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Glad you ride was a success, Mt. Rider!  So happy you feel better!


Yesterday, after my walk and walking dogs, I PC'd macaroni and cheese. Melted velveeta style cheese in slow cooker and added chicken broth. Just not enough. It tastes great but hard to get out of the jar at room temp. Today, I will put jar in microwave to see if that helps. I'm going to have to use less cheese and more broth. It's an edible learning curve. LOL


This morning, I went yard sailing with a friend and then to the Easter egg hunt for kids at Church. Only got one pair of shoes at sale (Skecher Delites) for $1, but my friend had a box of jars and a big bag of Jeans and jean shorts for me in my size. So it was a success overall!


In a bit I will walk dogs and that may be it for exercise.
Will sweep house.
Thaw meat and veggies for making dog food tomorrow evening.

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I wanted to let you all know that DH pasted away early Sunday morning. He passing was quick and he was very much at peace. He knew the Lord and I know he is with him now singing and dancing with his p

Test results are in.  No COVID!

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

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 Miki, are you saying you pressure canned mac and cheese? I'm a little slow on computer acronyms. Pressure canned, pressure cooked, processed etc. If you pressure canned it would you give your instructions down in the rebel canning section? It sounds interesting.   


Landscaper called and said he'd try to give me an estimate this coming week. There is some snow on the ground out there yet. No hurry on my part. I'm just glad I'm finally getting the ball rolling. Their busy season is about to start so hopefully I won't have to wait til mid-summer. It's getting embarassing and I'm sure the neighbors don't appreciate it either. 


I'm off to the Dollar Tree. I'm having a hard time finding paper bags to vacuum seal my flour in. I think someone said they carry them. Will probably pick up a couple more of those spiral bound notebooks. They are nice for making notes in a little larger form. About a quarter size of a regular notebook but a lot thicker. Will check for more pineapple/coconut Splash drink. I think that will be a nice drink in the hot summer over ice. 

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I made it to the Dollar Tree. I found the paper bags I wanted. They had one pack left. Whew. Also found five of the little notebooks I wanted. Between those and what I already had I have a lifetime supply. Probably about 12 of them. I usually use them a lot in Indy for notes, dimentions, lists etc. I picked up two more boxes of matches. They had eight bottles of the Splash I wanted. Then I went passed the drink cooler thing and they had some in there. Just lucky I noticed them. I topped off the case I had in the buggy and there were three more left. So I got those too.


They also had Cranberry juice. Not the cocktail but the real stuff. They are the Welch's 10 ounce size. I got two but should have gotten four. I should have bought some Welch's grape juice too. I'm not crazy about either one but for health reasons I'd like to have them on hand. Next time. 


I didn't buy a lot but I did get what I went for. 

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Mt. Rider, glad the horse back riding helped you.  May you continue to get better with each time you go riding. 


Today I have done nothing but watch Biblical movies on TV all day.  Dh and i always watched there movies through out the year, but mostly during the Easter holidays. So I am keeping that tradition.  I love to watch those movies anyway, and it is something Dh and I always did. I will be going to the sunrise service at 7 am and then for the regular service at 10 am. Then going to head to the cemetery as the plack has been put down and I need to make sure it is right. And I want to put flowers down also.  

I was in bed asleep and my grandson that is now in Washington state hasn't learned that they are 3 hours behind us. Though he just got there this afternoon and has to get used to the time change. He was nice enough to wake me up to tell me all about his trip. So now I can't get back to sleep and I have to get up at 5 am. But it is what it is and he will learn about the time change. My granddaughter did the same thing to me when she first moved there. 

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Landscaper just called. At 9:30 am, his time, on Easter Sunday. It didn't bother me but I figured he would at least take the day off. Maybe he is a real go-getter? Let us hope. I had told him I wasn't in a hurry. Maybe he needs the work. Anyway, he said he was trying to get out there tomorrow for the estimate. I'm bracing myself for it. It's gonna hurt. At least I'll get cash back or bonus points on the charge card.  Sigh.  <_<


Just between us, if it's in the ballpark range I'm going ahead and have him do it. I'm not even going to try to bargain with him. I usually do and I'm pretty good at it, but it doesn't feel comfortable this time. That 'gut feeling' we talked about awhile back. There aren't a lot of landscapers in that area and I kinda got stiffed when the last company didn't call me back after I had talked to them on the phone. I think I like this guy. At least he isn't ignoring me. 

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23 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Miki, are you saying you pressure canned mac and cheese? I'm a little slow on computer acronyms. Pressure canned, pressure cooked, processed etc. If you pressure canned it would you give your instructions down in the rebel canning section? It sounds interesting.   

Better wit until I tweak the recipe enough to get it out of the jar.  LOL  Then I will!


Happy Easter! Busy day, today!


Did video first.
Made 3 bean salad.
Sunday School and Church.
Made jello salad.
Cut up chicken, chicken livers, carrots and sweet potatoes for dog food.
Made chicken pot pie for dinner.
Made copies of papers for a friend.
Only thing left to do is assemble the dog food in roaster and slow cooker to cook overnight.
So glad I only do this every 2 or 3 months!

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I got up and put the ham in.  And the foil-wrapped Godzilla sweet potatoes.  They were so huge, I cut them in half and it was still a double serving.  DH had the sweet Hawaiian rolls, pickles, olives from his shopping trip as well.  Usually my mom does the ham and such cuz ham is pretty easy.  This year, it sounded like she'd rather not.  GOOD THING I went with that and had DH bring it all home.


We got there ON TIME [for once] and discovered that they'd had a really bad night.  My dad woke in middle of night with bad chest pains.  They got up and debated....should they call in for ambulance or the EMT's?  The answer was probably yes....but they didn't and the pains went away.  They went back to bed for a few hours sleep.  When they woke up, my dad didn't remember the chest pains or being up in the night........................  :sigh: 


So we had a simple dinner and used paper plates.  No serving dishes.  All that had to be washed was the silverware.  Everyone enjoyed the food.  The ham was tasty and moist.  We cleared up; put away a portion of the food for them.  Left the pickles/olives with then but brought home the big ham roaster with most of the leftover meat.  No dessert and no one missed it.  My folks both looked like they were so exhausted so we left as soon as I got things cleaned up.  I was :0327:  too.  And even DH was feeling very exhausted....like he never really woke up this morning.  :scratchhead:  We'd both had good sleep tho.  Hope my folks got in a good nap!!  Didn't like how my mom looked.  :pray:


Got home and I just kept going....got ham meat off the bone; ham juice into a jar.....all in fridge.  THEN lay down.  Whew!  Been reading/Internet since then.  It's been a long week with appts and :)  RIDING  :)   and such.  Next week is same....but not holiday.  

Pray for my mom's cardio appt on Wed..........  :unsure: 


MtRider   :offtobed: 

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Went to sunrise service this morning and then back again for our 10 am service. It was great.  Came home and went to the cemetery to check out the plack. Everything was good. They just have it sitting on ground and will be setting it in tomorrow. I got the Easter flowers on the graveside. Will be going back tomorrow to make sure they have everything set right. Granddaughter might be going with me this time. She made a coconut cake from scratch. First time and it turned out really good.  She's becoming a great little cook.  

Grandson is now in Washington state and has called me several times today already.  I know he can't be homesick that fast. Granddaughter there will keep him very busy.  Hope he finds a job fast. 

Though I have had several phone calls and the one granddaughter that still lives here. Easter just wasn't the same. I think holidays are going to be rough for a while. Not just because of Dh but because it seems my whole family is moving away now. The granddaughter that is still here, may be moving to another state for medical school. She's just not sure where yet. So about a year and a half to make a decision about moving to NC.  


Mt. Rider :pray: for your mom and dad. 

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Landscaper has already called twice this morning before 9:00am. He is at the house. He had a couple more questions. Bless his heart. I guess I'll have my estimate sometime today. Yikes. 


I have another blasted headache. I've never hurt this bad or for this long before. I wonder if it could be any way to Covid. Wasn't there something about Covid and a headache? Only other symptom is a little nausea. I've taken nearly a bottle of Advil within the last month. That sounds like a lot but it's really only 2-4 a day. A whole lot more than I'm used to. I'm dragging out the big stuff (Maxalt) today. It's pretty old though. It's for migraines and I think this is arthritis related.


Also, I'm flying by the seat of pants now. I have zero spell check. I have no Idea where it went. It won't even capitalize anything after a period. Not even an 'i'  No spelling, no grammar no nothing. So don't go by what I say but what I mean.  :rolleyes:

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Praying for your mom, Mt. Rider!


The dog food saga continues!

Walked first and walked dogs this morning.
First 14 quarts of dog food are in canner and cooling, one more load of 2 canners to go. I may find something else to PC since the second canner won't be full.
Sill need to dust house and I will be done except watching canners. Yay!

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My head started hurting more than I thought possible. I put a Maxalt under my tongue, layed down and slept for about an hour. When I woke up my neck was still hurting as bad but the headache had eased up about 90%. So I guess it is migraines. That med can raise blood pressure but it doesn't react with any meds I take. Once in a blue moon won't hurt. I can stand a lot of head pain because I'm so used to it. But sometimes it gets to be too much. I have about a 15 tablets left. Will ask for another script if I ever go to the doctor. I haven't been in over a year. Probably closer to two. They may not want to see me again. Whatever.


Landscaper called.  :0327:  I knew it would be bad. It was. We weren't too far apart. He got the job. I pay half now and the other half when he is finished. At least I can split the payment on two different cards. I might have gotten it a little bit cheaper but I know not much if at all. The hassle isn't worth it to me right now trying to get someone out there and starting over again. I knew what I was getting into. Next year it's plants. At least son and I can do that. Poor neighbors. They are going from a jungle to a desert. 



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Ever have "one of those days"?  We will laugh about it in a month or so, but tonight it stings a bit....

We were outside, letting the dogs run around and Mary was exercising the bigger ones by running them up and down the country road alongside her new scooter (yes we got her another one and she loves it).  The parrot was sitting on my shoulder, and the cats were milling around too, curious to see what was going on.  Mary yells, get the dogs in, Max is coming.  Our neighbor has a pit bull mix named Max, nice dog but not nice to other dogs, and our dogs are pretty territorrial, too,  So I get up, to to the door, abd call our dogs...naturally they are in to rush to come in, so they are dawdling.  A cat jumps up on the porch rail, curious about the parrot.  I shoo him away, no biggie, and call the dogs yet again.  The little ones are heading toward me.  The parrot decides she wants to get down on the ground (among our cats, of course) but get a gust of wind and rides it on to the rooftop.  Oh, crap.  Dogs still dawdling.  FINALLY they go in, and Mary and I go get a ladder to try to corral the parrot, who is on the roof wolf whistling away, having a fine old time.  We get the ladder, and the parrot is airborne again.  The neighbor sees which way she goes, and directs us there.  Fortunately she is on the ground, and Mary is able to pounce on her and bring her in.  Im running around, crookedly due to no cane (I needed use of botrh hands) and Mary is gimping due to her bad back and a spill with her scooter yesterday when she tried to go up too steep a hiilside.)  We both limp into the house.  Peaches is whistling at us, her "Im curious, what is going on" whistle.  Dogs are milling around wanting to chase her.  Ditto the cats, but we shut them outside.  What a zoo parade!!! Some days are just hectic, others are just wierd.  This was both.  


We have one new litter of kitties and another pregnant cat (what can I say, its spring, tra-la!)  Greenhouse plants are doing well, we are watching for humidity issues.  

Mary is chainsawing our ditchline, eliminating the saplings that have sprung up  between the bigger trees for better air circulation.  Im still doing Physical therapy, have improved my balance, and can stand straight again.  Its hard though, and I cant do it long.  BUT my doc authorized more PT to work on posture and getting mid and upper back strengthened so I can stand longer.  I pick the therapists' brains for when I have to use the gym when PT stops. 


l am also going back to my carb controlled diet to drop some of my body mass down a bit.  I figuyre I might as well, since I will be weight training again.  I want to get back maximum function, since I am not very optomistic about the future being very easy on disabled persons so I want to be as physically prepared as possible to maintain independence as much as possible.  Besides, Mary is getting worse, I need to be able to back her up when she needs help.  


What can I say...gettin' old ain' t for sissies.  I also find myself repeating my old training mantra....winners never quit....quitters never win.  I still think that would make a great T shirt slogan for the gym.  Maybe I'll make one up just for the heck of it.





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My, My, My.  Look what the cat...dog...parrot...Mary drug in!  The ole animal wrangler.  :24:


Good to see you posting Kappy! We were getting worried about you guys after those storms rolled through. Glad you are are fine. 

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Yes Kappy, what Jeepers said.  We have been worried about you guys.  Glad to know you are both doing ok.  

Mt. Rider still keeping you and family in prayer.  Hope things are better.

Jeepers praying for those headaches to stop.  I know they are no fun. I get them if I turn my neck to much or lay wrong and get my neck hurting. 


Grandson got to Washington state Sat. afternoon and went job hunting today and landed a job. That was fast.  So far he seems to love it there. Lots to do. Hiking, paddleboards. And lots of other things.  His sister will keep him very busy as she also loves hiking, and paddleboards. She said she is going to teach g.son how to plant garden and grow veggies.  We had him helping us when he was little and he loved pulling up the carrots when they were ready. So he will have lots to do. 


Today I have been cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and pantries. I am donating a lot of food to our church food ministry. And yes it is going to be a lot of food. Right now it is all sitting on the couch and floor.  I will never eat all that and now with the kids moving away they won't be here to raid my pantries anymore. So they are on their own because I am donating the bulk of it.  As far as canned foods from store, I will keep 12 of each of what I have. Some I don't have that much so will just keep what I have. It will be enough to keep me out of the stores and only having to go maybe once every 3 or 4 months. Still have a lot of what I canned also. Mostly it is what I have canned over the past couple of years.  Just have to get it all better organized as I have not been able to get that done in a couple of years while taking care of DH. I spent most of my time with him instead of cleaning house. Only did what I needed to do during that time. And yes I am paying for that as it is a lot of work and catching up to do. But was well worth my spending time with Dh. 


Now in the morning I have to load all this food into car and carry it to the church.  And my back and right arm is killing me right now. It is all upper back and the right arm. I think it is from lifting up on Dh for the past 4 months. But it will all heal one day.   Had a jar of my homemade soup out to heat up for dinner and then I got so busy, I forgot to eat dinner.  Not hungry anyway, so it will be there for tomorrow. 


Granddaughter and her fiancee are going to help me with a yard sale later in the year.  I need to go through the shed and get rid of a lot of stuff.  Her fiancee is going to put the Japanese figurines on the internet to sell for me as they are not something I want to put in a yard sale. They are worth some money and he knows how to do all that and get a good price. 

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From the time I hired landscaper this morning until tonight, here are three pictures he sent. He's a go getter. Wish I had some before pictures. He'll put mulch over the fabric to hold it down. I'll probably get some of those pin things to secure it better too. 


That pump in the front is a fake and I don't want it there by the front door. But it's cemented and bolted down. That's the garage jutting out in the front. I didn't even know that edging was there.




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1 hour ago, Jeepers said:

From the time I hired landscaper this morning until tonight, here are three pictures he sent. He's a go getter. Wish I had some before pictures. He'll put mulch over the fabric to hold it down. I'll probably get some of those pin things to secure it better too. 


You're paying him.  Ask him to pin it down!

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Looks like your landscaper will be worth the money, Jeepers!

I'm glad the neighbor's pit bull didn't get any of your crew, Kappy!


Today is walking first.

Laundry and dust house.

Call insurance lady and banker in UT.

File Small Estate Affadavit and get our medical POA and Wills notarized.

Vote in City Primary Election.

Make Caramel Apple Crumble for 2 friends who have lost relatives recently.

That's enough for me!

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We were prepared for major storms, everything battened down inside and out.  But all we got was rain, rain, rain.  Days at a time.  Good thing we had the greenhouse up or everthing would have washed away.  Not even a power outage, but we needed to clean out and renew supplies inb our tornado room anyway.  Ours is a walk in closet in the center of the mobile home (no outer walls) and no windows.  Big enough for chairs, dog kennels, and all the indoor pets.  The outdoor cats go under our sheds when it gets stormy so they are relatively safe as well.  But they complain`like the dickens when we bring the food out to them in the covered feeding area....every been cussed out by a cat??  "Where WERE you?...  TURN OFF THE WATER NOW!!...get that food down already!.....It's WET out there!!!...."   It gets very noisy as our cats are quite verbal.  But once the food gets put down all you hear is slurping, chewing, and purring.  Afterward is lap time, and everybody tries to jump up in my lap at once.  I stay to supervise dinner time to make sure nobody gets pushed away from the food.  Multiple plates.  And special treats to any that are pregnant, nursing, or having to take medicine.  Forthunately they are a pretty healthy bunch, but once in a while someone gets an infected cut or other mishap injuries, so it is good they are docile and easy to handle (we go out of our way to teach them to tolerate handling).  If ever they need to be rehomed we don't want them unfriendly to people.   Shy is OK but scratching or nipping is not permitted.  Once we pick them up they get rewarded for being cooperative.  And we handle the kittens from the get-go for the same reason.  And also because one of these days we will have to take all the males over to the neutering clinic to get snipped.  






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Glad to hear Kappy and CM are fine....and all their furry ones.  Whoa....too bad someone didn't film the circus show when the neighbor dog came along.  Would have been funny.......AFTER THE FACT when all were safe!  I call these events:  AND THEN THIS HAPPENED......!


Almost looked like it would rain today.....yeah, RAIN?   What's that look like?  Haven't seen that in months.  Cloudy, dreary and about 45* so....it was possible.  Still have snow where it was piled deep.  Most is gone.  Will that be the last for this winter?  :shrug: 


Hope your neck and headache are getting better, Jeepers!  :pray:   Nice deck!


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Kappy glad you all made it through and got nothing but rain.  

Hope everyone else is doing better and that Mothers brother is now much better.


Took a trunk and backseat of food to the church this morning.  It was a lot of food. I still have boxed food to go through and pack up to send. What I took this morning was mostly canned goods.  I would never have been able to eat all that. I did keep 12 cans of everything and I do have my foods that I canned so doing the way I did it will keep me out of the stores for at least 3 months. 

Going to head out to cemetery in the morning to make sure they have the plack in ground and properly set. Then will be coming back home to get more work done.  I really have to get this house back together. I am going to clean out closets as soon as the plastic containers come in. I had to order them to get a cheaper price.  Prices are getting really bad now. I priced shelving for the one closet and that was crazy.  Price of wood has doubled.  Seems the dollar has really started to devaluate now. 

Grandson that moved to Washington starts his new job tomorrow.  That didn't take long. Flew in to Washington on Sat. and has a job on Monday. Not bad. 

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About nine people were absent Monday/Tuesday, so we were covering for them.  It was crazy-town.  People were yelling at me, partly because I was calling early or late and partly because I was getting tangled up after a normal day's worth and beginning to move slow.  I started having seizures at some point and realized it around three.  Taking it a lot easier today, but my head is still so cloudy and clogged up, it's hard to think.

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Sheeeeesh, Ambergris!!!!!  That doesn't sound good!  :hug3:     I hope something changes so you aren't pushed into this extreme!!!!



My mom didn't make her cardio doc appt today.  She's sick........  :gaah:    .....and I think I gave it to her.  :yar:  I hardly get out, right?  But I was at horse riding on Friday.  Sat.   Sun. ....MONDAY I had an extraordinary time in bathroom....  TMI.   DH thot it acted like an intestinal virus. 


I'd seen my folks for Easter on Sunday.  Mon.  Tues.  WEDNESDAY my mom was running for bathroom.  :sigh:  


Good Grief!   And she NEEDED to see the cardio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


I only had trouble one day so hopefully she'll be better tomorrow. 


MtRider   ....Prayer appreciated for my mom getting appt for cardio again soooooon.

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