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We got a wild dash of Christmas snow in the early evening.  Then after dumping an inch...it left.  And it left some slippery roadways but we got around our little town and back home on the almost empty highway safely.  Guess everyone was where they planned to by by 7pm and not ready to go home yet.  Hope folks are sober and careful going home later tonite  in our area!


MtRider  ..... MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.  Be safe and enjoy those around you.  :amen: 

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Good morning! Yesterday was nice! And low key. Both visits we made went well, tree is down and stored as are all (few) outside decorations.


Church and Sunday School this morning.
Walk dogs.
Make bacon wrapped jalapenos and corn bread to go with collard greens.
Make a couple of calls.

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Christmas Day was very calm.  I made BBQ T-Bone steaks, baked potatoes and asparagus.  Desert was pumpkin cheesecake.


Today…very busy… cleaned her house, washed & changed sheets, then, French dips, using leftover steak.  I’m done… :imoksmiley:

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Home safe, thank God!


Weather was terribly windy, heard it was blowing Semi trucks over.  Dust storm, could barely see the road, rain & snow flurries.


House sitter is back home.

Food put up.


The rest can wait until tomorrow…..

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Oye, Annarchy!  These western WINDS have been treacherous lately.  Glad you're home safe!


Miki.....I think we'll leave my mom's decorations up till Easter!!!!  :imoksmiley: 


I posted in Streams about our Christmas.  Yes....Bro and Niece had a flight that wasn't canceled.  :amen:    We had a very good time with my dad.  And later with the rest of us at my mom's place.  She was happy that during the week I stayed with her, that we make a lot of cookies and other snacks.  And did more decorating than usual.  Even those crazy outside lights!!  


One more evening with them tomorrow and then they're back home again.  It's been a very good time....shadowed a bit by the thot that it will almost certainly be the last with this number of us.  One.........   maybe two :sad-smiley-012: .....of us will probably have 'graduated' to Home in a year's time.  We're trying to make the most of time left. 


MtRider  .....happiness and sorrow blended this year....but we're doing okay.  :pray: 

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7 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

happiness and sorrow blended

……for the last 10+ years for us.  Da passed on Christmas, sadly MIL has never gotten over it.  Hard to be happy, have a good time, with tears and sobbing……. 


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I'm sad for you and your family, Annarchy, but also, glad that you are home safely!

I'm glad that you all got to spend so much time together, Mt Rider!

I'm missing my little brother this year, but glad that I still have one step mom left with us!

Will walk first and pay property taxes on the way.
Walk dogs.
Do laundry.
Label folders for next year personal and ebay.
Find dog food ingredients in deep freezer.
Spend a little time outside with pups!

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8 hours ago, Annarchy said:

……for the last 10+ years for us.  Da passed on Christmas, sadly MIL has never gotten over it.  Hard to be happy, have a good time, with tears and sobbing……. 



Perhaps the lyrics and the song that I shared in this post will help with those tears: 


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We are back.  We went down to MS to see my family for christmas.    Grandmother is having some health issues, as are my mom and step dad.   It was good to catch up with everyone.  It took 3 days of traveling total and over 2500 miles round trip.   UNGH.  I remember why I don't make it often.  


It is very good to be home with my cats, husband, kids, and my stuffs.  It is time to relax, take stock, and plan next year.  

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I'm glad to be back home too. My Christmas Vacation was a comedy of errors. Without the comedy. I called son to say I was coming but my cell phone was cut off. Kinda my fault but they didn't send a bill and I have never been able to sign up for auto pay. Sigh. I got that taken care of. While loading the car up I fell in the garage. Straight down on my knees on the cement and hit my side on the corner of a box. I survived. Went to the ATM for some cash and I had lost my card. I wasn't too panicked because it's just for the ATM and not a debit card. They could 'only' get $300.00 a day and they would have to know my pin number. Phone rang and it was the snow plow guy. He is raising his rate. I expected that. Everyone is having it rough. But along with the raise in rate, he will no longer shovel off the walkway. Not sure if I can handle that. Guess I'll see. I'm going to be on the look out for a new guy this week. No one wants to work. I finally got on the road after spilling pop all over myself in the car.


I didn't hear from son until I called him on Christmas Eve day. They didn't even know I was coming. Major mis-communication! Christmas Day was smooth sailing. All went great. Had a blast with 'You-Know-Who'. His favorite toy?  Whoopie Cushions. :008Laughing:


All I got done at the house was a trip to the store to get some frozen food to store away. Five of my smoke alarms are still chirping. Maybe next time. I had bought 3 throws that I wanted to vacuum seal and store away. I got each one in their bag ready to seal and got the vacuum cleaner out. You know how you step on the lever thing to turn it on? Well, I was sitting on the floor and pushed down on the lever with my hand. Uh, my off/on switch is on the handle. That lever was to release the top part of the canister to a laying down position. It laid down all right. It crashed down right on to my head. I kid you not...I saw stars. Dang that hurt. I did get the last of the bedding all washed up. All the sheets, blankets and comforters for two beds. It took two trips over there to get it all done. Didn't get my jackets done though. Next time will be towels and wash rags and then all of the linen stuff will be washed. 


I got ready to come home and there was snow storm going on. Everyone was sliding all over the road. There are ditches on the side of those country roads so I was extra careful. I did see a lot of spinouts before I got on the toll road. The back window on the Jeep wouldn't close. It was just floppy. So I had to drive all the way home with the back window mostly open. That pneumatic tube thingy is broken, I guess. Semi's passing by sounded like jet planes landing back there. The real problem with it though was if that window isn't latched, then the interior lights stay on. Six hours on the toll road with lake effect snow, the back window open and the interior lit up like a Christmas tree. Two semi's honked and a couple more rode my tail with their bright's on me. Like if I could have helped it I would have. That open window really dragged the gas milage down! At least the heater still worked. 


BTW. I found the ATM card. It was in my bed.  :blink:


Oh, and last week G-son gave himself a haircut. In the front. Looks like he tangled with a weed whacker... and lost.  :24: 



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Jeepers,  I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.  I’m SO glad you had some fun with GS and got home in almost one piece. :bighug2:

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I don't know whether to laugh or cry either!  Wow!!  That's a lot!  Glad you are back safe and hope all can be taken care of in a timely manner!


Walked first and fed dogs.
Went to Walmart for monthly stock up. No shortages and they had plenty of produce--got two huge messes of collard greens which are finishing cooking now.
Hit a couple of other grocery stores for local sales on meat.
Home and resting.

Labeled manila folders and file folder for next year.

People seemed a little frantic at the stores this morning-- or maybe it was me. LOL

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Yeah, OOTO!  Glad we didn't do this road trip with her!  Lake affect would have made us miserable ...esp on the rooftop!  ;) 


COLD and WIND but I did a horse ride anyway.  I have the clothing/footwear to do that.  Gloriously sunny and the mountains around looked grand with their new coats of snow.  My legs and nervous system appreciated the stimulation too.  I'll walk better for having done the ride. 


So very tired tho.....BEFORE I rode the horse in all that FRESH air! 


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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LOL OOTO. I really needed you girls this time too! A couple of you to hold that #$^& window shut and someone to hold something up over the two interior lights. The Jeep was pretty empty for the trip back home so at least you all could ride inside this time. Well, most of you. I could have used one of you stationed up on the roof waving those blasted truckers around us with one of your fingers. Finger of your choice.  :grinning-smiley-044:  That snow swirling around the headlights at night gets sort of mesmerizing so one of you could have been at the ready feeding me bon bons and Red Bull to keep me alert.  Ya'll were missed. :girlneener: 

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8 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Finger of your choice. 



Walk first and then walk dogs.
Cook Black eyed peas in slow cooker.
Give one small dog a bath.
Grill pork chops for future breakfasts.
Make a call or two.

Easy day!

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It has been raining every night, I have to wait for the wet/dew quits dripping off the roof to do laundry, thankfully the last load from Christmas traveling, is washing.


Google marked our business as “Permanently Closed”. I have spent the week trying to find a working number for support.  HQ number said no tech support and a 2 hour wait on the phone.  We managed to update the info, however, the loss of customer business is very upsetting.  Thinking about posting the screenshots on our web site and shamming them….  

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:gaah:  :mad:      How awful, Annarchy!!!  Hope you can get all restored and customers back.  Always trying to squash the 'little guy' !  :tapfoot:  


We're having a day off from everything......  Well, except for getting more pellets from the nearby feed store.  And catching up on laundry....some of which is hanging nearly frozen on the line.  :clothesline:    Freeze-dried, yanno?  With the brisk wind, it is drying.


DH is hobbling around today.....his muscles strained a bit from all the driving.  He has an 11 hr work day tomorrow. 


Was SO glad to ride yesterday...even tho it required cold-weather clothing!  :frozen:   It had been 3 wks without riding.  :(  DH went up to see my dad after the oil change.  Said he looked at some of the family photos in frames with him.  


MtRider  .....Wild WIND today.  Stay safe, everyone.  Keep hearing of crazy dangerous storms/weather!!  :twister3:

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We went on the enormous stock up grocery trip today.   We went to Food Lion, BJs, Aldis, and Kroger.  It was amazing what they were out of.  Lots of empty isles.  I did manage to find most of what I wanted.  Baby formula and food was redone in all stores and was VERY sparce compared to usual.   I did find beef roast on sale at BJs for 4.59 for eye of round.  4.99 for top round.  

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Yes....if no other ones begin with "downed power lines" in 100+ mph WINDS!  Yeah, I was just coming on here to say we're not near there.  I just noticed that news while talking to my mom tonite. 


Yanno....it's usually not a good thing when your state is featured in 2 of the Top Five news stories on Fox.  :buttercup: 


The other top story was our weird mandatory sentencing laws....which gave a young man who made a horrific mistake but it was not intentional.  His semi brakes went out coming out of the mts.  Somehow he missed using the Runaway Truck exit which stops the trucks in these situations.  Panic?  He ended up plowing into a full highway and vehicles exploded and people burned to death.  And somehow....he survived.  He's always taken responsibility for his mistake.  Can't ever undo the damage.  But to give him 110 years in prison for unintentional actions....  Our CO laws can have weird results.  Severe and intentional acts don't get that many years but his many charges just added up.  Consecutive rather than concurrent sentences.  {is that the right words?}  So our Governor reduced it to 10 years.  Family of those who died a horrible death will protest but 110 was not right.  


MtRider  ...I'd hate to be the one to decide...

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THIS is what Annarchy was asking me about.  HORRIFIC!  Downed power lines... .. we heard that caused the wildfire.  In this case, 100+ mph WINDS ....and it's a grass fire, until it reaches hundreds of homes that it's devoured today.  Then it's worse...more intense 'fuel'.  :(   Tens of thousands on EVAC.  At this point, 500 homes gone.  There are a few video clips of how fast this rolled!  Families eating at a kiddo restaurant....trying to run with all their kids to the cars and just LEAVE.  Can you even imagine if you had a young teen at home alone in the wrong direction?????  :sassing:  


:sigh:  Pray for those folks tonite.  EVAC is just horrible!!!  SUDDEN EVAC is .... unimaginable!  :(   I've had several fires start up within a couple miles...through our decades up here.  Fortunately, they were put out quickly.  The Fire Chief lives close by.  He actually lived across the road from one of those near fires......so ya know everyone's gonna put out the Chief's wildfire!!!  My uphill neighbor could see it and called down by phone to me....giving me updates.  Handy to have someone in a look-out position.  At least now we only have ourselves and dog. 


For many years...we had the horses, goats, ducks, geese, and 2 cats plus big dog.  Well, we had a plan but we'd have to bring the horses on a lead rope out the window.  I actually practiced that.  I could lead the goats too but....they're too obstinate!  Hog-tie and throw up on the roof rack!  Mz Maggie May the donkey....she could follow if she wanted ...or not!  Trying to lead her out the window resulted in a dislocated shoulder for DH.  That was just fetching her from down the road when she got out!




:unsure:   HOWEVER....it occurred to me as I read of this event today.......I NEED MY TRUCK BACK FROM REPAIRS!!!!  DH will be gone tomorrow from 9am - 7pm.  I'm here with dog and zero transportation.  However, if my uphill neighbors are home, I'd call up there and catch a ride, for sure.  Me and HappyDog.  Hafta leave most of my TAKE WITH DURING WILDFIRE stuff tho.  I am no where near THIS fire......but.....


Fortunately, we have a bit of snow left and are forecast to receive the Moisture from WA and OR storms .....and the Wind from the Jet Stream storm that dumped unbelievable amounts of snow on northern CA.  [where has Midnightmom been the past few days?]   Anyway.....  Hmmmm.....  I guess I'll be sincerely thankful to be shoveling heaps of white "fire protection" from the porch, steps, around the house.....and paying our snow guy to clear the long driveway.  Yeah, I WOULD gladly do that instead of run from wildfire.  This will be our first real snow except a couple inches that melted mostly. 


MtRider  .....really hoped to be safe from wildfire once summer is over but....nope!  :frozen:  Bring on the snow.

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edited to add:  It's called the Marshall Fire


This is a video shot yesterday as folks were evacuated out of a shopping mall.  Notice they weren't panicking....wow!  But when they got outside to realize...  My hands shake, just watching that!!!!  Note also that the terrific WIND and smoke they were in, does not necessarily mean the fire was close to them.  100+ mph wind will carry smoke quite a distance.  OTOH....the fire MAY have been REALLY CLOSE ...and you just can't see it cuz of smoke density.  TOTALLY FREAKY and DANGEROUS!  Sadly, I wonder how many 'fender benders' happened in the parking lots and streets. 


Sheeeesh.....I think I still have near panic attack when I see wildfire scenes.  Our fire was looong ago now and yet...I'm shaking and breathing weird.  OK...gotta calm this down, for petes sake!  I haven't even looked at national news on this yet.  Just that video .... 


MtRider  ...God, help ALL involved with this monster wildfire!!!  :pray:  :pray:  :pray:

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forgot the link....
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