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I wanted to let you all know that DH pasted away early Sunday morning. He passing was quick and he was very much at peace. He knew the Lord and I know he is with him now singing and dancing with his p

Test results are in.  No COVID!

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

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Now I wonder what your dog was barking at, Mt. Rider.  LOL

Glad you got a new vehicle, Euphrasyne!


Already did video this morning.
Washed sheets.
Sunday School and Church next.
Remake bed.
Wash dog blankets.
Wash dogs.
That's enough for me.


The baked meatloaf turned out great yesterday and the PC'd pints look good!  I ran a spoon handle down into the middle of the meat and put the sauce topping.

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Mt_Rider, could it have been a fox your dog was barking at?  They have a very strong musky odor.  At least they don't spray it at you or your dog :happy0203:

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Maybe?  We do have foxes but have never smelled something SO STRONG that it got into the house.  I wonder tho....if it came up 15 steps to the porch?  Foxes can be bold.  There is no dog food or anything up there. 


The smell was seeping inside the front door....none at the back door.  VERY strong when I carefully opened that door.  Was much stronger outside ....down the steps...under porch.  Don't think fox-or-whatever was anywhere near when we let dog out on porch since  she didn't bark.  Just smelling.  I entered the basement/garage from under the stairs and there was no scent in there.  But that door is a lot tighter than our main cabin door.  Good thing I had a towel laying across the threshold and folded newspapers stuffed into the side crack between door and doorway frame.  I do that for keeping cold/wind out....not critter-stink!  :rolleyes: 


 ....might have been fox.  Can't see a muskrat climbing up there.  They stink too, right?  Assume they hibernate.


:o  Ugh, just tell me Mt Lions don't spray a powerful, skunk-similar scent ....


MtRider   :behindsofa:  

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Oh wow Euphrasyne...it sure is a beauty! Many happy trails to you.


That looks just like my Jeep Liberty parked next to you. :D

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Mt_Rider, a muskrat smells, especially when breeding but not like a skunk.  It has it's own unique smell but they don't often go far from their natural habitat.  They especially like to stay near their den in winter.  Most of the big cats do spray urine to mark their territories. Bob cats will but for some unknown reason the Mt. lion doesn't. It makes scrapes and urinates around them. Their urine though smells like a cat litter box and not skunk.  Wolverine smell musky though so maybe that.   Or a bear?   Perhaps.  A friend, years ago, had a bear as a pet.  He wrestled it sometimes but it was a big .....well teddy bear.  For some reason it loved me and wanted to be near me each time I was around.  (Might have been the fact that I always brought it marshmallows which it loved. Hehe.) In fact, We almost had it as a permanent pet ourselves when that person died but his family opted to keep it and I was glad.  It smelled but not like skunk.  Kind of um pig like maybe? 


My guess is on the fox or a skunk.  Um neither of which do you really want outside your door. Phew!!!.   

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I was thinking fox too. We used to have a couple of them around here. We never smelled them but we sure heard them. Very loud! Kind of an eerie screaming bark-ish sound. Sounded like a human in distress. Loud enough to wake you up in the night. 

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Another easy day, I think!
Will walk first
Walk dogs
Finally (hopefully) put propane burner together
Do one load of laundry


Thankful for easy days!

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Jeepers, believe it or not, that screaming bark the fox make is the female letting the male know she's ready to mate.  I always wondered if that was the equivalent of batting their eye lashes :laughkick:

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Seems everyone has been busy.  New car that looks great. Bet that is a nice quiet, smooth ride euphrasyne.   I like it.  


I have been busy with some paper work. Seems it never ends.  They got my taxes all the way to Norfolk and now another notice that they will be late. They have been late since the 8th of March when they were suppose to have been delivered. Guess I will be on phone again tomorrow about it. 


Fell asleep on couch watching TV yesterday and must have had my left arm under me some how. I can't hardly move it today. Took a muscle relaxer a bit ago and the pain has eased off but still can't straighten it out without pain. Couldn't even get my hair up in a ponytail this morning. Hope by tomorrow morning it will be better. 

Went to Church Sunday and then to cemetery. Came home and got some lunch and just relaxed and read a book for a while.  Been rather tired these past few days. Guess everything is catching up with me now.  Seems like I have been on a never ending roller coaster. One thing after the other to get done. 

Just about ready for bed now as the muscle relaxer is making me sleepy.  Need to get kitchen cleaned up tomorrow as I had started going through cabinets and getting those cleaned out. Need to get some older food moved to kitchen so that will get eaten first.  

Ate some corn beef hash this morning with expiration date of 2016. Can was in great shape and no bulges so I knew it was not bad. I check all my canned food before opening them.  For being 5 years out of date it was really good. So I know the canned food for the most part as long as it is not acid foods like fruit and things will last a long time. Though I don't think I would go past 5 years on any canned food. 

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Littlesister, please give yourself a little break from all you have been doing.  Yes, tons of paperwork, tons of phone calls, tons of dealing with everything and stuff that has to be done... but, take a moment or two, sit down and just forget everything for a bit.  All that stuff will still be there to do, after, you get a brief moment for yourself.  

I’ve watched my mom, MIL and countless others, deal with loosing their loved ones.  Everyone outside, think, you gotta do it right away, all the this & that, however, when you take the time for “you”, things focuses.  1st, most important, next, next... etc.


 I understand I am not an expert, my DH is still here.  But, going thru the loss with my mom’s (times too many times I want to admit), “your” time is the critical thing.  Time to think, reflect, cry, scream, get angry, forgive, and love, and pray, gives relief, that only God can flood over you, giving you strength to prioritize your next ToDo items.  Deep breath, praise God for every little thing, and, please try to relax.  My heart aches for you, God knows.

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We had a glorious week vacation at the beach. Figured out that a lot of my issues are definitely stress related.  Decided that there are enough people who’d hunt us down that we better come back.  Readjusting to the real world sucks...especially when we had massive dust clouds yesterday. 

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On 3/22/2021 at 2:31 PM, Mother said:

Jeepers, believe it or not, that screaming bark the fox make is the female letting the male know she's ready to mate.  I always wondered if that was the equivalent of batting their eye lashes :laughkick:

Dang, you mean I spent all that money on mascara for nothing when all I had to do was go out in the yard and bark? Who knew!  :misc-smiley-231:

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Thank you for that Annarchy.  It has been five weeks this past Sunday that DH had passed and I am still trying to figure out my life without him now. I have been back and forth with the post office about loosing my tax papers again. Hoping this time they will get them delivered. Right now I have no money coming in till everything from our retirement is done and fully turned over to me for my monthly checks. Though I do have money to pay my bills so I am ok for now. But found out today that AXA made a mistake and my financial planner is having a fit because of it. So he is trying to push it along as fast as he can.  I have been just trying to keep busy with doing things around the house. Still can't go through DH's clothes and get them packed away. I still have my moments and night is the worse. But I work through it. Don't think there is a right nor a wrong way to deal with this. Everyone is different. There were some things I had to do right after the funeral and now I am just trying to get taxes done if the post office will stop loosing my tax papers.

I did start back to church and then to cemetery on Sundays. The first Sunday was rough as DH wasn't with me when I went. But the second Sunday was much better. It will take time but I will get through it. 


CG. Glad you had a good time at the beach. Maybe I should do that. Just get away from it all for a week. Just might do me some good. Though here it is still a bit cold for the beach. Might go up to Lynchburg to visit my cousins. It's a 5 hour drive but I have been wanting to do that. 


Foxes, looking to mate this time of year. I didn't know about the screams they make when ready to mate. Yeah, guess no mascara was needed for that. Funny what wild animals do. 


Been back and forth with my grandson now for 2 days. He is not going into military now but is moving up to Washington state to live with his sister. He best be getting a job and doing right. Video games don't cut it and that is all he wants to do.  He wants to go to college to be a game designer. But he won't study to get there. He was in college 2 years ago and had just started and then flopped out. So he is not ready. He is  19 years old and still has a lot of growing up to do.  He wanted to come live with me and I told him no. He had to many friends that had a bad influence on him and he would be right back with that group. So not coming here as I won't allow that kind of behavior.  Hope his sister can get him on the right track. Though she is the one that talked her out of going into military. Maybe her husband can work with him on getting a better score on the test for military so he wouldn't have to go into infantry. He passed that test by 1 point. So not good. He just doesn't try. Can't say if it is him or if this corvid has like others makes him feel like he has no future so why try.  But that is not the attitude to take. This mess is not what I need right now, so time to disappear for a couple of weeks from home. Trip to Lynchburg is looking good. But if I get to Farmville where I was born, I might start looking around there for places to live. I love it there. Beautiful hill country with lots of farmland.  Though I wouldn't buy a farm but a house with about an acre or two of land. That thought has crossed my mind many times.


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Very wise to not have your G'son move in Littlesister. I've seen a lot of that happening. A young relative moves in with intention of 'helping' the elderly only to completely take over. Not always but enough of the time to be wary. Then their friends start to hang around and then things go missing. No thanks.


Ya know, I bought an acre in Indiana and it's very surprising how big one acre is. I know I was surprised. You can have about anything on one acre except for cattle and growing crops. Granted the house isn't very big and the unattached garage sits right next to the house so that leaves the back yard a pretty clean slate. 

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No, I don't live near Boulder.   :(   DH says in our town, 5 - 12 shoppers would have had THEIR defensive items out immediately and that would have been the end of the trouble.  True, that.  :sigh:  Not true in Boulder.  


It's snowing....it's been snowing.....  Fortunately, the past couple days, it hasn't been sticking a lot.  Melting still going on from the big storm.  Sunny times and then.....it's snowing again.  :)  GOOD for the water table!  ANYthing is better than wildfire.  :amen:  


I was feeling a bit sick....G.I. tract was disturbed for couple days.  Seems to be ok today.  My mom's sick today and asked DH to come in and finally get her 'script from pharmacy.  There was a series of errors and weather that kept her from getting the refill.  So DH and dog went off to fetch that and a few grocery items for my folks today. 


Since I was feeling better, I did a bit of shoveling at the top of the driveway.  At one point my right foot did a 'turn-over'.   My feet are too flexible and I've a long history of falling and/or messing one or the other foot up for a while.  Last summer it was the left foot.  Two years previous was also the left.  Today, I caught my balance and continued to shovel snow.  THEN I carried about 10 scoops of sand/grit under the porch to make a built-up causeway to walk on.  We've got a bitty pond of water gathering under there. 


AND found out why today.  :sigh:   There is a bubbling LEAK cut into the French drain that runs from the house gutters and down to empty far from the house.....especially away from the under-porch and garage door area.  Guess where it's leaking....right there.  If it ever stops snowing and melting off the roof, I can repair it.  I suppose there is some waterproof goop that might attach even while it's leaking water.....?   [and DH just got back from town]


Anyway....all that hauling of heavy, wet grit/dirt did NOT do my twisted back, hip and leg muscles any good.  'Course I didn't KNOW that foot roll-over had strained my back, hip, and leg until I'd sat in a chair for a while.  I got a real clear message then.   OW!   :buttercup: 


When DH/dog returned from their errand, I got adjusted and have been resting everything.  Taking Nuprin.  So far it feels better.  May have to take it easy for a few days.  Could have been worse.  Could have fallen.  :amen: 


MtRider.......Everyone stay safe.....  :pray:

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3 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:


If it ever stops snowing and melting off the roof, I can repair it.  I suppose there is some waterproof goop that might attach even while it's leaking water.....?   [and DH just got back from town]


Ask Annarchy. That woman can, and does, fix anything!

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We got 2.5" rain yesterday! Good deal.

Going to get dry needling done on my trigger thumb this morning. Hope it works as the steroids did not.
Also local grocery sales
Thrift shop for soft side cooler for my trip.

Hope to clean front porch and carport today, but that might wait.
Walk dogs and do video?



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Mom's hospital bed arrived yesterday from Hospice.  :hug3: They have so many choices on mattresses these days. Mom was really set against it but slept all night and awoke refreshed. I was always praying every time she tried to enter and exit our high bed. DH had built a platform for her to use, but I was always afraid she would forget and take a big tumble (even though it was only 3" high  :rolleyes:)  Now we can raise the head of her bed so she can breath better and raise the knees so that she doesn't slide down off her pillows. I didn't realize how much it was stressing me every day, especially counting SEVEN pillows that I pulled off the older queen bed.  :0327:


I finally made a trip to Walmart yesterday to buy the twin bedding. I think I've been in there about 3 times in the last year. I'm not interested in bringing home everyone's germs to a 93 y.o. I've been able to purchase almost everything locally and try to help the family-owned businesses. I was surprised at the lack of inventory at Walmart for twin bedding. It's not that all the kids are going back to college right now.    :gaah:  I finally had to order the flannel sheets off the internet. I wasn't going to pay $80-$120 for a set of sheets from Kohl's. No wonder they're about bankrupt. Yes, their products are high quality and I really like them, but mama isn't going to last another 20 years, and the bed will go back to Hospice after she dies.


I did walk through the canning section at Walmart and found the last two boxes of wide mouth canning lids. I think they were around $3.50 a box. I considered those little gems the height of my outing yesterday.   :24:

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Homesteader, I am so sorry to hear about your mom.  Seems these past couple of years have been hard on so many.  Glad you were able to get a hospital bed that would work good for her and she was able to sleep much better. That will help her so much. 

I haven't been to Walmart in over a year.  Wonder how empty the shelves are there now.  Will have to make a trip over there sometime next week after all the kids have gone home.  They will be here this weekend.  Daughter, son in law and grandson.  

Grandson has his plane ticket and will be heading to Washington on the 4th of April.  I really hope and pray he will get his life together and start doing right. Maybe this will be the best thing for him as he and his mother do but heads over nothing most of the time. He has always done well with his oldest sister and they have always done a lot together, so hoping this is the best option for him. 


Finally, they found my tax papers again and they have been delivered to the CPA.  CPA called and said they have finally gotten them all intact. So they are now starting to work on them.  Just hope I get money back and not have to pay anything.  That is a big relieve off of my shoulders. 


I think next week, I need to start getting out of house for a bit as I haven't been able to just get out and go shopping for past couple of years and now I just can't seem to get myself to go anywhere other than for groceries or to pick up my RX's.  Need to start forcing myself to get out.  Would like to get to JoAnn fabrics as they have a 1/2 price sale on flannel material and I would like to get some of that. Need to do that soon. So may go tomorrow as we are going to have more rain today and I don't want to get caught out in a heavy downpour going as far as I would have to go to get there.  Need to get my coupons together also for the extra savings. 


Going to sit down in a while and get the bills paid off.  My two charge cards came in for the funeral and now I can write the checks and send them on their way and get those cards paid off.  Then I will no longer have any bills again other than insurances and utilities bills.  Would like to keep it that way. Cash only for what I buy from now on. 

This morning I got kitchen cleaned up and floor mopped.  Then going back in office to start working on the big mess in there.  Need to go through the food and start putting some of it in car to take to church for our food ministry.  It is way to much food for me to eat even for hard times. But still in the back of my mind, I keep telling my self to hold on to it. But if I can't eat it within a year then it might go bad.  Where it was set up for DH and myself and a little extra, it has now become just me and a lot of extras. So some of it needs to go.  If any of you lived anywhere near me I could give you a lot of food. But no one lives that close other than euphrasyne and she is welcome to anything she can use if she wants it.  euphrasyne you can message me if you would like some canned food before I take it to the church.  Would be very happy to let you have some of it if you can use it. 

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3 hours ago, Littlesister said:

Finally, they found my tax papers again and they have been delivered to the CPA.  CPA called and said they have finally gotten them all intact.


:amen:  :balloons:   :amen:  


Homesteader....I've had a hospital bed for many years and love it.  In the night, I can drop my hand down for the controls and raise the head if I can't breathe or have a headache.  I barely wake up.  It's made a difference in my sleep, for sure.  And it's comfortable for daytime in 'chaise lounge' position for computer or reading.  As for Walmart/bedding, DH had trouble a year ago.  I wanted navy blue and he came back with cream and scarlet.  LOL  :shrug:   Hope your mom continues to have better sleep....makes such a difference!  If she gets to this point, do you know about the pressure pad alarms?  My friend with her 106 yo mom has found that extremely useful.  She can sleep, knowing that she'll wake to that alarm if her mom gets up from bed...usually confused...in the night.  Lots of technology that makes things safer for elders and easier on caregivers.  Bless you for your efforts for your mom.  We'll do a LOT for them, won't we?  :pray:  


We added 6.5 more snow inches to the water table thru the night.  It's dripping snow off and on but not really accumulating anything more. 


MtRider  ....Springtime in the Rockies.  :frozen: 

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I would really like a hospital bed.  Instead, I sleep in this chair.  It just doesn't go completely flat, which would be nice.

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Thank you for the offer, Littlesister.  That is very kind of you.  We are good though, and you should donate it to those less fortunate.  I managed to put back quite a bit for us and we are trying to rotate stock right now.  Please let me know if you need anything.  


DH got a promotion, we got the second and third round of stimulus already, and we should be getting child tax credit $ starting in July.  We fixed under the house and now the roof and we got a new van to replace my very old one.  DH got his first covid shot from his work and should be getting his second in a few weeks.  I'm going to skip it.  Things are all going so well that I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.   


My mammogram showed something last week and they have me scheduled for more tests this Friday.   I'm hoping this turns out to be a 'i jiggled' or something during the last one and not the other shoe dropping.  

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