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Uh oh.  Hubby started commenting on moving the box of rice under the bed into the pantry...and on the number of mason jars under there.


*whistles innocently*

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I wanted to let you all know that DH pasted away early Sunday morning. He passing was quick and he was very much at peace. He knew the Lord and I know he is with him now singing and dancing with his p

Test results are in.  No COVID!

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

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:pray:  your migraine goes away, Jeepers.  :(   Headaches can be so debilitating!  I used to get the light-sensitive ones with some regularity.   But have recently realized....I haven't been getting them....????  What changed?  The one tiny white prescription allergy pill I've taken since Aug????  If so.......NICE!  


OTOH....I don't feel good.  Haven't for a while and .....it's very non-specific.  Not able to walk dog.  Seems like every time I go 'into town' ...mostly to see my folks, I wipe out for DAYS afterwards.  Used to be 2 days.  Mebbe I've aged in the last 5 months????  Or just lost stamina???   :scratchhead:  Dunno.

MtRider  :shrug: 


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Hope you're feeling a little better, Mt. Rider!


Picked up a bottle of L-Lysine this morning for immune system. No truck yet at hardware store so no propane tank either.
Came home and walked.
Walked dogs.

Sure seems like I've done more than that, but can't think of what it was.
Tomorrow, DH takes his friend for his court date. Will be a relief to get him there and maybe have that over!

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Good morning, everyone!  Praying for Littlesister this morning.  You are on my mind today!


DH is already on his way for taking friend to court.
Need to make some pudding.
I have to feed and let dogs out.
Go to Urgent care. (having an issue with a toe that is messing up my walking and you know I can't have that)! It was going to be a week and a half before I could get in to my primary care doc.
When I come home, I will pressure can some leftover dip.
Re-arrange laundry room so I can fit the small freezer in that I got for $25.
Walk (I hope)!

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On 2/20/2021 at 6:49 AM, Homesteader said:

Having company keeps your housecleaning toes on the move. 

Exactly!  MIL seems set about coming next month & staying until the end of May.  

...Home again, home again, jiggity jig.


It seems like it is going to be busy today.  Laundry from the trip; change sheets; slicing, packaging, putting up the meat I got in TX; dividing, putting up a 40 lb. box of ‘stuff’ DH ordered while I was gone, and... trying or figure out how to organize my kitchen.  

I have to get it done before MIL gets here.  Her house is spotless with no clutter anywhere.  :runcirclsmiley2: The stacks of boxes, cans & jars won’t do, too many supplies, too little space... :whistling:  


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Too much stuff vs space .....oh yeah.  Doing that too.  I just don't have anyone visit.  :whistling:   


I felt a bit better today.  Got a bit done here and there.  Just not feeling mildly wretched was very nice!  Still haven't walked again ....or done a square foot of clutter cleaning.  I do get such satisfaction if I can do either/both of those!! 


BUT I'm back up to speed on my Hawaiian lessons.  :happy0203:   Whew....don't want to take a long break from that again!  :grinning-smiley-044:  I guess it's saving my brain from vegetation...... 


We've had a couple of nice days and most of tomorrow.  BUT....winter cometh...  :frozen:   All the way down the Rockies.  Texas is not on the map for this one.  We might be in for some really MEASURABLE SNOWFALL.  :(  {Yeah, I know.....snow waters our drought....less summer wildfires....}  


Annarchy, how did your MIL do in her area with the FRIGID COLD and electrical issues??


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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On 2/23/2021 at 11:34 AM, out_of_the_ordinary said:

So it is not just me!  :happy0203: 


Miki, I hope your toe is feeling better!




Thank you!  It is.


DH got friend to court yesterday and it was just to do a not guilty plea. Now waiting til the beginning of May for next court date.


Turns out, I can't go to the only Urgent care my insurance takes unless my PCP refers me. What's the point of calling it Urgent care? My doc got me in when she found that I was going somewhere else.


Also yesterday, did laundry and made a loaf of cheese bread in a bundt pan. Turned out great!

Today, I have been washing rugs and dog blankets, while I had help for top to bottom clean in the house.
Walked dogs.
Still need to walk me.
Re-arrange laundry room for freezer.

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I want to thank everyone for the prayers and caring thoughts and virtual hugs from all of you. This has been a very hard struggle for me. Though I knew Dh's time was was coming for Jesus to call him home. When I called 911 to get him to hospital on the 13th, his organs started failing as soon as he got to ER. He went into sudden total renal failure as his heart was to weak to pump. He pasted at 5 am on Sunday the 14th, the same day his mother passed in 1981. Both passed on Valentines day.  40 years apart. So I know he is celebrating valentines day with her.  


I still won't be on here as I am trying to get our trust straight and also his father's trust as I am executor of his father's estate and need to see a lawyer to get that money dispersed to my step daughter and Dh's niece.  So much paperwork to get done and it is frying my brain to thank of everything I need to do. I just think we have to much stuff. Banks, insurances, trust x 2, taxes, and so much more to deal with. Even our homeowner's insurance has to be transferred into my name. It's crazy but I will get it done and come back to read everything I have missed.


I know some of you have had medical issues, some traveling and the bad weather as well to deal with. My prayers are with all that need prayers for travel and illness. 

Take care and will be back as soon as I can.

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Today, after feeding dogs, I will walk.
Walk dogs.
Take eBay photos.
Ready DH's meds for the next month.
Hard boil eggs.
Call Tractor Supply around noon--still trying to track down a 30# propane tank.
Order my train tickets for June's adventure.
Make Goulash for dinner.


Tired me out just writing it! LOL

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Worked most of yesterday at the homestead sorting and organizing everything that we had sort of stuck where it would fit...that was surprising!  Almost a treasure hunt! LOL  Took laundry with me so it could dry while I was working.  The dryer here is too dangerous to use, so I was here and take there unless it's summer.  Then I hang outside.

Today, hubby worked there and I worked here getting things caught up.  Kind of tough maintaining two places.  Mixed up a pound of ground venison and a pound of ground sausage with stove stop dressing and a couple eggs then we had salisbury steaks smothered in mushroom gravy, along with steamed potatoes and sweet corn...for supper.  Dishes are done, clothes folded and put away from yesterday (left them...too tired to mess with last night) and I'm fixin' on retiring for the evening.

We did lose a dear friend this week.  Such a shock for us.  Non virus.  He had his shoulder operated on last year, then had prostrate surgery early this month, and then suddenly had two successive heart attacks.  Only in his late 50's.  She's devastated.  He fought such battles and then to have that happen is just so mind boggeling for all of us.  

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Wow, that's a shock, WE2.  :( 


Miki......come drag me out of my house to walk with you!!!!!!!  


:buttercup:  Not today tho.  Today was FREEEEEZING!  :frozen:    Not such low temp but screaming WIND across the new-fallen snow.  But hey, it blew our driveway clear enough to save $ on snowplowing again.  :amen:  But I stayed inside and blocked the gaps in front door with a towel on floor and folded newspapers wedged in the vertical gap.  Big gaps.  OLD log cabin.  :frozen:   Thankful for the pellet stove.  


I did almost clear a One Square Foot today.  The pile on top of the printer.  :blush:   Well....every horizontal space gets used here.  Didn't quite clear it tho.... 


Third day after going into town and my energy was better.  Watched for hand tremors and rested.   Trying to be careful but ....  :shrug:  


MtRider  ....I think this week will be mild and "normal" ....for CO Rockies, that is.  :lol: 

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9 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

come drag me out of my house to walk with you!!!!!!!  


Perhaps, I could pull you like a water skier.  LOL  With all your ice!


On Friday, a friend gave me so many clothes that she had outgrown, in my size!  1 huge box, 2 big boxes and a huge beach bag full!  Will be going through them this week.  All nice clothes and lots of flannel pjs and sweaters!  Looking forward to doing this!


Yesterday another friend who recently harvested some deer gave me a few pounds of deer sausage and some ground venison!  


Our cast iron propane burner set is here and our tank is supposed to get here Tuesday.  Not going to get caught again with no type of heat at all!


Today, already made Jello.

Feed dogs.

Do video.


Order Amtrak tickets for June.  Yay!

Move the little freezer into the house now that the top is sanded and painted.

Maybe lady's group later?

Check out switching internet company.  It's getting ridiculous!

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Wow Miki, you have had some good fortune come your way. Nice friends! 


Weather is starting to get milder. I know spring is on the way because the days are getting longer. Have you noticed it isn't dark at 5:30 pm now. Nights are still cold though. 


My head is better, finally. I need to go to Wal-Mart today. Could possibly wait until tomorrow. I need a battery. The battery in my sugar testing machine thing went dead. I was sure I had some extras but they are the wrong size. It takes one of those round button kind.


I have a shopping list a mile long that I've been adding to. Unfortunately the stamina is short. Divide and conquer I guess. I'm slow to learn that lesson. 

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11 hours ago, snapshotmiki said:

Perhaps, I could pull you like a water skier.  LOL  With all your ice!


OR....Koa could tow BOTH of us!  :lol: 


Glad you're feeling better, Jeepers.  Take it easy with low stamina.  That's what I check with my Right hand tremors.  Divide and conquer, indeed!  :thumbs: 


Today wasn't as windy but with snow on the ground creating "humidity" we usually don't feel...... :frozen: 

:lol:   Me talking about "humidity" is like Annarchy talking about "cold", right?


Usual routines.  Nothing new.  But I did decide to pay for an eBook.  I've followed this author for years now, since he started as a co-author with someone.  I've picked up a few of his free.  This one is New Madrid by Bobby Akart.  I've just begun reading.  He does tons of research which I will find interesting.  Then of course, it's a disaster earthquake story....  :behindsofa:   I never buy eBooks when thousands are FREE but....


MtRider  ....I DO love the Kindle! 

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Worked all afternoon at the homestead.  Really made some progress in getting foods out of the frig/freezer, acclimated and sealed into storage jars.  Now...to find a place to put it! LOL  Then we worked in the "bucket" room just off the extended pantry and made a lot of room in there so we can put more away.  Funny how when you're just shoving things where they'll fit you find all kinds of things you didn't know you had! LOL  Still a lot of work to do to get everything sorted and put away, but we could live at the homestead now if push came to shove.  Just wouldn't have land line or internet.  Want to get that all hooked up before we start staying there.  Abby-girl is having a bit of a time though because her "bed" or her crate isn't there for her to go lay down and take a nap.  Poor baby...does find the rug by the front door or the blanket I put down in the bathroom to rest.  Hubby took her for a nice walk when we got back here, she's had her "greenie" bone and is now curled up on her mattress!  She'll have a bit of an adjustment when we start staying there because there's not enough room on the sides of our bed for her mattress, so we'll be investing in a big doggie bed that we can throw on the floor for her.  I'm sure she'll find it quite comfy...because mommy will make sure of it!  After all...she's my "DOG"...when I say "you're my dog!" her tail fans like an airplane and here she comes! LOL  And a quick kiss on top of her silky head with a "I love my dog" makes her very happy! LOL

Weather was in the 50's but very windy so it felt much cooler.  Winter hasn't left yet.

Time to get started on taxes.  Hubby did some work and got the W2's so he has to file.  Won't make a difference income wise, but still have to report it.  You know how uncle sam is about wanting your life story!

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We are spoiled with our Kindles aren't we. It takes a lot to motivate me to buy one now.  I've even passed up some of the 99 cent ones. :rolleyes:  I do buy some real books occasionally. Mostly kid/educational ones these days. I have a couple dozen prep books I'll not part with though. They are big and heavy but I don't care. They have a lot of useful info in them plus lists. I need lists.


Wind. That's something I forgot to mention about the weather this year. We didn't have much wind this winter. I just noticed that. We usually get some howling blizzard like winds a few times but not this year. The kind that makes you thankful you have a snug house with a roaring fire, a cuppa something warm, a fluffy blanket and a good book kind of wind. 


I didn't get my battery but will tomorrow. I have errands to run and I'd like to stop at some of the libraries for some CDs they have on the shelves. Books and CDs. I'm too cheap to buy either one if I can get it for free. I get CDs and load into my computer then return them in a day or two. I have a program where I can manipulate songs or remove the ones I don't like. I do like music of all kinds. Except for fast jazz where the piano sounds like it's out of control. It makes me nervous. And rap. I don't care for rap. 

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4 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I do like music of all kinds. Except for fast jazz where the piano sounds like it's out of control. It makes me nervous. And rap. I don't care for rap. 

 Can you get on YouTube? I have created several lists and I can share the URL's if you are interested.

I have a "Golden Oldies" list that has about 200 songs on it; everything from the early 50s through the early 70s.

I also have a "Classic Country" list, and a quite extensive Christmas "Novelty" list as well.

There is also a collection of Patriotic music/marches.


For now, enjoy this 50th Anniversary acapella cover of "American Pie" by Home Free, featuring Don McLean. :band:


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Awesome!  :darlenedance:


I watch a lot of music videos on Youtube. I was never sure how to download or save them or what ever ya do to save them. I've been limited to whatever my library has to make my own CD playlist. 


Most of mine are by artist. I have bought a few song from Amazon to fill out a CD. I want to think up some of my favorite 1960 early 1970's songs next. I like CDs so I can take them in the Jeep. 


I have a couple of 1950's mix. Pre Beatles. 



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I love my Kindle too!  And getting towed by large dog sounds interesting, Mt. Rider.  We're about the same height.  Poor Koa!


This morning, walked first.

Walked dogs.

Ordered Amtrak tickets, but DH had me get them for a month early so will be going at end of May.  Woohoo!

Will be calling Cable company.
Make appt. to have taxes done.
Call a friend
Cut up cheese for dog treats.
Re-arrange kitchen counter.


Have a good week, you all!

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16 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I watch a lot of music videos on Youtube. I was never sure how to download or save them or what ever ya do to save them.




This is how you do it (all videos remain hosted on YouTube. You do not download anything to your computer):



1. Find a video that you would like to "save" and click on the 3 dots. list.JPG.40e28da539106e3dfe58d611e81b8983.JPG














2. From the dropdown list, select "Save to Playlist. 1900958697_list1.JPG.40eaa4b40bb34a4f8f8785dc06c8338f.JPG















3. Scroll down to the bottom of the "Save to" menu and select "Create New Playlist.    


Create as many "Playists" as you like and add to the list as you find vids that you would like to replay "on demand." 





















4. To load and replay your list, click on the 3 bars at the top of the YouTube page. list4.JPG.0b854db42164b3a21040440c74c6ac6b.JPG


















This will open a drop down menu of all of the lists you've created. (You might need to click on "Show More")list5.JPG.bc449a472d3969b0960ccb845752668a.JPG





















5. Click on the list that you would like to watch/listen to.

You can choose how to sort them for your listening "session." As you can see, since YT is hosting the actual videos, sometimes vids are removed for one reason or another. You can remove them from your list by hovering over the space at the end of the title and clicking on the "trash can" that will appear.




EASY PEASY! :thumbs:

Here is the link to my "Golden Oldies" playlist.

Try it out. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLG2WNEApvUh5Ab9wmQ3BT4g-gJeMcdYgy



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Good Morning everyone,


Hopefully, I will be able to work on organizing my office/MIL’s room today.


Century link is supposed to come, sometime between 9-5, and replace our old modem.  Need to call the cable company to see what they charge.


Got all the bookkeeping done yesterday, did the monthly shopping, now, I need to do the filing... then.... the list goes on...

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I decided to do monthly Walmart yesterday, before the rain started. Supposed to last all day today and cooler now.


Will do video first.
Make our tax appointment.
Call Cable Company.
Call a friend.
Maybe go through some of the clothes I was gifted.
Watch some tv that I have recorded and haven't gotten to.

My 7.5 gallon propane tank is supposed to get here today.
The ladies in my group have decided to start Sunday School again with or without books, so I have to make up an announcement.
Also need to figure out how to get my predictive text started again for eBay feedbacks. Not sure why it stopped.

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