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IS IT WINTER YET? Winter 2015-2016

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I'm no pagan but I :cele::hapydancsmil::woohoo::cheer: .....for the END of shortening daylight hours........The Darkening. It makes me crazy. :wacko:




Now it will begin to incrementally have more minutes of daylight. :happy0203:


MtRider :amen:

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SHEEEEEESH.......... :shakinghead: I thot yesterday was Monday....



Today is the shortest day of the year.....and Tuesday...tomorrow, is when we get those couple of minutes extra.


It certainly felt like winter today and tonite. Terrribly cold wind as it blew across all the snow-covered valley. I amped up my winterwear. Covered face/neck. I stayed warm enough but I dress for success if I'd encounter something ....... :unsure: .....UNEXPECTED! :imoksmiley:



MtRider ....do not like WIND! Changes the equation entirely! :frozen:

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Its crazy, all that is missing us and its not supposed once it arrives here in the East. It is actually 54F right now. 22 degrees above freezing. Really odd. It is warmer than 140 years ago was. ( So it does evidently happen now and then) .

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It's 65 degrees here. Crazy weather indeed.


Be careful all of our Hoosier friends. Central Indiana, around Indianapolis, is in a tornado watch until 9:00pm. I've heard it's getting pretty bad there now. It includes 28 counties. Stay safe.

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Wow here in West Texas it was 70 weekend and Monday, yesterday and thru Fri in 50's..then Sat, Sun, Mon....suppose to get anywhere from 5-10 in. of snow and ice!! Up towards Lubbock, TX even more....strange weather we're having.

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Mt, a friend on FB just wrote about that. A tornado in december and if we heard about that.

You wouldn't... by any chance... be my friend there, would you??

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I think that was me Christy. Stephanie was reporting the serious potential and Miki here also had some threatening storms as she actually receives them before Stephanie would. I may have said it, I certainly said a prayer for them, they did their prep routine and settled for the night in their basement last night early in the evening and just hoped all would pass by safely of course.

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Nope, not me. I don't do Facebook. :grinning-smiley-044:


Well after tearing around yesterday prepping for COLD and SNOWSTORMS.....I'm set. Hope to get past Christmas day without too much white stuff. :santa: But last nite.....got down to MINUS 15 ....again. Sheeeeeesh! Glad I set up horses so they could get wind shelter from all directions again last nite.


And my East coast, smart-aleck brother/niece keep us posted on their 75 degrees and shorts/slippahs weather. :knary: Yeah...let him sweat in his santa suit during his boat parade.... B)


MtRider :frozen::santa::frozen:

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LOL about the brother, Mt Rider, yes , even Albany broke heat records . It actually is supposed to snow here in about 5 days. At this point I welcome it but after about five weeks you are ready for it to not do that and its always much longer.

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My friend in MO said that their trees bud and lose buds and bud again most winters. Seems like it doesn't hurt them....but I'd never heard of that. :shrug:


It snowed about three times today. Traveling to and from my folks' , we'd go in and out of snow squalls. Not much in inches, which is good! If we weren't so sick of shoveling/sweeping snow already....it was a very picturesque Christmas snowfall. Land of FOUR-WHEEL-DRIVE tho!


But it was a NICE Christmas with my folks. Home now with pellet stove roaring and animals fed. Leftover ham sandwiches.


MtRider :happy0203::amen::grouphug:

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well, my biggest brother just messaged me earlier on FB about his snow,ice, windstorm near Odessa TX and then warned tornadoes in Dallas. He is in his camper for the night... I think he really is worried it will blow over.

Evidently my son flew to Houston to inlaws , and I didnt realize so my big brother is hollerin check on my son! Brother thought he was in DFW area...


So I did... yes he was actually in Houston, ok, about twenty minutes of chatting with them both and I also catch a tornado warning so I shared that and it said it was headed to Dallas area ( NE) and sure enough, it hit, and the picture someone took shows it was one huge wedge type... BAM it hit Rowlett and the Interstate 30 there and kept going , not sure if it is dissapating and tornado watch has been extended.

DFW Scanner reports calls out for all big emergency vehicles and EMS and ambulances. Its a mess, there are numerous fatalities as this cause immediate house fires and destruction and hit the traffic, post Christmas travel and many truckers.

They put out the word for no looky loo's as well, its just too messed up.


Phones and such are down so if you have loved ones and friends Rowlett, Garland and Dallas they may not be able to contact you yet or you them.

Cell towers are down.

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Brrrrr! That's beautiful Ann...but makes me cold just looking at it. We are waking up to 27-28 degrees each morning for the past several days...then it warms up to the 50's. It's playing havoc with my plants....

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