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Test results are in.  No COVID!

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

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1 hour ago, Ambergris said:

I never think of Europe as muggy.  But of course bodies of water mean humidity.

True, sea nearby and lot of water anyway. But also at the cabin, far inland in Germany, previously swampy area, now drained and still humid.

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Did work clothes laundry and they're on the line.  Changed bedding.  Glad we have the window a/c but it only removes humidity from that room )our bedroom) so the rest of the house is "tolerable" until I do some chores.  Then I'm soaked!  So all I wear during day is my house dresses.  Then it's cool showers!  Hubby checked garden and everything seems to be doing fine just watering every other day.  Dusting with the baby powder seems to be keeping insects at bay.  I'm thinking that maybe using baking soda with some peppermint and lavender essential oil might work and be cheaper?

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Holey smokes Mt. Rider. So glad he wasn't maimed or killed. That mountain is getting more and more dangerous for you guys. Of course, accidents happen everywhere but sheeesh. How is he feeling today?


That's a beautiful picture Christy. A similar thing happened to a cousin of mine. We grew up like sisters and she even lived with us for awhile. Then we grew up and went our separate ways following our husbands around and raising our own family. We never had a falling out. Just time and distance got in our way. About 25 years later she picked up the phone on a whim and it was just like time had stood still. We became best buds all over again until she died a few years back. I hope the reconnection happens for you too.

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Well FINALLY!  I'm able to open pages at MrsS again.  :sassing:  Don't know what's up with our Internet but suspect they're trying to "phase out our Internet program".  One gal told DH exactly that....cuz they can't raise our rates.  But sheeesh, they aren't providing us much. 


Yeah so.....DH is ok.  Bit stiff after that whoohah.  Hasn't gotten a chance to fix anything yet....keeps storming here.  Yesterday's storm was significant!!!  It came down as hail...pea size and just a bit larger.  Straight down with no wind so tho it was LOUD...it didn't damage our vehicles.  [both have hail damage anyway....many vehicles in CO have that]  The rate of hail falling was astonishing tho.....sheets of it till it looked like snow covered the ground.  Makes you dizzy to stare at the ground...looks like a popcorn popper!  And it's melting fast so after 20 min of that....we're gushing small streams of water down hill everywhere!  Bottom of our driveway was under water.  And for the first time....there were WAVES on the road near our pond.  Waves!  A lotta water coming in fast!  Saw a car trying to drive down the road just then.  It was way up the tires and it got bogged down in a low spot.  Managed to keep going tho.  Horses didn't bother to use horse shed ....raced around when it started and then just stood in it.  Couldn't see ducks but there is a large willow bush overhanging the pond if they want shelter.  Don't know where the goat took shelter...mebbe the horse shed.  She didn't make it back to the goat shed....and she doesn't like getting wet, let alone getting pummeled.  She was dry when she came up.  :shrug:


:amen:  My foot is doing really well.  I'm walking on both feet ....sometimes without aid of crutches or whatever.  CAREFULLY!  Flat-footed on the injured one.   I did too much one day...washed hair standing up in shower and later did cat litter box.  Miscalculated how many up hill/ down hill-up steps/down steps it takes to clean that out and refill.  And it was raining so took more steps....  Every step still counts.  So yesterday I seriously rested.  Not fooling around with this injury cuz I'm at an age when injuries flatten you.  :0327:  And then my injury flattens DH.....  Ah well, we're improving... :amen:


Glad to hear stuff from you, Christy!!!  :thumbs:  I've always enjoyed when you give us a different perspective on world events, etc.  Hope reunion with sister goes very well. 


I'm sure y'all have humidity!  We even have humidity in arid CO right now.....what with daily rain/hail.  Adds to aches and stiffness, we notice.  I'm sure our humidity percentage is quite low compared to the rest of you [except Annarchy] but we're feeling it.  I'm loving the cool temperatures....starts to cloud up and rain whenever afternoon sunshine might warm us up to HOT.  :happy0203:


MtRider .....intermittent Internet reliability... :motz_6:  I'll be here when I can.....  :shrug:

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It was kinda hot again today with morning rain. The sky has been dark and cloudy all day like it's going to storm but it seems to be going around me. I made a quick trip to the store to pick up my meds. When I got home I got on the computer and Lainey (black Dane) had just had her first puppy. She wasn't due until next week! So "we" have 8 brand new puppies who will no doubt become someone's balance beam. If not...someone's perfect pet.

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Going to go pick up a new friend for Peanut in the morning.  A lady in the next town over from me is giving away a Chihuahua 3 years old fixed and supposedly good with other dogs and housetrained.  Her name is Ginger (like our goat), so I think she will be Ginny.  I hope all goes well with her and if not, the older lady I work with twice a month is looking for another chi.  So she will have a good home either way.  Hopefully with us!  Well, the back door is in and the little deck is built and the 5 ft. chain link fence is almost complete (and the goat shed is ready).  We are hoping that by Sunday night or Monday, DH and the goats will be sleeping here!  Peanut and I are tired of making the sure the place is safe for DH and goats.  LOL


I will go into our satellite and internet challenges on Monday.  Yikes!


Mt. Rider, I'm glad you are healing well!  I did the stupidest thing about a month or more ago.  I pulled the muscle? or tendon underneath the 4th toe  on my left foot.  Wouldn't think that would be a big deal but going up and down stairs in the moving process and all the walking.  Wow!  It is just now starting to feel better. 

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Best of luck with your new puppers! I'm really enjoying reading about your new home and challenges/upgrades you are making!


I just told my son tonight that the more I look at houses online the more I'm more concerned with having a decent size yard than I am with the actual house. I don't need acreage but I do want a decent yard for g'son to play in and have a small garden. The house can be fixed up but you're pretty much stuck with the size of the lot you buy.  :unsure:


For me, it's kind of one or the other. A decent house OR a decent size yard.



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I hit the send button too soon.
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Heading home tomorrow. 


Got caught on the road in a heavy downpour. I was blessed to get home safely. 2 foot rivers of water on almost every intersection, scared the beejeebers out of me. Cars were floating, car parts were floating away and cars were stalled in rushing water in intersections. 


God willing I will miss any storms tomorrow. 

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Whooooo...Annarchy!  Heavy, sudden rain can be so dangerous.  Glad you're ok and :pray:  you don't run into anything challenging tomorrow!!!  My bother in D.C. did a bit of hydroplaning on a bridge today.  Very close to kissing another vehicle.  Aiieee....


Land or House......I'm of the same opinion as you, Jeepers.  For the same reason.  You can change house but not land/water.  'Cept I want acreage not yard.  My zoo won't fit into a 'yard'.  :lol:


Yeah, I'll bet you are feeling that toe tendon, Miki.  And with all that moving....not probably doing it much good. OW!  :(    I've fortunately had the 'situation' to mostly rest my injury.  Only the ducks-in-danger caused me to push out earlier than I would have.  But oooooooh....I was SO careful where I put those crutches on the constantly wet grass/gravel.  Tomorrow begins Week 4.    :)   I've bumped that side of the foot lightly a couple times today and OW!  Sheeesh, for all that it doesn't hurt while I'm resting or even walking CAREFULLY....it shore don't like ta be bumped!  :wacko: 


MtRider  ....more Dane assistance dogs!  :hapydancsmil:

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Hi gang!  MtRider, your dh's adventures sound awfully familiar....especially that good ol' domino effect that sometimes takes over.  Glad everyone is OK.  Nobody heals up as quick as they used to....


Our new pup Jack has grown some and now does look like a purebred Aussie.  His hair is all curly and there is a lot of it; he is a handsome boy, but wow!  he is headstrong.  Smart, yes, but thinks he is smarter than us.  We keep him on a short leash (figuratively) with lots of luvs when he gets things right.  At 6 months we are seeing some indication of brains (finally!) but he is in hyper-dog drive most of the time, and I wish I knew if he was still teething, because he likes to chew up everything he can find (his other nickname is 'Jaws').  Even metal items (he loves to chew up flashlights) are fair game; he keeps us hopping to take away hazardous items so we don't need an emergency vet run.  He gets neutered next week to hopefully tone down his dominance issues a little.  We don't want the other dogs intimidated by him.


We are pretty sure we have our house sold to another neighbor.  A realtor we know told us we could get more, but we would have to fix so many things, take out half our furniture to keep things model home neat for showings, then pack up all the pets, pet dishes, kennels, et al for each showing that we decided to take the lower price and save ourselves the trouble.  We are getting $5,000 less than I paid for it, but it would take $10,000 and time and effort we don't really have in us to possibly get more.  The neighbor has been inside twice to look around and measure, and will take it as-is.  So hopefully we close early next week.  


Mary called the mobile home place down in Georgia where we want to go and told them to get some land ready to show us and some price quotes on our two favorite models (we debated and looked at floor plans and virtual tours until we were dreaming of them!).  When we get the money, we can then go down, order our model and pick our options, pick out the land and designate which trees to clear out, etc.  We will stay down about a week then come back up and pack.  


One of the reasons we let our neighbor purchase the house, is that he said we could stay in it rent free while we packed up, until Nov if we wanted to, as long as we kept the lawn mowed and the yard neat.  He made the higher offer because he said he loved the sturdy construction (he said his own newer home was not built as well) and the double lot & fenced back yard, which is invitingly shady in the late afternoons.  He plans to remodel (yes, the house is rather 1950s, but we liked that part) over three years, part time (he will do the work himself, he is a plumber).  I have a sneaking hunch he will maybe move in himself, as he has no yard in his newer house to speak of, and several children.


My father offered me $10,000 dollars to help out (!) and told my brother that I could either keep it and deduct it from my share of his estate when he dies, or pay him back a couple hundred $$ at a time.  He helped out my brothers and sisters like that as well.  I am considering taking him up on it, and am glad that I kept the lines of communication open, even after he (badly) hurt my feelings a couple times.  I had just decided to let that pain all go, that he probably did not realize his hurtful words, and at his brother's funeral we had a lovely long chat.  He told my brother he really enjoyed talking with me, and now this.  Do I put the past aside and accept his offer at face value?  Bro did say that he would want lots of photos and reassurance that we did not fritter away the money - that always has been one of his pet peeves - but he is Internet savvy so no problem with sending him stuff.  Mary says 'aren't you glad you kept in touch, and sent him Fathers' day cards, birthday cards, and the like, even though he didn't seem to respond much?"  Yes, and she is entitled to say 'I told ya so'.....as long as she does not ride it into the ground, which she wont.  I will call him after we close, and probably accept his very kind (tho unexpected) offer.  


We gave our boat to a fishing pal.  He is a fixit kind of guy who likes to have a project to work on (and has relatives who work on boats) but could never afford to buy a bass boat & motor, and always wanted one, whereas we were stressing on how to pull it down south with us, plus afford the repairs it needs. So we gave it to him and he darn near cried....he said nobody every did anything that nice for him in his life.  He is helping us move our stuff down south, saving us quite a bit of money in professional movers fees (he offered before the boat thing came up)  so we are very pleased to give him the boat .  Mary & I have many acquaintances, but few we really call friends....true friends to us are very special, and we like to see them happy.


Class reunion tonight (Sat).  45 years and even the jocks and homecoming queen are gray haired, pot bellied, and have grandchildren!  I had a nice time, even though I had to keep reading name tags because I didn't recognize anyone!  


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Wow Kappy.  Sounds like your move is coming along very nicely!  Good deal on fishing boat....sometimes we unexpectedly get back more than we give.  :thumbs:


My friend in MO has two Aussie dogs.  They are busy-busy dogs...need a job.  One herds her chicken that gets out of the 'tractor'.  One usually keeps a very close eye on her!  LOL  Those are dogs with a PURPOSE, for sure!


Hey...I felt pretty good this morning!  :amen:    My plantar faciitis in R heel didn't hurt.  My injured left foot felt ok.  And my brain was basically working with no pain/nerve zings to whack it out.  :hapydancsmil:  It's been exactly 3 wks and this is the first morning I've been able to fix DH breakfast, fix his lunch and lemonade stuff....without feeling like I was going to pass out or throw up.  :imoksmiley:  Just a tinge at the end but also got kitchen cleaned up.  DH had done dishes from last nite already.  Ahhhhhhhh......pretty durned close to my "normal". 


MtRider  :happy0203:

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I guess we are stuck in the hot, rainy summer weather for a while longer.  It is very humid and nearly everyone's gardens have been ruined.  We still have 3 great tomato plants so I am glad of that.


We have to go to the big city tomorrow for DH's cancer checkup.  I dread going anywhere when it is so hot and humid.  Thank God for a/c.  I don't know how folks made it through the dog days of summer without it. Even my dogs want to stay inside.  The poor border collie gets hot easy with all that thick black fur.


I love the photo Christy! 


MtnRider I am handicapped and I am soo careful not to hurt myself.  If I ever lost the limited mobility I have, DH would not be able to help me much.  He has gotten lighter and frailer and I have gotten bigger...lol!  I am so glad I can transition myself from furniture to wheelchairs etc.


Have a great week all and keep cool and safe!



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Made it home safely. Saw a roll over accident that looked like it had happened within 10 min. Hit a heavy downpour coming out of Texas Canyon. Hardly could see a truck trying to pass without his lights on. It was so dark. I had trouble seeing the white lines at 25 mph. 


It cleared up and was overcast the last 2 hours on the road. 


Good to be back home. 

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Glad you are home safe and sound! I hate to drive in downpours like that when I can't see the lines. It seems like my wipers can't keep up with the rain coming down no matter how fast I have them going.


I'd rather drive in a blizzard. At least then you can drive in the tracks in front of you.

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18 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

MtRider  ....more Dane assistance dogs!  :hapydancsmil:



"We" have placed over 150 dogs now. Three to children and MANY to veterans.  All donated.  :wub:

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Tomorrow, we are getting the rest of the stuff out of the house that dh needed while staying there--like sheets, towels.  And the goats are coming home!  Ginny, the dog I got this morning is getting along fine with the other dogs, but I think she is older.  She seems confused, which is a little heartbreaking, but she will get plenty of love here!  I found out that they gave her to a lady before and she was returned.  I should have asked why, but didn't.  She is a sweetie and I hope she has a long life with us!  Have to borrow bill's truck one more time to get grill and lick tubs for goats and then we should be all moved. 

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I got a lot of errands run today that I planned out last night. I still need to go to Wal-Mart though. I just got pooped out. I need some of those little button batteries and some of that tester fluid stuff to make sure my sugar tester is still calibrated correctly. I need a couple of totes to store some fabric in too. I also forgot to drop the mail in the box.


I want to pick up one of those crafting gloves for when I start quilting again this coming winter. I'm not sure how my arthritis is going to act up when I start back up. It probably won't be happy but maybe I can sweet talk it with a brand new glove. I'd like to eventually make 4-5 nice quilts for a quilt display box I've seen in the Amish shops. I don't have one but maybe some day...


I did get the yard mowed this morning. I felt a few rain drops but it never amounted to anything more. About an hour or so after I mowed the weed guy came and did his thing so that was perfect timing. Wish it would rain on it now but none is expected this week.


I feel a headache coming on so I'm going to take a couple of Advil and go to bed early. Then get up early in the morning and get Wal-Mart out of the way. There was something I wanted to pick up at Michaels but for the life of me I can't remember what it is. It isn't on my list though. I guess I figured I'd remember what it was. :008Laughing:

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Going to try to make this as short as possible.  When we moved (12 miles), DISH changed our internet provider and plan without our knowledge or consent.  I only found out by going online to DISH and seeing that we now had Hughes net and only 15 gigs anytime instead of 50 like we did before.  We called, complained, but no better deal.  So we went with Cable one, who came out and we are good with what we have now.  Of course Dish is trying to get us back but no and it has just been a pain that has taken up too much of our time.


Whenever we switch services, we have uninstall and reinstall our printer software on both lap tops.  Done!  We now have a Tivo which neither one of us knows anything about and the kid who set us up didn't have time to help us get familiar at all.  DH can't get his Bluetooth headphones to hook up for anything and is driving me crazy!


Otherwise, all is well!  The old house is clean and vacated.  Just have to go pick up grill and check mail tomorrow.  The two little pups were playing some today, so that's good!  The new one is so devoted to me, I'm sure I'll never pee alone again!  LOL  That's about it for now!  Have a good evening, folks!

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"I'm sure I'll never pee alone again!" That made me laugh out loud. Been there...  Mine used to wait until I got in a nice warm bathtub and then nose the door open to make sure I haven't drowned. As the cold air rushed in she would turn around and walk out. If I closed the door tightly she would scratch on it until I opened it. You know how when you have a newborn in the house and you have to wait until they are asleep to sneak in a bath? That was me for 13 years.  :bathbaby:


Ugh, I hate changing companies and learning new stuff that I'm not really interested in. My company keeps wanting to change my plan saying I can get it a couple of dollars cheaper. Not worth the headache to me. I also know what they are up to. They want to get rid of my landline and make it digital.

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Don't worry, Mom. If you fall in, I'll be here to provide you with a loving last vision.


Back has been acting up last couple of days.  Almost came home from work at lunchtime to stretch out in bed. Good thing I didn't, because once I did get there, it didn't help.  Tomorrow is the office birthday party, and it's my team's turn to throw it.  I had all kinds of plans (you know that avocado salad that's all over Facebook? yeah, that one.  And a loaf of hot bread that rose and baked in the lunchroom.) But then came reality.  And the fact I had to pack my office up because they're hauling out my furniture tomorrow to make room for the standing desk that comes on Thursday.  And the fact I can barely think or move at half speed.  So I got packaged salads from Publix and a few extra ingredients to throw in, and there will be pizza from Dave's along with a Costco cake.  And life will move on.

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Ya know Ambergris, the thought of my last sight on this earth being a big beagle snout, two long soft velvety ears and two beautiful brown soulful eyes doesn't sound half bad. :D

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