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Awesome job Annarchy! It's really beautiful. 


Littlesister, have you tried those furniture sliders? They work pretty well. I got some that work on smooth floors and if you flip them over they work on carpet. They are similar to the ones in the link below except I got mine at either Lowes or Home Depot. Wal-Mart probably has them too.


Furniture Moving Kit (16 Piece) for Carpeted and Hard Floor Surfaces Felt Pads Suitable for All The Furniture Sliders - - AmazonSmile



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Test results are in.  No COVID!

I wanted to let you all know that DH pasted away early Sunday morning. He passing was quick and he was very much at peace. He knew the Lord and I know he is with him now singing and dancing with his p

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

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9 hours ago, Annarchy said:

Oddly enough, the tomatoes, on the vines since January, still haven’t ripened. I picked a green one, that is still green in the window, over 2 weeks ago.  IDK, only about 2 cups worth have ripened, but the insides are green.  Tangy.  I picked them when they were yellow, because the birds were picking at them.

Have you tried the "old" trick of putting your toms into a paper bag to ripen?

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On 3/12/2021 at 6:55 PM, Littlesister said:

Going to start taking some of the store bought food to the church food ministry as I am afraid it would go bad before I could eat it all. I will keep some of it, with just me now it is way to much food. 

If it is perishable food, I would so that also. :thumbs: Some "perishable" foods can be frozen though, so the "miser" in me would tend to want to do that instead.  :blush: 

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Jeepers I do have those sliders, I used them to move the bookcases to living room. They look so much better in there and getting them out of office has opened up the office. But it is a mess in there. Got to go through a lot of stuff.  

Called the post office this afternoon as my taxes have still not been found. I don't think they are looking for them. I am calling again in the morning and will keep calling and pestering the &&& out of them.  Going to also call my CPA to let him know what is going on. 

Midnightmom, the food I need to take to church is  a lot of store bought canned food.  My freezer is still slammed full of food. I need to start next week canning the meat out of there.  Some of the canned food is now almost a year old as Dh was no longer able to eat a lot of things and I had to fix things he could swallow.  So a lot of that stuff is out of date. I am going to take some of the canned veggies and make soup from it to can. I have used canned out of date canned veggies before for soup and had no problems with it. But it is way to much to use up for myself.  

Granddaughter from Washington state will be here tomorrow.  And we will be going over to my other granddaughter's house for dinner and spending time with the 2 of them and my granddaughter's friend that is coming in also from Alaska. I haven't seen her in a long time. She is planning a bridal shower for her.  

Annarchy. I have put tomatoes that wouldn't ripen in a brown paper bag and they ripened up that way. You could try it to see if you can get them to ripen up. 

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Waiting for granddaughter to get here. Should be here in an hour or so.  My other granddaughter had a doctors appt. and then met up with her, so they are grabbing a bite to eat and heading this way.  

I have been very dizzy today. Never like this before.  Checked B/P and it was a bit high but had just taken my blood pressure meds so had not kicked in yet. I am thinking it is my neck.  All that lifting and moving furniture around may have messed it up again. Got to work it to get it lined up again. Will be talking to doctor after things calm down about getting an X-ray to see if the plate has come loose or something and then going to also talk to him about these dizzy spells and my blood pressure.  I know I am very worried about my taxes being lost in mail. And I called them again this morning and still not found. They are sending out an e-mail to Richmond again to see what is going on. I really don't think they care about lost mail. I also called my CPA and they are going to give it till Friday. If it doesn't move he is going to help me through the next steps to take. 

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Sorry about your mail issue, Littlesister!  I know that is a nightmare for you on top of everything else.  I hope you you can relax a little with your visiting family!


Today, I have walked myself and then walked dogs.

Made a couple of phone calls.

Still have to sweep house and Cook Bell peppers and onions to go with eggs.

Taking a semi- rest day, today.



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38 minutes ago, Littlesister said:

I also called my CPA and they are going to give it till Friday. If it doesn't move he is going to help me through the next steps to take. 


When we used to be working overseas at tax time, our CPA secured an extension for us with the IRS. The first deadline was in July and the final drop-dead deadline was October of the same year. There would be interest on anything owed, but it kept our blood pressure under control.  :hug3:

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LONG MORNING!  Storm moved in about 3 am, and Abby-gir

l was bonkers!  I didn't think to give her the allergy pills that help calm her down so she was a mess...trying to dig under or around anything.  Her "storm pad" was useless for some reason.  I think it was because this front was so violent.  So...our day began at 3 am.  We tried to go back to bed but every time we did the thunder, rain, wind and hail would start again.  Finally gave it up about 7 am.  Went to the library here...yoohoo...they're open (with mask) and picked up some books to read.  I had been reading only from Kindle and hubby was reading from his. 

Then called vet and ordered Abby'girls heart worm pills for 6 months and people were everywhere outside!  Those with pets to be seen were waiting in their vehicles and us who were there just for meds stood in line.  I was 2nd...and stood for 30 minutes...but worth it.  Saves us money.  Then we drove on out to see my step mum.  She's doing great and it was nice to be able to "see" her and not just text back and forth on FB.  We don't mask and neither does she and none of us intend to vax...so we're careful about social distancing and washing our hands if we use her bathroom.  She's really missing my Dad.  She said "Do you think you all could bring the Kentucky Fried Chicken for Father's Day?"...my Dad loved KFC and we always took it down to him on Father's Day.  So...that's what we're planning to do!

Gave Abby-girl her allergy tabs a bit ago...just in case the weather coming in tonight gets bad.  Want to get ahead of it this time.  She's taken care of her duties, had her "greenie" and is relaxing in her bed.  I'm sure she's wore out too.

Tomorrow we plan to continue work at the homestead...if the weather doesn't get too slick.  Just rain no problem, ice...no way! LOL

If we get to go, hubby will work on my lower cabs while I separate and vacuum seal some meats that we have in bulk, into two people sizes.

Supper was grilled chicken strips in Teriaki/ginger sauce, yellow rice (I had in the freezer) and black beans.  Pretty tastey!

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WE2....you bring back memories of childhood in ancient Iowa farmhouse.  Storm cell after storm cell all thru the long dark nights.  Heading for the basement [watch out...second step from bottom is missing] and then back up to sleep for half hour and run back down there again.  Ugh!  Hope you and Mr. and Abby can get some rest. 


 :pray:  for all who are at risk during this storms!


:hug3:   Little Sister.   :pray: that you'll get the lost tax forms figured out some how/some way!!!  Try to relax and enjoy your younger generation.  


....off to doc appt today, now that the driveway .....well, a narrow corridor in the driveway is cleared.  :rolleyes:  Still have deep snow everywhere!


MtRider   :pc_coffee:

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Poor Abby Girl. Mine used to shiver and shake and drool and whine when storms rolled through. I hated it for her and me both. It seems like they always happened at night. 


We are having some warmer weather with rain. I had planned on going to Amish country today to look for some corn and some other stuff but I'm not traipsing down there in the rain. There are 3-4 bulk food stores and Lehmans I want to hit up. On the way back home I want to stop at Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. Maybe stop in Barnes and Noble for a look around. They, and a lot more, are all in one big shopping district. I'm staying out of Michaels because I'll just end up with more tee shirts that I don't need.  :rolleyes: 


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My taxes are still in limbo. So I put in another service request and went higher up the latter. Will see what happens now. 

My granddaughter got here yesterday from Washington state and my other granddaughter's friend from Alaska also got here yesterday. I haven't seen her in a long while.  We all had dinner at my granddaughter's house and then a bit later my granddaughter and I came back home.  We went out to breakfast this morning and then went around to a lot of the small shops around here. She has left to go back home this afternoon. So it was a short trip. My other granddaughter's friend will be leaving tomorrow morning.  I will be having dinner at her house tomorrow night as it is her turn to cook. 

My granddaughter from Washington bought a slice of rhubarb pie for me to try.  I had never eating it before. She said they have it all over Washington and was really good.  She wants to try growing some in her garden.  Might have to try that here as well.  I had never had chicken chili either and my granddaughter that lives here made it for dinner last night. Wow that was great.  So I am learning some new foods to eat.  I best be careful as I will be putting on weight I don't need. 

Got The bills paid this evening and ready to send out this evening. Paid the ones I could on line or by phone. Only had one I had to mail. 

Tomorrow I will be washing sheets and running over to neighbor's house to help her change her bandage from a surgery she had. It's on her back and she can't reach it to do it. 

Granddaughter got my books out of attic for me so will be going though those tomorrow and get the ones I am keeping in the bookcases. Its about 6 boxes. I think half of those will be going to good will. 

Glad to see that everyone was safe from that snow storm.  We never got the thunder and lighting and heavy rain they said we would be getting. But it was cloudy all day.  


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Sounds tasty!  Thanks MM, for the recipe.


I’m awake, did my reading, and pondering today’s travel back home.  Radar looks good and we should have a tail wind, to increase milage.  :happy0203:  DH said he will pick up oriental food for dinner, so I won’t have to cook.  He’s such a sweetheart.  :wub:


My friend got to her journeys end, safely, yesterday evening. :amen:



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Off work today for appointments.  Notified this morning I'd been turned down for a mortgage because I checked "no" on a separate paragraph that said I would update the mortgage company on any change in my phone number and allow them to text me and call me with any marketing news, not just related to this mortgage.  I'm not sure that would pass muster at the banking commission, whatever it's called these days.  So I need to talk to another bank, sigh.

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That's crazy, Ambergris!  Not a real reason at all!


We made it through the storms easily but were without power for another 2 days. Had partial power yesterday for a while, then none. Came back on at 8 PM.
Before we even started calling yard guys, someone knocked on our door and asked if we needed someone. Will do it for the same price as the last fellow who just quit.
Went to Kroger for local sales.


Today, I've done video.
Going to walk dogs in a bit.
Sweep house.
Take eBay photos.
Rest and watch some TV.

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:hug3:   GLAD to hear you and yours are fine, Miki!  Electric outage is [usually] minor compared to the pics of destruction we're seeing in the wake of this monster pressure system.  First the West and now South, South East.  :behindsofa:  


We're having sun and melting.  Whole lotta snow here yet cuz snowplow guy did a quick job.  Not sure we're close enough to SPRING  [tho it ALLEGEDLY begins tomorrow] to survive with all that snow up here....melting....turning to ice....sliding.....  :sigh:  

But.....  B)  Warm is nice. 


Sheeeeeesh, Ambergris.  ....because you wouldn't agree to get their advertising??????   :tapfoot:  They got some 'splaining to do!


Safe trip, Annarchy/MIL  :pray:  


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Ghosted by tthree other people I had appointments with and one lady I was trying to contact.  Feeling sick from the vaccination.  Apparently, feeling sick as all get out from the first vaccination is a sign you have had Covid.  well... I tested negative...:laughkick:

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Glad to hear from you Miki. Was hoping all was well. 

Sorry you haven't been feeling well Ambergris. 


I ended up in Amish country today. I did pretty well stocking up on bulk foods. I went to four different stores. I don't know how much I got because I couldn't get one big package. I had to get a bunch of small packages. I'll know better when I repackage it. It looked like a lot though. :shrug:


I got a big container of cinnamon. I want to make up a half gallon jar of cinnamon sugar. Those little bottles of cinnamon sugar are expensive. So easy to make my own. I found non-GMO organic popcorn. That's mainly what I went for. I got some dehydrated onions. Really, they were almost as cheap to buy them than to do it myself. Same with the garlic flakes. I got confused with the flour. So many to choose from and I don't know one from the other. I ended up with Sir Galahad. The name sounded familiar. I figure I'll use the flour before I have to break into the wheat berries. Then I thought about some granola. They had plain and all different flavors. I got almond VANILLA!  :woohoo:


I checked out a few other stores down there but didn't buy anything else. By the time I got to Lehman's it was getting late so I didn't dawdle. They had some Ball jars but no lids of any kind. There were no canners and the wall of gaskets was reduced down to a small rack. They have moved the entire store around. I hate when stores do that. They even had a print out on each cart to show the new floor plan. The only thing I got there were some packets of 'sandwich greens' to sprout and a copy of The Tightwad Gazette which was on sale. That's a huge book. They have shelf after shelf of jigsaw puzzles. All kinds and very nice ones. I was a little pressed for time so I didn't pay much attention to them this time. I will the next time though. 


I stopped in Wal-mart. It's a really big one. I was getting tired so except for a loaf of bread I didn't check out the shelves. Walking by though I did notice there was plenty of cleaning supplies including Lysol. A lot of the shelves throughout the store were getting empty. Vitamin shelves were getting low again. The socks and undies were nearly empty. There wasn't any packages of women's crew socks. Only some anklets and footie type socks and not many of those. The camping area looked pretty good. I got some skewers and marshmallow/hot dog forks that I have been looking for. I also got some seeds to put away. They were too expensive but I got some veggie seeds anyway. I think they were $1.44 a pack. I got 'you-know-who' two little plastic Adirondack chairs. He doesn't have any outside chairs at my house. Oh, and they had some Ball canning jars too. Pints and half pints but no quarts. And no lids.


I went down the street to Dollar Tree and picked up a case of that pineapple/coconut Splash drink then headed for home. I didn't get to Barnes and Nobel but I was only going to stop there because it was on the way. Also didn't go to Sam's. That's okay too. I was just going to look for some flour (I got it in bulk in Amish country) and some more tuna. 


That's about it. I got everything I went for and not much more. It was a good trip but I'm so tired now and my muscles are starting to feel it. It will be a heating pad and Advil weekend for me. Next week will be unloading the Jeep and repacking my haul.


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I'm glad you had a good shopping trip, Jeepers!  Hope you get plenty of rest this weekend!


Good morning!
Will either walk or do video first.
Take eBay photos.
Make meatloaf from 5# of ground beef. Make one for us and pressure can a few pints (experiment), and freeze what is left in loaf pan(s) for another time.
Easy day!

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Home safe. :amen:


Winds were shaking everyone on the road.  It was somewhat of a tail wind, the van got 28 mpg.  :cheer:


Today is house cleaning day.  Getting ready to get at it.

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I forgot to add that yesterday at Wal-Mart they had about 10 'long guns' in a case. There were quite a few people around the counter so I couldn't get a good look at them. I don't know if they were shotguns or rifles. A couple had a scope on it.

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I'm tired.  We've been running around since yesterday.  I got several fillings and we did some car shopping. My old van is going to DD17 on her 18th birthday in June.  I had bought it in 03 and kept it in fairly good condition since then. 


I bought a new minivan today.  Its a new Sienna hybrid so the gas mileage is 37mpg and it will fit everyone and everyone's STUFF.  This will probably be the last vehicle I ever buy for me so we got the top end one with all the bells and whistles.  It should see us through the remainder of the kids growing up and leaving home.  DH was very impressed by all the warranties, the quiet motor, and the 'pep' of the engine.   It seems very comfortable and I'm happy with it, but I'm a bit stressed about how much we spent.  


DH spoke with dealer and learned that Toyota is under manufacturing right now because they are having trouble getting chips for it.  The chips are manufactured in Taiwan.   We had a lot of trouble finding what we were looking for and almost all the lots were half empty.  

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Ugh....Second Day after going into town.....  :faint3: 


Snow on driveway melting....  :amen:    Nice warm/sunny day.  Thermometer in sun achieved 72*.  Probably change in weather/temps tomorrow.  :(


4AM....dog goes off!!!  BARKING ...running to front door.  :imoksmiley:   DH and I ...Wha....???   Then we smelled the stench.  A lot like skunk but not quite the right stench.   I checked it out with the big spot light.  Checked basement....something burning?? NO...thankfully.  Went back up and we all went back to bed.  I slept til 11am.  Don't know what it was.... 


MtRider  :shrug: 

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Congrats on your new set of wheels Euphrasyne! I heard about a month ago that some car manufacturers were halting production because they couldn't get the chips. What color did you get?


I drive my cars until the wheels fall off. I can't believe I've been driving my Jeep for 15 years now. I still love it and have no intention of getting rid of it. Unless the wheels fall off.  :D

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