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Good evening ladies - updates all around here. Still loving the Georgia winter, still staying in the RV at our friends' home, still cautiously optimistic over our chances for that equity loan we were looking for to buy a place down here.

its been 2 months; we both wish the mortgage folks would get a move on. We have sent and re-sent (4 and 5 times) the same info to three different people and I finally got aggravated enough to send an e-mail up the line to their supervisors and their quality control people complaining about it. It seemed to work, suddenly things are proceeding; but STILL no letter to prove we got the loan. Fortunately the place we like a lot has not been sold yet, probably because they want cash as it is a foreclosure. The price was dropped this month, so we are anxiously waiting on the cash equity loan to make our move.


On the lighter side the RV refrigerator door hinge pin came unscrewed, so when I opened the door to put in groceries it fell into my arms! Amazingly nothing broke, we just plunked it back in place, Mary found the screw and we screwed it back in place. We both could not help a round of giggles and wisecracks much to the amazement of the dogs who ran and hid when the door flew off (I'm sure my cussing didn't help). We hadn't had anything that goofy happen in at least a week, but now we are a little superstitious about asking each other "What ELSE can possibly happen?" because that was what I was saying when the door flew off!




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I like 'smilies' :happy0203:


Miss them when I am using my phone. (Note to self: find out if I can make them work on the 'mobile version'. :pc_coffee: )


I'm home again. I was contemplating staying in TX until today, because of the storm coming in from CA. DH and I decided, if it hit TX, as the forecasters had predicted, on Saturday night, I would stay the extra day. We got a bit of sprinkles during the night and clear skies Sunday morning. I looked at the weather app, and most of the storms were going north of I-10, so I decided to head home around noon.


I hit some pretty heavy rain around TX Canyon in AZ and then, light sprinkles off and on the rest of the way. Finally got home around dark 30.


Gunner, chewed on our area rug in the living room, dug holes in the lawn, and has walked through my garden a few times. Humph! He stepped right on the tomatillo seed rows.


I want to shout out a big "THANK YOU" to Christy for the camomile seeds she sent during Spring Fling 2011. We have volunteer camomile coming up all over the area, where they grew last year, and I am transplanting the plants that decided to grow in the lawn around the garden. :cloud9: I am still using last years harvest and am excited about all the plants that are growing this year. Mmmmm, it makes such a calming and relaxing tea.


Well, it is time for me to get going. A lot to do - first day back home.


I hope everyone has a beautiful day.



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Slowly beginning to feel more "normal". The coughing as slowed down so we can at least sleep in our bed and get some rest. Ate some pinapple slices and drank some of the juice tonight after supper. Been getting out these past couple of days to just get some sun! Worked on the homestead bathroom WITH A MASK for a couple of hours (Mr) and I put away some pantry items we had just dropped in the living room floor :-( The weather around here is actually "spring" ... and the mosquitos are already biting! It's so tempting to go ahead and get some stuff planted in the garden, but we'll wait a few more weeks. The maple trees are already in budding stage. I haven't gotten anything started inside for seedlings...just been too ill. Everybody we've talked to says this "upper respiratory" thing takes them out for about 4 weeks. It's some sort of cold thing that quickly turns into bronchitis...??? We just called it the flu, but even the people that took flu shots didn't dodge this. Was able to pick up a nice IBC tote to add to our rain catchment system. Hoping everybody is recovering and/or staying healthy!

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Oh, Lordy. I had to come here to catch my breath after darn near laughing myself into asphyxiation on another prepper site. One person asked if the LDS food storage site was crazy, recommending a pound of grain food a day for each adult. I held it together (realizing he was ignorant) and just gave out some data on how many ounces of grains are used to make bread, or a pasta dish, or a decent size bowl of rice, especially when there are no dependable outside sources of calories available. I agree that until you consider that, the one pound a day does seem a lot.


But I'm afraid I startled Mary by my reaction to the writer who said he wanted to run his showering water thru a berkey filter, for his daily shower. My oh my oh my. I did give some historical info on water rationing restrictions in Britain during WW 2 in regards to bathing (no more than 3 inches deep in the tub, and re-using the bath water for multiple wash-ups was encouraged) but I don't think the writer will believe it. Others tried to explain that showering as we now know it would probably not be possible, especially as the writer was unwilling to use saved rain water (due to bird poop) or wash in a creek/stream or pond, due to other contaminants. I realize the writer was perhaps ignorant, but for the life of me could not help my reaction.


Maybe after a SHTF event I really could teach classes....I always thought it was a running joke, but after reading those posts I'm not so sure.....

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I got all of my bills paid and errands run today. I stopped in K-Mart and got some more undies. They sure don't last as long as they used to. I swung by the dumpster and deposited 2 big bags of junk and one small bag to Salvation Army.


Then I sat in the Social Security office for an hour and a half for a 5 minute Q&A session. But I'm signed up for Medicare starting June 1st. I'll have to pay it quartly for a year until I go on Social Security next year. I'm signed up for part A and B and will check out other plan options when I get my card. The lady who got me on Obama Care is looking in to it for me plus I got a pretty informative booklet today from the S.S. office so I can make my own decisions.


I'm still waiting for one more tax document so I can get my taxes done. I might have to get my driver's license renewed this year too. Uh-oh, I'd better check that out. If you go over even one day on your license or your plates, you have to pay a fine and retake the test.

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I did something useful! Apparently you can apply for a Homestead Exemption in Texas even if you only own the mobile home and not the land.


Now to wait 6-8 weeks for a refund.


HOWEVER, once they recalculate, they're going to send me something to send to the mortgage company so they won't charge us so dang much for Escrow each month!

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Bread machines are a hassle :-( I have a couple but seldom use them. As for gluten free...I haven't made it for a long time but I used a mixture of potatoe flour, tapioca flour and rice flour and everyone who ate it said they couldn't tell it was gluten free. I also added xanthum (?) gum to help it bond and added some baking soda and a pinch of white vinegar. Can't even remember now where my recipe is at :-(

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Still trying to get over this coughing stuff :-( The trees etc., are budding so allergy season is also contributing :-( The bathroom sink sprung a leak...and it had to be under the house (good thing I could hear it spewing!) so Mr had to crawl under the house to repair it...as well as remove the whole vanity and sink. What a mess! Went ahead and replaced the shut off and used flex pipe instead of plastic :-) Glad we got it taken care of because it turned off COLD last night and today! But everything is buttoned up.

Had fun not having hot water for 2 days...and only cold water off and on. Got things pretty well caught up but still have a bathroom floor to clean up. The sink got all new caulking...lookin' pretty good!

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We2, :pray: That crud is extremely annoying. We've had it since Dec. and still have the cough.


Woke up and looked to see what time it was but didn't see the clock. Got up and touched it and checked if it was still plugged in, then realized the power was out. The only sounds is the generators running on the far side of town.


Got my coffee and went out to see if anyone else had power. The whole town is dark including all the street lights.


Watching dawn break, with a cup of coffee made by heating water on the stove. :). Grateful I didn't have to start a fire for it.


Thinking about all the electronics we have and how we take it for granted.

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Bread machines are a hassle :-( I have a couple but seldom use them. As for gluten free...I haven't made it for a long time but I used a mixture of potatoe flour, tapioca flour and rice flour and everyone who ate it said they couldn't tell it was gluten free. I also added xanthum (?) gum to help it bond and added some baking soda and a pinch of white vinegar. Can't even remember now where my recipe is at :-(

That sounds about like the one I'm trying next. I need to go buy xanthan gum. And more yeast!

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Hope your power is back on, Annarchy! We sure do take so much for granted!


I'm glad the pineapple juice helps a little with the cough, We2!


I got 40+ pounds of apples yesterday for 50 cents a pound. That's a great price here! Going to make plain applesauce, cinnamon applesauce and strawberry applesauce this week with about 30 pounds. Dehydrating some this morning. Going to freeze the peels and scraps to make jelly, pectin and vinegar at a later time. Also mowing the backyard today and listing some eBay. And making liver treats for the pups. Busy day!

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The power came back on after 2 hours. :thumbs:


Now it is time to clean the house.


DH got me a new computer. Win 10. I have been learning/playing since the power came back on. My biggest issue, is learning the feel of the new keyboard and how everything works. IDK if I like all the extras they have included in the OS, because what I have seen so far, many of them are paid programs.




I am still hooked on my Apple....



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I just bought a new Mirro 22 Qt pressure canner on Amazon for $60.04 including shipping! That's less than I paid for my 16 Qt Presto. I see good reviews so am looking forward to getting it and double stacking pints for the first time. I can't believe I let go of $60. That was so hard to do!


Today, I am making and canning plain applesauce, listing eBay and mowing the backyard. Have a good day, you all!

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I just bought a 23 qt. Presto canner a couple of years ago and I love it. I save sooooo much time double stacking my pints. Unless you are a canning person you don't really realize how much time it takes between loads. Building pressure, venting for 10 minutes, building pressure up, canning time, letting pressure go back to zero and letting the jars rest another 10 minutes before taking them out of the canner. It can take 3-4 hours for one load to cycle not counting the food prep time.


During all of that time your second load is sitting out on the counter top waiting to be processed.


Canning for 1 means I rarely can quarts so double stacking pints was a dream come true for me.


I talked myself into getting a new canner back then and I haven't looked back since.


I have a feeling I'm going to be volunteered into doing some veggie/fruit canning for my grandson in a couple of years. :)

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I'm wondering what's going to go on sale about the time it comes! I really want to pc french fries (from fresh potatoes, not frozen)! Does the top layer of pints need to be full too, Jeepers? Meaning as many pints on top as on bottom? Just wondering. And waiting. My answers will probably be in the manual that comes with it.

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It was awesome out last night. Ordered pizza 'cause I didn't want to go inside and cook instead of enjoying the fire. Had to come in to help the kids make brownies and ice cream later, though. Turned out epic.


Most recent bread turned out better, but still working on it.


Today: Going into town to sit at the library and work on stuff for class. I'm WAAAAY behind and need to pick up the pace (or, at least have a pace that's going forward...). After that, grab groceries, come back home, put together meatloaf, run grab kid1 from school, bake dinner, then off to church small group.



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Hoping to get back to "normal" after DH being in the hospital last week.


I crashed last night. It was the best sleep I have had in two weeks. Today I have to schedule and reshcedule a bunch of DH's Dr. appts.


Tonight I am making a nice real meal. Hubby's appetite is back to normal so it will be a meat and three again.


Have a great week all!

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Finally finished one sock of pair , slouch sock style, vanilla latte inspired, but became my own socks pattern, added in seed stitch over instep , partly, just for the heck of it, visually looks more like a slipper then? Started second sock to this pair.... found , um, other started pairs...... needs to rip out yarn and start over on those... cant recall details. lol. hmph.

At least I am finding all my sock needles and those good for worsted weight mittens!


Talked to son yesterday.... we are short days count down to grandbaby number 2. A little girl. Due Friday the 3rd. DS is waiting on masters program entry acceptance at Texas A &M, History, notification soon, progress so far on the matter is good. BTW they love volunteer work on resumes for that application process. He has plenty.


DIL is 'ready , past ready, to have this baby!' but doing well. You know how that goes the last month


Hoping I have new laptop all set up by Friday to get pics on it if the wee one, a little girl, is born.


Asking a prayer for all their safety this week and when birthtime arrives. They do go to an excellent hospital for the birthing and post natal care is excellent and highly rated there just in case there is need for it.


Its been sweet hearing the happiness and fascination in my son's voice over the developments of the babies, pre and post birth. I can finally set up Skype to chat with them all including grandson. I think they are delaying letting him talk on cell phones so he doesnt grab to play with theirs and end up dropping it in a drink glass or something just yet.


DGS is learning to blow bubbles in swim lessons for toddlers and babies. He is doing great. Evidently he is a bit of a dare devil already.

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Miki, you don't have to fill the canner full of jars if you don't want to. You don't have to stack any on top if you don't want too. If you do make two layers, remember you need another rack between the two. When I got my canner I went ahead and bought another rack because it only came with one.

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