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So he likes joke books....

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Grandson loves jokes. Knock-knock jokes, silly jokes, all kinds of stuff.


And like I did with my kids, I make a point to talk about WHY the jokes are funny. Is it a play on words? Substituting similar words to be silly? Making a ridiculous "word picture"?


For Christmas, I'm including books for all three grandchildren, even the tiny baby. But I wondered how I could challenge the oldest to make it "special". :shrug:


He's a Kindergartner, but is reading at a level much higher. His "spelling words test" is for first grade words, when most of his classmates are learning the basics. He writes words out and illustrates stories.


So I figured out a plan, and talked it over with his parents tonight, and got their OK.


I ordered two kids' joke books. One are "knock-knock" jokes, and the other a mixture of jokes.


I will put it into a plastic folder/holder with some paper, envelopes, and some stamps for mailing.


And I will tell him that, whenever he finds a joke that he wants to share with somebody in his family, he can write the joke down, illustrate it, and mail it to them.


We hope that it may help him learn to do things for others just to make *them* happy.





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Cat, I saw these free downloads tonight and thought about your grandson. Maybe you could load them and each day or two call him and tell him a joke from one of the books. You'll look so clever! OR you could write some of them down on a slip of paper and put them in a jar. Have him take one out and read it (with mom's help) every day or on a special day like every Wednesday or something.

Funny Jokes for Kids: 125+ Funny and Hilarious Jokes for Kids

Books for Kids: 100+ Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

Books for Kids: LOL! (Funny Jokes for Kids): 101 Jokes for Kids –

151 Hilarious Knock, Knock Jokes Ever 2nd Edition

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