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Bless you LittleSoster for being such a help to your friend.  Her son should not be such a stinker about not shopping where she wants and needs to go unless he is willing to subsidize her going to the fancier/pricier store.  So many children nowdays just assume their parents are well fixed when they are NOT and it aggravates me no end.  I have to keep telling myself "they are their children, do NOT make trouble between them" and bite my tongue.  I guess the part that really pops my cork is that when they visit they immediately demand the steaks (that we gave them) for dinner and NEVER pay or bring anything to help load the pantry back up.  GRRRR.  I was raised different.  When my husband and I visited his mother we would always take her anywhere she wanted to shop (on our dime) with dinner afterward at her favorite diner.  Plus we always brought things to restock her cupboards "just in case, look what we found on sale!"  None of her other children would do that and they were considerably better off than we were at that time.  Oh well...sigh...cant change the world I guess, just my little assigned corner of it.  


Today I started cutting up meat, as it thaws in the cooler, and when I get enough to run the canner I will brown it in the electric skillet (keeps the house cooler) and can it up.  Its kind of a hodgepodeg of chicken-bee-pork but they all can in the same time and pressure so its all good.  I also have to pot up the herbs I picked up at the garden center.  Thyme and savory.  Im always looking for perennial herbs so I can grow my own fresh seasonings each season.  Savory is the summer kind, an annual, but nobody seems to carry winter savory (perennial) any more and my favorite herb sources over the years shut down when their owners retired.  Still looking for a good source for some of the perennial herbs I like.  Oh well.  At least I have found some wild patches of a few of them.  


Otherwise I am having a quiet day, enjoying all the various kitten litters as they tumble aroujnd playing (and watching where I step! LOL).  Fresh yellow snap beans for dinner, creamed and served over potatoes (Marys favorite) with that pork roast we took out to make room in the freezer.  




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I picked up my peeler today. Woo-Hoo. My mixer came with a whisk and a dough hook and I've boughten a grinder, grain mill and now the peeler. I think that's all I want. I don't think I'd use the pasta maker that much. I have tons of dried pasta put away too. I think the only thing I would use it for would be egg noodles. I watched my granny make them as a kid so I can do that myself with a rolling pin and a knife. She used to have noodles hanging all over the kitchen drying them. I have a new food processor so I don't need one of those. 


Slow and steady wins the race. I'm getting my kitchen equipped. 


Speaking of noodles...here I go again.

I have an old picture of my granny making noodles at my aunts house. Don't know if you can see the big white blob on the front of the table. That's noodle dough. This was taken around the time I was born circa 1952. That's my momma and my granny. 



Mom & Granny.jpg

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Posted (edited)

I recognize the table/chairs, Jeepers.  We had some like that in my childhood.  I've seen them in red but ours were a mottled grey.  Comfortable chairs.  Not like all the hard chairs now and ...what's with kitchen benches.  Ow! 


I had a rest day today.  But I did go walk dog....not real far and my hip began to hurt.  It's been improving so much with horse riding and all the STAIR-MASTER [ aka: living with my mom in 3 story house ] I've been doing!  I plan to ask about the hip at the wellness appt next week.  Need to know what I should and shouldn't be doing with it for best results.  You'd think riding ...especially in saddle....would make it worse.  Nope, definitely improving.  Usually no screaming wake-up towards morning.  :amen: 


MY LAPTOP is malfunctioning!!!!  Don't know if it's terminal yet.  :(   And yes, regretting I didn't back it up on thumbdrive recently.  So I'm using DH's little bitty thing.  At least I'm not totally without.  Without my files tho.  Deal with that when we get a half a chance.  Life has been :twister:           


I began Hawaiian lessons again tonite too.  Taking me months to get thru the "School" chapters.  Oh well.  I just enjoy it but glad I write down all sentences and vocab.  Don't want to let it go so long like I did last winter.


I'm partially caught up with back reading what I've missed.  Not all of it yet. 

:pray:  Miki has fun/safe visit with family!

:pray:  for Ambergris with job situations and esp. health!!!

:pray:  Chainsaw Mary and Kappy will be careful with chopping up all that meat!!!  :thumbs:  



I enjoyed the saga of the broken water spout ....and the creative, neighborly happy ending. 


LittleSister, it sounds like you are keeping busy, making lots of progress in clutter clearing.....and progress with grieving.  :pray:  :hug3:  


Love the dog pics Annarchy. 


Pasta Grammer?????  Who knew?  :cook: 


MtRider  ....  :offtobed: 

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I forgot all about getting the annual sticker for the Jeep! I have two days to get it and one is a Sunday and they are closed that day. $25.00 automatic fine if we are late. I went to the license branch and explained about the Indy license. It was a no-go. She said I needed a Social Security card for out of state drivers license. She was correct. I forgot I had to do that last year. Luckily I know right where it is. 


I went back and resubmitted only to find out my Jeep needed to be E-checked this year. I never got the usual paperwork for that. And to be completely honest, I thought they did away with that this year. I was sure I heard that. So I went and got that done. All the time I was in there the guy kept talking to me. It's noisy in there, he had a mask on and I'm half deaf. Awkward. Jeep passed and I made a hasty retreat. Hard to tell what all I agreed to. 


Even though our mask mandate has lifted, we still have to wear one in the license branch. I pick my battles and that wasn't one of them...today. I don't know what the deal was, but everytime you go in there now you have to give the guy your first name and he enters it in a machine. Only your first name. Seems odd. I hope they are having a drawing of some sort, if so I'm entered 3 times. :rolleyes:


I made it to the bank just in time to cash a check and change my ATM password back to the original. You'd think I could remember G-son's birthdate month and day. It's the 4th. of July. Crimony. But no. So I went back to the old one I've had for 35 years.  Old dogs, new tricks syndrome. 


I went to Michaels to pick up an item I've been wanting in my arsenal. I couldn't find it and I can't remember the name of it to ask. Still can't remember what it's called. It's stick shaped, electric and gets very hot on the end. I don't know it's real purpose but I'd use it to burn a hole in a plastic container to allow drainage for a potted planter. Michaels had a whole end cap full of Ball pint size jars. But no lids. 


After being frustrated at Michaels I headed to my happy place. Meijers. I'll be glad when the new wears off for me. I picked up some scotch tape I needed and a case of Ball wide mouth quart jars. I only have 1-2 cases of quart jars because I rarely use them. I wanted some more for tomato products. Mostly to use in chili. They had an end cap full of all sizes of jars but no lids. Not gonna talk about the two metal Jeep signs I bought for garage decor. Weak moment.  :pout: 




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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I went to Michaels to pick up an item I've been wanting in my arsenal. I couldn't find it and I can't remember the name of it to ask. Still can't remember what it's called. It's stick shaped, electric and gets very hot on the end. I don't know it's real purpose but I'd use it to burn a hole in a plastic container to allow drainage for a potted planter. 

Soldering (pronounced soddering) iron? https://www.homedepot.com/p/Weller-25-Watt-Standard-Duty-Soldering-Iron-Kit-SP25NKUS/204195328

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I have the kitchenaid pasta attachment for about 20 years now.  Sometimes I run pie crust through it because I'm lazy and hate to roll things out.  Thick doughs like for hand pies (sweet and savory) work ok too if you keep it on the thicker side for the first flat roll.  It just has to be a not too sticky dough.  

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Mt_Rider, the dog transporter has MS.  Mentioned horse riding to him, and he said he’s heard it helps.  He’s young enough he’s been doing medicine trials, said the stuff they have him on now works rather well…but the cost is over $10 g a year.. but the research people are paying for it right now.  Sigh.


Been preparing to go to TX next week, a week early, because I have a dental appointment the following week. Sigh. But this appointment should, God willing, eliminate all the trouble I have been having.  Amen!


God willing, on the way home, I will get to visit with Twilight. I’m really excited to see her again.  I miss her being here.  It is what it is.


Puppies got to play in the water today.  Over 100°for the last couple of weeks.  We have a fire in the mountains, we can see the smoke plumes from here.  We’ve been watching fire planes going over for a couple of days.  It’s already over 3,000 acres.  Sigh.


Time to go, we have a customer coming in… need to do paperwork.  

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10 g a year?  :0327:  Riding is costing me $55 per ride.  Still cheaper than owning horses....cuz ya can't keep just one.  Herd animals.  Even 2 is minimal. 


Going again tomorrow.  Wonder if weather is going to be HOT :knary:   Hope not.  I carry my ice packs and Chilly Towel.  At least half the trail is thru the trees.  :amen:


:pray: for Wildfires ....again!  We had a multiple days of rain last week.  So we should be wet for about another day or so.....then we'll be in fire danger again.  <_<   



MtRider  ...busy day again tomorrow.  Rested today.  In town tomorrow.   :wave:

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11 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

:pray: for Wildfires ....again

Two fires within 50 miles from us.  3,500, the closest & 8,000 acres already.


:pray: they get them under control.  Planes are still flying….

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My BIL is in the path of the Telegraph fire. :pray: for he and his wife and all in its path! 

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Windy, gusty winds are not helping, it’s up to 7,000 acres…closing highways….


As a crow flies, it’s probably less than 20 miles from us.




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Good grief!  Thankful .....VERY thankful for the rainy week last week...tho on one day, I was on horseback when it dumped CHILLY rain on us!  Still....was glad to have it.  Another thunderstorm with rain today.  Eventually we usually get dry again but every day we get rain puts that dry season off a bit further.  :amen: 


MtRider   :pray:  for the AZ fires near Annarchy and Mother's kin!!!  So scary!!  :( 



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Posted (edited)

Today I finally got all the meat from the freezer canned up.  I ALWAYS underestimate how long it will take.  However I did 2 canner loads today - it this was my major kind of food processing I would have to get another canner to speed things up filling them alternately.  I got 6 qts chicken pieces, 3 qts "steak bites", 1 quart from a ham tenderloin, and 1 quart of cured ham bites.  Finally one more quart of all the extra pieces- a mixed meats quart with beef, ham and pork tenderloin.  It would make a good Brunswick stew or Booya.  

Mary was quite patient with all the sputtering (from both the canner, and ME).  I hate it when every critter in the house insists on getting as close as they can, just in case a might drop a tidbit.  Makes it hard to move around, LOL.  Cats, dogs, even the parrot came walking over to see what was going on.  I just figured out what the drawback of an open concept kitchen is....you cant shut the door to keep critters & children out while working.  Frankly I always thought a kitchen with a dutch door would be the coolest thing ever....I would leave the top open for ventilation, and keep the bottom closed for critter control.  


All I heard on the news today was stuff about Fauci and covid's origins.  I have my own opinions on that, but this is not the forum for speculating.  But something is rotten in Denmark, "fer shur".  


Had an extra diet pepsi today to celebrate my first 20 lbs weight loss.  More to go, but its starting to show, which is fun.  Another 20 and I'll have to start taking in clothing, LOL.  

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Had a lot going on the past few days and still trying to catch up on some of the post on here. Not getting very far with reading but still trying to catch up. 


Prayers going out to all that is in the areas of these fires. I pray for everyone to stay safe.  My prayers are with all of you. 


Kappy, I had to turn the TV off. I am over Fauci.  But he has become a multi millionaire if not a billionaire off this virus. And he is not the only one. These people need to be thrown under the jail for what they have done. I really do hope and pray that all truth will come out about this mess. So many lives have been lost over this. 


Kappy you are doing great on your weight loss.. I have been trying to loose weight as well, but getting no where much. I think my thyroid is off and I have been trying to get appt. for lab work with doctor, but I can't get through to the office. Don't know what is going on as they don't return my calls. So going to try again on Monday morning and then I am going to do what I did before. I will leave a message with the nurses station. Maybe that will work again.

Still waiting for the guy to get the ramp down. I am getting tired of his saying I was so busy today but will be out tomorrow to take it down. If he doesn't come this week, then since it is screwed in, I am going to try to get it down myself. And yes now he wants my den furniture. But he can't get his butt over here to take ramp down. Gotta love handymen. 

My energy levels have been very low and I am just slowly going through all the boxes sitting in small bedroom. I really don't know what to keep and what I should get rid of at this point. It is getting down now to will I need this or should I let this go situation. As I look at how things are going, inflation, shortages and such. It does make for some hard decisions. The new mattress and box springs will be here on the 14th and then I can get that room finished and just close the door till the rest of the rooms are done. I have been waiting on DD and SIL to come back in to go to Hanes furniture store as she said she wanted to go with me. But now I am wondering if she is going to make it down anytime soon. I don't want to wait much longer as It takes forever to get furniture delivered these days. I also want to go to Lazy Boy furniture, so thinking next week of just driving out there. Will see how the week goes. 

Heading out to cemetery in a couple of hours to put fresh flowers on graveside. Then coming home and try to get more boxes emptied and things put away. Also going to start going through books and packing up what I don't want for the yard sale this fall. I need to start working on the shed, but we had 2 days of hard rain and now very hot weather. And I need to get the ramp down and out of the way so I can have room to sort though things and box up stuff and put in garage for the yard sale. I am also torn between keeping a lift I got for DH to help pull him up or to sell it. That is one of the tough decisions I am trying to make. I have it taken apart and back in box but it is very heavy and I paid $500 for it and don't know if it would sell in a yard sale. I am thinking of putting a $400 price tag on it but in a yard sale I don't think it would sale. 

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I should be in bed sleeping now. but my body is screaming in pain right now. Took Advil and a muscle relaxer and so far it is not helping much.  I have been going through boxes of stuff from small bedroom all day. Totally cleaned out closet from my bedroom and have a lot of stuff organized in there. All the vitamins I take along with the Rx's I take are all on the one shelf set up like a pharmacy. So now I can see exactly what I have at a glance.  The upper  shelf has my shampoos, etc. set up where I can now find what i need at a glance. I was going to get rid of the cubbies that was on each side of closet, but decided they would make a great place for my shoes and purses. Worked out great and they are off the floor. So that closet is done. Still have a lot of stuff in small bedroom to go through, but at least I can see the floor now. Mostly office stuff and craft stuff that I need to go though. Not sure I will need to keep a lot of that now. I feel like I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but I still have a long way to go  to finish up. I have a buyer for my den furniture. So will have to go soon to buy new den furniture. Just hope I can find a sofa bed like I want. 

I have shaving cream and old spice deodorant, etc. that Dh used that I don't know what to do with. Going to see if grandsons, and granddaughters husbands use it. If so I could give that to them. Seems decluttering this house is harder than I ever thought it would be, but at least I have put a big dent in it.

With hurricane season here now, I want to take a couple of 5 gal. buckets to set up an emergency kit. Each bucket will have a flashlight, batteries, emergency radio, candles, matches, etc. oil for lamps I have in shed and easy to get to. I will just bring into garage before a hurricane hits. Also need to get a couple more propane tanks and get them filled. 

I feel like a one man band trying to get all this stuff done. Don't have my daughter here to help me with stuff now as she only comes in when she has the time.  She is still trying to get things done at her house as well, plus she works. So that makes it harder for her to come in.  Sure not the same as when she lived only 15 minutes from me. But she will be here on the 17th or 18th. So hoping she will be here the whole 4 days. She would be going back on Sunday. 

We are going furniture shopping as I need a bedroom suit, den furniture and a new TV stand for den before the old one falls apart completely. 

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Posted (edited)

Good afternoon! I did a video Friday and have to go to a friend's to help today as I did Saturday. Sunday was a busy day, too. Went to Walmart in the morning and it was raining really hard (had 6.5" yesterday), but needed to go in the morning to have items to work with in the afternoon. Made rice and sweet potatoes for dogs, cooked bell peppers and onions with turkey sausage for my breakfasts, cut up carrots for dog treats and then for dog food, cut sweet potatoes for dog food as well as treats, set up vitamins for the month for me, made a couple of calls. Way too much to do
to catch up from vacation!
Vacation was good! Brought home photos and memories! Playing with great grandkids is great! I had horrible allergies up there, but I think it was her sharpei dogs as it was bad in the house and would improve when we left.
I did plenty of walking so didn't gain weight. Yay!


My friend gave me 14 pounds of green beans from his garden yesterday.  Will make half of them Dilly Beans from the Ball book and the other half Pickled Garlic Green beans which have some sugar so should be a little sweet.  They will have to wait until Friday as I have to make and PC dog food tomorrow evening and Thursday.  Never tried that before.

My Peanut Butter puppy is at the vet's.  She had her teeth cleaned this morning and they pulled 11 teeth.  They said she still has plenty left.  We will see.  I pick her up in a couple of hours.

Am doing more paperwork to do with little brother's passing.

Laundry today.

Still have to make taco salads for dinner.

Going to walk in a few minutes.  It's hot so I should get my vitamin D for the day!


Nothing like hitting the ground running!


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Miki, glad you had a great trip and glad you had a safe trip back home. I am still waiting for great grandkids. Though the oldest is now 35 years old and the 2ed oldest is 28. They best be thinking about kids soon. 

It seems the paperwork never ends. I am still doing some paperwork but not like it was. So glad that is slowing way down now.

Got the ramp taken down today, and he took two pieces of the wood and made stair rails on each side of the steps going down into the garage.  And better yet the bill is going to DH's cousin. He told him to give the bill to him that I am not to pay for it. I was shocked. But very happy he is doing this for me. I will be catching up to him to thank him.

Went through a few more boxes today and got the bookcase out of my bedroom and back into hallway for now. Can't get all furniture where I want it till the new mattress and box springs come on the 14th. Then I can finish up that room and just close the door as it will be done. So I will have the guest room ready before the wedding in August. 

Filled up more boxes for yard sale this fall. As soon as I get the small bedroom done and fixed up like I want, I am hoping to be able to start on the shed. And get that situated. A lot of stuff is going in yard sale from there. though I fear it is going to be to hot to work on it, but hoping there will be some cooler days for that. Found a home for the old spice deodorant and shave cream. I gave it to the guy that took the ramp down. He is a friend also and a neighbor from the neighborhood next to ours. So he is going to give some to his oldest son and grandson and keep some for him as well. Everything I can find a home for is really putting a big dent in my decluttering. 

Don't know what is going on with my family doctor as I have been calling and leaving messages as that seems all I can do and they won't call back. The heal of my foot is getting worse, so I called 1 foot 2 foot. Got an appt. on the 23ed as that was the earliest they had. But I will take it. Going to call family doctor back tomorrow and hit the number for the nurses station to find out if I can get an appt. that way. This is crazy.  Went through this with DH with his doctors and now it is happening with my doctor. Things in the medical field are not looking good. 

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Walked, walked dogs, cleaned 2 baths, swept and dusted house, finished paperwork to do with little brother to mail today and then made dog food to cook overnight. That was all yesterday.


Today will walk and walk dogs.
Take jeep in for oil change.
PC dog food.
Call eye docs for appt to get glasses soon.
Take eBay photos.
Wash and snap the 13 pounds or so of green beans.

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:(   Had fairly good yearly check-up.  My labs are good.  My hip isn't and after doc moved it/stretched it to rule out this and define the cause as that.....  I woke during last night with it really hurting.  Necessary, I know but ...OW!  DH adjusted me today.  Finally was home long enough this morning and that helped it.  But by this afternoon, I was draggin' anchor!  :imoksmiley:  I was supposed to get hip x-rayed but ......  :(   there must have been a bad accident.  The ER was monopolizing the X-ray room with a lot of people.  


Lay down in back seat of car as DH drove us home.  He visited with my dad.  I was at my mom's for an hour.  I had appt.  He went to fill my mom's 'scripts and pick up their mail then pick me up.  :0327:    I'm taking the next few days off. 


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Yesterday was another busy day! Started out taking Peanut to the vet as she was having lots of congestion and problems breathing and her nose has been hot and dry since she came home from teeth cleaning on Tuesday. Now she is on antibiotics for the congestion and steroids/ antihistamine for breathing issues. She is already doing much better!
Came home and walked (pretty warm by then), walked dogs.
Made 18 pints of Dilly Beans and 9 pints of Pickled beans (sweet-ish).
Got ingredients together to bake this morning for funeral.


This morning walked, walked dogs.
Made spoon bread and an apple crumble--both in oven now.
Going to Church at 11 am to set up, serve, and then clean after funeral dinner.

Thank God that the fellow who is going to till the garden said he can't do it today. I need a day of rest! Haven't stopped for even half a day since I got back.


Hope you all have a good weekend!

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