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Home from visiting my little brother, in Lake Havasu City.  Saw the London Bridge, which is celebrating it's 50th year anniversary. Interesting tourist type town.... big city!




Today, is house cleaning, book work, laundry, and other ToDo's.


Laundry is going to take longer.  The day before, I left, a very, very strong gust of wind knocked over our ladder into a window.  Sent glass all the way across the room, bed, pillows, etc.  Quickly called the glass company, removed the window, swept up most of the shattered pieces, broke out the remaining glass and rushed it over to replace the glass, then, re-installed the window.  :shakinghead:

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Glad you're home, Ann!  We spent one winter in LHC.  I liked it!  We were in an RV park, of course.


Already walked, walked dogs.
Did 2 loads of laundry.
Called for pricing on eye exam so I can get new glasses.
Went to City Hall. 3rd month they've said I was a month behind in paying. I have all receipts and the date they pull it from bank account. Just someone hit a wrong key in their system. It's going to get worked out as I won't pay extra when I've already paid.
Baking chicken for dog treats now.
Next eBay photos.
Kill ants on property.
Make cauliflower rice to go with leftover pinto beans that were frozen.
That's enough for today, I hope.


Hope to pick up my jeep from the mechanic, which died on the side of the Interstate on way to a doc appt. Thursday. (The jeep died, not the mechanic). LOL Misplaced modifiers.  I use them for the humor @Midnightmom.  At least I laugh when I see them written by someone else.

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I'm finally home from Indiana. I'll never catch up here but I'll try over the next day or two.  


I'm sooo glad that trip is over! Never again will I ever have people come to my house, working inside, all day every day for 6 days from 7:00am til 4:00pm. Luckily I was able to spend much of the time behind my bedroom door. As bad as it was the two man crew I had was wonderful! First the guys were both Mexican and only one spoke any English. He had the vocabulary but also the accent! Ay Chihuahua that was rough sometimes. His accent and my hearing issues were sometimes awkward. But we managed. I spoke a few pleasantries like please, thank you. good morning, good night etc. They smiled when I did. Probably my accent. Southern Hillbilly Spanish LOL.   


I really liked those two guys. They could have finished faster but there were only two of them. I asked and they said that's all they could get to work. I believed that 100%. They went way above and beyond their work detail. They were hired to patch small divots etc. and paint. They did that and repaired three huge cracks down the corners of three walls. They were not just stress cracks either! Really big separating type cracks. They also removed seven towel racks in the two bathrooms and spackled over them. They also replaced all of the ceiling lights that I couldn't reach even with a ladder. And they removed all of the curtain rods and redid the walls behind them. These two guys were so nice to me. 


I was nice to them too. I let them use one of the bathrooms, the microwave, the fridge and kept it supplied with cold drinks. They have to remove everything from the house every night and set it up again the next morning. I told them to just leave everything in the house since I was the only one there. It was no bother to me but a huge work load off of them. I recognized all of the extras they helped me with and thanked them. And tipped them accordingly at the end. We worked well together. 


The last day Gabriel (we were on first name basis by then LOL) gave me his card and said if I need any handyman work done he did that on the side on the weekends. Now I know how to get my toilets changed out, faucets replaced and light fixtures replaced. I will definitely call him when the time comes. We bonded. :008Laughing:


As hard as it was having them in the house all of that time...my issues not theirs, it was a successful trip. Next on my list will be to get the carpets and duct work cleaned. I think one company will do that. I hope. I wouldn't bother with that but there were mice in there and we are floor dwellers. Speaking of mice, I haven't seen any more since I started going back over there this year. I've looked for traces of them and I set traps every time I leave and nothing yet. Now will be the time for them to appear again though. Harvests are going on and some of the doors were left open for long periods of time.  :unsure:


Oh, and I got four loads of laundry done. 


I forgot to mention that on Thursday night I got a case of the hives. I've never had them before. Crimony. I looked like I was covered in mosquito bites. Hundreds of them. And itch! About drove me crazy-er. Benadryl (pills and cream) helped a little plus a soak in the tub with Aveeno. Could have been the accumulation of the paint fumes? It 'only' lasted three days.  


I'm sooo glad that trip is over!


P.S. The paint company I used was CertaPro. 

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Thanks Miki. I'll get some to have in my arsenal. I didn't know what to get and I don't have Internet over there to look any thing up. I figured Benadryl might at least put me to sleep but didn't. I was watching to make sure my throat didn't swell shut. I know where the hospital is but not the walk in clinics. Suppose I should scope those out.  Soon.


You know you are a prepper if you get the hives and consider going to the ER just so you can get a prescription for an Epi-Pen.  :happy0203:


I feel for you! 

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I don't remember if it was low VOC or no VOC. I know it was one of those because we talked about it back in July. It will tell on the cans they left. It was all from Sherwin Williams. Even with my bedroom door shut all of the time, the windows all open and the garage door open, I could still smell it. Not too bad but after six days of it it was starting to get old. I still have to paint all the closets myself. I saved quite a bit that way. Garage needs painted too. I can do that except for the ceiling. I won't be picky out there at all. 


I noticed that all of my window screens have holes in them. Multiple holes really bad. I told son I'd like to remove them all and replace the screen material myself over the winter months and have them ready by next spring. I might be cutting back on air conditioning next summer. $$$$


It's amazing what all you don't notice until you start looking around. I knew there were things that needed fixed and planned for that and saved for it. But I keep noticing more little things. I knew the kitchen sink was leaking around the faucet but discovered it is also leaking down under the sink. I just hope it doesn't become a money pit. 

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On 10/10/2021 at 8:25 PM, Homesteader said:

ugly fish with 10,000 sharp teeth off the line


DH and I had a canoe trip honeymoon in the Boundary Waters......met a few Northern Pike.  :happy0203:  Lots of teeth!  Metal stringers.  They fry up good around the campfire tho. 


MtRider  ....we were LOTS younger then!  :rolleyes: 

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On 10/10/2021 at 8:44 PM, Midnightmom said:

Monday, Oct 11) is a Federal holiday


Oh....I forgot about that.  We weren't going anywhere tho.  UPS delivered today....not Federal employees. 


DH ordered a batch of biscuit mix ......commercial kitchen type.  I experimented with it...no recipe for tiny batches.  Nearly botched it with too much liquid but opted for easy Drop Biscuits.  Whoa....very easy.  Bake-on-hot-rock type easy.  Raised very well.  If we had rather primitive conditions, this would still work.  Now to get it repackaged for any Rip N Run scenarios. 


I tried riding both Fri and Sat.....cuz those will be active days for the ranch in their off-season.  The rides were ok but I also did things with my mom....climbing ladder to replace dead light bulbs, etc.  I have not been going to sleep for HOURS each night.  Been going on for a week.  3 or 4 or 5AM!  But last night I went to sleep after only one hour....slept pretty well. 


I got up and felt like I had tumbled down our 16 steps!  OW!!!!!  My hips didn't hurt --  part of the goal of horse riding.  But all over sore and achy.  Was it the double riding days?  Am I coming down with some 'bug'??  Doesn't seem like it.  I took homeopathic muscle relaxant and Nuprin.  About an hour later, I was feeling much more normal.  Not totally.  :shrug:  Dunno.  Hope to sleeeeep tonite too!!


MtRider  .....BTW.....woke up to 23* this morning.  YIKES!  Lowest has been 32* and GOLDEN ASPENS of fall.  Winter can just WAIT a bit!!!  :tapfoot: 

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I managed to get a few errands run today. My body hurts so bad from the trip to Indy I could hardly walk. I started out fine but faded fast. I had forgotten how much being on the floor scraping that #%^& wallpaper I had done. Then the day I left I was back on the floor dragging out heavy appliances from the lower cabinets trying to find space for them on the countertop. Those KitchenAid mixers weigh a ton. Another thing I had was, I think, a Ninja Bullet mixer thing that has suction cups on the bottom. When you sit that thing down those suction cups grab ahold and don't want to let go. That thing fought me all day. I gave up when it came to putting the electric roaster on top of the fridge. Son can wrangle that up there. Everything can't live on top of the counter so I need to figure out what's going where. The final thing I need to buy is still a bread maker.  I digressed. 


I heard the Dollar Tree is going to have to raise their prices soon. It probably won't be too much but I figured I'd go get the things I know I'll use before the hike. It looked like they had a truck come in. The shelves looked pretty full and there was merchandise all over the place ready to put on the shelves. It looked pretty good. Their juice aisle was still very low though. And no boxed milk left. I picked up some gift wrap paper for birthdays and Christmas. I was surprised by their paper this summer. It isn't the thickest but not as thin as I thought either. For the 1-3 days it had to cover a box, it worked fine. I also picked up some gift bags and fancy bows. So I'm set for gift wrap for quite a few years now. And on the cheap too. I want to pick up a few cards too. BTW they have their Christmas wrapping paper in and some of it was really pretty. Some more adult type like the kind with the little red truck on it and some that looked like gray flannel. Some with a nice cardinal on it and some subdued tan colors. I don't do any adult gifting so I didn't get any but I would have if I did. I also got some of their note pads. I really like them a lot. About a quarter the size of regular size notebook paper with a spiral bound. They are very thick too...lots of pages. Also got some more matches. I should have looked at candles too. Especially those tall long lasting ones. Next time...before they raise the prices.


Stopped in Ollies for what will probably be the last time. I got a few sticker books and four big word search books for the bathroom. They were spiral bound so user friendly. I think each one has 200 pages . Their book selection has really dwindled. And I really noticed the store didn't look very clean. I wouldn't buy any of their food or anything to wear/sleep on from there. There is a newer one in Indy I might check out if I'm in that area. But for now I'm good. 


I still need a new pair of shoes but I was too tired to go shopping for them. I still have some Nikes and some others but I'm saving them back for leaner times ahead or doctor visits etc. They are my fancy dress up shoes LOL.  Maybe some Skechers or something. Trouble with me is I buy something new then I don't want to wear it and wear it out. I saw a really nice pair of shoes in Meijers the other day. I got to looking at them closer and they were men's shoes. :sEm_blush:  Not that I wouldn't wear them but sizing would be an issue.


I need a few more little things but I'm just going to order them. I'm tired. 

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We are now progressing to hanging our Christmas lights.  Mary did the dog pen yesterday, today we did our tool shed.  I had several geometric designs worked out (we do more than outline the roofline and windows, LOL) but the one for the side facing the road looked much better on paper than in acuality.  So I drew up a simpler design, saving several light strings from the total wattage as well.  Now we can do with ONE extention cord out there instead of two.  I will be sore for physical therapy tomorrow due to all the bending and reaching to measure, screw in the cup hooks and hangining the lights.  Mary is handy with tools but has trouble figuring out my diagrams sometimes.  

My short cuts can be intelligible to someone else.  Planted the last herb plants into their new home tubs; hopefully they will overwinter there comfortably,  The rosemary multiplied from two spindly little plants to a 2 foot diameter tub of nice bushy plants.  Im glad it is such a useful herb, there is way too much there for merely culinary use, no matter how much I like rosemary chicken!  Im mentioned making a rosemary tincture to try as insect repellent (supposedly works on mosquitos) to a student nurse, and she was quite interested in how to make tinctures.  She says she always learns something interesting from us, be it from Mary who told her about using tampons for puncture wounds or my telling her how I make tinctures using vodka and fresh herbs.  She will be quite the resource person if SHTF occurs with her fresh new medical education.  

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Today will be a little busier day.

Walk first and leave my contact info at City Hall to volunteer for City cleanup day.

Thrift stores.

Dollar Tree for cauliflower rice.

Local grocery for sales.

Hospital to pre-register for colonoscopy.

Walmart for a few items.

Call eye docs and make an appt for eye exam.

Water roses tonight--it's been hot and dry.

I'd rather stay home and find things to do.


I was gifted 4 pounds of dates which will keep a while in the pantry, but I wanted them more long term, so vacuum sealed and put in freezer.

I have half a trash bag of elderberries in freezer that need to come off the stems and get re-frozen then vacuum sealed and frozen again until it is syrup time.  That is the kind of stuff I would rather do than spend half the day in town.


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Slow day today. Went through a few boxes and took the rest of bed parts for that bed I gave to neighbor. So now that is another thing out of garage. Been drizzling here off and on. Hoping no rain tomorrow as I want to pull everything out of garage tomorrow and clean it out. Have more things I need to take to the Good Will to box up yet. 

They are delivering the new raised bed boxes tomorrow. Hope this time they are not damaged. Had to reject them last time. They were damaged that bad. Looked like parts missing as well. 

If I can get the garage cleaned out tomorrow, then I am going to get the freezer defrosted and moved to other side of garage. The fridge is hopefully coming Friday as well. The old fridge is going in garage. Figure as long as it is still working, I could use it out there. And it would give me an extra freezer. Not a big one but not a bad size. 

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:frozen:  :0327:   :twister3:   :frozen:      :buttercup:  



It SNOWED today in CO high country.  First snow for us.  Barely frosted yet and this came in SIDEWAYS.  Blew and snowed.....big fat juicy flakes, ittybitty flakes, and everything in-between!  The sun came out and I quickly shoved the 2" off the steps with a broom.  The sun disappeared after 10 min and the snow came back.  But it was mostly melting on stairs and porch.....road too.  Too warm to stick too much.  Temperatures were at 20* last nite.  Our high today was 40* ....briefly.  And WIND...sometimes.  Other times, still.  


:sigh:   We have one batch of golden aspens still on the trees.  Other 2 areas are bare.  Last nite's low temperatures turned the last golden --->  brown.  Mostly.  It's been a rather glorious golden aspen season....but short! 


DH cooks and I do quite a bit of the chopping and clean-up.  It works.  He made a beef/veg pot pie with the 'unroll and use' pie crusts.  So easy in our ceramic deep-dish pie dish.  Used the broth from cooking roast yesterday.  I let the whole roasting pot cool....so I could remove the solidified fat.  DH doesn't like picky jobs like that.  Good broth made great gravy for the pot pie.  :feedme:  He's been doing quiche often with those pie crusts too.  We have no where to roll out any pie dough, but these work!


The weather is weird cuz the Jet Stream is low again, I think.  Wyoming got clobbered with WIND/SNOW.  CO was mostly on the backside.  Glad for the moisture tho.  A few days without road dust.


MtRider  :offtobed:   ....slept all night for the past 2... 

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Sleep is (or would be) good!  I only got about 4.5 hours last night.


Watered roses this morning.

Walked and will walk dogs next.

I have a few phone calls to make and maybe take my trash bag of frozen elderberries off the stems and re-freeze.

Prayer meeting tonight.

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Wow! Mt. Rider, snow already.  Please don't send it my way. :laughkick: My raised bed boxes came today. So I have them covered with a tarp for now till I get the kids over to help me put them together. Need to make a Lowe's or Home Depot trip soon also. Got to buy hinges and new screws for front door. Going with stainless steel 6" or longer screws for added security. Learned about that on an old, old form I was once on before it got hacked. Guess that one is now long gone. 

Cleaned up kitchen and went through some stuff in garage. Still been raining at night but had a bit of drizzle again early this afternoon. So still can't pull everything out of garage. Just doing what I can for now. 

Neck and shoulder bothering me today. Been trying to do some upper body exercises to help get strength back. But I might be doing more damage to neck at this point. Will be seeing the doctor the 1st of next month. Going to get him to do an x-ray to see what is going on. Hope I didn't mess the plate in neck up. Have to have lab done the end of month so will be going to Aldi's after that since I will be in that part of town. Also need to find some of the 1/2 gal. canning jars. I have some things to store and want that size jar. Plus will be using my Mylar bags as well for some of it.

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2 hours ago, Littlesister said:

Also need to find some of the 1/2 gal. canning jars. I have some things to store and want that size jar. Plus will be using my Mylar bags as well for some of it.


I buy which ever one of these is on sale. I can use my mandolin to make chips or sandwich slices, or just use a knife to make spears. Once the jar is empty they make wonderful storage containers. Unfortunately the opening is larger than the wide mouth canning jar, but, you could always throw in an O2 absorber or two. :thumbs:


large_f98a91fe-da97-4752-8e14-a2ac49d7a753.jpeg   aa1b8220-edb7-41be-8006-8246b5dc02a3.a3a7263746d52563e383d48d000d00cb.jpeg?odnHeight=612&odnWidth=612&odnBg=FFFFFF

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DH has been looking for one of these for YEARS. They are great for extra storage and aren't taxed on our property. He just has to figure out how to get the running gear off of it without killing himself  and build a ramp into the aluminum box.  Generally, an old one costs $2500 plus shipping. We waited long enough and his boss at the racetrack asked him if we wanted their old one out in the woods. YES!! It took DH 2 days to brush out the small trees so that a tow truck could hook onto it and drag it the mile to our place. We were burned on the towing though. They charged us $400 cash for one mile of towing.    :gaah:  The other two towing companies didn't even call us back, so we went with what we could get ... and still had to wait weeks for the guy to show up. It seems local companies can't get people to work. They're extremely short on warm bodies. DH and I said that's it time to starting treating our country like it's back in the Depression ... bread and soup lines instead of paying everyone to stay home.  :imoksmiley:


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Last week I was in a Wal-Mart store in Indy and was so surprised. So many empty spaces. I took two pictures but I can't figure out how to get them out of the phone and into the computer. Sigh. They are from the deli section. One whole case of where the party trays and salsa etc. are was empty. It is about a 12 foot long case. Also the rotisserie chicken case was totally empty. The lunchmeat was nearly empty too. Just a few packs of turkey bologna left. I was really shocked. And this was on a Friday afternoon when things should have been stocked up for the weekend. The milk case was low and no 6-pack of eggs. I've also noticed a lot of smashed boxes on the shelves lately. Both on the food and non-food aisles. Not too long ago the stores would have never displayed those. I took a picture of a nearly empty case of macaroni salad, potato salad, slaw etc. with some of the cartons smashed in. For sale at full price. 


Meijers store, a few miles away, looked somewhat better. But they space their merchandise and shelves farther apart so it looks more full. In the Wal-Mart clothing area you can barely get a cart around the gown, panties, bra, socks etc. area. Meijers aisles are wider. In other words there is more open floor space in Meijers so it appears fuller. 


Plenty of Ball canning jars but not a lid in sight any place I went. Five gallon gas cans are hard to find too. WM was out. Meijers had some at $25.00 each. I passed. Will check out Tractor Supply next time I'm there. 


The cold and flu aisles are getting thinned out fast now. I can't find that med that starts with osc and ends with ium. Can't spell it and I can't pronounce it. I've looked everywhere. Also no zinc lozenges. Plenty of zinc tablets though. Unlike last year. 


There are miles of corn fields and soy beans in my area over there ready to be harvested. The soy beans are all dry now and ready. You can see the yellow of the corn under the husks bursting through in the fields. I saw one farmer already working his farm last Sunday. Empty equipment in his field but he was pulling out of his driveway with a big flatbed semi full of shucked corn. Don't know where he was headed with it. Probably the elevator to get it dried? I don't remember the ways of the farmers anymore. When I was young we lived close to a grain elevator. Very small town in Indiana. All during the fall we would hear the grain tumbling around in the dryer and being loaded in and out of the mill. And the mourning doves cooing their sad song. Memories...


Anyhoo, I took notice of the truckers. There seemed to be fewer of them but that is because I was looking for them. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have noticed. There were plenty of semi's parked in the truck stops. I got behind a lot of barely rolling semi's on the toll road. I thought, "Oh crap, they called a truckers strike I didn't hear about it. I'm stuck behind a convoy." All I could think about was that Convoy song.  'Ah, breaker one niner. This is Jeepers. What's the 411 up there'.  It was just a road construction zone. Shows where my mind is going these days though. :sEm_blush:

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Ann, glad you had a good time with your brother. I know it is nice to be back home again though. Decided to hold off on fully cleaning out garage, though it needs to be done.  Went to store as they had roast beef on sale for 3.99 lb. Much better prices. They only had one left. So grabbed that. They had other roast that looked really good reduced to half price. So I bought up all of that. Also bought a Boston butt that was on sale for 99 cents. Only got one. Will put that in slow cooker tonight and make barbeque to can tomorrow. 

Getting a late start on canning today as I wasn't planning on doing this. So waiting on the dishwasher to finish so I can start filling the jars and get them in canner. One of my weights for the mirror pressure canner is bad. It has separated, so I glued it hoping it will work till the new ones come in. I have had this happen before and canner will not work properly with the 2 parts not holding. So wish me luck that this works or I am down to one pressure canner till the new parts come in. I ordered extras as well for both canners. I do have two extra gaskets but I went ahead and ordered 2 more. Things are just getting to hard to find. The fuses for canners I ordered as well but they are on back order. 

Gas here jumped from $2.98 to now $3.16. That is a big jump. Going to get the gas cans out of shed and take them with me to fill up. Only thing I would be using that for is the car. But it is a back up. Need to go buy some gas extender stuff to put in it also.

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Yes on social security payday we will be going to the store that has the meat sales we like and using our fuel points to get $1 off per gallon.  They limit that to 20 gallons, but every bit helps.  Then off to swap our propane grill tanks for full ones, since I imagine propane will go sky high too.  Now Im glad we have so much old dry wood lying around!  We may end up heating food up on over our fire pit then wrapping them well to slow cook.  That way we can stretch that wood.  But first thigns first, Mary plikes her propane grill so we will try to keep those spare propane bottles topped up.  


Yesterday was a busy one.  Finished putting lights on the shed...we have geometric light designs on all 4 sides instead of a ring of lights on the roof.  On the way to physical therapy I was still wearing my sun hat ( I hate getting sun in my eyes, and my straw hats are far cooler and give far better coverage than baseball caps favored by many folks around here.)  Anyway once i got in the car I put the hat on to shield my eyes (( had taken it off while we tested lights under a shade tree).  I felt something on my face, and thinking it was one of the pesky flies that bug us in the cooler fall weather, gave my face a swish with the had.  Hey, it was NOT a fly, it was a daddy long legs spider up on my face.  Swished it off, then released it out the door.  No problem.  But I did have a moment of giggles thinking how our prep friend would have reacted (she is scared to death of spiders).  They would have heard her shriek in Cleveland!  Maybe even Alaska!  And she is not the shrieking kind, except for spiders.  So glad it was me, not her.  As long as they are not the poisonous breed I care not one hoot about bugs, snakes or other varmints.  They all have a place in the natural order of things, so I let it be.  


Today we started working on the main house rooftop.  We have big old fashioned size C-9 bulbs on the roof. we have already laid out the lights marking our "SANTAS RESORT" display, and the airplane runway display.  We noiw have three large display areas....HO HO HO LOGISTICS (santas workshop area with the mailbos and order dept, a shipping and receiving area with rail, airk and overland freight divisions, and Grinch's complaint dept of course.   The north pole police car parks at the entrance with a "dead" deer by the deer crossing sign, writing up the crash and ticketing the snowman in a racing car.  The airport runway holds 4 fixed wing and two helicopters belonging to the air freight division.  The campground is new...we have 3 campers and a couple of tents, along with displays of characters roasting marshmallow, fishing, and even Santa in a bass boat!  Its a start...when the Jan sales hit we will get additional things for the campground area as its a little sparse compared to the workshop area.  Now you can understand why we started already.  There is lots to do and we are slower than we used to be.  Its fun though.  Mary got a box to play carols and make the lights dance, too, so that will add to the wow factor.  I get lots of extra exercise helping.  




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Well....it was "snowing" today too.  Wind...not as much.  But none of the snow stuck.  :cheer:     NOT ready for winter yet......  How about a few days before Christmas...then snow! 


But I have a horse ride tomorrow.  DH and I will both be riding the senior transport....he has doc appt.  We happened to have somewhat the same times.  Bringing Kindle in case I have to wait.  He brings a paperback.  We're adaptable.  But I'm planning for cold temperatures.  Maybe even wear full insulated coverall.  Gloves.  :frozen: 


Topping it all off, as of yesterday......I have another cold.  :scratchhead:   With all I take for C and D3 and zinc and whatnot......as well as specific Anti-Illness meds at the first sign of sniffle or sore throat.......   We don't get sick!  This year.....what's up with this???  :fever:      So far, it's still low grade sniffles in nose and subsequent clearing/coughing in throat.  Throat isn't sore tho.  However...after an hour on the horse..... :shrug:   Got to dress just right....not chilly and not overheating.   I'm barely getting one ride per week now so....I'll go unless I'm much worse.  Keep my distance, which is no big deal.  


MtRider  ....  This has been a weird year!!!!  :pray: 

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