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17 hours ago, David Austin said:

I've been playing a game that came with it. To continue you need to put in a user name. Problem is, when that screen pops up, there is no keyboard. I've hit every button on there and I still can't get the keyboard to pop up. After about 24 hours it lets me play a few more games then back to wanting name. The good thing is it governs how much time I waste on that game

I think that once you tap the field for the user name and the cursor appears, the phone is "smart" enough to know to bring up the keyboard. Have you tried it that way? :girlneener:

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1 hour ago, Midnightmom said:

I think that once you tap the field for the user name and the cursor appears, the phone is "smart" enough to know to bring up the keyboard. Have you tried it that way? :girlneener:

Girlfriend, I've tapped around every place on that screen. I've given it a soft taps and then I've nearly beat it's brains out. There isn't a place on that screen I haven't touched. If your devise is smarter than you, what good is it.


I liked my TracPhone. It didn't do anything so I could figure it out. It's the basic cheap model and $100.00 a year. No plans no contracts. I suppose it was a pre-paid phone? I never came close to using my minutes. It was perfect for me except it won't work in Indiana. And that's the only way to communicate with son over there since I don't have a house phone yet. 



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Had a busy few days.

Yesterday did video
Then Sunday School and Church
Local grocery for sales
Our power was off from big storms (tornado sirens went off 3 times in the middle of the night) from midnight Thursday night until about 3 pm Friday
Set up my vitamins for the month
Cooked bell peppers, onions and jalapenos for the week
Made a couple of phone calls


Today, walked and walked dogs
Did laundry for the week
Took eBay photos
Grilled some pork steaks for lunches
Made an Unstuffed Pepper Casserole with an extra aluminum loaf pan to freeze for later
I feel like I'm about done in!
Not noticing much improvement in thumb, but still hopeful!  Doc put me on double dose- 40 mg of prednisone and an 800 mg ibuprofen 3 times a day.  This regimen is only for a week and I started it yesterday.

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I wondered if you were having weather trouble again, Miki.  Glad all is well.


WE2.....what a lot you all have growing already.  It's interesting to read about all of it.   CO is threatened with SNOW again.  Mebbe.  But we've been so nice and warm....and then CHILLY.  :shrug:   Our pond has some water around the edges but mostly still ice.  :frozen:  


I'm taking it easy today.  Was a LOT going on this week that drained my energy.  BUT....I'm loving my new "Physical Therapy" [horse] program.  I know it's building me back up again....slowly.  :amen:   Answer to prayer, for sure. 


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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You sure are busy Miki. I hope this new regiment of meds will help your thumb. I know it's been going on too long for you. The south has had it's share of nasty weather lately. Spring time in the south, huh?  


Mt.Rider, I'm thrilled you have found a type of therapy that is helping you so much. Even better, one that you enjoy! Sounds like it's lifting your body and spirits.  Gotta love those animals. 

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3 minutes ago, Jeepers said:

Sounds like it's lifting your body and spirits.  Gotta love those animals. 

Yesssssss!  :) 



This recent event in Mpls did not, however.  :(  My roommate from long ago and I have been exchanging emails today cuz....we once shared a house a few blocks from where the man was shot.  We know that area and now it's the scene of protests....and more.  :(  IF the officer really meant to pull out the taser....it kinda sounds like she did.....what a horrific mistake!  How can that happen?????  But we are all so fallible, we humans.  So very awful!  


MtRider  :pray:   for the family/friends. 

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On 4/12/2021 at 2:32 PM, Jeepers said:

I liked my TracPhone. It didn't do anything so I could figure it out. It's the basic cheap model and $100.00 a year. No plans no contracts. I suppose it was a pre-paid phone? I never came close to using my minutes. It was perfect for me except it won't work in Indiana. And that's the only way to communicate with son over there since I don't have a house phone yet. 



I also have a good old fashioned OLD flip phone. It is an LG440G that I have had (apparently) since 2013! It is so old that the network drops out on it unless I turn off the phone and restart it once a week. Just found out today that that is the reason I was getting the "No Sevice" message! Anyway, you should be able to connect and call anywhere. If you are having issues I would call TracFone and speak to a PERSON to try and figure out why that is happening. Even if you might have to purchase a "new" flip phone they should be able to transport your phone number AND all of your minutes over to a newer device. It's worth a shot. :shrug:


You can check the coverage map before you call if you want to. https://tc-hosted.tracfone.com/coverage/check

You can check your data settings here: https://tc-hosted.tracfone.com/apn

Call centers operate from 8 AM to 11:45 PM (EST) 7 days a week:  1-800-867-7183

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35 minutes ago, Midnightmom said:

I also have a good old fashioned OLD flip phone.


The TracPhone is probably a G3 technology. We're up to G5 now. You'll find the G3 phones will give you more and more problems as the cell companies shut down that technology. The cell companies have new compression tools. The data packets are getting smaller and faster. The old phones are packet 'hogs'. Thus, G3 is going away. Besides, they want you to get new phones and new plans. Follow the money.   :rolleyes:

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I actually had time to read... still need to do more reading.   Everybody  seems quite productive.  :thumbs:


Miki, I can relate to your thumb.  Cleaning one day, I think I ‘sprained’ my thumb.  It’s not been the same since, now, arthritis is kicking in the joints.  :pray: for you.  (And, everyone else.)


My “prepping” has been my teeth.  God willing, I will have my upper by Mother’s Day.  My “surprise!” yesterday.... it was supposed to be just a fitting... then, because it wouldn’t fit, “either ‘lower the wisdom tooth or remove it’...”Lower?” I asked.  Grind it down.  Meh.. take it out, it was already loose.  No bone holding any of them in anymore.  It popped out in less than 5 seconds. Osteoporosis sucks.  What’s seriously messed up, the teeth are healthy, not one cavity, but, without bone mass to hold them in place, they fall out.  Such is life.


MIL is binge watching, Love it or List it.  She seems to be getting a little stronger.  Stepping over the dogs, hopscotch therapy.  Lol. 

Trimmed her hair & cut DH’s yesterday.  Started some mung beans for stir fry later this week.  


I’m thinking about trimming the tomatoes back, a lot.  Those tomatoes have been on the vine, since January and are still only lightly yellow.  The ones I picked, the seeds are still green inside.  Beets are growing great greens, but hardly any bulbs.  (If that’s the right word.) Parsley is flourishing, the few thyme seeds that sprouted are still growing.  Planted the potted basil plant, not sure it’s going to make it, but I am hopeful.  Watching daily to see the zucchini and cantaloupe sprout.  Still harvesting fava beans & tomatillos.


Today, just doing light work.  A couple loads of laundry and study ‘How to’ guides for messing with the system here.  :ph34r:


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DH and I went to Walmart this morning to look at TVs. The only ones they had were 70" TVs. No thanks. All the rest are out of stock. So tomorrow, we will head down into Louisiana and see if we find anything there.

I did a video a few minutes ago and still need to walk dogs in a few minutes.

This afternoon will make s/f pudding for us and cut up cheese treats for dogs.


Right now, I am being glad I did not start a garden (yet) as I would have had to replant twice.  If the fellow shows up to till, I will start one, otherwise not.  We got another 3 and a half inches rain yesterday.  Over 5" a few days ago!

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Yikes, that's a LOT of rain, Miki!  


CO mts......we're SNOWING!  Yup!  FOG tooooo!  Looks like the old "flocked" Christmas trees around here!  Fog so thick, visibility was very bad.  Frankly, altho this stuff will melt, we'd be better off with RAIN.  NOT 3-5" for heavens sake!  That would wash the tops off the "14ers" !!!  :0327:   But snow just doesn't have that much water content....and the drought alerts/predictions for the west are already scary.


MtRider  :santa:    .....sheeesh! 

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Snowing again, Mt. Rider?  Wow!  We are going to get down to the mid 40's a couple of nights and mid 60's during the day, but that's it!


Will do a video (rain again) in a bit.
Getting ready to head to the kitchen to make Loaded Baked Potato Soup to PC. The potatoes and cheese were gifted so I want to use them up.
Next will be the small chores I didn't do yesterday-- cut cheese and make pudding.
A little later, we will head to Best Buy in Louisiana to see if we can find a TV for DH.


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A dump-truck full of gravel was delivered and DH and I started spreading it over the area where the new garden shed will be located. Since DH is in a hand cast, he really struggled with moving the tractor around and 'slowly' dumping gravel from the bucket in each designated area. I'm the shoveler and raker.  :laughkick: The shed arrives next week and DH works the racetrack this weekend. Finished the pad just in time.  :thumbs:

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Well, the soup is almost done in the PC.

We ordered a TV off Amazon.

I did my small chores from yesterday.

So I am going to walk, since it has cleared up for now.  More rain coming tonight and tomorrow! 

Glad to be about done!

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:scratchhead:   Wait.......isn't this April?   :santa:    Not December....cuz I'm pretty sure we did December already.  :frozen:   Nope, February is past too.  

Hmmm.......  OH!  I know......it's  :frozen:   SPRINGTIME IN THE ROCKIES!!!    :frozen:  



MtRider  .....  now I have to plan a whole different horse-riding outfit for tomorrow!  :rolleyes: 

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:yar:   Horse trail ride cancelled today.  :sigh:    Have to wait til next week.  Just got too much snow to be safe.  


MtRider  ...if not for potential litigation issues, we could have gone and it would have been marvelous.  :shrug: 

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Sorry you got cancelled, but I understand the liability issue, Mt. Rider.


Walked first this morning.
Went to Walmart to check about installation for new TV. Yay!
Went to Walgreens to see about printing little brother's last photo that he had texted to me before passing.
Went to local grocery stores for sales
Stopped at one thrift store
Visited with a friend for a little while.
That's about it for the day, I hope!


I made an executive decision to stop taking the double dose of steroids one day early as there has been no difference at all in my thumb but I have gained 5 pounds back in the last week.  I'm rather discouraged.  I will probably have surgery after I get back from my trip.  Sometime in June, I guess.  

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Yesterday, I did a video, then Sunday School and Church.

Came home and used up a lot of leftover steroid energy cleaning the house for the week--baths, sweep, dust.


Going to walk in a few minutes.
Walk dogs
Laundry already started
Cook turkey sausage for week's breakfasts
Take a ride with a friend.
Nice day!


Still wired up from steroids. I'll be glad when they are out of me!  ON the brighter side, I'm down 3.6 pounds of the 5 I gained!

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Been busy as usual.  Rain curtailed several days but we've had a couple of nice days.  Tomorrow though...snow!?   Give us a break!  

I did get a load of laundry washed and hung up and dried today, but won't be able to do any more unless I take it to the homestead to dry in the dryer.  I really love my laundry dried in the fresh air!

Yesterday hubby vacuum sealed 3 big totes of a lot of his winter clothes, and today I did one.  They're the 27 gallon totes from Menards (heavy duty) and we use a lot of the dollar tree bags bue t checked today and they were out so I used what I had and then we stopped at Harbor Freight and bought several boxes more.  Also picked up a couple of Nitrile gloves...THEY ARE EXPENSIVE!  The sign said they were having trouble getting them due to the materials they are made of.  We stocked up on a lot of them that are upstairs in a tote at the homestead but we didn't want to open that up, so went ahead and bought a box my size and a box his size...they're over 25 a box!

We've still got several totes to pack up.  Trying to get a lot of stuff moved that we don't need right now. 

Abby-girl is totally enjoying having free run of all of the west side of our property!  I hang a plastic bucket on the faucet of one of our rain water barrels and she loves the rain water from it.  We've blocked off the area of the wrap around front porch that she used to jump up and into.  She hurt herself a bit one time so it's off limits unless she comes with us through the house and onto the front porch when we're sitting out there in our chairs.

 Wasn't able to go to church Sunday.  Pastor wasn't feeling well.  Not the big C but perhaps a stomach bug. 

Take care everybody, stay out of troubles way and hugs to each of you!

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Well we are moving right along into our summertime operations.  Get up, let the dogs out, feed the outdoor felines (check the babies!! they make me smile they are sooooo cute!)  Then open up the greenhouses if we closed them down due to cool nights.  The plants love it in there.  Tomatoes are blooming, the lettuce will be ready to pick soon (beautiful bibb lettuce, I only get it when I grow it). Everything except sweet corn is doing well.  The corn, well, I guess it isnt warm enough for it.  We had to plant it outside as we ran out of inside room.  


Today Lowes had veggies & herbs on sale, so when we were there getting another lawn tractor tire, I picked up some basic herbs.  I will plant them in wicking pots made from our kitty litter pails - basil, spearmint, sage,and  lemon balm.  I have not seen thyme around this year, so maybe next year.  I'd like to get a small bay laurel bush to compliment my rosemary bush in the half barrel planter (and my cooking, LOL) but this year I take what I can get.  Oh yes, Mary found us some catnip as well....we need to put some in for future feline fun.


I am still doing physical therapy.  Its getting harder and harder - but I am seeing marked improvement with balance and strength.  Im not as straight as I want yet, but its coming along, slooooowly.  I got time.  On the rainy days Mary and I have some counted cross stitch to do to keep busy.   Mary just got a CPAP and she loved it right fronm the start (I knew she would).  She would sleep for hours and wake up exhausted, so she had a sleep test.  Her CPAP is very nice, the VA got her the deluxe one.  The first night she used it she said she actually felt like she had slept for the first time in months.  Her energy (and mood) is improving daily now.  I am so happy she likes the CPAP.  Many people dont adapt to it well and end up not using it.  How sad - a good nights sleep is worth sooooo much.  






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:sigh:   Small crisis at my folk's.  DH and I went over Sat nite....then again Sunday morning when my dad called 911....  :unsure:   Well, it had some benefit.  My mom's back was really giving her pain...and doesn't normally.  So I moved in with folks for Sunday thru tonite [Monday].  Thot I might stay till Tues but ...hey....who moved up the schedule for us to have SNOW again?    Decided to come home with DH instead.  Good choice.  We're getting a mess again.  It will melt tho....and we like moisture!  Getting kinda hard to remember what time of year it is ....  :scratchhead: 


Anyway, my mom's back is not referred pain from something more serious.  Just must have pulled it unknowingly.  But she got nearly immediate relief when I rubbed in some arnica gel.  I've been using that since summer - my rollover foot.  She was SO pleased to sleep for 8 hrs straight last nite.  My dad was up and down all night til 4am.  I went up to talk to him and he calmed...went to sleep until noon.  Then he couldn't wake up.  I slept in two segments....  :unsure:  


AND DH and I took my mom to get a new watch.  Not having one was driving her crazy.....it would me too.  And she got out of the house a bit.  [other "factors" driving her crazy toooooo....]  But when the snow really started in earnest, I threw my stuff together and left with DH for home.  They'd had a good day.....her back is better and I left arnica gel with her.  We'd done a bake-at-home pizza which everyone enjoyed.  .....I'm TIRED!  


Sure am thankful we don't shovel snow at this time of year.  Sweep off porch/steps maybe.  Already an inch on steps when we got home.

MtRider  :offtobed: 

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:coffeescreen:   That's hilarious Midnight! 


BTW, anyone hear from Littlesister in the past few days? 



MtRider  ....slept some today, trying to catch up energy.  :mornincoffee:  Ugh! 

Edited by Mt_Rider
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We2, I didn't realize gloves were that expensive again. Guess I'd better check my supply. Give my favorite red head a big ole belly rub from Auntie Jeepers. I love that puppers!  :wub:


Glad your mom is okay Mt. Rider. I've been wanting pizza too. Next time I'm out... 

Yesterday my grass got mowed the first time this year. Tomorrow it's supposed to snow.  :rolleyes:


That cat picture is exactly what I was thinking about the other day! I like purple flowers. I was looking at some pictures online. There is a real pretty one I thought would look nice by the garage. I don't remember the name of it. Not catnip but it had the name cat in it, I think. Then I thought I'd probably have every cat in the neighborhood using it for a litterbox. I'm leaning toward lavender now. 



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