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Mt_Rider. Tell her “Owwww!” , then show her where it hurt, whine like a puppy, holding where it hurt.  They understand. I had to do that with  our dogs, Storm is still learning.  Head strong shepherd.

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We have a LOT of Lab grand dogs.  One chocolate one has spent a good share of his time here with us.  This is a good site to learn about them.  They have some great Lab specific training tips.  Max is four and still a bundle of activity except with me.  We have an understanding and he’s very careful around me. 


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3 hours ago, Annarchy said:

Tell her “Owwww!” , then show her where it hurt, whine like a puppy, holding where it hurt.


Yessss.....I've done that before with other dogs.  Thanks for the reminder.  She isn't biting hard but she's still got those little front teeth on my fingers.  :sSig_thankyou:


She's a beautiful black lab with their classic dangerous tail.  Good thing we don't have knick-knacks setting around.  Her much larger predecessors with big broom tails have seen to that.  Her "on-screen" name is Happy Girl.  And she is.  :hapydancsmil:    <------yeah, like that!


Eventually, I would love to train her ....certify her as my Balance Assistance dog.  She's said to get along with other dogs and loves people.  Have to increase her focus on me while working....eventually.  For now....we just get to know each other.  But I do take hold of her harness handle for a bit while walking....and when we go down/up the stairs.  That's when I really need a bit of help. 


 ..... but thinking of years with Koa doing that for me still makes me so sad!  :sad-smiley-012: ....... :sigh:   .......it's nice to have this very happy cutie but I think it's bringing out more grief to process too.  Well, this too shall pass. 


MtRider  .....and this year's version of MS Fall Fatigue is flattening me!  <_<    ... :offtobed: 

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I had a cinnamon lab/chow mix called Max many years ago.  He was the best.  


We found a really good deal on a huge desk on craigslist and have spent the last week moving my stuff into the other downstairs room.  Desk, return, file cabinet, hutch, and lateral file for $145 and it is in great condition.  SCORE.     DH and I now have separate offices and i finally have room for all my craft stuff.   


They changed my meds a bit and the new dosage seems to be working.   I was able to go out to dinner with DH without having an anxiety attack. 





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One piece of training you might try with her is to get her use to what her harness means. If it's on... absolutely no playing around. Harness on means it is serious training or work time. Harness time means it is time to concentrate on you! Soon she will associate the harness with you and being at work. Harness off means it is her free time to play or just be her goofy self. Gets her used to knowing she has an important job to do. 


When mine got too rowdy and hurt me I'd yelp like a dog and walk away. Gave her time to think about what just happened. Plus she just lost her play buddy for awhile. 

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Great score Euphrasyne! Love that room! And so functional and handy too. 


The blue color that your camera picked up, from the first picture, is the same color I chose for my bedroom. I've only ever had beige walls so that was a bold step for me. LOL.  And I'm lovin' it. 

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Kappy, you have got a great garden going for the winter. I'm not doing one this winter, but hoping with the new raised beds I can do one next winter. Rabbit issues here and they won. So new plan is going into place. 

euphrasyne, that room is looking great.  I lost my office for a while with kids moving in and construction starting in Jan. But it is only temp. Have my sewing room set up in dinning room for now. 

Mt. Rider, congratulations on the new pup. You will have her trained in no time. Hope you will still be able to get in some horse riding this winter with being in the off season. 

Church this morning and then came home and got to work again going through boxes and getting things ready for GD and her Dh to move in right after Thanksgiving.  Will be heading to DD house for Thanksgiving this year.  First holiday without DH, so just hope and pray I will get through it. It won't be the same as we always had holidays at my house. So much has changed to fast with family moving away and last GD leaving in 6 months. Going to be hard but I will get through it. 

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On 11/20/2021 at 3:40 PM, kappydell said:

mikki, winteer veggies can survive colder temps than 32 degrees F...

Thanks!  they are still holding on pretty well.  Hoping they can survive me!


Just switched the leash from attaching to the back of the body harness.....usual method....to attaching it to the chest ring of the body harness.  Instantly different.  That's what I have for Oreo.  Big help!



Been busy, busy, busy.
Thawed the partially baked sweet potato casserole last night and finished baking/ heating this morning. Thawed banana bread that was put in freezer instead of fridge at Church.
Set up fellowship hall and listened to Church, then served and cleaned up after meal.
Came home and walked dogs.
Put away leftovers.
And I'm done for the day, except to eat dinner, which I didn't do at Church.

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Had a slow day here.  Will be a busy week. 


HappyDog and I walked down the driveway.....a ways down the road.  She allowed another person walking [no dog] to pass without comment or jumping.  Because I didn't bring the car down to barnyard, I was using my seat cane.  Supports my walking but folds out into 4 legged sling seat.  I neeeeded that today.  Had to stop and sit several times...which I don't usually have to do.  I also took the handle of HD's body harness a few times.  Then on the uphill last section....she helped to pull me up with that handle.  Beginning of her Assist-Me training.  She did well and got me up the driveway and the steps.  And we weren't just practicing today!  :0327: 


Because she gets so OVERLY excited :bounce:  :hapydancsmil:  when we try to put on the body harness, I'm putting it on her early.  So far, it means we're going for a walk which is for both of us.  With Koa and Big Dog, I did have a signal that they were now On Duty.....meaning: not able to run and dig and sniff in the ditch while I wait on the road for Their Time.  If I began to falter on walking, I'd reel them in to my side and hold onto their body harness.  They knew they were On Duty then.  I'll do the same with HappyDog.  She's shorter so I had to use a bit of cloth for an extender to comfortably reach the handle.  But I'll find something better to use permanently.  The walk is for both of us....until at whatever point it becomes all about me getting back to the house.  :cheer: 


We got some snow last nite but it's gone now.  Tiny bit of moisture but we could surely take some of the Pacific NW's overflow!  What a tragic scene up there.  All sorts of rescues going on.....boats, jet skis, etc.  Saw picture of a man on a jet ski towing a cow by a head harness thru deep water!   My friend told me of rescue folks going in with jet skis to get the last cats out of a flooded animal rescue.   :pray: 


MtRider   :pc_coffee:

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I'm glad your new friend/ helper is doing well, Mt Rider!  God meets all our needs!


Today, I will walk first and maybe walk dogs.
Do laundry.
Vacuum seal a box of pecans into packages. And seal some extra stuffing and dressing mix.
Finish up addressing Christmas cards.
Take eBay photos for dh.
Make fermented garlic and honey.
And a few little misc. tasks.
Easy day!  

Hope you all have an easy day, too!

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Sounds like HappyDog is also a SmartDog and a quick learner!  Awesome.  :wub:


I could only imagine relying on my beagle for assistance. Nose on the ground and spotting a squirrel. I'd be kicked to the curb before she could bay "Ah-roooo". I loved my beagles but I know their limitations. Picture it...two short ADD souls trying to walk down the street.  :D




I talked to DIL today and I'll be going over there for Thanksgiving. If I forget to mention it...I'll probably leave sometime on Tuesday and be gone for about a week. I'm taking all of 'You-Know-Who's' presents over and hiding them in a closet in case I can't get back for Christmas. Never know what the weather will be like at the end of December. 


They went to a memorial service down in southern Indiana this weekend. With all that is going on in the world, I wasn't too thrilled about them going. As it turned out they reconnected with some people on both sides of the family. It turned out to be a sweet reunion. Moral of the story is we (me) shouldn't put our lives on hold for what might happen. We (me) still need to live a life worth living. Balance and moderation in all things. 


While they were there someone gave G-son a nerf gun. Son told him about never point it at anyone and don't point it unless he aimed to fire it. Also how to hold it to keep his finger off the trigger etc. All that was mostly to spare the dogs and cat from a marauding 5 year old. He got on the phone with me and said, 'Grandma, I know all about gun safety now.'   Sigh. 



This is what happens when 'Good ol Hoosier boys' are left alone to party. Karaoke may or may not have been involved.    


(it was) A cousin of mine sent me a video. :008Laughing:


No one in my family can carry a note in a bucket. But we all sing it loud and sing it proud anyway. Where two or more of us gather you can rest assured a couple of people will pull out a karaoke machine. They must carry them around in their car like I carry spare blankets, water, granola bars, oil, clothes, fix-a-flat etc. in mine.  :grinning-smiley-044:





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Jeepers, he's cute, and now he knows all about safety.


Been busy moving things out of house this morning. Anything that is not food that is stored has been moved to table in garage to be gone through at a later time. This is all part of my emergency supplies. I need to check them all out and get them better organized. Matches, flashlights, emergency radios, and a lot of other things. Need to make sure everything is in working order and will have a place to store all of it much better and easier to get to. 

Had to take a break as I started my arm and shoulder hurting again. So can't do anymore lifting for a while. Need to get arm calmed down again. Ben Gay is working hard on that. Not supposed to be lifting over 25 lbs. Oh well, someone has to do it. Though there has to be an easier way of getting things done. 

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5 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I could only imagine relying on my beagle for assistance. Nose on the ground and spotting a squirrel. I'd be kicked to the curb before she could bay "Ah-roooo". I loved my beagles but I know their limitations. Picture it...two short ADD souls trying to walk down the street.  :D

:laughkick:oh Jeepers I could so see that happening with the beagles we had. 

I couldn’t get the video to play.  I’m disappointed because the last ‘gig’ we got to hear was fantastic.  He is such an engaging young man.  You really are blessed.


Drive safe and enjoy your holiday. We’ll leave the light on for you!  :hug3:

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On 11/20/2021 at 2:32 PM, Mt_Rider said:


So....we adopted a 3 yr old...75#... lab a week ago.  She's a ball of happy, friendly ENERGY!  

It helps.....a bit.  But if I hadn't needed a walking dog, we would have waiting a bit longer.  We're still missing Koa so much. 


Congratulations on your new dog MtRider! I missed what happened to Koa?

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Congratulations on your new puppy, Mt_Rider!  

I spent the day, working with a rescue center, to get a GSD to a friend.  Poor puppy, 6-8 mo old, rescued from a breeder, that let him starve….  going to the vet for a checkup, then to the person who wants him.  His name was Oso… so we named him, Sargent Oh So wonderful…. Lol. 

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Hi Dogmom!  :wave: 


Yeah...well, in Aug she developed what the vet initially thot was a bad bladder infection after her heat cycle.  Even with antibiotics and pain meds, she was still in worsening pain and ultimately a bulge in her abdomen revealed that something more......and much worse was growing.  :yar:   We said goodbye on Sept 20.  ....actually, I'm still saying goodbye.   


MtRider  :sigh:

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All these doggies. Makes me want to get a pup, but now is just not the right time. Been a long time since we had a dog.  My DD had a Lab and she passed about 2 years ago from bone cancer. So right now, I only have 4 great grand dogs left and they are 2 in CA and 2 in Washington state. But I do get pictures of them a lot. Also have one great grand cat. Funny how we put the grand in all of that.   Daughter hasn't gotten another dog yet. 


Electrician was here this morning to hook up the electric to awning. So that job is now done. 

Going through papers and magazines and getting rid of all that mess. 

Break time.  I do seem to get tired more with this cold weather. It finally made it up to 41* with winds blowing. That just makes it colder.  


Got to get things together to get ready for trip to DD's house for Thanksgiving. I think I am now ready for GD and her DH to move in and get settled.  They move in on Sunday when we get back from DD's house. 


Everyone have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving and for those traveling have a safe trip.  Don't eat to much of that turkey. Gotta save room for dessert. 



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Happy Thanksgiving to you too Littlesister!


Yesterday was another crazy busy day for me. Walked first.
Went to town starting at Post Office for Christmas stamps.
Thrift shop.
Day old bread store. They actually had lots of my 40 calorie a slice bread so I got 3 loaves. Not much more room in the freezers. Also got some snack cookies and took them to a friend in nursing home right down the road. They just started allowing visitors and I haven't seen her in well over a year, so that was nice.
Went to eye doc and got glasses adjusted again. Better now!
Went to my docs new office to sign record request from old office and set new appt.
Went to walmart and it was nuts there. Well stocked, but crazy amount of people!
Came home and walked dogs.
Baked some garlic. Yum
DH and a friend built a lean to over the outside AC unit, so we don't have to deal with ice getting into it anymore.


Today, I walked first.
Ordered eBay supplies
Next will vacuum seal the box of pecans that a friend brought the other day.
Do ebay photos for DH.
And thaw the sliced frozen turkey for tomorrow.
That's enough!

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Snowed all day.....few inches.  More than forecasted.  DH and client had to take a detour around an accident on their weekly shopping expedition.  Client in in wheelchair and our senior transportation van comes for them.


Hope the roadways will be better tomorrow.  Cooking big turkey tomorrow and DH will make pie.  My mom making the other stuff...ing.  ;)  Potatoes/gravy. 


Y'all be careful tomorrow...whether traveling or hosting. 


MtRider  ...Happy Day of Giving Thanks .... :amen:  

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Happy Thanksgiving to all y'all!


This morning, I walked first and will walk dogs next.
Cut up carrots for dog treats.
Make cornbread dressing.
Make green bean casserole.
Find a box to gift wrap and put Christmas tree stand in to stabilize (new cat strategy using concrete black).
Otherwise just resting. The tree will wait until tomorrow.

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Oye!  DH got the smallest FREE turkey they had.  I stumbled out of bed to get the 16 pound thing into the oven.  :o  I think there were more than 20 "pin feathers" and feather shafts still stuck in that thing!  Even a few slimy feathers still under the armpits!  :gaah:  I'd meant to get out of bed at 7am.  Nope.  8:30am.  Got my Swiss Army Knife [SAK] tweezers....a paring knife and began.  Aiiieee! That turkey had skin that could be used for tire treads!  Rubbery and wouldn't cut.  So DH gave me one of his SHARP knives.  :darthduck:  


I'm barely awake ....handling sharp knives and trying to pick each one of those embedded feathers OUT!  IT TOOK ME A FULL HOUR!!!  Bending over the sink....OW!  That's one position that wreaks my back.  I need a "farm sink" style that doesn't have those extra inches for my short self to lean over.  :0327:  DH was helping to fetch stuff cuz my hands were very UNsanitary!  Finally got that thing plucked, cleaned, and lugged into the big roaster.   DH got it into the oven.  I forgot to take one rack out so it can fit so he ran that pre-heated rack out to the porch.  Usually I have that done.  It took me another 20+ minutes to sanitize everything....cuz....poultry, y'know.  I bleach everything.  Add water to roaster...add lid.  Add thermometer in the leg cuz pop-out one isn't always right. 


:faint3:   .....go rest my back.  My mom called to check progress.  :grinning-smiley-044:   Got up late and had to finish plucking that thing or it would smell like we're roasting a down pillow!  <_<


So we finally arrived to my mom's house around 2pm.  We'd eaten a bit to hold us over.  Got things out on the table while she finished gravy with the turkey juice I'd brought in.  :yum3:     Had a wonderful meal. :amen:   Afterwards, DH began to make the pumpkin pies.  My mom and I finished it while he kept the dishes going.  :dishes:    I barely got that into the oven....the angle of bending sent me onto the couch for an hour.  OW!!!  Nearly fell asleep.  Really at the end of what I could do!!


Meanwhile, my dad's been roaring over the phone...several calls.  A bad day.  A holiday that he's not a part of....tho we'd planned to stop by with some homemade pie, etc.  He had traditional meal ....with pie/whipped cream at noon.  But....he is what he is now.  With all that happened, we didn't get done in time to stop to see him during visiting hours.  We all talked on the phone tho.  :sigh:  I think my mom's going to bring him some of the pie she kept....in the next day or two.  All three of us are wiped out.  Couch time gave me a second wind tho. 


We're pleased with HappyDog.  She came with us.  Stayed in the car...in garage.  Went on two walks with DH and took naps in between.  Another time ....no so hectic....we'll introduce her to my mom's house.  But we haven't left her alone at home....especially for hours....yet.  I think she'll do ok in the bedroom.  She can have BIG bed privileges if she stays home.  She'll likely snooze like she did in the car without anxiety.  :amen: 


So it was a pleasant day for dog and the 3 of us.......  :sigh:   My dad didn't really ever have good holidays anyway.  No way he could have come home today.....we'd never get him to go back to care home.  Don't need yet another harsh holiday.  This one wore us out but we had wonderful food....lots of leftovers....and good cheer.  Success!  :amen:  


MtRider ....thankful for our blessings and energy to push thru the hard times.  :pray:

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I'm glad you all had a good (albeit busy) holiday, Mt Rider!  Ours was low key and easy.  I always do most of the prepping and cooking days in advance.  That's the only way to keep my sanity and pleasant demeanor.  LOL


Walked first, this morning.
Went to thrift shops
Then local grocery stores for sales.
Then Walmart. Here's the weird thing. Almost no traffic and very few shoppers --even at Walmart (11:00 or so). There were folks there and there was a pretty big selection of gift type items. Strange! And good. Even on the Interstate, less traffic than a normal day--I guess I get that, but in town, I thought there would have been more.
Got everything on my list and came home.  Only spent $5 at Walmart. Just went in because the parking lot wasn't near full.
Anyway, am home and hope to put up the tree this afternoon and that's it!

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Had a plkeasant thanksgiving here, too.  Just Mary and I.  All our family is gone or scattered.  Turkey thighs (we only cooked our favorite cuts) stuffing & green bean casserole.  Mary had mashed potatoes & gravy too.  Tried a sugar free, crustless pumjpkin "pie" but did not like it.  The spice mix I had had too much cloves in it and I loathe cloves in pumpkin pie.  Guess I'll make my own blend and use that next time.  


Lit up our christmas lights last night.  Passing cars slowed down to look.  One neighbor called as we were turning things off, asking us to turn it back on again for her children.  Glad Mary took that call.  She said "come by tomorrow night, they will be on again nightly until Christmas.   It looks good.  We finally have enough room to do justice to the larger sie blow up decorations Mary likes best = 10 feet tall is not unusual.  Lots of lights.  adding tweaks as we find room for improvements - a solar light inside the pop up tent at Santas HO HO HO Resort, to light it up from  the inside.  Solar floodlights to light up the signage, things like that.  I also got some photo sensor light sockets forfront and back porch lights because I keep forgetting to turn them on or off.  Maybe we can save a few pennies on the electric bill.  Mary thought our water heater was leaking, as there was water on the floor near where it is built in, but fortunately not, it was a milk bottle filled with water that had sprung a leak.  An easy fix, toss it out and replace it with another.  We keep a couple gallons of water near the back door for the dogs dish.


I did get an unexpected early Christmas present today.  A phone call from the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officer Association (I have lifetime membership since retiring).  They had a raffle...$40 per ticket to sign up for 30 days worth of drawings for firearms or various kinds.  Winning entries are put back in the kitty for later drawings, so theoretically one can win multiple times.  Better odds than the lottery, and I like the associations scholarship programs and free (for members) campground.  So I sent in two just for fun.  Well I won a varmint rifle - a Thompson Center Compass bolt action rifle.  MSRP $400.  They will sent me the certificate, and I will get it shipped to my local shop here in GA.  What a nice surprise!  I was just wondering yesterday whether to look up their web site and see who was winning what and today they call.  Maybe I should get a lottery ticket, LOL.  

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