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Ugh Midnightmom. BTDT. We had to have that done twice a year when we lived on campus when D-ex was a student. The entire building would get done. Only good thing was the apartment got a good cleaning twice a year.  :buttercup:


Mt. Rider, that is a very good reason for your hubby to be excused from jury duty. They can either cancel it or reschedule it. Here, we have to serve for a week at a time. It was a pain driving to downtown Cleveland every morning for a week. And then hope like anything we weren't chosen for a trial case and get sequestered for a couple of weeks.


Heck Annarchy, if I was your hubby I would have just pretended it was a Halloween decoration and 'got around to it' a little later. Then again we don't have the nasty kind of little buggers up here. 

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Test results are in.  No COVID!

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

Posted Images

Jury Duty!  Mt Rider, my late DH got a jury notice when he was intensive care after a pulmonary embolism!  I called, but the clerk told me it was not a 'good enough' excuse.  So I sicced the heart doctor on them.....took care of THAT!  I only wish I could get jury duty, (it would be interesting to see the system from the other side, so to speak) but as retired LEO I doubt if I'd last beyond discovery, LOL.  


We are STILL packing, a couple hours each day.  Every once in a while we 'find' something we had mislaid, so it is not all that bad.  Tomorrow we hitch up the trailer and take lots of items to the thrift store.  It was my late DH  birthday today, so the packing was bittersweet.  I keep concentrating on how delighted he used to get to find big men's clothing at the thrift stores when we would go there, and how delighted someone else will be to find his Carhhart  (brand new) winter gear in that thrift store, as well as his railroad & street car  books.  He specifically mentioned before he passed that he wanted individuals to get his books, not a museum, because he wanted to pass on the pleasure he had gotten out of them.   It will be quite a stack of things we take over for resale.  I promised Mary I would have my blinders on though.....I LOVE thrift stores, but we sure don't need anything else to pack!!!


It is official - Monday we will be signing paperwork to purchase our home  & land - the septic turned out to be in excellent repair, so no work is needed for that.  We pondered as we worked what we would 'name' our new place....the winner was "Katymare Creek"  (for our two names, plus the small creek at the back of the property).  We liked the euphonious sound of it....it beat out 'squatters roost' and several risqué options.  Guess we better pack faster.


The lifting restrictions are hampering me something fierce, but at least I can start driving now.


After I got home from the hospital my insurance (Humana, at least until the end of the year) nurse insisted that she send out some 'healthy' TV dinners, they apparently think I cant cook or something.  OK, its free, I'll try it....YUCK!  The best part were the recycle-able dishes!  All the meat entrees were strange concoctions of ground meat, soy, and whatever spices they added to try to make them taste good (they failed).  I'm not that fond of soy anyway, but now expecially I eschew it because the plant estrogens trigger reproductive cancers 'in those prone to them (me).  The veggie sides were an improvement over the usual potatoes  & corn though.  They had brussels sprouts, asparagus, sweet potatoes, and a (terrible) corn and black bean combo, but the veggie portions were only 1/4 cup.  So I called Humana back and gave her a 'review' (in a nice way, I'm sure they were sold a bill of goods by some company looking to make money off old/sick people).  Soooooo glad I know how to cook for myself.  Went back to my own version of food.  Kept those nice dishes though, I'l make my own TV dinners with real meat and real veggies. 

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Mt_Rider -


Before putting everything back in the house, could you start your 'changes in the air' earlier than expected? Now might be a good time to start downsizing a bit before an eventual move. :hug3:  We were helped along by having to store stuff in boxes for several years. When we got back to it, we realized we didn't need most of the stuff. We told ourselves that we could always buy it again if needed. We never needed the stuff again. Just a thought.   :grinning-smiley-044:


DH asked me what I wanted for my Thanksgiving birthday. I blurted out "a deer-proof fence".  Guess who roped me into helping him install the fence around the garden this week? :0327: It's the LAST thing I've got time for!!  The freeze coming has me running 800 mph to get everything into the garage.  :runcirclsmiley2:

I did have to laugh the other day when I got home from taking care of mom in another city. DH had me help him get an old power pole into one of the garden fence holes. While I was filling in around the pole, he took the tractor and grabbed another pole. When he returned, I asked him why he dug the hole and placed the pole at the wrong flag.   :24: 


I put the groceries away and spent the rest of the day helping him measure and dig more holes.   :cheer:


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DH used to be with law enforcement. Neither of us is called for jury duty anymore.  I did get to sit the first half of a day and was thrilled at how the system works. Then they interviewed me and told me to go home.   <_<

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5 hours ago, Homesteader said:


Before putting everything back in the house, could you start your 'changes in the air' earlier than expected? Now might be a good time to start downsizing a bit before an eventual move. :hug3:  We were helped along by having to store stuff in boxes for several years. When we got back to it, we realized we didn't need most of the stuff. We told ourselves that we could always buy it again if needed. We never needed the stuff again. Just a thought.   :grinning-smiley-044:


Definitely already doing that.  I have to be in a :runcirclsmiley2:JUST GET RID OF IT  :runcirclsmiley2:  mood and doing all of that labor really puts me in that mood.  What we have is:  FoodCamping suppliesGardening suppliesAnimal care suppliesMedical/First Aid suppliesLaundry/Sanitation/Soap..lotion..ectFood cooking/ preservation supplies.  .......................all are prep supplies.  Besides that are BOOKS...and 2 yrs ago I pared them down by about half.   :shrug:   


Technically, we have little [except books] ....far less than the average person.  [except food]  But we're in such a tiny space....and I do have a LOT of empty boxes.  Which we'll definitely be keeping for that "change in the air" thing coming.... :pray:


Rodent Invasions thru the past 20 yrs have pared down a lot.  If it can't be boiled or otherwise sanitized, it gets thrown out.  :shrug:   I learned to keep things inside my kitchen utensils drawer inside Ziplock bags.  When I can reclaim the drawer, I dump out the contents and trash the Ziplock.  What took so much energy as we stored stuff in the Circus Tent, was sanitizing all the buckets and totes that things in the garage are stored in.  :0327:  Things going in Tent are already sanitized.  Not going back into garage until that area is SANITIZED.....for about the fifth time since we've been here. 


The move to and from Maui ....depleted a LOT of our 'stuff'.  What's really in the way around the house is a lot of paperwork clutter...other clutter.  That's not stuff.  It's just issues not yet dealt with and gets buried in a tiny house.  Going thru a stack or two of that usually leaves a few things to keep and the rest in the trash.  Not concerned with that....the 'clutter piles' will always be with me.  :lol:  :rolleyes:


When DH and I get a half a chance to catch our breath, we're gonna knock the old couch apart and replace that needed space with shelves.  Only the cat uses the couch [have to find something for her heated bed] and the rest of it is stacked with things to go out the door.  ....down to the downstairs or off to work with DH.  It acts like an entry hall....but shelves for the same purpose could look a lot more tidy.  And take up less space.  For the past 3 months, DH's extra 2 oxygen tanks in padded bag have claimed a large/HEAVY position on the couch.  Shelf would be better.  No one sits on the broken down old couch anyway.


Yes......waiting for replenishment of energy....and can now work inside the closed/semi-heated garage space to do the rest of the sorting and sanitizing.  Kinda waiting to see if the ultra-sound devices will drive out the mice.  Evidence today under the sink upstairs means they aren't gone.  :yar: But the danged garage doors were both wide open for hours each day for the past week and a half.....with us going in and out.  Clear this crowd of varmints out, fix garage door, and see if that will be it.   :pray:


MtRider  :dusting: 

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Packing my suitcase to go home. 


Yesterday was relatively quiet. Mom watched football, until I took her to the grocery store for a couple of items she needed. Then, she watched football the rest of the day, while I read a couple of books on my tablet. Except I didn’t move much and got a kink in my neck. Lol, that’ll teach me.  At home, there is always something happening, keeping me moving, so, that rarely happens. 


Time to tidy my room, fold blankets, wash sheets and wait for Mom to wake up. 


I hope everyone has a great day. 


See you on the flip side.  



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Safe travels, Annarchy.  :wave:


Going to visit my folks today....  Haven't seen them since the seige of the water problems led to the electric problems led to the clear everything out project.  :0327:


MtRider  :pc_coffee: 

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Safe travels to Annarchy and Mt. Rider today.


It's cold and rainy here today. I'm debating on whether or not to turn on the furnace. That shower is going to be mighty cold tonight if I don't. Even the heating pad isn't heating me up enough.

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Good day...I guess.  NICE WARM fall day..sunny.  But while we had plans to meet my folks at our local diner, my dad got something in his eye.  So instead DH and I picked up an eye wash kit [with eye cup] and take-out order from the diner.  We ate and DH helped my dad do the eye wash and examined his eye.  DH couldn't see anything but after waiting a while...it still hurt.  So DH drove my dad over to ER.  They have some nifty device to check.  Verified that nothing was in there now...but he has a scratch.  OW...they hurt on the eyeball.  Gave him ointment and they came back.  That was very timely since my mom doesn't really drive and my dad shouldn't with an eye problem.  Sometimes we're in the right place a the right time.  :amen:


Came home and DH couldn't find his house keys.  Keep in same pocket as car keys......  I called ER and security didn't have any turned in.  Called my folks and my mom went out and found them in their driveway.  WHEW!   DH can pick them up tomorrow when he goes in for work.  The day certainly didn't go as expected ....but it was fine.  My mom and I watched House Hunters on TV.   SHEEEEEEEESH......first-time buyers with a budget of $2-300 THOUSAND?  And we MUST have hard wood floors, SS appliances, and granite counter tops!!!  Our first house was $30 thousand and had a dirt basement.  A cast iron tub [neat, but no shower] and totally disorganized floor plan.  Nice big kitchen tho. 


Hate to tell ya, Jeepers.......winter cometh.  We might have a dash of snow again tomorrow.  And plummeting temperatures. 

MtRider :frozen: 

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I bit the bullet and turned the heat on. Life's too short to be this miserable when you don't have to. Plenty of other miseries to concentrate on.  :happy0203:


I watch a lot of those 'house' shows too. It makes it kind of hard for the sellers. People see these great houses on TV and expect it to be the norm when they go to buy a house. I don't have hardwood floors, granite counter tops or stainless steel appliances but I'll bet you when I do go to sell this house there will be many more houses for sale in this price range that do have it all. And then some. :sigh:


Same with the house 'flip' type shows. Mr. Handy Husband doesn't have a crew to finish up the work nor a contractors discount budget.


I still DVR and watch them though.  :whistling:

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Yep...we're cold today.  :frozen: One more thing about turning on your furnace.  I have neck injury from loooooong ago.  Chiro DH has made if mostly a non-issue.  But it's still a weak point.  I've had a low-grade headache hovering since yesterday.  [my folks have uncomfortable furniture.....but I'm uncomfortable in most]  So my neck needs adjustment again. 


One thing I know about neck...'trap-something' muscle going out to the shoulders......   Don't Get Cold!  Cuz you hunch up and it strains those muscles.  :)  How's that for validation for staying toasty?  You'd be working against your P.T.  ...seriously.


I need to get another heating pad.  I have had one in the bed....at the ready.  [stopped working recently]  If I get chilled, it's the only thing that will UN-freeze me.  With MS spasticity, it hurts to be cold.  OTOH ...MS makes me overly sensitive to heat.  And menopause throws unexpected bits of SUMMER at us too.  :knary:  That will keep the furnace low...  :lol:


I decided long ago to just overdress and over heat house in the fall.  It's a transition time and I'm waaay more chilled than later into winter.  I just go with it and wear my big insulated coveralls, etc.  When my body adapts more to the winter weather, I tend to be comfortable in less.  And have the heat up less.  :shrug: 


MtRider .....winter has arrived here....with lovely bits of autumn still hanging on too.  :wave:

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Made it home safely.  Rested the rest of the day, trying to relax my stiff arms and neck.  Thankfully, there were no dust storms.  Sunshine all the way.


It was cold, 48* in TX when I left and 85* + here in AZ when I arrived. MIL had the heater on 78*, but it took a while for my room to warm up because I had the window open all night.


Today, unpacking and cleaning house.  DH postponed the normal cleaning.  No biggie.


Winter.... it kinda feels that way outside this morning, slightly overcast, but still in the 80's.  That's cool for us, :happy0203:  My pomegranate, mulberry, and spice trees are beginning to loose their leaves, which is the first sign that winter is coming. 


I hope everyone has a beautiful day.


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I've decided I like the British househunting shows (Netflix!) better than the US ones.  The houses have so much more character!  Still ridiculously expensive.


Of course, they end with, "Well, we'll likely put in an offer on this one but we're still having tradesmen come look at the work to be done," so you never get to see what they do with the place. 

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I got my blueberry bushes planted today!  And made homemade meatballs!  Here is a different perspective on the house that got smashed.  They are standing on the tree on the house!  

new house.jpg

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:o   CO does not have trees that huge.... 




Not feeling well....sore throat started.


Misty...scraping ICE off windshields...total overcast alllllll day.  Never made it up to 20 degrees.  :frozen:


Taking the immune boosters and EmergenC ......  Usually that will knock out any illness threatening.


My dad's eye is better....he thinks. 


MtRider  :offtobed:

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Oh SHOOT!  :gaah:  I'm sick!  After 3 days of on-the-edge and battling...I just keep getting worse.  Not drastically worse....but inexorably:yar:  We're NEVER sick.....microbe sick, I mean.  We can nearly always knock out virus/bacterial stuff.  It's been about 4 yrs or so since I've succumbed.  But after 3 days.....I have to call this 'being sick' :fever:    Rats! 


Still taking our 'stuff' but DH just added an "after you're sick" to the "prevent getting sick" formulas. 


I admit it's not surprising.....considering what I've been doing for the past month.....months....  The next step is to discern  WHEN - IF  it gets into my bronchial tubes.  My weak spot.  Don't wish to wait until it's ER time. 


We've got alllllll sorts of stuff setting outside yet from the garage project.  Not just stuff in Circus Tent but the [mostly rubbish] tossed outside to be gathered into trash bags.  DH is taking trash in gradually.  We had WIND yesterday.....and it just began right now again.  {I HATE WIND...harsh on my disturbed nervous system!}  We've had 2 lite snows.  Winter is coming and that irresistible urge to 'get ready'...'gather in'.....'hunker down'....is gonna drive me crazy if I'm laid up. 


Or...mebbe not.  Haven't done anything for 3 days.....except let goat out and in.  Barely went out on porch.  Mostly in bed reading....but main symptom was fatigue.  That's NORMAL for me.  Today....not just fatigue.  Hmph! 


MtRider  .....used to disability/fatigue but sick?  Rats!  :buttercup:

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Today, just for fun I looked up some of the history of our new place....basically wanted to know how a nearby creek got the name 'Murder Creek'!  Here is the most likely story (its an old one). 


Around 1788, when that part of Georgia was still frontier, the Creek Indians were active in the area, and not terribly friendly. If you did not have permission from the chief, you did not get to pass unscathed.  But the Indians were NOT the problem here, it was others.  Apparently a group of Royalists headed by one Colonel  Kirkland of S. Carolina (including his nephew) were headed to Pensacola to obtain passports.  Then they planned on entering Spanish Louisiana, purchase land and settle there.  They met with Col. McGilivray, who had brokered many peace treaties with the Creek Nation and was honored there because he attempted to protect Indian rights and lands.  The travel party proceeded south with McGilivray's blessing.


While enroute, they met a pack horse party coming from Pensacola and headed to the Creek Indian lands to the north.  They consisted of a mixed group of a Hillabee Indian, who had murdered so many men that he was called the “Man-slayer,” a white man who had fled from the states for the crime of murder, and on account of his ferocity the Indians called him “Cat,” along with Bob a bloodthirsty Negro.


Kirkland's party camped on one side of the creek, the other was camped on the other side, near the trading trail there.  During the night, they robbed and killed the southbound party for their guns and the large amount of silver they were carrying (to purchase land with).  The group of scoundrels then continued into the Creek Nation.  When their deeds became known, Col. McGillivray sent persons in pursuit of them and captured Cat but the others escaped. 


Cat was turned over to a man named Milford, who had directions to convey the murderer to the spot where he had shed the blood of these men and there to hang him, until he was dead.  Milford did just that, hanging him from the same tree that bore their blood stains, and finally shooting him through the heart as he struggled in the noose (hangings were not very efficient on the frontier).  From that time, the creek was known as Murder Creek, and it runs into Lake Sinclair southwest of our property, about 1/2 mile or so.  


I love to research local history, it puts a face on places and their names!  

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:amen:  :amen:  :amen:


I'm MUCH BETTER today.  :happy0203:   Finally do feel improvement.  Still iffy around the edges.  Glands still swelled but much less and don't hurt.  Have to keep taking our stuff and resting but .....much more clear thinking too.  :cheer:


DH had left message with the jury duty folks and lady called today.  DH was taking care of animals so I explained....the day before and day after is fine but I MUST have him on THIS day for my surgery.  After she said his 'duty' could be postponed, I told her of his blood clot incident and that he's still not working consecutive days...so push it back a ways for his health issues too.  It's pushed back to March '18.    :amen:  :amen: 


So when those life ISSUES are circling in so close they're gonna squish you.....God's got our back.  One by one they are being knocked down and handled.  :cele:


MtRider  ....keeping on :pray:  for the rest of the squishing issues!  :lol:

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confusing typo...again
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Kappy.....while gruesome, :unsure:  that's very interesting.  I think the first thing I like to do after moving to a new area, is get to know the names [correct pronunciations!] and the 'stories' everyone knows.  Usually it's the past 20-40 yrs worth of history.  It's interesting and sometimes still extremely meaningful to the long-timers in that location.  A lot of times, it provides the WHY to how things are currently done.  And until you know that stuff....you are a newcomer and ...outsider.  I'd love to go to the local diner and listen to the long-timers.  I'd love to go to the retirement centers and listen to them there. 


But to get the long ago historical stuff....many long-timers don't even know that.  And it's totally fascinating too.


MtRider  :thumbs: 

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Glad you are feeling better Mt. Rider.


I'd like to live in a historic place. I suppose about every place is historic  though if you dig into its past.


I like Google Driving around old places in England and seeing the old buildings.

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7 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I like Google Driving around old places in England and seeing the old buildings.


That sounds like it would be fun!  But.....I barely have enough Internet usage to come here and check a quick news site.  :yar:


I am definitely BETTER!  :amen:  Even got to wash my hair tonite!  Whew!  I'd also done chores tonite [DH at work] and ..... :o  my truck battery was DEAD.  :scratchhead:  So Koa and I WALKED down and UP the driveway.  I was hanging onto her body harness.....and this is one of the reasons she's my assistance dog.  Not for going 'into town' with me.  But THIS is her qualifying skill!  Cuz it's a lot safer for me to have her as back-up for THE HILL and THE STAIRS.  :cheer: 


MtRider  .....gotta figure out what happened to my battery.  Hmmmm????

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Roasted pumpkin seeds with garlic seasoning, lots of napping, work night shift tonight! 7pm-7am


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This week has got to be better.  I have just gone through another week from..well you know where.


We spent all week and a ton of money trying to get our septic working right. We had to run new lines, pump etc and we still can't use our drains. Something is blocking it.  Dh has spent the last 2 days trying to unblock it. He was trying to save some money doing it himself but all we did was waste two days and some more money buying tools. I am so frustrated and I feel bad for DH.  He was worked hard and is very handy, but this is beyond him. He is just too old to be working so hard.  It leaves him short of breath and having to use his oxygen for a long time.  I finally called a plumber this am.  I only hope it is not super expensive like the other stuff was.


The leaves are finally starting to fall this weekend.  It sure seems late in the year.


We also had several mice on the loose.  They were huge too!  Apparently they discovered the dog food barrel that DH forgot to cover.  We set a big rat trap and one of the mice hit it and turned it upside down.  The next am I woke up and looked out the window and the trap was upside down on the porch railing with the little mouse swaying upside down by his tail. What a picture.


At least the weather is beautiful but it would be nice to bathe and wash dishes!


I hope everyone has a good week.

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