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We are in Mississippi, Mt. Rider.  I don't believe the mitigation would work here.  It is the southwest corner of the property that is in the flood zone and the house is on higher ground, but the insurance company will charge $1150 a year just for flood insurance.  And we know that is not gong to go down!  Just up.  $589 for homeowners ins. is about right, I think, but we just can't do the flood ins. knowing that it will go up in the future and we are on a fixed income.  Boy, I was hoping this was the one, but it is not.  We will talk to the realtor tomorrow.  The bank already started the pre qualifying, so I wonder what God has out there?  Looking forward!

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Today we are heading north from Georgia to home in wis.  weird trip.....we put rv in storage, are travelling in 2 vans with 7 cats, 5 dogs & one parrot.  we stay at a motel chain that allows pets.

night 1 & 2 were in Alabama...On night #2 Mary was accosted by 20-something intoxicated motel customer while walking the dog before bed.  How charming...an invite to perform personal services for a drunk who wet himself, left his ummmm....tool hanging out while he ralphed on his mud covered truck.  She pretended she did not hear him and walked the dog back to the room...and locked the door.  His motel roommate came out and dragged him back into his room, scolding him. 

night #3 was in Evansville...teensy room, strong musty smell, defective faucet.  OK, so all we wanted was a place to sleep.  Good thing we didn't want a shower, the water was rusty.  At 4:30 AM the new pup starts raising cain like he needs to pee.  Moan... groan... Oh, OK... Mary puts shoes on to go walk dog.....gets as far as the door, tells me "grab the gun, someones messing with our cars"  right in front of out motel room window, no less!   Ropes to coolers on a cargo carrier were cut, someone had rummaged through the coolers, taking some NA beer.  Car pulling away.  Gave description to police, to make a record of it.   We figure it was the pot smokers in the room around the corner with the munchies.  If they were looking for beer they were surely disappointed!

Tonight is night #4 in Gary, Indiana.  Expecting peace and quiet - we have stayed here before, nice place, roomy, clean, no problems.  Excitement is NOT what we are looking for.  Sleep is.  Tomorrow we will be home.  Another adventure completed?  We shall see what tonight brings.  Uninterrupted sleep would be good at this point.

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I think you are wise Miki. I always try to think ahead about rising prices too. Especially where the insurance industry is concerned. If a miracle were to happen and rates would go down, or remain the same, 'they' would find a way to tax it more or figure out a way to raise something else to compensate. Kinda like last year when they gave a Soc. Sec. raise and then raised the Medicare rate at the same time. Insurance has been a hot button for me for 8 years. I've HAD to spend a fortune on monthly insurance payments...for nothing.


It's good that the bank have started the pre-approval work. When you do find your "perfect for you" house that step will be done and you can move along faster with no surprises. I remember it took me months to re-fi my own house and I was paying it down. Nothing is easy anymore.


Dang Kappy. You let Mary let that great catch of a guy get away?!  Ugh. Just think, somewhere out there he is some girls dream man. Poor thing. And Whiskey Jack was giving you a heads up that something was not right.  Good Boy!


Safe travels!

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RE Jeepers twisted Mason jars......First thing I thot of was......I could probably pick up one of those with one hand then!  :happy0203:


Miki..... :scratchhead:  WERE you in Louisiana or am I just one state over?  :rolleyes:


Sheeeesh, Kappy.  Praying the rest of your trip is UNEVENTFUL!  So glad you two take security precautions AND DOGS....plenty of dogs....to protect yourselves.  Yeah for the lil' one who raised the alarm.  ....or did he really have to pee?  :lol:


MtRider :thumbs:

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oops...another page of posts I missed...
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No, Mt. Rider.  Have been in MS for about 6 years now.  When I went to the gathering, I was in New Mexico. 


Jeepers, I didn't even go into the deductibles yesterday.  Flood ins. was $2000 and house insurance was $1000 per year of course.  Going to talk to the realtor today who may have something else for us to see.  And to get the earnest money back. 


Have a good day, ya'll!!!

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It is so wonderful catching up with all of you (and all your puppies) again.  I just got back from a bit more than a week a bit north of Dallas.  We planted peppers and basil and rosemary and some other things.  First full day home, yesterday, had to get some awful shots in my back.  But today I feel better.  Found out my ex-lawyer, the one who stole over $28k from me, has been disbarred and/or has retired.  Not doing me much good, but at least he can stop fleecing people now--I am very far from the only one, but I'm apparently the only one who kept receipts.  DS1 and I are looking for a new house, or an old one as the case may be, because this one has my late DX in every corner of the house and yard.  This is where he dug up the pipe, this is the tree he shot up the day he tried to attack the deputy, this is the vine he planted for a special memory, these are the flowers he loved to tend.  Eighteen years we had together, and some of them were good.  Now I need a place to make new memories in.  This year's chicks are wheaten marans.  

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Well shoots, Miki.  I got your state mixed up somehow.  I knew you'd been in N Mexico.  Yanno when you get something in your head and somehow it falls outta place...?  :gaah:   I would hope you get your earnest $$ back, Miki.




Speaking of which, any chance of getting your $$$$ back, Ambergris?  Receipts are good!  .....I just HATE CHEATERS AND LIARS!  :fryingpan:


Today I had a doc appointment .....Doc had to fill out forms to verify to my Life Ins. that I'm still disabled/not working.  Should be fairly straight forward since I've been on SSDI since early 1990's.  HOWEVER.....after making all the special hoohah to get me out of the house, etc.....  my clinic only has a physician's assistant...not a physician.  I doubt my Life Insurance guy would bother about the difference.  But the PA said there was no way she'd be able to fill them out.  "Yanno...I DID ask, when I made the appointment, if you were a PA or Dr.....and they didn't say there would be a problem..."  So we made up some things for her to check.  I agreed to some tests that we all do at around this 'old age'...  <_<


So now I've got MORE appointments and I have to go beyond the village....beyond the town....all the way to the city for a doctor to do what my DH [the chiropractor] has done many, many times in less than a half hour.  :gaah:  At least fasting-blood test is right there at the clinic....any time I want to drop in (hungry) and present my arm.  


OK....so not a totally wasted trip.  BUT.....  it was rainy and chilly outside so I wore a coat.  Ditched that as soon as I got into the waiting room!  SOOOO HOT!  :knary: Good grief!  Started wiping me out immediately.  By the time I got up to walk from exam room back to waiting room, one of the Med. Assist. came from her desk to help.  Told her..."I'm overheating" and shoved the clip board [they didn't give me time to fill out/sign their forms before seeing  doc PA.]  and my bag at her.  Then I latched onto her wrist for a "fourth point of reference" and plowed down the hall.  Hollered to Dan "I need outside!" so he came to get my stuff as I plunged out the doors fast as I could get them open. Flipped open my seat cane and SAT!  Whew!  I was shaking so horribly by that time.  The gal gave Dan my stuff and watched to see what I was up to.  Kept saying...."I am getting way too hot in here!!!!!"  Outside was chilly, :) WINDY, and no way I could fill out the papers there.  Did not want to walk all the way to the car to fill them out.  So I cooled off....(nearly crying) which means I was WAY more overheated than I should get!  As usual, I knew I was hot but didn't assess correctly as to HOW HOT.  Sheeesh.  Dan put my coat and bag in car and stayed with me.  Finally I got back inside to fill out the usual dumb but legally mandated forms.  Turned them in with hands still violently shaking.  I wrote by supporting my pen with my second hand to steady the shaking.  Not the first time I've had to do it that way.  Whatever works.  Still had to turn them in and figure out some stuff.  Finally we could get me out of that heat. 


No one in there thought it was hot at all.  :sigh:   I'm an alien. :knary:


Stupid thing was....I was carrying ice packs and gel cool packs IN THE BAG with me.  Never thot to apply one or two to hold off the hyperthermic attack.  Well, we just had a foot of snow so I'm not thinking summer protocols yet.  Hmph!


DH got me to Wendy's for protein....after an episode it's usual protocol.  I was surprised that their bacon burger was tasty.  I eat fast food about 3X per year.  Burger King flunked last Christmas time!!!  :yuk:   Then I had calmed down my nervous system enough to stop by my folks' and say hi. 


MtRider  ....Whew....resting now!  :0327: 

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Your clinic visits sound like a nightmare, Mt. Rider!  DH is having lots of tests done these days too.  He is taking it much better than I would have predicted! 


Definitely on the roller coaster now with the house.  Hope to have seller get a survey done with just the house as it is definitely not in the flood zone, just the back section of the property.  Then just "buy" the house section.  Just a wait and see thing.  And this concludes this day's episode of "As the stomach turns"!  Continued in a few days.  Or not. 

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Sounds like the week for surprises and not necessarily in the good way. Maybe I should say life changes instead.


I had to call the place where my stocks are parked today. I just happened to think to ask who my beneficiary is. I couldn't remember if it was D-ex or son. Either one would be fine I just couldn't remember. It's my main income generator. They told me I didn't have one!  Crimony.  All of these years with no beneficiary. It will go straight into probate. I thought I was a little smarter than that. I guess not. They are on the other side of the country so I'm going to have to take care of this through snail mail. I have to get the papers notarized. I couldn't find a notary public anywhere today. Sigh. My bank doesn't do it anymore. UPS does it but only on Tuesday and Thursday and their notary person is on vacation this week. The only other place I know of is my car insurance company. They were closed by the time I thought of them. I guess I'll try them tomorrow. Other than that, the only other place I know of is my attorney and I sure don't want to make an appointment for that $$$$.


I did Google it for my area and UPS and insurance companies is all that came up. Other than places where I don't do business like a realtor office or credit union. I'm not sure if they appreciate 'walk-ins'. Sigh.


Anyone know where I can get something notarized quickly? I'm an idiot.

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In our area there are notary publics all over.  In law offices, accounting firms, banks, insurance offices, title companies.  None of these charge folks that I know of, except a few people have signs in their yard, and I guess they charge under $5.  The law office and the CPA office I worked for would do it for free for all clients or people who just walked in.  No charge-good will, you know.  Here the front desk person is usually a notary, if not they call up a secretary and 3 minutes later-you are notarized and out of there.  Good luck.

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Thank you ladies! I'm just a block from the library so I'll try there first. Insurance company second and law office next. I never knew it was so difficult around here to get something notarized. You'd think banks would do it with all of the legal type business they do. In this day and age with computers and emailing documents that you can print out and have notarized, you'd think there would be more. Maybe it's just my area?

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Finally! I got it (notary) done. Our library doesn't do it but they said they have been thinking about. Hope they do.


I went to my car/home insurance guy. I like him a lot but now I'll probably be getting all kinds of offers in the mail and email. What's ya gonna do. It was free. I got four copies so I can give them to the people I want to have one and I'm keeping one for myself. I told him I was redundant. He didn't get it. Must not be a prepper.


I was out and about all day and I'm so tired and my back is breaking. I got tons of errands done and still have some more to do tomorrow. I got all the grass mowed just in time for it to rain tomorrow. I got another bag of rocks to put in the mailbox hole so the next sunny day I get I can get that finished. That snow plow guy really hung me up with that mailbox.


I'll tell you one thing though. That white eraser board I got has really helped to keep me focused and less forgetful. It's not a good one. Just a cheapy dollar one from the Dollar Tree but that was one of the best dollars I've spent in a long time.

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:lol:  Jeepers...our 'white eraser board' is our bathroom mirror.  All the cannot-forget things coming up [tho they are on a great big callendar on the wall too] are written with soap on the mirror.  When accomplished, wipe clean. 


Tried EVER SO HARD to get a letter printed for a judge in MO today.  With our printer missing the cord to connect to computer [it finally came in mail today tho] we loaded up and went to our local tiny library.  My computer was also trying to do a big download.....so if I make it happen there, our usage doesn't go up too high to use Internet.  Seemed like good timing. 




What a horrendous day.  Some CHANGES just this morning at the library meant no one could access the Internet.  Would not connect.  All messed up.  Besides that, I forgot to bring any glasses......but prepper that I am, there was a spare down in the car.  :amen:  Then toooo....I forgot to bring my book of passwords so we couldn't get into my email account.  :banghead:      I had the letter [regarding my friend who had that horrific accident 2 yrs ago....might go to court finally end of June]  on my laptop in a word processing format.  In order to use the library printer, had to pull up DH's (he remembers his passwords) email on my computer....copy/paste the letter to his email.  THEN bring up his email on the library computer.  Copy/paste only the letter (without the headers, etc for the email page) to the Word program.  I'm not familiar with Word so I had to fiddle with the document for quite a while to get the spacing, font and such adjusted.  By that time....I didn't know how to send over to library printer to get a paper copy to snail mail.  :sassing:  This was going on the third hour with struggling with this!  Got librarian and as we walked over, I remembered "File/Print"  Duh.  Yes, it worked.  Finally had my paper copy.  .....discovered later that I'd neglected to leave a good space for my signature.  But I squeezed it in.  I haven't done a business type document in years!


The first 2 hrs were wasted trying to get our computers ON their system and the attempt to download the whatever update...failed.  So now what.  We're back up at 84% and it has leaped 10% of usage in a single day when we were not even using much but email.  :motz_6:    By the time we left, there is an awful sensation in my brain that indicates it's squashed flat and useless.  :0327:   Icky feeling. 


After getting home and into my hospital bed, I've been reading and watching my 'computer cleaner' program runexponentially SSLOWER .....  It's an internal scan, not using Internet, so I can't fathom what's wrong with that now.  Took over an hour....usual time is 10 minutes.  Same usual scan. 


I've also tried to heat up some supper.  Heated up the wrong burner cuz apparently, my brain isn't distinguishing between "FRONT" and "BACK" burners.  Yes, things are on that burner....fixin' to start smoking until I discovered the often-repeated error and shoved the stuff off red-hot burner.  [people with my disability disasters should not live in a crispy log cabin]  :wacko:



But.....I'm done for today.  Pushed too far.  DH works tomorrow so I'll have to function enough to feed.  Then Thurs/Fri my nephew is visiting.... and we'll meet with my folks for Mother's day. 



MtRider  ....more than a little toooooo much in this week for me.  :faint3:


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I hope all you have to do is feed up, Mt. Rider!  Seems a little busy around you! 


I'm glad you got your paper notarized and copies made, Jeepers!  I hate running around all day!


Slower here today.  Just waiting on realtor to figure out the next step.  Did laundry, cleaned out goat coop and run, put Epsom salts/water on garden, and made dinner (pork chops and stuffing casserole).  That should last a few days.  The only things we are buying at the store these days are necessities and fresh foods.  That is really hard for a prepper! 

We found out today that the mama goat still hasn't had her babies so still not sure if we will get a third girl.  About time for bed now!  Sweet dreams to you all!


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12 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Finally! I got it (notary) done. Our library doesn't do it but they said they have been thinking about. Hope they do.



In Virginia, a library must have a notary on shift at all times.  Yes, I am.


Virginia also had, for a short time, the 'electronic' notary.  Finally struck from the law, it was a get-more-money by the commonwealth. 

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Whew...I slept from 1am  [that's early on our current schedule cuz of DH's late work] til 10:30am.  :woohoo:  I feel like my brain is mostly recovered.  Ran that same computer scan this morning and it's working normally again.  :scratchhead:  AND our usage dropped back down to mid 70's  [our normal] overnite.  :amen: .....I really think the usage thing is a scam.    :motz_6:  cuz there is no rhyme/reason to the ups and downs.  But ...it's down and I'm able to read the newsweather.  Without radio, TV or newspapers [no, they don't deliver out here] ...we rely on Internet for that data.  I feel cut off and blinded when our usage goes up and we can't do more than peek at our email. 


We are very wet and ...still chilly.  Zero fire danger here.  :pray: for Florida!  Sheeesh....they suspect arson in HOW many of those fires?  Such twisted brain/heart to be wanting to set fires like that. 


Off to fix 'brunch' and DH's lunch for work.....  :cook:  :dishes:

MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Our library and its branches is one of the best in the country. I'm really lucky when it comes to that but they don't have anyone to notarize anything...yet. It's sort of surprising. You don't realize it until you need it. I thought government offices like post offices, license bureau and libraries would have them. Also banks.


I wasn't in my insurance guys office over 10 minutes for the four copies and we 'BS-ed' for a little bit.


I didn't get much done today. My back is really out from running around and shopping yesterday. It's raining anyway. I did get a couple of phone calls made. I made an appointment for next Tuesday with the person who helped me get on Obama Care. She is researching the best and cheapest supplemental Medicare plans for me. It's a free service so I'll see what she has to say. Then I called my medical insurance company and cancelled my insurance starting June 1st. You have to give 15 days notice. Good riddance!  :pout:

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Glad your computer is ok, Mt. Rider!


Another slower day here as we were home all day again.  Going to town tomorrow, probably for groceries.  Still waiting on realtor  to call back.  Did some eBay.  Washed all bed covers and couch covers (dogs) today.  Always glad to get that done.  Off to bed, 5 1/2 hours sleep last night.  Peanut Butter has decided I should be up at 6:30 like dh.  Not really!

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Another productive day thanks to my eraser board. I went to the bank and got all my "pay on death" accounts in line. One was missing.  I got the paper statement cancelled too. Those things are huge. Size wise not money wise! I don't do any online banking but I can follow the accounts on my computer. I forgot to ask about my 'rewards' though. I have 100,000 and I can't figure out how to get it into a Wal-Mart gift card. I like my bank but every time I go in for something they want to sign me up for this account or that account. I just want to be left alone...even if it is for my own good. After the bank I ran some other errands and was gone over 2 hours and when I got home there was a missed call from the bank wanting to review my financial state and advise me. Sigh.


It isn't only them. That's why I was hesitant to go to my insurance guy for the notary issue I had. I don't want to even cross their minds. When I went in I asked him if he was a 'notary REpublic.' I talk fast so I don't think he caught it. If he did he was a gentleman about it. Me...I would have laughed.  


I got my car emission tested and then on to the license bureau for a new sticker. I have to get my drivers license renewed next year. Note to self...get a new eye exam or flunk. I'd better put that on the white board! LOL. The old fart at the emissions testing place really ticked me off. It's a long story not worth telling and I'm TRYING to get past not rehash.


Then finally, off to the grocery store. My pantry was pretty full but the fridge and fruit bowl was nearly empty. I don't know if you have a Giant Eagle where you are but I get quite a few perks from mine. For every $50.00 I spend over a 3 month period (I think) gets me 10 cents off of every gallon of gas at their Get Go gas station. I save well over $300.00 in gas a year and I don't always get my gas there. I get my generic meds there too and that counts toward the gas discount. They also have something else that goes toward cash off of your grocery bill. I had a pretty big order today and somehow I got an extra $8.00 and some change off of the order. I'm not sure what that was all about but heck yeah I want it!

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I actually used the word "stellar" today. Something was stellar.   :24:


I don't think I've ever used that word before. I have no idea where it came from. I hope I had an intelligent look on my face when it slipped out because I was dumbfounded. Of all the words that fall out of my mouth, without any forethought from me, I suppose that was as good as any.


Hope everyone has a stellar weekend!  :curtsey:

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Aiieeeeyiyi...it's happening again..... 


Went to my clinic on Tues and DID NOT get the Life Ins. papers [disability related] done cuz PhysiciansAssistant had never done one ...didn't feel qualified...ect. 

Don't ask why they gave me that appointment then......  :tapfoot:


Due to the heat meltdown, I DID NOT pick up something....anything with their current phone number....

Meant to get a business card but.....barely got out with my life..... :knary:


Got a phone message on Wed [I was down feeding] from "Chryxlmph" ....about my appt to get those papers filled out [I'm making an assumption here].  "Please call me back at  %)+--&#!@"      ........  :scratchhead:   Say WHAT?  WHAT NUMBER DID SHE SAY???????

No....I do not have caller I.D.  cuz that costs more! 


I spent some time yesterday looking thu all my paperwork....finding only the ancient phone number back when I began with this clinic.....and the OTHER NUMBER that is everywhere but only tells you:  "The number you have dialed is disconnected or is no longer in service.  If you think you have reached this message in error, please check the number and try again"...... 

That is the number I found on their general website.....on the website to make an on-line appointment....in the paper local phone directory.....in several other websites referring to them.....


BUT "it's been disconnected or is no longer in service".......


:motz_6:  This is the same go-'round I did to get the Tuesday appt. in the first place!




DH and I both replayed that ZIPPY-MOUTH-MESSAGE over and over and over.   I dialed what he thot he heard....Nope.  I dialed what I thot I heard....Nope.  We tried variations on what thot we might have heard....Nope.  Already knew directory assistance has the old number.  I called the number to complain about patient rights [from one of those odious but legally mandated things you sign].  No, I wasn't going to complain about patient rights to CLEAR phone messages....  I was going to ask for the right phone number!  :sassing:


Here it is the weekend and ....shoot!  Should have sent DH in to grab their number in person when he went to work yesterday!  He drives right by. 

:(   I'm a day late; dollah short all the time!


Sooo.....I sent in another on-line Request for Appointment.  THAT'S how I got their number the first time!  NO....of COURSE the On-Line method failed.  HOWEVER.....THE PAGE THAT TOLD ME IT FAILED,  HAD THE CORRECT/UPDATED PHONE NUMBER ON IT!  :woohoo: 

That's the page I'm hoping to receive again....so I can call and talk to "Chryxlmph"  [I think she might have said Cheryl or Sharron??]


:sigh:    I'm not calling my Life Ins. guy again.  He's just not gonna believe me anymore.  <_<


MtRider  ......I'm gonna say that this has not been a STELLAR day.....  :laughkick:  @Jeepers


P.S.  I've spent several minutes trying to get rid of "at Jeepers" thing.  What IS that?  I merely meant I was laughing at Jeepers 'stellar' comments above and that blue box took over my post.....  :runcirclsmiley2::behindsofa: 




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