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Not doing much today.




Collect rose hips from roses at Church before I walk home

Finally prune roses--I think

Put up jars from yesterday's haul.


Have a good Sunday, you all!

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I need to go back to Dollar Tree soon. Two times ago they had some of that V-8 Splash drink for a dollar. I really like the mango and got a case. I also got three bottles of the pineapple coconut to try. I like it a lot too. I'm thinking it might have been a one time thing though. I hope not. It's refreshing and has vitamin B-6 and B-12 and C. Not a lot but I think it said 20% of MDR. I think it would be really good this summer iced down.

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Right now I should be dusting and working on taxes some more. More things came in but still waiting on one bank. They are always slow.  Dh woke me up several times last night. His hip was hurting and I can't make him understand he cannot sleep on that same side all the time, so I got him up to sitting position for a bit and rubbed some liniment on it. Let his sit for a bit more then got him laying down and rolled him to the other side. Right now my rib cage is killing me. Muscles right between the ribs on right side. Lifting Dh and rolling him side to side is starting to really wear on me now. So hoping home health will call tomorrow to get things set up so I can rest my muscles.  Have to have the evaluation to see what he needs. 

His cousin has now got a setup for me if I can't get Dh up from a sitting position to go from one room to the other. It is like a chain thing. I call one number and if he can't do it at the time I need help, he calls the next person in line and so forth. So I now have 3 friends that will be running when we need some help. One of them is going to Dh's doctor on Monday to pick up an RX for a wheelchair for me. To far for me to go and leave DH alone. 

Going to start redoing the kitchen next week and cleaning out the upper cabinets. Having done those in over 2 years and I need to go through the food and move older food from my make shift pantry to kitchen.  Need to order more of the no salt gravy from Health Heart foods also. I usually make mine homemade, but for a fast meal that I need gravy for this is fast and easy. And I don't need salt like I do with homemade. Need to figure out how to make homemade gravy with no salt that taste good. If the Healthy Heart store can do it, there has to be a way I can do it. 

As soon as I can get that extra time to start canning again, I am going to make Dh some more tomato soup. Waiting for roma tomatoes for that.

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Lil Sis, you are the most patient and dedicated wife I know of.  You must be so full of energy when you have just a normal day, and may you be blessed for all you do.

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Already walked and walked dogs.
Second load of laundry is in the washer.
My rose hips are dehydrating in the oven.
Am babysitting big dog today while DH and friend go shopping.
Will sweep after big dog leaves.
Not sure what else.
Talked to the lady I got the jars from Sat. She has a small chest freezer (that works). I can get it this weekend for $25!

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Went shopping. The smaller stores are starting to show some empty shelves again.


I picked up some more fire wood. Six bundles. I started to load them on the cart and decided it wouldn't be prudent. I told the check out girl I needed some help getting the wood on the cart. I figured I could get them in the Jeep. The guy was so nice. He loaded them in the Jeep for me. I need to start asking for help when I need it. It made a huge difference! We are supposed to be turning very cold the end of the week. I think they said the high would be -2 on Friday. Hence the extra wood. 


Then over to Michael's for more few shirts. I can't stop buying those things. They are nice and pretty and cheap. I live in them. Buzzed by Bed, Bath and Beyond. I was looking for a knife holder for a drawer but they didn't have any. I did get a couple of silicone bread pans though. I figure it will be easier to get the bread out of the pan after I burn it. Just twist and plop.  Jeepers --->:cook:<---not.


I ended up at Dollar Tree. Again. They had one case of the V-8 pineapple coconut Splash I was looking for. Also one case of the peach mango I like. That shelf was nearly empty so I'm afraid they probably won't get any more. I picked up six Gossner milks. That only makes eight that I have. They had some seeds at 4/$1.00. I got about 20 packs. The green beans are heirloom. I think it said Contender Bush. I got four packs of bar-b-que corn nuts. And...


Some blue peeps! :hapydancsmil:

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Today, I got Dh cleaned up and fed him his breakfast. Then got some clothes put away that I had washed on Sat.  Slow getting that job done with everything else going on.  Our friend came over to give me the prescription for the wheel chair from Dh's doctor. Though we never heard from home health yet. 

Worked on taxes some more but still waiting for a couple of things to come in. Hope they will be here soon as I want to get that out of the way. 

Went to bank to cash a small check.  That goes into the emergency fund.  Paid some bills and DH bought me a new ring on line of course for Valentine's day. I haven't seen it yet. Said it has an inscription on it. Can't wait to see it. He has always bought me some type of jewelry at different times. Sometimes Christmas, sometimes birthday, etc. He really knows how to pick them out. I have loved them all.  Want to get some reading in later tonight if Dh does ok. He has been sleeping on and off all day. Rough night. Hope tonight will be better. 

Need to work on the office some more tomorrow. Going through magazines that need to be trashed. I don't keep to many of those. Only the ones that pertain to garden, canning, sewing and crafting.  The rest get dumped. I used to give them to the doctor's offices for the waiting room, but seems they are no longer aloud to take them because of corvid. I have noticed that they no longer have magazines in the waiting rooms now.

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WINDY today so we went to the Nat. Forest and walked the dog.  Had the area to ourselves.  :happy0203:  


I thoroughly cleaned pellet stove out....ash builds up so fast and takes a lot effort to clear the corners here and there.  Dismantle the firebricks, etc.  Then clean up after.  Sure burns well after I do it.  Glass doesn't glaze if the air flows more freely.


Tried to reply by email tonite to DD2 but it didn't go thru....X2.  :scratchhead:  She tried to call but the thingie on the end of the phone cord....to connect the phone....keeps coming out.  The tiny 'tongue' thing is broken.  That cord is not plug n play.  It's one of the original 'wired into the wall' cords.  Not paying electrician to replace it.  :mad:   Old houses.  


Forgot to take sleep aid earlier....up late again. 


MtRider  :offtobed:  



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12 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:


She tried to call but the thingie on the end of the phone cord....to connect the phone....keeps coming out.  The tiny 'tongue' thing is broken. 


 I have an extra one. If you would like it, PM me your address. 

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Thank you, Midnight.  But......it's not one of those types on both ends.  This cord is wired into the wall.  We have a number of different phone cords with 2 Plug N Play ends.  This has the 'plug-in-with-tongue' on one end......and it disappears into the wall at the other end.  :sigh:   That's why we've never replaced it.  Usually stays in if no one jiggles the base for the phone set.  


Perhaps it's not as difficult as we anticipate....to rewire? 


:unsure:  ........  :grinning-smiley-044:  .......I'm not gonna try it!  Let's get Mikey to try it!!!!!! 


MtRider   :lol: 

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14 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

:unsure:  ........  :grinning-smiley-044:  .......I'm not gonna try it!  Let's get Mikey to try it!!!!!! 





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Dh had a better night last night. Thank you Lord. Only got up 3 times.  Going to get him bathed in a little while. He is napping right now, so I will just let him sleep for a couple of hours. That will give me some me time.  Cleaned kitchen and going to clean bathrooms right after I give DH his bath and get him settled again. I am a bit tired today, but need to keep going.  Still haven't heard from home health. So going to call doctor this afternoon about it to see what is going on. My guess is they never called for home health. Doctors around here are getting worse and worse. I guess socialized medicine will finish us all off as we cannot get the help we need, and in a few months we will be standing in line to have operations or whatever. It's only a matter of time. And yes for me to say that I am getting frustrated that I can't get the help for DH that I need. Can't get hold of 2 of his doctors at all. Leave messages and no call back. If I don't get them soon, I am going to ride down to the offices to see if they are even open. 

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I hope you can find the help you need soon, Littlesister!


Yesterday, I walked first, then had a girl's day with a friend, hitting some different thrift shops and flea market. We had a great time! She used to be my neighbor before we bought our house in town. Hope to get together more often with her!
Came home and cooked dinner-- Chicken Philly Cheesesteaks. Boy did they turn out great!


Today, walked first, then walked dogs.
Washed sheets, dog blankets and rugs--not all at once.
Cleaned bathrooms and swept floors.
Moved some cases of water and a bag of salt (for porch de-icing) from front shed to back with garden cart.
Re-made bed.
Taking the rest of the day off!


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Glad you had a great day Miki. 


Remember a few weeks ago I was on the look out for some pajamas? Well, the bottoms I got are a pretty thin stretchy material. IE. cheap. Anyway, I had a pair on and had some errands to run. I just pulled some jeans over the pajama bottoms and they made my jeans really warm. So from now on this winter I'm using that method. They are the kind with the cuffed bottom so they kept the wind out too. Yes, I wore my jammies to the store. :grinning-smiley-044:


Also, If you live in the cold area be sure to start your car every day or so. I went shopping yesterday to a few places but when I went to start the car tonight to run a couple of quick errands, it hesitated and was slow to start. It chugged a couple of seconds. It stays in the garage too. The battery is a good one and just a year old.


I'd park it in backwards (easier to jump start) but there is just enough room to get it in the garage and open the doors. It would take me all day to maneuver it in backwards. Smashed boxes and a good show for the neighbors though. 

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The dogs have ruined the back lawn.  So, I raked a section, put seed down, raked, covered with grass clippings from the front yard and spread some sand on top. Sand comes from the city, for sand bags.  Then, did the next section, & the next.  Each time, re-filling the sand bags, coming home and spreading it.  My hands are tired from chopping the veggies & fruits for canning, so that didn’t help.  Managed to finish 24’x30’ area of our back yard.  We are calling it our cardio workout.  

Planted a few flowers in the front flower bed.  Several loads of laundry, constantly sweeping the mud the dogs bring in, and doing more sewing.


Taxes are done & out, bills are paid, accounting reports are done, and I am now preparing for my trip to TX next week.  MIL has called several times, saying she needs this & that.  Bean soup, hotdogs, mashed potatoes, brisket, etc., all in 2-3 Tbs. vacuum sealed portions.... yeah, I have been extremely busy.  Oh, and bring the hedge trimmers....:sSig_help2:   

And to think, I actually thought I’d get a break when I went down there.

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Glad your day went well Miki. 

Wow Annarchy, you have been busy. 


I am still trying to get home health in for Dh. Though I talked with his doctor on Monday, it seems as soon as we got off the phone he forgot to call. Not only that but never called a neuro doctor either. Called back today and he called me back and acted like he knew nothing about it but said he would call to see what he could do and they would call tomorrow. If I don't hear from them tomorrow, we are going to be looking for a new family doctor. I am so over not being able to get the help he needs.  My next step is not one I want to do but may have to take him to ER, have him admitted to hospital and get home health through them. But that would only be for 6 weeks. Guess I will see what happens tomorrow.


Part of Dh's surgical wound has healed. Has a scar but at least has healed. Now to just get the rest of it to heal up. At least that is going right. So much for wound care. I really will be learning a lot when the really hard times come.  

Set up an area in bedroom for Dh's sponge baths. Worked out well. Since he can't go into the bathroom any longer for fear of falling, I have the shower chair right by the bed. All he has to do is get out of bed, turn a little and sit on chair. Then I use the tray on the walker to put pan of water, soap, shave stuff and get him cleaned up. then change the water to rinse him off.  Then clean water for him to brush teeth.  It pays to have a lot of plastic pans like they use in the hospital. I bought several of the heavy duty dish pans and use 2 of them for sponge bathing. Got his hair cut and trimmed his eyebrows. He said he feels so much better now. Though it tired him out, I got him back in bed and he slept off and on for a while. Now if I can just get him to eat better. He doesn't eat much at all, so trying to get him to eat small meals at least 4 to 6 times a day. 


Got most of the dusting in den done. Just the bookcase to do now. Need to pull everything off of that and give it a good dusting. 

Still waiting for a couple of things to come in so I can finish my taxes. Just hope that didn't loose those in the mail. They are good for loosing everything else. Everyone here is complaining about going weeks and no mail. 

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It's an inside day, today.

Will do video first.

Take eBay photos.

Work on a couple of lists.

Make a phone call or two.


It's rainy and we had thunderstorms overnight and this morning.  It's going to get cold for several days with snow expected Monday!  Hopefully then on to Spring!

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As I have said before, even though I don't comment much, I do read all the comments and pray for all who need prayers. Lots of things going on for all of us, looks like.


We are having rainy, mild weather and then very cold and snow supposed to come in for early next week. We still have quite a bit of snow from the last round but it's melting fast.


We finally got our truck title and tags!! DH bought a used truck from his brother in TN in late Nov. At that time, we couldn't go to DMV locally as they were not doing titles. The closest DMV after that was accepting appointments starting in January. DH thought I should go online and try to get it done because it would be faster. Wrong! I mailed the application, title, bill of sale and check to Richmond DMV on Dec 5, with tracking. Tracking the package, it went from here to Richmond USPS and they sent it back to our PO. Never made it to the DMV. Our PO got it back Jan 4! When I found that out, I called to tell them to keep it and I would pick it up. They had already sent it back to Richmond!  So after all that, the new title and tags arrived here Feb 4! That was great..but they had failed to add me as co-owner even though the application was filled out for that. Thankfully now, our local DMV is allowing people to use the drive through and we went Monday and had that changed. Only cost $17. So thankful to get that taken care of. And thankfully, I had photocopied everything before I mailed it, so DH was able to keep the copies in the truck to prove he actually owned the truck.


DD and I have been sowing some perennial flower, herb and vegetable seed indoors in plug trays this week. Also some a;pine strawberries last week. Time to sow lettuce in the plug trays too. DS and I have been pruning some hardy kiwi vines. I've also been cleaning and re-organizing the storage room/pantry. I don't understand how it works but when you move stuff around, it all gets bigger and won't fit back in! I've tossed some stuff and have a give-away box besides and it still won't all  fit.


Hope you all enjoy your day! I must get back to work.

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On 2/10/2021 at 1:21 AM, Midnightmom said:


"Mikey" might like some of these suggestions


:scratchhead:    Hmmmmm......  MAYBE Mikey might try something like that.  OR the next time we have the property folks J and B coming for something else?  As with most things, we just "live with it" ....cuz it's a rental.  But ...if it's simple enough... 


Remembering that MtRider  isn't even allowed to push many buttons on MrsS, right?  :whistling: 


MtRider  :rolleyes:  :sSig_thankyou:

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3 hours ago, Daylily said:

I've also been cleaning and re-organizing the storage room/pantry. I don't understand how it works but when you move stuff around, it all gets bigger and won't fit back in! I've tossed some stuff and have a give-away box besides and it still won't all  fit.


:008Laughing:  ...... :unsure:   ......... :whistling:      .......  I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.....  ;)  


MtRider  ...."packrat with a purpose" is my tag line. 

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On a more somber note.......I'm finding it quite worrisome these days.  Little Sister reports all these unconscionable delays and "forgetting"...ignoring for health care.   Daylily reports a horrific magnitude of incompetence in the bureaucratic govt. systems.  Much more incompetence in life issues these days.  And none of this is new....


But if it keeps increasing....does it mean our new, modern society with all the "convenience" of electronic data transferring, etc.....isn't really working?  :sigh:   Rome didn't fall in a day....crumbled slowly but inexorable?   Are we?  Just toooo big and cumbersome to do what could have been done in person 20 yrs ago?  At least then, if a PERSON IN FRONT OF YOU made an error, you could catch it. 


Daylilly's story reminded me of an event a year or so ago.  I received a nasty note, with pictures to "prove" their point, from the New Jersey Dept of Motor Vehicle or some such.  Claimed that:  "Seeee!  We have your license plate and your vehicle on our handy-dandy camera system and we looked you up and we caught you!"  Something about not paying the toll on some expressway?????   What do I know about expressways...?  :sassing:  Last time I was in NJ, I was 2 yrs old!  And, btw, I don't drive except within 5 miles of my house.  AND it certainly wasn't any vehicle we've ever had...or driven. 

So I had to waste my time getting some documentation from our DMV stating we do not have any license plates with those numbers or that state ....so get lost.  AND if you're just a scammer....SHAME ON YOU!  ......yes, I DID add that!  :pout:


Just think how fun it is in China....where they can "prove" you did or did not do something and your whatyacallit score goes down.  :tapfoot: 


MtRider  :shrug:    Waddya gonna do??? 

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9 hours ago, Daylily said:

I don't understand how it works but when you move stuff around, it all gets bigger and won't fit back in! I've tossed some stuff and have a give-away box besides and it still won't all  fit.


Yeah, what's with that? Stuff I don't want keeps getting bigger and bigger and my clothes keep getting smaller and smaller.  

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