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Went to the other bank Dh and I had opened a few years ago with just a savings account and a CD that now is closed out a couple of months ago.  Opened up a checking account with the life insurance check. Will be paying off the funeral when all that comes in and then I won't be using that account. I am going to make that my emergency account. Will be putting money into it as time goes on and will use that money to work on some projects that need to be done around the house.  So hoping to build that account way up as much as possible.  I really need to get the dinning room floor jacked up and the floor boards that are broken from the weight of the china hutch fixed. Then the fire place will get fixed. I saw early this morning that it had rain water in it again. So trying to dry that out again. Must get that fixed.

Going to get the fridge cleaned out in a bit and then move on to the kitchen cabinets.  At least it is keeping me busy and my mind off of everything. But it also needs to be done as it has been at least 2 years since I cleaned out the kitchen cabinets. 

9 hours ago, Jeepers said:

The only automatic banking I do is in Indiana. My S.S. check is deposited there, and my utilities and insurance is deducted. I have a separate mortgage account that gets deducted from too. If I'm going to default on something I don't want it to be the mortgage. I can transfer money from the checking to the mortgage account online. My S.S. covers all of my auto payments except the mortgage. When I get enough extra built up in that account I transfer it to the mortgage account. Sheesh. I sound like some high roller money mogul. :24:   More like robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Point is, if I had to rely on getting a bill from there and sending back a check through the mail, I'm sure it would be late most of the time. 


I can't believe I still have a head/neck ache. Enough already. To top it off I think I'm getting an earache. I put some peroxide in it.  I have some sweet oil l will  try tomorrow too. Right now it sounds like a bowl of rice crispies in there. Snap, Crackle, Pop.

Jeepers, what you are describing about you ear is that you have water in the ear.  There is an ear drop you can buy over counter for swimmers ear. And I think you can make your own with alcohol but can't remember off hand if you add anything to the alcohol or not. Might be worth a try.

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Could be Littlesister. I put some undiluted peroxide in it last night and after two doses it stopped hurting. I was still having clear drainage this morning. Odd but I think more came out than went in. I filled the canal. Maybe I just caught it in time? I'm going to do it again tonight. 


I lie on my side (bad ear up) and put peroxide in. When it stops making noise I put a cotton ball in and roll over to the other side so it can drain back out. A long time ago I bought some empty colored glass bottles that had a built in dropper in the cap. I don't remember if they are 2 oz. or 4 oz. I keep peroxide in one, alcohol, thieves oil, clove oil etc. in the others. They have come in handy a number of times.

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On 2/19/2021 at 10:18 PM, Jeepers said:

Well aren't I the special one.


I went downstairs awhile ago and found a message on the machine. It seems it was the second message I had missed from the police department. Doing a wellness check. The reason? Boxes on my porch. Seems like they have been out there over a week. And if I don't call back within 24 hours they will send someone out to check on me. I know they were here because he said they were boxes from Amazon. He also said there was snow across the sidewalk which was illegal.  


I called them tonight. I told her that I knew the boxes were out there. They contain grain and they are out there to freeze out any bugs that might be in them. She had no idea what I was talking about. Good. Actually the couple of boxes out there aren't grain but whatever. 


Then I told her what he said about the snow. I told her I was a senior citizen, yes I played the 'S' card, and told her the name of my snow plow company. She said to not worry about it. Don't worry, I'm not worried.  


Wonder which neighbor reported that one? Could it have been El Jimbo the buttho. :008Laughing:   

Aw, he misses me. I'll bet his first call in was on Valentines Day. It adds up. :wub:


I'm so freaking mad I could spit. I'm actually shaking. That a-hole next door called a wellness check on me again. I had boxes delivered again a couple of days ago and they sat out about two days. I got a heavy knock on the door and there were two police cars in my driveway. Four officers were out there talking to said a-hole. Yep, this is the second time he has called on me in 3 weeks. 


Police asked me if I was alright. I asked if he called again. He said yes. I told him that those weren't the same boxes and that I had food delivered and since it was cold out...he interrupted and said, "Refrigeration." I said, "Free refrigeration!" I knew he had heard the story from the last time because he knew about the food and the freezing. 


So old Jimbo and I got into it because I saw him out there making a circle around his head like I was crazy. He thought I had gone in. I was yelling at him to stop worrying about me because it wasn't ever gonna happen for him! He gave me the finger. I yelled that I had one cease and desist order against him and I won't hesitate getting another one. I reiterated..."It's never gonna happen for you old man. Stop thinking about me. Give it up." He said the neighbors just care about you. I said then why are you the only one calling? He told me to get on back in the house. I said why, so you can call again? The police heard and saw it all. I'm sure I said more but I can't remember what. When I get mad I yell. :sEm_blush: 


I told him to get his d*mn dog on a leash. Wish I hadn't said that. Now he'll think it bugs me. It does but I didn't want him to know it.


So there was another show for the neighborhood. 


When I came in the phone was ringing. Police department saying the police were on their way to do a wellness check on me and would I go to the door and speak to them. A little late. They already left.  


I really despise him. 

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Well, things went a little smoother this afternoon. I ran over to the grocery store for some bread and eggs and had a look around. All of the shelves were full. I got six more packages of brussel sprouts. I was out. :rolleyes:  And I buzzed over to the pharmacy and picked up my list of out of pocket Rx for my taxes. Then guess what I found?



Vanilla Coke! I hadn't seen a can of that in a year. To top it off they were buy 2 cases and get one free. Guess who has 6 cases of Vanilla Coke in her garage!  :hi:


That was a better ending to my lousy day. 


Tonight will be brussel sprouts and Vanilla Coke for supper. Probably tomorrow night too. Life is good again. 

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Glad to hear a happy ending, Jeepers.  Wow...vanilla coke, even!  Sometimes it's the little things that drive us right over the edge....cuz there's been too much gone on before.  Then too, sometimes the little things make it right again...like a treat we haven't had in too long. 


Yanno, I haven't been eating chocolate, deserts, or snacks for a couple months.  But I think if we're getting chocolate malts for my dad's Bday....I'm having one.  An exception.  


MtRider  :bev:  

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Wow, jeepers you have a really bad neighbor. How much longer before you can move.  My neighbors seem to be keeping mostly to themselves these days. Two of them are having to school their grandchildren. So they are home at a computer all day for school.  I hope we don't have any neighbors that start that mess.  But then on the other hand you found your Vanilla Coke so all is good.

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1 hour ago, Midnightmom said:

@Jeepers I'm surprised your packages stayed on your porch for that long. Around here the "Porch Pirates" would have snatched it up within a few hours!

My neighborhood is surprisingly safe. I think it's because most of the people on my street and in surrounding areas are older adults. I don't know of any teens on my street. There are a few tweens way down the street. It's also pretty well lit up with a lot of people having outside lighting and everyone has a lamp post in the front yard. With so many people having security cameras, or fake ones, I think that is a deterrent too.  


Enjoy your treat too Mt.Rider and stay safe through your bad weather coming your way. I think I have enough V.C. to last well into the summer now. I figure it's pretty fresh since there hasn't been any in the market for a year. Burger King has always had it but ya can't very well store fountain drinks. Wonder if it could be pressured canned. Probably end up flat. :008Laughing:


I'm considering selling this place to a flipper and just counting it as a loss. I know I'm going to 'take a bath' on it either way. I've never been this indecisive on anything in my life. Wondering if some sort of mental issue is holding me back. Hoarding? Am I missing some sort of tools I need to handle this? I have no ties to anything here and I do have some other place to go to. I've had offers of help. D-ex has even offered to come here in person to help or help with the cost of a moving company. I do know my preps are heavily weighing me down right now. But that is one area I won't compromise in. I'm just thinking out loud. There is a lesson in this somewhere. Crimony, do I need a life coach? An organizer? 1-800-GOTJUNK? Yeah, I'm a hot mess.  :pout:

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You are NOT a hot mess, Jeepers.  You are a person who's taking time to think through the move.  I have every faith in you.  You will make it in our own good time.  When it's right for you.  :hug3:

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Jeepers, I agree with Mother.  You will get through your decisions about moving.  Keep that faith strong as you make your next move.  Think it through before you make any really tough decisions. 


I will be where you are in about a year or so.  Though I do have very good memories in this house with Dh, and we were also married in this house. 

The house is what Dh already had before I met him.  He had bought this house with his ex-wife before she started her messing around on him. His daughter and her both many times after Dh and I were married, I was told by them to get the h... out of their house. Well here I am and the ex passed 2 years ago from cancer. The daughter is for now behaving herself.  And moved in with a new boyfriend to another state. So I am not fully committed to this house. Living in VA is expensive and getting worse. So I am thinking about moving, just not sure yet if it will be N. Carolina as of yet though that is where my daughter is now.  Lots to think about over the course of a year or so.

And like you Jeepers, I will not be getting rid of my preps. But there are a lot of nick nacks that need to go. I need to take everything out of the china hutch in order for the floor to be jacked up. So that is where I will start to sell the stuff from the china hutch. I have a lot of time to get that done. My granddaughter is going to help me get that stuff sold.  More money for preps for after I get where ever I decide to move to. 


I got out a while this morning and it felt so good.  Went to a new craft store that had opened a year ago.  I best be staying out of that one. It's nice. The name of it is Finley's general store. They have jellies, candies and all sorts of goodies. Lots of neat craft stuff as well.  After a rough day yesterday. I needed to get out of house.  The weather again is beautiful. I feel I should be working on a garden, but this year it is not happening. Though I might go to Lowe's tomorrow to buy grill parts and look at the plants there. And also go to the store where Dh and I always go this time of year to buy our plants and seeds.  They sell canning jars, etc. there and I need to pick up a few things.  I need to get my container garden started.

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It's been a busy day!
Walked first, then walked dogs.
Washed rugs.
Swept house.
Dusted house.
Cleaned bathrooms.
Called little brother's landlord about vehicles in yard.
Wrote obituary.
Still have to cut up cheese for treats for dogs.
Go to Church and help cook for Youth BBQ fundraiser at 4:30.


I will be done in at the end!

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Whoa, Miki.  I'd get worn out just hearing about all that!  Tho I had a busy day too...


LittleSister....glad to hear you got out to just relax and "shop".  :shopping:  I believe you have a refillable prescription for "Get out and relax"...  ;)  


Jeepers....wish we could all gather and help haul, pack, sort with you.  Wouldn't it turn into a fun, crazy party?  :band:  :cakeslice:   ....but we're cheering for you.  :cheer:    .....so, you'd be offering us iced tea or vanilla coke?  :lol:  


Well said, Mother.


OKay... Today was an ambitious day for me....and even DH.  He'd done things in town yesterday that could be done without me.  Today we stopped at one grocery to pick up the folks' prescriptions.  :o   GOOD thing he dropped them off for filling yesterday.  He was in line for half hour today.  So many folks jammed at pharmacy....the whole store....to get ready for The Snow Storm.  I went off to get a few things that might not be found in our regular store.  Found a really nice Bday card for my dad.  I went on to the register with my few things. 


I about dropped my jaw....that card was over eight dollars!!!!   :0327:   Have I been out of circulation long enough for cards to more than DOUBLE my expectations????   It's a piece of pretty paper, for pete's sake!  


DH had given me the car keys....and it happened AGAIN!  I pushed the button and the taillight flashed...and when I opened the hatch [which doesn't really lock most of the time] ..... BLAT...BLAT....BLAT....BLAT.....BLAT...  :sassing: 


:0327:   I DETEST CAR ALARMS!   Shatters my nerves and I can't think what to do next.  I'm yelling at the dumb thing [to the amusement of the old guy putting his groceries in his car]  I'm pushing buttons randomly cuz my MS nerves can't THINK OR FUNCTION with that auditory barrage!  FINALLY it shuts off.  I'm declaring that I'm waiting for my husband and HE can deal with the stupid thing!  The other guy is part of my conversation now....so I'm not just yelling at the car.  :rolleyes:  Told him it happens every time I have to work the controls cuz I so rarely do it and I can't remember which button.  Of COURSE I was pushing the lock ...instead of unlock button.  [ SEE why MtRider doesn't push too many buttons on MrsS????]   :motz_6:


Of course DH was confused ...then amused when he arrived on the scene.  :buttercup: 


Off to the second grocery...our usual one.  I got a store scooter this time.  This store is bigger and we wheeled around together and then separated:  DH had our list and I had my mom's list.  We'd regroup and voyage off again. 


QUESTION:  Are any of you seeing a vast reduction in particular products in your areas?  The soup section was greatly shrunk.  They used to have those roller bins for Campbells various soups.  Then lots of shelf space for the more chunky brands.  NO chunky brands in this major grocery chain.  Only Campbells and their store brand in condensed-add-milk/water versions.  Regular shelving and only about 10 feet of length.  For options they had cream of mushroom, broccoli, chicken.  Chicken noodle.  Not much else.  Shelved in alphabetical order with big and small cans next to each other.  I was shocked and disappointed. 


So then we went to the parking lot and tried to unload.  Sack packer put 2 juice bottles in each of their ever-cheapening bags.  I picked up 4 bottles in two bags from the cart and blam!  The bottom seam blew out and bottles hit the pavement.  :mad:   Didn't break but I handed the blown-out bags to the the cart collector and told him to pass on my unhappiness about their cheap bags.  :gaah:   He was friendly and said he would pass that on.  Said they should have double-bagged.  Yeah, and she shouldn't have thrown the bags of milk containers on top of all our squishy stuff either...but she did.  I stopped her at that but didn't catch the lack of double bagging.  


Then  :yum3:  we got 4 chocolate malts and arrived at my folks.  Carried a lot of bags CAREFULLY up their stairs.  Then we had malts and watched the weather and news for Maui's flooding and dam overflowing.  And for how our spring snow storm is shaping up for Fri/Sat/Sunday.  Sheeesh, still saying some possibility for Denver's foothills to get multiple feet of soggy snow.  Possible it might all-time record.  <_<  


MtRider  ...good day for my dad.  And he kept saying how much he liked that pretty card!  :) 

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I'd love for y'all to come party help me pack. Wouldn't that be something! At least I know there would be no judgment over how many cans of Spam I may or may not have. Then we could have another ROAD TRIP to Indy for another party work bee painting the new place. I'll rent one of those U-Haul open trailers so you all don't have to hang off the Jeep again. Least I can do. Food and drinks and Ben Gay on me. I wish I had as many real life friends as I do here. 


$8.00 for a birthday card! Dollar Tree ladies. They aren't nearly as nice but who will remember which card you give them a few days later. I cringe at spending $2.50 for a piece of paper that will be forgotten about or tossed a few days later. But I do understand about your dad though. Don't want to upset him unnecessarily.  I've just desided, the next time I'm at the D.T. I'm going to pick up some of the nicer $1.00 cards to have on hand. And check out Dollar General too. 


I was at the grocery store this week and the shelves looked really good. But to be honest, I didn't really pay close attention. They could have been spaced out and faced foreward. I'll pay closed attention next time I'm there. I did notice the spaghetti/tomato sauce shelves were full. Seems like one time they are empty and another time they are full. I haven't been to Wal-Mart for food shopping in quite awhile. It seems that I can either shop the store section or shop the food section. But not at the same time. Stamina issues. 



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Was at Church to finish cooking and to serve at 7:30 AM this morning.
Got home about 10 AM.
VA advocate called while I was at Church. Said she had to figure benefits and will call back, so I am in limbo until she does. Hate to go for my walk and have her call back. I could do video, but it is so nice outside.
She called back and unfortunately my brother made his will in 2016 and had put a younger step brother as his beneficiary for everything.  Don't know why he said it was me, but this is the third time that has happened.  Do folks think I won't talk to them if I'm not in a will.  Can't imagine that.  We did the right thing paying for the cremation and I know God knew this would happen, so I will try to let it go and pay the bill off as we can.  $1100 to pay is a lot to us, but again God knows that. 
We will see.

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Jeepers, I'm in. I think it would be fun and then you can all come help me pack up when and if my time comes in a year or so. Hope I can still find the vanilla coke. So far it has only been in plastic bottles here. Haven't seen it in cans in a long while. 

Went to Kroger today to buy some things I wanted to make for dinner tomorrow. My turn to cook. Granddaughter and her fiance coming here for dinner. Going to make baked ziti with sausage and a salad and garlic bread. I can make that ahead of time. Then just pop in oven when time. 

Need to get back into the office and start cleaning again. I am dumping a lot of mess in there. Another big bag of papers about to hit the trash. Then I can work on getting the book cases out of that room and moving the bed from small bedroom into that bedroom. don't need the big office any longer. Going to make a few changes that will work out better for me. I have a huge rap around desk in the front bedroom office that I am debating rather I want to keep that or not. Might get rid of it and buy a small regular desk. Something to think about. I will make decisions as to what I really need to do as I get each room cleaned out. Lots of catching up to do.  

My microwave stand comes tomorrow so my future grandson in law will be putting it together for me. I am going to use that for my small oven that Dh got me. I love that oven. I can fry, bake, toast, dehydrate, grill and more in that oven. 

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14 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

QUESTION:  Are any of you seeing a vast reduction in particular products in your areas?  The soup section was greatly shrunk.  They used to have those roller bins for Campbells various soups.  Then lots of shelf space for the more chunky brands.  NO chunky brands in this major grocery chain.  Only Campbells and their store brand in condensed-add-milk/water versions.  Regular shelving and only about 10 feet of length.  For options they had cream of mushroom, broccoli, chicken.  Chicken noodle.  Not much else.  Shelved in alphabetical order with big and small cans next to each other.  I was shocked and disappointed. 

 I came across this video a few days ago. I don't know if it is accurate, but it is interesting. (Skip to min 3:30 if you don't want to listen to his "ramblings."






So I had an interesting conversation this morning and found out some stuff about shortages on everything lately. What he said to me makes total sense and I thought I would share.




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On 3/9/2021 at 5:33 PM, Jeepers said:

Well, things went a little smoother this afternoon. I ran over to the grocery store for some bread and eggs and had a look around. All of the shelves were full. I got six more packages of brussel sprouts. I was out. :rolleyes: 


Do you ever buy them fresh?

Here's a vid on how to prepare fresh ones for a salad. :thumbs:


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26 minutes ago, Midnightmom said:


Do you ever buy them fresh?

Here's a vid on how to prepare fresh ones for a salad. :thumbs:




I know I'd like that except for the chipotle. I like spicy but I can't do hot. Vinaigrette. Yes! I usually pour straight vinegar on mine. I knew I was on to something. I just buy the steam bags but I'd buy them fresh for a salad. I'd soak them in salt water first though. They can harbor little worms and bugs. Same with fresh from the garden cauliflower and broccoli.  :sSig_thankyou:


Incase you are wondering, I do happen to have a big a$$ bowl. It sits nestled in my big honkin' bowl. Matching set.  :P

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I'm sorry Miki. It's like adding insult to injury. He should have stepped up sooner. Could you ask him to help with the cost? All he can do is say no. You don't think your brother was coerced do you? Seems odd he didn't tell you. 

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Well today we got to make someone happy and it was a blessing to us as well.

As you may know we moved to georgia after staying in our motor home on some friends property.  Dear friends that they are, they treated us to wonderful Christmas gifts when I was in chemotherapy and we were living by the skin of our teeth waiting for our new mobile home to get put in place.  We had been promised it would be in by thanksgiving so we sold, packed up everything and moved it all south to end up in storage until after Christmas.  /They made us feel very welcome and helped us through all the BS.  Well the husband had his leg amputated which was a great shock to him.  He took a while to get over the shock of it, but we visited very often both him and his wife to let him know we were rooting for him.  When he started to bounce back emotionally we got to visit in person.  His wife told us he had been worried abouot us staring at his amputation, or pitying him, so he had avoided seeing us for a bit.  When we did visit, there were no pity remarks, no staring, just the usual joking around and good humored fun.  He was perked up considerably by our acceptance...of course he is still the same fellow, just minus a little bit of a leg.  Both Mary and I lived with disabled folks so we did not bat an eye, of course.  His wife said he was tickled to see us and our visit perked him up considerably.  She has been keeping us posted, and we have seen him several times since, and he tells us he cant wait to get up and over to his dock to fish.

Well, Mary had bought a mobility scooter, and got a good price on it, too.  Four wheels for stability.  Rechargbeable, of course.  Today we took it down to his house for him to drive around and see how he liked it.  His eyes lit up, he got on, and he tooled all over the yard, up the drive, down the road, and in short was as excited as we have ever seen him about feeling FREE again to get around as he pleased.  Well, Mary looked at me, I looked at her, and we gave him the scooter.  Gave him the carrier for it too.  His wife told us later that as soon as he got into the house he cried tears of joy.  So did we, but nobody did it in front of each other, so as to avoid embarassment.  So today was a good day, very satisfying and it was an honor to help him regain some freedome he had lost.  Words cant express it, but lets just say....it felt GOOD.  Now you know why I love Mary so much....we think alike on these things....we will probably get another with one of our covid checks.  We consider a scooter a good prep as Marys back gets worse and worse.


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