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LittleSister...that's exactly why we  checked around town and found a dentist of "old school" and in a small, private practice.  Took out hubby's wisdom tooth that was cracked for under 200$!  The "new guys" wanted to do all the prep work and then send him to a surgeon...you know the drill.  Anyway, we're so glad we did.  His wife is also a dentist and practices with him.  They are both very understanding and don't try to push us to have things done.  They just make us a list (for me there isn't one) for hubby and we call when we have the funds.  We're waiting now for an opening to have his 2nd quadrant taken care of.  

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Test results are in.  No COVID!

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

Posted Images

WE2,  the last of the old school dentist that we knew and had for a dentist retired a long time ago.  Haven't been able to find another one since. And, with this Corvid mess, it is making it even harder to get an emergency appt. from almost anywhere.  The tooth is aching now and I am just over it. Going to that specialist for a root canal was a waste of my time. I don't see why they couldn't just pull the tooth after seeing it was not worth doing the root canal. But no, I have to go spend more money for a surgeon to pull it.  Just plain crazy. But nothing I can do about it.


Haven't gotten much done today as these antibiotics are really making me so tired.  This weather today isn't helping that either.  

Talked for a while with one of my Sunday school ladies on phone and then my granddaughter from Washington state called and we talked a while. Her DH no longer has to go to Cuba. I am so glad of that. 

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Was a wintery mix all day yesterday, but hubby did okay delivering flowers...until their van wouldn't start when he made a potty stop.  So one of the owners had to come jump start him.  He finished his routes and then left the van running for them so they'd be able to use it for afternoon delivery...if they dared!

I just took care of some things around here.

Today was about the same.  Hubby did the screwing down of the underlayment and then started putting the "putty"? over the screw tops.  So anxious to get the flooring down.  That will be the last of the really hard stuff.  Then in will go the toilet and vanity.

He also (may have mentioned this) put the last of the LED shop lights in the extended pantry.  Boy does that make a difference when I step in and switch on the lights!

We have the windows bubble wrapped, plywood cut to fit and covered, moving blanket stapled over and then fleece blanket over that...NO light except the overheads!

We have the heat/air vents partially closed off so we are able to control the temp in there.  The door to that room is off the kitchen so when the door is shut nobody is able to see a thing.

Grandson is making a lot of progress.  Learning transfers from wheelchair to toilet, from toilet to wheel chair, from wheelchair to bed and from bed to wheelchair.  But he's a trooper and is making great progress.

I'm taking Vit D3 and Zinc faithfully since I'm not getting out much and also there's no sunshine to speak of, even if I did.  Especially since it's slick.  I haven't taken a spill for a long time and this last one wasn't even in slick weather!  I'll stay at home thank you...unless I have a perfect reason to get out and have hubby's arm!

None of us bounce as good as we used to! :tapfoot:

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Started a tincture of Mullein Leaf several days ago and it's aging very well.  That stuff is so good for thinning mucus from allergies or ???  When I think it's aged enough I'll strain it and add some honey to it.

Also brought another quart of Elderberry juice from the homestead.  Sure glad I jarred up a case of it!  I still have plenty of dried ones that I can make more when I get ready. Since I got all the turkey's jarred up, I'm zoned out of pressure canning for awhile! 

I did pull out my favorite small pressure cooker (works as good as an electric one) and we had mixed bean soup for lunch.  Hopefully we won't have any dueling flatulina fairies tonight! :24:  If so we'll have to aim in different directions and absolutely NO DUTCH OVEN'S! :laughkick:

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Hope you get relief from that tooth soon! I know around here you have to go to an oral surgeon to get a tooth pulled. My last dentist wasn't very good. He assumed I wanted a tooth capped. No, I just wanted it filled with the white stuff. I stopped him just in the knick of time. I don't like caps in the front of my mouth. They never seen to age the same as my other teeth. Color wise I mean. 


It's wonderful to hear your dear grandson is progressing so well! He has age on his side for sure. 


Flatulina reminds me of my cousin. Her husband always got the worst of it because she slept with the fan on her side of the bed. She would turn away from him but that just made it worse with the fan blowing across her. :grinning-smiley-044:

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Littlesister, we go to Midgette Familly Dentistry.  Four of us have cycled through in the last 3 months and they are mostly back to business as usual.  We like them for everyone.  I never have teeth issues, but DH has had to have several things done and likes them a lot.    They are across from the small Food Lion at the corner of Taylor Road and 664 near the YMCA and bowling alley.  

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WE2, So glad to hear your grandson is making progress.. Praying for that to continue.  Hopefully he will be able to walk again. You never know with all the things they can do now.


euphrasyne,  I have heard of Midgette dentistry before.  Maybe I will give them a call if affordable dental doesn't call back. I called the main office and got an answer. They have faxed over something to have them call me for an appt. My regular dentist is LW&SS.  They are about useless. When all this is over I am going to be looking for a new dentist. Might just check them out.  Thank you


Picked up RXs for DH.  Seems that is getting to be a twice a week thing. Told them today again 90 days as I can't keep coming in there like this. Twice a week is crazy.  He is on 10 meds and it is suppose to have been set up for 90 days and all comes in once or twice in that 3 month time frame. But no they keep doing 30 days and twice a week. Told them there are lots of pharmacies around and I am not above using one that will do a 90 day supply and get there act together.  Will see what happens. 


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Just now, Littlesister said:

Told them there are lots of pharmacies around and I am not above using one that will do a 90 day supply and get there act together.  Will see what happens. 

Did your DOCTOR write the script for 90 days? The pharmacy can't fill it for more than the amount the doctor wrote it for. :scratchhead:

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Is you tooth taken care of @Littlesister?  I was thinking it was Wednesday for pulling.


@ WE2, glad your grandson is progressing!


I went caffeine free for two days and that's it.  Back to half caffeine and half decaf.  Trying to sleep better but have to have enough ambition to function!

No walk today. First, shot eBay photos, then fed dogs and walked them.


In the mail yesterday, I received an envelope marked "voter" with my address. Inside there was a similar ballot, but saying I should vote at a different location. I took it to the courthouse today and they kept it. I told them I felt like it was sent to confuse voters. No real comment from them. Hopefully, they didn't just throw it away as soon as I left.


Later, washed sheets and comforter, cleaned bathrooms and dusted house.

Tomorrow morning early, I will go to Walmart for monthly stocking. Don't want to wait until Friday or the first of Nov. Just get it done!

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On 10/26/2020 at 10:58 AM, kappydell said:

We also finally figured out what is the issue with our auusie, Jack.  He is just super jealous of other dogs paying attention to me.  I am HIS person.  That explains a lot.  And since I have changed my interactions with the other critters to less personal ones, Jack has calmed down and become his usual cheerful self


There is a YT channel that deals more with the "psychology" of why dogs do what they do and how to work with that rather than concentrating on trying to "train" some of these behaviors out of them. Here are links to her YT channel, her FB page, and her website. I hope you are able to check out one of them and see if it will benefit you and Jack. :thumbs:



"Jenna acts as the liaison between you and your dog. She’ll help you interpret your dog’s body language, help you see the world through your dog’s lens, and build a lasting bond built on communication and trust. Jenna’s primary goal is to get you to no longer need her."


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHEbkyq00rWaYu5g62UaXLw

"I'm Jenna Romano, welcome to Dog Liaison where I coach you to treat your dog's mental health needs. On this dog training channel, I give you tips to overcome dog aggression, dog separation anxiety, dog reactivity, noise sensitivity and dog compulsive behaviors. The best part is that all of my techniques are backed by science, and in each video I examine the scientific literature and make it easy and applicable for you. So if you're interested in taking a nerdier approach to dog training, then I'll see you in the next video!"


FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/dogliaison/

"I coach PAWrents on how to treat their dog's mental health disorders. Aggression, Reactivity, Separation Anxiety."


Website: https://www.getacalmdog.com/

"The Recovering Rover Program is the ONLY program of its kind. Half coursework/half private lessons/ 100% coaching... this program is designed to make you the head dog trainer. Feel empowered to treat all of your dog's needs. The RRP has 2 editions: Separation Anxiety and Reactivity/ Aggression." 

Edited by Midnightmom
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Affordable dentures called a bit ago and I have an appt. on Sat. at 8 am.  The oral surgeon said it would be Dec. 30th before they could take me. That is crazy when you tell them you are in pain and have an infection in the tooth.   This Corvid mess has really messed things up both medical and dental wise. No more emergency appts. it seems.  Something had better give soon as I don't know how I will continue to cope with all the medical and now a tooth and no doctors to help you for months.  But at least I did get the one for Sat.  It's early and DH will have to stay put in bed till I get home or in his chair in Den. I will not be able to get him together and be there at 8 am.  I will have to leave a little after 7 am to get there. To early but I will take it. 


Miki,  Wed. was the specialist I was sent to for a root canal.  They said the tooth was cracked over half way down the tooth on both sides. They could do the root canal but once they started to drill into the tooth and found the cracks to be more than they thought, then I would loose the tooth anyway. They suggested pulling it as Ii would loose the tooth within 5 years anyway.  So I saved my $630 for the root canal as well as my insurance the other half of that and decided to go with the extraction that they don't do. Said I would need an oral surgeon for that.  This is what the problem has been. No dentist will take you on an emergency bases now and the oral surgeon said December 30th.  They didn't even care that the tooth was infected nor painful. Put I did get affordable dentures for this Sat. So I will have to be happy with that.


Got no sleep last night, Layed on couch this afternoon and fell asleep. Woke up at 5:30.  DH just let me sleep but I still have dinner to cook. He is not hungry right now and we are just having a quick light dinner. Going to start heating things up in about 15 minutes. 

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2 hours ago, Midnightmom said:

Did your DOCTOR write the script for 90 days? The pharmacy can't fill it for more than the amount the doctor wrote it for. :scratchhead:

Yes, the doctor did wright all our scripts for 90 days.  The pharmacy will not for some reason honor that request.  I have to get on them every time to redo it for the 90 days.  This is getting so old now.  Can't get the care we once had from anywhere any longer.  Corvid has really taken a toll on so many. I know people are tired of it but the medical field and the Pharmacies just can't stop doing their jobs like this. An emergency is an emergency and should be treated as such.  The RX;s I will get straight or just move on to another pharmacy.

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I had my doctor write a script for 91 pills once a long time ago. The extra pill was because in one of the months there were 31 days. My pharmacy is a stickler about not filling a script even one day ahead. It was really just a test to see if they would fill it. 


Nope. They wouldn't do it. Even though the doctor wrote it for 91 pills they would only give me 90. That was a long time ago so I don't know about now. 


I had private insurance back then and the med was only blood pressure pills. 


Littlesister, will your doctor or dentist give you any pain meds to hold you over? Usually Tylenol with codine helps when I have a tooth ache. Do you have any clove oil? My grandma used to chew on a whole clove when she had a toothache. It sort of numbs the mouth. I've tried ora gel and some other teething medicine but they never worked on a toothache for me. If push comes to shove go to one of the emergi-care type places and tell them you need relief.  :hug3:

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Littlesister, if you can contact the dentist euphrasyne suggested, maybe they will get you in as an emergency extraction.  My dentist did.  But, then, he knows my bone density is low, easy pull. Last one I had pulled, it popped out & fell into my throat, “oops, sorry”. Lol.


Ground 10 lbs of beef & pork yesterday, seasoned, 3 different types, stuffed the natural casings today.  Tomorrow is another 10 lbs, selecting different recipes, to try them out.  Hot links tonight, we will see how they taste, and if I need to adjust the spices.  Potato sausage smells right, memories from childhood.  

It has been cold here. 50’s & 60’s.  48° this morning when the delivery for our new roof arrived. Supposed to be installed in the next few weeks.  :amen:

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Thank you Ann.  I did get in with Affordable dental for Sat. morning early.  I think since I have held out the past 2 weeks, I can make it till then.  But I am going to check into that dentist she mentioned and maybe change over to them. My dentist is not very good.

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Hello Everyone! I am new to this forum in my first post I just wanted to say hello to all. I was searching for some food tips for my dog and found this forum. Search around this forum is good with many topics covering. Really worth reading. Blog with good articles. Good work. Hope to connect with good people around.





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:hi:WhyDoPets, welcome to MrsSurvival.  

There is an amazing amount of great information here, so many people, through the years, have contributed and still are contributing, their knowledge, to help others.



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Welcome Maria!  Nice to meet you!


Glad you are getting to a dentist soon @Littlesister!


This morning, I went to Walmart first. They were well stocked for the most part. A few cases of jars and they had lids (I got some). Only 3 big bags of baking soda (Pool size), I got one. Everything else seemed pretty full. I did notice things fronted up with some bare spots in the back. Went to the bread store, then one thrift store. I found a bunch of Lula Roe tops and leggings. About $2 each. I believe they will sell well.


Came home, put away Walmart and went for my walk. Stopped at local drug store and picked up sleeping med. Got home and found that my doc had lowered my thyroid meds for a seventh time. Yay! Will pick that up tomorrow when I walk.

Made big salads for DH and me. That's about it.

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Took DH to therapy this morning. He really got a good workout.  i am having him do exercises at home twice a day. We have to get that muscle to function again. Sat. can't come fast enough.  And I for one will be glad when this tooth is pulled. 


Daughter came over today to give me some news.  SIL got promoted for his job and they have to move to Rocky Mt. N. Carolina. They have to be there by Jan. 1st. So they are now looking for a house and trying to get theirs together to sale.  She said that if anything happens to DH as we will not move as long as he is alive because he is not able to pick up and move. She said she and SIL are coming to move me to where they will be living. Not sure I want to move to N. Carolina.  Yes if DH passes away, And I pray that does not happen but I also know I have to face that fact as his health is bad and he is 83 years old.  God has pulled him through a lot and I believe he will pull him through this also..  Just taking a long time to get his strength back. But we are working hard on that.  Cong. heart failure is nothing to play around with, and all the other health issues on top of that.

None of the men in DH's family have lived to see 70 years of age. Even his brother passed at 69 years from melanoma. DH told me he would never see the age of 70 and I told him as long as I am alive he would see 90 years of age.  Well that part is in God's hands and when God is ready to take him home then and only then will that happen. But he has lived to see 83 years and praying for many more birthdays. Though his heart is functioning at 15%. Those odds are not great. We will just take it one day at a time and lots of prayers.

Some good news is that my granddaughter that is getting married is going to move right down the street from us. They will help us out when we need help and they have already helped us some.  So that would be a good thing.  Though she is starting back to college full time after the first of year. She has been in college now for 5 years and will finish up all classes in this last year and then off to medical school. She wants to be a nurse practitioner. 


whytopets  welcome aboard. Lots of great things on here to read and learn from.. Great people here also.:welcome:



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My dental appt. got moved to next Tuesday instead of tomorrow.  i am a bit upset that I can't even get an emergency appt. to anywhere. So now I have to wait till Tuesday. I am starting to look like a chip monk with the jaw swollen.  I don't think the Antibiotic is working.  By the time I get in to see the dentist, I will have been off the antibiotics for 3 days.  Been on them for 10 with the last one tonight. So it will more than likely get worse before Tuesday.  Going to use peroxide to in a bit to see if that will help. The gum is so swollen. This corvid has really messed up our medical and dental.  And I am afraid that will get worse as time goes on with this corona virus.  


I have done nothing again today. Just don't feel like doing anything. I know it is the tooth. It aches all the time and sometimes flat out hurts. No sleep.  I am getting so far behind on things I wanted to do. It will take a miracle to catch up after this tooth is out.  


Don't want to see anyone have to go through this mess. When it is over I am going to check into changing dentist.  Midget dental is where I am going to start. There is no since in a dentist not pulling a tooth or even a root canal.  My delta dental limits me to where I can go and I will be changing that issue as well. 

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Friday I walked and picked up new thyroid meds at drug store. Doc lowered my meds a 7th time in the last 2 and a half years! There is only one dosage lower than what I have now. Sure hope to start sleeping better--last night 3 hours and 7 minutes.
Also yesterday, I walked dogs, paid bills, made rice for dogs food and then gave away some greens from the garden.
At 2:30 took two small dogs to vet for 3 year rabies shots. That went fast and well--they are much better behaved than Oreo-corgi. One could use a dental visit, otherwise good for 3 years!

Today, I woke up at 3:30 am. Will do video in a bit, do month ending books, call my sister for her Birthday and run to Dollar General for Halloween candy since our next door neighbor will probably bring her grand daughter.
After going to the store, I will pick a lot of greens and PC what I don't eat. Could be a long day. I'm hoping that if I don't cut them too short, they will keep growing.
And set clocks back.

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Sean Connery died on Halloween.


This doesn't affect my plans for the day, but figured y'all might not have seen it yet.


I'm going to drink my coffee and plan out my baking for the day, then run do a quick run into town for Halloween candy to hand out and whatever ingredients I might need, then come home and bake.

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