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Hi!  We had a great visit with the kids and Grands!  It's always over too soon!  We took Ginger (tan goat) to be disbudded this morning.  I sure don't like that process but we were told that since Naida was already done when we got her that Ginger could hurt her if she was not done.  They did give her lidocaine, but it was hard to watch.  Also picked up Peanut (pup)s antibiotics as she will get her teeth cleaned in a week or so.  That scares me too since they have to put her under to do it.  But it needs done! 

Next week we are going to a local bank and start getting pre qualified again and get serious about finding a place.  Life is certainly not boring at this point!  Hope you all had a Happy Easter! 

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It's always hard to watch our furkids get 'worked' on. Even when it's for their own good. I used to have to leave the room when they gave my beagle a shot.  :rolleyes:


I left the room when she got her nails done too. I can't take it if they yell. I need to toughen up.

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So you finally got the 2nd dog, Annarchy? 


DH and Koa went fishing a couple days ago.  He finally caught a trout in our favorite [close and free] trout stream.... that they tore up and redid a few years ago.  Messed up fishing for years after they did that.  But last year we started getting fish again...finally.  Anyway, he had dog's retractable leash attached to his belt.  No place to tie off near stream.  Well she went crazy-excited about the fish.  She hunts pasture varmints with DH]  She jumped into shallow stream and wanted to jump on fish struggling at the end of DH's line.  He kept yelling "MINE!  MINE!" which is her signal word. :008Laughing:

He finally got the fish in and dog suddenly goes into that Frenzy-Run-Around thing that dogs do.  Well, we've taught her to do the Frenzy-Run in circles cuz she's always on the leash.  So imagine DH, with fishing pole still dangling a good sized trout, following at the center of huge dog's circle round and round till she got it out of her system.  :laughkick:    THEN when he finally got truamitized fish into stream again on the stringer, Koa decided it  would be fun to do Both-Fore-Paw jumping at it.  It hid near a rock. 


:rolleyes:  Needed a vid of that! 


MtRider ....ate fish that nite.  :yum3:

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:gdtmi: Warning ahead.


Ugh. I think I might have a touch of food poisoning. It's all intestinal so thankfully I'm not throwing up!


Butt the other end was up ALL night. It got so bad I got dehydrated. I would like to go to the store for some bananas and yogurt but I don't dare leave the house. Other than the obvious, I'm weak and light headed. I'm miserable. But I am really thankful I'm not throwing up.

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Thanks, Daylily.


Dehydration is serious, Jeepers!  You said you're not throwing up.....can you keep fluids down?  If not, at least try sucking on ice chips...like, constantly till you're rehydrated.  Sounds horrible, gal!  :hugs3:  Hope it clears up sooooon!


MtRider  :pray:

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I'm keeping liquids down just not in. I'm drinking Gatorade and some juice that I like. I had some chicken and rice soup for supper. As long as I stay seated I'm pretty good as far as the dizziness goes. On the plus side my blood pressure is way down. I'm sure my electrolytes are messed up.


I think I'm starting to feel a little better. I'm trying to be aware of input vs. output and I'm keeping a close watch on my blood pressure. I have one of those oxygen finger monitors I'm using too. I'm not sure why but I have it so that I figured I'd use it.


Definitely won't be taking an Ambien tonight.   :runcirclsmiley2:

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Thank you so much Miki! I'm feeling much better today just a little weak. I'm putting off mowing today. I made a quick trip to the store for some bananas and my prescriptions were filled. Most of the neighborhood lawns looked as bad as mine or worse with dandylions (sp) so I'm not concerned with it. Mail box is useable so I can work on it whenever too.

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Today DH and I had heavy labor!!!!!  We got the last two loads of hay...hauling behind the van in a 1.5-horse trailer.  [small....both of our horses would not fit in there!]  Anyway, since we'd gone to get bales every couple months thru this winter season, we only had 24 left to fetch.  Still requires 2 trips ....about 10 miles round trip.  I have to drive behind because the van does not have the electrical connections -- can't activate the trailers brake lights/turn signals without those connections.  [frankly, that ancient van is a work horse but the wiring is something out of a nightmare. ]  Anyway we slipped in and got it done.  Locked up all gates on our elderly friends' property. 


Then another friend from church happened to be driving by when we FINALLY got trailer parked, reloaded with goat carriers, and other misc. things that live in the trailer.  I haven't seen her in years.  So she pulled in for a chat.  I found out our dear older couple that sells us hay have moved 'down the mountain'.....now living with one of their daughters.  Was kinda sudden cuz of a need that was getting too much for the wife.  AWWWWW! :yar: I'm gonna miss her.  Was always in our Women's Bible study.  I don't see folks from church too often cuz I'm really not able to go - physically.  Bible study was a MUCH smaller [less overstimulation of nervous system for me].  :(  So many of us have to move "down the mountain" cuz of needing to go live near kids and/or need a LOT  more oxygen.  So our older-population church is always losing members.  Us too, at some point.  {if we're still here in the fall....where are we going to get hay now??}


Both DH and I are in some nasty pain this evening.  Might be a two-Nuprin night.  Legs already dancing.  <_<   And I took in WAY too much hay dust.  Usually isn't bad so I didn't bring a mask.  But wind was blowing from wrong direction and it was a mini-tornado inside the huge hay barn.  Yuk!  That was an error I'll be paying for in the next few days.  And there was a mask in the 'glove box'. 


Big dumbo horse of mine managed to chomp onto one of the sbale we'd quickly dumped out.....so we can run back for the second load.  Then we haul each bale to the hay shed....50' away.  Use child's plastic sled on dirt.  [a real brilliant move to build the hay shed that far away from the driveway]  That's where the real labor comes but we just sat on the bales and took several breaks when we needed to.  The day was pleasant and we weren't nearing dark....as is the case in winter.  I always bring something to eat/drink and warmer clothes cuz temperatures drop quickly towards evening.  Anyway, we put the horses into the small paddock to keep their pesky selves outta our way.  But horse could just reach thru the fencing and snatched that bale clear into their paddock.  PAR-TY! :yum3:   :hapydancsmil::happy0203:  Of course they tore it apart enough to release both rounds of twine.  And they had a feast.  I spent quality time/energy moving that destroyed bale to the shed and threw some for their evening meal.  That horse won't leave anything alone!  Good thing he never figured out how to unplug their water tank heater in the winter...... Sheesh!


Busy and productive day.  Next couple days will likely be some serious recovery.  :0327:


MtRider  ....GLAD that's done and the pasture is nearly green enough to sustain them without hay...almost!  :lois:

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With DH gone to visit his mother last week, I did too much.  Nothing new for me.  Friday night, I was doing some things in the house and slipped and fell squarely on my hip.  Ouch.  Saturday, I was sore, but needed to clean house.  Without DH helping me, like he usually does, it too several hours longer.  I wore my back brace, but even it began to hurt too much to wear.


He got home on Sunday and we sat on the porch swing talking off and on while I BBQ some cajon shrimp and a steak for dinner.  By that time, my hip was aching and the pain was running down my leg to my foot and across my back.  Shheesh!  He said, "I can't leave you alone, can I?"  The same question I ask him, when he messes up when I am gone.  A little humor.  So, yesterday we took it easy and had left overs turned into french dip, after going to the feed store and picking up dog food and bird seed.


Yes, Mt_Rider, we got the dog.  Gunny is a pistol and much younger than they said he was.  He has a ton of energy and chews on waaaay too much stuff.  We got a shock collar to see if it will work to calm his temper tantrums, digging and chewing, because I can not move fast enough to stop or catch him.  So far so good.  He is slowly learning, we have only used the collar a couple of times, and only on vibrate. 


The pain is actually getting worse, but, like I told DH, if it is broke/cracked/bruised, there is really nothing the doctors can do for it.  Grin and bare it and keep going.  This too shall pass.


Are you feeling better Jeepers?  Hope so.


Time for me to try to get some things done.


I hope everyone has a great day.





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Hi Annie. I'm feeling much better thanks. Almost back to normal...whatever that is. Sorry to hear your back is out. I agree about seeing a doctor if you're sure something is "just" cracked. Funny but we were just talking about this on another site yesterday. If it's a broken toe or finger or cracked rib, there isn't really anything they can do except tape you up. Of course peace of mind is worth something if you're not sure. And Drs. do have the good pain meds. :D


That advise DOES NOT apply to children.

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I got some bills paid today...again. It seems like every month it's the same thing. :D


I got some bananas yesterday and they are still too green to eat. It seems like every time I buy nanners they are as green as gourds. Then I swung by and got my hair cut. She cut it a little too short but it grows fast. It will feel good this summer and save a lot on shampoo too. I only get it cut once a year anyway. DIL can cut hair but she has arthritis in her hands and I hate to ask her.


I played around on the computer with a landscape software program I've had for a couple of years. I'm still going to need to hire some help but I figure the more I can do myself the less it will cost. I have a couple of problem areas where I have no idea what to do with. I saw some nice shrubs at Burger King and Dairy Queen that I'm going to take a picture of for an idea. That's another problem. I don't know the names of some of the plants.


I saw some inexpensive outdoor chairs at Wal-Mart online that I can have shipped to the store for free. Free shipping, not the chairs. They would look okay on the front porch. Believe me when I say that I have zero curb appeal. In fact it's on the minus scale especially since all of the other houses in my neighborhood are well kept. Eyesore sort of comes to mind.  :blush:


I got my Social Security card today. On the good side I only have to pay one more payment of nearly $600.00 a month. S.S. will be just under $150.00 a month not counting what ever Plan D will cost me. Regardless, I'll have better coverage for less money. Next year Plan A & B will come directly out of my S.S. check. That will be nice.



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Went looking at houses yesterday.  Nothing that will be good for us in our price range so far.  Have another one to see Friday.  Low key days for me and dh.  Brought the baby goats in and put them in the play pen after holding them awhile.  They are coming up to us now instead of being skittish and they want to go out in the yard instead of staying in the run.  Those are steps in the right direction!  They are still so little and cute!  I sure hope everyone feels better soon and am glad that you do, Jeepers!

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Light rain/melting snow here today.  Very dark...low clouds.  But it's a recovery day after LABOR yesterday.  I'm feeling better than expected but woke with slight sinus-induced headache.  Not unexpected, breathing hay dust.  Apparently it was about 15 degrees this morning and DH started the pellet stove.  Oh yes, we can still have winter in April/May.  Doesn't last.  Was in shirtsleeves yesterday and might be again tomorrow.  Glad for the moisture tho.  Nothing torrential either. 


Glad you are much better, Jeepers!  :pray: for Annarchy and the results of her oopsie-fall.  I fall several times a month. Fortunately not all of them are spectacular.  :rolleyes:  The most recent was getting up from horizontal too quickly.....and suddenly all the "stuffin's" seemed to leak outta me.  Knew I couldn't stand and no chair available.  So I began a voluntary quick descent.  As in:  Get to floor before floor comes up and whacks ya!  I mostly got down on my own.  Mostly.  But my nervous system didn't like the whole deal and I was immobilized down on floor for a while.  Koa immediately jumped up and came to do her usual 'guard stance' over  my head.  :wub:   .......and managed to drool into my eye!  ACK!  <_<


Miki....where are you now?  Louisianna or Florida?  Did I see Nigerian Dwarf goats in an exercise video somewhere here on MrsS.  [I'm still looking at stuff I missed while locked out]  What's the story on your goat babies??


MtRider  ....not doing much this day  :pc_coffee:



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I got all of my grass mowed today. I still need to rake up some sticks and small branches back behind the fence. I thought the mower was going to konk out on me half way through the yard. It was sputtering and it barely rolled back into the garage. After staring at it for a few minutes (that's all I know how to do) I noticed the throttle was almost off. I must have hit it when I was mowing around the big spruce tree. :blush:


The city provided us with a free recycle bin today. It's nice and on wheels with an attached lid but it is HUGE. One more thing I'll have to try to make room for in the garage. It's bigger than the wheelie one I already have. I don't need two.


I still haven't got that #$^& mailbox looked at yet. I did get 3 medium size bags of dirt to fill the hole though. Maybe tomorrow if it doesn't rain.

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Trying to keep going here. 


My spine is swollen in the lower part of my back. Probably irritated the herniated discs, I just have to be more careful. 


Watered the lawn & garden. The tomatillos are exploding. 


Yesterday, I BBQed a ham and some ribs. Sliced the ham, giving us various thicknesses sealed in FoodSaver bags. DH has been munching on the bag I didn't freeze. 


I did manage to whip out a quick pastel for a customer. He wanted his eyes instead of the cat's eyes. Weird, just weird. But, he likes it. 




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:amen:  :cele:    Today....I got to go somewhere!  In my reckoning, being the follow vehicle while DH hauls hay from 5 miles away to our house...X2....is not "going somewhere".  Today I got to go visit my folks.  Spent a lovely time.  Got to see a preliminary floor plan so now I can figure out what my mom's been trying to describe. It's a nice average house that's going to be open enough for them to get around - even if they graduate to canes/walkers/wheelchairs.  {note to self: check door widths with my brother} 


So DH and I left dog and cat home.  By the time we got home, I was starved cuz I'm on a different eating schedule than most folks.  Began serious hypoglycemic SHAKING.  So grabbed some cottage cheese and sliced off some beef from the last small hunk which we'd BBQed a few days ago.  REALLY good and beef is rarely on sale for us to purchase!  DH also needed to shove something in before we went down to feed animals in the dark.  He sliced off some beef and ....forgot to put it away or even put the lid on.  :busted:


So we hurry to feed in dark...but at least it's not snowing now as it was earlier.  All is melted...again.  We come inside and the dog darts quickly into the kitchen.  She's never been allowed in kitchen cuz there is such litte floor space, DH and I barely fit at the same time.  And it would be nuts to have her in kitchen anyway.  However, she is sometimes INVITED in to grab something that has landed on the floor....then she must leave. 


I saw her dart in and ChewChewChew something FROM THE FLOOR. 


Uh oh.....told DH "The cat just fed the dog our beef!"  :gaah:


The cat is NOT NOT NOT allowed on the kitchen counters!  Nope!  But in her dottage (sp) she has been found up there in the past couple years.  <_<   She climbs up and makes a grab...usually dropping anything big on the floor.  She has her turn and then ....... IT WAS THE DOG'S TURN.....  :gaah:  :gaah:


Koa was {somewhat} legal.....the cat was NOT! 


MtRider ....Critter Tales  :rolleyes:


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I've been making cheesecakes with my friend at the dairy for a couple of days.  Hadn't seen her for awhile so that was fun!  We are letting the goats out in the back yard now.  Molly (large dog) is good with them but the little one thinks she should chase them, so she has been grounded for now.  Can't leave the goats out by themselves yet as the are small enough for a hawk to pick them up still.  They are just too cute when they kick, twist and spin all at the same time.  Like a little dance! 


Tomorrow we are looking at a house and talking to a bank.  Starting to get more serious.  Hope you all have a great tomorrow!

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Miki, are your goats in a pen? If so you can get streamers to criss cross the top of the pen. The dog site I watch has a problem with hawks and owls and who knows what else. They have one outdoor pen where the puppies go when they take their first outside morning trips. They are still supervised but not as closely. Someone is always close by not right on top of them. They are big enough to be left alone but not yet big enough so they could still be carried off.


Anyway, they have put up streamers like they use at a used car lot all across the top of the pen to keep out flying prey.  They have never lost one to any prey.


The area with the streamers is for the little kids. The area closest to the bottom is for the bigger heavier kids. Sometimes they put streamers over that one too but they are known to be torn down as evidenced in sparkly poop. :D


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LOL Jeepers, RE: "sparkly poo"  .....a much younger Koa ate one of my Christmas decorations.  Very Bright - Very Sparkly Blue plastic snowflake.  Oddly, she didn't eat many wrong things but that one was noteworthy.  And yes, the evidence was plain to see:lol:


What kind of goats, Miki? ??????????


OK.....so Monday we moved hay in 60 degree weather.  :knary:

Today we're forecasted from a half to a full FOOT of snow.  Yep.....around 6-12"  and we already HAVE 5".  It is POURING DOWN SNOW for the past few hours.  DH is home and we fed together quick in a half hour.  Bet it's snowing at a rate of between 1-2" PER HOUR right now.  About 17 degrees and dropping.  Supposed to snow all night and into Saturday.  :frozen: 


So you see why we had to get the rest of our hay?  Doesn't matter that there is nice green, growing grass under this new white stuff.....we still need hay for our SPRINGTIME SNOW STORMS.  Some years we get half our snow amount in April/May.  But.....it melts quickly and provides great nitrogen to the pasture!  :hapydancsmil:


The biggest problem with this "springtime weather" is the heavy, wet snow sticks to the trees.  It can get so heavy that limb come down.....taking power lines with them.  THEN we lose electricity.  Our lights are already blinking.  Iffen the temperature is at 17 now, it will get a lot colder.  Neeeeed furnace to stay on all night.  But....it wouldn't be nearly as dangerous as when we are mid-winter with below zero temperatures.  All three forms of heat for this house ....are electric dependent.  Have a smaller Buddy Heater....but it requires a bit of ventilation and the tank sits out on the porch with tube coming in the window.  Not real confident that it would be all that warm. 


Plan B......deeep cold sleeping Bags

Plan C.....Car has heater

Plan D.....Dog is warm


MtRider  ......never a dull moment, huh?

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