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Jeepers, I am having the same problem. Seems every time I get one thing like I want it, something else happens. Then when I find things and get it where I want, windows does another update and messes things up again.  And yes a new computer is on my down the road list.  I ordered the other grill parts I need. I am going to home depot tomorrow morning and then to the cemetery to take flowers for Easter. Will still be going back on Sunday as I usually go every Sunday. But I want to get the flowers on the grave side as there are none there right now. Took the old ones that were real flowers off as they had died. So this time I am doing fake flowers. To bad they  don't have veggies that I could put in a vase. Dh was not a flower person. His motto was if you can't eat it you can't plant it.  Came home from work one day and he had pulled up all my rose bushes and planted tomatoes there. What can I say. he loved his garden. 

Granddaughter from CA texted me. She is planting flowers in containers. They really looked good. She sent lots of pictures. Then my other granddaughter called from Washington state. She is the one that got me the Alexa for Christmas. She is cleaning out the spare bedroom for grandson that is moving up with here for a while. So we can see each other while we talk and in her case cleaning out a closet while we talk. 

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I wanted to let you all know that DH pasted away early Sunday morning. He passing was quick and he was very much at peace. He knew the Lord and I know he is with him now singing and dancing with his p

Test results are in.  No COVID!

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

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OOTO, I had wondered that same thing about the name Little Sister being from Laddie.  Loved that book.  

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2 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Speaking of worrying...has anyone heard from Kappy since the storms rolled through?


Yesssss!  They are the others I've wondered about.  I hope they were a little south of the main action!!  :pray:



MtRider ....sure has been an unsettled and record-breaking season.  :o  

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I think I quoted about how I came up with the name Little sister.  But I will just tell it here.  I  have a friend in Sunday school that always calls me her little sister. We are not sisters but good friends. We also worked in  the food ministry with her and her husband. She would tell everyone that I was her little sister. So the name stuck. So that is how I came up with the name Littlesister.  Guess I just got so used to being called little sister that I decided to use that name here.


And yes haven't heard from Kappy. So Kappy, please check in as soon as you can so we will know you and Mary are doing ok from this storm. 

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2 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I'm really struggling with this Windows 10 computer. Too many options. 



I still not sure I've got everything I want and disabled everything I didn't need! One of the things I wound up doing was deleting RealPlayer. I think it was interferring with some media that I didn't have issues with in Win7. It took me a couple of weeks to find some of the enviornmental settings like the desktop wallpaper, etc. I also had to remove the McAfee that came with the comp because I already have it with my internet service. Finding the "off" button was a PITA also. You have to click on the black windows image on the bottom taskbar, allow it to load up a bunch of menues I don't want to see, find the "power" icon, hover on that, and you will FINALLY see the three power down options: Restart, Sleep, and Power Off. :gaah:

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In case anybody is interested: ;)


I started with MrsS in 1999 when we were preparing for all of the anticipated problems that the 6 digit date (MM/DD/YY) used in computer programs at the time would cause to businesses, banks, gov't programs, etc. Since my kids were still fairly young at the time, I didn't get the opportunity to research the "what's" and "how's" of stockpiling, researching alternate energy, etc until after they were in bed. Then I'd watch a little bit of TV (including Johnny Carson), and the next thing I knew it was PAST MIDNIGHT before I got on the comp! :whistling:


I use the "Y2K Leftover" tag under my usename because during one of the forum moves (or perhaps it was an update) my JOIN date got altered and I wanted the "newbies" to know I'm one of the fossils on this site. :grinning-smiley-044:

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I just want all of my stuff in one place. I don't like the fact that every time I open something and then close it, it's listed in Quick Access recent files. That list gets so long I can't find anything there anyway until I delete the files. I think I should tell the files if I want to save it there or not. I should probably go to Youtube and watch some tutorials. 


I saw Y2K Leftover and knew I was in the right place. That describes me too. I can't remember the year I got my first computer. It was a Gateway. I got sucked in by the cute cow print box. I spent hours searching for preparedness websites before I found Mrs. Survival. I even secretly listened to Art Bell with head sets on. Remember that loud horrible noise dial up made? No way you could log on in secret. It would wake the whole house. After Y2K was a bust I'd get, 'Are you getting ready for Y3K'  Well, who's laughing now! At least I didn't have to panic over toilet paper.  :pout: 

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Well, I'm kind of excited. I called a landscaper for the Indy house and left a message detailing what I need done. I hope they return my call. Last fall I called a company telling them what I needed and they never called back. Their lo$$.


I know it's a huge job and is going to cost me a fortune but I'm stuck. There is no way I could do it. It would take son all summer even with me helping. And maybe then some. Working every day plus he is on call one week every three weeks and needs to stay close to his house that week. Not to mention you-know-who all up in our bidnuss. :grinning-smiley-044:    I think I actually saw him go pale when I mentioned having it done. He figured I was going to ask him to do it. It's going to take a crew of guys. It's a complete tear out of all the old shrubs, a jungle of weeds removed, some trees trimmed, landscape weed barrier around the house and bark. One tree hangs low over the driveway and scrapes the top and sides of the car. It's a real trashy mess and I know it. I won't get plants this year because I won't always be there to water them. At least I can put off that expense off for a year. 


I'm hoping to get some of the inside painted this summer too. I'll have to hire that done too because of the vaulted ceilings in about four rooms and tray ceilings in about four other rooms. I'll paint what I can but there is no way I can do those TALL walls. I'm thinking they can at least use a spray paint gun and knock all the ceilings in one day. It has some wallpaper boarders that will have to be removed and some cracked walls that will need to be spackled and sanded before painting. I'm pretty sure I can do that. I'm going to do all i am able to do to save money on the repairs and upkeep. 


Dang it. It fired off again before I was ready. I hate this computer. I know it isn't this site. I know it's user error. I just don't know the error of my ways.



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Mine isn't deleting files, they are multiplying and duplicating themselves all over this machine. 


Girl, I can barely manage turning this PC off and on. Can you imagine me trying to learn a Mac from scratch? I'm old. I don't have that much time left. :mornincoffee:

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Another busy day.  Went to cemetery this morning to put flowers on grave.  On the way there were at least 20 to 25 police cars everywhere before I got to cemetery.  Don't know what was going on but they all had their lights going.  Part of the street and a neighborhood was blocked off. No stores were in that section, so not a robbery, unless it was a home invasion. Hope not.  Got through that and further down was anther police car. Lights on and she was just standing there.  Got to cemetery and there was a funeral going on right near where Dh is buried. It was to close to him for me to just park and go up to the grave side. So I parked in back of the cemetery and waited for it to be over and cars leaving before I pulled up and went to graveside.  After getting the flowers in the vase, I left as the trucks were there to bury the person that had passed. Felt so sorry for the man that stayed behind to watch them put the casket in ground.. I was thinking it might have been his wife.  i left and then went to Home Depot. Got the rest of things I needed for planting the veggies and bought the last small air compressor they had that I had wanted. Also got a few flowers to plant around the front porch. Left there and went to Chick fil and got some lunch as my breakfast was nothing more than a cup of coffee. They now have 2 lanes for drive through. So went through that and then pulled into the empty parking lot at the mall to eat.  Then left and came home.  DD is not coming in this weekend and I was hoping they would since it is Easter weekend. But they are taking g'son to the airport on Sat. morning. So they are coming down the following weekend. So will be going to sunrise service and then the 10 am service and after going to g'daughter's appt. for a late lunch.  Easter will be so different this year in more ways than one. Seems all the family is moving away somewhere, but you have to go where the jobs are. Once everyone is settled and I can get myself back into traveling again, I see some traveling in my future.  Would be nice to get out and go places again. It has been a long time since I have been able to do that. Going to Washington state and to CA both, I will plan so I can see both g'children . They are from what my g'daughter in CA said about 2 or 3 hours way by car. 

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Just stopping by to say hello to y'all! We've been busy as usual.  Hubby's working for a customer's "honey do" list which seems to keep getting added to!  We work at the homestead on the weekends or if he has a short day.  

The rain barrels are full, they should have gotten a really good flushing with the three storms that passed through.

We're not planting this year.  Plan to build a greenhouse instead.  Probably about a 10x24 or so.  Want to keep it in even lengths so hubby won't have to do a lot of cutting or wood wasting.  Going to remove the fence and gate that separates Abby-girl from the garden area and let her have free range.  She won't be able to get into the green house and she won't bother the containers that we may plant some things like flowers etc.  

Washer drain pipe clogged up so it took hubby a couple of days augering it before I was able to wash clothes without it comingout the top of the drain pipe!  So now I'm playing catchup on laundry.  I'm loving being able to line dry again!  The clothes smell so wonderful!  I'm also vacuum sealing everything that we don't need here or at the homestead for awhile...which will include blanket, comforters, winter clothes and shoes etc.  

Hubby's working on several of our dressers.  One we let son use upstairs he really was rough on it...badly scarred and one leg crippled up.  My antique set which includes a chest of drawers, needed the wood wheels removed so now we have to put some felt on the bottom of the legs.  The vanity with mirror and chair seem to be in good condition.  It's all been stored in our cedar wood shed/barn. 

Hubby's putting vinyl (some left from bathroom project) on the flooring of my lower kitchen cabinets and will get to putting it under the kitchen and bathroom sink floors.  Glad we had enough left over to do it!  

Perhaps I've mentioned it...can't remember...but he got the gas range moved into the kitchen, put the kitchen pantry (4x10) in and the cabinet and range vent over the stove done.  Still need to wire the two out lets on the back splash of the kitchen counter, but it will take a couple of days to do and right now we're not needing them.

Hung my spice rack on the wall going into the extended pantry and he'll build me some shelves beside it to put my storage jars on.  I like to keep my flour, sugar, pasta's, rice etc., in half gallon jars.

Re-did the bedroom closet so we have a nice shelf above the clothes rack.  Lot's of pitching and dumping still!

Moved my Mason Bee houses to a safer spot on the front porch.  It's a wrap around and covered porch, so I moved it to the inside, against the brick where the fireplace is.  They'll like it there I'm sure!

Did take Saturday off and did our picnic lunch to our favorite state park.  Enjoyed a nice walk and lunch.  Lot's of campers in the camper loop but we only walked it.  We parked Miss B in the other picnic area and ate on a picnic table there.  Was a bit chilly, but still enjoyable.

Changed out the bedding to a comforter and sheet only.  Don't need the thermals and fleece blankets now.  So got them in the laundry room to get washed and vacuum sealed up.

Still nursing my lower back a bit.  Reached over to set my coffee cup down on my end table a week ago and pulled "something" really good.  Headed straight for the Ibuprofen to get ahead of it, and had hubby put a hot patch on my lower back.  It's an old injury so I'm taking it easy.  I know just about what posture I am NOT able to assume and like I said, favoring it so I don't need any meds.  Our inversion table is buried so I can't hang upside down.  Will be glad when it's moved to the homestead along with the treadmill etc.  We put the "bike" in the wood barn for the time being.  We may not have room for it...and the rowing machine...who knows where it will end up?  Really miss being able to use those to keep our muscles strong.  It may not feel good at first, but it sure limbers things up making other activities more enjoyable.

Guess I'd better skiddaddle.  I still need to take care of my nightly duties and put my jammies on...and grab my book to read.  I'm enjoying the 2nd of a series by Mary Conneally.  Somewhat bizarre but very entertaining! LOL  Three girls raised in the mountains away from society and a ranch family that ran into them.  Like I said...quite entertaining!

Everybody stay safe and as healthy as possible.  My prayers are with each of you as I come here and read your postings. 

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I've lost 10 pounds since the last week of Feb. I do the Carbohydrate Addict Diet. Works a little slower than the Green Smoothies, but is more sustainable for the long run. Am within 5 pounds of where I was 3 years ago when I went to FL for a visit.


I did a liver flush Monday as my gall bladder was hurting. Soo many gallstones gone now!


I got the J&J vaccine yesterday. When I go visit in May, it would be a problem if I don't get one. I did pre-treat as suggested on another board, zinc, D3 and C. Arm doesn't even hurt at all and still have had no symptoms of any kind. Won't be getting a regular flu shot.


In other good news, the banker at my little brother's credit union couldn't tell me what was n there until we do a small estate affidavit, but when I said I had to pay $1100 for cremation, he said I am covered. Thank you God and little brother!


This morning, I walked.
Next walk dogs.
Clean porch.
Fill out wills--not getting done yet.

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Indiana lawn dude called back.  :cele:

He said he would try to get out to the house this week, depending on the weather, then give me an estimate. 


I'm so 'technocapped'. I think I just made up another new word. Technologically Handicapped. Or maybe 'handiteched'


I think I made up a new word when I was in Amish Country a week or so back too. The kids were getting out of school for the day and there were cute little Amish kids everywhere. I thought to my self, "Better slow it down Jeepers. There are herds of Amletts everywhere on the road." Amish kidlets. Amletts. Omelets. Yeah, I know. If you have to explain it... The mind does wonder wander on long road trips when you are alone.  


Anyway. Technocapped.  :rolleyes:


I was explaining to him to get online and enter my Indiana address and then go to Zillow and you can get an idea of my yard. Silence. He told me he could just stop by the house and have a look in person. Oh yeah, he lives in Indiana too! :rolleyes:


He kept asking about my cell phone number so we could communicate and he could send pictures of progress made. I told him I never use my cell phone and it's almost always dead anyway. My home phone has an answering machine so I'll always receive a message. I can get pictures in my email address. While all of that is true, I left out the part about I still haven't set up voice mail or text messages or anything else for that matter. I only assume I can receive pictures but I wouldn't  know where they landed if they did get through. The only reason I have that cell phone is for long trips and because my old Tracphone didn't get a signal at the new house. Also, I'm very selective about who I give my cell number to. For decades only two people have had my cell phone number. My son and my D-ex. Since my D-I-L gave me a grandson, I gave her my cell phone number. Only fair I thought. I think I got the better end of that deal. So now I'm up to three people. Also she set up the area where I could make lists right there in the phone so I could use it inside of a grocery store. No more pencil and paper for me at the local Wal-Marts!  :rolleyes:


Then I was trying to explain to him the best way to get to the house. I kept saying, you know where this is and you turn off of that road. Or you can turn at Burger King...Bless him. He let me ramble and then said, "I've got it pulled up on my GPS." Oh yeah. Modern people can do things like that. By now he's probably debating whether or not he wants to deal with me. Smoke signals would be easier.  :rolleyes:


I hope our relationship works out! I just know he and his apostles crew will do a stellar job.

His first name is Jesus. Probably pronounced HAY-sus though.

So now I'm waiting by the phone for Jesus to call. 

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2 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I'm so 'technocapped'. I think I just made up another new word. Technologically Handicapped. Or maybe 'handiteched'


Hmmmmm.....I think "handiteched" would be the opposite of "technocapped", Jeepers.  Just sayin'   :cheeky-smiley-067:


6 hours ago, snapshotmiki said:

I've lost 10 pounds since the last week of Feb. I do the Carbohydrate Addict Diet. Works a little slower than the Green Smoothies, but is more sustainable for the long run. Am within 5 pounds of where I was 3 years ago when I went to FL for a visit.


:thumbs:   :thumbs:   Yay, Miki!  


I've been doing the "Knock Off the Sweets, Desserts, Snack Crackers, AND CHOCOLATE diet:whistling:   Whoa....I must have been consuming a lot of all that cuz since beginning in early January, I've dropped nearly 20 lbs.  :o   Other than eliminating the 'extra', I'm  just eating the usual for meals.  AND Miki....you are part of what inspired me....so :hug3:  Just Do The Thing, I thought....and have.  


.................................:balloons:  :bounce:     BIG NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT  :bounce:   :balloons:  ...........................................



Finally found a riding place and it's NEAR US.  Not a therapeutic riding place, tho I'm so desperate, I'd even do that.  It's just a regular "Out West" type of pay-for-an-hour place.  WAAAAY less expensive than keeping your own horse.  This WAS the original plan when we let our horses go.......and then:  COVID.  <_<  


I was getting desperate after a week of waking with terrible hip pain every night.  [ due to walking WRONG... due to MS ]   So I looked again on Internet ...near us....and found a place we did not know existed.  Can't wait!!! 


MtRider  :amen:   :happy0203:   :amen:

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That is great Mt. Rider.  Horse riding is also fun.  Two of my granddaughters worked at a horse farm while they were in school and took riding lessons. They loved it. 


Got a call from my friend from church this morning. She is now in rehab. She fractured her back. Said she just up and fell backward.  Also hit her head and messed her leg up some, but that is doing a bit better. She said they have a cage around her now. So it must be rather bad. She said they are saying it will take 2 to 8 weeks for rehab. And then home therapy more than likely. That is if they let her go back home. She is in her early 80's and lives by herself. So they might not let her go home. May have to move in with her son. 


Cleaned kitchen this morning and then went to pet store for some filters for DD fish tank. She has been wanting some old whiskey barrels to make up flower pots with. They were expensive, so she hasn't bought any. At the fish store they had little whiskey barrels for the fish tanks. So I got a couple of them as they were on sale.  Not going to tell her. When she comes to get the fish tank she will see them then. Yes the fish can use them for chairs. :laughkick:Don't think they can plant flowers.

Went to T. J. Max after leaving there as I wanted a box with a lid for Dh's personal belongings. Watches, cuff links, pocket knives and other things  he had in one of the dresser drawers.  They are now all in that box for safe keeping.  Later I will give some of that to my grandson. But for now it will be on top shelve of closet for safe keeping.  Then came home and started back on cleaning out the kitchen cabinets.  I have been very slow getting that done. So tomorrow I have no plans to go anywhere so will be working on that issue. 


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Already paid bills this morning.
Will feed dogs, then walk.
Must fill out wills today--before other chores!
Will cook bell peppers, onions and jalapenos for eggs for the week.
Also, turkey sausage.
Make rice and cut up cheese for the pups.
There is a yard sale I may go to and then stop at bank on the way home to pick up death certificate they faxed for me yesterday.
That should be enough!

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Extremely windy today.  I should open my van doors, like Mt_Rider & blow the dog fur out.  Except it is carpeted and even the vacuum doesn’t get it out.  :grinning-smiley-044:

After another dentist appointment, took it easy yesterday and made another skirt.  Mom wanted to watch me put in the side seam pockets...gotta have pockets.  :thumbs:


Did laundry, reading, swept up the dog fur, finished the pull out side shelves for the roll top desk and a new cutting board for the kitchen, and now, we are waiting for a customer.  Then, I will do the monthly bookkeeping, make the post office run, figure out ‘what’s for dinner’, and try to get in some more reading time.

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Went to store this morning to get a few things for dinner tomorrow night. G.daughter and boyfriend is coming over. My turn to cook.  Picked up a lot of fresh veggies and fruit.  Came home and worked on getting the kitchen cabinets cleaned out. Still got some more to clean out but at least I am half way there. I am slow at it these days. 

Got the fish tank cleaned and looking much better now. Water is clear again. Though I will be glad when the kids take it home with them. Hopefully week after this week.   Grandson heads to Washington state early Sat. morning.  Hope he does better there.  Living in the country wasn't working out for him as far as a job goes. Just lives to far away from everything.  


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On 3/31/2021 at 5:39 PM, Mt_Rider said:


Hmmmmm.....I think "handiteched" would be the opposite of "technocapped", Jeepers.  Just sayin'   :cheeky-smiley-067:


Alright Ms. Smartie Pants. But my words...my meaning. I'll bet Mr. Webster never had to put up with this abuse. 

Don't you be all up out there tryin' to harsh my mellow.  <---Jeepers the wordsmith.  :P 


I'm glad you get to go riding! It might not be listed as a therapeutic stable but I'm sure it will be therapeutic for you. Hope you get good results real soon. Giddy-up-go, Cowgirl.  


That's tough news about your church friend Littlesister. We never know from one minute to the next what's around the corner waiting for us. I know I've mentioned my uncle just stepped off of a curb, off the sidewalk, and shattered his ankle. 


I woke up to snow on the ground this morning. Looks like about an inch or two. 

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Ah have already dug out my Ariat boots and found a pair of jeans that FIT MY CURRENT SIZE.  :amen:    I've been between jeans sizes for a while now and these are stretch too.  :bounce:  The dog beat my alarm clock by 20 minutes this early morning.  [early for me]  Barking at some noisy bird flying over the house.   Oh well.....I'm :bounce:    .   Gonna wear myself out before I get to the HORSE!   :bounce:  



Wait...Ohio has SNOW?   We're supposed to be mid 60's today in High Country CO.  That's a switch.  ......Course we still have a lot of snow on the ground tooooooo.....  :lol: 


Yeah.... :pray:   ...for Little Sister's friend with serious injuries.  Ow! 


MtRider ........RIDING AGAIN..... :amen:  

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IT WAS MARVELOUS  :happy0203:    


An hour is longer than I would have chosen.  A full hour of up and down and up and down hills.  Some icy conditions but the horses did well even with a bit of slippage.  Gorgeous CO Mt views!!!   What I didn't expect was the amount of 'core' workout my body got.  :o   :faint3:    A lot of leaning forward when horse going uphill and back when going downhill.  And sometimes leaning to dodge branches cuz we were in a thick forest.  After the weird 2020 with little walking.....oye!  It is for sure:  REHAB!


I'm not hurting but I'd taken Nuprin before the ride.  Going to be an interesting couple of days.....  :shrug:    It's all worth it cuz I'M WALKING NORMAL AGAIN.  :bounce:  I'm even sitting normally again in the car seat as we drive home around mountain curves!!  Perfect gait on this horse for full neurological input for me.   We started out on the ride....and I felt the horse's motion and started grinning!  :happy0203:  


  ....big question:  how long will this last....the restoration of my balance and muscle coordination?  Dunno.  But I'll go again next week and eventually it will hold. 


MtRider  :amen:   :happy0203:  :amen:  

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Well.... guess what?  It should be pushing 100°F tomorrow. Yeah, summer is around the corner. 

Harvested more fava beans & tomatillos. Gotta do the beets.  The tomatoes that grew in January are still only lightly orange. They are rotting on the vine. :sigh:  Thinking of trimming them and hoping for the best, but with temps soaring, I wish they would do something, but it is doubtful.  

The roses & irises are beginning to bloom, and so is the camomile. Parsley and thyme are growing, looking forward to harvesting them. 

Mom is getting more active, she’s looking healthier.  Amen!

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Mt.Rider, I'm so glad you had a successful ride. And fast results.  :cele:


I believe I'd take the pain relief sooner rather than later. It's easier to get ahead of the pain than to chase it down.  :hug3:



100 degrees :0327:

Glad Mom is perking up and being more active too!

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