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Don't know why I'm in the blue box up there. Maybe because there is an "at" sign in front of it. That little circled A causes a lot of things to go crazy. It's a nice box. It's a stellar box. I'm comfy in it. No worries.


I'm sorry you are having such problems with your medical 'help'. Those kind of inapt things make me so angry. Just do your job people. I see a PA and she is great. She can do it all. There are about 6 MDs, 3 osteopathic doctors and 4 PAs in the building.  In the 25 years I've been going there I've never seen any of the MDs.

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On 5/5/2017 at 10:07 AM, Annarchy said:



I like the cardboard & sawdust idea!


I can get rid of my excess shipping boxes that way.  :thumbs:


Can I use straw/mulch on top and get the same result?


Probably could, but straw may have a LOT of seeds in it and that's what you're trying to get rid of.  Find a saw mill or cabinet shop and they'll usually let you have all you want :-)

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Been working nearly every day "doing something".  Delivered flowers tor the florist today and will tomorrow also.  Onlly delivered for 5 hours.  People just don't send as many flowers any more.  After we got home, we went to a couple of our favorite Amish store/greenhouses and replaced...yes replaced my bell pepper plants and my spicy pepper plants.  Guess all the rain rotted the seed?  And I'll be re-planting my bush green beans (tomorrow when we get home) because the rabbits(?) chewed off the tops of every single one of them! SOOOO aggravating.  Mr. is building a 2 foot high chicken wire "fence" to put around all the raised beds.  Those buggers waited until the bean tops got to the top of the toilet paper cardboard and chewed off the tops.  Left only the stem!  The garden is fenced and I think they knoiw dogs etc., can't get to them.  Something also ate all the carrot seeds, so we'll re-plant those too...with the fence around.  All the containers are doing very well, the herb bed is doing great, the hanging baskets are doing great, the wild edible garden is coming along.  Planted a Mullein plant (got from my Dad & his wife) and two starts from their Queen Ann's Lace.  They live on a gravel road so nothing's been sprayed and they don't spray either.  Tuesday we built Dad a new safety ramp with a nice hand rail as well as skirted it so critters couldn't hide under it, and the hand rail will help her get up when she's carrying grocery bags.  All they had to buy was materials so they were thrilled.  I guess we only "think" we're retired! :24: but wouldn't have it any other way. 

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It's a shame about your plants WE2. Same thing happened to us once but it was the birds doing it. Caught in the act. I think they were starlings. I've been meaning to take a picture of the guys next door garden. It's just a real small raised bed area but he fenced it in nicely. We have all sorts of critters here from little birds to big deer. You about have to have a fence if you want to plant.


Many times I've looks out my front room window and watched 4-5 deer munching on my 'deer proof' shrubs. They come right up to your porch here. They are pretty though.

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DH is outside painting the barn (At least the lower half since he can't stand on a ladder anymore).  I am using the quiet time to get online.


We have got all of our veggies in and things are growing great.  We already have lettuce, basil, and cilantro.  I will have bell peppers ready to eat next week. Yum!  We didn't do as much of a garden this year.  It is just to hard for us to keep up with it health wise.


I am trying to clean  and organize all my kitchen storage.  I have made a dent and hope to finish it off this afternoon.n


Have  a great day all!

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6 hours ago, Ambergris said:

Perseverance! :woohoo:



Really, WE2!  Gotta tell those critters you don't share well with other species!  That's so aggravating to enjoy your wonderful plant babies coming up and wham, something gets them.  :(


Around here we battle long rooted wild rose and thistle.....drought and general arid conditions....alkaline soil.....etc.  Also occasional ravages by the deer, elk, wascally wabbits, and 'pasture varmints'.  But it was the voles that shut us down.  They ate ALL OF IT.  Hordes of them!  Left nothing above or below ground. :baseballbat:  Hope you can find a way to thwart all the attackers!


We have a grande day here.  Hope tomorrow is similar....with a bit less wind.  Going out for lunch with my folks for Mother's day tomorrow.  Resting today...... {I think}. 


MtRider  :lois:

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:hi:Every body.


Good grief.  We have 2 land lines in our house, personal & business. Yesterday, our business phone quit working, again, it rains or sprinkles, and a couple of days later, it quits. But the other land line NEVER has a problem.  One wire into the house, two telephone #s.  Go figure.   I called the phone company to have them "run a line test".  Which always works to clear the line, yet never shows anything is wrong. :scratchhead: They've been out here so many times, I have lost count, and every time, they never find a problem.  Anyway, the guy runs the test and the line clears up.  He then proceeds to tell me that he is going to put us on a different "channel" to speed things up for our internet.  Ok?  I asked why and he assures me it should take care of the issue with the phone line.


DH comes in and tells me the phone is working but our internet is not.


I called them back, cycled through the automation instructions to get to a human to talk to.  I read my notes to him, about what the other representative had said.  This guy reads the 'file notes' and comments, "..he shouldn't have done that.."  I told him, put it back the way it was and fix it, we didn't do anything to it.  He says, "..he can't.. because the other rep had not documented what 'channel' our system was on"   I say, " WHAT!!!!!  Why Not?!?  I've got the business owner shaking his cell phone at me because it's not connecting to the internet, none of the computers are connecting and the FireStick in the conference room is down too."  He informs me, "...your system was using a WEP and it is illegal for him to turn it back on, it has to be a WPA..."  I tell him, "Then do it, or I'm gonna get fired!"  Again, he tells me he can't.  REALLY?  "Can't"?  He tells me to hold on a second and comes back and says he was going to change our internet name.  Tells me to move the modem closer.  I asked him 'how close does it need to be to the computer?'  Because it was already less than 5 foot away!  That was NOT the issue!  The issue is what the other guy did to it!"  I tell him, "...just get the other representative on the phone and ask him what the heck he did.."  He says he can't.  "Why not?!?",  I ask.  "...because he went home for the day..."   :shakinghead:  At that point, I am melting down and beginning to loose it.  :gaah:


He tells me he can try something else, comes back on the line and gives me new instructions how to re-connect all our company computers and other devices.  Then, tells me our modem box is too old.  I tell him, ".. it's the modem you all rent to us..if it needs to be updated or upgraded, get it done.."  He finishes the step by step instructions, how to re-connect everything and says the new modem will be shipped. 


That was the icing on the cake as far as my patience was considered, I'd already had a stressful day at the doctors office.  They removed the stitches from a biopsy, which I shouldn't have done, because it came back "clear".  But, once she took out the stitches, she removed the scab and dug the whole thing out. Man that hurt really bad, I swear, I almost ripped that table apart trying to hold still and not scream.  And she tells me, "You're a pain in my a**." a couple of times.  Even DH looked shocked when she told me that.   The doctor said it looked like he'd never stitched it.  (Well, it he hadn't taken a huge chunk out of me, I wouldn't of had that problem.)  I am going to find another doctor.  We've been with that one for over 15 years.  He just joined a "group" in January, and the service and care suck now.


So now, as much as I wanted to go swimming on Monday, I have to wait at least another week for it to heal.  :motz_6:



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If I ever run into the guy who started the rumor that computers were going to simplify our lives, I'm gonna slap his head so far down his neck he'll have to open his coat to eat a sandwich.  He LIED.


On a lighter note, we got home OK; found out that the neighbor who showed interest in buying our house only wanted to pay half price for it.  Needless to say, no sale.  Mary was bummed, but I reminded her that we do not have to rush - we still have no mortgage, and have as much time as it will take to get a decent price....no biggie.  I really am enjoying having a real kitchen again, after cooking in the RV for six months (kinda like in a submarine).  Tonight I actually used THREE burners all at the same time!!  Made it much easier than juggling several dishes on 1-2 burners and trying to serve everything hot simultaneously.  Too bad you cant put that on a resume.....


The house we were in love with in Georgia sold to someone else, so it was not meant to be, I guess.  She did some serious yard work today, tilling up our garden patch.  Told her to take it easy tonight, so she is on my desk computer, playing a hunting game.  I was  blowing things up earlier.  Strange how that relieves our stress....without the mess! 


Whiskey Jack (aka Boom! Jackalacka) is shaping up to be quite well behaved for his age, now that he has a fenced in yard to run around (and around, and around) in to get rid of all that puppy energy that makes him so mischevious.  Our vet sez he is Australian shepherd mixed with something else, we think maybe border collie.  How ironic....our German Shepherd-Malnois was microchipped as an Australian Shepherd-border collie mix, and now it appears we have one!  Must have been fate, lol.

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Sheeesh, Annarchy!  I'd be trying to reach thru the phone and shake some common sense into someone!  I have a saying.  Sometimes I even say it out loud.......





So Kappy....I'm up on computer later than DH...he's already asleep and I'm trying to be quiet....and I read your first line about what you'd do to that computer guy and his 'simplification' theory....



I had to hide my face in the pillow....  cuz I agree with you!


MtRider  .....have a Happy Mother's Day, y'all  :wave:

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I just spent a little over 2 hours with an insurance type person to get signed up for Medicare supplemental care. She had already done the pre work from info I gave her last week. For some odd reason I understood and followed along with everything she said. Not bad for an old person who has focus and attention issues, especially when a lot of different new stuff is being introduced and you have to choose between different plans. It was a nice meeting. We got a private room at the library which probably helped.


I think I got the best plan for me and I can change at any time. I didn't get the eye and dental because for me it wouldn't be worth it with deductibles and how often I don't go. I can change that at any time too.


I know they are saying pre-existing medical diagnosis' don't matter any more but on one of the papers I signed it said they wouldn't cover a pre-existing problem that was diagnosed up to 3 months before the plan takes effect. I 'assume' Medicare will but not the supplemental plans. I'm not chancing it though. I'm not going to the doctor until sometime in June.  :blush:


In 13 months my Medicare will come out of my Social Security and I can sign up for Plan D (prescriptions) to be automatically deducted too.


I'm just glad that is done. I was worried I wouldn't 'get it' with so many options. I was afraid I'd choose wrong.

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Good, Jeepers!  Glad you were able to get good explainations and feel confident of choices.  A LOT depends on the presenter of the data...not the listener.

Just had a conversation with nephew about how the complexity is killing us.  Getting harder and harder to KNOW ABOUT all the rules.....let alone follow them.  :sassing:


Aforementioned nephew's visit:  DH got a request to fill in a few hours at work today.  So he went in and DN and I followed into 'town' later.  He drove me to my parent's house....I'd left my 'in town' canes there and hadn't noticed.  So got them and went to DH's work til he got off.  Then we went to eat.  :feedme:  By then end of that....I reclined as far back in the car seat [our newly-purchased older car is PERFECT for that!]  I have a pillow and a plug in to warm blankie.  Needed some rest time....overload with so many things in this past week or so.  More coming up.  Nearly slept on the half hour home.  Needed help to walk from restaurant and to house.  Guess I've been having too much fun???  :band:


It's been good to reconnect with DN.  He's not so far away that he can't drive over for a visit now and then. 


MtRider  ..... :imoksmiley:

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Glad you had a nice visit with your nephew and got to go out and about.


I've had a lot more thinking this past week than I'm not used to. between getting beneficiaries lined up at the bank and the stock place and getting Medicare taken care of, it's been tiring. Also trying to find a notary was tiring. It seems every place I go they want to sell me something else or upgrade a plan. Stock place wants to give advice, bank wants to redo my 'portfolio' and the insurance company to update my policies. All because I had to talk to them last week. I had forgotten to pay my ATT bill and it was due today. I took it in to pay and they tried to get me to switch from U-Verse to Direct TV.  Maybe I look like an easy mark?   :shrug:


Hopefully It won't rain tomorrow and I can get that %^&*%^ mailbox upright. I need to go back to the bank and see how to cash in my rewards. And return a shirt that is reveling at the shoulder. Maybe stop at the land of Dairy Queen for something cold and chocolate,


Another rant is the Medicare cards are a cheep paper and an odd size. They don't fit in regular business card or credit card holders. And they are pretty thin card stock paper. Like that is supposed to last fro your lifetime. Plus, I'll have 3 cards. Medicare, supplemental and prescriptions. They advise not to laminate them or cut them.


Medicare lady told me all about a club type of thing you can join for free and use the facilities like some gyms and YMCA's etc. All over the country. It's called Silver (XXXXXXX). I'm going to Google it and see what it's about. There is also a Golden Buckeye card for seniors in Ohio. Probably all kinds of programs out there we don't know about.




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It's Silver Sneakers NOT Silver Seekers. Sheeesh.
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Hi Jeepers!  I just joined AARP but have to wait a few years for medicare. 


Today was dog food day!  Made it and canned it.  What I can't remember is to make 2 crockpots so I have enough to double stack the pints in my new 23 qt. presto!  I have used it single stack twice now. 


The house is still in limbo.  If our bank doesn't get it together by Friday, we have another lender who is ready to go.  We were trying to be loyal to our bank since it is a small town bank. 

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Been a busy week!  Delivered Mother's Day flowers again this year, Fri and Sat.  Worked overtime in the garden nearly every day.  Mr built chicken wire fence o go around my bell pepper and spicy pepper plants.  Re-planted bush beans today and will get the fences made to protect them from bunny? thieves!  Still got to get the pole beans and Okra in.  Left camera in truck and it's dark and I'm tired, so will show progress later :dusting::dishes::clothesline::offtobed: (can't find a moji for gardening...lol)

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Hi Miki. :hi:


I learned a lot about Medicare etc. in that meeting. I went with the AARP carrier. It was between them and two others. The one through AARP had the best rate, for me, plus if you ever want to change plans you don't have to answer any medical questions with that company. The other two I was considering could deny you after you've already initiated a plan anywhere. Also, the plan I got will no longer be offered after July but if you get it now you can keep it for as long as you want. I figured I'd get my foot in the door while I could and if I didn't like it I could change with no medical questions or fear of being denied later on.


Medicare = older people. Do they expect a 65+ year old person to have the health of a 20 yr. old. It's been eye opening. I don't think there is much a person can do to prepare which plan(s) to get because they change all the time.


Another rant? Yep. Obama said Medicare can no longer put your S.S number on the cards because if they are lost your identity can be easily stolen yet the Medicare office says to always carry it with you. BUT, they have 8 years (from 2015) to implement it. Sigh. Mine came with my number on it.


ALSO...if you want to make a million dollars, design a plastic card protector for the %^&* card. The card, which is to last you a lifetime, is cheap paper and an odd size. It will not fit in the plastic inserts for your wallet nor any other plastic cover I could find. And Medicare says to not cut or laminate the card. With 44 million people on Medicare...may we please have a plastic normal size card? Pweeez


Oh wait. Maybe they are counting on the flimsy paper card out living us. Uh-Huh.

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Here you are We2-------->  :lois:


Can't wait to see your pictures. Those bunnies are so cute but always seem hungry around gardens. Silly wabbits. Maybe some of Abby Girls fur around the plants would help. Don't know. 

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Wow, your Medicare adventure sounds tiring. Yup, stupid card doesn't fit and is on cheap paper. Mine is 10 years old and frayed enough around the edges to finely fit in the card slot with my insurance card. :grinning-smiley-044:


I got a late start today so I didn't get to TX until almost 7 pm. 


Yesterday, DH & I went two tracking in the desert with his UTV (bug out vehicle). Someone had dumped a bunch of junk in the 'road' we were on. We decided to move it out of the two track. I was pulling a large piece of warped plywood, caught a rock with my heel, and fell backwards flat on my back, solidly on my tail bone.  I couldn't move at first, trying to feel through the pain if I broke anything. I still don't know but there isn't anything they can do for it anyway.  Had trouble sleeping last night. Had to stop a couple of times on the drive here, just to walk around. 


Hoping tomorrow is better. We have a CoC meeting that's honoring a couple of Ladies from the Woman's Club. 


Long and uncomfortable day. 


And, to top off the weeks adventures, someone unscrewed our motion censor flood lights. DH is on high alert, alarm and cameras are set. 

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Oh Annarchy!  Owwwww!  I know that when I catch my heel....I have ZERO chance of balance recovery.  I am immediately 'lost in place'.  BLAM!  :0327:  I hope you feel ok during your visit.  Especially sitting thru your Woman's Club.  :pray: for Annarchy's back and .....their home security/Mr.A.


We have baby wabbits in our hay barn.  ......I don't have a garden so I don't have a conflict of interest any more.  :lois:

:pray: for Miki's house situation!!!


MtRider  :wave:

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How is your back feeling today, Annarchy?  I hope it will be better as you move around.  And that is a bit scary that someone came onto your property and unscrewed your lights!  They don't shine right in someone's window, do they?  Only logical reason I can think of, but still wrong!


I found a commercial Kitchen Aid Mixer near me for $300.  Going to check it out this morning.  I have wanted the bigger one for a while, mostly so I can use the attachments for canning, etc.  So we will see! 


I fertilized my little garden yesterday.  Lots of blooms on the string beans!  Tomatoes are coming back since using Epsom salts on them.  Still no blooms on the poblanos.


Aside from that, I am staying home today just cleaning bathrooms, cooking dinner and taking eBay photos.  (Now, maybe making a cake?)

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Ouch Annarchy! That hurt my back just reading it. Didn't you have a fall not too long ago in your house? I hate compounding falls. I seem to have a lot in a short period of time and then none for a long time. Hopefully this is it for you for a long time.  :hug3:


:pray: <------- for Miki's house search.

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I got the kitchen aid this morning.  Well taken care of and came with a cover that you could store the extra paddles in.  It's a monster!  I've seen the ones on sale for $199 at Walmart at Christmas and this one is much bigger.  550 watt/ 6 qt. bowl!  The kids I bought it from were selling it for their grandma who couldn't' use it much anymore.  I want it for the attachments to make sauces and grind meat.  It says professional series on the side.


And at 6:00 pm, we got a call from the mortgage lady who says the lender will waive the flood insurance so we don't have to have the land re-surveyed.  Yay!  I think things will get going tomorrow!  Back on the roller coaster again!

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Thanks for the well wishes. Man it is a pain, you know where. Lol. My punishment for ratting on the doctors assistant. 


The Woman's Club/CoC meeting went well. A college representative  came and gave a presentation on a program they offer to high school students about starting their own businesses. Sitting on antique furniture was an adventure in patience. MIL snitched on me and told a few Ladies that I had fallen. 


After we we got home, Mom put A marathon of CSI on tv and I tried to stay off my feet. 


No, Miki, the flood lights do not shine in anyone's windows. 


DH says all is well at home. He was able to give away 3 dozen eggs. And we still have a dozen. 


Fried died in my arms. She was our first hen and was old then. She'd been sleeping a lot, so I separated her from the girls. She ate and drank a bunch and nodded for a couple hours. DH asked me to check on her. I picked her up and held her close. She shut her eyes, sighed and quit breathing. To think I said I wouldn't get attached, didn't work. 


Time to to see if I can get some sleep. 



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