't do it because...I DON'T HAVE A PASSWORD. I'd go to a different carrier but I know Verizon works at the Indy house and many carriers won't work out there. 


I've never had so much trouble getting someone take my money. It's very frustrating. I'm going to try to find a different Verizon office tomorrow. Maybe they will walk me through it. 


I miss my Tracphone. One payment of $100.00 a year and I was done. It just wouldn't work at the new house. :(

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Jeepers, Hope you get it straight soon.  I left Verizon years ago.  Was with AARP's consumer cellular for a while. That was a joke.  I am now with T-Mobil which also bought out Sprint.  I have had that phone now for about 4 or 5 months and so far no issues.  They send me a text that bill is due soon and I just click on the site and say pay. That's it. No issues.  They have my card on file, so I don't have to put that in. Just put the phone number attached to the account and they take care of it. 

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1 hour ago, Littlesister said:

with T-Mobil

Both of us have been with them for years.  We got in when the 1000 minute card cost of 100$ and that's what we've been on.  They voice message us when we get either low on minutes (which is seldom) or when the expiration date is approaching.  We're VERY careful to not let it expire!  We accumulate a lot of minutes because we always reach expiration long before minutes are used, and they give us a roll over bonus of several minutes.  Just works for us.

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Got 7 pints of Turkey jarred up and ready for the morning to check seals, wash jars and rings, label and take to the homestead.  Hubby brought over another Turkey this evening.  The one I did today I just pressure cooked in my big pressure canner.  I'll do the same for the rest of them.  So much quicker...from freezer to done...90 minutes.  Learned that from Bev at Half Acre Homestead.  So much easier!  All the extra tidbits I put in pint jar for our girl to have as snacks.

Hubby worked until nearly 2 today, had deliveries as far away as 30 miles!  I guess the shop gets extra for delivering out of town etc.  Then went to homestead, emptied a container of gas into the truck then went to WM and filled a couple of jugs.  Trying to "stay ready" at every moment we can.

Haven't heard anything about grandson, but I guess daughter and grand daughter are there.  Denver is not a really good place to be right now with all the mess that's going on in the streets.  Praying they stay safe while they're there.

Weather here was pretty chilly today and will be so tomorrow.  Hubby drug out some of his long sleeve dress shirts to work in.  They're made in the same way his short sleeve ones are, and are nylon.  Really easy to wash and dry.  No need to iron etc.  He's got a pretty good supply of them.  When it gets really cold he has plenty of flannels as well as sweat shirts and sweaters. 

Hubby took our girl for a long walk when he was finished with gassing things up, so she's had her minty and is hunkered down in her fleece/lambs wool (?) pad that we keep on her mattress during the winter.  Easy to wash and dry or just give a shake in between washings.

Hubby will go in 12/6 for the other side of the dental work.  That will be it for awhile...financially we have to take things as the dollars come in.  I'm not due to go back for another cleaning until March 2021. 



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I have separate Verizon internet and phone plans and pay them online separately every month no issues.  

Try going here:


Then put in 'forgot info' and reset whatever password is there.  It will go to whatever email or phone number it is connected to.  

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As usual, fed dogs, walked, went to Dollar General for DH. Laundry is almost done. Cooked big pork roast in the instant pot. Will shred it today and PC it tomorrow in BBQ sauce. Have to take eBay photos maybe. Now what? That was all that is on my list today!

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Went to Dentist early this morning.  Took e-rays.  Turns out I will have to have a root canal.  :gaah:I am on an antibiotic for a few days first though. Not looking forward to having to have it done. But they think they can save the tooth.  I say lets just pull it for the fun of it and get it over with. But It is a molar and I guess saving it is the better option. 

DH did great staying buy his self for a couple of hours.  So Market was down street from dentist. So went and got us a sausage biscuit for breakfast. They are the best with deli mustard and onion. 

Came home and had breakfast with DH and then went to get the RX filled. Did a small amount of shopping while I waited for it. I will now have toothache meds in my first aid kit. Won't go though that again.  But I found a great surprise. Canning jars. :hapydancsmil: They had only one case of wide mouth pints and 3 of small mouth, so I got them all. Much needed. Now I can get a bit more canned out of freezer.  They had a few of the quarts but I didn't need those. No lids to be had. But the jars were a plus.  Now I need to go through the grocery adds to see what is on sale that I need. 


Praying for Mt. Rider and family still.   And also for WE2's grandson. I really hope they can do something to help him walk again. Praying for a miracle. 

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I think I got the Verizon bill paid. They sent an over due notice in an email and I clicked on that and it took me there. Sheesh. Now I have to figure out how to set up auto payment then I won't have to deal with them ever again. 


I wanted to go with T-Mobil but they looked up their service in my Indy area and it was spotty. In fact, the little town was cut right in half with half getting T-Mobil and half not. Crazy. Verizon covered the whole area plus where my son lives. When I finally get on an auto loan it will be $70.?? a month unlimited. 


Littlesister, we were typing at the same time. Glad your husband did so well staying by himself. Sorry you have to have a root canal though. Ugh. Best to try to save molars though. They are important for chewing. 


Yes! Prayers for Mt. Rider and her family. I'm sure it is even more difficult with her dad's dementia. Also prayers for We2's grandson. Such a rough road he will be going down. :pray:

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