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It has been a busy couple of weeks.  Still working on house. It will be 2 months before the construction starts. So I am getting a lot of stuff done now for that. Granddaughter and her husband will be moving in on the 30th. But instead of 3 months it will now be 6 months, as they need to save up 7% down payment on a house. They are both working hard to save up. her Dh is working 2 jobs and she is working full time again and doing college. She is looking to start working 2 jobs after she graduates college next month. I am still working on garage and going through a lot of stuff that was my Dh's. He is loaded with couplings for gas lines and such and I have an outlet to get all that sold. Got it all boxed up. All the stuff for painting house, is going. Lots of paint brushes that are brand new. I can't paint house with my hands like they are, so going to sell all of that as well. The downsizing of things is going slow but it is getting done. Will be putting a huge dent in garage over the next week, if the weather holds out. Can't get out to shed with the rain. To put things away in their that I need to keep. Found lots of nails of all sizes and screws as well. Those I will keep. They will go in shed with the other nails he has in there.  As soon as I get that corner cleaned out. I will be defrosting the freezer and moving it to that back corner.  

Still waiting for dressers and fridge. They keep changing the time frame. That is getting old. 

Went to doctor the other day and my A1C for diabetes dropped 10 points. :hapydancsmil:Maybe things with my health will now get straight again. Thyroid is back to normal now. Still don't have all the energy back yet, but I guess that takes time. Got my flannel to make PJ's with. So as soon as I get things back together, I will be doing some sewing. Lots of things I want to make.  I will need to look around for 4 bar stools as after the new counter and kitchen sink goes in, I will have a bar to sit at instead of this table that is to big for kitchen. Looking around now for those as who knows how long it will take to get them. 

Went to Harris Teeter to pick up RX's and walked around store to see what was on sale. They had spices reduced in a basket for less than half price, so got some of those as well as some canned veggies on sale that I can use when I can my soups. Went through summer and winter clothes and got all that put away. Working my way toward getting the sheds and attic fully cleaned out and arranged like I want. Hopefully by next spring it will all be done. Got someone to help me get the raised beds put together and getting that all set up. Got the area where I want them all set up now. 

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Today I ran out of sugar.  I have no idea how that happened.  I guess I wasn't paying attention to my spreadsheet and the shelf I thought was sugar was flour.    I have plenty of honey, fake sugar (like splenda,) powdered sugar, brown sugar, syrup, molasses.  But no white granulated sugar for my tea.    FAIL.  


Well I did have the 'emergency'  half gallon in my GO bag.  I have resorted to stealing sugar from my go bag.  I see a shopping trip in my future.  


On the plus side, I still have at least 100 lb each of flour and milk so there is that.  


I'm trying to transition the baby to table food.   DH doesn't have as much patience as me, and he feeds the baby a few times a week.  So I ordered a bunch of stage 3/4 baby food shipped from Kroger.  Free shipping.   To my front door.   And the prices are the same.  WIN!  I do some homemade baby food, but DH really likes the pouches.   Its a mental thing for him and I think it is easier.  He squeezes it onto a baby spoon and stuffs it in her.  It works and it gives me a breathing room to cook dinner so.....I'm really glad I'm not a young first time mamma screaming about organic and touching the floor.  


Ordered new sheets from Amazon.   They were actually pretty cheap.  I was expecting the prices to be higher.  Should be here today.    Trying to get urine smell out of carpet and mattress.   I'm doing the hydrogen peroxide/baking soda method.  I may have to try something stronger.  


We cut down a peach tree awhile back and gave a neighbor the wood so he could use it in his BBQ.  He gave us a plate of BBQ for it ---mmmmm.    So I gave him a loaf of brown bread and some apple butter.   Apparently his dad, who lives with them, LOVES my apple butter.   So I gave him some more.   My grandfather taught me to love homemade jelly and I like being appreciated.  He brought back and empty jar and insisted on paying for it.  I tried to make it a gift, but he was insistent.  We've done this several times now.  I'm actually thinking about doing a farmer's market and selling some, but I'm not sure what type of permits, etc I'd need.  Not sure if I want to bother with it or not. 


We went to the fall craft fair to support DD13's school.  I bought the cutest squirrel wreath, some candied peppers, jam, Hot cocoa bombs, BBQ from the local boy scout chapter, and the cutest fall apron that is River (toddler) sized.   It is making me want to sew something old fashioned.   I have to give a shoutout to DD13 for sewing the baby a jumper.   It is kitty-licous.   There are snaps all the way from one leg bottom across the diaper area to the other leg bottom.  It is easy to open and change her.    DD13 can sew, cook, and can.  She is in all honors classes.  There is hope for the next generation.



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You have a haul, Euphraysne!


I don't think I've been here since last Tuesday afternoon. Busy, busy, busy!
Wednesday had my last doc appt. Only waiting on results for that one and my glasses to come in.
Got a haircut and went to Prayer meeting in the evening.

Thursday and Friday were spent helping a friend.

Saturday went to 15 mile yard sale in Louisiana with friends. Got a 2 quart Cuisinart ice cream maker that never left the box for $5. And a Stetson for $3. Also one of those old timey popcorn makers that you just turn the handle--I think $3.
Had a taco salad and XL draft beer at a Mexican restaurant. We had a blast!
My tiller came Fed Ex and is now put together. Not going to use it today. I'm pooped!

Sunday was Sunday School, Church and then a meeting.
Walked dogs.
Set up pills for DH.

This morning, walked first.
Went to Walmart for turkey-87 cents a pound-got a 20 pounder (finally figured out Ibotta, so got $15 back on the turkey), bought half pint jars and labels for Church stuff.
Laundry is finishing now.
Made Mexican chicken dish with refried beans.
DH has a doctor video appt. in a few minutes. Will spend some time catching up later!

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Euphreysne, You have been busy. Good deal on baby food.  River is so cute. And DD13 is a great seamstress. That outfit looks so cute and if that is the apron on table, she did a great job.  Glad to know children are still learning great skills. 


Miki, sounds like you have had some busy days as well. Worked in garage again today. I now have the corner where the freezer is being moved to ready. So will be getting the freezer emptied and defrosted in the next few days and then moved to that corner. Got rest of garden stuff moved back into the garden shed from garage. DH had garden seeds everywhere.  I sure hope they are still good. Going to plant some next spring to see if they sprout.  DH had a metal rack with 12 plastic containers in it. I scrubbed it up and going to put it in make shift pantry (small bedroom) between the 2 rack all ready in there. I can stack cans of veggies, fruit etc. in there. It will Hold a great deal of things. So that is a plus and something else out of the garage.  Working on getting the garage emptied as much as possible. I found all the fishing gear out there. Got it all boxed up. Several reels and line. Need to keep all that. So got that in my shed with the 2 fishing rods. All tucked away in a corner out of the way now.  It is looking like my fridge will be delivered this time on Wed. I am so ready to get that here and done with. 

Thanksgiving is coming fast and this year I really don't know what I am going to do. Family needs to get together as to rather it will be at my house, or if granddaughter and her DH and me all go to my daughter's house. Granddaughter and her DH will be moving in with me on the 30th of this month.  It will be great as I will have help for a lot of things I need to get done that will be hard for me to do. Getting more stuff together to take to the goodwill. Wish I had a truck. It would be easier than putting in trunk and back seat of car. But it is what it is. Daughter and SIL will be coming in about 2 weeks to help granddaughter and her Dh get things moved out of apt. They are going to take it back to NC to store at their house as it will be the half way point to where granddaughter is moving to. That will save them on a storage unit. 

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Kudos to River's big sister! Those skills will serve her well. Great job sister.


Look at that River! She is as pretty as her mommy. Lets see:


Sippy cup...check

Suitcase packed with diapers...check

All ready to start my much needed vacation.

To the other room.  LOL


We are the same way about organic. If it isn't over priced we'll buy it. If not, we don't stress over it. I don't think that things are organic just because someone says so anyway.  JMO


You made a great haul. Such pretty items. I don't know about your state laws on selling homemade food but I have a friend in MS. who wanted to sell her own chili sauces and pepper sauces. They made her jump through hoops. She had to have a separate kitchen so she started making one in her garage. No pets were allowed in the area. Not even walking through. Everything had to be stainless steal. She got the water supply rerouted and got the sink installed. Next came the S.S. refrigerator. The S.S. stove had to be so big with a certain amount of burners. While she was thinking about it they told her she would have to remove the garage door and put a wall with a regular door in it. Every inspection they did it was something new. After a few thousand dollars invested, she called it quits before she even got her first bottle made. I don't know how some people get away with it. Maybe some states aren't as strict. Or maybe they are flying under the radar.  :shrug:

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My sleep pattern has been so messed up again. This time change hasn't helped any. I didn't sleep a wink last night so I plan to remain up all day in hopes of sleeping tonight. I've done it plenty of times before. Of course we know how plans go. 


Anyhoo, I took advantage and went over to Meijers for a little bit of early morning shopping. I needed some fruit. They have the best fruit/veg around here. I also wanted to do a little bit of nosing around. Not much had changed since the last time I was there about 2 weeks ago. Paper products were okay with a limit of 2 packs of paper towels, 2 packs of toilet paper and 2 of Kleenex or Puffs. BTW, I read on line that Kleenex products were not safe for septic systems. Doesn't seem right. I need to check into that further. I have quite a few boxes for emergencies. Not sure why with the T.P. I already have. I bought 2 more big packs. :rolleyes:  Y3K is just around the corner. 


They had plenty of water. Limit 2. I got 2 cases of those. I thought they were 18 to a case but there are 24. They are just the 8 oz, size but that's all the water I can drink at one time. I usually waste the bigger bottles. Water tends to make me nauseous. My doctor doesn't believe me but it's true. 


That and fruit/veg, pinto beans, hard sausage and cheese were all I bought. Oh and two each of the little 4 pack singles of corn, peas and green beans for winter. 


All of the canned veggies including baked beans were a limit of 4. No limit on canned fruit. No little bottles of Gatorade...still. I noticed the little single cups of Mac and Cheese were nearly gone. Maybe a dozen left and the boxes were nearly gone too. Plenty of flour, sugar, rice and beans. Although the beans weren't nearly as well stocked. I also noticed that if you can't find beans where they usually are, there are some over in the Hispanic aisle. Everything else was very well stocked. Things are faced out on the shelves but the limits are keeping people from wiping out the entire supply. I think. Also it keeps people thinking there is plenty of stock. Again...I think. 


I haven't been able to find 16 oz. clear plastic cups any place all summer. I've looked everywhere I've been. I ordered them from Amazon and they arrived yesterday. Should have done that months ago. 100 will last me the rest of my life since I reuse them.


I keep forgetting to check out the meds aisle because it is at the other entrance. Out of sight out of mind. But the last time I was there it was getting thinned out. Oh BTW, you can get a test kit to check for a UTI. I THINK there are 2 in a box. Pee on a stick and it tells if you have elevated white cells and something else, don't remember, indicating an infection. Nice to have on hand if a doctor becomes scarce. And it actually works.  :sEm_blush:


I haven't been to Wal-Mart in about 3 months. Mostly because Meijers is a lot closer to me. But I want to go soon to have a look around. Sorry I don't post prices because I can't remember any of them. :sigh:


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We haven't really had any shortages here in past couple of months. Some things look a bit thinned out but not empty.  No limits on anything so far. Plenty of TP but less on paper towels and kleenex.  I did buy a sale on canned fruit and some canned veggies. I prefer frozen, but it is good to have a few canned goods on hand as well. 

My fridge is finally coming tomorrow morning. :hapydancsmil: The date was changed 4 times and I ordered it in June.  So at least now it is coming.  Got the big freezer in garage defrosted and moved to other side of garage. Works much better there and can't be seen from outside now. But I still have a lot of stuff to go through out there.  I have the place cleared where I want the old fridge to go. From there I have a lot of things to move around and go through. DH had so much stuff out there and I have no idea what some of it is. Very hard to figure out what I should keep and what to get rid of.  We have really collected a lot of stuff over the years.  And a lot of it is now going out of here.  It is just way to much.  The hard part is what should I really keep with the economy tanking as the big question is will I be able to get it again if I needed it. I think I just need to close my eyes and send it all on it's way. It will be so much easier to keep the house and garage clean if it is gone. Getting a lot of stuff boxed up. I do know the pipe and couplings for gas lines is going. Need to call cousin about that as he has an outlet to get it sold.  Found a lot of paint brushes Dh had bought to paint house. Several had not been used. I can't paint house anymore, so will see if cousin can get them sold for me as well.  Reworked the small bedroom as I have turned that into my pantry. It is working much better for me now. 

I am so tired and very sore right now.  Found out I have muscles I haven't used in a while. I will be hurting by morning. 

Still getting green peppers, so need to get them put up tomorrow as well. 


Jeepers, I hate this time change. It is dark just after 5pm now. Hope you get your sleeping pattern straight soon.  I know I am having a hard time getting used to this time change. Takes me about a week or so to get used to it.  Just to do it all over again in the spring. 

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15 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Water tends to make me nauseous. My doctor doesn't believe me but it's true.


I can't drink a lot either....not at one time.  I try to remember to drink frequently tho....esp. in our arid CO.  :knary:   I have recycled 7-Up bottles of water stashed all over within reach of anywhere.  I don't like ice-cold drinks, esp. water.  



15 hours ago, Jeepers said:

BTW, you can get a test kit to check for a UTI.

THAT would be handy in a Post-Hooey med kit.  Just one more novice-friendly diagnostic device:sSig_thankyou:



FINALLY got to meet with friend who lives an hour away.  We email and call frequently but it's been long since we sat at restaurant and chatted.  Very pleasant afternoon.  Meanwhile, DH took my mom to Walmart and grocery for 'scripts.  Friend dropped me off at my mom's.  We had pizza, puzzle and knocked off a few more small repair jobs.  Tighten closet door knobs..... Check this..... Is that supposed to be like that?  Every time we go, there are more things she doesn't know how to do cuz my dad always did them.  OR she needs two sets of hands.  OR it requires a chair or ladder and she doesn't do climbing  :amen:    I think Annarchy can relate, right?  It's pleasing to get those things handled for her.  Meanwhile, DH "fixes or figures out" the TV...VCR.....tonite it was her CD player.  I leave that stuff to him.  The possible crack in toilet tank:  that goes to a real handyman. 


MtRider  .... :offtobed: 

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Its interesting that shortages are such a perspective thing.  Mostly we only notice what we are looking to buy.  For the last 3 months I cannot find frozen breakfast chicken biscuits of any type at all --big or small.  (Tennessee Pride mini preferred)    Nowhere has them.   We've looked at more than 30 places.    The sausage frozen sausage biscuits are hit and miss.   DH loves Cx biscuits for breakfast so he is super sad about this.  

Nothing really basic, mostly comfort and junk food.   


Things I cannot find or hard to find in 2021:

Lumber jack brand smoked sausage --hard

chicken biscuits--cannot find.  i think they are mythical and don't exist anymore

Ravioli cans--limited types/brands

Vitamins--brands hard to find had to swap

Flat ramen noodles --very hard

Lipton diet green tea citrus bottled ---hard to find and limited amounts on shelf

coffee flavors I like- out of stock constantly

Pepperidge farm chessmen cookies--very hard to find

Baby food varieties I like---out of stock constantly

Baby formula--stock is always low.   I'll order it and they will not fill it b/c they are out.   check back and out.  

Caramel coloring (for my brown bread)--very hard finally had to order from amazon and they only had 1 option

Planners and planner supplies--very limited.   fewer options out and Michaels discontinued Recollections.   new TF line is more like WTF  wouldn't pay $1 for it.

Feminine Supplies-- Super long, thin, with wings.   I have some cloth ones but kid likes these b/c easier at school.

Bottled Indian Sauce options are much fewer

Caron Simply Soft yarn---prices are higher and colors I want are almost impossible to find; especially in quantity enough to make something

Country Crock Light margarine--hit and miss.  They are out of it every other shopping trip.  

409--Its a myth, but I did find a bottle last month.  



Plain water tends to make me nauseous also.  If I add flavor drops to it or drink the lipton diet citrus green tea instead, it stays down.   Not as good for me as plain water, but at least it stays down.    My dietician says this is common in people with GI issues.



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Only thing I can't find at Walmart is Ginko Biloba.  Maybe it has been moved or is out for a few weeks now.  You know there is never anyone working in HBA when I go there.


Walked first, then walked dogs.

Got some canned and boxed food together to donate for Church project.  Delivered that.

Washed rugs and dog blankets.

Made mini donut toasted Cheerios to take to Prayer meeting.

Swept house.

DH went to set an appt. for chest x-ray for VA.  When he gets home we will fire up the tiller.

Prayer meeting tonight.


I have new glasses that are bifocals, but are great!  And cute!

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Wow!  Everyone has been so busy… nice to see you all are hanging in there, & making due…


Me too…


Haven’t been on line much, check to see if we are still here, then, off to get stuff done around here.  So much to do… so little time… working on it…


DH caught me sleep walking again….:imoksmiley:  I have no idea why….
Poor Storm probably can’t figure out what’s up… lol. He sleeps with me every night, at the foot of the bed…. :sigh:


Beginning to prep for Thanksgiving at MIL’s…. Still need to make pies, breads, turkey, etc., before….  ”One day at a time..”….."…



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Walked first, then took DH to doc appt. 30 miles away.  Just 6 month appt.

Came home and made yellow rice seasoning to last us 6 months or more.  We use it in riced cauliflower, not regular rice.

Next, will clean baths and maybe put up Christmas shower curtain.

Bible study tonight.


And the tiller.  Yikes!  It would be fine to keep weeds down in an already tilled garden, but not to start one. There is not enough of me, so in the Spring, I will pay someone to till up both garden areas.  Sigh

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I now have the new fridge in and all hooked up.  The old one is now in garage for drinks and overflow of things in freezer.  This will will really well to have the two fridges. The one in garage is huge and I can store extras like extra mayo and things, instead of storing in small bedroom. It will also last much longer in fridge instead of just sitting on shelf. 

Going through things in garage and boxing up what needs to go to goodwill.  Need to go back to the show room to finalize everything for the work being done on house. So things are now starting to fall in place.  Still waiting on the 2 dressers and nightstand. That will be awhile yet. Need to figure out about Thanksgiving. Granddaughter and her Dh want me to go to his parents house for Thanksgiving since they are local. Trying to find out what DD is going to do. Don't know when she is coming here yet. So will need to call her very soon to find out if I am cooking and we are having Thanksgiving here or not.  Going to be hard on me this year as it will be my first year without Dh being with me.  Just hope I can get through it without breaking down.  It will be hard, but I know he will be with me in spirit. 

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Woo-Hoo for the fridge!  


I need to get my calendar out and see if I can schedule a convenient time to get the carpets and vents cleaned in Indy. Problem is usually when I get an appointment for an estimate, it takes another few weeks to get the job done. I don't like to stay away from the Ohio house that long because my bills trickle in at different times. Plus this is probably their busy season with the holidays coming up. Might have to wait until after Christmas.


DIL asked me over for Thanksgiving. I think I'll go this year. It will probably be tough on her since it's the first one since her mom died. Maybe I can get the carpets done around that visit. I also REALLY need a box spring for my bed. If not, I'm going to ruin the top mattress. It sinks way down at the head of the bed where there isn't a slat. Plywood would work but I need that mattress area to set a little higher. The top of the mattress is a tad lower than the side bed rail which makes it difficult getting out of the thing. I sort of have to crawl out of bed...literally. I'm trying to make everything senior safe and convenient for myself right down to the mattress.  


Crap, I just remembered that I have zero curtains up to any of the windows there. And no curtain rods. That will have to be #1 when I get there. Especially in the bedroom. Bubble wrap may become my BFF. 


Bubble Wrap.  The bubble part goes against the window right? Which is better for privacy. Big bubbles or small bubbles?  Sheeesh. 

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Wow!  Busy again!

Walked first and then walked dogs.

Started making banana breads for fundraiser.  I'll give a count tomorrow.  Don't even know how many are in oven.  Started it this morning and paused before adding baking soda and salt.

Planted collards and cauliflower plants.

Ran to town for a couple items.

Back to finish banana breads and get in oven.

Lots of re-arranging in between.

Washed shower curtain and put up Christmas shower curtain.

It's about time to fix dinner.

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On 11/8/2021 at 9:25 PM, Jeepers said:

You made a great haul. Such pretty items. I don't know about your state laws on selling homemade food but I have a friend in MS. who wanted to sell her own chili sauces and pepper sauces. They made her jump through hoops. She had to have a separate kitchen so she started making one in her garage. No pets were allowed in the area. Not even walking through. Everything had to be stainless steal. She got the water supply rerouted and got the sink installed. Next came the S.S. refrigerator. The S.S. stove had to be so big with a certain amount of burners. While she was thinking about it they told her she would have to remove the garage door and put a wall with a regular door in it. Every inspection they did it was something new. After a few thousand dollars invested, she called it quits before she even got her first bottle made. I don't know how some people get away with it. Maybe some states aren't as strict. Or maybe they are flying under the radar.  :shrug:

Very state dependent.  Look for “____ cottage food laws”.  


Here’s Texas’: https://texascottagefoodlaw.com

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Got a call from MIL’s neighbor.  Mom went to the hospital today…. Pneumonia.  IV’s and supposed to go home today.  I packed.. then, she called us.  Didn’t want us driving at night.  Then, …ATF called us..needing paperwork… DH’s computer crashed… finally got it done, but ETA into TX, would have been after midnight… called mom, we will leave in the morning…. God willing…

…stressful day… to say the least 


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:pray:  for Annarchys as they travel.  And for MIL ...that she heals quickly. 


:lois:    Planting, Miki??  :sigh:  Even collards will not be growing here for many many months now.  We're having really mild days.....except for WIND.  AND mostly VERY cold nights.  :frozen:  Below 20*.    [not twenty below zero, mind you ]  But winter is coming!  


We're busy tomorrow.  I'm riding horse.  DH will then pick up my mom and visit my dad.  Right now we have "green light" to visit....between COVID episodes at the facility.  :tinfoilhatsmile:     Hope my mom and DH aren't walking into anything contagious.  My dad slipped as he got out of bed with his socks the other night.  Nursing station heard the fall and got to him quickly.  Tailbone sore but not broken.  OW! 


The client DH works with M-W-F is only 15 minutes up the road.  This is working out very well.  :amen: 


MtRider  ....only 8pm here and I'm :offtobed:  ....or I feel like it anyway! 

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Planned to go to a market and get groceries today.


Looked at my throat this morning because it was a bit cranky, and my tonsils are redder than usual.  I do believe I’ll stay home and start hitting the Vitamin C and a few other things hard…

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No walk today! Very cool and windy.
Taking a large banana bread (tube pan size) along with hot chocolate packets to City Hall for volunteers to enjoy after City clean up. I was going to participate, but cold AND windy doesn't keep me well.
Will do an exercise video at some point instead of walk.
Have to dust house and wash living room window at dog viewing port. LOL
May decorate two little Christmas trees from a yard sale that I put in bedroom. No lights, just little decorations.
Might grill some pork chops later if the wind lets up some- or tomorrow.

11 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

Planting, Miki?? 


They were free and DH tilled up a tiny area for me, so what the heck.  They are cool weather crops, so why not.  

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Annarchy, :pray: for your mom and safe travels. 


euphrasyne, went to store this morning and looked at the frozen foods. It has been a few months since I had gone down those isles. They were almost empty. I couldn't believe how empty they were. This was at the Food Lion out my way.  Rest of store wasn't to bad. Very few empty places, but were out of some things. 


Mt. Rider :pray: that your Dh and mom don't catch anything while visiting your dad.  Hope the horse back riding goes well.


The CG, :pray: that your sore throat heals fast and it is nothing bad. 


Went to store this morning and they had turkeys on sale for 33 cents a lb. I grabbed 2 of them and put in freezer as they were frozen turkeys anyway. They had a limit of two.  I will be canning those later on.  Got Thanksgiving plans situated now. GD and her DH and I are going to DD house for Thanksgiving. When we get back GD and her DH will be moving in with me for at least 6 months. I really hope and pray they can get the money they need to save for a good down payment on a house when they get ready to move to SC. Need to make a sweet potato casserole to carry with us to DD's house. GD still says I have to make that. DD doesn't make it right.  

My hand massager I order for my arthritic hands came in today. Will be trying it out to see if it will help my hands. It has heat as well. So hoping it will really ease the pain and stiffness in them. 

The construction on bathrooms and fireplace all start right after the first of year. The owners wife saw the sword fish I have on den wall and wants to know if I plan on selling it. I told her I have been thinking about it and she wants to buy it. I think I have just sold that sword fish. It is not one that Dh caught, and I really don't want to put it back on wall after all the work is done.  I also may have found a buyer for all the natural gas fittings and pipe that Dh has all over the place. I have it all together from garage now in a box but need to get the pipe out of shed. This is something I will never be able to use and no need of storing it up around here.  Hoping to have more stuff to sell that easy. All that was from just talking about the work on house. 

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