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20 hours ago, Littlesister said:

Went through the summer and winter clothes today and changed them out

Got most of that done around here too...except I can't find the space bag that contains my sweat shirts!  They're somewhere...I just don't know where right now! :laughkick:

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Test results are in.  No COVID!

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

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On 11/5/2020 at 4:56 PM, Jeepers said:

pick up a brake bleeder to seal some canning jars


I love mine...quick to take care of small jobs!  Even found the old one so now I have a back up.

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Made a day trip Thursday in Miss B to the city and visited Half Price Books...they ordered in from another outlet the first book Harbinger.  Said it should arrive in about 2 weeks and they'll call me to come pick it up.  Also visited Cargo Largo and found a few things for hubby's collection of tools! LOL 

Today hubby mudded the screws in the new bathroom underlay's and then sanded what was already dry from last week.  Then comes the new vinyl.

Took out the screened room we bought late last summer to use with Miss B when camping.  Set it up and then took it down...to make sure we know what we're doing when "hopefully" we get to do our Thanksgiving In The Woods.  It's a 13x9 so plenty of room for our chairs, small table for our drinks and books etc., and a small table to eat on (with our little table chairs we've had for years).  That way we can leave the bed made inside. 

We did take a fall foliage trip and spent a night camped outside a friends house and then mosied on home.  Our travel trailer is great for extended stays but for small stays or going into tight places, Miss B is a must.

The weather has been gorgeous for quite some time.  I did have to machine dry clothes for a day or two, but now am back to hanging the laundry on my lines.  Hubby also bought the materials to build me clotheslines at the homestead.  I showed him where I wanted them so he'll run them for me, probably about 4 lines that are 20 ft. long or so.  That way I can hang more than just one load at a time or have room for sheets and pillow cases.


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Last week of October I started a Mullein tincture and then last week started an Elderberry tincture.  Next will be Echinacea, Peppermint, Catnip and who knows what else!  Tinctures are so easy to make and very strong.  Just takes a bit of "aging".  I'll probably need to buy some more brown bottles with dropper lids though.  I've used several of the ones I had, and don't want to run low on them.


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RAIN!!!!!  We got real rain!!!  :hapydancsmil: First time, here at our house, other than light sprinkles, since June.


Woke up around midnight, it was a downpour.  DH said it had been raining like that, off & on for about an hour.  Checked our catch bucket, about 1/2 inch!  :amen:

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This weekend was very productive; we worked on several long running projects. DH fixed the broken jack on the RV and added an electric jack.  He got the ball rolling on fixing the awning.   We cleaned out 3 kitchen cabinets, cut shelf liner to fit and reorganized the storage containers and bakeware that was in them.  The kids and I cleaned all the appliances on the long kitchen counter.  We opened up all the windows to air out the house and vacuumed all the ducts with the shop vac to get rid of the dust.  


The cooking was hit and miss last week.  I did manage to use up a LOT of leftovers and bits and pieces that needed to be used before they went bad.  The school gives out free weekday lunches and breakfasts to the kids for the rest of the year (comes in a large bag 2x per week for home use), but some of it is nasty and some of it the kids will not eat.  I'm having a hard time thinking up ways to reuse some of it. Each month,  I get roughly 6 packs of BBQ chicken wings that DD17 will not eat no matter what.  Today, DD12 is going to wash off all the nasty BBQ sauce, coat them in homemade buffalo sauce and cook them that way to see if they become edible.  I've managed to dump some of the bland vegetables into soup, the blueberries into muffins, the uneaten apples and oranges became jam.  I haven't bought milk since this started--we're just using it out of the individual cartons and I've frozen a few.  The wholegrain poptarts and the zee zee's cereal bars are both completely nasty and no one will eat them.  I hate to throw them out.  Maybe the squirrels would want them?


Duds: Mexican lasagna (with tortillas)

Mixed reactions: BBQ cornbread cassarole, Black beans and rice (instead of red beans and rice), blueberry muffins, fruit compote

Hits: Crispy salsa chicken, Snickers trifle, Lemon poppyseed muffins


I need to sit down and make a meal plan for this week.  I am running behind schedule.  

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8 hours ago, euphrasyne said:

Black beans and rice

Have you made black beans with yellow rice?  Lots of flavor!


I ended up making a big pot of extra spicy jambalaya, yesterday.  Will freeze one container as soon as I pull out the dog food meat so there is room in the freezer.  So looking forward to getting my chest freezer!


Walked first this morning, fed and walked dogs, did 3 loads of laundry, house is clean! I may wash outside windows this afternoon and still need to make s/f jello for me.


This is a pattern---I get one good night's sleep then wear myself out the next day. Maybe I don't sleep well sometimes so I don't feel like I have to do so much. LOL

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There are so many different brake bleeders, so don't know which one I should buy.  Thinking about it as it would be a great thing to have on hand. 

Today took DH to therapy and then stopped at bank. got home and fixed lunch for him and got him settled in. Then went to Harris Teeter to pick up RX and then a few sale items. DH wanted some yogurt.  It was on sale 10 for 6.00.  Was going to get some beef but the prices in there were double what they used to be. Will check the farm market later.  Going to buy a couple of turkeys to can. Watching the sales now. Will get the boston butt out of freezer tomorrow to thaw so I can make the barbeque to can.  I do have enough wide mouth pints for that. Granddaughter in CA found some canning lids. She got them and is checking another place for the jars and is going to send them to me. :hapydancsmil:Glad she could find some. 

Got groceries put away and started going through things. Tomorrow I am going to empty the linen closet.  Got to get that done so I can clear the bed off in small bedroom. All the extra kleenex, and things are sitting on that bed. Space bags are a life saver. So got everything set to bag the extra blankets, sheets, pillows, etc.  Will make much more room in there. 

Getting really tired now and eyes are not focusing. 

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I'm starting to look at the Space Bags for saving room here.  But all extra blankets are up on the windows for winter.  Maybe some clothes?  But really, I need to sort and donate the extra clothes.  I do keep some 'too small' and 'too large' cuz I shift back and forth.  Not many in the 'too large' right now... :tapfoot:    With all that running around and stairs at the folks', thot I'd have a weight loss again like last time.  :buttercup:   Those two have WAY too many goodies and snacks!  :busted:  


Slow to regain my stamina.  Sat in a chair on Saturday and sorted magazines/catalogs. :)   Filled up an entire pellet [stove] bag.   Reorganizing some Emergency stuff now...but have been :0327:  earlier today.  I have been walking dog tho.  Even tonite ....in the SNOW!  


Hey Annarchy, we got a small part of that rain too.  NICE!  No downpour but got things wet.  Last nite was the white version of moisture.  About an inch.  When I went to road to walk tonite, I automatically pulled up the N95 mask when a truck went by us.   :blink:  Then noticed that there was no dust.  :lol:    As we walked the snow and WIND started up again...and got more extreme.  I was glad I dressed Koa in a bright green/yellow reflective vest and I have a headlamp on.  But...it was neat to walk in snow...moisture.  I wasn't cold in snow pants/coat and hat with face shield for walking INTO the wind on the way back.  Could have used goggles.  Got 6/10ths of mile today.  A bit further. 


We've had zero rain for months too.  But in early Sept.....a couple wks ago.....and tonite we've had significant snow.  Saved our trees.  :amen:  


MtRider  ...lovely not to smell DUST!  :hapydancsmil:

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Glad the Southwest is getting a little rain!  I know you need it!


This morning, I walked first and fed dogs.
Take Peanut Butter to beauty parlor at 11:30.
Walmart, thrift store
Pick up Peanut and go for appointment with health insurance lady at 1 pm.

Maybe wash those windows that didn't get done yesterday and water the garden.

Cook a bunch of hamburger meat for dog food since I have to make that on Thursday and I don't know what will happen with my stove top and the new range.  Want to have dog food prep done ahead.

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Rain is on the way as of tomorrow. Thursday will be the worst and I have to take DH to therapy in it. By the time I get his rollator out of trunk and take it around to the car door to get him out of car, I will be drenched.  But don't want to cancel as it is his last one before his surgery for those skin cancers. The one on left leg is bad and they said no therapy the week of. So surgery is next Monday and we have to wait a week if not longer before he can start therapy again. Though it would give me a bit of a break. 

My daughter and I were talking about how we are going to do Thanksgiving dinner. It will be 9 of us. She is so busy with work, school and trying to get house on market. Granddaughter is moving the weekend after Thanksgiving and is busy packing up. I am just to tired to do it all but am going to cook a sweet potato casserole for granddaughter. So we decided to have dinner cooked for us. The Bennet's Creek Market where DH always cooked the collards does it. So I am going out tomorrow and order it. Then we can just cook whatever extras we want. I might make a pumpkin pie and maybe an apple pie as well. We are going to combine Thanksgiving and Christmas into one as DD and SIL along with grandson are moving to N. Carolina.  So at least we have a plan now. 


Been cleaning out the linen closet today.  Got things sorted out and in space bags. So much better.  Now that I have the summer and winter clothes done, I have 2 options for the vitamins, cold meds, etc. One option is to use the storage cubes and separate the meds into those as to what they are for and put on closet shelf in our bedroom and the second is to use the extra dresser in the small bedroom which I would put drawer liner in first. I will no longer need that for clothes as we got rid of a lot of clothes last year. We really downsized all of that as it was way to many clothes that we were not wearing. And now DH has lost so much weight that I had to pack up his clothes and buy some that fit. Got those ready to go out of here but keeping just a few incase he does gain back weight again. He lost 60 pounds while in the hospital both times.  That is why his recovery is taking so long. This is really hard for him to make a halfway recovery.   I could also use the dresser to put the boxed foods in since that room is now my pantry. Just now sure which way to go with it. Got to think on it as to what is the best way to go.



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:offtobed:     The temperature is at SIX DEGREES ABOVE ZERO right now......  Awwwwwww, I hate the severe cold and this is WAY toooo early.  The second time we've been below zero and it's not even December yet.  [wacko Jet Stream has been ODD this year!] 


Glad we took out the swamp cooler completely in Sept. 

Glad we took out the A/C window unit a few days ago. 

Glad I folded some sheets of newspaper to block the GAPS in the front door.  :frozen: 


Need to:  Put up more bubble wrap in windows we don't use.  Some is already installed but need to get on the others. 

Need to:  Find some of the deep winter clothes again.  It's definitely WINTER interspersed with days of late Fall.  :yar: 


Need to:  Go to bed...it's 1:30AM already cuz my mom and I were yakking on the phone too long tonite.  :lol: 


MtRider  :offtobed:   Nite everyone...

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I had a Soap Opera Day and I never ever want to leave my house ever again.


430 get up with baby and get the ball rolling for the day. :bounce:

730 get up kids and make sure DD17 has all hearing aid supplies. :bounce:

8 feed baby, make sure DD17 has all hearing aid supplies, get DD17 and baby ready to leave :bounce:

830 make sure DD17 has all hearing aid supplies (see a theme here?) :bounce:

9 attempt to walk out door.  Baby vomits all over carseat and outfit.  DD17 clean carseat.  I clean baby.  :sigh:

9:10 attempt to leave.  van will not crank.  Call husband frantically asking if emergency battery would work in this situation.  He walks me through process.   :smiley_shitfan:

9:25 Van cranks, I have grease all over my hands, I wipe them on a burp cloth and jump into van.  Halfway down road I realize I've left garage door up and decide... 'eff it, too late to do anything.' :gaah:

9:40 no traffic and we are making great time.  On other side of tunnel DD17 yells "OH NO I FORGOT MY HEARING AID BLUETOOTH PIECE" the piece we are going to the doctor about.  'eff it, too late to do anything.'  :tapfoot:

9:45 We discover parking is insane, drive all the way around EVMS looking for parking, end up a half mile away in the campus parking garage.  :banghead:

9:55 Go into building and are told to stand to side because we CANNOT GO IN with the baby because of covid.   People gawk at me.  We are now 'those people.' Baby is in a wrap on my chest sleeping peacefully.  More like a doll than a baby.  :gaah:

10 am told to reschedule when I dont have baby.  I state that I never have childcare and do i need to find a different audiologist?  I'm being very nice, but panicky and anxious.   Literally, there is no one who can watch the baby.  Seriously I'm alone to the point where DD17 and DD12 had to stay alone while I had baby in hospital.  :banghead:

1015 After asking who I can complain to (nicely b/c front door people are just following orders) they relent and let me in with baby  :cloud9:

1030 Tears are trickling down my cheek because of  panic attack in doctor office. I tell them to ignore me and I cannot control it.  :runcirclsmiley2:

1115 We will need to come back in 6 weeks to deal with new hearing aids.  dr. tells me to just wear baby in next time (exactly like this time) and wear a big coat over her and smuggle her in.  ......seriously?   :whistling:

1140 On way back to van, I see baby hat on sidewalk (very unique hat, definitely mine) where apparently DD17 dropped it out of diaper bag on sidewalk on the previous 1/2 mile walk from parking garage to office.  I put it back in bag and pray no one thinks I'm taking random hats off ground as a billion people walk around me.  we make it back to van and it cranks just fine.  I do not need emergency jumper that I put in car earlier.  :shakinghead:

12 on way home guy cuts in front of me with no notice, I slam on breaks and diaper bag on floor goes flying and stuff goes flying all over floor.  DD17 begs for McDonalds and I explain that I am going home and that is not happening...repeatedly.  :beat_deadhorse:

1 home, all kids fed, baby who has been a sleeping dream during the entire fiasco decides to become fussy.  :mornincoffee:

330 finally got super fussy baby to nap on a blanket on my desk right in front of me.  I am trapped at desk b/c today might be the day she decides to roll.  I decide to play a video game on computer (keyboard is under desk and I can easily see monitor over sleeping baby.)  :sheep:

4 Husband comes home, sees me at computer.  baby wakes up, DH asks about housework then takes baby for a few minutes then puts her on floor playmat. :cheeky-smiley-067:

420 I pick fussy baby up off playmat and talk to dh who also had a bad day.  I realize that hat is not in diaper bag as I tell DH about that part.  Is it in van from slamming on breaks or did DD17 drop it somewhere on sidewalk again? Things begin to unravel.  :sassing:

6 Older kids have a fend for themselves dinner and go about their evening plans. Unraveling continues for me, DH, and baby.  :beat_deadhorse:

7 More unraveling.  I begin to cry and tell DH I'm giving baby bath and going to bed.   :fryingpan:

8 baby has been bathed and fed and I coddle her on bedroom couch.  DH decides to cut up some sausage and cheese for both of us to try to stop the unraveling.   :hug3:

10 I finally get to sleep.  :sleep1:

3am back up with baby and starting today.  It can't be worse than yesterday  :behindsofa:


It was awful when I was caught up in it yesterday and it is still terrible today, but I can look at it almost like  comedy of errors now.  But I'm still not leaving again.  NEVER.  DH is just going to have to take off work and deal with anything else away from the house because I am NOT leaving.   :tinfoilhatsmile:


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Wow!  That was a rough day Euphrasyne!  I hope your today goes much more smoothly!!!


Already walked, next feed dogs and walk them.
Will wash outside of windows today. Really this time!!!!
Write some eBay drafts.
Look at closet to clean out and switch summer/ winter clothes--doubt I will get any farther than looking at it.


New range is here at the house. Electrician and DH went to Lowes for stuff. Hoping to bake butternut squash this evening. Some of them went bad waiting for new range.

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Wow, Eurphrasyne.  :blink:  I've had days like that.  Not with baby but definitely what I call a ..."And Then THIS Happened Day".   :hug3:   Glad looking back at it can be  ....calmer.  It is a great story to tell....AFTER the fact!  Good illustrations too!  :lol:  I love the 'smilies'.  Unbelievable how many complications can be blamed on COVID .  :gaah:  


Miki.....too bad about the squash.  Could you try boiling it?  I do that with spaghetti squash but haven't with butternut.  Hope you're cooking and baking on your new stove by now!!  :campfire:   .....no, not campfire!  :rolleyes:  


I've had a low energy days.  I spent a lot of time this weekend successfully doing sorting.  Gaining some ground.....well, carpet, actually.  Anytime I can see more flooring....  :hapydancsmil:.  But as usual, it tires me out. 


I HAVE been walking dog regularly....except the day she was 'in town' with DH.   :happy0203:   I love walking in the snow.  Tonite was just CHILLY and some wind.  Bright yellow/green reflective dog coat makes Koa stand out.  She thinks it makes her look like an idiot but loves going for a walk anyway.  Really...she grumbles.  :lol:  


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Been pressure canning...literally all day.  So far I've got 11 quarts of chili on the counter "pinging" and 3 quarts of pinto bean in tomato sauce.  Now I have 8 pints of the pinto's in the last canner for today.  But...we'll enjoy them this winter.  Had some left overs so I just put them in canning jars, let them cool and put them in the frig.  We ate about a pint for supper and there's a quart and a pint in the frig. We'll eat those first.

Hubby didn't have to work today so he worked on the bathroom project's light switches.  Tired of fumbling around flipping switches that didn't have face plates on them! I wouldn't, so he always had to come in with his flashlight and grab the toggle and flip it for me!  Now it's "right" by me! :-)

I've still got a lot of canning to do but not tomorrow!  I just can't do it two days in a row.  

Rained pretty good in our area most of the day yesterday so my Comfrey, Wooly Lambs Ear, Cat Nip and Mullein got a good watering.  Temp went to 32 last night so not sure that did them any good!  


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Woke up to frost.  

Took the dogs to the vet.  Yup, sat in the car until they came out.  DH took Storm in first, while I waited.... and waited... figuring they were just that busy.   DH comes out with Storm... muzzled!!  He tried to bite everyone, even after he got muzzled.  Vet said they can not EVER see him again.  Sold me two bottles of sedation meds, for the next time he goes to get his shots. I’ve got 3 years to get a muzzle & try to train him, not to do that.  DH said he tried to bite him too. He said, after he got him muzzled, they took him into the next room, and all he could hear was Storm growling and the vet techs yelling owwww.  I am so ashamed & upset, we didn’t know he’d react like that.  DH said it was sheer terror and he couldn’t hardly hold him back.  What did someone do to him to make him react that way?!?!?  :angry:

Rough day, even before that, emotional rollercoaster of a day.  I’m tired of it all, going to turn my phone off.  Wait, can’t do that... left my phone home, cause I didn’t want to listen to it, taking the dogs... MIL called DH’s phone asking for me, because I didn’t answer mine. :gaah:  

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Euphrasyne, sounds like you had a really bad day.  Hoping baby will sleep through most of night so you can get some rest. 

Ann, I had a cat that at one vet he was a big baby and they had to pry him off of me, the other vet he tried to bite and acted like a brat. Maybe it is something with storm that he doesn't like about that vet. never did figure out why the difference between to different vets that our cat acted like that. So I stuck with the one where they had to pry him off of me. At least he didn't try to bite.


Well, it was bad enough that I was tired all day and still had things to do. Decided to wash towels and sheets. Put towels in dryer and turned on, no problem. Put sheets in dryer and they dried most of the way. The drier died. the heating element went bad. I just paid out about 150.00 for a new roller and belt. Now the heating element. So tomorrow I will pull car out of garage and pull my indoor clothes line across garage to dry the blanket sitting in washer for tonight. it has been raining and will be a down pour tomorrow from what they are saying. Wish I could send some of that where it is really needed. So depending on how hard it is raining, I am heading to Lowe's to price out dryers. Not happy. Seems like since DH got sick, everything has been breaking down. Just not my year. 


OOTO, so glad the chickadees found the bird feeders. DH likes to sit at desk on computer and watch the humming birds. But they are gone for the winter. Have to wait till next spring again. 


I don't think my gum is healing where they pulled my tooth. I am almost finished with 2nd round of antibiotics and it is starting to hurt some. Jaw a bit swollen as well. Going to clean it out really good again and see what happens. I am hoping the infection didn't get into the tooth next to it. 

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No more days like that Euphrasyne!  Sheesh.  :hug3:


I know what you mean about nekkid light switches We2. I hate to mess around them when I have the cover off when I'm painting. Always afraid I'll get my finger in there and touch a live wire.  Zzzzzzap. :runcirclsmiley2:


Poor Storm. How traumatizing for everyone involved. Too bad his memory can't be erased and started over from when he met you. You might want to put, "Warning, dangerous dog" signs on your property. To protect yourself from idiots. 


I got another shelf in my pantry organized. I'm going at everything at a snails pace. Some days I feel like I need to hold a mirror under my nose to make sure I'm still breathing.  :rolleyes:


I did get the Jeep cleaned out today too. No trash or food from the grocery store left in there now. I can start putting stuff in there that I want to take to Indy the next trip. Tomorrow I'll go wash it. Might need an oil change too. I'll check that out. I also got some more boxes broken down. The recycle bin is on the way to the car wash so I can dump them off. 


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18 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

Hope you're cooking and baking on your new stove by now!!  :campfire:   .....no, not campfire!  :rolleyes:  

Yes, I am!  I baked the butternuts and the spaghetti squash yesterday.  Glad that is done!


16 hours ago, Annarchy said:

 He tried to bite everyone, even after he got muzzled.

Sounds like Oreo's visit.  He was already slowed down by pills the last vet gave us.  No way he was getting muzzled!  One of the women came up behind him and threw a big folded up towel over his head and held him.  He completely quit struggling--but not growling.  Next time--3 years, I hope, we need stronger sedatives (mostly for him).  LOL



Please call the dentist that pulled your tooth and let him know what is happening with it @Littlesister

This morning---

Walked first and fed dogs.
Made rice for dogs.
Cut up Cheese and Ham into bits for dogs.
Definitely sensing a theme here. LOL
Wrote 3 eBay drafts for women's jackets.
Next, I will look at or attack the bedroom closet and change out some clothing.
I may pick some greens for my neighbors.

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18 hours ago, Annarchy said:

 I am so ashamed & upset, we didn’t know he’d react like that.  DH said it was sheer terror and he couldn’t hardly hold him back.  What did someone do to him to make him react that way?!?!?  :angry:


Here is a great YT channel for you to check out. Jenna's whole philosophy of dog "training" revolves around the dog's mental health and she specifically works with "reactionary" dogs. I hope you check her out and find the info that you need.

Dog Liaison: https://www.youtube.com/c/DogLiaison


A second channel to investigate would be Ian at Simpawtico Dog Training. 



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Tooth is doing better today.  Rinsed it out with peroxide. So going to do that twice a day. Still on the antibiotics. Swelling is down today. I think having to wait so long (3 months) it just got worse and worse and therefore taking longer to heal. 


Got up early this morning and made the barbeque to can. Only got 5 pints out of that one. but that is good. Fast meals. Dryer died yesterday and it rained all day today so going tomorrow to buy a new one. Have a blanket I had washed and waiting for sheets to dry when the dryer quit. Not putting anymore money into it. It's old and not worth it. Blanket is hanging on clothes line in garage. Taking forever to dry because of the damp air. It would have to have happened with the rain. Lots of moisture in air I guess. 

After I get home from Lowe's to buy the dryer, I am going to get started on sorting all my first aid stuff and getting them much better organized into one case. Right now I have them in 2 tackle boxes and 3 duffle bags. plus what is sitting on bed in small bedroom. All going into a suitcase in baggies and such for better organization. Then I will be able to find what I need. And it will be on rollers, so easy to move around or out to car if we must leave home for some reason.  Now that I have an extra dresser in that room, i need to decide rather to use it for the boxed foods till I can get time to transfer to mylar bags or use it for All my vitamins, cold meds and such. Hard decisions.  I have 2 options for the meds. The dresser or the cubes and put on closet shelf. Only thing about the closet shelf is when I need something I will have to have a tall stool to get the cube down off shelf.

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