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2021 PA Farm Show's  (virtual this year)   Duckling Cam


Looks like they're all sleeping right now.


There's also a Bee Cam, but I don't know if I could sit and watch that one.  Still, interesting.



These are live daily from 8am-8pm this week.  




edited to add:  Jeepers, I hope you are feeling better.    :hug3:   The links worked, so you won't have to fix that. 

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Test results are in.  No COVID!

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

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Jeepers I hope it goes away fast. Maybe just a 24 hour bug and you will be over it. Prayers for a fast recovery. 

I have been really busy today. I have been tackling my office. It is a mess right now. I have a lot of material that I need to put in bins. i need to head out to the shed to see if I still have a couple of empty ones. Otherwise I need to go buy a couple. Going to move the material to the shed for the time being as DD and SIL are bringing over a lot of stuff for me to store for them till they find a house. Things they don't want to put in an apartment. That is where they will be staying till they find a house. I have a second Boston butt in the slow cooker and going to get that canned up tomorrow if not late tonight. Depends on how tired I am by then. And I still have dinner to fix. Made a couple of adult bibs for DH for when he is just way to tired to come to table to eat. He will either sit on side of bed and eat or in his chair in den at times. Just depends on how bad his breathing is. 

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Hubby said he woke up because he coughed up a glob of mucus.  My sinuses are arguing.  They're talking about snow tonight.


'tis the season for respiratory crud...regardless of whether there is a pandemic.

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We should be out of allergy season now as it has been really cold and nothing growing. Though DH had a full blown sinus infection and had to go on antibiotics. We are both taken allergy pills all year now. Though I back us off of them in the winter months as we don't want our system getting used to them to the point they might not work any longer. I have been working on my office all day and cooking the boston butt. Getting ready to go in and get it ready to can as I think it is about done now. Going to barbeque it like I did the others but this one was huge. It was 99 cents a lb. and got it for 16.98. Taken forever to cook in the slow cooker. But that is how we do ours. 

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I got some soup down and I'm feeling better. I'm sure it isn't BIG virus. Probably a 24 hour mess. Headache is easing up but still as queasy. I think I'll make it. :rolleyes:


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On 1/8/2021 at 7:21 AM, snapshotmiki said:

This afternoon, going to wake for my neighbor.


:(    sorry about the loss of your friend.


Jeepers....  :hug3:    ....sure hope whatever cooties got you, are of the mild and quick variety. 


As for the southern realms getting allergies.....  Handing TheCG and Annarchy and Little Sister's dh a box of Kleenex each.  :( 


As for me and this strangely awful allergy year.....  snow has taken care of wildfire soot/ash and DUST.  .....well, cut down on dust.  We have snow cover everywhere but the gravel road.  So we have had DUST.  But my bronchials have been ...better.  :scratchhead:   Not real sure what the deal with them has been since last January.  Never had them croaking, squeaking, clogged and grumpy for a YEAR!  :buttercup:  


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Miki, sorry to hear about your neighbor.  Sad times indeed. But in a much better place.

Mt. Rider,  allergies are the worst.  Harder it seems to get it to clear up. And finding what is causing it makes it even harder. Hope you feel better soon. Waiting for the pressure cooker to go down. So I can remove the barbeque. Got 7 pints out of that one boston butt. That should hold us a while with what I have already made.  I am going to get things finished up in office and then I can start canning from the freezer again and need to get the flour repacked into the mylar bags. Was going to use my 1/2 gal. jars but we still can't get jars around here. And I have no where to put it. So mylar bags and buckets will work. I have 20 lbs ready to go and 30 more to get into freezer for a few days after I get some more canning done and have some room. 

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I'm still feeling lousy. Just not quite as bad as yesterday. I'm pretty sure it isn't the big one. I'm not that sick. The chills are back though. I woke up three times in the night with acid reflux. Man, that really burns the throat! It wakes you up gasping real fast that's for sure. Fortunately it doesn't happen to me very often. 


I just road the bed most of the day watching dorky old sci-fi movies and old detective movies on Tubi and dozing off and on. I just let them run until the Kindle died. Then I listened to some Old Time Radio programs and fell in and out of sleep some more. If sleep is healing then I should be good to go pretty soon. 

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I sure hope you get plenty of sleep and feel better tomorrow, Jeepers!


I decided to do a little extra today and went to Walmart this evening.  Sunday evening is usually a good time to go to Walmart if one has to go, but tonight it was a zoo! Not sure if people were spending stimulus money or panicking. Most had full carts of groceries. There were lots of outs at my store too. No lettuce, no grapes, no chocolate milk. Had to go to Kroger for that. Filled up my gas tank while I was out.

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Just going through things today and paid bills.  DH sat in his recliner so long today that when he had to go to bathroom. I couldn't get him off the toilet. He had no strength at all in his legs to hold him up and I couldn't even get him up using the belt. Got him decent and called rescue squad. They got him off and in the bed. Glad I had gotten him cleaned up and decent first as I know that is hard on him.  I got the bedside toilet put together and he's going to start using that now. My back is killing me trying to make several attempts to pull him to a standing position.

euphrasyne, I am going to check out that chair on wheels you talked about. I had not had a chance to do that yet with everything going on with DD back and forth over here loading me up with stuff until they find a house.  I am also going to start checking into wheelchairs. I think it might be getting to that time as he gets so worn out sometimes if he has to walk to far. Trying to make things a bit easier on both of us. I think it is going to be an Advil night. Don't like to take anything but my back right now is killing me. 

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Thanks for the report Miki. I've heard people are panic buying again. Glad they are buying food instead of big TV's this time. 


Sorry you and hubby are having a rough time of it Littlesister. Sounds like he needs to start building up his leg muscles gain. Maybe some exercises he can do while sitting down. And using a urinal when he can. Try not to ruin your health too. You can't do it all by yourself. Advil and a heating pad helps my back some. :hug3:

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8 hours ago, Littlesister said:

Don't like to take anything but my back right now is killing me. 

Have you had training on how to properly move him?  If not, it might be worth it to hire someone to come in and show you.  They could also make suggestions on what exact equipment would make both your lives easier.

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Good afternoon ladies and anyone else!

Pretty slow day for me today.


Walked pups and did dog chores this morning.
Made Pink Fluff to take to a sick friend. It's like a sweet jello salad.
Took eBay photos
Did many miscellaneous chores.


But I did sleep!  8 and a half hours!  Woohoo!

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TheCG, I have had the training but with a plate in my neck, that training is out the window for me. I have thought about hiring a nursing but don't think I am ready to do that yet. DH wants to use that tiny bathroom and if he  sits on that toilet the wall is right there in front of him. So me being short and the wall in the way. I have to try to get him up from the side. That is not easy to do when the muscle in his leg gives out. He is now using the bedside commode. He doesn't want the rescue squad having to come get him up even though I was able to clean him up and get his pants up before they came. I think that was just enough for him to start doing things that will help us both out. he has been walking some, but tomorrow I am going to have him lie in the bed and do leg lifts and such. I will be using the bands for it. That will give some resistance.


Miki that is great that you got some good sleep. I know how that can be. I slept in later than I wanted to this morning. Guess all that is going on with trying to get DH straight. 

Jeepers hope you are feeling better now.


Went to bank today and cashed out the CD and then closed out the savings at other bank. Not even the savings account was making any interest. The lady at the bank where I had the CD said no CD's are making any interest now if you open another one. So I won't be opening anymore anyway. 2020 has been a very expensive year for us. And I went though most of our emergency money and still need to buy a wheelchair for just in case. Lots of equipment and a ramp plus other first aid and things I needed for DH.  Went to store today and it was crowded. People are buying like crazy around here. I wasn't going to go but I was right there at Lidl's, so I stopped in as DH wanted some grapes and they were on sale. I have never been in a Lidl's when it was that crowed. Got what I wanted and got out. I did pick up some chicken legs as I needed some and going to can those tomorrow. Makes a good snack for DH when he wants something to snack on. Though we use them with a meal also. 

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Today have to run to the bank, Dollar Tree, and the bread store maybe a thrift store.
Fix DH's pills for two weeks.
Hair cut at 1!
Take food to sick friend at 4.

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14 hours ago, Littlesister said:

Went to store today and it was crowded. People are buying like crazy around here. I wasn't going to go but I was right there at Lidl's, so I stopped in as DH wanted some grapes and they were on sale. I have never been in a Lidl's when it was that crowed.


I've been wondering of Lidl's ever made it across the salty pond from Europe. They were Aldi's biggest competitor over there. I think they're both German-owned companies.


I've also heard that stores are extra busy right now. Lots of rumblings out there.  :hidingsmile:

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Homesteader, they are both German owned companies. We have both Lidi's and Aldi's here.  Lidi's is closest to us. So I go there mostly as I don't want to go to far out from DH. So many places I would like to go to but not leaving DH alone for that long.  I am going to talk to a friend that works with a company that stays with disabled people. She will tell me about her company and what I need to do to get someone to come in once a week so I can get out to those places I need to go. That would help me out a lot. I just have to remember to keep a couple of doors closed. Messy rooms you might say. Got 14 quarts of chicken legs and thighs canned up to day. Tomorrow I am going to get the flour in the mylar bags and in the bucket. I have 20lbs. ready to go and 30 more I need to get into the freezer before I get them bagged up. Got to get some more canning from freezer done to make room. I am already upset that Lidi's has whole turkeys for 29 cent a lb. and I have no room in freezer for them. I might miss out on that one. They will have them for that price till gone. I am thinking about running back over there and getting one or two and just coming home and canning them right then. 

DH sees the plastic surgeon for his leg tomorrow morning. They are going to do an ablasion on that leg where they removed the skin cancer. Hope and pray this works and stops the leaking so it will heal.  Need to restock my gauze as I have gone through a lot of it for his leg. Been changing it 3 to 5 times a day for the past 2 months now. Time for a healing.

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So, here I am.


It is the end of the year, beginning of a new year.  I’ve been working on books, preparing financial reports, paying bills, scheduling board of directors meetings, waiting on tax forms, and researching our forum security.  Plus...


Had to re-glue a box I use in the vehicle for groceries, to keep them from rolling around.  Went to TSC, got bird seed & a compressed bale of straw, so I can prep for new chicks, eggs are appreciated.  I will need to clean the coop, into the new mulch bin, then, put the 3 other mulch bins on top, what doesn’t get put into the garden, & if I get time, transplant the beets, onions, plant the camomile seeds and my list goes on....  


Keeping everyone in my prayers, God knows.

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You are sounding very busy, Annarchy!  Hope you get s little rest, also!


Supposed to be a nice day today! 66 degrees and sunny!

Will walk and walk dogs at some point.
Have a ham I got for $5 at Kroger to bake today.
Will dehydrate 2 pineapples after the ham comes out.
Write eBay drafts.
That should be enough!

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Annarchy, you have been busy. 

Miki that is great 5.00 for a ham is a steal.

Took DH to doctor for his check from his surgery. Do to the fact he is diabetic and has vascular issues in legs the place is not healing. It took a step back and the skin graft did not hold. So now we will be having wound care coming in to help with getting it to heal up or he will have to have another skin graft. So hoping we can get this to heal up though wound care. Glad they can come to the house.  This was a rough trip. He was able to walk to car and get in when we left, but when we got there I had to get a wheelchair and someone to help me as his legs went out on him. That was a struggle and has put to much of a strain on my neck. It is killing me right now.  I have ordered a lightweight wheelchair that I can lift to get into car and had ordered a Lumax stand assist. Neither one has come yet. We have snail mail again. No mail delivery for 3 days straight now in our neighborhood. Several neighborhoods are complaining. Our bills come late and this is getting old. So will see how the medical items fair out. I am hoping fast. 

Now that I have rested up a bit, I need to get off and start washing clothes and cleaning house. Seems I can never keep up these days. That worries me as to having a garden.  Question is how to have a garden, clean house, wash clothes, taken care of DH and everything else that is now starting to come into play.  So am going to talk with a friend of mine that does in home care through a company. Need to find out about how to have someone come here at least one day a week so I can get some things done. Now with DD and SIL living in another state, my help is gone. They will be coming home once a month which is good, but I need that weekly care that I won't be getting now.  It sucks to get old. It's not for sissies. It's harder work than we think. This house is going to look like a zoo before long. With all the stuff I am holding for DD and SIL till they find a house, all the medical equipment and everything else, there is no room for anything and has made it hard to clean house around. Though it is temporary, it could be months before they find a house. I even have a motorcycle  sitting in driveway now. Fun anyone want to go for a ride?

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Sorry to hear about your hubby's leg! But I am glad you are going to get some help. You are correct about aging. It isn't all it's cracked up to be. I know about kids moving away. My son up and moved to Indiana and got married to his high school crush. That left me pretty much in the lurch. Of course I'm thrilled for him. I always worried about him being alone after I'm gone. And I got a grandchild out of the deal. But dang, he could have given me more notice. 

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Sorry about your dh's leg, Littlesister!  I hope wound care can get it healed!


The ham is put away.

The pineapple is still in the oven.  It takes a long time.

I walked and so did the dogs.

I even made up a calendar from photos I took in the last year, through Shutterfly.  Every once in a while, they offer one for free-just pay shipping.  That is when I get them done!

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Just staying low...too much going on.  Took a trip in Miss B to go see step mum today. Forecast for tomorrow is blizzard type weather, so no need to even get out unless it's an emergency.

We're both well and Abby-girl is also.  We did change vets.  Have to drive a bit, but it was a must.  There are now only two vets in our town and both are really letting you know it!  Went to get her heart worm for 3 months, and they said "we no longer sell anything less than a 6 month supply...nearly 100$!  The wouldn't give us a prescription so we could take it to another vet (she was just tested in August!).  Step mum referred us to a vet in her town.  All we had to do was give them the date of her last test and they gave us our 3 month supply and saved us nearly 30$ for the 3 month supply! 

We'll be buttoning down the hatch for quite some time.  Too much violence going on.  Staying safe and well is our goal. If we have to escape to the homestead, we'll have no internet etc.  That's okay...we have a nice library, lots of cd's and vcr's to watch, and our tiny little cell phones! LOL

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