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Wow!  Mt. Rider!  It's like roller coaster weather here, also but on a much lower key!  LOL  Our goats are pygmy does.  We may get another so if one dies (things happen), we won't have a  lonely girl! 


Jeepers, our goats are in our chicken coop and run and the littlest girl sleeps in a nest box!  We like to let them have the run of the whole fenced back yard when we can and they still need supervision for that.  They are so much fun.


Looked at a house today that needs some work but is large and has a great back yard on a dead end street.  It comes with a puppy, apparently left behind.  So sad.  The momma dog had died and was in the side yard with pup under the porch, too skittish to come out.  We went and bought dog food and put some out for the pup.  Then went to the realty and told them about the dogs.  Not sure if this is the house yet but we will bring food to the pup if it is there next week.

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So 'dorable, Miki.  Luv goat babies!


Pygmy goats are a cousin to my Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Same size; can interbreed.  Pygmy were [originally] for meat....a heftier muscle goat.  I'd have to get quite a bit more hungry to butcher anything but fish tho....  :rolleyes:


MtRider  :)

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Spent the day playing in the rain...shopping :D  Got everything in and put away, should last the month.  I will have to admit something though...we went to one of our favorite Amish stores and I picked up a small container of "Chipostle Pepper" ... when we got home I dipped my finger in it and then tasted...set my mouth on fire :bounce: and I'm used to eating hot things.  Guess that finger tip might be okay for a gallon of chili? :hapydancsmil: Still doing our volunteer work, and we so enjoy it.  Just 2 1/2 hours (they count it as 2 1/2 each) every Monday.  We also got the expected call from the florist to help deliver flowers for Mother's Day.  They only pay Mr...I just tag along and keep records for him so he can make the ladies happy :cele: The garden is holding it's own but I did lose about 6 of my tomato seedlings (something pulled them up) so I bought some biggies from the Amish store today.  They've been in their green house with the door open etc., so they're hardened off and I'll plant them in a day or two when our garden dries out a bit.  Also lost my eggplants...the container (for some reason) didn't drain and it flooded them.  I also bought some larger plants today at the Amish store.  The tomato plants...4 for $1.25 and the eggplant also, 4 for $125.  Just can't buy them any other place!  When things dry out more, we'll spread out the rest of the sawdust for the walkways and around the containers that I didn't get to.  Yesterday we did some massive de-cuttering at the homestead and now have much more room upstairs for storage!  Yeah!!!!  Mr has all the old wood lathe pulled from the bathroom so he'll be disconnecting the plumbing and taking all the fixtures out.  The only thing we'll put back is the toilet since it's fairly new and in good condition.  We'll put the tub "somewhere" and may use it to plant in.  We're putting in a step-in shower and new vanity.  Got the living room "somewhat" looking like a living room.  Now...I'll work on de-cluttering the dining room and moving those things upstairs for storage...with Mr's help for the heavier items.  Abby-girl thinks she's really something "tap dancing" around on the wood floors! :24: Next Wednesday Mr and I will travel a bit to my Dad's so Mr can build him a new handicap ramp.  Anyhoooo...just needed to stop by and let you know we're still around...just working our tails off!  

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Worked at the homestead today...afternoon.  We normally don't go until after lunch because we don't like to go, work an hour or so, come here for lunch, then back again.  To be honest, other than our volunteer work or ??? we seldom seem to be able to get out the door until 11:00 :D I mowed the garden area and then emptied the trailer of all the sawdust.  Put the carboard down (because we had it) and then sawdust on top of that.  I watered it down so we have a large patch done!  It's sooo soft! No wonder we could go barefoot in it!  Next year we can plant any place in it "if we wanted to, simply by poking down through the sawdust and cardboard to the original soil and stick our plantings in that.  In a couple of years or so, the sawdust will decompose and we'll layer more on top of that, and repeat the process, except the older sawdust will now be "soil".  Also took advantage of a sale that Harbor Freight had on the 10" wheels to replace the garden trailer's wheels.  So much easier to haul concrete blocks or large barrels of sawdust :knary:





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Forgot to mention...if you look real close, at the raised bed (with a hoop) near the hanging baskets, you'll see a "frame"...Mr bought a little green house at a garage sale for $4 a couple of weeks ago!  I have the clear cover in the mud room of the homestead because I don't want it to get torn up, and I'm not using it right now anyway.  Remember how often I've said "oh my, I wish I had a little green house"...? Well, a couple of people heard me...Mr WE2 and my Lord! :hapydancsmil: It's only sitting there in my onion/chive bed because we were putting down the sawdust where it was sitting.  I'm going to move it any way.

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Oooo my!  That looks nice, WE2!  If you want to know a source for larger type boxes for the cardboard, see if you know anyone caring for an older or disabled adult who wears adult diapers.  They are usually delivered in large cardboard boxes and folks WANT to get rid of them.  I have neighbors who care for adult disabled and we get some packing boxes from them.


MtRider  ....not really doin' nuthin' today :shrug: 

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On ‎5‎/‎2‎/‎2017 at 8:09 PM, snapshotmiki said:

She accepted the offer as we sent it!  Same day.  Now begins "the process".  Please pray for us and we know if it is not the one, it's ok!




I like the cardboard & sawdust idea!


I can get rid of my excess shipping boxes that way.  :thumbs:


Can I use straw/mulch on top and get the same result?

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I used to lay down cardboard (kitchen remodel :hapydancsmil: ) and then straw sections. I've also used grass clippings. By the second year the worms have transformed the material to wonderful compost instead of sand. Sawdust would work great! It can blow around if you're in a windy area. Straw will sprout. I just pull the grain stems out or turn the whole section over to smother the grain that's trying to grow. I found hay to be too weedy.


In this photo, I am making permanent beds with cardboard and woodchips. I made the mistake of putting it down and then having to kneel in it while planting the new asparagus plants. I can get woodchips for free from local tree trimmers. They deliver. This is my first year to do this so I'll see how it works.  :woohoo:


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It's slow here. It's been raining since Friday and it's supposed to rain tomorrow too. I did a little shopping today. Went to Wal-Mart and got some rocks. I'm going to put them in the mailbox hole before I put the dirt in. Hopefully that will hold it up better than just plain dirt. It's worth a try; if it ever stops raining.


Went grocery shopping too. I was out of about everything cold and some fresh fruit. I also stocked up on some 'snack' foods. For me that is the little single containers of rice-a-roni, mac-n-cheese and mashed potatoes. I got about 20 of each one. I don't know what it is about those microwave mashed potato cups but I like em.


I went past the Dollar Tree and picked up another white board. That makes three. Sheesh, I can't remember anything. I'm going to use (hopefully) this one for a daily reminder. I have about 4 different phone calls to make and my car still needs brakes. I remember all of this stuff at 10:00pm when everything is closed. Maybe the $1.00 eraser board will help.


I swung past the post office and mailed my first Medicare payment. Woo-Hoo.

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Well, we have learned that the property we are interested in may be partially in a flood plain.  We are hoping not the house and are heading to City Hall and Insurance Companies in the morning, before even going to the bank.  I feel like it is all up to God and we are just along for the ride!  Or as DH says "we just do the next right thing".  I like not stressing!

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Good morning, Mt. Rider!  Have you ever seen the movie "Bridge of Spies" with Tom Hanks?  Tom Hanks defends a guy who is accused of terrorism.  The accused goes through a lot!  Every time Tom Hanks goes to see him in his cell, the guy seems basically happy and content.  Tom Hanks asks him several times through the movie " Aren't you worried?". The fella replies every time, "Would it help?"  That reply has changed the way I see things in a major way!  Just thought I would share and hope that it helps someone else!  Have a great day, folks!

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So far, we have found out it is in a flood zone and we can get insurance, it will cost more, though.  We may revise the offer down as this was not disclosed prior to making offer.  Hurry up and wait, repeat.  LOL

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Miki, very good example of living with more peace than normal.  :amen:


Are you buying in Louisiana?  Is there "flood mitigation" you could do and could it possibly reduce home insurance?  I hope the offer can be reduced since that should have been revealed!  Glad you found out before finalizing.


Up her in the severe terrain of the mountains, the terms Flood Mitigation and Fire Mitigation are every day words.  Unfortunately, doing one sometimes negates the other.  :yar:  But we haven't had much havoc for a couple years now.  But I sure am not going to cease keeping a wary eye out.....   Has rained NICELY for a few days. 


MtRider  :pray:

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I took the Jeep to the car wash and vacuumed it out. What a disappointment that was. The car was a mess and I thought the vacuum there would be a strong industrial strength one. My car vac would have done better and cheaper too. The head on that one was so big that it wouldn't get down in the cracks or even between the seats. I didn't even get the back area finished before it shut off. Lesson learned though. Never again. I still need to do some more vacuuming. I'm not that picky about the car (Jeep) but I have to get the emissions tested this year and I still need a brake job and at both places the guys will need to get in the car. There is no junk in there. Just dirt and dust and crumbs and stuff from winter driving. Lots of dust.


I lifted one of the mats up and it is shredded. They lasted around 3-4 years though so I can't really complain. I wish you could just buy the two front ones. The back ones never even get stepped on. Will replace them on my next trip to Sams Club. I bought these there and they were really nice heavy duty ones. I think around $20.00.


I forgot to mention that when I was at Wal-Mart the other day I saw some really neat Ball canning jars. They are twisted. I really liked them but they were too expensive for me. And they were quart size. And I really do not need more canning jars. They would be nice for a special use though. They would make nice canisters to set out too...I suppose. I really liked those jars. Oops. They are called spiral. Not twisted.





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