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I'm sorry about your mom in laws friend, Annarchy!  We lose more and more as we age.

Is Littlesister still around?  Haven't seen her lately.


Walked first this morning.
Went to thrift store.
Dollar Tree for cauliflower rice--much cheaper than even Walmart.
Then Walmart for monthly trip. Prices are going up!
I did finally get a little cook stove and some propane bottles.  Now I have a big one for outside and canning plus a little one I could use inside.
Got every thing put away and may start paperwork to be personal representative for little brother's safe deposit box. That's another whole thing to go through.
I think I may take the rest of the day off!

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Good morning!
Already paid bills.
Rainy morning here, so will walk and walk dogs after 1 pm.
Will study and/ or start paperwork for personal representative.
Will write a few eBay drafts.
Quiet day!

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Resting today.  Got hair cut and went to thrift store yesterday.  Had an appt. too.  BUSY day for me.  Tomorrow I ride again.  :bounce:   Going to be a nice [mebbe hot] day.


Found a brand new pair of Rebok shoes at thrift store.  The crushed paper was still in the toes.  My size/wide enough/light-weight enough.  Wow!  :amen:  $10.


Really TIRED tonite. 


MtRider  :offtobed:  

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Went to a yard sale first thing this morning. Got a brand new monopoly game. Memory foam travel pillow for my trip. All for $3.
Came home and fed dogs. Am babysitting big dog while DH and his friend are at a City auction.
I wrote 4 eBay drafts and am here now.
Next I will make grape jelly from some free juice I was gifted.
At some point will walk.


I hope you have a great ride today, Mt. Rider!

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My niece called and said that they were gifted with 75 baby chicks (local feedmill). I could have as many as I wanted.  :hapydancsmil:  Too bad I don't have any outbuildings, and I'm certainly not going to buy a truckload of wood to build a shed THIS YEAR.

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Rode yesterday....good ride.  Stopped by my folks' for a bit.  My dad wasn't doing well.  Very early this morning, he went by ambulance to the larger hospital.  Not sure what's up.  Not sure if serious or just serious cuz he's old.  Leaving house now...packed to stay with my mom....or both if he comes home/needs help???????  Dunno much. 


They do not have Internet.  I may disappear for a while but will return.....


Prayers appreciate...this is tough

MtRider  :grouphug:  

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Praying for your dad, Mt. Rider!


Skipped Church this morning and video also. Kind of a break.
Made pudding for DH.
Made a very full crock pot of chili.
And made 3 batches of grape jelly. 10 pints and 10 half pints--it's Dh's favorite!
Getting ready to bake some biscuits (frozen)--had to draw the line somewhere.
That's it for the day!

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This morning walked and walked dogs.
Did 2 loads of laundry.
Took eBay photos.
Cut cheese for dog treats and did an extra pound so it is one less thing to do before I leave in 2 and a half weeks.
Labeled and put away grape jelly made yesterday.
Washed waterbath.
Put flea meds on dogs.
Still have one load of laundry to fold and done for the day.
Except for making homemade Dole whip.

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Tornado siren only went off once yesterday. Big improvement from the last batch of weather when it went off 5 times, some overnight! Also, we only got 3" rain instead of 5" with the last weather. And the power only went out for about 2 hours instead of a day or more. Good times.


Tuesday morning before the storms started, I walked, then ran up to Walmart.
Washed sheets, blankets, rugs and dog blankets.
Went for haircut at 1 pm.


This morning, walked first and walked dogs.
Printed out tickets for train-not for another 2.5 weeks, but I prepare ahead. LOL
Girls came to help me do heavy cleaning. Yay!
I still need to make jello.
Need to list one book for eBay.


Hope anybody still getting weather stays indoors and safe!

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It warms up here and then cools down. Typical Midwest spring. We've also had a lot of rain. That rain has sure made my grass grow. The mower guy has been here 4 times in the last 6 weeks. It's needed it every time too.  $$$$


I went and got my taxes done today. I blew off my appointment Tuesday. I went online to make an appointment and at the end they wanted me to set up an account. I didn't want to so I just clicked off. Come to find out it went ahead and made the appointment. I didn't check my email right away and they called me. It turned out to be no big deal as normal people already have their taxes done. 


I knew I was going to have to pay so I was in no hurry. Taxes...ouch! One good thing though is they credited me for the shortage from the first stimulus check last year. I was very surprised they caught it. I wondered if they would. I have a feeling taxes are going to be worse next year. Guess I'll send out the checks tomorrow. 


I was by Wal-Mart so I stopped in for a couple of things. The shelves are still looking bare. I didn't go in the food area. Housewares is still looking pretty empty. Bed and bath is really low! I only got a couple of things. I'll probably make a run to Sam's Club next week. I don't need much there either. Just some canned goods and some liquid soap. I have plenty of liquid soap but it's antibacterial (Dial) and not good for a septic system. Or so they say. Any one have an opinion on that? :shrug:


It was cleaned out when I bought it and don't want to have any issues with it. I plan to baby it when I get over there. I'll have to figure out about what to do with garbage too. There is no disposal. I heard they were bad for septic tanks too. It's always something.


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Posted (edited)

We found the carport kitties!!!!!  Momma hid them inside the carport out of all the bad storms we had just after she moved them (phew!)  We were afraid she had picked an outside location, but for a first time momma she is very smart.   


We did some lettuce, kale, collards, and cabbage picking (some radishes, too) and delivered fresh veggies to the delight of our friends.  I was a little embarassed because I was in my gardening clothes (dirty and dirt under nails as well) when Mary said "lets go!" but nobody apparently minds when the scruffy person bears fresh veggies, LOL.  

Went to physical therapy later.  Now working my upper back and shoulders to get me more upright.  Hard but feels good to work those muscles again, at least til the next day when they let me know their objections.  Then I stopped by walmart to pick up a shop vac at Marys request and came home with a surprise find...imported Italian spaghetti for 25 cents a pound.  I got 12 pounds for our pantry stash.  Dinner tonight was barbecued chicken; Mary had cheesy rice and I had some of those fresh greens (collards).  Yesterday I had a huge chopped salad, two kinds of lettuce, cabbage, kale, some green onions & radishes.  With a little shredded cheese sprinkled in it was delicious even without dressing.  I guess I was really craving the fresh stuff.  


After that, we went and got our lawn tractor tire re-mounted so we could put it back on and mow the lawn.  Whoo-Hoo!  We tried buying a replacement but the one that Lowe's assured us would fit...did NOT fit.  So we went to the John Deere retailer and they remounted the old one for $20.  Much better all around.  I lifted the mower, using our trusty cement block and steel fence post lever system, and Mary put it back on.  


Photos are pretty self explanitory...Mary in the greenhouse next to out giant tomatoes (blooming with little ones on board).  Kitties in the carport...first the bravest one then all the others who followed .  The veggies photos were pre-picking.  Things are thinned out a bit now, but we plan to replant with more 'stuff' asap!  

      the bravest little guy doing a recon....1476348946_kittiesareloose3.thumb.jpg.69bf114a1feaa1700f414d3e4b0f3ee0.jpg



then the rest followed All present & accounted for!     877772937_kittie3sareloose2.thumb.jpg.9030d202e9817af1bd9d9d7cd96928fd.jpg

The mostly gray one lying in the box is a long haired one.  Already a princess she hisses at us when we first pick her up, then purrs like a maniac.  



Chainsaw Mary checking tomato plants..Broccoli & collards in foreground.

.455194616_may5garden.thumb.jpg.3827ee12832d8334ec2a03b9c1f6620a.jpg  710876080_nowpicking..lettucemay5.thumb.jpg.4f55ddc38b18e9026d5e79d74d082c7b.jpg


 Two lettuce heads fill a grocery sack....one is big enough for 8 cups chopped!

I am grateful for the veggies.  Prices for fresh stuff at grocery stores is astronomical and they are, lets say, well-traveled.  Ours is so much better it is embarrasing.  Planning on planting herbs tomorrow.  I noticed more shortages in Walmart today....the cheap spices are cleaned out.  Lunch meats are hard hit.  Cat food shelves are empty, too.  Mary reports info she sees on her websites predicting shortages in coffee, chicken, toiletries.  So we go get some more and hope for the best.  Coffee we always stock up on sale, we have enough for a year, maybe two!  (Good barter item.)  But a little extra T paper, paper towels and chicken we won't turn down, either.  


One other thing we did yesterday, BTW...traded our Ford Escape for a brand new Dodge Durango.  It handles nice, and is much bigger than the Escape.  Good thing, too, it won't take a trailer hitch because the spare tire is underneath.  But with 3 rows of seats it will hold lots of folks, and when they fold down, lots of pets.  We were looking for something a little bigger but better on gas than the pickup truck.  Now we are ready for some BORING (uneventful) days to rest up and finish planting the azaeleas. More storms this week end so we had to get all the outdoor chores done.  Ready now. 






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Congrats on your new ride! I hope my Jeep holds out for a few more years.With all I've spent on preps this year, making another payment wouldn't be easy for me.


Your garden always looks so nice. Hi Mary.  :hi:


Those kitties are just to stinkin' cute. Thanks for sharing your pictures. 


I forgot to mention that my Wal-Mart didn't have any jars or lids. If I think of it I'll check the drug store where I got all of my lids last year. 

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On 5/6/2021 at 11:36 PM, Jeepers said:

I hope my Jeep holds out for a few more years.


We are having issues with both jeeps right now.  One is at the mechanics and mine dies randomly.  We suspect fuel pump with both of them.  


Good morning and Happy Mom's Day!
Did video first.
Sunday School and Church.
Set up my vities for the month.
Make Egg and veggie muffins.
Call a couple of moms.

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Saddened by irresponsible people….  This is less than 10 miles away….


(Thanks to our friend for his picture.)





I can guarantee, it’s man made, considering the area is called Big Wash & most locals go there for a day or night away.  

DH took this pic from in town….



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Posted (edited)

Nobody seems to care about that until it is THEIR home endangered.  You dont want to know what I would do if I caught someone causing something like this...coroporal punishment if they are stupid...worse if they are intentional.  No reason for that at ALL. 


We did little bits of this and that around the place today.  I hunted up a source to replace my obsolete pressure cooker rack.  Fortunately I can get one the right size.  Then sourced steamer racks and inserts.  I have a 5 quart waterless cooker pot which would be perfect for steaming whole meals.  I was reading about steaming ones meals in an old WW2 reprint from England about saving fuel.  Might be handy to have that know how to save fuel, electricity, what have you.  The carport kitties are starting to eat big kitty food and goof around out in the open as they get braver, LOL.  Some of the half grown kittens love to jump up in my lap as soon as I sit down outside, and there is something so NICE about being greeted with lots of purring.  I could sit with them all day!   Mary tried to pose "Ginger" for a pic but all Ginger is thinking about is escape.

One of the smaller bunch is a long hair, very cute, but hisses at us every time we try to handle him.  I guess I will have to start bribing it with morsels of soft food until it learns that it is not in danger, but after a few pets will be released. I see now that Ginger still has a smear of food on her nose, LOL...


1927377242_eatingcatfoorwithacousin.jpg.18ea4eb6e184cd48ee51433fcf72a1a3.jpg               884826472_gingerwantsDOWN.thumb.jpg.a1b4d4be478117cb98009b1dc8817267.jpg




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Those kitties are so cute. I'm hoping there are a couple of outside cats around the Indy neighborhood to help with the rodent population. I need to tell son not to shoo them away. 


Guess what I got today?



The heavy wet stuff. I've always said don't plant anything around here until a couple of weeks after Mother's Day.  In other words...June. The low is going to be 34 degrees tomorrow night. 

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Walked first and walked dogs. I know it is repetitive, but it is worth listing as I am down 14 pounds since March 1st--between my way of eating and walking, that is. I am 12 pounds from my goal! That will be a total loss of 93 pounds! Most of it lost 3 years ago and semi maintained since.


Did laundry.
Made some phone calls.
Dh and his friend went to his doc appointment.
I have relaxed some today!

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Blasted headache again. Not horrible but annoying. I'm blaming the weather. 


I'm a little miffed. Understatement. 


I have some furniture to donate when I move. Some of it is very out dated and some of it is like new. The out dated stuff in the family room is very good and clean. It's just 1970's floral style. But the rest of the stuff is good. I have a solid pine table with 1 leaf and 4 chairs in the kitchen. In the living room is a like new couch, love seat and matching rocker/recliner, a coffee table and 3 end tables and a plant stand. All solid oak. Upstairs I have a big solid cherry desk plus a queen size bed with matching mirrored dresser, full size bed and a twin size bed. All in perfect condition. Plus 2 chest of drawers with some scratches on top. And my old cedar chest. Probably a few other small things. 


If I had a fire or other catastrophe I'd be darn glad to get it. It isn't the very best but it isn't junk either. And it's all clean with no stains. I had planned to donate it all to The Cleveland Furniture Bank. They have a center about 5 miles from me. I looked them up on line. Get this, you have to pay them to come and get your donation. There is a minimum charge of $150.00! Can you imagine how much it would cost me to donate that much furniture. Or I can take it all to them myself for free. "Myself" being the operative word here. Lazy entitled society. You have to sign a waiver if you have anything upstairs (I do) releasing them of any and all damages. There are other organizations I can check out like Salvation Army and Goodwill etc. I'd burn it up before I'd pay them for my donation. :pout:


That really rubbed me the wrong way and put me in a crabby mood. 


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We began SNOWING in high altitude Colorado again today.  :frozen:   With some chilly wind.  I walked out without a coat from the care home....they keep those so overly warm for patients there.  :knary:  


Glad you weren't directly involved with dangerous weather again, Miki.  Have a good and safe trip....coming up soon!


Kappy....my mouth began to water just looking at the lettuce!  Wow!  :yum3:  And the kitties... :wub:  


Jeepers...hope your headache is the short version this time.  Weather does play a part sometimes.  You had snow too? 


Annarchy...SOOOOO sorry you're already in wildfire season.  :(   Notice I'm not complaining about the frozen version of MOISTURE?   Anything [almost] is better than wildfire.  :pray:  it will not travel in your direction!


MtRider   :offtobed:  


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Those kitties are darling!

Praying for you and family, Mt. Rider!  My dad had alzheimers.  Not easy!


Walked first--before rain--except it started in the middle of walk. Paid water bill on the walk, so that is done.
Got out bug out bag and emptied it into another bag as it will be my suitcase in less than 2 weeks.
Tried on all jeans in closet and they all fit. Decided which ones to take with me.
Thawed a meatloaf yesterday and will bake it today.
It's another rainy day so not doing too much.

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I got hit with a snow storm!!!  Snow in the fields…and then, almost a white out, that turned to sleet and rain, for about 100 miles in CO.  

Mt_Rider wanted this desert rat, to experience some of her Rocky Mountain weather.   :008Laughing:


9 more hours to go, to get to Montana…..:offtobed:

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:hi:   I tol' ya we had snow!  :)  And it's none too warm here either.  Snowed most of the day in our high country.  Yet...driveway and roads remain mostly clear.  It can get slick....so :pray:  Annarchy has good driving conditions.  But you're not going to get stuck in a snow drift......  :unsure:    Ah well, USUALLY not in May!  ......not speaking for Wyoming or Montana in May  :whistling:  


I have been sleeping most of today.  Woke feeling ok then an hour later, I took a 2 hour nap.  Took another 2 hr nap in late afternoon.  It's not that I lost any sleep while with my mom.  It's just that we did SO much and I used way more energy than I'm allotted these days.  :0327:  This adrenaline addict knows when to quit and catch up tho..... 


MtRider  ....catching up on computer, email, MrsS, and :offtobed:  

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