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I had big plans today. I used to spend a day running errands and shopping etc. Not any more. Sigh. When I go to Wal-Mart it's all I can do to get through the store and back to the car. Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to make it getting the cart unloaded at the check out. So, I didn't get to the bank, Dollar Tree, Michaels or get my hair cut. I think from now on I'm going to have to shop one day and just grocery shop a different day. 


After Wal-Mart, and sitting in the car driving home, I decided I had enough energy to run in the drug store that has the good salads. I passed by some gloves. I hadn't seen any for a long time so I picked up a box. I went and got a salad and paid for it. I started walking out and the guy (young kid really) asked me if I wanted to pay for the gloves too? I had them cradled in my upper arm and with my jacket on I didn't feel them there. If there had been a hole I would have crawled in it! I was so embarrassed. He just laughed. I started out, again, and I asked him if I had anything else hanging off of me that he needed to ring up. He said I might need frisked. LOL I can't believe I was going to walk right out of the store with them. 


I was sort of surprised by how empty Wal-Mart was. It's Friday and we are expected to get some cold weather with some snow. I figured there would be more shoppers out there. It was before noon though. 


Everything was pretty well stocked. Lots of beans and huge bags of rice. Plenty of sugar and flour. They had lots of Spam. Some plain Spam, low sodium, bacon and hot and spicy. Plenty of T.P. and paper towels. They even had containers of Clorox and Lysol wipes. The containers are smaller but that suits me fine. Maybe they won't dry out fast. Plenty of laundry stuff. Bleach was a little low but there still quite a few bottles on the shelf.  I didn't really notice any thing low except spray cleaner. That shelf was empty. Fresh fruit and veggies were full. The only thing I still can't get is vanilla coke. I haven't been able to find that since around April of last year. All in all, I was surprised and pleased with the selection but not the prices. 


Oh and the vitamin shelf and the pain killer shelf was getting low again and so was the Nyquil shelf. I just made notice as I walked by. And the fat quarters in the fabric area was full again. I forgot to look at thread. 

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8 hours ago, Littlesister said:

Could not resist temptation today. I went to Lidi's and bought 2 turkeys today. Both weighing almost 12lbs. I paid $3.32 for each turkey. They were butterball turkeys. At 29 cents a pound, I couldn't go wrong. So next week I will be canning turkey. Not sure yet how I want to do it. Might make some turkey soup, just can the meat for pot pies and such, or maybe something else as well. I will have it figured out before I start the canning.



Are you familiar with the "2 Hour Turkey" method of cooking those birds?


  1. Make sure your oven is CLEAN! You don't want any residuals in your oven to burn and affect the taste of your turkey.
  2. You can actually set the oven temp to 500° 
  3. Make sure you have some water or broth in the bottom of your pan. This will prevent the pan drippings from making your oven (and your kitchen) all smokey. ;)
  • Remove and discard truss that holds turkey legs together. Pull or trim off and discard any excess fat in neck or body cavity. Remove giblets and neck.
  • Rinse turkey inside and out with warm water. Pat dry with paper towels.
  • Place the adjustable V-shaped rack in a 13 x 16 x 3-inch roasting pan (set rack sides so the bird is a minimum of 2 inches from pan bottom).
  • Rub turkey skin generously all over with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Set bird breast-side-up on rack. Pull wings away from body, then firmly twist them to push the wing tips under the bird.
  • Using aluminum foil, form caps over the tips of the end of each drumstick. If any parts of the turkey extend beyond pan rim, fashion a foil collar underneath to make sure drippings flow back into pan. Do not tie legs together, add stuffing, or close body cavity.
  • Insert an oven-safe meat thermometer near the center of the breast through thickest part until the tip touches bone, which is most accurate spot to check doneness.
  • Verify oven temperature and set pan on the lowest rack in a 475° oven. Roast according to time chart:
  • 10-13 lb. 50min to 1 1/4 hrs.
  • 13-16 lb., 1 1/4 hrs to 1 hr 50 mins.
  • 16-19 lb., 1 1/4 hrs to 2 hrs.
  • 19-22 lb., 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs.
  • 22-24 lb., 1 1/2 hrs to 2 1/2 hrs.
  • Continue to check as directed during cooking, until thermometer reaches 160°. Halfway through roasting time, rotate pan in oven to assure even cooking and browning. If areas on turkey breast start to get browner than you like, lay a piece of foil over the dark areas.
  • Remove pan from oven, set in a warm spot, and loosely cover pan with foil to keep it warm.  Let turkey rest 30 to 60 minutes. The resting period will allow the internal temperature to reach 165°, the USDA safe cooking temperature for poultry.
  • Drain juices from body cavity (often plentiful in unstuffed birds) into roasting pan. Transfer turkey to a platter or rimmed cutting board. Set aside juices for gravy.
  • Cut off turkey legs at thigh joint . If joint is red or pink, return legs to the oven for 3 to 5 minutes (at 300° to 475°) or heat in a microwave oven for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Carve the rest of the turkey. Carving juices may be clear to pink or rosy; both are fine. Save juices to pour into gravy if desired.






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Midnightmom, I have never tried cooking a turkey that way. Interesting. I just cleaned my oven a couple of weeks ago. It is a self cleaning oven. But still have to wipe down after.  I keep foil lined on bottom of the oven in case of spills also.  Just might give that a try for one of the turkeys. They are both still in fridge thawing out. They have barely started to thaw yet. So might have to put in pan of cold water tomorrow as I want to get them canned Monday.


Got den and bedroom cleaned up today. lessoned to preaching on U-Tube for a couple of hours also. I try to do that every Sat. Then sit down when things settle down an read Bible if I can get DH settled long enough to be able to read without so many interuptions. Some days I can get him settled in for 3 hours at the most before he needs something and other times it seems like every hour on the hour. Though it is what it is and I am right there for him when needed. Though I really need to find other things for him to do. I am over cowboys and indians. 

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Touching base to let everyone know all is well here.  Hubby's had to wait on some hardware for the new shower door at the homestead, and then the water heater needed to be replace.  It was only 25 years old and a 30 gal to boot.  When he fired it up, it started cooking...got up to 170 and still burning so figured it was too dangerous to use...so out it went!  He put in a 40 gal unit, but it's taller and needed all new gas line and pipe exhaust etc.  The old one sat on some bricks (they had them in!) so he had to chip those out and put in a new base for it to sit on.  

Perhaps I mentioned it, but we lost some very dear family members to CV that lived in TX.  Started out with a cousin who developed a severe urinary tract infection.  They took her to the hospital, and they put her on heavy duty antibiotics and after about a week, sent her home.  She was home about 3 days and tested positive...and spread it throughout the whole family...about 20 of them...including her husband.  We lost both her and her husband but the others have recovered.  Then my step mum's brother had a heart attack and passed and then her daughter, son in law and their daughter tested positive which put step mum in quarantine.  We haden't been in contact with her prior to that so we were safe.  And of course, I lost my brother to cancer. 

Another couple of friends have been fighting all kinds of issues, but never testing positive.  He just had a knee replaced and is experiencing a lot of pain, but keeps up with his exercises etc.

So...we're being careful as we would for any flu season...other than wearing the diapers over our faces.  None of the stores in our city will allow you in without one, except the Amish stores.  

We're still believing God to lead our country into His perfect will and put an end to killing innocents and other "stuff".  Enough said.


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WE2, I am so sorry to hear of your losses. That is a lot to have to deal with. Though they are in heaven and singing glory to God as they are no longer suffering from this Virus.  And also your brother that had cancer, he no longer has it now. I am sure he is dancing to all the singing to the glory of God as well.  No more sickness for any of them.  I know it has been tough on you and your family.  Take care and praying for both you and your family to get through these trying times.  May God Bless you and yours. 


I started out having a tough day this morning. DH decided to take his shower this morning instead of yesterday like I wanted him to do. Got in shower with no problem and out. He shaved and brushed his teeth and then I went to get him out of bathroom and was behind him after he took hold of walker and his legs gave out. They would not hold him up at all. I had both arms around him and trying to get his leg back under him using my foot to move his leg to a standing position in order to get him sitting on the toilet. Glad the lid was down as I had no free hands to put it down. I was praying for God to give me the strength to hold on to him and not let him fall to get him sitting on toilet. Thank you Jesus. He didn't fall and got him sitting on the toilet to get him dressed. Granddaughter and her boyfriend came over to put the new TV in the bedroom and he went into bathroom and picked DH up and got him in the bed. He had more places on him from skinning his arms on the door frame. So had to clean all that up and get him bandaged up. Then later I got him sitting on side of bed to eat and low and behold out of know where, his leg started pouring blood. had to use the quick stop for that one. So got that cleaned up, got him his lunch and back in bed he went. I am hurting so bad right now as I have muscles I didn't know I had and Aleve is not helping it any. Going to lay on heating pad for a while. And then get kitchen cleaned up and canning jars together  for canning Turkey tomorrow. I bought 2 almost 12lb turkeys. So that is under 24lbs of meat to can. I might be crazy but after I get them canned, I might go back to see if they have anymore.  If they do, I might just get 2 more. One for the freezer and one to cook and have for turkey sandwiches and soup. 


From now on, it will be sponge baths for him. I know he likes his shower but this is hard on me and I am scarred of him falling again. Once was enough. I am going to start looking on line for things to put on bed to keep mattress dry and might start giving him a sponge bath in bed. I fear it will be coming to that as it stands right now. I want to get home health in here twice a week to bath him but I can't even get the doctor that removed the skin cancer on leg to call the wound care people as he wants him to have wound care now. They waited a week and then called and gave me the number of the hospital to call and have it set up.  What part of you need to do it as you need a referral for that did they not understand. Now it has been 2 weeks since he wanted him in wound care and still no wound care. Wonder how it will go with home health after talking with his other doctors. The medical field has gone to hell in a hand basket.  No more really good doctors around here now. They all flew the coup when the Obamacare started up. That was when I was still working for a doctor who was retiring due to health reasons. If he was still alive he would put me in contact with the right doctors for what I need. He was always a big help for DH even after his retirement. You won't find doctors like that again. 

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well I've gone back a ways in January to see how everyone has been doing. 

--LittleSis is still having less help from medical folks than she and her dh need.  :pray:  

--WE2s are still plugging away - getting homestead ready.  Sorry to hear of the COVID losses in your family.  :pray:  

--Jeepers.....needs to learn how to use the store scooters - to save energy!  [we can put out an All Points Bulletin to clear the aisles???;)  That's the only way I can get thru a Walmart store and still have stamina to make shopping choices.    :hug3: 

--Thankful that Miki's life is now "boring" again.  :amen:   :lol: 

--Copied the 2 hr turkey instructions...from Midnight.  :sSig_thankyou:  

--Several of you are canning  :canning:   ....y'know most folks think of canning as End Of The Garden activity.  'Course Kappy and Chainsaw Mary have a year 'round garden.....and then there are meats on sale.  :thumbs:  


Whew...y'all make me tired!  2021 has been a continuation of the infamous 2020.  Same challenges/new date.  So far, we haven't had COVID in our family.  My brother's had his usual NASTY winter cold/flu/whatever....tested negative for COVID.  DH and I battled with something that tried to take us down for 3 days.  With all the immune-booting things we take...and eat... and things we do  :tapfoot:  HOW could any germs get to us?  Well, the assault was thwarted with only mild symptoms of scratchy eyes, stiff neck, tickle in throat.  Then it was gone.  :amen:  :amen:  


Currently trying to RESTART 'olelo Hawai'i  [Hawaiian Language lessons] again but after stopping in Oct [live with folks 3 wks - no Internet] and not getting started again right away.....  :yar:  ....I'm lost.  Have tried 4 times and STILL haven't successfully completed a lesson.  The program does not have a whole...start-at-beginning type of review.  I can't even log in as a "new person" to start again....cuz I'd lose all my previous year and half.  Can't be two people on same email, I guess.  :buttercup:   I'm working on it.  


Still catching up here too.  I just couldn't keep up at all....anywhere...for a while.  But thot of y'all and missed you.  :gathering:


MtRider  :wave:  

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On 1/23/2021 at 5:56 PM, Littlesister said:

Midnightmom, I have never tried cooking a turkey that way. Interesting. I just cleaned my oven a couple of weeks ago. It is a self cleaning oven. But still have to wipe down after.  I keep foil lined on bottom of the oven in case of spills also.  Just might give that a try for one of the turkeys. They are both still in fridge thawing out. They have barely started to thaw yet. So might have to put in pan of cold water tomorrow as I want to get them canned Monday.



My results. :cook: :feedme: :eclipsee_Victoria:





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Midnightmom, you are making me hungry. That turkey looks good.  I am going to give that a try using the above directions. Turkeys are still frozen though one is just starting to thaw. So going to wait till Tuesday and for sure Wed. to start canning these. Going to go buy 2 more, one for freezer and one to try that above recipe.  I just can't pass up buying a 12lb turkey for just over $.3.00 for the whole turkey. Can't beat 29 cents a lb.  I really thought they were kidding when I saw that price.  Cheapest I have ever bought a turkey for was 59 cents a pound and that was many years ago. 

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That turkey looks great!


Today is laundry day.

Walk myself and then dogs.

Do some computer stuff.


Lastly, check on train tickets to visit DH's family in IL.  There are 3 great grandchildren I haven't met and haven't seen grandkids since they were 10 and 11 years old.  Won't go until the latter part of June, but excited now!

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I'm sorry for all of your losses and sickness We2. I'm glad you and the mister are well! 


You have really been through it too Littlesister. You really do need home health care help. Our health care has suffered greatly. 


 "Attention Wal-Mart shoppers, Jeepers is in the store...again. I repeat, 'She is back in the store and on the scooter now.' Clean up in aisle 1,2,3,4 oh h3ll. Just avoid all aisles until we can get the cleaning brigade situated. Any one got the number for the National Guard or FEMA or Red Cross handy? I think we are gonna need a bigger mop." I had planned to practice on one during the wee hours of the morning but they aren't open all night any more. I glanced over at one last time I was in there. All I saw were Covid cooties crawling all over them. My butt was dragging but not enough to sit it on one of those yet. I may need to make more frequent/ shorter trips I guess. At least for now. Maybe some home delivery from my grocery store or Wal-Mart curb side pick up. There's an idea I hadn't really thought of. 


Dang, that turkey looks good! That reminds me, I still can't find Stove Top Stuffing in the stores anywhere for my extended pantry. I'm going to order some online. 


ALL ABOARD! for the Miki express. That sounds so exciting. And relaxing too. 

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Made the mistake of looking at dental insurance online. Yikes! My phone hasn't stopped ringing. And I still have a FL number even though I am not there, so even if I answered, they couldn't help. Phone has like 30 plus calls all from different numbers.  Make that over 50 so far!

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Miki, I hate when I check on line for something and then I get a zillion phone calls. I have had to block a lot of them. Seems they sell your phone number to everyone.  Enjoy that train trip. I know it will be fun. And getting to see your great grandchildren.  That will be the highlight of your trip. Have fun.


I was so sore today even after taken that muscle relaxer I didn't want to take. My arm is the worst right now. I think I must have had all of DH's weight on that arm trying to hold him up yesterday. Heating pad did help my back and shoulders.  He has stayed in bed all day only getting up for bathroom.  He had breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed today. I think yesterday's event was a bit hard on him. So I let him stay in bed all day. I did lay down and watched TV with him for a little bit. The new TV is great and has a really good picture on it.  


Tomorrow is our 37th anniversary.  Going to make scallopini tomorrow for dinner. We used to go to a restaurant called Dittio's . We would have scallopini and a glass of wine every year on our anniversary. It closed down several years ago. So now I just make it at home since he can't go out to eat.  We are going to have a nice quiet day at home just relaxing and enjoying each others company.  I checked the turkeys and though one is thawing good now it is still frozen in middle. So they can wait till Wed. to can for sure. Going to try to get up about 5 am to get them going on Wed. So I can get them finished early on. 


Wow, Jeepers, You can run over anyone that gets in your way. it's all in fun. Anything that falls off shelves, just remember you didn't do it. It jumped off on it's own. 

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:balloons:  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Little Sister and dh!    :balloons:


DH had to run into town today.... take my dad to ER.  Woke with severe joint pain in one hand.  Checked for sepsis.  A break.  Other stuff.  Think it's like gout??  Required a lot of phone calls from DH to me or to my mom for questions.  Then the guys stopped to get 'scripts.  And Wendy's for lunch/supper.  Then DH left and came back with their groceries [and ours] and bank and gas and ......   He called to say they've got inches of snow rapidly.  Told him if you get half way here, we don't have snow.  He said it was very SLICK!  Tension!  Home safe.


Snow is spotty so maybe....maybe not.  :shrug:  As much as I hate dealing with it, we NEED MOISTURE for next summer.  Hope CA got a bunch of snow....fill their reservoirs and nourish trees.  Rain welcome too, right?


MtRider  :offtobed:  

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I'm glad your DH could take care of your dad!


Slow day today!
Hard boil eggs and make egg salad.
One load of laundry.
I may cut back roses in rose garden as it is supposed to be 68 today. Love getting outside!

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Happy Anniversary Littlesister! 

Running over people? I never thought of that perk. :D 


We are on the edge of rain or snow. It's all the same to me either way. Wendy's sounds good to me. I like their chili and they have a really good grilled chicken sandwich. It's a real chicken breast and not a patty. Pretty good salads too. And those frostys... :yum3:

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Catching up here and I'm assuming I'm not the only one hungry for turkey now?   :feedme:


Jeepers, do you think the mask is giving you problems while shopping?   I've had to wear it for doc appts.   I get extra lightheaded and weak.  Outside in the parking lot, after getting some fresh, maskless air in me, I start feeling a bit better.


Happy Anniversary, Little Sister!  :pray: for you and your DH.  Hang in there.


We2, I'm sorry for your losses.  :pray:


I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip, Miki!   Now I'm thinking about the train scenes from the White Christmas movie.  



Walking around the house with a yardstick turned into a huge project!   :o    

Yanno how you have to make a bigger mess than you started with to reorganize/sort several rooms at once?   But it's all worth it when it's all put back together, because it is organized and tidy and better than before??   

Well, we might be getting close to that point. 


I've been doing better healthwise to be able to do all we've done these past 3 days. :amen:     Day 3 hit hard so now I'm resting today.   Day 3 involved a great deal of book-moving:  the emptying of our biggest bookcase so it could be moved.  And then the reloading of it.   I was feeling like it should be bedtime before suppertime yesterday. 


So Day 4 will involve DH dropping off items to donate.   Actually, that will help a great deal as it will get all of that out of the way.  


The good news:  we can fit another bookcase in!   :D    I'll order it later this week.   The furniture store has everything custom-made, so I'm still figuring up exactly how wide I can go.   Even another couple inches makes room for more books. 


I thought we would have been moved by now,  and I would have sorted/reorganized, ect. when packing.   And then 2020 happened.   So doing this now helps a great deal in case we are stuck here longer than we wanted to be.    And if God's plan is for us to move sooner,  it'll be less to sort through then. 





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OOTO, some of it could be the mask for sure. When I'm in an aisle by myself I have my nose out. The shopping cart was hard to push too. My arms were aching that day and the next. I'd rather use the smaller carts but you can never find them at Wal-Mart. Giant Eagle got a bunch of new ones in last year so I'll probably do a lot more shopping there. 


I'm glad you are having more good days lately. You will be so glad when you get your house organized. Especially when it comes time to move and everything is sorted and ready to pack up. Don't over do it though. 


Mt. Rider, I hope your dad is feeling better. 

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Spent most of the day at the homestead.  Hubby's trying to get the shower door in.  We bought a display model from a lumber place and it was a discontinued model (we didn't know that) so a lot of the parts were either missing or not the right lengths etc.  BUT...he's just about got it!  While he was working I did some major cleaning.  I took some pics yesterday...before I cleaned...so have some mercy!  He still needs to do some caulking and trim, but we can live with that

Pics #6 and #7 (?) is the new cabinet with shelves underneath...it used to be the door to the 2nd bedroom.  The picture with me peeking around the corner with the camera is the wall near the toilet that we put a huge wall mirror on.  So...here's the reveal...










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Had to take son to clinic yesterday.  Had a terrible tooth ache all weekend.  Turned out they would touch him.  His bp was out of control, insulin level at dangerous level so they called an ambulance and transported him to hospital.  The tooth was abscessed and had broken off, so poison got into his blood stream.  He tested negative so they put him in isolation to keep him away from anyone else (other than docs and nurses...lol) that might be carriers of the cv.  He's on heavy duty antibiotics and they're keeping him under a watchful eye.  He's got a friend that volunteered to go take care of his dog.  We just can't do that.  We tried that a couple of times with my mom's dog and both of us ended up getting bitten...hubby really bad!  So we don't take care of someone else's dog EVER.  They don't know you and they're frightened so anything can happen.  Besides, his dog is not very well trained so there's probably all kinds of poo etc., that will need to be cleaned up.  NOT on our watch!


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The truck isn't running like it should, so we're having to use the va again.  We removed the mattress and took it to the homestead and put it in the travel trailer.  Brought all the bedding inside here for me to wash.  Will get it dried and vacuum sealed in space bags and take it over to the travel trailer for storage...for the time being.  This will give hubby a place to haul things if he needs to.  We'll win!  We serve a good God!


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Your bath

10 hours ago, The WE2's said:

Spent most of the day at the homestead.  Hubby's trying to get the shower door in.  We bought a display model from a lumber place and it was a discontinued model (we didn't know that) so a lot of the parts were either missing or not the right lengths etc.  BUT...he's just about got it!  While he was working I did some major cleaning.  I took some pics yesterday...before I cleaned...so have some mercy!  He still needs to do some caulking and trim, but we can live with that

Pics #6 and #7 (?) is the new cabinet with shelves underneath...it used to be the door to the 2nd bedroom. 



Your bathroom looks so much like ours!! Even the vanity.    :hug3: We had thought about changing out the bathtub for a large shower to help mama, but the CNA's are really good about getting her old legs up over the tub rim. We do have handicap railings throughout the bathroom to help with her mobility. DH said they'll still look like new by the time WE need them.    :24:

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Sorry about your son, WE2!  Hope they get him under control in the hospital and he can get his tooth pulled soon!  Love the bathroom!  Looks like DH's shower.  He can't step over the tub to get in, either.


I'll be doing things today that I thought I would get done earlier this week.
Hard boil eggs and make egg salad.
Start some lists for my trip North in June.
Prune roses.
Walk myself and walk dogs.
Supposed to get up to 61 here today and down to 35 tonight.

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Oh, my, I’m so sorry for all the distress going on.  :pray:


So, Mon. it rained, that night we went outside with the flashlight, and saw snow flakes falling.  First time in about 20 years.  Tues. morning there was snow on the Superstition Mtns.  :hapydancsmil:We need the water.  Meh, it isn’t much, but, as Mt_Rider says, every bit helps.






It rained a bit, Tues. pooling in the yard.  Evening, the Sheriff officers pounded on the door, wanting to check our yard for 2 escapees from ASP.  No big deal, it happens here occasionally.  Still watching, but they are probably long gone.


Been working on re-upholstering our furniture.... yikes! it’s complicated.  But, God willing it will work out.  :amen:

other than that, which is totally engrossing, I haven’t been doing much else.  :shakinghead:




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