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Littlesister, you'll get it done in due time. I know what you are going through. I'm in the middle of a big mess too. Everything I do seems to take me so long. It's hard to see any progress even though I know I am. I have to rest about every half hour because of back and neck pain. At least I've started up again though. I spent a lot of time shredding too. Some of the paper I took over to the recycle bin. But that was a slow process so the important stuff I burned in the fireplace this winter. Faster than shredding for sure. I still take the junk mail to the bin. They are all over this town. 


One of the churches near me is having a clothing drive all this month. I'm going to have a lot to donate. I usually donate to the Salvation Army for a tax credit but I don't want to take time to itemize everything. I'll probably have about 5 trash bags stuffed full.


I have a lot of clothes stored in sons old bedroom closet and in the spare bedroom closet. Another bedroom closet is full of office things and craft items. All of those closets are double wide with bi-fold doors. Plus my own walk in closet. Downstairs is a another double closet and a huge walk in closet. Plus another double wide closet I use as a pantry. There are a lot of big closets here. What was a blessing is now a curse. The more room you have, the more you fill. Then there is the garage, basement and attic.  :0327:

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Wow, Jeepers, are you sure you aren't trying to clean out my house? My small bedroom is partly a pantry. I have shelving units in there to hold my food I have canned. Then there is that closet that is full of food. But is starting to dwindle down a bit. I took a lot of canned goods, flour and other things to the church food pantry.  When all the kids were living here and they were short on money, they always shopped at my house for food. But now they have spread out to other states with only one still here for about a year longer. She graduates college in Dec. and then in April of next year to SC. to medical school. So I needed to get rid of the store bought canned foods, etc. I also have a very long hall closet that is also a pantry. I do not have a real pantry in this house and the kitchen cabinets just don't hold that much. They are small and just not enough of them. But I am not going to do a kitchen remodel if I am going to sell the house in a year or two. 

My attic and the one shed is loaded and needs to be dumped. That is coming, in a couple of months after I get the house back together. The front bedroom I am turning back into a bedroom as it was my office, that closet is holding the long term foods. Don't know if I want to keep that or not. It is 25 and 30 year foods and I have had it now for about 8 or 9 years. One part of me says to find  a home for it and the other part says start using it, we are heading for a famine. Not to mention we are already in inflation. Prices are going up at a fast rate now.  Seems every time I go to the store the prices on somethings have gone up again. Seems to be a weekly thing.  My bedroom walk-in closet is one hot mess. I still haven't packed up Dh's clothes out of there and there is a lot of other stuff stored in there. I will do that closet as soon as I get the other 2 bedrooms and those closets cleaned out. 

Talking about clothes, that one shed I need to clean out is full of clothes, old curtains, all my canning jars. and so much more. The attic is another story. I have TP, PT, kleenex and such stored up there. I need to get it all down later after I get the garage cleaned out. That is going to happen this weekend. And I can't wait. DH put shelving units on one side of the garage to hold my pressure canners and all the appliances as I have no where to put them in kitchen. I will be going through all of those and what I can't use now, will go into the yard sale. I want to get those shelves cleaned off and move them to a better location after SIL gets the monster air compressor and other things out of the garage. 


I just want it all done now and that is just not going to happen that way. What can I say. Me tired. And yes it is slow going and I to need to stop and rest for a while. My hands are killing me right now. So don't know if rain is coming, but when it does my hands will get so sore I can hardly use them. 

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Praying for Littlesister and Jeepers!  And I think I'm busy.  LOL


Already walked and walked dogs, this morning.
Went to get DH some bananas from the local grocery.
Took eBay photos.
Next, will scramble eggs and freeze for DH to give dogs while I am gone North. He doesn't use the stove or oven because of hand tremors.
Going to juice and freeze juice from a couple of bags of apples. Don't want them going bad while I am gone.
I'm sure to find more to do today, inside. It's rainy again!


I am looking forward to a little break while I'm up North!  

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I hope to read all the posts I missed, being out of internet service and busy.


Home safe.  Lots of very strong winds on the way home.  Saw lots of ‘spring bucks’?  Lots of them. Fat cows and rolling hills with no trees or bushes.  I didn’t expect that, at all.  AZ has more bushes & trees than WY or MT near Hwy 25.  

Laundry is churning, car seriously needs to be washed, because of all the road salt & grime.  I had to use my windshield washer fluid to clear the windshield!  Rain, rain, snow, sleet, wind, & dust storms.   And, I thought going in May, I’d miss the bad weather.  Ha!  Not!

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Annarchy, I didn't know you were on a trip but glad to see you are back home safe and sound.  I to have missed a lot of post over at least a month or maybe longer. I hope to be able to catch up but it won't be this week. Kids are coming into town this weekend and I am trying to get everything together for them to take home. Then I can get my house back together.  


Went to Food Lion this morning and it was a bit different. I had not been there in 2 weeks. They have removed everything from front of store, opening it up and had stacked beer up in middle of floor near the front.  Also it looks like they have removed some shelving units out as they seem to be further back from the front of store.  Prices have gone up and a shortage on chicken. So my friend was right. There was not a lot of chicken there. Also can goods won't to bad, but no where what it used to be. They are not selling or are out of a lot of things. Both the Food Lion and Harris Teeter have very little cake mixes. That I had noticed 2 weeks ago at Harris Teeter and seems Food Lion is now very low. Meats were in meat counter with chicken being slim pickings, but beef and pork was much lower in the amounts they did have a couple of weeks or so ago. 

I have been hearing we are heading for a famine and higher prices both at the pump and the grocery stores. I think come 2022 if not sooner, this country will have gone down the tubes.  The inflation of the dollar is getting much worse and the stock markets are going down. The medical field is in the dump and I see no way of it getting any better. Medications are also going up. And now Biden is pushing for all of us to buy electric cars. I am not buying one at my age as the car I have will more than likely be the last car I ever buy. Yes I would love to have that Jeep that is part truck and part SUV. But I am not going to buy it as the last thing I need is a bill. I am going to take inventory of all I have and to see what I would really need for future use. I do not want to be buying things I don't think I can use. Going to downsize the house as much as I possibly can.  We have already had the gas hacked, and if the hackers was paid off, then that means we have the next hack to look forward to. So I am going to try to wrap my head around all this to try to keep at least one step ahead of it all.  I do not see us coming back from what is going on in this world. 

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1 hour ago, Littlesister said:

We have already had the gas hacked, and if the hackers was paid off, then that means we have the next hack to look forward to. So I am going to try to wrap my head around all this to try to keep at least one step ahead of it all.  I do not see us coming back from what is going on in this world. 


I read where the hackers were paid $5,000,000.00 

I don't think that was a smart message to send to deter hackers.   


I love my Jeep so much that if they ever come back out with a Liberty model like mine I'd trade it off for a new one. I think the last one like mine was 2012. I like the old Liberty and Wranglers.  


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I do like my Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.  It's a 98' model.  When we do change the fuel pump, it will cost about $400 between parts and labor.  DH's fuel pump change was about $350 and it is 3 years newer.


So far today, I've walked and walked dogs.
Going to juice the apples.
Attempt to do a pedicure.
That's about it. Very easy day.


Yesterday, I tried to pack everything in my backpack and discovered it is not big enough. Going to use a smaller carry on and put my throw and pillow in the backpack. I've been told I will freeze on the train!
Noticed a 5# bag of potatoes in the pantry yesterday, so I boiled, mashed and froze them. Trying to tie up loose ends the rest of the week.


Tomorrow, I have to take DH to Rheumatologist appt. and stop at Walmart on the way back. Have a good day, folks!

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We got a new Meijers here less than a week ago. It's only a couple of miles from me. I've been trying to get in there but the parking lot is always full. This morning I saw my chance and got in. WOW. Even after their grand opening the place was stocked full. I haven't seen a store that well stocked since the threat of Covid. Maybe they were just spread out better. We didn't have any Meijers around here until now. There are only 39 in the whole state. It was a thing of beauty. 


I didn't get to dawdle as much as I would have liked to because I could feel my energy going. I got a few prep items namely tuna. I didn't have any and have been putting off going to Sams Club to get some. It's a bit of a drive to get there. I got a dozen cans. I can make a casserole or tuna salad sandwiches. DIL makes a good tuna salad side dish with pasta. Dang, maybe I should have bought a few more cans. 


I finally found some butterfly band-ades. Also some nail clippers. The last clippers I bought didn't have that little file thing in it so you couldn't clean under your nail or file a rough edge. I didn't know that until I tore open the package.


They had Ball jars galore. Of course no lids. I was going to buy g-son some sunglasses. They were BOGO free. But they were $9.00 a pair. I know him. They will either get stepped on, sat on, lost or what ever he can manage to do to them. Grandma will go to Dollar Tree tomorrow.


I found some Fruit The Loom drawers. I got three packs to keep in Indy. I got a size smaller because when I get to Indy I'll probably work my a$$ off. That's the plan anyway. :008Laughing:

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Wednesday already?!  Sunday we had a busy planting day.  Made more wicking pots, some from kitty litter pails this time for smaller stuff (herbs).  Much easier to deposit as needed in the yard for more or less sun, etc.  Moved several large pots.  Our newest dog is 18 mo old, a black lab, full of energy.  Donnebrae gets tangled up in the pots, then panics and pulls!  He has wrecked several potted plants already so we moved more things out of his tie-out range.  Hoping he will calm down in a few months.


Then we mixed potting soil by the wheelbarrow full.  Planted/potted up azaelias, and the aforementioned herbs: sage, catnip, lemon balm, mint, and basil.  I already am picking celery leaves and stalks to dry for seasoning.  The parsley in the garden is also ready.  I'm drying that, too.  I gotta prune my huge rosemary potted bush, so i will have plenty of that as well.  I wish Mary liked rosemary, I think it is nice with chicken, but she does not care for it.  Oh well.  Maybe I'll slip some into my low carb breading mix (she does not eat that, she uses the home made shake and bake made in the normal way, with crumbs).  


Monday I went outside to feed the cats and found one, Scruffy, dragging his hind legs.  Looked like he was hit by a car.  Off to the vet, fortunately no bones broken, but he got smacked and when he hit the road, the vet said, he pinched some hind leg nerves.  So we were to keep him inside, and let the nerves wake up again, and he would recover.  Dang!  Im glad came equipped with 9 lives, he has accounted for 3 already.  And he is an affectionate little guy, too.  Glad he is going to be OK.  He is starting to walk again, for short distances,  


Tuesday I had PT and wow, those tough exercises I am doing now remind me of my weight lifting days.  But the harder they are to do the more it shows that I NEED TO DO THEM.  The therapists like to work with me because I am willing to try anything and everything they suggest.  I figure that I won't get better without a fight, so I told one therapist that when old man trouble comes around I want to spit in his eye....not talk to his belt buckle. It's working, too.  I am about 75% upright now, and have lost about 10 pounds watching my carbs strictly.  Tonight Mary had pizza, I had a "pizza salad"....she feels bad when I cant eat old favorites with her, so I scraped off the pizza fixings and plopped them on a bed of fresh romaine I picked today.  Surprisingly good!  I guess pizza salad can give a taco salad some competition.  


Today we delivered vegetables around to our town friends.  My doc told Mary "I want to examine your thumbs to see how green they are!"  The collard leaves are huge, but everyone says there ius no such thing as too big when it comes to collards.  Doc got collards and a cabbage.  Then off to see our friend at the car lot.  Delivered yellow squash, scallions, and collards to her.  She was delighted, said she was cooking those scallions to caramelise then with the fresh yellow squash slices.  We picked them about 6 inches long, and she said that was perfect for sauteing.   Since I picked lettuce and cabbage yesterday, I didn't need more vegetables just yet.  


Then we went to the garden center to see if they had more cabbage plants left to put in where we are picking....nope.  But Mary got a bouganvallia plant (I did not know anything about them, especially that they have thorns!)  The garden center owner said when he was in Mexico he saw them used as border hedges, all thorny like they are, and blooming all the time.  They were, of course, much larger, 4 feet tall.  He said down there they are perennials and just get bigger and bigger.  Here they do not survive the winters he said.  (We will see about that....maybe the greenhouse will be enough shelter to keep them over the winter).  Then Mary shocked me, and bought some muscadine grapes for me!  She does not like them, but knows I do.  Now to decide where to plant them.....



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11 hours ago, kappydell said:

Tuesday I had PT and wow, those tough exercises I am doing now remind me of my weight lifting days.  But the harder they are to do the more it shows that I NEED TO DO THEM.  The therapists like to work with me because I am willing to try anything and everything they suggest.  I figure that I won't get better without a fight, so I told one therapist that when old man trouble comes around I want to spit in his eye....not talk to his belt buckle. It's working, too.  I am about 75% upright now, and have lost about 10 pounds watching my carbs strictly. 


I laughed when you said 'when old man trouble comes around' .... When DH had his leg crushed from an iron and steel accident at a crane site, the ortho surgeon told him that he patched him up but DH would never walk normal again. DH turned to Doc and said, "that's unacceptable".    :thumbs:  He was assigned a PT therapist from church but she took herself off the case. Claimed DH would never talk to her again on Sundays.   :24:  They didn't tell him that his Achilles tendon had ruptured and ended up shorter which required him to learn to walk again. Being the stubborn Kraut that he is, he shed many tears through the year-long PT agony, but does walk normal now. You will too.  :hug3:


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Kappy, glad the therapy is working out good.  You will be standing straight and tall before you know it.  

Homesteader, I am glad that all worked out well for your husband with the therapy.  Hard work does pay off. I remember those days well when Dh had to learn to walk all over again after a severe stroke back in 93.  Tough times indeed.


I have the front bedroom cleaned out and have been cleaning the floor in there.  I have the headboard in there but not sure which wall I am going to put that monster bed on till kids come in this week end and put it back together.  Clearing out the small bedroom today so daughter can take the double bed back home with her.  That is going to be my bed when I go to visit with them. She really was funny when she said she was going to downsize her house. That included the house when she bought this one. Turns out that she moved from a 4 bedroom house to a 4 bedroom house with potential for a 5th bedroom. Might have been a good thing as if I move down to where they are, the kids will more than likely be staying with them as I will be getting a smaller house with some land. Something I can keep up.  I don't mind a second floor as long as the master bedroom is down stairs. That is what my daughter has now. 2 bedrooms downstairs, 2 bedrooms upstairs with potential for the 5th bedroom up there. She bought a bigger house than what she sold here. But though it is a fixer upper, it is really nice. They have done a lot of work on it but still pulling down wallpaper. I swear they will be pulling down wallpaper for the next 10 years. It's a lot of wallpaper and in every room in that house. 

Next week I am going to go to bank and take out a home equity line of credit so I can start getting things fixed around here.  I would only have to use that money if I need it but is there when I do. I think the fireplace is going to be a huge undertaken. It's in bad shape. Not worried about jacking up the dinning room floor as that will cost but not to bad.  But the floors in dining room and also living room will have to be redone as the hardwood floor under the china hutch is broken in 3 places. So need to replace those floor boards and then sand and stain. If they can match the rest of floor it might save me on that. Trying to keep cost of everything as low as I can as prices just keep going up, up, up on everything from gas, food, taxes, and now I hear that Biden plans on a tax for anyone driving a gas driven car. Not sure if that is going to happen.  Seems that they want to do that in the name of saving the planet. While they line their pockets with that money as well. 


Found out about the neighbor that kept coming around here checking out things and asking questions about my house. He was looking to see what I have that he wanted.  No there is no estate sale, I am still living. No I am not selling my house but could change in a couple of years. If there is anything you want the yard sale will be in the fall. You can buy what you want from that.  He started back walking today but didn't see me outside this morning. So thinking now he knows I am not giving away tools, lawn and garden equipment, etc. so now I think he will go back to being normal. Seems there are a couple of neighbors that go around when a husband passes hoping the wife will just give away anything they want. Only had him to deal with. Now things are back to normal and he is back to just hello how are you today.  Glad that is over or at least I hope so. He really wanted to get into the house that one time and I wouldn't let him in. He got the idea. 


Garden is doing great, I already have blueberries but not ripe yet. Tomatoes look like they are going to be a bumper crop. Cherry tomato plants are loaded and the Roma tomatoes are forming now.  So in about a month or so I will be picking tomatoes for sure. Blueberries in a couple of weeks. Seems things are coming in early this year.  The egg plants are in bloom as well as the green peppers. Had to replant the cucumbers as the bunny got the first ones. Got the sonic stuff out and plugged in out there to keep animals away from garden. Works great. Need batteries for 2 of the solar ones. So need to see if Battery Plus carries them. Will take an old one with me as well as a battery from my house phones. They are not holding a charge like they should. But those phones are over 10 years old, so no surprise batteries are not holding as long now. 


Weather is starting to really warm up now. Already in 80's. Getting humid as well, so had to turn on air conditioner. Nights are still cool though. 

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On 5/18/2021 at 8:40 PM, Jeepers said:


I read where the hackers were paid $5,000,000.00 

I don't think that was a smart message to send to deter hackers.   


I love my Jeep so much that if they ever come back out with a Liberty model like mine I'd trade it off for a new one. I think the last one like mine was 2012. I like the old Liberty and Wranglers.  


Jeepers, I have been looking hard at the Jeep Gladiator.  Not willing to make that car payment though. Maybe in a couple of years.

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I don't know how I'm going to make it through this summer at work.  I have to keep moving off the work computer to rest my back, but every minute I do is time to get further behind.  But if I don't take a break every hour, the pain level gets so high I literally cannot read, cannot make the letters hold still on the page long enough to form words.  The thing is nailed to the corner where those short wires are, so I can't carry it around with me. I don't know what I'm going to do.

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I just remembered that on my look around at Meijers the other day, that the bed and bath area was VERY low. It's been that way in all of the stores for a long time now. I use all white bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths so I can wash them all together and add some bleach if I want to. Same with sheets etc. for the same reason. KISS. But, I've desided to go with a darker color in the bathroom g-son uses because...well he's a boy and often rushes through hand washing leaving as much behind as he took off.


Anyway, the point is, I'm having a hard time finding bath linen. Is that the propper term? It dosen't help that they all have to match. I could go brown hand towels, tan bath towels and cream wash cloths. OCD can be annoying. But I can't find any. Maybe I need to check out some higher end stores like Penneys or Kohls or even Bed Bath Beyond. Yeah, those are high end stores in my world. 


Today I'm not moving. It's a little warm in my upstairs and I just turned the fan on the first time this year and I'm in heaven. I do love a fan blowing on me. Tomorrow I'll get the errands done. I feel a snooze coming on. 

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Ambergris, Can you get your boss to buy you one of those tables that the computer sits on on your desk that raises up and down. So that you can also work standing up when you need to stand. My daughter has one and then her company got them for all the office employs.. It made a big difference for them as my daughter also has back issues. 


Jeepers we don't have a Meijers but do have bed bath and beyond.  The bed bath and beyond by me went out of business. So now If I want sheets, blankets or anything I have to go to Va. beach or Newport News to one. Bed bath and beyond had everything from linen, to curtains and so much more. Right now I have been ok on all that stuff, but will be paying more attention to what is in stores. Will have to check T.J. Max next time I go there. They sell a lot of linen and such. I know they had said there was a shortage of cotton items, Wonder is that is the reason and it is just now catching up with us.. 

I bought a huge batch of white wash clothes back 3 or 4 years ago and would wash them up and put in a couple of 5 gal. buckets as when DH worked in garden and doing yard work, they would get so stained up and turn gray from the dirt. So every so many months I would put the ones that had been bleached so much and getting ragged out in the rag box and pull out some new ones. Think I will make a trip to Big Lots next week to see what they have. 

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I'm so sorry to hear that Ambergris! I really do feel your pain. I know you said it is nailed in but would a longer cord help in any way? If you know what you need and they have a maintance crew, maybe they could help set up something. A wheeled cart a computer can sit on it and you can move around. Computer could be attached to the cart if it's security they are concerned with. Or talk to the boss and ask for help. Workers are in short supply so I'm sure he wouldn't want to lose you. Can you work from home? Probably not very helpful. Just trying to spark an idea. 


Gentle hugs.   :hug3:

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DH has a sit/stand desk both at work and at home.   He has bad hip problems and swears by them.   We got the home one from Ikea.  Its electric and has a button that makes the entire table top go up or down.  


I bought new bath linens online last year.  I got the brand I liked in a color I wanted and replaced all the items in the master bath.  I checked Amazon first, but ended up going with Walmart since they carried what I was looking for.  


DD17 is nothing but chaos and drama.  I will survive this and she will survive this.  One more year until she graduates.  Its the sort of drama where you don't talk to your family for 30 years, so I'm a bit on edge and preoccupied lately.


They found the body of a 61 year old woman in the wooded area at the front of my subdivision.  We had helicopters and a billion police cars.  Apparently she was from NY but living here for work temporarily.    Her body was located literally 2 streets over less than half a mile from my house.   We are freaking out.  

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euphrasyne, I had not heard about that on news yet, but sure it will be on there.  I have never known of any thing happening in that area, so that is scary. Hope it wasn't a crime type thing.  But then you said it is in the woods. So yes I think I would be freaking out as well. That is to close for comfort. 


Ambergris, my daughter has one of those desk that euphrasyne is talking about.  She will be working from home from now on since she moved. Her's also is electric and she has back issues.  It might be well worth looking into. 


I was up at 5:30 this morning. went out to check the garden. All looks good. Will see this evening if I need to water or not. Nights and early mornings are still cool and all plants were very wet from the dew. So that does help with watering. I am seeing more and more roma and cherry tomatoes coming in but still not on the big boys and others. But they do have blooms on them. So maybe they will start forming tomatoes in about another month. Peppers and eggplants doing well and having to keep a close eye on blueberries. They should start ripening at anytime now. 


Kids will be coming in early tomorrow morning. So got to finish moving things around so they can get the desk and bed out of house and move a dresser into the front bedroom for me. I could do it, but to get it through the doors, I need to take the mirror off of it and I can't do that on my own. But will have it ready to be moved.  I can't wait to get this stuff out so I can start getting things back together again.  Lot's of stuff packed up in boxes and marked for yard sale. Will store those boxes in corner of garage till time for the yard sale. 


If granddaughter drives down with them when DD leaves to go home, I am thinking of riding in with her. I can just come back with granddaughter when she leaves to come home Sunday night.  We live about 2 minutes away from each other, so works out good. And I can see which routes they take. 

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I have the sit-stand desk.  It's not doing me as much good as hoped.  I also work at home.  If I can take a five or so minutes, even, to lie down every hour, it makes a big difference.  The problem is finding that five minutes (or even a bathroom dash).  I don't have a fifteen minute break scheduled in every couple of hours, and when I did it wasn't the same.

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It's hard to describe the feeling of walking into a fully stocked store. It sort of puts the last year+ into visual perspective. It sure didn't take long to train us to see half empty shelves as the norm. I'm talking about Meijers again. Granted it's Friday so probably stocked for the weekend. It sort of gives you an odd Twilight Zone feeling. I'm wondering where all of this merchandise came from. Were they 'hoarding' it from other stores? 


I just happened to go by again and stopped in. They had everything on my list except for a back scratcher. I only got a few prep items like extention cords and more Duct Tape. I got some more shampoo. I didn't really need it but we've been warned of a price hike. It won't spoil so I bought 4 bottles. I also added to my cleaning supply list. I got 4 cans of that carpet cleaner with a brush on top. And a 2 pack of wasp spray. Then I went back over to the bath stuff and low and behold they had brown hand towels and tan bath towels. I must over looked them before. I was too busy looking for a matched set. 


The reason I was by there is because I wanted to get my hair cut right down the street. When I got there they were closed. The sign said they were closed because of lack of beauticians. I went to another shop and they had two people working. Only one stylist and the owner running the desk. This is the second time this has happened to me. A couple of weeks ago at Burger King and now this. There are 'help wanted' signs everywhere. A sign of things to come?


Anyway, I got my hair cut not quit to my shoulders. It feels so nice and light. Summer is here and the heat and I don't play well together. My hair is so incredibly thick. You'd think at my age it would be thinning out and going gray. That's the only thing that hasn't gone south on me. 


Gas is still at $2.89 but diesel is $2.79. Diesel is usually more expensive.  :shrug:

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DH said that gas is between 2.89 and 2.91 around us.   


61-year-old woman reported missing under suspicious circumstances found dead; Chesapeake Police investigating as homicide (wtkr.com)

Missing Chesapeake woman found dead; case being investigated as a homicide | WAVY.com


My subdivision is quiet and over by the YMCA and bowling alley.  They cut out some of the wooded lot between the YMCA and gas station in the last few months to put in apartments.  (which we are all super unhappy about.)  There is stall a small wooded lot behind the YMCA and adjacent to our subdivision and where the apartment construction is--that is where they found the body.  

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That is so awful Euphrasyne! I hope they find out who did that. And why.  :(


I did a little grocery shopping tonight. Just needed to pick up some cold stuff. Another WOW experience. The shelves were all full. I walked the aisles and the only shortage I saw was in the pop aisle. They still had plenty though. They are on sale at 4 cases for $12.00 so that could account for it. This is on a Saturday night so I expected the shelves to be low, but they weren't. Things could have been faced out some but not much. They were really stocked. The only thing that I saw that is still missing is the little cups of chilled Jell-O. It's been like that for months now.


It's one of two things. Either the big crisis is over or else my store is taking notice of the new kid on the block (Meijers) and stepping up their game. I'm betting the latter. I haven't checked out Wal-Mart this month. At least not the food half of the store. So, how are your grocery/cleaning sections looking these days? 

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euphrasyne, Last thing you need in that area are to have apartments.  You will be looking like us if they keep it up. Carrolton is growing up like crazy as will. These roads and the schools cannot handle all of this.


DD, SIL, granddaughter and her boyfriend have been here all day. They went back this evening.  They got the double bed, air compressor and a lot of other things I needed gone. The wrap around desk and the chair is out now.  My old bedroom suit is set up in the front bedroom, except I still have the tall dresser and one nightstand to move into that room. Need to have something for the TV that is sitting on tall dresser to put tv on. If I decide to keep it in my bedroom. Kids are coming in in a month and we are going furniture shopping. I will need a new bedroom suit for my room and a small table for tv. and a small desk that will go in small bedroom. That is all I will need for an office now, So just a small corner will work for that. So now I have a quest room as soon as I get a mattress and box spring  for that bed. Very sore and tired tonight. That was a lot of moving of  heavy stuff. Just have one more large rug to get out of my bedroom and they will go into yard sale. They are the big cause of the dust in that house. They shed like crazy and no amount of vacuuming will help.  Will be glad to have them out of here. 


I am having someone come in on the 1st to talk with me about an awning going over the patio door and the kitchen window. The sun is so bad coming into the den and kitchen that it heats the rooms up by 20 to 30 degrees. And I have to close the blinds by 2 pm making the rooms dark. So that problem will be taken care of.  I hate a dark room in middle of day.

Never thought I would one day be dealing with all this stuff. But DH did not want an awning which was much needed as the air condition would not cut off with the sun coming in like it does. Nor a lot of other things. I had a hard time for a couple of months trying to clear things out and down size, but now I am doing better with it without getting upset as I can now see how much easier it will be for me to clean house and not have all this clutter. I think the changes do help. Though I still have not packed up his clothes and gone through the ones for a memory quilt.. Maybe in a couple of more months I can do it.  It all takes time and will come when I am ready. 


I am patting myself on the back. I replaced all the parts on my big gas grill. Never have done it before, but had watched Dh change it at least 3 times since we bought it.  Needed new burners and the covers replaced. Works like a new grill again. 

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for th encourgement, ladies.  Some days I wonder if I will ever stand for any length of time again.  But I am hanging in there.  I have lost 12 pounds now, not bad for 4 weeks I guess.  At least thats what my docs say.  
Today we went to a town meeting where the sheriff and the local district rep. talked with us and answered questions.  Both Mary and I had to hide smiles when one fellow kept demanding to know why the sheriff said he would be arrested for "only a little" marijuana.  (Well, because it is illegal in Georgia.)  Then he started up "but in other states..." and the sheriff calmly told him that it did not matter what other states did, its still illegal here.  Then he asked what about epilepsy?  The sheriff told him if someone had a prescription for medical marijuana, then it would be honored.  Then the part where we had to stifle our giggles...."Im not going to the bother of going to the doctor for a prescription".  Sounds like someone likes his weed and wants a free pass.  The sheriff suggested he write to his state legislators and ask them to change the law, because he has to enforce the law the way it is written.  I don't think he will get very far.  


The fellow that held the meeting said he had a Singer treadle machine and did I want it.  Oh yes, i would be interested.  He said it still works, but if I don't take he will junk it.  (NOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I love treadles and want one here badly.)  Before moving from the old farmhouse (2 moves ago) I had three but could not take any of them along.  I found them new homes, and have regretted losing them ever since.  Fingers crossed.  So back I went to the website "treadleon.net" to dig up all the "how to clean/repair/operate your new old singer" info.  Plus the site that matches serial numbers with the year of manufacture.  He said it had a cabinet and folded down into it when not in use...Im thinking 1930s or 1940s.  Both fingers and toes crossed!

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